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If you say “Where are the other members?” to J-hope or to any other member or to any other different band member please please don’t. I can’t stress this enough that you are hurting them emotionally and it just brings down their self esteem which could impact not only their performance but the other members performances as well. These boys are like brothers, once they see there is something wrong with one another they all get concerned and begin to lose focus.

 You don’t know what they’re going through and how much pressure they’re being put under, so please PLEASE do not say “Where are the other members?” Be glad that they have taken the time to set up a camera and interact with you.

I get that we all prefer a certain member then the rest but that is not an excuse to put down the others just because they are not the ones you find attractive, I see other fans saying this a lot but for some reason the message is not getting through to others. 

Also to the other fans who throw hateful comments to the ones typing the question please do not I repeat do not type those hateful comments, what is even more upsetting then getting asked “Where are the other members?” for the artist is when there are fan wars beginning in the comments.

Please think about how the artist will feel.

I’m sorry for this outburst and I promise you this won’t happen very often, I like my blog to be cute and fun but when people are still not listening I can’t hold back.

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I like how you can tell (for the traditional and digital comparison) both were done by the same person even though they look a little different. This is probably the first time I've seen your traditional work and I like seeing the strokes of the pencil (?) and where they go. Would you say that you approach drawing differently when you go traditional vs digital in terms of how you blend and how you do shading?

When I draw traditionally I am MUCH more careful with line placement and proportion-setting.  Drawing digitally, I would consider myself borderline aggressive with throwing down shapes, colors, and values initially, mainly because it’s a lot easier to erase/alter/undo mistakes.  When I blend traditionally, I usually just shade very lightly in gradients or use my finger to smudge (in some circles that’s considered a cardinal sin but, if you’re pretty controlled about it, the results can be quite pleasant).  When I blend digitally, I just use the eyedropper tool to rapidly color pick and mush colors together.  As a result, you’ll notice that the traditional sketch is a lot lighter and more delicate looking (lots of thin, sharp lines, esp. around the eyes), while the digital drawing has a broader range of values as well as harsher highlights and shadows.

Have some extra sketches, because I like posting asks with pictures.

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I imagine there were too many nights where Alfred came down to the cave only to find his rich beef stew, Italian minestrone soup or clam chowder gone cold.

Personally, I headcanon that the next time, he just made chilled Russian borscht, fully knowing that Bruce absolutely detests beets.

Alfred came down later to find Bruce sitting in his cape and cowl, eyes narrowed at the bright pink soup… but he knew exactly what he had done to deserve this. So he ate it, spoon by spoon, mouth set in a firm, determined line in between mouthfuls… and requested that his soup be put in a canister for him to take on patrol next time.


We are so excited to finally be announcing the viewing schedule for seasons one through four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before the beginning of the fifth season!

The AoS Re-Watch is a place where each month of the hiatus (aside from December), we will be watching episodes of SHIELD and Tweeting, posting on Tumblr, and basically creating as much buzz as possible! We’ll also be hosting a slew of fun activities, so look out for those!

Why? This hiatus is incredibly long (we are going on the notion that season five will begin in January of 2018), and we all love watching the show…so, why not watch it again?!

We encourage you to create:

  • Episode gif sets
  • Multi-episode parallel gif sets
  • Fan Art
  • Write a missing moment
  • Write a meta about a varying aspect in a episode
  • Write a review of an episode
  • + Any other fan creation you think of

Seasons 1-4 of AoS can be found on Netflix. We also encourage you to watch check out the seasons on other popular streaming services such as Amazon, iTunes, or some other legal streaming network (such as Hulu)!


We’ll be posting the viewing schedule by month, with the next month’s schedule going up the day before the start of that next month (i.e. August’s will be posted on July 31). Below you will find the first month, July, and can take a look at all of the dates and episodes we’ll be watching. As a reminder, this schedule is by no means something you have to follow. It was simply created to ensure that all seasons and episodes are accounted for, and so that some activities are easier to host! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

You can also find the official calendar post here, and be sure to check out our floating calendar that updates each month on our blog page!

We can’t wait to see what the AoS fans create!

