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I really love your Nurseydex fics!!! I was wondering if you might write more based on that part w Dex and Nursey being f*ckbuddies and Dex asking Nursey to stay the night, just once, no one ever does. And how they go from there? And if Dex is thr little spoon if they cuddle I'll probably explode from happiness just saying. Please and thank you

hey, and thank you! 
btw, your butt looks good in those pants and you can do the thing. i believe in you.

Dex watched Nursey struggling to pull on those ridiculously tight jeans he like to wear from his bed. Normally, seeing him jump around would make Dex laugh, but he couldn’t find it in himself. Instead, he was just… exhausted.

Not the sort of exhausted that comes from a job well done, or a satisfied exhausted from good sex. No, he felt drained. Emotionally exhausted. The kind that came from watching another guy walk out the door.

It wasn’t that the sex wasn’t great, because it really, really was. It was better than any hookup Dex could pick up, better than any relationship he’d ever had. The sex was practically addictive.

The problem was that he liked more than just the sex, though. He like the time they spent together before they fucked. He got excited about the idea of seeing Nursey outside of hockey. It wasn’t just a casual, friends with benefits thing anymore; there were feelings involved.

Feelings that were killing him every time he watched Nursey walk away like Dex wasn’t worth the time and effort of sticking around.

Dex knew he wasn’t that fun to be around. He was brash, and aggressive, and angry. He didn’t have a great personality. It was easy to understand why hook ups never stuck around: why bother putting up with all of that when the sex already happened. It still hurt, but it was understandable. When it was Nursey, though…

Nursey and him spent time together. He liked Dex enough to hang out with him, or so Dex thought. It was hard not to wonder if that was just out of obligation to the team, or worse, a way to get in his pants, when Nursey always left straight after he got what he wanted.

When Nursey finally got the tight denim over his thighs, he turned around, mouth already forming words when he paused.

“What’s wrong, bro?”

Dex realized he had barely moved since Nursey climbed off the cheap dorm mattress. He hadn’t put on any of his clothes, or even covered himself up. The pillows got lost somewhere in their haste to get naked, so the only thing on the bed with Dex was his thick quilt.

He considered telling Nursey nothing was wrong, that he was imagining things. Anything but what actually came out of his mouth.

“Please don’t leave.”

Nursey stopped struggling with his shirt, eyes wide. He let his arms drop to his side, half tangled in the maroon fabric. “What’d you say?”

“Please stay? Just the night, just once? Nobody ever stays, and it’s okay with them, but it’s you, and I just need you to… I just need you. Please, Nursey?”

There was something in his voice that he hated. He sounded weak, broken. And maybe he was. Hell, he probably was. He couldn’t be normal and fuck without feeling like he was coming apart at the seems.

Dex couldn’t bring himself to look at Nursey’s face. He focused on Nursey’s strong arms, the smooth skin of his chest, the stupid men’s hockey shirt that Dex was pretty sure started out life as his own. No, he knew what he would find in Nursey’s face: pitty.

But he was at the point where he didn’t care. He didn’t want to know if Nursey stayed with him because he felt bad for Dex. And if he said no? Dex didn’t want to see the look of disgust at his over emotional response. He just wanted to pretend, if only for one night, that maybe someone could care for him, that he was good for something other than hockey and fucking.

In a flash, Nursey stripped back out of his clothes and crawled back up on the bed with Dex. With gentle but firm hands, he directed Dex to look at him.

Nursey’s face… there wasn’t pity, or disgust, or any emotion Dex could name. It was soft and open, and it made something in his chest ache just as much as it eased some of the tension he was feeling. Nursey pressed a gentle kiss to Dex’s lips, the first time they’d ever kissed outside of sex.

After a minute looking at each other, Nursey rearranged them on the bed so that he was spooning Dex. It wasn’t the first time Dex had been the little spoon (he had a girlfriend in high school who loved to cuddle that way), but it was the first time he felt so completely surrounded, and warm, and safe.

One of the things that surprised Dex most about having sex with Nursey was how attentive he was. He cared more about his partner’s pleasure than his own. Dex wasn’t sure why he was so surprised that Nursey was the same way with cuddling. Nursey made sure that Dex was as comfortable as possible, that he knew he was the entire focus of Nursey’s attention. He knew just how to move his hands to be comforting but not over-stimulating.

