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With atleast 4 reference tracks released and now the tale of him getting pissed on coming out, how much of an L has Drake took?

Drake’s whole career is an L. He’s a pussy ass lame but everyone’s already known that for years. 

I’m more disappointed in hip hop as a whole for allowing him to cook. 

Times have definitely changed. 

There was a time in hip hop where if you were caught having someone else write for you, and you were slapped in public by diddy, and you got pissed on in public by someone’s weed carrier, you wouldn’t be able to show your face anymore… let alone have a successful career as a rapper.

But this shit is allowed now, and there are even people defending his honor.

lmao… man…. 

The game is crazy right now. 

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“Hey Tadashi isn’t that one so pretty!” you whispered in awe, pointing up to a particularly bright star above the two of you. He looked up at where you were pointing letting out a small ‘wow’ and agreeing that it was beautiful. You watched him for a while, noting the way his face would change serious as he spoke to you about the constellations before going back to looking on at the stars in childish wonder. You shifted on the blanket, moving closer to Yamaguchi and making a blush spread over his features as you lay next to him, resting your head on his chest. You traced a heart over his chest, running your finger over his collarbones and up his neck before ghosting over his freckles. 

“You know why I love the stars so much?” you asked, giggling inside at how flustered he looked from the close proximity of your body. 

“Why?” he breathed.

“Because they remind me of you” you crooned, tracing invisible lines over the freckles dotting his cheeks and nose. “Your freckles are beautiful like stars” you whispered in awe and Yamaguchi could feel his heart stirring up with emotion at your words. “I don’t need to look up at the night sky to see constellations when the most lovely ones are right here next to me” you cooed, poking your blushing boyfriend in the cheek before littering kisses all over his face. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, surprising you with his sudden boldness as he pulled you closer to him. He buried his face in your chest, breathing in your scent as he tried to calm his overwhelming emotions. 

“Thank you” he whispered into your shirt, lips trembling as he willed himself not to cry in front of you. You pulled away slightly, raising your eyebrows in question.“I used to hate them” he chuckled bashfully, itching the side of his cheek as you gave him a sad look. “So many people put me down for them. They told me that they were disgusting and that no one would want me because of them so many times that I actually started to believe it. I thought there was something wrong with me. But you-” he swallowed thickly, his heart beating harshly in his chest as he smiled up at you. You cupped his cheeks gently, pressing a loving kiss on his lips before resting your forehead against his. “You’re so beautiful” he whispered breathlessly, brushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear before letting you rest your head back on his chest. 

“I love you so much.”

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Maximum Victory: Victoria surprising Max with some big expensive present.

Feel free to send more prompts if you enjoy this one!

“I don’t understand.”

Victoria looks at me in that way that she does, eyes narrow and chin turned up. She shakes her head nonchalantly and scoffs as if I wasn’t speaking her language.

“What’s there to understand? You said you wanted a camera with a nicer control aperture.” Her lips purse in a thin line as she waves dismissively at the small box I’ve got cradled in my hands.

“So you…bought me one?”

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Where’s were

If you ever wanted to know whether or not you’ve somehow stepped into an alternate dimension, just sniff the air. Smells are smells no matter what dimension but each one has an underlying scent, that just makes that dimension that dimension. Subtle scents you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know they were supposed to be there.

The one Damien was from smelt of rust, lemon grass, hair ties, and moldy water. The one he just stepped into smelt of wet dog, blankets in the winter, ceramic, tears, and sunshine. 

He sighed, shaking off the dimensional shakes he always got for not being quite Demonic enough, and walked around the woods he had placed himself. 

From what he found on his own, no thanks to anyone ever, they originated in this dimension and they liked scrap metal. So here he was, writing pad in hand, pencil behind his ear, ready to research those stupid metal eating wolves.

He was a little glad Demon didn’t exist in here, because he didn’t want to have to learn an entirely new culture just to fit in. Less work that way. And if it got him away from his current situation at home, so be it. 

Like a small vacation really. 


Dip’Dop and May-May rockin’ out in rad sunglasses

Lost In The Tower

Hello the beautiful people of Tumblr hope you’re having a wonderful day! I was looking the excessive amount of untitled document and found this half finished, I thought it was cute and wanted to finish it. This one pretty short and no matter how many times I revise the ending I can’t seem to like but either way enjoy!