Have fun, everyone!

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hey ummm i dont know who else to ask about this but what the fresh fuck is the "woody collective" and should i fear them

the woody collective started off as just one person who would take old deactivated nazi blogs and change the profile picture to a specific picture of woody from toy story and set everything to default besides the title, which they changed to “Howdy Pardner”
eventually more and more people joined, taking old nazi urls and woodifying then. the mastermind behind the woody collective no longer has control over all the blogs.
a blog called “woody’s roundup” was started that currently serves as somewhat of a central hub for all of the woodys. i’ve seen instances where the woody collective rounds up not just nazis, but also pedophiles and terfs.
there’s a new meme going around where people take the url of a popular tumblr user known for being “bad” (i.e. sixpenceee and even the staff) and edit their profile pic to the woody picture and put in a post that just says “Howdy”
tl;dr it’s an awesome thing going on but it’s probably gonna end up getting way out of hand but i hope it can continue to act as controlled chaos for as long as possible

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The main problem about deflaggering "sensitive" posts are that there's no option to turn on/off safe mode or to vote if posts are or not sensitive on mobile Tumblr (at least I can't find those), so I can't help as much as I want :(

For anyone else on mobile, this page may help:


This is where I found out about the things I posted about                  well, partially

This page doesn’t actually SPECIFICALLY mention you need Safe Mode on >:v It’s just like “oh yeah these buttons will exist v(ovo)v”

Probably the biggest section of note is this:

“You can filter out any posts that contain sensitive content from your dashboard and search results by turning on Safe Mode. Here’s how:

iOS: Leave the Tumblr app for a sec and go to the main Settings app on your device. Scroll down and tap “Tumblr.” Look for “Safe Mode” and adjust the settings to match your comfort level.

Android: Go to settings: Tap the little person in the tab bar, then the gear icon in the top right, then “General settings.” Tap “Filtering,” then Flip the Safe Mode switch on.

Web: Go to settings: Click the little fella in the top bar, then click settings. Scroll to “Filtering,” and click the Safe Mode switch on.

If you find yourself wanting to see any particular item that’s hidden—and you’re over 18—there’s a “View post” button that allows you to do just that. (If you do that and discover the post was incorrectly marked as sensitive, there’s a button where you can let us know that we mislabeled it.)

Enabling Safe Mode doesn’t block or unfollow any blogs you have chosen to follow. It just gives you greater control over which posts you see and which ones you don’t.

Safe Mode is on by default for new users, and it’s always on for anyone under 18, according to the age you gave when you signed up (and rounded to the next whole year).”

Hope this helps

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I always feel like I'm writing so much only to look at my word count and find it's so small! How do you beef up your word count?

It’s always better not to try and write just for the sake of meeting a particular word count (my work’s usually better after I cut things down but I dont often have time to do it omg) but if you find you’re under-writing in a way where what you do have doesn’t feel developed enough, some things you can focus on are:

  • Making sure you take the time to develop your characters’ reactions to things. If something going on is particularly dramatic or emotional, go back over and see if you included their body language, their thoughts, how they feel about each development that’s occurring - both the POV character and the other characters in the scene :)
  • Spend a bit more time on the setting of the scene - describe what’s in the location and have characters interact with the environment more in a way that develops the plot (eg picking stuff up/putting it down depending on what would reflect their emotional state)

  • If there’s a particularly dramatic event occurring in the scene make sure you take the proper time to ‘debrief’ - have characters stop and reflect on what happened, either alone or together, make sure you take the time to explore the full emotional impact of what went on (of course following the ‘show dont tell’ rule). I see this a lot in h/c fic where the comfort portion is underdeveloped :”)

I hope that helps a bit!! good luck with your writing <3 <3 i hope you’re having fun with your story! :)

you all know the american high school au isayama’s got going, right?

the one at the end of every volume or whatever, with goth mikasa and jock reiner and whatnot?

so, hange’s a chemistry teacher in that au, therefore let me give you a list of things i swear they would totally do in that au for no particular reason whatsoever

