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#263 - Pulling You Closer

Harry: It was in his sleep when you rolled away subconsciously. He could feel the cool spot where you were once tucked up against and instinctively reached out to wrap his arms around your waist. Without even opening his eyes, he pulls you back against his side and keeps a little more of a grip on you so you won’t move away again.

Liam: It’s when the crowd outside closes in on you two. You’re too far away for his liking and he didn’t want to take a risk of losing you in the crowd. He gently takes your hand and pulls you into his side, letting go only to wrap his arm around your waist. Once you were safely in his side, he relaxes slightly and guides you through to a quieter area.

Niall: It’s when you’re out for a good night and another man is getting too close for comfort. He pulls you further against him to show the man that you were taken and there was no way he was going to let him sneak in and steal you away. He was fueled by jealousy and his actions were exaggerated to prove his point.

Louis: It’s when he can see you’re about to cry. He wraps his arms tightly around your waist and clutches you against his chest, putting one hand on the back of your head and the other on your lower back. There was no space between you two now and it was better that way. He wanted to protect you, keeping you shielded by his body.

Zayn: It’s when you’re trying to swim away from him, giggles escaping your lips as he caught your wrist and pulled you through the water. When you hit his chest, you rested your hands on his skin and quickly leaned in to press your lips against his. He only tightened his grip, letting his hands slide further down your back.

Not Going Anywhere

Pairing: Pietro x reader || One-Shot || Word count: 839

Based off: http://pietro–maximoff–imagines.tumblr.com/post/128297135559/yn-pietro-seriously-its-its-just-a-fever

 You sighed heavily at your reflection.

Your hair was a mess, your face slightly flushed and your eyes looking tired and glassy. You brought a hand to your face, rubbing your eyes lazily before brushing your hair and washing your face. You did your makeup quickly and slipped on a sweater and some skinny jeans before heading out of your room.

The ride in the elevator seemed like it took hours, with your vision blurring every now and then. You moaned aloud as the doors opened and you stepped onto the main floor where you were saw Clint, Natasha, and Pietro.

Clint and Natasha both offered nods and Pietro rushed to your side.

“Good morning, krasivaya! How are you feeling today? Good, no?”

You continued to walk into the living room and sat down, offering a lazy smile. “Fine, just a bit tired I think.” you replied, looking up at him as he stood in front of you. He arched an eyebrow, “You didn’t head straight for the kitchen this morning, I noticed. New accomplishment.” Pietro teased with a grin.

“I-I’m actually not hungry.” you replied, looking down at your hands.

Pietro’s grin faltered slightly, “Not hungry? You’re always hungry. I kind of made you breakfast…” he said, scratching his stubble.

“I know, Pietro. I’m just not hungry right now.” you shrugged. “But you can save it right? Left overs..?” you said smiling weakly once more.

He nodded slowly, “Yes, yes. Don’t go anywhere I’ll do that now.”

By now Natasha had noticed the flush on your face and the watering of your eyes. “You alright there, (Y/n)? You look pretty flushed.” she finally said. You nod, looking up from your hands, “I’m fine.” you replied calmly.

But the truth was you weren’t. With all the moving you had done, you had started to feel dizzy. Your throat was fairly dry and your eyes had began to burn slightly, but not so much that it stung too bad. A few strands of hair fell in front of your face as Pietro zoomed back, kneeling down in front of you. He looked at you with confusion and worry lacing his features. “You do look very flushed, are you positive you are fine?” he asks you, looking into your eyes.

You hesitated, licking your lips before speaking, “Positive.”

Pietro noticed your hesitation and pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. He pulled it back and looked at you, his lips pursing. “You are burning up, (Y/n). Maybe you should go back to bed…” he started slowly, “Or I could grab a wet cloth and you could rest here if you don’t want to move?”

You nodded and then shook your head, “I think I’ll just go back to my room instead. You have mission today don’t you? I can handle it.” As you got up, your head began to spin and you steadied yourself. You began to slowly drag your feet across the floor and back to the elevator.

“Or maybe you should help her, speedy.” Clint suggested.

You brought a hand to your head as your vision blurred again. “(Y/n)? Printsessa, are you okay?” Pietro called to you quietly.