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 953 

What the hell were you going to do? It was a maze and you were lost in it. Corridors all looked the same no indication on where you were or how to get to where you needed to be. You had agreed to meet Captain America or Steve Rodgers as he like to be called, at Avengers tower. He wanted to help you learn to control your mutation, offering you a spot on the team. But all he told you was meet him in a training room, how were you supposed to meet him there when this tower has a hundred damn floors, and you have no idea what floor he was on.

Turning down another hallway you met with a familiar sight, the elevator. Great you’re back to where you started. Deciding to try another floor you enter the elevator picking another button. Jumping out you internally scream at the hallway that looks exactly like every other hallway. You would ask for direction if it weren’t for that each corridor was empty only filled with doors to people’s rooms.

Patience running thin you turn to a random door, knocking you listen for any response. Hearing a crash and a husky voice loudly curse. Your startled by the door that was suddenly swung open revealing a shirtless man with a strange metal arm. Feeling you face flush as you look over the man. His long brown hair was combed back face wearing a sleepy expression, moving down his body his arm was distracting but his chest sculpted to perfection and his black sweats riding dangerously low was a bit more.

“Did you just wake me to stare or do you need something?” He grinned leaning on the door frame arms not crossed over his chest.

“Yes I mean no…Sorry for bothering you but I really need to find Steve Rodgers, do you think you could help?” You ask avoiding the man’s gaze.

“Well ma'am you’re in the completely section of the tower, let me grab a shirt and I can walk you to him.“ Walking back into his room grabbing a black tee.

"No that no necessary I don’t want to burden you.” You explain from the door.

“Don’t make me laugh getting to talk to a beautiful lady is no burden.” His laugh reassuring you that he wouldn’t mind.

“Okay well be warned I’m not much of a conversationalist.” Moving past you, you follow the man down the hall observing as he smirks to himself.

“Me neither, I guess we’ll have to help each other. Let’s start off with names I’m James Barnes but everyone seems to call me Bucky.” He introduced reaching out his flesh hand, taking his outstretched hand and shaking it.

“Y/N L/N pleasure to meet you Bucky.”

“Oh the pleasure’s all mine.” Laughing at his comment he just made. Smirking he cranes his brow.

“What?” leading you to the elevator Bucky presses the button to floor 14 considering you were at the moment floor 87 you had a while to go.

“That was so chessy.” You sniffle trying to get composer.

“I know give me a break I don’t usually flirt with a cute girl.” Heat once again rises to your cheek it was silly to get worked up by someone calling you cute but you honestly could not help it. Bucky was extremely attractive and he just called you cute what more could you ask for.

“Well I would be lying if I said it wasn’t working.” Looking his way a smile spreads over his face.

“Good I thought I was going to have to get some pointer from the internet.” He sarcastically wiped his forehead. “Anyway what does Steve need with you?” Feeling burst of confident you swipe your fingers through the air collecting the moisture and forming a droplet.

“For a while now I have been able to manipulate elements like fire and water. Steve said he could help me master it.” Smirking you moved the water flow between your fingers. Looking over to Bucky he gaped at the water. Focusing on the molecules you freeze it in your palm.

“That was damn amazing Y/N.” The elevator opens and the two of you step out. Continuing the flirty banter Bucky leads you to the training room where Steve stood beating a punch bag. Drawing his gaze as Bucky laughs at the stupid joke you had made.

“Did you get lost Y/N?” Steve asked unwrapping his hands, walking over to the two of you Bucky gives a quick goodbye saying he was hungry and left.

“Yeah but Bucky helped me find my way.” Observing Steve’s face transform from neutral to sad and back to neutral before you could really understand. “Something wrong Mr. Rogers.”

“Steve, call me Steve. And no not really it’s just been a while since I heard him laugh.” Giving you a quick smile he turned around. “I know this is a weird question but what did Bucky do on your way here.”

“Yes it is a weird question, he offered to take me to you. We flirted a bit and I showed him a bit of my power. Nothing really happened.” Confused by the question but explaining it Steve cracks a small smile.

“That’s good.” Steve laughed setting different things on a small table. A lighter, bowl of water and a rock, clearly getting ready to assess your mutation.