It was nearly an hour before either of them said anything. Dex surprised himself by breaking the silence.

“Thank you, for doing this for me.”

Nursey nosed at the back of Dex’s neck. He hummed as an acknowledgement that he heard Dex speak, but didn’t say anything. Dex realized that Nursey was giving him time to talk, time to sort through his thoughts and figure out what exactly he wanted to say. He had never been so grateful for someone in his life.

“I’m… it’s okay when other people leave after a hookup, but I like you. I really fucking like you, Nursey. And it really, really fucking hurts thinking that you don’t like me enough to stick around, y'know? Or care.”

Behind him, Nursey took a deep breath. Dex could almost feel him counting to 10 in his head, a technique Jack tried to teach the team in an effort to get them to respond instead of react. Dex found himself counting, too.

After 30 long seconds, Nursey said, “I really like you, too. I only leave because I thought that’s what you wanted.”

Dex found Nursey’s hand on his stomach and held it tight. That wasn’t what he expected. Before he could respond, though, Nursey spoke again.

“If you wanted, I would never leave this bed. But if you want me to leave, I can do that, too. You’re calling the shots, Poindexter, because I’m all in for whatever you want.”

“How about… for now, we just do this.”

it’s always a little funny to me when I read fics where jack can’t go two feet without being recognized, or where people give bitty tons of crap for not knowing who he/his dad is, because like

I didn’t know who sidney crosby was until around october

If you had pressed me to name a single hockey player, I would have *maybe* been able to say wayne gretzky

I don’t think I could recognize (or name except for maybe one) a single player for the blackhawks in spite of getting all the chicago papers, watching the news, and listening to tons of sports radio whenever I’m with my dad

(I know there are a lot of hockey people on here who would definitely be able to recognize every player in the NHL, no problem, and that my experience with sports/hockey specifically is in no way universal, but I just think it’s a bit easier to be disconnected from the hockey world than some people may realize).

Our Story- Auston Matthews (By Anon)

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Alright y’all so I had this story submitted to me and it’s adorable and so I’m posting this anon (because they prefer it that way) so you guys should be getting FOUR updates today! (I’m counting this as one!) Without further ado…. Surprise Auston Matthews!

Warning: steamy (no descriptions promise), a couple of cusses


As we were driving there, I admitted to being nervous about what the ACC would look like, where we would sit, and if I would even enjoy the game. Nonetheless, I was happy to be there and held on to the fact that it meant a lot to my dad, which meant a lot to me.

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Okay I’m just getting this out of the way. Because I wanna talk about it. It’s not a big deal or anything but I wanna share my opinion on tumblr dot com
I hate Lúcio’s ice hockey trope. The skins, the lines, everything that mentions it pisses me off.
I’m just gonna break this out for y'all, just in case you ain’t aware.
We do not play ice hockey in Brazil. At all. We don’t even have an ice hockey team.
That’s because everyday, every season, Rio de Janeiro is as hot as hell itself. We don’t have winter sports because we don’t have fucking winter.
I heard a rumor that Lúcio was supposed to be Canadian at first and that’s where the skin came from. But if that’s true that would be offensive as fuck, you can’t just change the character’s nationality without making sure they reflect that country’s reality.
Of course it could be that in Overwatch’s futuristic world, ice hockey becomes really god damn popular in Brazil. But honestly, from the comics, the art, the content itself, Overwatch’s Brazil still keeps its present culture (and weather).
But whatever, who even cares about which sport Lúcio’s into? I’m just overreacting.
But imagine getting represented in the game of the motherfucking year, but it turns out the creators don’t give a shit if they actually represent your culture at all.
But I think that Blizzard noticed they fucked up, because we had that whole Olympic event with Lúcio being as Brazilian as he can be.
You can’t please everyone and nothing can be just perfect but ugh
I want him having Portuguese lines in the other dubs.
I want him making dumb references about watching novelas or mixing music like funk, MPB or forró.
The same way Tracer has her “keep calm” line, I want Lúcio to have one saying “please come to Brazil ”
Sorry about the dumb rant. But that’s what tumblr is for anyway, over analyzing fiction and making discourse about cultural appropriation. That’s what we signed up for so deal with it.

