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Jonathan Toews receives his Order of Manitoba, August 2015 (x)

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If you look back at the 'copycat' episode then you can actually see that Chat and Ladybug have already used their tracking gadgets in that episode first.

they didn’t! ladybug can track chat noir (and presumably vice-versa) but that seems to just be an implant in his staff; she didn’t have an actual gadget for it. little buttons they can stick to civilians is a different thing than being able to track one another by their weapons!

also, chat noir doesn’t use one. he finds théo’s studio by himself, presumably because once he knew who the akuma was it was easy to track it down. he’s only been shown to have those little gadgets in the most recent episode.

all for him - michael clifford smut

rating: R (smut)

pairing: michael + y/n

request: Skype sex with Michael OKFG

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Prince Luke: Part One

A/N: I wanted to repost this in the format of the other parts to this. Luke is an entitled prick of a medieval prince whose only joy is getting blown on his throne by his favorite handmaiden. By request, a ficlet in five parts.

Warnings: M for Mature language, rough sexual acts, name calling.

Word count: ~700

{Masterlist}  ||   {Part Two}  ||   {Part Three}   ||   {Part Four||   {Epilogue}

“On your knees, Y/N,” he growls at you. “I’ve had a fucking rotten day and I need a whore to suck me off.”

You stand up slowly from where you were straightening the series of silver trinkets on the pew by the throne room door.

Rotten, because your father just told you off for seducing and deflowering yet another princess, you think as you turn to face him. His condescending words don’t bother you; you’ve heard them all from serving him these past three years. It’s your job; no one else in town would take you in, except the palace, which always seemed to be seeking young maidens for employment.

You quietly approach the throne, grateful at least that the other servants that had been helping you had left a few minutes ago. You and Prince Luke are alone.

“Good girl,” Luke rumbles from his position on the throne. His fingers are curled protectively around its gilded arms and he’s slumped down so that his legs are spread in front of him. He beckons to the space between his knees. “Best seat in the palace, Y/N.”

“Yes, your highness,” you say as you sink down, keeping your eyes locked into his. There’s an unmistakable cockiness to his blues as he watches you.

He doesn’t even lift a finger to relieve the turgid bulge that’s fighting to escape his purple breeches. Instead, he watches as you lift your hands to his waistline and tug the fabric down until his erection bounces free and stands stiff before your eyes.

He’s big; three years ago you had learned that the whispers about the castle were completely true. You keep your eyes on his face as you tongue gently over the tip of his cock and watch as his greedy, possessive eyes flicker once at the first contact of your warm mouth, at last betraying an emotion besides desire.

He lets out a long, slow breath as you slowly take his whole length, letting the moisture of your mouth lubricate centimeter by centimeter until he’s tight against the back of your throat and you can barely breath from his girth. Just as slowly you glide back, watching his body unconsciously tense as his slick cock slips out of your mouth.

“Faster, wench,” he orders. You obey, but as before, you do it slowly. Stroke by stroke you build speed incrementally until your jaw aches and Luke’s knuckles are white from the strength of his grip on the throne. “Fuck,” he hisses and his head drops back with a thud against the high backed chair. “Take my whole cock, whore.”

He’s taut now, nearly squirming in his seat with the pleasure you’re giving him. He reaches out with one hand and grasps the back of your head, then pushes you hard against his length until he’s all the way inside you, gagging you. He releases and you stretch back, trying not to gag but knowing not to stop, and you lift your hands to his prick, now dripping with your saliva, and begin pumping his cock hard and fast, at just the speed you know he likes.

Luke sits up, panting now and unable to retain his normally severe composure, his chest heaving above you. “You fucking wench. Work my cock. Work my cum out, whore. You fucking like jerking me?”

He’s close to finishing. He always becomes unbearable when he’s close. You wait a few more seconds, until his eyes are squeezed tight and his breath is ragged and racing, and then you let go of his erection.