“What exactly do you mean by that Steve?”

“I have known Bucky for a long time now, and lately he hasn’t been himself but when I saw him with you Bucky seemed some what like himself. But never mind that we need to focus on you power now.”

What would you think of a night in where you were tied up fed to your absolute capacity and then rubbed down and teased?

I say bring this on because I have a mighty need for this!!! UNF! UNF!!! UNF!!!!!!



Car Crash More Like Car Trash: Michael Clifford Imagine (idk anymore)

based on the “Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car… Wait I did? And it was your car?” ridiculous sentence prompt thing!

“Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car,” Michael groaned as he lay on the warm concrete, shielding his eyes from the obnoxious sun beaming down on him.

“That’s because you just were,” he heard a concerned voice say from his right.

He looked up at you through half lidded eyes, trying to avoid the bright sunlight as best as he could with his arm casting a shadow over his eyes.

“Wait.. I did?” He asked, and stared at the car that was parked just a little away from where you were, the door left open.

Since there was no one else around and you wore a very guilty face, he assumed it was your car that had hit him.

“And it was your car?” He asked for confirmation, lifting himself up onto his elbows.

You squared your shoulders and leaned back a little, giving him more room.

“It was a total accident, I swear,” you proclaimed with watery eyes.

You had never, ever hit anyone with your car before and the fact that did just now made you want to crawl into a hole and die. You panicked at the thoughts that raced through your mind. Would he sue? Would you get sent to jail? 

You momentarily scolded yourself when those thoughts clouded your mind. He could’ve died, for fucks sake, but there he was, staring up at you with some strange look. You stared back at him in confusion when he grinned up at you.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” You questioned him, giving him a quick look-over to see if there was any blood or injuries.

He moved around a bit, lifting his limbs and stretching his neck and fingers.

“I think I’m okay,” he responded, still smiling up at you. Weird.

“I already called an ambulance; they should arrive shortly,” you informed him as he sat up, pushing his weight onto his hands.

“I don’t think you should be moving much,” you objected, worry lacing your voice.

“I mean, I just hit you with my car,” you reminded him.

While you were in distress, he seemed to be totally calm and nonchalant about it, shrugging it off like it was no big deal. Instead, he seemed to be busy admiring you.

Sirens echoed in the distance and you sighed in relief once the the ambulance came into view. Now it was Michael’s turn to panic.

“Hey, what’s your number?” He asked you suddenly as you waited for the large van to arrive at the scene.

You did a double take. Did that sound like he was making it to sound? Was he crazy? Maybe you hit him too hard… However, the intensity in his eyes said otherwise, so you rushed to your car to grab a crumbled up receipt and a pen, quickly jotting down your number. You questioned why you were even doing this, but he seemed pretty intent on getting your number. Again, weird.

Once the ambulance finally came you gave him the crumbled up receipt, earning a giggle from the boy with the colorful hair.

As he was being pulled to the van, he stopped the paramedics so he could ask you another question.

“What’s your name by the way?” 

“y/n,” you answered, feeling your face grow warmer.

“Oh nice! My name’s Michael Clifford,” he replied as he was pushed into the vehicle.

Wait, that sounded vaguely familiar…

“Wait, aren’t you that guy from that band?” No wonder you felt like you had seen him from somewhere!

Michael confirmed it with a laugh and started to speak, but he was cut off when the paramedics shut the door.

You watched the ambulance drive away, both dazed and flustered at what just occurred. It took you a while to finally move from where you stood and get back inside your car, but once you were back behind the wheel you let out a long sigh.

“Did that really just happen?” 

avdyicvldVc;duifgeufg;f KAY this is probs the best i can get it to from editing and whatnot (sorry if it’s like average or whatever) hope u all enjoyed this tho!!

Betrothed | Luke

Requested by aliaisreal

Your whole life was meticulously planned out to the very second from day one.
You were mercilessly dictated by your parents, and although it was clear they only wanted the best for you, you had no control over your life, and you hated that.
So when you were betrothed to Luke Hemmings “the Third Earl” of you-can’t-quite-remember-where, you were infuriated, to say the least.
There was nothing wrong with Luke, per se, but you detested the fact that you were unable to live a normal life and had to have a ‘partner’ picked out for you.
Eventually, you had come to an agreement of sorts with your parents, and were allowed to live on a separate estate, providing you lived with Luke and attended all the events you were required to attend.
With no better option, you reluctantly accepted, and after living in the mansion of a house provided for Luke and yourself for the best part of a week, you still managed to find yourself lost in the endless corridors and hallways.
So losing the shoes you were wearing to the latest benefit was a big deal.