“My head…” you groaned softly. You felt weaker and weaker by the second, your legs about to give out. You let out another groan and Pietro swiftly caught you before you hit the floor. “(Y/n)? (Y/n)!” Pietro called to you again.

And your name was the last thing you heard…………………………Just kidding!

You woke up again, but this time there was a wet cloth resting on your forehead. You noticed you were resting in Pietro’s bed. You still felt kind of dizzy and your eyes burned, but it wasn’t as bad as it was earlier. Pietro was sitting on the edge of the bed “Ah, printsessa! You are awake! How do you feel? Do you need anything? I can get another wash cloth or food or more blankets or-”  “How long have I been out?” you asked, cutting him off.

“Few hours. I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.” Pietro replied smiling.

“But Fury is going to kill you, Pietro! You-You have a mission to go on and-” your voice cracked and Pietro immediately grabbed a glass of water that was on the nightstand and held it for you to grab. You took it with a fond smile, but sighed, “Pietro, seriously. It’s-it’s just a fever it’ll go away soon.”

Pietro shook his head, his electric-blue eyes softening as they bore into your (e/c) ones, “I am staying right here with you, printsessa. Where I am needed.”

You handed the glass of water back to him and he set it on the nightstand again. You looked at him for a moment, but soon sighed again when you realized he really wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You smiled once more, looking at him with bright eyes, “Thanks Pietro.” 

He took your hand in his and squeezed it lightly before leaning over and pressing his forehead to yours, “Anything for the one I love.”

I Have a little something personal to say

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I’ve seen a lot of posts lately from mainly Wolfstar people going “You can ship both Wolfstar and Remadora! It’s possible!” Now I appreciate, as someone who has shipped Remadora seriously and hard core since the 5th book came out back when I was 11 and still waiting for my Hogwarts letter, that people are trying to reach out from the Wolfstar fandom. I really do. But here’s the thing that I have to say about this:

I don’t really understand where you people are coming from, and more importantly I’d like to know where you were when I was 12!

 You see I am a Roleplayer and when I was very young I wrote fanfiction. I’m not talking starting at 14. I wrote my first fanfiction when I was 6 years old. I was fairly adept at writing by the time I was 12 and was keeping up pretty well with 18 year olds making good and well formed stories. Not Great obviously, I’m now 23. But I roleplayed Both Remus and Tonks in various places and posted a lot of fanfiction. I was most adept at writing the Remus character because I was a young Gryffindor who was bookish and awkward and had a strange obsession with being a werewolf.

While I preferred playing Tonks because she was the brighter of the two and I enjoyed being bright and confident like her I was probably better at Remus, which grabbed the attention of a lot of Wolfstar shippers. 

These shippers, often older than me, bullied me mercilessly. They contacted me every day insulting me in every manner they could find telling me my writing and characterization was horrible, that I had no concept of writing or the English language and even that I should kill myself for by terrible portrayal. The thing was each and every message and post and response came with the explanation that all of these insults were because I refused to ship romantically with Sirius. 

If it happened now I could handle it, because I’m mature enough to understand that they’re just assholes with no right to persuade my opinion. However I was 12. I had only been in four fandoms other than harry potter at that point and all the others were adult shows: SG1, SVU, JAG,and Xena. All of those were filled with real adults that treated me with respect and encouraged me so I went from feeling protected and cared for in fandoms to being alienated and betrayed by people who should be good. That left a heavy psychological toll and from that point on I was FAR less involved in Harry Potter the series as well as the books. I was betrayed by my safe place because I didn’t play that ship. 

Now I know what you’ll say “Every ship has it’s bad apples” And I would agree with you if I hadn’t seen posts in the Remadora tag bashing it from Wolfstar up until two or three months ago and hadn’t had a Wolfstar shipper in an RP I was in, not even playing a character that had to do with the ship mind you, try to turn my rp and even a rl friend against me because of the fact I brought up liking Remadora and she only shipped Wolfstar.