Auston Matthews - Breakable Baby

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Requested: Yes: Hi!! Can I request an Auston Matthews one where someone they’re friends with has a baby and they visit them in the hospital and both the reader and Auston get kinda freaked out abt holding the kid??

Edited: Yes

Word count: 817

Summary: You and Auston visit your friends who just had a baby and freak out

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Patater Week Day 2

The prompt was: Wedding Day/Proposal/Honeymoon

“Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck.”  Kent paced in circles around his dressing room.  “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.  I love Alexei but like…I’m totally tying him down.  I proposed to him on ice, like, what if he just said yes because he felt pressured to?  That was so shitty of me to do.”
“Kent, calm down.”  Bitty crossed his arms and raised one eyebrow.  “Do you really think Jack and I would let Tater marry you if he didn’t really want to?”

“No, but I don’t know, Tate might just be hiding it!  You never know!”  Kent groaned, flopping down on one of the chairs.

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Friend’s,Enemies,Lovers - Clayton Keller

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This kinda came to my head and I have wanted to write something for Clayton for awhile now so I thought why not

For Y/N hockey meant everything to her it was her escape for everything that was going on. she grew up with her mom who worked one full time and one part time job. Two older brothers one had got her to play hockey and was now moved out and in school. Her other brother was more of a stay at home guy so he stayed home and helped out his mom. Her step dad had his own kids so he was always going back and forth. Her life was always a mess to money problems and family problems she found peace in the game. She played with the guys for years before trying out for a girl’s Tripled A team. But in playing guys she met her best friend Clayton Keller.

Clayton and Y/N didn’t get along at all at first in fact they hated each other. But even if they were rude and Asses to each other they were always there when the other needed a friend. So when they both got a chance to play hockey for Boston it was a no brainier. The two acted the same though like they hated each other but when no one else was around they were the best of friends. Y/N never knew why they were like this and it was starting to bug her. She wanted to be a pull to spend time with him with her friends. To show him off and maybe he could be a little bit more than a friend.

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Not sure if you've done this yet, but. Ould you do the wierd headcannon thing with Jacob Frye?

I definitely can! Sorry it took me so long! <3

  • What they smell like:
    I’d like to think that he smells pretty good - he definitely wouldn’t be doused in cologne or anything but would have his own smell consisting of tea, a little bit of hair oil, a hint of cologne, coal (especially if he was spending a lot of time in or on top of factories and on the train hideout), and leather.
    After a night at the fight club, he’d of course smell like sweat and blood (but I don’t think that would bother anyone of us much). If anything it only means you’d have a great time cleaning him up.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
    Jacob is one of those people that can sleep ANYWHERE. If he’s really tired, he’d just prop his legs up somewhere, bring his hat down over his face, cross his arms over his chest and sleep. Of course, he’d be more comfortable in a bed where he can stretch out as much as he wants. He’s a wild sleeper, never staying in one position for too long unless he’s in a really deep sleep. I think he mumbles and talks in his sleep a lot but he’s always aware of everything. You call his name and he’s up right away.
  • What music they enjoy:
    He doesn’t get much time to listen to music but whatever Evie is playing on the train is fine with him. It’s usually very light orchestral music sometimes with a bit of singing (a lot of the songs on the soundtrack basically). When he’s down at the pub, he can listen to someone playing a fiddle or singing a song and he enjoys it.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
    He looks like he takes very good care of himself but you’re shocked to find out that it takes him no time at all to get ready in the morning. Unless he’s planning on meeting a special someone or the Queen or something, he couldn’t care less about what he throws on his body. He does like to make sure he smells good though which can be tough since he’s always on the move. He pays special attention to his hair and facial hair though…
  • Their favorite thing to collect:
    His own wanted posters (ha!) but seriously I think he likes to collect little souvenirs from all the places he’s ever participated in a fight club and won. He also likes to take a few things from the Blighters he defeats.
  • Left or right-handed:
  • Religion (if any):
    Jacob is not a religious man, he chooses to live by his own rules (obviously) not by some book that dictates what he should and should not do. If he ever did well..he had fallen out of favor with the man upstairs long ago.
  • Favorite sport:
    Shooting and fighting (if you consider it a sport). In modern times, he would most definitely be a rugby and football (both) kind of guy. He would probably enjoy watching the Olympics and it would shock you to find out that he has a keen interest in figure skating. (”How the bloody hell do they do all that on such thin blades?!”). He might watch a little MMA but the entire time he would talk about how he could do so much better.
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):
    Jacob loves to eat and believes that it’s the best way to learn about different cultures. I don’t think he’s much of a museum guy, preferring to go out and experience things instead. He’s definitely the kind of tourist that takes pictures of EVERYTHING and does funny, cliche poses (”holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc…)
  • Favorite kind of weather:
    Growing up where he did he is probably a little tired of grey skies and rain so the days when the sun pokes through the clouds he enjoys to the fullest. He still doesn’t mind staying in and relaxing on rainy days though. And if it snows you better believe he will be throwing the first snowball..
  • A weird/obscure fear they have:
    Monophobia - the fear of being alone. Not very obscure but I have a feeling this really really bothers him.
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:
    Those test your strength games - either the arm wrestling one or the high striker. Skee ball, that game where you have to knock down all the milk bottles, foosball, air hockey. I think games like Pac-Man would frustrate the hell out of him though. He would have to walk away and take deep breaths before coming back to try again lol.

