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So the one thing that I realized on this journey is that Uhura and Sulu have a lot in common. When it comes to just doing their duty. And really just their faith, they are very faithful to their crew, to Starfleet, to what they do. And I don’t know I guess it was really nice to see these two characters work together to… to get freedom for the crew. It’s pretty awesome. - Zoe Saldana

  • Hikaru, to Kyoya: hey, I'm almost ready to go but I can't find my updog
  • Kyoya: what?
  • HIkaru: my updog? I can't find it.
  • Kyoya: I don't understand what an updog is
  • Tamaki walking into the clubroom: what's going on?
  • Kyoya: Hikaru can't find his updog, do you know what that is?
  • Tamaki, looking at Hikaru, grinning: no. I'll help him look for it.
  • Hikaru: never mind.
  • One week later. Everyone lounging in the host club.
  • Tamaki: hey Kyoya can you pass me that matterbaby?
  • Kyoya, confused: what's a matterbaby?
  • Tamaki: nothing baby, what's the matter with you?
  • Kyoya:
  • Tamaki, jumping up and down: oh my god, oh my god I did it. I succeeded where Hikaru failed. This is amazing.
  • Kyoya, internally screaming:
Hikaru and the Guys (Relationship Counseling) Pt. 1
  • Hikaru: "You're stupid!"
  • MC: "You're dumb!"
  • Hikaru: "You're stupid and you're dumb!"
  • MC: "Tell me something I don't know!" *angrily stomps out of the penthouse*
  • Hikaru: "Where are you going!?"
  • MC: "To work! Goodbye!"
  • Hikaru: *face beat red from yelling* "I love you dammnit! Have a great day!"
  • MC: "I will!" *slams the door shut as she leaves*
  • (the auction managers sit there awkwardly and stare at each other with various expressions)
  • Eisuke: "So, is this the extent of your relationship?"
  • Hikaru: "Hey, it was her fault!"
  • Ota: "Not really. She just walked into the room and you called her stupid."
  • Mamoru: "I understand why. She's always got that dumb grin on her face like some sorta kid."
  • Hikaru: "It's her fault because if she didn't have such bad luck, I wouldn't have fallen in love with her."
  • Hishikura: "That's his way of saying, 'She's so adorable, it frustrates me.'"
  • Baba: "This is all beside the point! You know what this means, Hikki?"
  • Hikaru: *glares at Baba*
  • Baba: "When she gets home, you two can makeup! Which as we all know, can get pretty steamy, and--"
  • Hikaru: "Soryu, can I borrow your gun?"
  • Soryu: "Certainly." *hands Hikaru his gun*
  • Baba: "Boys! Boys, let's not be hasty! Right, Mamo? They could be arrested."
  • Mamoru: "By who?"
  • Baba: *face palm*
  • Ota: *laughs hysterically*

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★ Midorikawa Hikaru & Toriumi Kousuke ★

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I wanted to doodle my SasuHina babies again~ 

Here are the fraternal twins Hikaru and Matoko Uchiha at 8 years old!
Funfact: Matoko is actually ½ inch taller than Hikaru up until they turn 13, where Hikaru gets a growth spurt and finally becomes taller than his sister XD

“Neeee, I think nii-chan should wear purple too! 8D”
“I don’t think so Mato-chan; that’s more you and mama’s color. >>”

Hey Say BEST – Ideal summer date (TVG June 2016)

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Arioka: If all of us go on a summer date, isn’t that fun?
Takaki: That will be like a matchmaking session already
Yabu: Seems fun, lets do it! 5 x 5 people so lets go in a camping car.
Hikaru: It will include a toilet, bed and kitchen so we can go somewhere far
Takaki: Sounds nice, so where shall we go?
Hikaru: Alaska
Takaki: Go by plane! (laugh)
Inoo: Then, Nagoya!
Hikaru: Ah, there’s a castle in Aichi which was modeled from Spirited Away. There is a red bridge too.
Arioka: That sounds nice, lets go there.
Inoo: Along the way, lets cook for everyone.
Arioka: What shall we make?
Inoo: Fried rice
Arioka: Yakisoba
Yabu: Okonomiyaki!
Hikaru: Takoyaki!
Takaki: Monja!
Yabu: A full course of flour (laugh)
Hikaru: The plan up till now just shows how unpopular we are
Arioka: Everyone can look at stars together at night
Hikaru: At an outdoor hot spring
Inoo: A mixed gender hot spring? Then, I will sing and play the guitar
Arioka: That’s impossible. That scene just seems too weird (laugh)
Hikaru: Then I will match him, and play the xylophone
Arioka: Wear your clothes and do that
Yabu: I will match the music, and start writing haiku poems.
Inoo: Takaki?
Takaki: Sorry, I cant do anything
Inoo: Then you shall do a fire dance.
Arioka: That sounds fun right? After the bath, we can stroll around in yukatas
Inoo: But Takaki does the fire dance so he will be naked
Hikaru: You all forgot about Spirited Away
Yabu: Lets play Spirited Away hide and seek
Arioka: That sounds nice, we can hold our breaths and cross that bridge
Yabu: Then when we see pigs, we will ask “which one is Takaki?”
Hikaru: Bingo~! Takaki is not in there!
Takaki: Sorry I don’t even understand you guys (laugh)
Hikaru: With so much fun, the next day we wont want to go home
Inoo: It will be so fun we don’t want to think of returning
Hikaru: Then lets watch the videos which we took in the car on the way back. Everyone can laugh and cry while spending time like that.
Inoo: In the end, I will take out my guitar again and end the date with a memorable song.
Arioka: Then what about the confession?
Hikaru: I will confess the moment Takaki does his fire dance. While watching his fire dance, I will tell the girl “I like you”
Takaki: Ahaha. If you succeed, I will double my fire for you
Inoo: When I am playing the guitar
Arioka: I will probably say it out before everyone gathers around
Yabu: That’s cunning, it means that a couple has already been formed at the beginning.
Arioka: Hehe I wont lose