So you can make post after post asking “Why we can’t like both”. And Yes you can like both, and it’s easy if your OTP is wolfstar. But for a lot of Remadora Shippers, if it’s their otp. We’ve encountered a lot of animosity and hate from the Wolfstar side of the fandom that has carried a deep toll on me at the very least as I cannot speak for any others. I can tell you that I am not the only Remadora person to have this happen to them. I am FAR from the only Remadora person to have this happen to them, especially if they’ve been in the ship for any length of time. I was bullied away from my love of Harry Potter being strong by the time I was 15 because I couldn’t handle the hate and messages anymore.

So personally no… I can’t ship Wolfstar because of what the people in the ship have made it come to mean. It’s not just a ship, it’s a world full of memories and pain and fear and deep scars and wounds that have never healed. So while I can appreciate and admire the people trying to breach the void and connect the ships, I must ask you STOP shamming people, like me, who cannot ship your ship because of past experience. It has nothing to do with loving two people or being bisexual and everything to do with the behavior of your ship mates and not just one or two BAs but a LOT of people in the ship.

Ship and let ship. You are free to enjoy it and I will enjoy mine. But this is me explaining the “I don’t see why people can’t….” Because this is why I can’t. And you can’t fix or Change this. The damage done is irreparable and you have a lot of people to blame because you can’t console yourself thinking it was one or two people it was dozens.

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Okay, so I don’t understand this Roman hate anymore. Actually, I never understood it in the first place!

Because now I’m hearing that people are hating on him and Ambrose for that double powerbomb they did.

Uh… Where the fuck were you when Seth and J&J did that raggedy ass triple powerbomb? Where were you?

Just because Dean and Roman did it without Seth doesn’t mean shit.

I’m pretty sure y'all were just shitting on it because Roman was involved. Is he that intimidating that you feel the need to constantly shit on him?

Be honest. Is he really that intimidating to you? Or do you just have nothing better to do with your time?


Remembering | Derek Hale Imagine


request ; could you do one where you were paige’s little sister and you’re a senior now with the rest of the pack and you know about the supernatural because you got obsessed with it after paige died and one day you’re at derek’s loft and derek breaks down or can’t look at you or something like that because you look so much like her :) and she confronts him with it at the end and they bond because of paige? :) thanksss xx

word count ; 1183

warnings ; none??

a/n ; this is sooo late lmfao sorry anon xx

To be honest, Scott and Stiles were godawful at keeping their little secret an actual secret. You were surprised at the fact that they had managed to keep up the charade for two years already, because you had recognized that Scott was a werewolf almost the moment you set eyes on him during the first day of Senior year. Him, and all his supernatural friends; Liam, Kira, Malia, and you were almost positive Lydia was something, though you hadn’t been sure what at first. 

You had informed Scott that you knew his secret almost immediately, and Stiles had declared you a useful asset to the pack, considering you had an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and had spent years studying up on it. They didn’t know that you had only done so because your sister, Paige, had died of supernatural causes. It wasn’t something you liked to talk about, or even think about.

“So, you guys just barge into this man’s loft whenever you want to? And he doesn’t even care?” You asked incredulously as Stiles pulled up in front of an old loft. You hopped out of the jeep after Scott, staring up at the building. Stiles shrugged. 

“It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that he knows we won’t listen if he tells us to go away,” he explained, slamming his own door shut and leading you and Scott toward the front door. “We like to barge in,” he said casually, pushing the door open without so much as a knock. Scott looked at you apologetically. 

“We’re supposed to knock, Stiles is the only one that walks right in,” he laughed, letting you walk in first. It was a nice space, sizable, somewhat empty; but there was sunshine streaming through the large windows, which made the place seem a lot friendlier. 

Just as you were about to ask another question, Stiles came back into view, a grim-faced, albeit attractive, man trailing behind him and looking very annoyed at this intrusion. Before you could quietly suggest leaving to Scott, the man’s gaze fell upon you, and his eyes went slightly wide. 

You knew that look. 

That was the look that your parents gave you everyday when they first saw you in the morning, coming down the stairs for breakfast or doing homework at the table. That was the look your aunts and uncles gave you when they stopped by for a visit after so many years, surprise written on their faces because they knew you weren’t Paige, yet you were the spitting image of her in high school. You rarely received that look nowadays, it was something reserved for family members and close family friends, but this man was staring at you like he couldn’t believe his eyes, like he had seen a ghost. He had known her. 

