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·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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Who Did You Call!?

Three nights in a row now Keith was woken up in the middle of the night only to find Lance not in bed besides him.
Normally Keith wouldn’t be too worried about this, just whenever he asked Lance about how he slept all he got was a forced smile and a guilty “fine”.
Keith did trust Lance.
He trusted and loved him more then anyone else on this god forsaken planet.
He never even considered his boyfriend could be cheating on him until Lotor showed up.
Lance had once told Keith before they got together that his dream guy was tall, with long hair and is good looking enough to be a model.
A week ago Lotor had moved into the building.
The amazingly tall man with the body of a Greek god and the flowing white hair of a princess.
The super model that only seemed to own booty shorts and not a single shirt.
The guy that left Lance speechless just by winking at him.
Keith knew he was hot headed and tended to jump to conclusions so he tried talking it through with the most rational person he knew.
His brother Shiro.

“He’s been keeping secrets from me and sneaking around at night. I tried talking to him about it but he just won’t talk to me.” Keith whispered into his phone.
Yet again he had woken up only to find the bed empty where Lance should be.
Not knowing what else to do he called Shiro, despite it being 3am he had answered straight away.
“I don’t know what to tell you Keith.” Shiro yawned “if you think he’s cheating on you then you have to confront him, it’s better to apologise for being wrong then finding out he’s been dating guys behind your back.”
Keith nodded “yeah… first thing in the morning I will.”
“You know it’s probably nothing, I’ve never met a more loyal guy then Lance.”
Keith smiled “yeah your right, thanks Shiro.”
“No problem, night”
Keith hung up and settled back down in his pillows when he hears it.
“Hey it’s Lance again. I’m sorry I called you so late but I… I just needed you so much today.”
Keith turned over so he was face down on the pillow to try and hide the face he was crying.

The next morning Keith could hear Lance making breakfast while he was preparing himself for the confrontation.
Right now there was no doubt in Keith’s mind that Lance was cheating on him. He took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

Keith stormed in on his boyfriend “who the hell were you calling last night?!” He demanded.
Lance jumped up when the door was slammed open “n-no one Keith I swear!” He smiled but looked guilty.

“On come on I heard you’ ‘hey it’s Lance again’ didn’t sound like no one!” Keith snapped grabbing Lance by the collar.
Lance didn’t say anything, his eyes darting to his phone laying on the couch. 
Keith dropped him picking it up, keeping his glare fixed on Lance as he redialled.
The phone rang twice before a woman’s voice came from the other side.

“Suicide hotline.”
Keith stared numbly at Lance as tears began to fall down his tanned cheeks. He hung up and tossed the phone aside.
“I… I didn’t want you to worry. I’m sorry I-”
Lance was cut off by Keith running at him and wrapping his arms around Lance like he could keep him there by pure will power.
“Oh God Lance. I’m so sorry I love you I love you so much! I’m sorry I didn’t realise! I’m sorry I thought the worse!” Keith sobbed as Lance wrapped his arms around the shorter man.
The two sank to the floor on their knees hugging and crying with each other.
“I won’t call them again, just please don’t leave me.” Lance muttered burying his face into Keith’s soft hair just taking a moment to breath in his scent.
Keith looked up at him cupping his cheeks with his hand as he kissed him on the nose.
“I will never leave you. So please don’t leave me. If you need to call them then you fucking call them as long as you tell me as well. Because I love you Lance and I can’t live without you.”
Lance sniffed “I love you too.”
Of course that didn’t solve everything.
Lance still tried to hide how he really felt at times.
But he had a stable and loving relationship that helped make the bad days not seem so dark.
Keith was his rock and as long as he was there he may just be able to carry on.
For him.

so something i’ve never seen anyone talk about is when dan goes “every animal makes that noise with you” to phil in pinof bc I can seriously just imagine their skype calls, their long ones especially, where they are imitating animals like idiots, both giggling and trying to make the other laugh more and phil just making that same screeching noise every time and dan being exasperated and it’s so cute and why don’t people talk about it lets talk about it

