where you belong


where do you belong?

Oh you may not think I’m pretty,
But don’t judge on what you see,
I’ll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me. (1991)

Aries: You are alluring, enchanting and full of wolfs screams. You’re not a bad person for letting words escape your lips, you’re not bad if you feel regret after exploding. Accept yourself ‘cause let’s face it, you’re pretty damn great.

Taurus: You have hands that heal wounds, your touch made them feel so much better about their scars. Why can’t you just know that you aren’t an open wound anymore, you’re not bleeding. You have eyes like romanticized suicide, hush it’s alright; just not tonight.

Gemini: Your hair is flowing like the silk on your mattress made of broken dreams. Award winning lips spilling misleading sips of information like honey slips from the tips of the toes of bees. You don’t know, but it’s better to move on than to let go. It won’t show, but you grow; inside.

Cancer: How sweet it is to be loved by you, how cruel it is to be hated by you. You have a venomous edge but your compassion makes you sting yourself. Take care of yourself for once, it’s medicine to the ones who care too much, I think it’s called love.

Leo: You always cloud your own mind, a different track of thoughts every time. An aposiopesis that’s not to be controlled, they’re gone. Wanderer of the past, basking in dark halls filled with harps and sirens luring people in. You’re bewitching your own mind, stop. They can’t hurt you anymore. You’re safe.

Virgo: You are all the seasons and all the colors, you overwhelm me with scent, taste and sight. Too many feelings for such a soul, nimiety. Breathe, you’re okay. You’ll be okay love. The seasons all stop changing eventually, and the rain eventually stops cascading down the windows of your soul. Close your eyes and hold on tight, it’s a wild ride to come where you belong.

Libra: You have comeliness, you paint the town in black and white with bright red eyes and vibrant lights. I can’t believe your art is less beautiful than you, it’s more beautiful than me. It’s as beautiful as you, pulchritude.

Scorpio: You write an encomium about someone cantankerous. You don’t have to put up with the shit of someone who gives you nothing but tears. Fly like an eagle, you’re strong & free. And so much more than what you think you are and should be. You’re a dark soul, a warrior with a knife and Scarlett blood running down open wounds. Just because people can’t see your pain doesn’t mean you’re not hurt. Outlast the ignorance, you know its going to get better.

Sagittarius: You lost yourself in the alleyway you divagated in. You waylaid the demons in your heart, you’re sparkling scintillas of hope. “HOPE” is knitted on your blue denim jacket. Your thoughts are blue clouds of smoke filled with ‘h o p e’ Don’t become hopeless, unless it’s hopelessly in love. Stay a believer, don’t let them take you.

Capricorn: Don’t be beguiled by the tactlessness of heartless people, you are made in heaven off feather wings and pearly eyes. People would do kinesics on you all day because you move and work so angelic. You’re a kind soul not to be befouled.

Aquarius: You are abstruse. Don’t feel abashed because of your own self complexity, you are a puzzle made of thousands of colors and thoughts left unsaid. You’re waggish, laughing at the insults that hurt you ‘cause humor is the best coping mechanism. Nobody will think you’re hurt even though their nescience throws you off, don’t worry. You’re smarter than they know.

Pisces: Unflegged, innocent, dainty, I know how they portray you. But they know your words & not your thoughts. The darkness lurking at late night and the stars shining in your bright eyes, don’t let the stars stop shining for people who like rain better than sunshine. Shine. Shine to keep yourself warm and don’t burn yourself down to keep others warm. They don’t deserve your heat.

—  Late night writing.

Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”


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My Dj will properly be like… split into chapters. This is from the first Chapter. I am not 100% satisfied, but I can survive xD. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING WITH YOUR LOVELY WORDS! It made me wanting to continue it! x3

In the final version, I will properly change it a bit xD

I’m in control when you give me your body, yeah
I feel our souls burnin’ up when I’m inside of you
& I… i’ma leave a mark just to remind you where you belong, baby
Give me your all, scream as loud as you want…
—  The Weeknd (Where You Belong)
Hot Off The Press

Another AU where Jacky-Boy is a hockey player and Bitty has a job that involves hockey bc that’s my aesthetic. Anyway, I really know nothing about how the world of sports journalism works so there is probably some inaccuracies in here, but it’s an AU so who cares. Artistic license and all that. Very slightly NSFW (i just wanted to get all the warnings out there). 


“Are you into men?”

