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Happy Thranduil Thursday!

Death is a cold, blindfolded kiss
It is the finger pressed upon our lips
It puts an unwanted emphasis
On how we should have lived

Life is a gorgeous, broken gift
Six billion pieces waiting to be fixed
Love letters that were never signed
Sent to where we live

Sleeping At Last: Emphasis

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The Gym Scene With Craig In A Nutshell
  • Craig: Do you want a protein shake bro?
  • MC: Nah bro.
  • Craig: Why bro?
  • MC: Because you're the one who gives me the strength to keep going, bro.
  • Craig: *teary eyed af* bRO.

Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”

You don’t know passive aggression until you’ve been in Jack’s car when she’s pissed off with Geoff. Jolts and jerks and sudden brakes, hairpin turns and sickening spins, her face utterly blank as she tunes out their screaming. And there is always screaming, hardened criminals or not there is no fear like rocketing through incoming traffic at top-speed while the driver fumes in silence, no equivalent feeling to the alarm when she takes a sudden unplanned detour off road, bouncing overs hills and into ditches with reckless abandon, always right on the edge of losing control.

It’s a rare occurrence, thank the gods, Jack’s temper is usually loud and fleeting when it’s aimed at a crew-mate, but on the occasions when they really butt heads Geoff has always had a special ability to wind her up. Always had trouble admitting when he was in the wrong, refusing to just apologise, mocking any argument she comes up with rather than talking it out like an adult. So eventually Jack stops talking and Geoff, like a fool, always thinks it’s a victory.

Which eventually leads them here, crammed on top of each other and held captive by child locks and the inability to survive leaping from the speeding car, clutching at handles and handguns, at any part of each other they can reach, caught between fearing the end and praying for a speedy death. Because of course Geoff can’t help himself, has to press on open wounds even when the fight is over, has to poke the bear even when the bear is driving. Even when the bear has proven time and time again that at this point she’s prepared to drive them all straight into a grave rather than back down.

There is no pleading with Jack when she gets like that, not for the rest of the crew anyway, so when they’re caught in the crossfire it is always Geoff who catches their ire. As though sitting next to Jack in an arctic fury, being rattled around inside a little tin on wheels isn’t bad enough, Geoff inevitably finds himself dealing with a mutiny from the back seats. They make up for Jack’s silence tenfold, nauseous and unsettled their ultimatums are always particularly vicious, demanding his apology under threat of the unimaginable. Michael and Jeremy swear all kinds of bodily harm, Ryan has gotten halfway through upholding his promise to push Geoff out the window of the moving car, and once Gavin leaned forward and actually threw up on him.

When he does eventually give up, thoroughly disgruntled, legitimately worried for his life and snarling about the lack of respect in his shitty excuse for a crew, Geoff’s apology doesn’t lack sincerity. Jack, having not said a word throughout this whole exchange, lets him stew for a minute, speech rambling along with a distinct note of panic before she gives in, slows down, and laughs.  

lance accidentally calling red “beautiful” or any other nickname as he does normally with blue and red not being used to it goes into fucking overdrive


Have some healthy 2D selfies!!

“Rock'n roll is like space, right? It’s infinite, innit, so you can like, be whatever. And I am whatever. Whatever is my father and my muvver. And my nan. You just gotta let it out. Forever, and whatever, amen.”


Let's Play Minecraft #253: Sky Factory Part 3
  • Gavin: Bedroom's done!
  • Michael: Ooooooh!
  • Jeremy: Woah!
  • Michael: *gesturing to the bed* Oh, is this where we sleep here?
  • Gavin: Yeah, we should all sleep here. Oh hold on, finishing touch! *punches a hole in the wall and runs to the chest* Hold on.
  • Michael: I'm holdin'.
  • Gavin: Wait for it.
  • Michael: Oooh, I'm getting tired!
  • *Jeremy knocks more holes in the wall Gavin just made*
  • Michael: *whispers* Jeremy, you fucking monster.
  • Gavin: OH! Jeremy! Nono! NO!
  • Jeremy: No?
  • Gavin: *Places glass* Got it.
  • *Jeremy and Michael laugh*
  • ...
  • *Jeremy smashes the glass*
  • Gavin: Oh!
  • Michael: Oh my God, you just smashed the glass!
  • Gavin: We only had one-
  • *Jeremy punches Gavin out of a window*
  • Michael: OOOP! OOP!
  • *Gavin falls to his death. Jeremy starts wheeze-laughing*
  • Ryan: What's happening over there?
  • *Gavin dies*
  • Ryan: GAVIN!
  • Gavin: Jeremy just chucked me out the WINDOW!
  • Ryan: GAVIN!
  • Ryan: What did he ha- What did you have?!
  • Gavin: JEREMY!
  • Ryan: You had wood didn't ya?
  • *Jeremy's still wheeze laughing*

i want to take away all the memories you have of me. the ones where i’m laughing. the ones where i’m crying. the ones in half-light. the ones with my arms draped around you. the ones at parties with your friends. the ones where we dance. the ones where you kiss me and i turn pink. the ones in middle-school playgrounds. the ones where you meet my parents. the ones where we lose sleep together. the ones where i love you. oh, the ones where i loved you.