  • doodle over students’ doodles when correcting homework/tests/etc
  • tell extremely bad but also extremely relevant puns
    • ex: “so we’re learning about moles today and i think you guys are really gonna dig it”
  • blow up a piece of glassware in a fume hood because they thought it would be fun to put pure lithium in water
  • set off the fire alarm at least once a year to the point where it becomes a running gag with the staff
  • go on strange tangents after lectures with armin or some other student while passing out homework
    • actually on that note they’d probably also use pop culture analogies that seem arbitrary at first but after a bit of explanation, make perfect sense
  • add a gag answer or two on their students’ finals
  • show the kids their favorite-and-still-somehow-very-relevant childhood movie on the last day of the semester
  • resell food that they have hidden in locked drawers during lunch because let’s be real here american schools suck with their budgets
  • have the entire periodic table memorized just to show off
    • (it’s not that hard to do)
    • they’d probably also have a challenge where they challenge their students to memorize and recite it too and whoever can do it wins mcdonald’s or something
  • explain the nuances of sex ed on a post-lecture tangent because they find out the biology classes are just that bad
  • be that one really cool and fun teacher that like half the students still don’t like because they’re apparently “obnoxious” or something
Semi-Hiatus + Submission Info

Hey guys, so I’m going on holidays tomorrow, and I’m gonna have very limited WiFi for about two weeks while I’m away. I’m going on a road-trip to Central Australia, it’s gonna be really fun.

The queue is all set up and good to go so quotes will still upload at their normal time, it’s just that I won’t be able to communicate with everyone very much. 

Now about submissions, I keep hitting queue limit, so to filter out some space in the queue, submissions will be closed for the two weeks I’m away. I’ll open them up straight away when I get back home but I’m actually at the point where I have to close them because I have too many at the moment. 

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Hello! Are drabble requests still open? If so, may I request a vv fluffy Fred Weasley drabble? Like smth with hot cocoa and blankets? And flufffff? Thank you in advance if you can!

It’s already ten and the sun’s setting, but Fred takes your hand and tugs you to the back door. “Come on, we’ve got somewhere to be.”

He lugs a backpack onto his back and hooks his fingers under the strap, gesturing with his chin for you to follow him.

You trail behind him, blanket he shoved at you in your arms. “Where are we going?”


“Oh, really? I couldn’t tell.”

Fred grins at your sarcasm but says nothing back. He leads you through a thicket of trees, holding branches up for you to climb under and brushing away any bugs in the path.

“Honestly, Fred, where are you leading me?”

“D’you know the meaning of surprise?”

You narrow your eyes at him. “You’re not planning on murdering me, right? Because it sure seems like it.”

He grins at you and waggles his eyebrows. “Perhaps.”

“Well, I told Angelina we’d be going out tonight, so she’ll come find you if I go missing.”

“As if Angelina’d have any luck catching me.”

“She knows all of your tricks. It’d be too easy.”

“She doesn’t know all of them. If I were easy to read, you’d know what we’re doing, now wouldn’t you?”

You roll your eyes and duck under another branch. “Just tell me, would you?”

“Sorry, love, not a chance.”

You groan, earning a chuckle from Fred. “It’s already dark out. What are you planning? Just tell me.”

“So impatient.”


He smiles at your pout. “Fine, but only because we’ve made it.”

He pushes up another branch, revealing a wide, empty field. One with a perfect view of the stars above.

You shift, holding the blanket in one hand and reaching for Fred’s without thinking. A chorus of crickets sound as he slips his hand into yours.

He tugs you into the middle of the field. “Go on, put the blanket down.”

“Star gazing?” You question, a familiar feeling of butterflies swirling in your stomach as he digs in the backpack.

“No, just lying in a field waiting to see what animal tries to eat us first.”

You smack his shoulder. “Already trying to ruin a beautiful evening?”

“Wouldn’t have to try if I wanted to, would I?” He grins again and shoves a thermos at you. “Here. George and I whipped this up earlier.”

You screw the top open and squint before the smell wafts up to you. “Hot chocolate?”

He shrugs and scoots closer to you. “In case it gets chilly out. I even added some whipped cream to yours.”

You melt. “Fred, that’s so sweet.”

