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Eddie was already signed on to do it so that was very exciting to me. I was already such a fan of his work and had a feeling even before I met him that it would be really fun to work with him. I was so wrong about that; he’s a nightmare. No, I’m kidding. He’s wonderful. - Katherine Waterston

Can you do one where Matty and (Y/N) meet at a cute coffee shop in London and then go to his flat and fuck?

“Is this seat taken?” A male voice says. I stop looking at my laptop and look to the man… a very atractive man I have to say.

“Humm… nope.” I said trying to sound friendly. He chucked at my confused look.

“Is it alright if I sit next to you? If not, then… no problem, I could just sit in another table.” He says with a smile on his face.

“No no no no. I didn’t mean to sound like that. I’m sorry.” awkward, yes, but why the fuck would he sit next to me when this shitty coffee shop is totally empty?

“I wanted to sit here because I thought you’re cute as fuck.” He says like he’s reading my mind. I blushed.

“Well, thank you…” I say trying to not sound as nervous as I feel.

“Matthew. But you can call me Matty.” He says still with a smile on his face. Damn, he never stop smiling? His smile is cute though. “Hello, are you there?”

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry, I was kind of daydreaming?” I said, I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. He chuckled, and then asked me what was I thinking. “I was thinking that your smile is really cute.” WTF, really?!? Why was I being so sincere? He laughed.

“Can I know your name, love?” He asks… oh right, how silly of me. I forgot to say my name.

“My name is (Y/N).”

“Beautiful name… and, what are you doing here all alone?”

“I’m trying to get a work done for college. I was doing it at my house but I started to feel claustrophobic in there.” He laughs. What’s so funny about that? “University sucks. Don’t you ever go there.” I said and he laughs again.

“I’m taking your advice. I have a band though, I hope I don’t need to study or get a shitty job.” He said sincere. Well, this guy was interesing.

He told me a few things about his band and I’m  going to google them later, definetly. Also we chatted about us, both wanting to know more of each others. And also shit with nonsence… Matty was an expert in that.

“Why are you laughing so much? It wasn’t that funny!” I exclaim.

“One of my friends gave me weed, a very good one I have to say.”

“I see… you should share, you know?” He looked amazed by my words.

“Do you smoke?” He asks and I nod.

“I still have some… in my flat. Would you like to go?” He asked and I agreed. How smart of me going to the apartment of a stranger.

We walked a few minutes and suddenly, we were in his flat.

“You live really close to the coffee shop.” He nodded.

“Yeah, I go there when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to cook… almost everyday.” He confesed, I laughed. “Wait… I’m going to get the bong. Make yourself at home.” I nodded.

I started looking at his music colection… he had a lot of albums, and I love many of them.

“Don’t you mind if I put some music on?” I yelled and he told me it was ok.

So I grabbed a Michael Jackson album and it started playing. Seconds later Matty apeared dancing with the bong in his hands.

We smoking and chatted for… I don’t really know. All I know is that I’m having a good time with this dude.

“You have got an amazing taste in music, (Y/N) I feel like I want to marry you right here, right now.” We both laughed and when we stop, I looked into his eyes as he did the same with mine. I couldn’t help but kiss him.

As the Michael Jackson’s album kept playing, we were getting naked in his couch.

Matty went down on me and ate me out, giving me the best oral I ever had.


When he was promoting it (Grace) he did this tiny little gig on Denmark Street, which in London is this street where all the guitar shops are. He played this little acoustic set of the album in a basement about as big as this room with like twenty of us and so he kind of just sang it to us and it was a real moment that i feel very privileged to have been part of and to have seen because then after that it all sort of took off for him and then i went to see him play bigger gigs - Stella McCartney on Grace (x)

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But Anna there are sunglasses shop in london where liam will go after the birth with the hand written band?or adidas like on instagram during the labor? Because #priorites

He’ll walk inside Specsavers only to show off the hospital bracelet and then go out and in a car. lmao

ice cream shop au where zayn works at a small ice cream place in london to pay for uni expenses and liam, a junior in uni, starts visiting the shop, him and zayn have banter while liam always tries to guess movie quotes that zayn writes on a blackboard (anyone who guessed the movie w/o looking it up gets a free large ice cream) and so liam is determined to get one of the quotes, but he constantly gets them wrong and so one day zayn asks him why he even bothers bc liam buys an ice cream anyways and liam says that if he gets a quote one day,
could he take zayn on a date to which zayn blushes at and gets really flustered but nods his head because he actually has been wanting to go out w liam since he started hanging around the shop, so one day liam comes in and smiles widely at the quote for that day and he laughs because it’s from one of his favourite comic book-turned into a movie, zayn accepts the date w liam and gives him a ridiculous amount of ice cream which liam doesn’t hesitate to devour, after the first date they start really dating and zayn is forever thankful for remembering liam’s favourite movie when he told him on the first day they met


Princess Madeleine has recently been spotted shopping in London, where she was reportedly shopping for Prince Oscar’s upcoming christening. Next week, the Princess and her family will be back in Stockholm for Prince Oscar’s christening.