You stand up, wiping your moist hands against your handmaid’s frock. He’s so bewildered and disoriented that all he can do is stare at you, mouth agape, until you lean down and kiss him softly on the mouth.

You nibble at his lip and then drag your own down his sensitive neck and back up to his hear. “I’ll have your cock, later tonight, but only after you apologize to Princess Shona and her father.” You turn on your heel and stride out of the throne room while Prince Luke stares mutely after you, still at full mast and completely defeated.

EXO Reacts to Their Girlfriend Being Thick

Aw don’t be like that, sweetie. Don’t worry EXO will make you feel better lol

*Gifs aren’t mine unless stated otherwise*

This reaction is about their girlfriends not being the weight she wants and accusing them of not really loving them

Xiumin: Fakes a heartbreak and tells you that you made him upset. It wasn’t a total lie, he can’t believe you’d say something like that to him

Luhan: Doesn’t like it when you keep telling him he doesn’t really love you. Surprisingly, he gets angry with you.


“Excuse me? Slow down, I don’t think I’m hearing you right.”

Suho: Looks at you strangely because you were talking nonsense and he didn’t understand where you were going with this.

“Yeah so? I don’t care about that. I chose you, didn’t I?”

Lay: Really doesn’t understand what you’re talking about because he’s never noticed it before.

Baekhyun: Can’t stand it when you criticize the way you look in every outfit. Tries to tell you look beautiful no matter what, but you won’t believe him.

*Thinking* “What is she talking about? She’s adorable.”

Chen: You tell him people were making fun of you because you were dating someone smaller than you. He gets offended himself and starts to smack talk a bunch of random people he doesn’t know.

“Small? I ain’t small, the fuck.”

Chanyeol: You guys were shopping together when a group of girls were walking by and whispering. You thought they were talking about you, so you confronted Chanyeol about it. He playfully slaps you while giving you a seductive look. 

“Don’t say that, Y/N. I can show you just how much I love you right here, right now.”

Kyungsoo: Gets frustrated at you when you won’t stop talking about your weight. He likes you for you and doesn’t think any number will change that

Tao: You come home crying into his arms and chest. When you tell him what was the matter, he couldn’t stop laughing. You thought he was making fun of you to, but he actually was laughing at all the things people said to you.

“You’re gonna believe those hoes? You have me and that’s all that matters.”

Kai: Makes a bunch of sexual comments to get you laughing.

“What are you talking about? I’m bigger than you every way possible.” *wink*

Sehun: He tries to tell you you’re gorgeous and shouldn’t listen to what anyone else says. Kind of gives up when you start yelling in his face about how much it does matter.

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Hello Charlie :) I was wondering if you could do a comparison meta of Dean and Cas in 6x20 and generally the end of season 6, with their current situation this season. Especially their conversation in episode 6x20, when Dean says 'what we don't do is go out and make a deal with the devil', to which Cas responds, 'where were you when I needed to hear it?' Could Dean say 'I was there, where were you?' this time? I think the situations parallel, but I'm no meta writer lol Thanks if you can add :)

Hi, dear! First of all, I have to tell you that I have already written meta on episode 6x20. That meta is here. I don’t think Dean is going to say any version of the ‘I was there, where were you?’ because he made that mistake once, but he won’t make it again. As I said in this post“Once Castiel was back, even though Dean was suspicious of how he got out of Purgatory, he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes he’d made before. He was all “talk to me” with Cas. He wanted to make sure Cas was OK. He wanted to prove that he cared.”

This time, even though the situations can look like a parallel, it’s an opportunity for Dean to prove that Cas is family, not just say it (as he did in season 6). This time Dean will understand that what Cas did, he did it out of love and goodness. (In fact, I’m gonna write a meta about episode 11x12 to point that out because… parallels!). So, don’t worry. Dean won’t recriminate Cas what he did. Or at least, that’s not what I’m reading from the story. 

Stress Reliever

Kol Imagine- Kol smut where he sees your stressed w/ school and he eats you out and let’s you dominate him and tie him up to relieve your stress? Please?