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Gilbert let out a loud, petulant whine and buried his face into the crook of Arthur’s neck. Arms tightening around the Brit, he practically tried to drown himself in the man’s presence. “Where were you?”

Arthur regained his senses and hugged the man on top of him as tightly as he could in his position. He was a horrible man to put Gilbert through that. “I’m sorry love… I truly don’t have any good excuses for this.”

For anon

Almost Gone
(Y/n/f means your full name)

You hated this. Yelling, screaming, throwing things, hurting each other, this wasn’t how you wanted the day to go. To be completely honest you don’t even remember how the argument started but it had escalated to a point where you were bringing up old matters that you thought you were over.

“Enough!” You yelled in rage “I’m sick and tired of all your sassy remarks!! It’s like you don’t know how to be serious” Key just scoffed off your remark, typical you thought.

“Really? You’re tired of me being sassy? Then what about your demonic temper and need to control everything and everyone?!!” Key yelled back as he crossed his arms over his chest, you couldn’t believe him.

“The reason I’m like that is because of you!! You’re the reason my temper is always off the charts! And my need to control everything and everyone?! Have you met yourself?!! A few weeks after we started dating you tried to change my whole wardrobe! You even wanted to redecorate my house! Who does that after only three weeks of dating?!” You reminded him before walking off into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“You’re trying to blame me for your shortcomings? Was it my fault that you had terrible taste in clothes or that your house looked like a mess?” That was it you were so done with him, you’ve gotten into arguments before but this was by far the worst one yet.

“FINE THEN MAYBE I’LL JUST TAKE ALL MY SHORTCOMINGS AND LEAVE!!” You yelled as you brushed past him and walked towards the front door.

“Where do you think you’re going?! Have you seen how late it is?” Key said as he followed after you.

“For starters I’ll be going wherever you aren’t and it’s not like you care right, Mr. Kim Kibum?” You said sarcastically before slamming the door behind you leaving Key alone in the apartment.

Key wanted to follow you and bring you back home but he knew if he did you two would just end up fighting again. He ran his hands through his hair and let out a loud sigh before he began picking up all the things you had thrown at him. You two had been fighting for over two hours and he can’t even remember why.

Today was the one day he had off after so long and you two ended up spending most of it yelling at each. He felt horrible, he loved you so much yet he said things to you that made you walk out on him.

“Way to go Kibum” Key said to himself as he sat down on the couch and threw his head back in frustration “you just let her walk out like that” he sat there as the silence that filled the apartment seemed louder that one could imagine.

What pulled him out of his thoughts was the sound of thunder and pouring rain. His face immediately turned pale, he knew you hated the sound of thunder and although it didn’t scare you it had an affect on you. He was about to go out looking for you when he noticed that you had taken your car keys.

“Shit!” Key said to himself as he threw his hands up in frustration, he had no idea where you were or how he was going to find you, all he hoped for was that you were ok.


You drove down an unfamiliar road, your vision slightly blurred due to the tears you you had being crying. It became even harder to see when the rain began to pour however you were thankful that you hadn’t heard any thundering yet. You didn’t know why but the sound of it always threw you off track and Key was usually always there with you on rainy days.

He would put these big headphones over your head and play all your favorite ballad songs while holding you in his arms. You smiled at the heartwarming thought and felt that maybe you had made a mountain out of a molehill with your earlier argument.

Your thoughts were suddenly halted when the sound of roaring thunder burst through your ears. Your whole body became numb as you couldn’t move, your car had stopped in a middle of the road and the last thing you remember seeing was another car’s headlights before the two cars collided.


Key paced around the apartment with his phone in his hands, in case you called he didn’t want to miss it. It had been a little over an hour since you had left and he was truthfully beyond the point of being worried, now he was just scared. That’s when his phone suddenly rang causing him to fumble a little before answering it.

“Hello? Y/n?! Where are you?” Key babbled in worry thinking it was you.

