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Eddie was already signed on to do it so that was very exciting to me. I was already such a fan of his work and had a feeling even before I met him that it would be really fun to work with him. I was so wrong about that; he’s a nightmare. No, I’m kidding. He’s wonderful. - Katherine Waterston

Ok, my mum bought these pretty towels for my new bathroom..

..the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them?

Totally this! :)

Work, Not Youtube (4) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three

1-800-GET-SOME - theaterkidlester   

Summary: One night, Chris drunkenly suggested that Dan call a phone sex line to figure out his sexuality. Since then, Dan has been hooked on a person who works there, with a gorgeous deep chuckle and the name of Phil.

Acrylic Payments - undressrehearsal

Summary: Phil has his own art shop where Dan works in at the weekend in exchange for kisses (Dan won’t admit this, though).

A Dream Come True (ao3) - darkness_prince_dan

Summary: Dan’s got a major crush on an artist that frequents the coffee shop Dan works at and then there are magical drawings appearing on Dan’s arms. He should not be as cool with that as he is.

Beautiful Scars On Critical Veins - whalefairyfandom12

Summary: In which Phil works at a cinema to pay off his university fees and Dan is the student he finds sprawled on the floor with deadened eyes and a love for alcohol and fireflies.

Better Than Kittens (ao3) - LiterallyAmazingPhan

Summary: Dan works at an animal shelter and Phil comes in everyday just to play with the kittens and Dan thinks Phil is super cute but can’t work up the courage to talk to him but eventually he does.

Blind Date with an Asshole (ao3) - kitchen_sinks

Summary: Dan is on a terrible blind date and Phil is his hot waiter.

Blossom - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil is a rich businessman who decides to leave the city in favor of buying a house in the country.  He expected to find beauty in the house and the surrounding gardens, but he didn’t account for a cute gardener who loves flowers and hates him.

Burgundy Red (ao3) - transphil

Summary: “i was at work today serving a family of 4 and I could hear the mother and father making homophobic comments about me behind my back because of the way I look but the joke’s on them because when I opened up Grindr and their son popped up on it so now i’m talking to him and he wants to take me on a date”

Get Your Workout On - phanetixs

Summary: the story of reluctant fitness trainer Phil Lester and the hilarity of imagining Dan Howell voluntarily exercising for him.

How To Get Away With Marriage - humhowellelujah

Summary: Dan works at a small office doing coffee runs. His boss, Mr. Lester, needs Dan to do him a favor while his parents are in town for the next couple of weeks.

Into the Mist (ao3) - parttimestoryteller

Summary: Struggling author Phil starts a new life in London looking for publication, where he meets Dan, a similarly broke waiter in a dingy coffee shop. But London, much like Dan, is built on celluloid dreams.

I’ve Lost My Daddy - sexyassphan

Summary: Phil works at a holiday site, working onstage and introducing acts and entertaining the audience. Dan has a son- who is lost.

I’ve Only Got Eyes for You (ao3) - Full_Moon_Lover

Summary: Featuring Phil going to a strip club for his 30th birthday and Dan as a very amused waiter.

Late Night Shifts - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan works at a late shift at McDonalds and is growing bored of how empty the place is, and then AmazingPhil walks in and suddenly the night is a little better.

Lifeline (ao3) - dannihowell

Summary: Phil works at a suicide hotline and he gets a call from a distraught boy named Dan.

Professionally, Yours - deletablebird

Summary: Dan is an overworked, underpaid, very homosexual uni student in need of an easy job. Phil is a successful, rather lonely businessman in need of a housekeeper. This is their story.

Strawberry Shortcake - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan works at a bakery with his friend Louise, where a punk boy comes in every day and orders Strawberry Shortcake.

The Chef - fiction-phan

Summary: “You’re a highly known critic and I own a restaurant but you’re the kid I used to tease in high school and oh sweet rosemary, you’re reviewing my restaurant?”

Trading Harsh Bars for a Warm Embrace - phandabbydosey

Summary: Phil works for a charity that rescues nekos from the widespread cruelty still rampant despite the laws forbidding it. After saving a certain, brown haired neko from horrible conditions, Phil’s reminded of just why he does his job.

Can you do one where Matty and (Y/N) meet at a cute coffee shop in London and then go to his flat and fuck?

“Is this seat taken?” A male voice says. I stop looking at my laptop and look to the man… a very atractive man I have to say.

“Humm… nope.” I said trying to sound friendly. He chucked at my confused look.

“Is it alright if I sit next to you? If not, then… no problem, I could just sit in another table.” He says with a smile on his face.

“No no no no. I didn’t mean to sound like that. I’m sorry.” awkward, yes, but why the fuck would he sit next to me when this shitty coffee shop is totally empty?

“I wanted to sit here because I thought you’re cute as fuck.” He says like he’s reading my mind. I blushed.

“Well, thank you…” I say trying to not sound as nervous as I feel.

“Matthew. But you can call me Matty.” He says still with a smile on his face. Damn, he never stop smiling? His smile is cute though. “Hello, are you there?”