Side note: I’m going to made the reader a vampire in this one :)

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lowkey thinking about making a new blog for the days i need a break from solo + illya

For those who ponder on what word can ruin lives, I tend to believe the word “almost” can kill you. You and I were “almost” something, we were so close to living a life of forever together. So close; but out of nowhere you’re in a situation, to where the thing you were so close to getting it, it’s now gone. For you and I, I almost got your heart, but you left. It’s been five years later and my friends still ask what happened to us and all I can reply is, “We were almost something.”
– L.T // almost ( @ltwrites )

Something to Take Care Of (Isaac Lahey)

Inspired by a Teen Wolf Imagine by alloftheimaginesblog

Something to Take Care Of
Teen Wolf | Isaac Lahey | SFW + Jealousy + Threats of Violence | Female Reader

You hadn’t meant for it to happen. You weren’t even sure why this guy you barely knew outside of math class would even be talking to you about anything other than geometry equations. It was obvious he was flirting and you’d tried to shut it down quickly but you were timid and shy, a quiet wisp of a girl who was easily startled and discouraged.

Isaac, your boyfriend with an intense dislike of anyone looking at you like a piece of meat, had caught the interaction while talking to Scott and Stiles. Your eyes had locked for a brief second, conveying the situation with a mere look. His eyes flashed yellow for the barest of moments until he murmured something to his friends and marched over to where you were trapped against a locker and this guy.

“Isaac,” you warned in an attempt to remind him not to start a fight or wolf out. The last thing you needed was to have your werewolf lover lose control in the middle of the school hallway.

A sneer enveloped Isaac’s lips, pushing the guy away from you by the hand against a shoulder with a little more force than necessary which nearly sent the other boy tumbling back onto the tile floor. “Is there a reason you’re all up on my girlfriend?” It came out snarled, a beastly undertone taking shape underneath.

“Dude, cool it. We were just talking, right sweetheart?”

“Sweetheart?” He growled, eyes narrowing and you grabbed onto Isaac’s arm to sway his attention to you. Your eyes were pleading, lips set in a pout to drift his thoughts away from violence. “Fine then. Don’t talk to her anymore unless you want a black eye.” He turned to give a final glare over his shoulder, as a long arm wrapped around your waist to lead you away. “And don’t call her sweetheart.”

You smiled up at him when you were farther away. “Sorry. I tried to tell him.”

“I know you did, babe. Men just can’t keep their sights off you.”

“Too bad I’m happily taken.” You reminded him and patting the arm around you.

“Yes,” he pressed a kiss to your hair, “you are.”

  • Them:I'll be there around 2-2:30ish
  • Me:Okay! :)
  • Me:1-1:30: *cleans entire house 7 times* 1:30-1:59: *sits around impatiently* 2: *stares out window
  • Them:*doesn't show up exactly at 2*
  • Me:Oh my god. Something's happened. Why aren't they here? They should be here. Are they alright? I should call. *calls 70 times*
  • Them:*shows up at 2:03*
  • Me:Where were you??? I thought you died! *hugs them while crying*
a few truths


you dream about your baby teeth
falling from your mouth like candy. you
leave them on the ground.

too many people have loved
your child body.

you swear to tell your someday daughter
there is no five second rule for your own bones,
no way to remove men’s hands from
touching too hard, but i will break the fingers
of anyone who lays a cruel hand on you.


you loved a woman once, but you
were both just kids kissing like
it was making love.

she could take your bra
off with one hand after two
years and that was something
worth remembering.

she was wood splitting. she
never cared who’s skin she got
stuck under.

you haven’t seen her in eight years
but you sometimes still find splinters
where you thought you were


your best friend can’t stand the taste of
grapefruits and you let your mouth
fall open when she says so.

it’s still the winter of drinking
because you’re sad, but it’s harder
now that you’re older and the
hangover is always a beast.

she lets you cry
in the garage.

being an adult is using a glass
instead of wrapping your
lips around the bottle.