“Hello? Mr. Kim Kibum?” It was a woman’s voice, one that he was unfamiliar with,

“Uh yes? Who’s this?” Key asked as he sat down on the couch waiting for the woman to respond.

He couldn’t or rather didn’t want to believe the words that fell from the woman’s lips. You were in an accident? You? No it can’t be? He thought to himself as his body felt weak. After processing the thought he grabbed his things and ran out the door. He somehow managed to haul a taxi as he told the driver to speed to the hospital you were at, his nerves were getting the best of him.


Once he reached the hospital he charged in without even seeing how much money he had given the taxi driver, but right now nothing was more important than you.

“I’m looking for y/f/n” Key asked the receptionist as he took a moment to catch his breath “I’m her guardian” the nurse behind the counter nodded and entered your name into the system.

“She’s currently with a doctor, you’ll be able to see her in about five to ten minutes” the nurse said as she noticed the worry and panic that engulfed his face “you don’t need to worry, she walked away from the accident with a few minor injuries” Key felt somewhat relived nodded and collapsed onto a nearby seat.

He waited for a couple of minutes before the nurse told him that he could see you now. He practically ran to where you were and fell on his knees when he saw you sitting on the bed. You had a few bandages on your forehead and arm and your left leg was in a cast other than that you seemed to be ok.

You looked up and saw him on the floor, his hair and clothes were slightly damp due to the rain and his eyes seemed watery, almost as if he was crying. A small smile appeared on your face making him smile back as he stood up and walked towards you. No words were spoken as he draped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you into a hug.

You wrapped your arms around his waist as you nuzzled your face into his chest. Your tears began to flow as he kissed the top of your head, it was at that moment when you felt truly scared. What if something worse happened?

“I thought I lost you” Key said as he broke the silence and pulled away from the hug to look at you “what would I do without you? Who would take this sassy mouth of mine?” You laughed as he wiped away the tears that cascaded down your soft cheeks “I need someone with a demonic temper and need to control things in my life, otherwise I won’t know what to do” you playfully hit his chest as he smiled.

“You’re the worst” you said before he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“Even if I’m the worst please don’t ever leave me, I really wouldn’t know what to do without you” Key said as he rested his forehead against yours.

“You know I don’t even remember what we were arguing about” you said making both your giggle a little before he placed a chaste kiss on your lips.

“Neither do I” Key said before he cupped your cheeks and pulled you in for another kiss.


A few weeks had past since your accident as Key had practically nursed you back to health. With your broken leg there wasn’t much you could do around the house which is why he became your personal butler for three weeks. However yesterday you finally got the cast removed and you couldn’t be any happier, that thing was a pain in the ass.

“Why are you pouting?” You ask your boyfriend as the both of you were tucked in under the duvet.

“With your cast gone I won’t be able to help you bathe anymore” Key said, he snuggled up next to you and placed a kiss on your shoulder.

“Maybe, but imagine all the things you can do now that the cast is gone” a smile beamed across his face as the words left your mouth. He sat up and climbed on top of you before pecking your lips.

“I love you” Key said before pecking your lips again. You whispered the words back to him as he spent the whole night showing you just how much he loved you. He was trying to give you another reason not to get out of bed and you knew you were gonna have to ask him to help you bathe again tomorrow, not that you minded.

Dead beat dad Michael part 3.
Michael was running late but that wasn’t anything you weren’t used to. The only problem was, the appointment was only an hour long and you’ve already been here for fifteen minutes waiting. There was no way for your appointment to be longer. Michael didn’t know but you were going to be watching him interact with Lilia behind a one way mirror. You were also here with your lawyer, and his.
“I’m sorry I’m late.” He said as he came running into the building where you were playing with your daughter.
“Whatever Michael. I’m going to run some errands. I’ll be back later to get her. Don’t do anything stupid.” You said as you walked through the door where he couldn’t see you and went to watch him. “He isn’t even looking at her.” You said. No one will ever know the pain of watching their child be ignored. “Is he really on his phone right now?” You sighed. You weren’t sure what to do anymore.
“Maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore.” Your lawyer said.
“He has to get to know his daughter.” You wished that there was a way that you could prove that she wasn’t his but there wasn’t a way to do that.
“He doesn’t deserve to know her.” You barked. You just prayed that this would go by fast.

do you ever just want to go somewhere you’ve never been and stay there for a while. completely alone. with absolutely no one you know or have ever seen before near you. and then you wouldn’t bring your phone or anything to contact people. and you wouldn’t tell anyone where you were going, or that you would be gone for a while. you wouldn’t leave any hints to where you were and you wouldn’t want people to find you. it’s just you. and you’re alone in the best way possible.