as hockey fans, we all have that one team that we can’t stand. that’s just part of the game. everyone on here, at least once, has probably made a post shitting on another team whether it’s because of a player, a rivalry, the fact that one team just beat yours, or maybe you just hate them for no reason. all those points are totally valid and everyone has the right to be vocal about their hate for another team. after all, what would hockey be without that?

where we draw the line is when the anger starts being directed at the fans.

i joined hockey tumblr during the 2014-15 season when everyone loved the blackhawks. more importantly, i went through the period of time where most hawks blogs transformed into very anti-hawks blogs because of the patrick kane scandal. that seemed to be, and still is the predominant reason about 75% of people on here cannot stand the hawks, and i get that, i do.

even as a blackhawks fan, i agree with those blogs stances on patrick kane. i’m one of the few hawks fans who doesn’t like him in any way, shape or form. i don’t find him to be a good human being, i don’t cheer for him when he scores a goal, and frankly i wouldn’t be upset if he somehow got traded away.

my point is, the hate that most anti-hawks blogs feel stems from hating patrick kane, which again, is valid. if they weren’t my hometown team or the first team i fell in love with, i’d probably hate them too. but being an anti-kane blog, i still have learned to be nice towards fans of his (i’m even mutuals with a lot of them). sure, not all, but most kane blogs i’ve seen around here want to be civil towards people who hate him and understand their viewpoint, but anti-kane blogs not only refuse, but give kane fans undeserved hate for this.

since the kane case, the hate for him and his fans has transferred over to the entire hawks fanbase. now especially since it’s playoffs, i see blackhawks fans get hated on on a daily basis. i’ve seen people call us “horrible”, “idiotic”, “ugly”, i’ve seen people tell us to commit suicide, etc., by anti-hawks blogs.. there are a few problems with this:

  1. you guys will type these things out on your keyboard, hit post, and then when you get fired at back by hawks blogs, you act like the victims, like hawks fans have no rationality for chiming in. look, when you callout a fanbase you can’t get mad at them for calling you out in return. it’s not one sided.
  2. you assume you know everything about hawks fans when in reality most of you don’t even make an effort to understand us before hating on us. you’re so quick to judge us that you literally don’t even listen to what we have to say. for example, with the pkane drama mentioned earlier, you refuse to accept that most kane fans want to be civil towards you. and last year, when andrew shaw made homophobic comments on the ice, without missing a beat, all of you claimed that all our fanbase was doing was brushing the situation off and downplaying it. as far as i saw, every single hawks fan on here was speaking out about how shaw deserved punsishment and that what he said was unacceptable. but you all saw it and refused to acknowledge it just so you could make your “all offense but bl*ckh*wks fans are trash” posts.
  3. to those of you who say we should stop being so sensitive, or claim when you say hawks fans you don’t mean ALL hawks fans, understand that when 75% of a fandom shits on you, it’s easy to take those posts personally no matter the intent. furthermore, just because you may not feel like hawks fans should be hurt by what you say doesn’t mean you’re not still hurting them. understand that some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to those posts. i know a lot of you very well mean to hurt us, but those who don’t, you can’t tell us to feel a certain way in response.