Jack has been asked this question before, but in such a subtle way (and typically involving Parson) that it’s easy to avoid. No reporter has ever straight out asked him. Besides, he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. So when Jack usually tells them, “No.” it’s not a lie. However, this time it feels different. Maybe it wasn’t just this particular time, but all the times added onto each other that’s finally causing him to really think about what hole he’s digging himself into.

The blunt question has him feeling panicky and the other presser notice his reaction too. Jack can’t say no, because that’s not true. He is into men. Jack’s panic quickly shifts, and now he just feels like shoving the microphones away and storming out, because this is hockey goddammit. Not E! news.

“Excuse me?” Jack clears his throat, trying to buy himself some time to think of a properly crafted response. Over the years, he’s developed a talent for that.

But everything is on overdrive and he feels his breath start to quicken again–

“Are you into men?” Another reporter asks, and it takes Jack a moment to realize that the reporter isn’t asking him. He’s asking the man who popped the question in the first place.

 All attention, including Jack’s, turns to the small blonde that got lost in the bundle of people. He holds up his mic towards the reporter who popped the question in the first place. 

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“What I didn’t realize, back when I was this twenty-five-year-old pinup for geeks in that me myself and iconic metal bikini, was that I had signed an invisible contract to stay looking the exact same way for the next thirty to forty years. Well, clearly I’ve broken that contract. Partly because, in an effort to keep up my disguise as a human being, I had a child at some point. And then, in an effort to stay sane for said child, I took pounds and pounds of medications that have the dual effect of causing water retention (think ocean, not lake) while also creating a craving for salad—chocolate salad. So yes, in answer to your unexpressed question, sanity does turn out to come at a heavy price.

Where You Belong

A/N: An anon request for a fic where the team and reader are celebrating Spencer getting out of jail. @coveofmemories


It had been about two weeks since Spencer had been released from prison - and he’d finally been reinstated, so today was his first day back at work. “Are we all ready to go?” you asked. Spencer had been your best friend since childhood. When he’d gone to prison, it was like your heart had been ripped out of your chest. You’d loved him all your life, and you’d made a promise to yourself that if he got out, you’d tell him how you felt. 

As you walked into the round table room, you took in the balloons and streamers and various other decorations that Garcia had helped to pick out. Everyone had stayed late last night to decorate the office for his return to work. You’d even gone out and gotten a cake; actually it was more of a donut tower, chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles. 

In the middle of the table, just below the donut tower, was a sign that said ‘Welcome Home.’ It was bedazzled in every type of sparkly thing imaginable, courtesy of Garcia of course. Basically, it looked like a rainbow through up on it, which meant it was perfect. After being surrounded by four beige walls for so long, you thought it best to invade his world in color. 

“He’s here,” you said, peeking out of the blinds. There was a tentative smile on his face. His gait was a little iffy, as if he was practically new to the Bureau, but as he stepped further and further into the place he’d called home for the past 12 years, his shoulders relaxed some and he walked toward the conference room. 

The second he opened the door, everyone screamed surprise, and for what felt like the first time in years, he smiled wide. “Thank you, guys,” he said softly. He was about to walk over to everyone to start in a round of hugs, but of course, Garcia stepped forward first. “I’ve missed you so much, Boy Wonder,” she whispered. “But we got you back, and no matter what, we’re going to help you through this. You’re where you belong.”

“I know,” he replied, his eyes welling with tears as he released her and walked around the room. JJ sobbed. Emily stayed the badass she always was, but you could see in her eyes, she’d cry later. Rossi grabbed Spencer’s face in his hands and gave him those Italian fatherly kisses he always gave his kids. Walker and Tara enveloped him a warm embrace and Luke recounted the many times he threatened Shaw’s ass for what he did to Spencer.

Finally, he got to you. “Hey, bestie,” you said through a veil of tears. Jumping up into his arms, you heard a grunt from him as you fucked up his hair. “Sorry, I’ve just really missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too, Y/N,” he said. “So much.” You felt him sniffle against your ear. Later, when you were alone, you’d tell him. Until then, Spencer turned around and grabbed a donut, shoving it into his mouth with a smile. Apparently, he hadn’t had a donut since he left prison. 

“Oh my god,” he said. His eyes were practically rolling back into his head. 

You snorted and turned to Garcia, gesturing for a donut of your own. “Spence, do you need a moment alone with the donut.”

“I might,” he laughed.