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Hey I was wondering if you could do a thing where Hikaru is trying to propose but the hosts keeps butting in every time? (e.g.....Tamaki enters in a teddy bear onesie or something in the middle of a romantic speech.) Thanks!(P.S I love your blog it's so good!:)

uwaaa, this is such a cute prompt, thank you for sending it in! Also thank you, I’m glad you like it!(also, let’s assume their anniversary is April 1st, which I now have the urge to write an imagine for, but I digress)

i. Tamaki(April 1st, a Tuesday)

“Happy anniversary, Hikaru!”

“Happy anniversary. Now eat up, I worked really hard to make this.”

“I’m sure it’s delicious.” You took his hand in yours, smile on your face full of contentment. He smiles back, rubbing a thumb over the back of your hand.

“I love you.” He says, and means it. You’ve been together for several years now, and he can’t imagine being with anyone else - he can feel the small, velvet box where it sits in his pocket. He’s planned the whole evening - dinner, and then dessert, and just before you’ve finished, he’ll get down on one knee, give the speech he’s been planning for months, and ask you to be his, for the rest of your lives. 

When the moment finally comes - he can feel his heart start racing, because even though he loves you and he knows you love him too, he’s nervous. 

He goes to the kitchen to bring out the dessert - your favorite, which he tried to make a few days ago, with horrible results, so he just ordered it from your favorite bakery instead - and when he comes back, he’s more than a little irritated to see you sitting at the table - but you’re not alone.

“Yo, Tono, not that I’m not happy to see you, but what the hell are you doing here?” You can see that he’s angry and upset - but Tamaki, the dear, cannot.

“I just haven’t seen either you or ____ in a while, so I thought I’d drop by! I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Hikaru sighs, defeated. “Well, it is our anniversary, Tono.”

And even though Tamaki immediately jumps up and leaves, embarrassed for interrupting such a “special, momentous, wonderful occasion,” as he puts it, Hikaru’s already given up on his plans. For him, the moment is ruined, even though you still seem happy - overjoyed, once you see the dessert he’s brought out.

And so the little velvet box stays in his pocket.

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Lost Love (SLBP)

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Disclaimer : I didn’t give birth to a kid yet… So the scene where Hikari gave birth may be really weird. Sorry !

Kojuro was running towards his house. He heard from a maid, his wife, Hikari was giving birth to their child.

He ran with all his might, his heart was beating really fast because he was running but also because he was extremely nervous. He didn’t want his wife to be scared because she was alone.

When he reached his room, he opened the door and saw his wife with a doctor and a maid next to her. Her face was extremely red, her breath was really deep and loud because she was pushing really hard. Kojuro sat next to her and took her hand. She looked at her husband while pushing. She squeezed his hand with extreme strength.

“Push one last time and it’s finish !” The doctor who was about to welcome the baby, yelled. Hikari let a loud and big cry and pushed one last time. She put her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.

Kojuro kissed gently her forehead and whispered in her ear. “You did a great job.” Kojuro heard the baby’s cries and looked at him, he grinned but suddenly, the doctor began to become really panicked.

“Oh no… Please give me some towels !” Kojuro looked between Hikari’s legs and stared at the pool of blood. He felt his heart broke at this sight. Quickly, he looked at Hikari and took her hand with his. He felt something was wrong but didn’t want to believe it.