About Jongdae stan

Jongdae stans 82% of the time: On hiatus / Work is piling up / I think I might grow disinterested in EXO this time :(

Jongdae: *comes out with a tiny change in his routine/appearance*

Jongdae stans:

🎵 🎵 making my way downtown 🎵 🎵

🎵 🎵 walking fast to the nearest trash can 🎵 🎵


A King’s Tale is a really great, super adorable mini-game where Regis tells Noctis a bedtime story. 

… Which means it’s filled with rather adorable father and son bonding and I think that’s great  💖 👍

Four Bedrooms


Based on this story told at Jibcon 2017
3.7k words

The thing is, Misha’s a liar.

He stretches the truth when he knows it’ll be to his advantage. He flatout lies when he thinks the truth will upset someone more than he’s willing to deal with.

So when he offhandedly invites Jensen and Jared to his rented house for the duration of filming the season 12 finale, he doesn’t expect them to take him up on the offer until after he’s already told them it’s a four-bedroom house.

It’s not a four-bedroom house.

The downstairs consists of a cramped living room with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, a small kitchen with enough counter space for exactly one cutting board and a sitting area with a wooden table and three chairs instead of four. The upstairs is one hallway with a master bedroom on one end and a much smaller bedroom on the other end. The spare bedroom barely has enough space for a full-sized bed. There’s one bathroom upstairs, between the bedrooms.

“Uh, you sure this is the right place?” Jensen asks as he sets his duffel bag down on the small couch in the living room.

“I might’ve…stretched the truth a bit,” Misha replies sheepishly.

Jensen turns to him, hands planted on his hips, unimpressed glare on his face. “I’m not sleeping on the couch.”

As Misha opens his mouth to respond, the door bangs open and Jared comes in with a whistle.

“Wow, Misha,” Jared says as he looks around the small room. “This is as awesome as you hyped it up to be.”

“I never said it was glamorous.”

“You also didn’t say it was the size of a broom closet,” Jared replies as he throws his stuff on top of Jensen’s. “Where are we sleeping?”

Jensen and Misha share a look before both turning back toward Jared. Misha says, “We can worry about that after work tonight I guess.”

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okay but imagine lotor having lance kidnaped but treating him as nothing but royalty so when he asks if he has any wishes lance is so done with him he sarcastically says “rain” and lotor is so confused he asks him what is that so lance spends the next three hours talking about rain and lotor is just fascinated

  • Yuu: so...since we're apparently staying at Ferid's mansion, where are we supposed to sleep?
  • Crowley: he left a note with each of your assigned rooms
  • Yuu: oh that's cool- wait, why is my and Mika's room surrounded by hearts?
  • Mika: ...let's sleep on the couch
  • Yuu: oow but it says it's the biggest room

its almost 3am so heres some of my rambling about aroace peter bc i need an aroace character that isnt shown as cold and emotionless:

ok while peter is the oldest and probably most sought after pevensie, what if he just. wasnt into that. like he makes friends and cherishes them but romance?? nah he’d rather be on the outside offering support.

it isnt that he doesnt feel love at all, its just that he doesnt feel romantic love. his heaets big and overflowing w platonic love and hes happy w that. and romance is just… exhuasting. he’d rather have a group nap w friends and family.

peter is the golden boy of the family, the strong and charismatic one, the oldest and the one w the most responsiblility. every expects him to get married and have kids but he doesnt want that. when youre a king in narnia, its easy to say no and go about your lifw, but in england. its hard. it hurts. he doesnt want ro be forced into a relationship and doesnt want to hurt the person hes stuck w bc he doesnt love them like that. but you cant really get away from it in england.

i want peter to be open and bright and feel so many things so strongly and be aroace at the same time. i want him to be strong and supportive, but without a significant other. just friends he trusts and loves and his family. i want peter to be happy as an aroace person, bc i want to believe that i can be happy too.

I’m never gonna be over homestuck guys, it’s good & I genuinely love it which is fine and all but I need to work in 6 hours and I’m supposed to be going to a pride thing after that and its gonna be a long and busy day and my brain is doing the thing where it likes the thing too much to rest 

can’t believe homestuck is ruining my life this way in the year of our lord 2017