He refused to look at you for the rest of that day, sharp green eyes deliberately avoiding your face whenever you spoke up, which was rare. He was clearly uncomfortable with your presence, but it was a bit more than that. You caught him staring at the side of your face, not in a creepy way, in a curious and tentative way. When Scott and Stiles called it a day and decided to head on home, you hesitated, your focus on Derek Hale. The name itself was familiar. Maybe you had known him, too. 

“Hey, Y/N, you coming?” Scott asked, halfway out the door when he realized you hadn’t made a move to follow. You waved your hand at him, shaking your head. 

“Actually, I need to ask Derek something. I’ll catch up with you guys later, alright?” Scott was hesitant on leaving you there with the clearly annoyed werewolf, but you insisted, and he left after a few minutes of quiet arguing. 

You entered Derek’s kitchen to find him sitting at the counter, rubbing his face with his hand and looking extremely distraught. You cleared your throat awkwardly, leaning against the doorframe when he glanced up in surprise. He seemed to take three steps back upon looking at you, taken aback and not entirely sure that he was seeing you correctly. 

“Uh…shouldn’t you have gone home with Scott and Stiles?” He asked, not meeting your eyes, even when you took a seat across from him and faced him head on. 

“You know that look you were giving me before? Where you don’t think you’re seeing correctly, but you are, and it hurts because I look really familiar to someone you lost? Well, I look like my sister, Paige. Which means you knew her. How?” You were fiery, Derek thought, just like her. 

Derek took a deep breath, eyes finding yours for the first time that day. “You’re very perceptive,” he commented. You nodded curtly, still waiting for a proper response. “Yes, I knew your sister.”

“But it’s more than that,” you pressed anxiously. 

“It is,” Derek agreed, leaning back. “I know that you have all this knowledge about the supernatural, about werewolves. You know that your sister died from supernatural causes. She was bitten by a werewolf, and she didn’t survive the bite. Is that what you wanted to know?” 

Now it was your turn to look surprised. “No, it isn’t. I wanted to know your relationship to her. Were you her friend? Best friend? Boyfriend? What was she like, when she was my age? I don’t remember all that much about her, if we’re going to be honest.” 

“She talked about you, her little sister,” Derek began. “I was her first boyfriend, and you don’t know how much I loved her. First love, you know? It’s powerful and, in its entirety, destructive. She hated me at first, wouldn’t even talk to me, but I guess she softened up to me. I always liked her, I thought she was funny and that she was brave, and I hated that I spent a lot of my time being a dick to her instead of being nicer. Maybe we would’ve gotten together sooner, been able to spend more time together.”

He could see in your eyes how much these little tidbits of information meant to you, how excited you were to learn more about the girl you had barely known, but who you loved dearly. So, he continued telling you every story he could think of involving her, their relationship, what she was like. You shared your own stories, the ones you could remember, about how she was at home and how she used to mention Derek sometimes at dinner but you had barely listened, uninterested in boys or relationships in general. You parents never wanted to talk about her, you couldn’t share these things with your parents. But Derek listened, he laughed with you, bonded with you over Paige. When nighttime rolled around, he drove you home, wanting to see if the house still looked the same from when he was sixteen and scaled the side of the house in order to visit Paige in the dead of night.

It did. And it brought a long lost smile to Derek Hale’s face.

Future fic, obviously.  Utterly ridiculous, fluffy, silliness. This is one of the other super cheesy ones I was talking about.  Forgive me. :P 

“Okay, let’s try this again,” Stefan said, rising from the car, now parked outside the boarding house, and shutting the creaking door behind him.

“Okay, ready,” Caroline said, closing her own door with a solid clunk and leaning against the car.

“So, Caroline, where were you all weekend?” Stefan said, walking around to face her.