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Dally and #11 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” Dallas yelled at you. It was February and it had snowed again. Normally we didn’t get a lot of snow but this year it seemed like every other day it snowed. 

You giggled and ran down the street towards the Curtis house where you were heading. Dallas kept throwing snowballs at you but they all missed going right beside you. You finally got to the house and ran inside with Dallas right behind you. 

“GET THAT SNOWBALL OUT OF THIS HOUSE.” Darry yelled, he didn’t want the mess everywhere inside. The rest of the gang ran outside for a snowball fight with you guys too. 

STOOD UP ~ Hansol

STOOD UP ~ Hansol/Vernon
Type: Angust to Fluff 😛 (eww)

Note: It has bleated out cursing. But very minimal of it. So yah.

Stood Up ~ Hansol

It was a Sunday evening when Hansol came home. The door shut a bit louder than usual as he announced his appearance.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m home.”

Usually, you would reply with a sweet comment, to show that you’re happy to have him with you but today you felt nothing of the sort. You wouldn’t even care if he stumbled on the street drunk, because he did something unforgivable. Thuds came closer to you, indicating him coming to the kitchen where you were at. You were making his favorite meal that was supposed to be eaten yesterday.

“Y/N I’m hooooome!” He exclaimed, wrapping your waist with his arms. Your face stayed straight with anger. You wanted to yell in his face about what happened, but you suppressed it. Slowly you felt his head come around, to give you a regular cheek kiss but this time, you twisted your head away quickly. A frown came to Hansol face. He wondered why you were acting so strange, but since he was a chill-natured guy, he shrugged it off and looked at what you were making. He widened his eyes to his surprise.
“My favorite meal? ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!!” He said, hugging you tighter. I’m gonna- , you started in your mind, but you seized to finish it as the timer ringed.


You sat across from your boyfriend at the dinner table, picking at your food while he ate it appreciatively. What you made didn’t seem appetizing, so you just glared at it.

“This is amazing.” Hansol smiled, looking to see your fork messing with the food. He cocked his head at your behavior. What is her problem? , He asked himself. He did not dare to say it out loud because he knew how moody you could get. He went back to his meal. Bothered by his non-curiosity, you stood up abruptly.

“I am sleeping early.” You state in monotone, not bothering to see his reaction. You quickly escape from the dinner table.


Shortly after, Hansol is tired and decides to go to bed after a few episodes on TV. He climbs up the steps, to see a pillow and cover outside his bedroom door. Oh no, he thought. Knocking on the door loudly, he demanded you to open the door.

“No!” You replied every time he commanded. Finally, he twisted the knob and opened the door to see you in a fetus position on his bed, facing opposite of Hansol’s direction.

“Y/N.” He called, stepping into the room. Aish, I forgot to lock it, you thought to yourself. The memory of what happened raced across your mind.


“Hey, babe.” You said, smiling ear to ear. Today was the day. A very special day and you were going to make it twice as special.

“Hey. I can’t make it home today, sweetie. The boys want to go out today.” He spoke, making your smile falter.


“Yeah, we had tons of dance practice today and I think today is the perfect day to go out and have some fun!” He exclaimed excitedly.

Immediately, your heart dropped down to your feet. You couldn’t believe what he just said to you. 
Today is the perfect day to

Today is the perfect day

Today is the perfect

Today is the 

Today is


Today was supposed to be the perfect day.

“Hello? Are you mad?” He called, getting back your attention.

“No,” You cough, “No! I’m just watching this really sad drama and my favorite character died! Go have fun, I’m fine!” You reassure.

“Oh, great! Thank you so much!” He said.

“Happy Three Year Anniversary.” You say into the phone with a bold face.

“Oh sh*t! Happy Anniversary!” He says back.

“Go have fun,” you cheer, “Go!”
He blew kisses into the phone and hung up.