Mental breakdown tag lol

do I use this script or not

also vedj - still going, but will probably miss some days and that’s OKAY
I’m worried for this video, because rather than generalising mental illness as important, and needs to be talked about, I go into detail about the specifics of what I’m feeling. And it’s not pretty. If you can’t relate, and I hope you don’t, I’m going to seem very very strange. But mental illness isn’t simple, it’s not all let’s blow on thumbs together to stop these darn panic attacks, or this cute cartoon girl crying in a corner. It’s so much bigger and uglier and more complex.
I haven’t been making videos because I didn’t know how to when my head has been consumed and overtaken by what I’m about to talk about. But I think I’ve figured it out.
so here’s the thing
you may have seen on twitter
i mentioned that i haven’t really felt like i’m here since i was 17 in a vid recently
and then within the last week that sort of upped as a problem by like, 80%
i went to wales for some shoots, felt crazy the whole weekend, then came back and got very panicky about the fact that I was going mad
I had slept fine, and I kept expecting to wake up better, but I just didn’t
I’ll explain what this all actually is and how it feels in a bit, plz hold
so I got back, and knew that I felt messed up, so tried registering to the doctors
walked there, in my weird dream state, took a proof of address cause I knew I needed that, handed it in, and then they said that I needed proof of address within the last two months
i was teetering on the edge of tears and also feeling really weird so I think they must have thought I was actually insane
I forgot how to say thanks and bye so I think I just left, dunno
walked home, in this strange, bright dream world
tried finding proof of address, forgot how to talk to my housemate, scared she was going to notice that I was drunk, except i wasn’t drunk
and then my mum called and said dodie
are you okay
and I just sort of
i was sobbing, rummaging through bin bags to try to find some sort of proof of address, on the phone to mum, and I decided to visit home home for some sort of familiarity, cause I used to feel so normal and alive in that house, when I was younger
so I went home home, crying on the train, panicking about the fact that I was going mad and all my friends were like dodie wtf
that was when I tweeted saying I needed a break
then I saw mum and started crying about the fact that I left my old bedroom bed in dovan flat, cause I just wanted my normal bed in my normal room so I could feel normal
and I came home but of course I wasn’t magically cured because going to that house is not the same as time travel
i’m not taking a trip to 2012 when I go home, as much as I want to, i’m a broken dodie visiting a broken house and a broken ish family
I even visited my old primary school which shut down, like, years ago, and I wandered around with hedy
I don’t think that helped, cause it felt like it had just, grown leaves and aged in like 20 seconds
it just made me feel even weirder
so what am I feeling? Okay. let me explain. Or try to.
here are a bunch of messages I have sent to friends of mine, to try and explain wtf this is
“i’m so tired
I’m just so tired I feel like I’ve been awake for 4 days And I don’t feel like I’m here I feel like I’m drunk Like I’ve had three wines and shots and beer and I’m tired and ready to go home and I can’t talk to anyone because I’ve forgotten how I usually talk
I don’t even look like me
Everything is so wrong and weird and scary
I honestly think I’m going mad
I can’t stop crying
I’ve got such a bad headache” to lucy
And I’ve just constantly felt like Drunk and blind You know when you’re hammered
And everything’s really bright and you can’t remember how to talk properly and you’re not really taking anything in cause you feel really weird and you can touch things and see things and talk to people but you’re not really There
I genuinely genuinely think I’ve gone mad
And I don’t know if I’m ever going to see things like normal again” to sammy
“Here’s the thing
I’m alive
I can breathe
I can eat and talk and sleep and see and feel
So I should be okay
And objectively, I am fine
So why am I not
It’s one of those things that I keep thinking about over and over to the point where my head is like is this really happening and then I’m like is WHAT really happening
I used to not understand mental illnesses at all
I was like
Just think of cats and rainbows
But now I get it
It’s so much deeper in your brain than cats and rainbows
I used to say if I ever got dementia or something id fight it
But how can you fight it when the it is the thing you’re using to fight with
Dodie has gone full blown mad” to jon
now, thanks to the last vid, and to google, I’ve found out what this probably is
and I’m trying my best to register and see a doctor and get therapy and sort this out and also
I know what you’re thinking
if you have no idea what I’m talking about, if you’ve never had anything even close to this, if you are mentally dandy
you’re thinking dodie
you sound mental
just shut up,
turn it off
you’re fine
you’re obsessing over nothing, you’re attention seeking, just stop thinking about it
firstly, I am so happy and thankful that you feel normal and happy and go and enjoy your life because you can
and secondly, I would do anything to turn this off and feel normal again, literally anything. But I can’t. not right now. I don’t know how.
so. here’s my plan.
I’m going to act fucking normal.
I can still sing. I am still alive, on this planet, even though I don’t feel like it. I still find things funny, I still can taste food, I can make jokes, and write songs and hang out with friends, even though I literally feel like I’m hiding something from everyone and I keep looking at everyone as if I’m a robot.
but I’m going to sort this out, somehow. I’m going to sleep before midnight and wake up before 9, I’m going to give myself weekends, I’m going to do mindfullness meditation at 11am, and Im going to go running at least twice a week and eat healthy and drink water and not drink too much alcohol and treat myself when I’ve done well and not overwhelm myself. And I’m going to go to a doctor, and then therapy, and deal with this. But this will not consume me.
Yeah I feel fucking weird. Bring it. I’m so done with the constant buzz in my head - why do I feel like this why do i feel like this why do i feel like this
I just do. And I can’t change it right now. It’s not going to turn off. and I can’t just stop the world until I feel normal again, because I’ll get to my 70s and be like well shit, I missed it all.
So I’m going to do the best I can. I’m going to make the videos that make me happy. And I’m going to laugh about the fact that I’m a bit mental. Cause what else can you do.