or something.


it is not in your nature to accept her good. you
look beneath it for traps. you climb into her
body like you’re looking for clues.

her bloodstream says she’ll be gone
in the morning.

her small pink nipples say
she wasn’t looking for anything

the veins that zigzag across her closed
eyelids while she sleeps say you want too much.
why can’t you just behave?


everyone you love hates
when you write
them this


Request: hi could you please do a poe dameron x reader where he thinks you were killed by the first order and when you reunite smut ensues – Anon

Pairings: Poe Dameron x Reader

Warnings: swearing, tiny angst, smut

Word Count: 1552

I know it’s short but this has detailed smut! :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Poe’s POV

It was chaos, stormtroopers shooting everyone, everywhere. There were two things in my mind, my co-pilot, (y/n), BB-8, and of course, the map to lead us to Luke. I hid behind the rocks and kept the map in BB-8, telling him to go as far as he could. I looked around for (y/n) and fear slowly rose up my face as I couldn’t see or find her. I scrambled on my feet, running towards my X-Wing to escape.

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Hello, dear! I really luv you blog! It's amazing <3 So... Can I request a drabble with SeungHoon finding out his gf/wife is pregnant with twins? Thank u!

You are so sweet. Thank you. :)

Seunghoon was finally home. It had been a two week trip to Japan for touring and in that time your slightly swollen stomach had turned into a cute baby bump. The moment Seunghoon walked into the room where you were waiting, his eyes lit up and the biggest grin took over his face. “Daddy’s here!” he exclaimed.

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“Do you know the kind of day I’ve had today?” Seokjin complained as he slammed the hotel door harder than maybe necessary. Namjoon looked up from the bowl of noodles he’d been eating and stared, shocked and confused at Jin’s sudden appearance. He probably should have kept a better watch on the time. He’s spent all day in the hotel room alone, due to his leg injury there wasn’t a lot he could do. One of the girls from the team had come up to give him something to eat and, apart from Jin, she was the only person he’d seen all day.

“First of all they were all asking where you were like they’d forgotten your clumsy ass had fallen off the stage yesterday,” Jin was pacing now and Namjoon was smart enough to know he shouldn’t point out that ‘ouch, that insult kind of hurt’, “Then after I finally got that sorted none of them wanted to practice saying it would be ‘useless’ without Namjoon.” Namjoon couldn’t help but smile at that, he’d put his bowl down on the night stand and was now fully occupied with watching Jin walk up and down the small space between the beds and the wall that divided theirs and the neighbours room. “Then, after I finally past that and we mad it HALFWAY though ONE song! Jungkook then decided that he wasn’t going to eat with us because he had to watch his weight or something dumb like that! I almost had to feed him myself!” Namjoon could see Jin was strung up tight, muscles tensed and foot falls heavy on the carpet floor; despite the fact that he’s shoes off already the sound still seemed to fill the small room.

“Jin!” Namjoon called trying to get the other male’s attention as he continued to ramble about this and that, “Jin!” He tried again, nothing. “Kin Seokjin would you listen to me!” Namjoon shouted and this time Jin looked over, face contorted with confusion. “Relax.” He ordered and Jin’s shoulders slumped slightly, face dropping into a frown. Namjoon sighed, “Come here.” He made room for Jin and in shuffled over, getting in and curling into Namjoon’s side, small and dejected. Namjoon wrapped an arm around Jin and felt his shoulders wrack slightly as Jin began to cry. “Hey,” Namjoon cooed rubbing a hand over Jin’s back comfortingly, “don’t cry. You did a great job today. It;s not your fault the other guys were being difficult today.” Jin sniffled and buried his face deeper into Namjoon’s chest. Namjoon couldn’t help but be glad he was only in his pyjamas otherwise his shirt might be ruined. “Let’s just go to sleep okay? You must be exhausted with how hard you’ve been working.” Jin nodded, movement restricted. Namjoon helped Jin lie down and wrapped his arms protectively around him. “Tomorrow’s a new day, I’m sure they’ll be better behaved tomorrow.” Jin nodded again but he was already drifting off to sleep. 