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Written In The Stars Part 5

<p><p><b>Summary : Sometimes, life throws things at you that you never thought you could get through. <br>It was Christmas break, and you were on your way back home. Or so you thought. <br>There was a severe storm where you were, which delayed your flight. As you sat in the airport, waiting for time to pass, you run into someone who will forever change your life. AU</b> <br></p><p><b>Characters : Sam Winchester x Reader</b></p><p><b>Word Count : 1,162</b></p><p><b>Warnings : cursing.</b></p><p><b>A/N : I cant believe how well this series is going! Its my first NonDean/Jensen Series, so i was nervous! Haha. I hope you all enjoy this little piece! </b></p><h2><b><a href=“http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/127372254026/written-in-the-stars” target=“_blank”>Read Part 1</a> - <a href=“http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/127573851356/written-in-the-stars-part-2” target=“_blank”>Part 2</a> - <a href=“http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/127968584906/written-in-the-stars-part-3” target=“_blank”>Part 3</a> - <a href=“http://sincerelysaraahh.tumblr.com/post/128144374311/written-in-the-stars-part-4” target=“_blank”>Part 4</a> - Part 5</b></h2>

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Leif: He’s…gone? 

Stella: I’m sorry Leif. If I had known where you were, I would have contacted you immediately. 

Leif: No…it’s not your fault. I should have kept better in touch. I just can’t believe it. I thought he’d live forever, you know? And I really wanted to ask him about the kid. 

Stella: Yes…tell me about my granddaughter. 

Leif: Oh sheesh, Mum, it’s even weirder when you put it like that. See, she was kind of an accident… 

Stella: What? How do you “accidentally” produce a child? 

Leif: I was trying to make spores of happiness! You know I’ve always had trouble with that! 

Stella: So, what, you hit the “grow Plantbaby” option instead? 

Leif: I guess? I don’t know! It just happened and now I have no idea what to do. Natasha said Dad would probably have some ideas, so I hurried home right away.

Stella: Who’s Natasha? 

Leif: Oh, she’s a friend I met while travelling. It was her idea to name the kid Erika, actually. Seemed like some sort of sign. 

You have a secret tattoo (BLOCK B)

Zico: -after a work out you were laying on the bed just a sports bra and spandex shorts. When Jiho walked in he wasn’t quiet sure if he was seeing something right so he lifted the bottom portion of the bra upwards and saw little hearts under your breast- “well hello there”

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Jaehyo: -you got a Block B tattoo when you were drunk the one day on the right hipbone. As soon as he saw it you were dragged off to his room but after 20 minutes alone the boys were complaining about the noise and banged on the door- “you’re killing the mood guys. Leave”

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P.O: -you recently did a photo shoot where you were showing a lot of skin but Jihoon got a special look when you sent him an image from it. The undergarments were the only thing on you other than a dragon that swirled around pelvis and he just had to show someone- “do you think that her tattoo is all connected or just the parts around the underwear? You’re covered you tell me”

Originally posted by sava-hanna

B-Bomb: -the whole portion of your shin consisted of a rose bush and he’d never seen you with anything but skinny jeans. So when you wore shorts for the first time around him he was shocked by how much ink you actually had. But he was curious as well- “how much did that hurt baby? Also why haven’t you shown me this? It’s sexy”

Originally posted by babebomb

Taeil: -he knew about the tattoos but no one else had, your thighs were interestingly inked with random things that would reach the end of underwear line. He was always was asked about it because of rumors about them- “she has one or two nothing serious they’re just in well hidden spots”

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U-Kwon: -he remembered when you told him you had gotten a tattoo when you were drunk but he never seemed to see where it was. But when you had on shorter shorts than normal and bam he finally saw it- “do you have a skull below your butt. And yes I am looking”

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Kyung: -he was being his normal self and pretended to freak out when he saw the hair line on the back of your head had Peter and the Lost Boys flying a crossed. You were the type of girl who never wanted to grow up so he should have saw it coming more- “since when did you have a tattoo. You always have your hair up why haven’t I seen it?!”

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I just want to get this off my chest.

I just can’t figure you out my sister in faith.

I can’t tell you how many nights I was awake worried sick about you.. Wondering where you were…
Wondering if you had food for the day and shelter for the night…

Then when you finally returned, I had to pretend that nothing happened.
I wasn’t allowed to ask you anything.
Everyone was walking on eggshells around you.
After 3 years we moved past that phase and you opened up to me. You told me what happened and where you were.
Things were different.
I felt that you were my real friend.