as a blackhawks fan, i’ll say we do have our share of bad fans, maybe more than other fanbases, but what i know from following most blackhawks blogs on tumblr is that we have some really great fans too who are only asking for respect.

yes, i get that it’s easy for you to hate the hawks, but understand that people may have differing views from you. that’s how the world works, thats how hockey works, and part of accepting that is learning to be civil.

try to visualize this for a second. imagine an entire fanbase is out to get you and literally won’t stop talking about how awful you are when they have never met you before. don’t pretend you wouldn’t get angry too. don’t pretend you wouldn’t be defensive. evidently, you guys don’t know a lot about hawks fans on tumblr, so stop trying to claim that you do.

even if you do think hawks fans are horrible, it doesn’t make you a better person to send them hate or call them names. i don’t care if think it does, it doesn’t, end of story. tumblr is a lot better when you’re nice to people, maybe try it.

and to other blackhawks fans, remember that your love for your team is valid. you’re not a bad person for rooting for the hawks, no matter how much people say you are. don’t listen to what someone on tumblr says who has nothing better to do. it’s hard to be a hawks fan right now, but just because most of hockey tumblr calls you a bad person does not mean it’s true.

and if anyone needs to talk or rant about this i’m always here :))

so this blog turns one year old today.

quite frankly, when i made this blog, i didn’t expect it to have…such a major effect on my life. or, not one effect, rather, but many.

the past year of my life has been filled with many, many ups and downs, and this blog has played a shockingly large role in helping me deal with those things. though it sounds strange, it has genuinely changed my life and who i am as a person.

if it were not for this blog and this fandom, i would not have met the people i now consider to be some of my best friends. i would not have had the support network to turn to online when my offline one started shrinking, and it frightens me to think where i would be, mentally, if not for that. not to mention the fact that it was through talking to people in this fandom that i was able to start accepting my own identity.

if it were not for this blog and the people i met through it, i never would have cared about hockey. that seems insignificant, sure, but it’s given me something else to care about, or at least with which to distract myself, when my mental health is in a bad place. and though it’s a long story, i may not have gotten into college without it.

this fandom encouraged me to start writing again. that’s something i didn’t think i’d ever do again. so i owe that to this fandom, or at least to the comic.

this fandom has been a place of escape for me, but it’s also been one of education. this online community has exposed me to many issues about which i knew very little before, and it’s helped me understand both myself and the people around me better. and i’d like to give a shoutout to the people of color, trans people, and other gay people in this fandom who have to put up with the racism, transphobia, and homophobia this fandom can produce.

though this fandom certainly has its ugly parts that cannot be ignored, i can’t deny that overall it’s made my life better. i have friends that i love and trust. i have a group of people that are willing support me through hard times. that’s been something that i’ve struggled with a lot in real life over the past year. to be able to find some comfort online is truly wonderful.

so thanks for the year, friends. as always, much love.

First Game - Dylan Strome

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Anon: Could you do a cute fluffy Strome one where it’s your newborn daughters first time seeing him play? And it’s a huge deal done you guys already have 2 sons

So I am going though my request I have right now and I am doing them since I just got back! but feel free to send in request since I really need them and it would mean a lot!

Y/N sighed as she ran her hand through her hair tonight was game night well more like game day. Josh her oldest son had a game and later in the afternoon her other son Sam had one as well. And tonight Dylan her husband had a home game so of course the whole family was going. But tonight was special it was Y/N and Dylan youngest Mia Lily Strome first time going to a game. Dylan was beyond happy when he found out he was going to have a daughter the boys didn’t know at first but they both love their little sister. 

“Josh finish your dinner please.”

“Sam make sure you have your hat because we are not driving back here half way to the rink.”

It had been busy all day running around and right now with Josh not wanting to finish his dinner Sam trying to find everything. Mia was crying Y/N was about to explode. But when two arms went around her​ waist and her cheek was kissed she relaxed a bit.

“It’s okay babe calm down I Will make sure the boys are ready before I leave you take care of our little angle.”

