where we hiked today

today was such a day!
-i went to the doc this morning to get my vaccinations for Tanzania! i leave 7 weeks from today (!!!!!!!!)
-i called the nursing home to get the last of my hours for the summer! i’ve been working 6 days a week from 3-11:30pm for the last 2 weeks and it’s been rough. all i seem to have time to do is run, work, and sleep! but only a few more weeks until travel!
-i met with ex boy today where we went on a lovely hike. the weather held out long enough so we didn’t get rained on! i think we have finally closed the door on the relationship aspect between us. however we are walking uncharted into a new friendship but i think it will be positive for us both!
-i made a veg dinner with my momma tonight and it was loads of fun and i’ve really missed her
-i wore the UNC shirt i got when i was going to transfer there today and it made me think of my good pal Danielle ( @blackcoffeeandblankpagess) who is out killing it in Thailand!!!!! i can’t wait to hear all her amazing stories when she comes home ahh

NYC: Part 4 (Request)

EDIT: Sorry! Forgot to link the other 3 parts.

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In a moment of pure impulse, you leaned up on your tip-toes and placed the softest, most innocent kiss to Harry’s lips. It was literally just a two-second long peck, but as soon as you pulled away you felt your cheeks go red.

Harry was staring at you with an amused expression on his face.

“Sorry.” You said, ducking your head down.

“It’s alright. You just…threw me off a little bit.” Harry replied. “I mean, I was planning on doing that but you beat me to it, so now I don’t really know what to do.”

You looked up at him again and saw that he was smirking.

“You can still do it too.” You said, a little sheepishly.

Harry let out a small chuckle before taking your cheek in his hand and giving you another innocent peck.

“Get some sleep, yeah?” He whispered. “I’m sure you’re exhausted.”

You were exhausted, but right now that was the last thing you were thinking about. You said goodnight to Harry and watched him walk down the hallway before you opened your door and went inside. You flopped down on the hotel bed and stared at the ceiling, perfectly aware that you had a huge, silly grin on your face.

This was going to be an interesting couple of days.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When you woke up the next morning, all you could think about was the night before. The two innocent kisses you had shared in the hallway flooded your brain and you found yourself lying in bed for a long time, smiling and reliving the moment over and over. You felt like a silly little school girl with a crush, but you didn’t care. No one had ever made you feel quite as giddy as Harry did, and he had barely even done anything.

You also remembered that you were currently in a hotel room in Spain, which still blew your mind. You had never had enough money or time to take a trip anywhere in Europe, as much as you wanted to go. The fact that Harry had flown you here on his dollar (even though he had plenty to spare) made you feel pretty confident that he was interested in you and last night hadn’t just been a fluke.

You were just stepping out of the shower when you heard a knock on your hotel door. You quickly threw on a robe and opened the door. One of the hotel attendants was standing outside with a huge tray of food.

“Good morning, miss.” He said, politely. “Room service courtesy of the gentleman down the hall.”

“Wow, thank you.” You said, staring at the tray with wide eyes as it was wheeled into the room.


When the attendant left, you started taking the cover off of each food item and seeing what it was. Harry had gone all out; toast, eggs, sausages, juice and a huge bowl of strawberries with whipped cream. Also on the tray was an envelope with your name on it. You opened it up and took out the tiny note card that was inside.


I hope you enjoy your breakfast. I’d love to take you out exploring when you’ve eaten and are ready to go. I have a few places in mind that I think you’ll really love.

See you soon,


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