Whilst I type this I’m on the phone to my bank to get a statement sent to prove my address to go BACK to the doctors to prove I live here then get an appointment to get referred to therapists. The NHS may be free but it’s not bloomin easy lol.

gotta say making this video was super healthy for me. It was good to edit together and see that I can pass as a functioning human.

what i don’t understand is like… where are all the galra women. like have we seen literally any galra girls please help me bc if we have i would love to know educate me i beg u

like i almost expected the Blade of Marmora to be entirely made up of girls or something (fooled once again by the shoulder-waist ratio ahaha kill me) and then Haggar wasn’t even Galra so like. where are they. I have a hard time accepting that the galra women aren’t part of the military at all because a) they’re GALRA and b) Allura went undercover as a galra soldier and no one batted an eyelash so WHERE THEY AT

#100studytips TALK YOUR NOTES OUT

When you see people studying they’re normally fairly quiet if not sleeping. This study method may sound a bit odd at first, but it’s a very valuable study hack. Here’s how and why it works.

1. CREATE YOUR STUDY MATERIAL. Just as you normally (well hopefully) would. Create your usual study materials extracted from your messy class and/ or text book notes. eg. flash cards, mind maps, audio notes, diagramed notes etc.

2. TIP. Make sure these study materials are chunked and categorised per topic and sub-topic. This is fairly obvious.

3. TIP. Make sure your study notes are associated and are able to answer and address a number of questions that could be asked. ie. Teacher-type questions that would be found on a test.

4. TALK YOUR NOTES OUT. Go to a private place where you won’t look like a loon. Study your notes, and then recite and talk them out aloud. Because you’re so focused on talking them out correctly, your brain naturally triggers more memory pathways in the brain. It creates a physical context and memory association to the information, which in turn helps when you need to recall that information in a test.

5. EXTRA TIP. Even better than ‘talking your notes out’ is teaching someone else the information. It has a similar effect, but it probably keeps you a lot more focused on the task, because when you’re involving someone else, you inadvertently try even harder and ultimately learn the information even faster and more efficiently.

Hope this is helpful. And happy April !! x

BTS Single Parent AU

kookies-and-myrok asked: Hello, sweets! I love your writing and I’m not just saying that Lol i always get excited when you post smt, anyways do you write parent au’s? If you do can I get a BTS reaction about what they would be like as a single parent? If not then its okay! Keep up the great work 💜

This doesn’t necessarily work as a reaction, but I can do a little like… bullet drabble or whatever on this. Either way, very doable. - Admin Dayna


There’s like… this anime called Amaama to Inazuma (a.k.a. Sweetness and Lightning) which is basically about a single father who raises his daughter to the best of his abilities but he can’t cook as well as his wife (who passed away). I see Single Parent!Jin being like that… except in Jin’s case he can actually throw down in a kitchen

  • Lots of love and affection
  • Smothers his baby girl with kisses before dropping her off to daycare and after picking her up
  • The daycare moms thirst after him bOI
  • His cookies sold out the fastest at the school bakery
  • Partially because Daycare Moms are trying to give him the succ
  • Mainly because his cookies are bomb asf
  • He got hoes
  • Reads/sings his daughter to sleep at night religiously
  • Chocolate covered Strawberries while they watch cartoons together
  • Shed a single tear in the beginning of Finding Nemo evRYTIM
  • Was literally floating on air for like a month because his daughter told him he was the “handsomest appa”
  • Tries really hard to scold his baby girl
  • Can’t look her in the face when he does it because she’s too damn cute
  • Puppy Dog Eyes work every once in a while tbh
  • Dad jokes, fucking duh.

