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She has, as Dr Brennan said, been “tamed”. She has had huge commercial success since her 2007 breakdown (Glory got some of the best reviews of her career, including Rolling Stone comparing her to David Bowie), yet in the public consciousness she is still treated like a 2000s relic. Compare Spears to her contemporaries from that first round of fame – people like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. They’ve become nuanced mega-stars where Britney is somehow staid, still being judged on her mental health as much as her performances. She is a celebrity divided; part of her is present here in 2017, and another is stuck in her pre-2007 image. She is still being punished for what we did to her.

Finally got to finish the last of my sun team gijinkas!  Britney’s namesake is probably really obvious haha

Biker Girl Britney and Hoverboard skater girl Zoé

Suzuka(Alolan Ninetales) + Lauren(Lurantis)

Mercury(Primarina) + Marc(Alolan Persian)

Meanwhile in Aaru:

“-That is why it is vital not to mention it to the Spice Traders or else we risk…”

*Atem humming Wannabe*

My King.

“Hmm?! Yes, Spice Girls- Traders, yes, I’m listening. If they want to trade in our kingdom, they’ve got to get with our border restrictions. Listening.”


tbh Pepsi should have stopped making adverts after they won the entire advertising game with the one where Beyoncé, Pink and Britney were gladiators that refused to fight and instead sang We Will Rock You to the Arena and the emporer was Enrique Iglesias, if i was Pepsi I’d only ever use that campaign

i see ur kanaya dave uwu friendships and raise u one where dave says he thinks britney spears’ work bitch isnt even that good and she slaps him

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so ur mikael post where he can't clap properly is funny cause in asian/middle eastern culture guys do clap like that, my dad does it all the time it's meant to be louder idk but yeah ! :)

lmao really???? maybe thats where mikael and britney got it from

AU where Eren loves Britney Spears and is an awkward little boyfriend

“Oops, I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game, oh baby, baby,” crooned a mildly offkey Eren from the kitchen. 

“Oops, you think I’m in love, I’m sent from above…” sang Eren loudly from behind the counter as he poured out cereal for Levi and himself. “I’m not that innocent!” He struck an endearing pose as he finished, a hand on his hip, smirking at Levi, who was sitting at the table.

Levi deadpanned. “Yes you are,” he muttered, taking a sip of his tea.

“I am not!” retorted Eren indignantly, sticking out his hip even further, to Levi’s amusement.

“Says the one who didn’t even know what a butt plug was.”

Eren spluttered, trying and failing to form a coherent sentence.

“Admit it,” smirked Levi.

“But you’re my butt plug!” Eren burst out. His face flushed beet red as soon as he realized what he had said, and attempted to take back his words. “Uhm… I, uh…”

He struggled for a bit until he realized that Levi had put down his cup and was shaking with laughter, finally throwing his head back to let out a uncharacteristically loud howl. “Oh my god,” he wheezed, pretending to wipe tears from his cheeks.

Eren stared at him, eyes wide, still slightly mortified at what he had said. “I’m bad with words, Levi!”

“Oh, Eren…” sighed Levi, still grinning. He stood up to move over to stand next to his boyfriend, reaching up to plant a quick kiss onto his lips. “May I forever be your butt plug.”

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The early 2000’s is were the otp’s were alive let me just tell you

Hilary and Aaron (2002)

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Justin and Britney (2002)

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Zac and Vanessa (2005)

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Brad and Angelina (2007)

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Pete and Ashley (2008)

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Miley and Nick (2009)

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Demi and Joe (2009)

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 Beyonce and Jay-Z(2009)

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