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By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.

hopping on the ‘dennis is taking his meds’ meta bandwagon: not only has he been less explosive and rage filled this season but he’s also had zero emotional breakdowns??????

like look at what happened in ptsdee when he and charlie got booed off the stage. in previous seasons that is ABSOLUTELY something that would make him have a breakdown (see: the family fight episode, the gang group dates, literally any episode where his self esteem comes into play). AND YET!!!!!! HE WAS FINE!!!!!! he got a little mad but!! he was fine!!!!!! no crying, no emotional breakdown, no curling into the fetal position bc of the public humiliation he was experiencing, NOTHING!! 

yoonmin goblin au where yoongi is the goblin who waited 900 years for a human bride to end his immortal life but then he meets park jimin, the boy who sees ghosts and the sword in his chest, and he realizes that his bride is actually a husband

  • <p> <b>Ayato:</b> I will wear a tiger costume for this carnival!<p/><b>Reiji:</b> May I ask why?<p/><b>Ayato:</b> It symbolizes my sexual behavior!<p/><b>Reiji:</b> ... In danger of extinction?<p/></p>

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u and ur gf are so cute i'm crying in the club (and by club i mean my depression dome bedroom where i binge always sunny)

ajsjsbxx thank u :-)

11 questions tag

thank u julie aka @uxqi!!! 💖💘

1. wat r u eating rn? i was eating some homemade cookies before!

2. pet peeve? people who walk really slow

3. last song u played? hyorin x changmo - blue moon 🌙

4. do u have a luck charm u carry around? myself ;)

5. coffee or tea? both!!

6. do u wear glasses or contacts (or neither)? i have those overnight contacts where you wear them while u sleep lmao

7. rainy days or sunny days? if i get to stay cozy in my bed, rainy days. if i’m going outside, then sunny!

8. wat time is it where u are? 12:48 am

9. fav childhood cartoon/anime/tv show? hey arnold 🌆

10. fav show as of now? can u believe that i’m even too lazy to sit down and watch a new tv show 😫

11. soft cookie or tough cookie? soft!!

hey warm reminder that “fake fans” are a myth ok. look it doesn’t matter if someone has only listened to that one song overplayed on the radio, it doesn’t matter if they haven’t listened to the very first pre-debut lowkey underground mixtape hidden in the far reaches of outerspace. if they say they’re a fan of whoever, first of all it’s not your business this does not affect your life in any way, you are literally not going to combust alrit I promise. second how pretentious (or immature) are you to regulate who can like what at whatever given time?

like it literally does not matter get over it get over yourselves then let’s move on with our lives ok that’s it for this psa idk about u but right now where I live the weather is sunny n fresh go outside get some fresh air and have a great non-judgemental day