“Yes, well, I figured I owed you something for helping me come up with that wonderful prank.”

“McGonagall’s gonna kill you when you get back in September.”

“You’re going down with us, you know.”

“No way.” You snuggle closer to him when he wraps an arm around your shoulder. “I didn’t set up the prank.”

“Maybe, but you had the idea. You’re practically an accessory to pranking.”

“I am not getting detention because you chose to do something dumb. That’d be like getting thrown in jail for saying someone could start the burrow on fire.”

Fred’s eyes widen and he pretends to gasp. “How dare you make that threat? I’m calling the police.”

“Oh, go away.”

He grins and kisses the top of your head. “You don’t really mean that.”

“I should.” You grumble, earning another laugh from him.

He taps his thermos against yours. “Cheers.”

“So,” you say, wiping your top lip after you finish taking a sip of the drink, “do you actually know where any constellations are?”



“Honestly, but I think I can find some. It can’t be that hard, can it?”

“Have a shot at it, then.”

Fred cranes his head, peering at the sky. He’s quiet for a moment, glancing at you when you giggle.

“Harder than you thought?”

“What? No, I was just waiting to see if you could point out the obvious constellation right above us.”

“Obvious, huh?”

“Yeah. You can’t see it?” He points up in front of you, waving his hand in a vague shape.

“I’m afraid not.”

“Well, that’s your loss then.”

You giggle again and point out an actual constellation. “The big dipper, see?”

When Fred shakes his head, you reach for his hand and trace the ladle with it.

You spend the rest of the night curled up next to him, pointing actual constellations and pretending to see the ones he sees, some of which include a hippogriff, dueling gnomes, and even Snape’s nose.

The night’s as perfect as you could hope for and, when the sun starts its slow climb back over the horizon, you end the date with a slow dance courtesy of Fred’s radio.

Though you’re tired and your stomach hurts from laughing, you wish you could spend the rest of summer break right there in that field.

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There's a part in my story, right at the start where character development is made and it's very relevant to how the main characters meet. The only problem is that it's set out over the span of a year and all of the proper guts of story happen after this year. I've always been told you have to start in the middle of the action, so would keeping this bit in be boring for the reader?

I’m a little confused, so I’m going to do my best with this one.

You don’t start in the middle of the action. You start at the beginning of the story. When does the plot begin? That’s when your book must begin. If you start the novel with pure character development that spans a year, and then the plot gets kicked into gear, that’s an issue. Your reader should know relatively quickly what this book is about. A problem/conflict should be introduced by the end of chapter 1. An entire chapter, especially the first chapter, shouldn’t be devoted exclusively to character development, and your characters should be able to develop via circumstances of the plot.

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regarding the anon in your ask, about Henriks interview... He did not say anything about 'not gay kissing' between him and Tarjei... What he was saying, is that it was easy for him and T to just let go and go all in with their characters, because there was nothing unsaid between them. They knew where they both stood outside of filming, and therefore they didn't have to think about what they were doing on set, or if it was awkward.

They are both very young, and unexperienced actors, and I it is therefore easy to overthink what you are doing on set. They just knew that Isak and Even was not Tarjei and Henrik. So when Even and Isak was making out, it was not Tarjei and Henrik making out. He was not trying to go all #nohomo. Give the guy a break. As you said, he is not media trained, and it can be really hard to answer all these questions in the spotlight… And on top of that, things get lost in translation.

yes i know!! he meant exactly this but as you know sometimes you could choose a wrong word and people can be conflicted about a whole sentence. henrik (and as even) has one the kindness souls, so i don’t know about other people but i know that he never doesn’t mean anything bad, and also he cares about all this really much. and it just breaks my heart when he can say something and people start drag him

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Quick question about royal marriage AU? Is Jyn a virgin when she marries Cassian? Is he a virgin? lol I mean I know it's set back in the day where the rules were a bit different but idk if you have taken that into account. Anyway love the story and all your other ones (underwear model AU 🤗🤗🤗)


Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan


No or kinda maybe? They’re around canon age (so 23 and 26–I reject the canon that Jyn is 21) and the world in which they live in is vaguely Europe but not, and a world that sometimes has the sensibilities of the 1920s/1930s but then sometimes of the 1940s/1950s, except a little more progressive perhaps. If you go with that head canon then, it’s not as taboo for them (and for women in particular) to have experience. That said, Jyn’s still royalty and under the eye, and she’s maybe gone pretty far with her college boyfriend but maybe not all the way. Cassian, older and under less scrutiny, is not a virgin in this AU, but he’s still somewhat inexperienced in the way I also head canon his Star Wars universe canon self.