But then you started using your past as a convenient switch to turn our relationship on and off whenever you liked. You would make me feel like I was in danger when I was around you and that I was being watched. I began to doubt your story and started to see through your manipulative ways.
What was it that you loved so much about making me feel worried over you?
Why did you enjoy the fear in my eyes?
Why did you crave sympathy so much?

You drained me. You almost drained the life and soul out of me… You said that I drained you and when I asked how.. You mentioned a time when I didn’t laugh at a joke you made on the train. It was at that moment that I realised what I was dealing with.

I confronted you about the things you said, and you didn’t like that at all. It was the hardest thing I had to do. You didn’t like it and neither did your mother. “Please dont talk to her about it, otherwise Im worried that she might leave home again”.

She didn’t care about what I was going through, you didn’t care either. All that mattered to her was that her false perception that everything’s ok doesn’t get disrupted.
All that mattered to you was that I believe your stories without questioning and without reason.
“If you really respected me you would believe me without even asking me.”
“You would accept me for who I am”

No. You see, I have self respect and value. I refuse to become a puppet in a show… Controlled by your gestures and movements.

I seek refuge with Him from ever meeting someone like you again. I ask Him to guide you to just be real and genuine.

Almost a year has passed and we haven’t even seen each other.

You texted me for the first time last night. You asked me if we could start over and you said that you missed me.

But I can’t. I don’t want to. I don’t want to have a relationship that is built on a foundation of twigs and dust. It won’t be long before we collapse and go crashing down yet again.

Sorry if I was blunt in explaining how you made me feel - but I was just too tired to tone it down. Too exhausted. I had to tell it how it was. Actually, I’m not sorry.

Your mother called me.
“Please please don’t leave her. She really needs you. She has no one”

“She has God.”

My heart wasn’t at rest. I felt so cold.

I’m so sorry. Forgive me. O Allaah please forgive me. But I had to say goodbye. I’m sorry for saying goodbye?

You’ve been strapping me down on this roller coaster for far too long now.
I refuse to be part of the ride.
I’m getting off for good.



Charlotte walked up the stairs, each creaking with every angry step.

Charlotte: “Look at that, you’re alive. Where were you last night!?”

Saul: “Between the hours of 10pm and 9am, exactly.”

Saul said with mock interrogation in his voice, as Charlotte shot him an unamused glare.

Luna: “Surprise sleep over. With my friend here.”

She smiled, winking awkwardly in Saul’s general direction. He could only let out what sounded like a combination of a laugh and and groan.

Charlotte: “…you’re gross. Both of you. Mom was freaking the hell out this morning, but here you are, smelling like cake, and hanging out with this asshole. I don’t get it. I feel like you’d have to die for the rest of us to get any kind of attention or special treatment around here.”

Luna: “…Rhiii! Help me! I think your evil twin is making death threats!”

Luna reached out over the edge, dramatically.

Rhiannon: “…you’re beyond help, I’m afraid.”

what’s happening with the Syrian refugees is so sad, but you wanna know what’s really sad? the fact that no one knows how to pay attention until there are babies washed up on beaches. until families drown trying to escape the war, until their pictures are all over the internet. that’s when you guys wanna start posting pictures talking about how sad you are? about how disgusting Arab nations are for not helping? you all turn your back on these people and pretend this war hasn’t killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians but when you see a picture all of a sudden you remember. where were you 4 years ago? where were you when Assad was dropping barrel bombs on the citizens? when Assad was killing families execution style? you should always be spreading the word about Syria, you should always pay attention and you should always do whatever you can to help these people. you can’t pick and choose when you wanna advocate for the Syrians.

Worst Nightmare || Sehun Scenario

It was dark and you were being chased. You didn’t know why, or by what, and quite frankly you didn’t really want to know anymore. You didn’t know where you were running or what would be there but you kept going. As you were running, every single bad thing that has ever happened to you was being played over on your left and right. Almost as if your mind was your tour guide through a terribly twisted tour. Like as if your mind spoke “To your left here we have the moment you witnessed your Grandma have the heart attack that killed her, aww look at your helpless face.” You instantly felt hot tears streaming down your face. You were very close to your Grandma and when she died you didn’t know what to do, until you met Sehun.

