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Lesbian History:

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)

  • the longest-serving First Lady of the United States from 1933-1945
  • the first First Lady to speak at a National Party Convention
  • was actively involved in raising money for and accomplishing the goals of Women’s Trade Union League and League of Women Voters
  • is pretty much credited with the current definition of First Lady because before her it was just synonymous with domesticity
  • was a passionate supporter of African American rights and the Civil Rights movement
  • after her husband FDR died Harry Truman appointed her a delagate to the UN and she was the FIRST chairperson of the preliminary UN commission on human rights
  • had a passionate affair with Lorena Hickok and wrote 10-15 page letters to her daily with all kinds of romantic loveliness included
  • to quote @lesbianempath:
    • “imagine being a lesbian in 1900 and being like “well if i’ve gotta have a beard might as well make it count” and then going down in history as literally the most active First Lady" (irl lol)
  • check out the books Empty Without You by Roger Streitmatter, and Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady by Susan Quinn

The shaymin jumps down from the tree in front of the victini.

The gullible shaymin walks off leaving the victini relieved. What next?

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are you actually writing it 🙈 -lavagirl anon

Ah shit i worded my tags wrong, i’m writing reef shark tae !!

(( THAT will def be out tomorrow and have two parts ))

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Taking off gloves: Viktuuri vs Otayuri

I still can’t comprehend both these things happened it’s been about six months since their engagement and yet I can’t believe it’s been about a week since Welcome to the Madness and yET I CAN’T BELIEVE-

*takes in a deeeeeep breath of nice fresh air*

*lets it out slowly and calmly*

What a lovely day to remember that asexuals and aromantics are included in the LGBT on pure virtue of being asexual or aromantic alone, regardless of their romantic (for aces) or sexual (for aros) orientation in addition to their asexuality/aromanticism. Truly a lovely, marvelous day.


ok y’all sorry to shitpost but um can we just appreciate that every white mccree is Officially Banned Forever (Always Been but ya know)

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oh sorry one more thing so in fourth year Mrs. Weasley knits Harry a Weasley sweater but this time with a DRAGON on it, plus he gets a little dragon model of the Horntail and I just have this headcanon that like most kids with horses and dinos Harry blooms into the "dragon obsessed stage" at 14 but JK just didn't feel like mentioning it. (charlie understands, ron is lowkey mortified since his dragon phase was age 8)

I endorse this headcanon 200%! And while we’re at it, I actually often wonder what happened to that tiny Horntail. Like, where did it go.

“Harry set his tiny model of the Hungarian Horntail on the table next to his bed, where it yawned, curled up and closed its eyes. Really, Harry thought, as he pulled the hangings on his four-poster closed, Hagrid had a point… they were all right, really, dragons…”  

Was it somewhat alive? Did it need to eat? Something tells me that the answer to both of these questions is no and that it was probably an ordinary still model with temporary charms (which will wear off eventually) on it, but I still love this idea of Harry keeping it as a pet and feeding it frogs and mice.

oh my fucking god i have anxiety, ptsd & probably bpd and i’m absolutely sick of the “crytyping jokes are ableist” posts. get over your damn selves. the jokes aren’t ableist. they’re not. they never were. crytyping is a performative manipulation tactic designed to engender sympathy for the performer and make their accusers into aggressors. like… i’m sorry but “i’’’mmm sosorrrryi ddidin’’tt’ mmean ittttt ii gugugeesss ishoulud jjjuustt ddienooww .” is performative manipulation. it is. the fact that it might be coming from someone who has a mental illness doesn’t make it okay, and it doesn’t make it “ableist” to make fun of it. because, as i’ve said, it’s performative manipulation

Patience yields focus.
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> I hope that in a few years I'll be done with this obsession<p/><b></b> *10 years later*<p/><b>Me:</b> I think it's finally over!<p/><b>Brain:</b> NEW INSTALLMENT TODAY<p/><b>Me:</b> WHYYYYYYY<p/></p>