10 songs tag~

I was tagged by @hannshasallthecheese <3 <3

RULES: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first 10 tracks that pop up. Then choose 10 additional friends.

A Hopeful Transmission - Coldplay

Luv Again - UNIQ

Dali, Van, Picasso - Beenzino

So Hard To Breathe - B.o.B

No Where - Sik-K ft. Loco

Best Love - Yuna

Where U At - Taeyang

Savage - Whethan ft. Flux Pavilion & MAX


Candy Paint - Post Malone 

I was expecting this to go much worse than it did :’D I have a fair share of weird music

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no pressure <3 have fun <3

while I’m not sleeping do we even have any idea of where supermental is going to be set? where the hell do pent and smack come from? why was the khonjin universe created? who is shelby?!

as I was watching the series I didn’t care as much and mostly watched for the comedy but now that khonjin house is over and I’m exploring the characters more and getting more invested it’s starting to drive me nuts I just want supermental to be out already

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Ohhh, they considered doing a Scott/Allison/Derek love triangle in the first season. But they cut a Allison and Derek scene in the car in the pilot and decided that they wouldn't do it. Derek was also supposed to rescue Lydia in the pilot. Doesn't seem that Derek was set up as a villain who noone likes at all like many of us speculated.

Or that he definitely was?  Lol.  And when was Lydia in danger in the pilot?  But yeah, that kind of makes it more. 

Also saw this and wonder if it will cause trouble. 

“ Hoechlin would love Derek to be in a romantic comedy where no one dies. “Derek can funny too, it’s not just about Stiles.” -Hoech #OLH2017

Uggh, Scott stans are going to be monsters after this, ha. 

I’m too tired for this con. 

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Hey love, so - I'm not sure if you answered this already. My apologies if you have. How does one go about getting a mentor? For instance, if a girl has true ambition ,but doesn't know where to start or has the needed qualifications to get one. How does some one get a mentor? Also, can you define what exactly a mentor is and does.

A mentor is usually somebody with experience or heaps of knowledge in an area or field you want to master. They offer strategic advice, support & can open doors for you, set you up in networks & circles & be a great companion. So many ways to get them in colleges & careers. Many colleges have networks for alumni to act as mentors & many career networking events allow you to meet like minded people. 

A mentor can also be a friend who has it going on & can slowly guide you in her ways. These days? They can be online. Although many people are reluctant to dump heaps of information on someone for nothing lol & many people too hard headed to learn. But there’s so many groups, circles, YouTube & wise people everywhere. I’m more of a watcher, I study people. When it comes to my role models, I observe what their interests are, what kind of clothing they wear, what kind of places they frequent, what they post & talk about & what they read. It’s a great way to be mentored.

hello you lovelies! in my short absence where i was setting up a new blog, i hit my first milestone here & then passed it more than i’m going to say. it’s a little too early to do a follow forever, but i do kind of want to do something??? i’ll be thinking about it but i just wanted to say thank you!!! i’ve been struggling with roleplay in general because of personal things, but i feel super welcome on this account! so… yeah. thank you so much u kool kIDZ. smooches all of u.

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See, I never read it as Sheriff caring MORE about Derek than Stiles, but knowing that his son is going to be okay, but also knows that Derek is a boy with a special set of needs. I don’t think it’s dismissive at all.//I used to like fics where the Sheriff says things like that, but then canon Sheriff "Well Scott tell me the truth, Stiles always lies anyways, aww Scott you're so nice wish you were my son, Malia you're so nice" damaged me in a way that I can't stand those words most of the time.

Yup, I feel like the writers knew and did it to torture us.