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Picture this: Yoongi is chilling, right? Lounging on the sofa, watching some psychological mystery film or whatever emo shit he watches. His face is pretty indifferent. He’s unbothered asf. His right arm is covered in scribbles and squiggles. His 7 year old son is currently surrounded by markers, casually doodling on his dad’s arm.

  • Lets his son choose whatever toys he wants
  • If his baby boy wants a nerf gun, he’ll get a nerf gun.
  • If his baby boy wants a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv, he’s getting a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv.
  • Also lets his kid wear whatever he wants
  • Supports the creative and imaginative endeavors of his child
  • Does not support coloRING ON THE WALL YOU LIL DEMON BABY
  • Sometimes stares at his child and thinks “whose mans is this?”
  • Also looks at his child and thinks “that’s the love of my life”.
  • One time considered redecorating his closet just so that he can hang a bunch of mirrors on the wall so that whenever his child does something stupid, he can sit him in that closet and close the door so that he can look at his reflection and reevaluate his 7 years long life.
  • All in all he’s a super supportive daddio.
  • He’s not like the other dads.
  • He’s a Cool Dad™

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[Drawing of a stick-figure girl with her hands on her hips and a nervous smile on her face. Above her are the words, “POTS Problem #37: Post-Event Exhaustion!” The girl says, “Well, I did the thing! Now to go home and sleep for a week!”]

I did a little public speaking and a lot of walking on Friday–then sort of fell asleep on my best friend in the car on the way home the next day, not to mention the power nap after we got home and the general feeling of “wow I can’t move.” Recovery days are real.

Say You Love Me Too- Peter Parker x Female Reader

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Prompt: Could you do one where the reader is best friends with Peter and she’s in love with him but he doesn’t know and all he talks about is how much he loves Liz Allen and it makes her upset and then she confesses?

Word Count: 1234 :) 

A/N: Written by Daisy. I’ve included an alternative ending since the request didn’t specify how it was meant to end. Also, I tried out 3rd person, I’m digging it, let me know whether you like it or not! Happy reading! 

Friends. Every time the word left his mouth, it stung. Like a slap across her cheek. Every time he said her name, Liz, it felt like yet another one. She felt childish; loathed every time her jealousy crept up and consumed her. She shouldn’t be this way. But it could not be helped. She’d distanced herself from him, little by little, simply because it hurt too much to hear him fawn over her, or see the way his eyes lit up when she passed him by. He had chosen her. Liz.  
She opened her locker slowly, stashing her books away and pulling out the ones that would be needed next. The same routine every day. 

“Hey stranger,” she turned to face him, forcing a smile on her face.  

“Hey, Peter!”  

“I uh, we haven’t hung out in a while and I was hoping you’d come over tonight? Movie and dinner?”  

“Why aren’t you hanging out with Liz?” The words fell from her lips before she could stop them. She knew how she sounded. Petty. Jealous. Horrible.  

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positiveicarus  asked:


Haha oh my! Of course I can talk more about them. Tbh I’m trying to keep myself in check cuz I know not everyone is here for this. But I guess I can talk a little bit about the story/universe? More under the cut!

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~Growing Pains~

How do a cat and dog hybrid get along? Very carefully.


Word Count: 9,216

The sun was already going to bed and the moon was beginning to rise for her job.  You got out of your afternoon class later than normal, your professor was one of those who was very passionate about their subject so you were kept almost 15 minutes past the cut off time.  You had just finished making a few purchases from the grocery store that was right next to the campus and with your bags in hand you start the relatively short walk to your apartment.  

Rotisserie chicken acquired, you head down the sidewalk, but as you are passing by a small alleyway you see movement coming from somewhere inside, causing you to freeze in place. You turn towards the general direction of the shadow, but don’t want to move any closer, not with your imagination running wild inside your head.

Cautiously taking a step into the darkness, you slowly take a peak and then there’s a loud crash.  

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Spanish Writing Prompts

I have found that writing down a small passage/page in Spanish everyday really helps practice the language. It is hard to think up topics everyday though, so here’s a list of some prompts. I will keep updating it regularly (hopefully). I hope this is helpful! 