Sehun is your boyfriend of 2 years and you could never even comprehend what losing him would feel like. You continued running and all the bullying, bad news, death, and anything remotely embarrassing or sad was being played all around you. You started to see a few trees. In a few seconds the memories stopped playing and you realized you were now in a forest.

You see a small clearing, and like every cliché horror movie you trip and cut open the top of your thigh. You look behind you and you see this black mist moving toward you. Once it is over you, you feel paralyzed. You look into the clearing and see 2 hooded figures stab into someones throat. You don’t know who just got stabbed, but you just witnessed a murder and you started crying. As new fresh tears stained your cheeks the hooded figures turn the lifeless body around. You scream as loud as possible, every muscle in your body now shaking when you looked into the terrified lifeless eyes of Sehun.

You wake up with a jolt. You can still hear your scream resonating in your bedroom. Tears stream down your cheeks. You look over to your left and see a peacefully sleeping Sehun. You were really surprised he didn’t wake up from your scream. Quickly you check his pulse. “Good I didn’t actually lose you.” You whisper. Since your odds of actually falling asleep again are 0 you decided to get up. You swiftly swung your legs out of bed and stood up. You stretched quickly and grabbed your phone. As you were walking out to the kitchen you check the time on you phone. Your display read ‘3:27’ You quietly muttered “Great a nightmare at the witching hour, that can’t be good.”

You decided to make yourself some tea and then go watch TV. You heated up some water. While you were waiting for that to heat up you grabbed your favorite mug. As you waited for the water to heat you did something you have basically never did, you started cleaning. You started organizing the counter space and throwing away unnecessary items. You grabbed the disinfectant spray and started cleaning the counter. You hear the microwave beep signifying the water was done. Yes you used the microwave, you didn’t want to wake Sehun with turning on the stove. Now that you notice it, the microwave probably made more noise but logic isn’t real at 3:00 in the morning.

You quickly pour the water into your mug wanting to go sit and watch TV. You are too tired to realize that you poured too much water into the cup. You only noticed when you felt the scalding water flow over your hand. You make a noise unrecognizable to yourself. It was like a cross between a screech, scream, and cat in distress. You dropped your mug and watched it shatter at your feet. You slowly took a step to grab some paper towels and slip and fall on your butt with an impossibly loud bang.

At this point you were fed up with life. You just sat in a pool of scalding water, not caring about the heat. You pulled you knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs. Just as you were resting your chin on top of your knees you head footsteps. You looked to the doorway to the kitchen and see a very awake Sehun. He noticed you on the floor and walked infront of you. He took your hands and pulleed you up. You say “So my ear piercing scream didn’t wake you up but this did?” He just engulfed you into a hug and whispered into you hair “We have to talk about a dream I had (y/n)” He awkwardly shuffled you both out of the kitchen and into the living room. Pulling you down on to the couch he says “I don’t want you to feel scared about what I am about to tell you, it was just a dream.” You bit your lip and nodded nervously.

He took a deep breath and spoke “So I was in a clearing in the woods and I was with 2 friends. I don’t know what happend but the turned into people wearing hoodies, they grabbed my arms and I couldn’t move. I heard a thump and a strangled small yelp from behind me. I couldn’t turn around…” You started tearing up know what he would say yes so you said it with him. “They stabbed my throat and I felt the pain, I was barely alive when they turned me around and I saw you on the ground looking at me with tears running down your face and your eyes were pure terror.” He looked at you weirdly when you said every word with him. You hugged him as best as you could while laying on the couch. He hugged back as best as he could. You were crying really hard as you said “I had the same dream but from my perspective.” Your voice barely above a whisper. Sehun just hugged you harder

You both eventually fell asleep like that. The last thing on your mind was ‘Was it really just a dream?’

You woke up the next morning and Sehun wasn’t there, and he never was there, or anywhere else again.
Police eventually found him buried in a clearing in the woods, stab wounds to the throat, and at the entrance of the clearing where you fell in your dream, was a pool of your dried blood.

You mumbled through tears “If I’m crazy I might aswell go insane.” You pulled down your pants and at the top of your thigh was a scar.

~~~~~~ Written by Admin K

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