At first you didn’t know how to handle that situation. The realization never hit you until a few minutes after. You kept telling yourself not to cry and that he loved you, but that just made you want to cry more. So you let out a violent sob when you broke. You cried for an hour straight. You cried yourself to sleep, upset that Hansol didn’t come at you obvious cry for help.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Please stop crying.” He pleaded to you. You never noticed that you were shedding tears until he said that. Hastily, you stand up and almost reach the door until Hansol closes it. You turn around, your eyes brimmed tears as you looked down.
With a stern voice he said: “Tell me. Right. Now.”
Suddenly, you start to beat on his chest. You go off, hitting him really hard. He did not move though.

“YOU SKIPPED OUR ANNIVERSARY! I HAD EVERYTHING PLANNED OUT PERFECTLY FINE AND YOU RUINED IT! I F**KING HATE YOU! IT WAS GONNA BE PERFECT!” You stuttered, coming back to your senses. Taking your hands of him, you begin let tears fall.

“You said it was fine! You said to go have fun, remember?” He yelled, slightly less extreme than you did.

“Yeah, but you were still were supposed to come home! You should’ve known!” You yell at his voice.

“You know I can’t read your mind all the f**king time! Communication might’ve helped!” He continues.

“Maybe all find a better boyfriend that isn’t super slow, like you!” After that, the room grew quiet. You know that he had a point and you didn’t mean what you said. Both of you were completely still, lost in thought and blame. Finally, Hansol broke the silence.
“Why are you so upset about me skipping a movie? I mean, it’s just a movie.” He said quietly, he looked at you. After a moment of gathering your thoughts, you speak.

“I was gonna say,” You take a deep breath, “I was gonna say I love you.”
Hansol gasped at the statement. Both of you were speechless. You cry silently cry to yourself as he envelopes you with his arms, keeping you super close. Quietly, he starts to blame himself.
“I’m so stupid. I’m so f**king stupid. Why didn’t I come to you? Why didn’t I come home to a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful, smart, kind, amazing girl that was going to tell me she loved me? God, I am so stupid!” He finishes. You start to close him into a hug, leaning into his chest. Your breathing is hitched, but you slowly regain your pattern.

“No. Stop blaming yourself. This was both of us. I just think we need a bit of work.” Hansol nods in agreement, walking towards the bathroom. You both decided it was time to say goodnight.

—Last one, I promise!—

Both of you adjusted comfortably in his bed, a respectable distance apart. Usually, you wouldn’t have been sharing the same mattress, but today you felt that you needed to be close to him. Hansol shut his eyes, but was not fully asleep. He just didn’t want to look at his girlfriend in his bed because, you know, man problems. Anyways, you looked at him. He seemed so peaceful.

“Hansol.” You call. He opened his eyes to spare you a glance.


“Goodnight.” You say, shying away from wanted to share. A few moments later you call him.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmm.” He groans, his noise muffled by pillows. You call him again, moving the pillows away from his slightly annoyed face.

“Yeah, babe?” He says, finally daring to look you in the eyes. He was just about to go to asleep. You smile at him, finally ready to tell him what you want to say.

“I love you.” You say firmly, looking you straight. Your heart was pounding. His eyes grew wide at your words. Then he gave you a beautiful smile.

“I love you too.”

Gahd Dam! This took forever, like geez. But yeah I’m a new account. I hope you found this entertaining and shiz. I don’t know what to say right now. I had this scenario on my mind forever (forever being 4 days). I originally requested this, but I ended up being too specific, which is to understandable. So I wrote my own, which was weirdly satisfying and refreshing. Like water on hot day. It just felt soooo right. Like an ‘ahhhh’ feeling. Umm anyway, like it if you like it. Reblog if you wanna. WATCH MEH NAE NAE. K. Bye.

anonymous asked:

if you tend to space out while driving - DON'T drive and don't put other people's lives at risk.

Listen, if you’re telling me you’ve never once forgotten where you were going while you were on the road or daydreamed about dinner on your drive home from work, kudos to you. Spacing out for two seconds is not the same as driving under the influence, and in all the years I’ve been driving I have never once received a traffic violation. I would not pass judgment on how safe a person’s driving is based on a post that was clearly written in a facetious tone. Happy Friday, friend!