  • Introduce yourself (You can talk about your name, age, where you live, your job/studies, your likes/dislikes, etc)
  • My room (Describe your room, the objects in it, the furniture, etc.)
  • Why are you studying Spanish?
  • Describe everything you did yesterday (Helps practice verbs, especially past tense)
  • Talk about a book you like and why 
  • A regular day/Your daily schedule 
  • What you do in your free time 
  • Talk about your city and why you like/dislike it 
  • You are spending your holidays at your friend’s house in a different city/country. Write a letter/post card to your family. 
  • Describe your best friend 
  • You have an appartment/room that you would like to rent out. Write an advertisement for it. (You can mention things like the specifics of the room, its location, price, etc.)
  • Talk about your family 
  • Write a dialogue between a waiter and a customer ordering food in a restaurant. 
  • Write down your favourite recipe in Spanish. 
  • Write a dialogue between a guide and a tourist asking for information at a tourism office. (You can ask about monuments nearby, visiting hours, tickets, etc.)
  • Talk about the meals you eat in a day (Breakfast, lunch ,dinner) 
  • Describe your neighbourhood/locality 
  • Talk about the methods of transport in your city.
  • Talk about a trip you took. (You can talk about where you went, with whom, for how long, where you stayed,the things you did, etc) 
  • Talk about things you would like to do in the future. (This can be in terms of career goals, or what you would like to study, or just things you would like to accomplish this year)
  • Write a dialogue where you are asking for directions to a place.
  • Talk about your feelings (Like what makes you happy, what you hate, when you feel afraid, etc. This helps practice that kind of vocabulary.) 
  • Write a dialogue between friends trying to make a plan (They can be deciding where to eat, or to meet up at a park, or watch a movie, etc)
  • Write a job application (For example, applying for the job of an english teacher. Remember to mention your qualifications, past experience, and why you want this job).
  • Describe your country (You can talk about its geography, culture, music, food, people, languages, etc.)
  • Write down a funny/interesting instance that you remember 
  • Write a letter confessing your love to someone 
  • Write a letter breaking up with someone 
  • Create an advertisement for a new cafe that has opened up in your town 
  • Write a dialogue between you and your friend cancelling a plan (Mention the original plan, why you are cancelling it and the possibility of postponing it) 
  • Write a letter to a student in another country asking to be their penpal
  • You are sick and have taken an appointment with the doctor. Write down the conversation that takes place between you two. (Describe the problem/sickness, the symptoms, the doctor’s advice, etc) 
  • Describe a dream that you had recently or that you remember vividly. 
  • Write down what you are going to do today. (Helps practice ir+a form and future tense) 
  • Talk about the seasons in your country (What they are, when they take place, what the weather’s like, which one is your favourite, etc) 
  • Create an advertisement for a travel agency talking a its tours to different places.
Stood Up

As it has been requested repeatedly, I have decided to make a part two to Stood Up. This story got way more love then I thought it would receive and is one of my highest loved imagines so far! So thank you!. I wasn’t originally planning on uploading this today, but as it is my birthday tomorrow (February 17th) and I will be busy, I thought I would just post it instead of making you all wait another two days. So here you go!

Request: Archie/jughead: 14)“I promise that i’ll protect you". -Archie 17) “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” - y/n31)“Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”-y/a18) “I think you’re worth much more than that.”- jughead 4)“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”-jughead

REMEMBER, requests are closed! New requests will be deleted.

Requested by: anonymous.

Warnings: hurt/comfort.

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“Y/N… I’m not sure how to tell you this… but-”

You turned, confused as you stared at the concerned looking Jughead. After your guys ‘date’ you’d started to hang out with him a bit more and eventually you guys had blossomed into an amazing friendship. Though, what Jughead had said that night was right, and after Archie apologized you’d accepted it and everything fell back to the way it was.

Only thing was now you had Jughead as a friend, a pretty great one at that. He hadn’t been happy when you told him you’d forgiven Archie, but he’d accepted it and told you to just be careful. 

Nothing had happened since. School started again and a new girl came in, Veronica Lodge, which had in turn allowed her to start hanging out with Archie, you, Betty and Kevin. She was nice enough and even though she had immediately mentioned her interest in Archie, you’d set her straight after telling her you two were actually dating. It didn’t take long for her to start rooting for you two, and was in turn one of the sweetest girls you’d met.

When you weren’t with her and Betty, you were with Archie and if you weren’t with Archie, you were with Jughead. 

It just happened to be one of those times where you were with Jughead, you two were sat in Pop’s, much like your guys date night. You were helping him with his novel that you were so specially the only one allowed to see. But you could tell easily something was on his mind and he was distracted from his writing. You hadn’t said anything, wanting to wait for him to tell you on his own.