Y/N smiled before giving Dylan a kiss and went up stairs and into her daughter room. Mia crying had filled Y/N ears she went and picked her daughter up and slowly rocked her. 

“Your not going to remember this but it’s your first NHL game tonight, We are going to watch daddy play it might get a little loud but I am sure you will be fine your big brother Josh doesn’t like it when you cry he tries his best to make sure you don’t ever.” Y/N looked at her daughter eyes they matched her fathers much like Sam’s while Josh had gotten Y/N eye colour.

After Dylan had left Josh had finally finished his dinner Sam had found his hat and his shoes along with Mia calming down and was all dressed for the game. She had a jersey with Dylan number on it but instead of Strome on the back it said daddy. When the family of four had arrived at the rink they made their way to their seats. Much like both the boys first game Dylan got them seats right by the bench. As the warm ups started Dylan came by and waved at Mia making her laugh and try to touch him. It made Y/N smile at the sight Dylan and Mia since she came have been really close. When ever he came home from a trip after hugging the boys he picked her up and would hold her.

When the game to an end Dylan had gotten a goal and right after words he went and put his hand up to the glass to Mia saying it was for her. Y/N her two sons and her daughter waited for Dylan to come out of the dressing room. All the other girls where smiling and laughing and talking. Josh and Sam where jumping up and down not wanting to stand still even when their mother told them too. But Dylan had finally came out of the dressing room and he saw his wife sigh in relief  he touched both his sons shoulder as to tell them to stop. He kissed Y/N head than his daughter’s.

“Come on love lets go home.”

After getting everyone into the car and the family took to the road the two boys where fast asleep pretty quick along with the little girl that sat between them. Y/N looked out her window and felt Dylan take her hand in his.

“Thank you for bringing her tonight I know today been pretty crazy for you.”

“I know how much it meant to you that Mia came she is your little angle after all.”

‘She’s my angle but your my princess and I don’t know where I would be without you Y/N.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Dylan.”

okay this one kinda short but I wrote it at school lol. But I liked writing it so remember my request are open so fee free to drop by and ask!

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If you could change one Pens event and one hockey event in the last five years, what would they be and why?

Oh man, you don’t pull your punches, do you? Wow. For Pens event, I’d say Sid’s concussion. I’m sure that would have changed all kinds of things in the timeline (maybe he doesn’t have three Cups without the concussion, maybe the layout of the team is entirely different), but health-wise it would be such a relief. Brain trauma is bad.

For a hockey event I would say the Rangers/Kings Cup final in 2014 where the Kings won. I would have loved for Zuccarello to have gotten a Cup! That would have been huge back here. But maybe then Hags would have stayed in New York, and the HBK doesn’t happen and the Pens don’t win the Cup last year.

This is why I find questions like this so difficult! I keep getting caught up in how it’d change the timeline! 

Since basically all I’ve been doing is shopping, I can’t help but wonder this.

Bitty I kind of assume it’s mostly an online shopper, who digs for the better deals etc and it’s very conscious about getting good value for price, but at the same time he’s a bit of an impulse buyer.

Once he starts dating Jack, he realises Jack is the buy the first thing that fits at the first store without caring about price.

Unless it’s hockey equipment or a present, in which case he’ll possibly take hours considering all his options and pros/cons etc.

I think once they start dating they’ll each get shifted to a middle point. Where Jack’s wardrobe will improve because Bitty will tell him stuff like “that’s a nice shirt, but you already have like a lot of black, how about this blue one that brings out your eyes? Or hey, I saw one in this other store I think will be better”

And Jack would spoil Bitty by telling him not to worry so much about price.

Now imagine Alicia whisking Bitty into a shopping spree, not letting him pay for anything and Bitty being a bit flustered but also having so much fun, while Jack and Bob trail behind, arms full of bags and just accepting their role since both have already been trained by Alicia.

And Alicia tells Bitty that Bob and Jack are the same, they’ll dress in whatever it’s in their closet so if you just want them to wear something nice, you’ll have to buy it.

Bitty starts doing that, and Jack does put the stuff he finds in his closet and maybe he’s so used to his mom doing it before, that now he just assumes clothes magically appear there cause he never wonders where all the new stuff is coming from.