He released Hikari’s hand and stared at it, dropping effortlessly on the tatami floor. Kojuro had wide eyes, he felt a knife was shoving in his heart. He looked at the doctor who was trying to stop the bleeding.

Kojuro took Hikari’s wrist and put his thumb on it. He closed his eyes and tears fell down on his cheeks.

She was no longer alive.

It’s been more than 20 years Hikari is dead.

Kojuro was smoking tabacco with his kiseru while looking at the starry night and he let a big sigh escaped his lips..

“Dad.” Kazuhiro looked at his father with a small smirk, he took out a kiseru as well and sat next to him. He stared at the stars above him and lit up his kiseru. Kazuhiro sighed before taking a puff.

“It’s the day.” Kojuro frowned and shaped his hands into tight fists. Kazuhiro noticed Kojuro’s knuckles were becoming white and he squeezed his kiseru really tightly..

“Sorry.” Kojuro didn’t say anything, in fact, he almost never talk to his son since his birth. Kazuhiro was mostly being raised by Shigezane. He put his hand on his face and sighed in frustation. “I have enough of you, Dad. I know you don’t want me, but I am your son. I am here for you but you can’t see that. You are too obsessed by mother’s dea-”

“ENOUGH !” Kazuhiro frowned deeply and stared at his father’s face, red with extreme anger. Tears fell down on his cheeks and Kazuhiro couldn’t bear it anymore. His breath became more deep and his chest moved up and down exaggeratedly. He wanted to yell but he couldn’t. He wanted to talk normally with his father only one time.

Kazuhiro waited for something but Kojuro walked with forceful steps towards his room and closed the door with great strength. Kazuhiro put his hands in front of his eyes and clenched his teeth together. He felt his heart was hurting because his father always ignored him. He pressed his lips together and looked at the sky. ‘Don’t worry. It’s just an another day like the others. He will talk to you normally one day.

Kojuro was in his room. Everything was messy, he kneeled down. Books and papers were thrown in the room. Kojuro’s heart was beating really fast, he began to sob and when he found a hairpin, he took it and put it against his chest. He smiled gently while sobbing.

He knew what to do.

After that night, Kazuhiro opened his father’s door. He was sleeping on his books and papers. Kazuhiro noticed the hairpin in his father’s hands and sighed. He crouched down next to Kojuro and woke him up.

Kojuro opened his eyes with difficulty, his vision was blurry and his eyes hurt. They were extremely red from the crying of last night. He turned his body and Kazuhiro was facing his father’s back.

Kazuhiro sighed and stood up, before exiting the room, he stopped but didn’t look behind him. “I am going to war. I will do my best and come back for you.”

Kazuhiro left the room. Kojuro was alone in his room, he caressed gently the hairpin and chuckled. ‘How did I bear with that pain for so long ? I wonder.’

After a few months, Kazuhiro came back from war. He was extremely injured but his clan won the war. Kazuhiro did a great fight and saved lots of retainers.

He was proud of himself and he wanted to tell his prowess to his father. He wanted his father to be proud of him.

After a few days of recovery, Kazuhiro returned home, he was extremely happy. He wanted to recount his story to his father.

But when he went home, he felt something was off. “I am home !” Kazuhiro yelled, he knew something was wrong and his heart began to beat nervously. He walked rapidly towards his father’s room but before entering his room, he smelt something horrible.

He pinched his nose to the smell. He recognized it. In fact, he was used to this smell. He opened the room slowly and he fell on his knees. His father killed himself with his katana. Dry blood was spreaded everywhere in the room when Kojuro shoved his katana in his stomach.

This was the end. Kazuhiro was even more alone than before.

After Kojuro’s funeral, Kazuhiro was in his room with Shigezane. The two of them were together, drinking some sake.

Kazuhiro was playing with the letter Kojuro wrote for him. He was afraid. Shigezane noticed his protegee’s behavior and tapped him on the shoulder. He stood up and exited the room. But before, he turned his body and look at Kazuhiro. “Read it or you will regret it.”

Kazuhiro took a sip of sake and sighed. He opened the letter without hesitation and read it.


I have to apologize for everything I did for you. As a matter of fact, I never done anything for you. I am the worst father and I am ashamed of myself, me who wanted to have a family with your mother and do anything to raised you with love.

I was obsessed by your mother’s death and forget everything around me. I don’t deserve to live anymore. I don’t deserve to be your father.

Please, find your love and be happy with her. I will watch you from above with your mother.

Kazuhiro. I never said those words to you but I will now.

I love you.

You are the best samurai who is existing in his world for now, I am proud of you. You are the best son and I never asked for more. You were like me, stubborn and messy but unlike me, you change for the best. You change because you had a incompetent father.

Please, be happy and thank you for everything.