“Yes, Juggie?” You answered, regarding him with careful eyes. He pursed his lips, shaking his head as he sighed in frustration. “Is everything okay?”

“Y/N… it’s about Archie…” 

You sighed, slightly expecting him to tell you again that you shouldn’t have forgiven him. But just by the look on his face you knew it was something else, and suddenly all annoyance left you and instead you became worried. Worried at the truth. “Jughead… what is it? What did he do? Is he okay?”

“He’s okay.” Jughead quickly confirmed, almost in anger. “He… oh god, Y/N. I really am sorry, but Archie’s been cheating on you.”

You blinked, unsure if you’d heard his words correctly. Archie had done a lot of things recently, terrible things but despite everything you’d never been suspicious of him for that. You couldn’t quite believe Jughead, so you scoffed, glaring slightly, but you could feel your eyes watering. “What are you- what are you going on about, Jughead? You’re joking right? With who?” The words slipped past your lips, no filter as you stared.

You tried to ignore the look on Jughead’s face that only helped make your heart beat faster. “Ms. Grundy.” Jughead whispered and you froze. 


“He’s cheating on you with Ms. Grundy.”

Your jaw fell open and without a thought, you pushed out of your seat and stormed out of Pop’s, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t want to believe Jughead. You couldn’t but something in the back of your head told you that he was telling the truth. Who had stood you up that night? Archie. Who had been there for you that night? Jughead. What reason would he have to lie to you?

“Y/N!” You heard Jughead but you ignored him, dead set on making your way.. where were you going? Archie’s. You needed to talk to him. 

“Y/N! Please stop!” A hand grabbed your forearm, effectively stopping you and turning you around. You didn’t fight, coming face to face with Jughead as you tried to hold in your tears. You stared at him, hurt and betrayed.

“Where are you going?” He asked, his voice soft.

“Archie’s. I need to talk to him.” You mumbled, trying to keep your voice calm. “Please, let me go. I need- I need to talk to him.”

“I’m not going to stop you.” Jughead reassured, now grabbing both sides of your arms. You barely thought of the fact that Jughead hated skin contact. “I’m going with you.”

You nodded, too upset to say anything and shortly you found yourself in front of Archie’s house. The lights were off, but you knew Archie and you knew he liked to go out for late night walks, so you sat on his porch, waiting. Jughead sat beside you, close enough for comfort but not touching. You’d stopped crying but you knew it’d only last a few minutes before Archie’d show up.

“Y/N…? Jughead?” Snapping your head up, you swallowed your fear at the sight of a sweaty and panting Archie. Standing up and not missing the way Jughead fell in step beside you, standing slightly behind you.

“What are you two doing here?” Archie asked, confused and concern lacing his voice.

“I-I…” You tried but fell short, feeling tears coming back. Immediately Archie took a step forward, concerned but Jughead stood in front of you. Glaring at Archie. Archie blinked, confused.

“What’s wrong? Y/N? Tell me, I promise that i’ll protect you" You scoffed, suddenly angry as you carefully stepped in front of Jughead. He regarded you with a concerned look but all you did was nod, reassuring him.

Archie stared desperately at you. 

“Archie… we’re through.” You said, confidence in your voice as you tried to hold down your tears. Archie’s shoulders slumped and his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. 

“Wha- why?”

“Archie.. I know you cheated on me.” You confessed, laughing bitterly at yourself. “Hell, maybe you still are. But we are through. I am tired of the lies, the cancelling, i’m tired of the sneaking. I tried. I tried to be understanding. I even forgave you when you stood me up! But not anymore!” Archie’s surprised and guilty face fell on Jughead, almost angrily before turning to you with soft eyes. 

“Y-Y/N… I’m-”

“I don’t want to hear it!” You interrupted, staring at Archie clearly upset. You wiped pathetically at your tears. “With Ms. Grundy? Really, Archie? You’re… that’s so wrong. It doesn’t matter though, you’re none of my business anymore.” 

You went to step around Archie, but his hand shot out to grab you, a little too aggressively. You gasped, before another hand shot out and pushed Archie back. You easily recognized the figure as Jughead. “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” 

Archie dropped his hands, taking a respect step back and you let out a breath you hadn’t know you’d been holding. Huffing. Jughead turned to you, allowing you to walk in front of him as he glared at Archie. Archie looked as if he was about to cry and you almost felt yourself breaking but you shook your head.