It is because the twentieth century has seen the rise of a kind of emotional inflation. When we read in a newspaper that two million people have been butchered in Indonesia, it makes as much impression on us as an account of our hockey team winning a match. The same degree of impression! We fail to notice the monstrous discrepancy between these two events. The channels of our perception have been smoothed out to the point where we are no longer aware. However, I don’t want to preach about this. It may be that without it life would be impossible. Only the point is that there are some artists who do make us feel the true measure of things. It is a burden which they carry throughout their lives, and we must be thankful to them.
—  Andrei Tarkovsky, Time Within Time: The Diaries 1970-1986, translated by Kitty Hunter-Blair (1994)

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YO i know this might be a big request? But how do the gals on the volleyball team feel about SMH? like do March and Holster get along. Has Kelsey ever talked to mr. Jack "heterostraight" Zimmerman or has she avoided him like the plague. I gotta know

omg don’t get me started i love this fake volleyball team with my whole heart

bc i’m gonna project my own trashy ship self onto this i think holster prob doesn’t like march but not bc she’s a bad person?? he just loves ransom and is selfish w/ his best friend (AND CRUSH) so he’s constantly like salty that ransom isn’t always hanging out with him

meanwhile march is so FUCKING nice and perfect and pretty and cool and holster’s like “this would be so much easier if you were terrible” bc she is cool to hang out with he just is. sad. and ofc march doesn’t know his reasoning so she’s like “your bff doesn’t like me :((” and ransom’s like “aw no i doubt that babe!!” but march is friends with lots of girls so she recognizes salt when she sees it

kelsey has 100% had several drunken conversations with a very uncomfy jack zimmermann that she doesn’t remember at all but jack Remembers Very Much 

he literally can’t relate to her at all bc she thinks hockey is lame and boring and he’s like “?????? how” and he can watch and enjoy other sports but if someone can’t hold a convo with him about hockey he’s like “um. what else do i talk about. can’t talk about my secret bf. fuck.” and she’s like “lmao alright dude”

(when jack & bitty come out she’s like “respect”)

the whole swv team loves lardo so much and try to get her to convert to be their manager and she’s like “sorry ladies this team would literally fall apart without me” they’re all like “lol tru”

ofc they all love bitty bc who fucking doesn’t. kelsey and bitty have that weird lesbian-and-gay-dude thing where they’re both gay as fuck but can’t quite relate to each other

“god he’s cute”
“objectively, yes. not my type tho”

every time the swv team goes to a kegster at the haus kelsey and bitty get down with their cute gay selves on the dance floor to beyonce and everyone else is like “daaaaamn”

@abermb any thoughts to add about our volleyball children

Almost every speaker has asked why they have to be made to suffer all through the three hours of the film [Andrey Rublyov]. I’ll try to reply to that question. It is because the twentieth century has seen the rise of a kind of emotional inflation. When we read in a newspaper that two million people have been butchered in Indonesia, it makes as much impression on us as an account of our hockey team winning a match. The same degree of impression! We fail to notice the monstrous discrepancy between these two events. The channels of our perception have been smoothed out to the point where we are no longer aware. However, I don’t want to preach about this. It may be that without it life would be impossible. Only the point is that there are some artists who do make us feel the true measure of things. It is a burden which they carry throughout their lives, and we must be thankful to them.

“Going through old papers I came across the transcript of a university. There is one remarkable contribution by a maths professor called Manin, Lenin Prize winner (…); I share his views. Not that one should say that about oneself, but it’s exactly what I felt when I was making Andrey. And I’m grateful to Manin for that." 

extract from Tarkovsky’s diaries

Effin’ Ghosts, Man

Ransom checked under Holster’s bed. Then under his blanket, although if it had been there they might have had to have a really awkward Talk. Then under the dresser. Then in the closet. Again.

Then in his hockey bag to make sure he hadn’t just left it there from last practice.

“The fuck,” he muttered, looking helplessly at his desk where his textbooks were piled up. He did not have time to lose things. He considered just going to study and looking for it in the morning, but Jack would kill him if he was late for the game and also if he showed up without his jockstrap, and where the hell was it, he knew exactly where he had left it…

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You started playing quietly in the back of his head.