“Thank you.” He mumbled into Namjoon;s pillow, “I love you Namjoon.” A fond smile spread across Namjoon’s face.

“I love you too Jin.” He mumble back, “Good night.”


Sorry that this is short but thanks to the person who requested this <3 I had lots of fun writing this and I hope that you enjoyed reading it :)

~Admin Princess  

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Can you do a lucifer thing where you were made by god for him and keep being reborn and luci gets really frustrated when you don't remember him? Thanks

Creative! Yes, I can do that for you, darling.

#3 Outsider

Word Count:  736 Words

You left with Poe early in the morning, a single packed bag and Tootles, your astromech droid, was all that you had to take with you. The two of you spoke little about where you were going, primarily focusing on your preparations and ensuring you didn’t wake others. There were two other pilots, Kun and Arana, who would be going with you, and the four of you would leave the New Republic to join the Resistance.

With your pre-flight checks all finished, you ushered Tootles into his position and then climbed aboard. Before you could close yourself in, you heard someone climb up and give a soft tap against your helmet.

“You ready, [N/N]?” It was Poe, crouched in his orange jumpsuit. He wasn’t wearing his helmet yet and his dark, curly hair was in it’s usual state of disarray.

“Ready when you are, flyboy.” You replied and a similar beep of recognition came from your droid.

Poe gave a deep chuckle and adjusted his position so he was sitting with his legs dangling over the edge. “You sure about doing this?” He asked, looking at you curiously as you removed your helmet.

Since Leia Organa, now General Organa, had offered Poe the position of Commander as part of the Resistance, you had been having small doubts. Poe had only accepted the request with the agreement that you, too, would be able to join. He had been perfectly set on the fact that you were his partner, and had been for four years. You were perfectly in sync when flying together, and knew each other exceptionally well. There was no way he was going to be doing anything without you there.

General Organa had looked to you then, regarding you before smiling and offering you her hand. You shook it, nodding your head in acceptance and explaining that you believed in what the Resistance was fighting for and would be honoured to help in any way you could.

But of course, Poe had seen through you. He always did. To others you would say: ‘I’m fine’, ‘You’re right’, ‘I agree’, but to him you would always tell the truth. He had a habit of bothering you until you told him anyway, and it was easier to give in than fight him on it.

“General Organa only accepted me into the Resistance because of you.” You stated, leaning your head on your hand and looking away from him. “She never would have offered if you hadn’t insisted.”

Poe sighed. “I’m not doing anything without my partner by my side, without you by my side. I don’t want to be doing this if we’re not 100% in agreement that this is the right thing to do. If you don’t want to…”

You shook your head. “No. I do want to. The Republic refuses to take action and we’ve seen first hand how big of a threat the First Order is. The Resistance is right. We need to be doing more now.” You gave him a strong smile, locking eyes with him to show him you meant it.

He studied you for a second, searching for any lie he could find. Eventually he nodded and gave you a smug smirk. “Okay, let’s do this.” He jumped down and you donned your helmet again.

It didn’t take much longer before you and the other three pilots were in the air and heading towards the Resistance base. The four of you talked only a little, your nerves got a little better and you mostly sat back and let the others talk while you focused on flying. Poe kept trying to get you to weigh in, yet really you just enjoyed listening to him attempting to convince Kun of different things.

You landed your fighter at the Resistance base beside Arana’s. A couple of mechanics approached and a few of the other pilots came down to greet you all. Poe was in his element, moving between people, laughing, shaking hands, conducting introductions and altogether just enjoying himself.

They all knew his name, and Kun’s, and Arana’s. But not yours. You were an unexpected addition, and although some people came up to you and welcomed you, most were more interested in speaking to the ‘best pilot in the galaxy’.

You left him to it, even though you had been in this position before, you felt like more of an outsider than ever. Tootles followed you silently inside.