“I am sorry. Y/N.” You stopped, your back facing Archie as you whispered;  “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.”

Later, you found yourself sobbing against Jughead’s chest as he hugged you. You sniffled, wiping your tears as you pushed from the hug, staring at the tear stains on his jacket in shame. “I’m sorry…” You whispered ashamed.

Jughead shook his head, hesitantly letting his hand fall on your cheek so you were looking at him. “I’m pathetic.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

“I think you’re worth much more than that.” Jughead whispered. You stared up into his eyes, finding an emotion you’d never seen there before. And then suddenly his lips fell on yours and you were leaning against him as he pressed against you. You moaned into the kiss, allowing your hands to fall on his neck as he held your face.

When you pulled away, you were panting but smiling shyly up at Jughead who smirked back. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”

There ya guys go! Part 3?

matt and aaron thoughts

what if after neil and aaron switch dorms, aaron actually starts to open up? and who better to open up to than sunshine and daisies matt boyd?

  • it was rough at first
  • the first thing aaron ever said to him inside their now shared dorm was “we’ll never be friends. we’re just roommates. don’t think i’m here to be another neil josten to you”
  • matt was taken aback
  • he never once thought aaron would be that to him
  • he was hoping he’d finally get to know the rumoured “better half” of the minyards
  • matt knows nothing about him but he’s been trying for years

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I don’t wanna know ‘what’s up’. Stop and tell me about you. Show me all the things that make you unique. Tell me how it was growing up and where you want to live when you’re older. The reasons behind your favourite seasons and the little things that make you smile and make your eyes gleam. I want to know what keeps you up at night and how much certain things mean to you, your insecurities and your fears. I don’t care about the weather and you don’t care about how my job’s going. Tell me about you.

You’re finally able to make your dreams come true and travel to Japan, a two months vacations full of karaokes, manga shopping and delicious ramen. Your otaku feels are all over the place, and when you thought things couldn’t go any better, you suddenly meet a man that blows you away. You both were drinking coffee in the same shop when he suddenly came to your table to ask you about the book you were reading. You talk, explaining to him everything about the plot, he seems to be excited about it, he hasn’t read it before, and as you keep talking you realize that he’s extremely kind and funny. You decide that you want to see him again, after all, you still have one month left in Japan.

You guys go out together almost every day but there’s something weird about him, you notice. He doesn’t talk too much about himself, and sometimes he has to leave without telling you where. He assures you that nothing bad is happening but that he has some issues to attend to. You don’t start to worry until you notice that he keeps doing that over and over again, leaving without an explanation, attending mysterious phone calls, but you like him anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Weeks go by and both fall in love, everything is great, you feel like you’ve found a reason to come back to Japan again in the future—or, who knows, maybe stay here forever—but, one day, he surprises you by telling you that he has an important secret to share with you, that he’s unable to keep on lying to you about it, not after realizing how much he loves you. You don’t understand, asking if he’s a married man… his answer is no. You ask if he has children, or an important job out of town, but every single one of your assumptions ends up with a “no, that’s not it,” from him. 

“Come with me,” he says.

He takes you to his home. You’ve been there before, but you haven’t seen all of it. He grabs your hand and leads you to a door you’ve never noticed the first time you came here, it’s hidden at the end of an aisle. 

“It’s behind this door.”

You look at him, unsure.

“What is it?”

“My… play room.”

You shrug.

“Like your Xbox and stuff?” 

He sighs.

“It’s important that you know you can leave at any time.”

“Why? What’s in there?”

He plugs out a key from his pockets. Opens the door. “Please, come in.”

The lights are off, but in the moment you step into the room and he turns them on, you hold your breath, unable to think properly. There’s a huge wooden desk in the middle of the room, tons of wrinkled papers and scribbles all around the floor, and when you lift up your eyes to the walls, you feel like you’re about to pass out. Drawings. The walls are filled with drawings. A white-haired guy with an eye-patch is cracking a finger. A girl with short hair wearing a rabbit mask. A beautiful woman with purple hair eating human meat… you know all this stuff, how couldn’t you? Your little brother loves this. It’s Tokyo Ghoul. You can spot many of the volumes lined up in a bookshelf, but… why? Why does he have all these merchandises in here? And why does he keep this room locked? You don’t understand, and you’re suddenly feeling a little scared.

“Who…” you stutter. “W-Who are you?”

He turns around slowly, and you feel intimidated by the cold gaze he’s giving you.

His answer is sharp as a knife.