“That is ENOUGH!” Ransom shouted, angry enough that he suddenly didn’t care that the whole fucking thing was ridiculous. “I have four exams coming up, an entire fucking essay to write for my fucking required history credit, we just got into the playoffs, Jack wants two more practices a week, and I do NOT need fucking imaginary ghosts stealing my fucking jock on top of everything else!”

Ransom stopped, gasping for breath, and there was silence.

Absolute silence. Really, really weird silence. Before he started yelling Ransom had been vaguely aware of the distant sounds of Bitty singing along to Bey in the kitchen, typing and occasional swearing from Shitty’s room, traffic and conversations and even some birdsong outside. Now there was none of that. He couldn’t even hear his laptop humming. He looked around frantically.

His jockstrap fell off a rafter and landed directly in front of him.

He froze, and waited, but nothing else happened. Slowly, sound began to filter back into the room.

“Huh,” said Ransom. He picked up the jockstrap. “Uh. Thanks.”


Prompt: Hi! So I’m really getting pumped for the Olympics and I was wondering if you could write some sort of fic where Zayn and niall go to the Olympics, zayn as a hockey player or snowboarder and niall as a figureskater and they watch each other and spend the night before (when they’re all nervous) together and start dating and zayn brings niall flowers and a stuffed animal after his performance because omg adorable, I would be SOOOO happy ily

Prompt: Um, can you do a cute Ziall one shot? based on Half A Heart? Idk just do whatever you want, I have major Ziall feels and i just im sorry omg. Idk if you’re taking prompts..

Summary: Once together, it’s difficult being apart. Or the one where Zayn and Niall meet at the Sochi Winter Olympics and they fall for each other really quickly but some people want to break them apart, but they don’t let them.

Word Count: 20.3k

Warnings: there’s some smut but it’s not full on smut (SORRY PIA) but it’s brief, and it happens twice, ziall flirt with each other, icehockey-player!zayn and figureskater!niall

A/N: I mashed two prompts together, hope you don’t mind! This turned into a monster, it was supposed to be like 5k, fuckin’ ‘ell.

— — —

They met at the opening ceremony. 

It’s cute because, well, there’s stuff everywhere. Confetti falling all over them, so many people from different countries, doing different events and they somehow manage to catch each other’s eyes.  

Zayn sees him first.

The boy’s wandering through the large crowds of people and grinning wide. His small frame wrapped up in a big, green coat with matching pants and shoes along with his cute green beanie that looks a bit too big for his head. 

Zayn forgets how to breathe for a few seconds because everything seemed to slow down, his heart pounding in his ears as he makes brief eye contact with the beautiful blond. 

They smile at each other, and then that’s it. 

Zayn’s snapped back to reality by an arm thrown over his shoulder. Liam patting his cheek and saying something to him but he couldn’t hear. He was a bit overwhelmed.

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“Babe? I’m home!” You took one last look at the mirror before shouting a “How was the game?” and heading out to the living room, where your fiance was. And from there he saw you, instantly dropping his duffel bag as his answer got caught in his throat. You were wearing only his hockey jersey with the letters HEMMINGS printed on the back with a pair of lace panties underneath. He came over to you and held your hips, admiring how the jersey complimented your body, biting his bottom lip as he shamelessly checked you out in front of you. “Enjoying the view?” You asked, him grunting at your question. “Yes, but I think I would like you more without my jersey on.”

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You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am - emmagrant01 - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Um, hi! I’m new here. *kicks dirt* But I come with an offer of fic!

Title: You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am
Author: Emma Grant
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing: Jack/Eric, Eric/others
Summary: Eric just wants to get past this crush, but Jack keeps getting in the way.
Rating: E
Length: 10,700 words
Notes: Set during fall semester of Bitty’s sophomore year and deviates from canon sometime before Thanksgiving.

As always, I need to thank my amazing friend and beta, @drinkingcocoa-tpp, without whose wisdom and patience I am sure this fic would barely be half of whatever it is. I’m thrilled to have dragged you into a fandom where I can put your extensive knowledge of figure skating to work! Thanks also to @thescienceofobsession for being my hockey beta, because I know fuck all about this game. (I’m learning. Slowly.)

And of course, thanks to @ngoziu for creating these incredible characters and for letting us play with them.