Kazuhiro’s hands were shaking, he put the letter slowly next to him on the tatami floor and drank sake in one shot. He stood up and scratched his head in frustation. His eyes were wet from his tears but he didn’t sob. He took the letter and went out.

He walked in the garden and looked at the sky above him. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there was no sight of clouds.

Kazuhiko smiled gently and shook his head while pressing his lips together. He closed his eyes and felt his wet lashes below his eyes. His cheeks became wet because of his tears and he let a small chuckle escaped his lips.

Dad. Why did you killed yourself ? Did you hated me that much ? Because I always love you for who you are. You are the best dad. Please, be happy with mom.

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Hmm can you write a scenario where Mori and Hikaru have to carry their s/o over the shoulder? Reasoning can be up to you :'D thankss

I can’t even at this asks. I literally laughed at the school canteen when I see this and my friends are judging me I can’t even. I can’t even concentrate in math class cause this asks keep popping up in my head lmao.


“I want it.” you said firmly, crossing your arms.

“No,” he stared at you blankly.

You stared at him for a moment before you started to look at him with your puppy eyes and pouted.

“Pretty pretty please. Just one. Just one slice of cake,” you pleaded. He sighed and shook his head.

“Why not? It is only one!” you grumbled, pointing at the pretty and tasty looking cake displayed on the window of the bakery.

“You said you want to lose weight,” he explained. 

“It’s only one. You are too stubborn!” you retorted.

“And after eating the cake you would come to me crying about the weight you gain,” he continued.  You puffed your cheeks out and stomped your foot. You are too stubborn to realise how childish you look right now. People were walking pass both of you, giggling and some even giving strange look about this couple in front of them.

“Just one, please?” you asked, grabbing Mori’s arm, pressing your body against him.

“No.” he insisted. 

“Oh fine then. I’m not leaving till’ we get a slice of cake,” you challenged him as you leaned against the window. He sighed and looked at you.

This girl sure is stubborn, he thought. He walked towards you and your eyes almost sparkled as you thought he was getting what you want. But the next thing you know, you were picked up by him easily and throw over his shoulder.

“W-what are you doing?!” you asked, kicking your legs slightly against his body. He ignored you, continue walking while carrying you like a potato sack.

“At least one cream puff?” you asked, grabbing onto the window ledge, refusing to let go.

“And still no,” he replied, holding your body tightly and walked towards the other side, making you let go of the ledge.

“Ughh, you sucks Mori,” you grumbled.


“And why do I have to be part of this?” you asked, looking at him as he tie knots with all the string.

“Because, you’re my girlfriend and girlfriend should always be supportive of their boyfriend,” he grinned.

You sat on the ground, looking at him as he tied all the strings. Today target is Tamaki. You sighed, already sympathising the man. The blonde was known to be afraid of the Beelzenef doll from the Black Magic Club. And the Hitachiin twin just had to thought of a prank that would scared the shit out of him.

“Are you sure you are not going too far?” you asked, worried for the poor soul’s mental health.

“Oh come on, he probably dealt with much more worst,” he replied, tying the last doll with the string.

“So what is the plan?”

“The plan is simple. Kaoru lead him here, and when he cross this line, the door will slam shut, and the next thing he know, all the doll will drop from above and be left hanging. And Tadah, he will be surrounded by…” he chuckled darkly, “ these 30 Beelzenef we got from dark magic club hehehehe,” he continued.

“How evil!” you cried

“Oh baby, I can do so much  more than that,” he smiled, lifting your face with his fingers. You cheeks darkened at the closeness of his face and yours. And yet before both of you can kissed, you heard Kaoru’s voice.

“The King is coming!”

“I guess we had to do it later,” he smirked as he pulled you off the floor. He grabbed your hands, and quickly pulled you to one corner of the room to hide. You heard some voice outside the room. The next thing you know, the door opened and you could see the particular blonde. He looked confused as he enter the room. And finally ‘BANG!’ the door slammed shut. But due to the light from outside, anyone still can see the room clearly. 

“And now is the good part,” Hikaru whispered to you.And on the count of three, true enough, 30 Beelzenef dolls dropped down and a sharp cry, or scream followed after.

“HIKARU, KAORU!” he screamed,  crying.

“Now it is the time to run!” But before you can stand up, Hikaru decided to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder like a potato sack. He opened the door and quickly run out of the room.

“Don’t you dare to run away!” you heard a faint scream from the room.

“Really Hikaru?! Off all the ways you had to carry me?” you asked. You kept bumping and had your stomach pressed against his shoulder. With all his running, you felt your bile coming up.

“I feel sick…” you muttered.

“Oi! Don’t vomit on me! At least now with all these people around!”

“And whose idea is it to carry me like a potato sack?!”