“I am Ishida.”

rosesnfeathers  asked:

Hc where Otabek loves it when Yuri gets excited when he talks about the things he likes and he keeps asking him question just so he keeps talking.


Yuri absolutely LOVES talking to Otabek about ANYTHING whether it be skating or his cat or school or his family and Otabek is genuinely interested because people don’t typically open up to him. He asks about Yuri’s favorite subjects, about Puma Tiger Scorpion (”How did you decide on that name?” “Oh that’s a good story I’ll tell you!!”), about learning to cook pirozhki, about everything. And Yuri gives and gives and gives and because he’s still young it takes him a while to realize that he hasn’t asked Otabek any of these questions. 

So the next time they hang out he starts by asking the same questions Otabek asked him but he quickly realizes that he and Otabek have lead really different lives and some of the questions don’t apply. So he scrunches up his nose and thinks about some other things he wants to know. 

Otabek is…. endeared mostly. But he’s also… grateful? He feels really cared for because no one’s ever really cared about what he’s had to say. So he slowly opens up to Yuri, telling him about his family, how he’s never had a pet (”WHAT? That’s an outrage!!”) how he struggled in math at school, and how much he loves DJing and music in general and how he convinced his parents to let him have the bike. 

They share and share and give and take and they learn and it’s so pure. It’s so good and wholesome it makes me want to cry.  


(disclaimer = people obviously have different opinions and different reactions to ways people text this is just a collection of general tips to help ^_^)

Starting a Text Conversation

-Keep it simple. If you write a long paragraph, it’ll show how much thought you’ve put into texting them so keep it short and sweet.

-Start with a question. This way they have something to reply to


+ ‘Hey, what you doing?’

+’Hi, how was (inserts something you know they’ve done)?’

+’Hey, I still can’t believe that (insert something you’ve both experienced, they’ve told you about or an event that everyone knows about e.g: sports result or something on the news) happened!’

+ ‘Hey, just wanted to say thanks for/ thanks again for (insert something they helped you with or something to say thanks for)’

+’Hey, what do you think of (insert something of interest maybe a film you know they’ve seen)’

Keeping the Conversation Interesting//Topics to Talk About

-Make sure the conversation is about you both. If things are one sided and focused on only what one of you likes it can get boring.

-Talk about things like new movies and music. You get to know each over better and it’s great when you find something in common

- Possibly mention travel. Most people enjoy travelling and love talking about where they’ve been and where they aim to go. Also you talking about places you’ve been makes you seem more adventurous  

-Talk about ambitions. It’s interesting to find out peoples aims and mentioning your own ambitions will make you seem… well… ambitious.

-Things youre passionate about. It’s great hearing people talk about stuff theyre really interested in in real life and its the same for over text

-Mention something you’ve noticed about them. e.g: ‘you always change your hair parting a lot’ ‘you look like you shape your eyebrows’ ‘you doodle a lot in class’ This shows that you notice small things about them and it’s a subtle hint you’re interested in them otherwise you wouldn’t notice these things

Flirty Texts (as this is a crushing blog)

-Compliments. Texting is a good opportunity to say things that you may be too shy to do face to face.

-Make your crush laugh. Maybe something with a bit of innuendo to keep things exciting.

- Avoid coming on too strong. Just in case

-Try picture what they’ll reply. Flirty texts can be difficult to reply to so try and make it easy for them.

-Teasing. Jokey insults can be effective and keep their attention

-Show you care. Be sympathetic when they’re going through something and wish them better when they feel ill.

-Play it cool. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

general tips

-Proof read your texts before sending. You may want to rush to reply but typos can be fatal

- Try your best with spelling and grammar. You dont want to come across as too dumb to spell.

-Make sure you dont talk for too long otherwise text conversations in the future will be difficult

-End the conversation with intention to talk again soon e.g: ‘talk to you later then’ ‘I’ll text you later’ ‘text me later’

things to avoid

- Don’t over use emojis. I’d personally say none at all unless they send some and you feel the need to reciprocate it.

- If they do not reply after 2 spaced out texts, leave them alone. maybe call them if its for arrangements not just casual small talk.

-’I miss you’ texts can seem cute but you dont want to scare them off as some people can see this as being clingy and they want space

-If they ask to hang out, keep the reply short ‘sure’ ‘ok’ ,you dont want to sound overly excited otherwise then they know they have the power.

hope some of this helped ^_^ (click here for a similar post I did for conversation skills IRL) @crush–ad-vice