Emily had made sure that the first few hours of their work day were dedicated to easing Spencer back into work. Today would be full of paper work - nothing more. No cases. No bad guys. Just boring paperwork, donuts and a rainbow of streamers and balloons. 

For hours, the group of you did nothing but talk. About the most benign to the heaviest of topics. For the most part though, that heavy topic didn’t include Spencer’s stay in prison. He would talk when he was ready. “How about we all go out for dinner and drinks tonight?” Tara suggested. Luke and Garcia were quick to agree, although the fact that they both agreed at the same time was a source of amusement for them both. 

Spencer looked hesitant at first, but with a little coaxing and a smack to his leg under the table, he relented. “Fine, I’ll go.”

After a ton of celebration and a donut tower later, everyone got to doing paperwork. You decided to show Spencer the ropes when it came to the new paperwork. “This has all changed in three months?” he asked, both confused and overwhelmed. Over the course of the next few hours, you showed him what you could, but so much had changed - more in his own life than anything else. 

“Let’s go get some fresh air,” you said. Quickly, you ran down the stairs and sat down on a bench outside. “Take your time.” You leaned into his arm. “It’s gonna take time. We’re all here for you.”

He nodded. “I know,” he said. “It’s just a lot. Everyone’s got their own lives and I don’t want to interfere, and…”

“Spence,” you said, grabbing his face in your hands, “You’re our friend. We love you. There’s no such thing as interfering. I…” Saying what you wanted to say after all these years was so much easier said than done. Your lifelong friend looked at you quizzically and the words nearly caught in your throat. 

“I don’t want to overwhelm you at all. We’ve been best friends for years. When you went away, and I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to see you again…I..it made me realize some things.”

He pulled you further into him and replied; you could tell by the waver of his voice that he knew what you wanted to say and just wanted you to actually say it. “It made me realize that I never want to live without you. Not just as my best friend. I…I love you, Spence.” You leaned into him and pressed your lips to his. 

When you pulled away, there were tears in his eyes, but a smile on his face. “Maybe we could go on a date? Not tonight, because we’re going out with everyone, but tomorrow? You and me?” he asked. “I love you too. I always have.” He placed his hand on your knee. “For the first time in a while, I feel like my life might actually be on the upswing.”

“I think so too,” you smiled. “Just know that it may not always feel that way. And when it doesn’t we’re all here for the fall.”

Home Sweet Home Spell Jar

A Spell to Banish the Old Energy and Welcome in the New for A Home


  • A glass jar (must have a lid or stopper)
  • Black Salt (banishing old/negative energies, protection)
  • Rosemary (love, protection, 
  • Basil (balance, love, relaxation, prosperity, cleansing,  protection, 
  • Cloves (cleansing, growth, purification, repels negativity, 
  • Lavender (peace, money, cleansing, happiness, sleep)
  • Sugar (love, sweetness, luck)
  • Pink Himalayan Salt (love, protection)
  • Rose Petals (love, happiness, peace, blessed home, 
  • Garlic Powder (banishing old energy, anti-theft, prosperity, cleansing, health)
  • Sea Salt (cleansing, protection, purification, absorbs bad energy)
  • Oregano (warmth, comfort, vitality, joy)
  • Sesame Seeds (prosperity, protection, health
  • Cinnamon (banishing negative/unwanted spirits, love, wealth, success)
  • Thyme (releasing negativity, cleansing, balance, purification, health, sleep)
  • 3 Bay Leaves (cleansing, strength, repels negativity, success)
  • Clear Quartz (protection, cleansing)
  • White Candle (cleansing, purity, peace)


  1. Open the jar with the intention of beginning something new.
  2. Next layer each ingredient on top of the other while focusing on all the good things you want to occur in the house. The order is as follows: first black salt, then rosemary, basil, cloves, lavender, sugar, pink Himalayan salt, rose petals, garlic powder, sea salt, oregano, sesame seeds, cinnamon, thyme, 3 bay leaves, more sea salt, and finishing with more black salt
  3. Place the piece of clear quartz on top of the last layer of black salt before putting the lid/stopper on
  4. Seal the jar with the white candle wax and wait for it to harden.
  5. Place the jar somewhere in your home where you feel it belongs or give it to a friend.
  6. Follow up with your favorite cleansing method.

Notes on what I did:

I made this spell jar for my uncle as a gift for his first home. I wanted to make sure that both he and his pupper, Dixon, have the happiest and most love filled home possible. I also smoke cleansed his house with sage prior to him moving in next weekend.