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interviewer: how annoying is ryan reynolds on set?

jake gyllenhaal: i would say he’s really not annoying at all… he’s like… he’s actually the best… he’s the best personality on set and he makes everybody feel pretty great and his energy, which i deeply believe in, it’s like… it infects the whole… in like a… in like a… like a sort of… hu-… in like a very… in like a… think about… think about it like an epidemic. uhm… like of… of mass proportions. that’s what his personality’s like… but positive.

  • David: next time, BGA brings out a whole set of songs instead of one MV for Kpoopers
  • David: and we call it
  • David: an al-BUM
Here are some spin-offs for ya

PB could have given us:

-a light-hearted THOBM spin-off featuring the Waverleys before the “incident”

-a 5-chapter book about “When Mark Met Dani”

-a Hollywood-U-style story where Ryan and Cass are featured and made canon. Just like how you earn power/prestige in TCatF, you gain Stardom points (someone has already suggested something like this)

-a short book where you play as Craig, a nerd who undergoes a transformation and becomes big guy on campus (but breaks a very specific heart in the process)

-Gabriela’s life aka Winter in July

-Raydan’s backstory or val’s or sei’s etc.


-a stupid RoE spin-off no one asked for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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➢ I love you - Woodkid ➢ The Sword & The Pen - Regina Spektor ➢ Necessary Evil - The Dresden Dolls ➢ Howl - Florence and the Machine ➢ Me and the Devil - Soap & Skin ➢ Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls ➢ Stop The World I wanna Get Off With You - Arctic Monkeys ➢ Don’t Stop - Innerpartysystem ➢ The Only Way To My Heart… - Foxy Shazam ➢ Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek - Blue October ➢

A mix for a boy who fell in love with a voice coming from a radio and a con man with an unhealthy obsession for a pawn.


dedicated to my wonderful and amazing rp partner who inspired me to finally finish this damn thing omf

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Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: everything happens for a reason i promise thjs will all make sense im sorru i hope this is ok



Chapter Nine

“How long have you been there?” Dan’s mutters defensively, not bothering to question why he’d even crossed the road to converse with who he supposedly ‘can’t stand’.

Maybe he hadn’t been planning on a conversation. Maybe if Dan hadn’t turned around, his walk into London would’ve resulted in the expected stabbing after all.

Phil hesitates, adding skip in his step in an attempt to catch up with Dan’s slightly quickened pace. “However long it was since you last looked over at me.” He raises an eyebrow.

“What did you think crossing the road was going to achieve, then?” Dan raises his own eyebrow, noticing how weird it is to actually be talking to Phil outside of the four restrictive walls of the ballroom.

Phil shrugs. “The mutual acknowledgement of eachother would’ve been awkward considering we’re going to the same place, Dan.” He huffs out a thoughtful chuckle. “And given you obviously weren’t up for any icebreaking, I guess it was my duty.”

“Icebreaking?” Dan frowns, although he can’t help but feel a little impressed at Phil’s use of vocabulary in such a casually constructed sentence; although he’d have probably had to swallow a shocking amount of dictionaries in order to achieve that. “It’s not as if we’re strangers.”

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I’m two seconds away from DMing Jiho “BABE UR SHIT KEEPS GETTING TAKEN WHERE U @?!”. TOY instrumentals was used again by some dude named Ryan Sage. The video was JUST taken down but yeah it’s been 5 days since the last issue. What is going on? Seven Seasons where you at? Is anyone telling Jiho about his music is being stolen and being passed off as the thiefs own?


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do u think someone out there made furry porn of ryan the lion

r u kidding thats where half of the ryan fortune goes baby. andy’s single handedly keeping the fifties equivalent of furaffinity afloat. hows that for pullin the gr8 chain