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry, I was kind of daydreaming?” I said, I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. He chuckled, and then asked me what was I thinking. “I was thinking that your smile is really cute.” WTF, really?!? Why was I being so sincere? He laughed.

“Can I know your name, love?” He asks… oh right, how silly of me. I forgot to say my name.

“My name is (Y/N).”

“Beautiful name… and, what are you doing here all alone?”

“I’m trying to get a work done for college. I was doing it at my house but I started to feel claustrophobic in there.” He laughs. What’s so funny about that? “University sucks. Don’t you ever go there.” I said and he laughs again.

“I’m taking your advice. I have a band though, I hope I don’t need to study or get a shitty job.” He said sincere. Well, this guy was interesing.

He told me a few things about his band and I’m  going to google them later, definetly. Also we chatted about us, both wanting to know more of each others. And also shit with nonsence… Matty was an expert in that.

“Why are you laughing so much? It wasn’t that funny!” I exclaim.

“One of my friends gave me weed, a very good one I have to say.”

“I see… you should share, you know?” He looked amazed by my words.

“Do you smoke?” He asks and I nod.

“I still have some… in my flat. Would you like to go?” He asked and I agreed. How smart of me going to the apartment of a stranger.

We walked a few minutes and suddenly, we were in his flat.

“You live really close to the coffee shop.” He nodded.

“Yeah, I go there when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to cook… almost everyday.” He confesed, I laughed. “Wait… I’m going to get the bong. Make yourself at home.” I nodded.

I started looking at his music colection… he had a lot of albums, and I love many of them.

“Don’t you mind if I put some music on?” I yelled and he told me it was ok.

So I grabbed a Michael Jackson album and it started playing. Seconds later Matty apeared dancing with the bong in his hands.

We smoking and chatted for… I don’t really know. All I know is that I’m having a good time with this dude.

“You have got an amazing taste in music, (Y/N) I feel like I want to marry you right here, right now.” We both laughed and when we stop, I looked into his eyes as he did the same with mine. I couldn’t help but kiss him.

As the Michael Jackson’s album kept playing, we were getting naked in his couch.

Matty went down on me and ate me out, giving me the best oral I ever had.

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He gets mad at you and you storm out. You go to like a park or somthing to cool down. But he finds you?

in which harry gets it wrong…

Y/N had been on the inside of the One Direction’s circle for a long time. Even before she and Harry began dating, she worked for them. She was there for all the concerts packed with thousands of people, the hysterical fan meet and greets, the unrelenting paparazzi at the airport, outside the venue, following them around anywhere they can be found really.

The point is, she was aware of the amount of fame and fortune each of the boys had. But, this hiatus was weird. Each of the boys were separate entities. She didn’t seem them everyday. She didn’t even see Harry everyday—with the whole movie thing he had going on—and he was her boyfriend. It was hard.

That being said, right now she should be happy. She should be over the moon that Harry is with her in his new mansion in LA celebrating the end of filming his first movie. Instead, she’s sitting at the counter in his ridiculously expensive kitchen sipping scotch. “There you are,” Harry said, entering the room with a bright smile on his face, “I was looking for you.”

She shot him a small smile. “Here I am.” She took another sip of her drink.

“Enjoying yourself?”

She nodded her head from side to side as a noncommittal answer.

“What’s wrong?”


He leaned in beside her, examining her face. “Something,” he concluded. “You don’t like the house?”

Y/N let out a small groan. “No, no. I do. It’s nice. It’s gorgeous. It’s just…” her eyes shifted everywhere in the room, except for at Harry, “Do you know how long it’d take me to afford this place?”

He blinked. “What?”

“Like six maybe seven lifetimes.” She may have worked for them, but the gap in their back accounts was real.

“I don’t understand what that has to do with anything.” It was a fair statement for him to make. She never had an issue with his career or money before.

“Nothing. Just nothing. Go have fun. It’s your party.”

“Are you upset with me for buying this house? Because frankly you don’t have the right to be. What I do with my money is my business.”

“Okay, first of all, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And second, there is no need to be so defensive.”

“But, there is! It seems like whenever I’m trying to do something for me, you have a problem with it.”

Her jaw dropped. “That is not true. Now, I suggest you shut up because like I said you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No, it is. When I set up my recording studio you had “reservations,” and when I signed my solo deal you “weren’t sure,” and when I auditioned for my role you didn’t want me to do that, either. It’s all good if it’s for One Direction because then you can get your cut right?“

“Screw you, Harry,” she said, then stormed out the house.


How dare he? How dare he? It was the only thing running through her mind. She couldn’t believe he would accuse her of such a thing. She was so angry, but she didn’t have anywhere to go in this god forsaken city.

She walked and walked until she stumbled across a park. She really should’ve been paying attention to where she was going because, like it or not, Harry was the only person she knew and her only source of shelter.

Y/N sighed as she settled down on a swing. The walk over knocked some of the edge off her anger, but she needed to think and sort through everything. She knew herself better than anyone. When she gets in her head, she can assess her feelings and motivations, and It helped her get to the source of the problem. As it turns out, Y/N was just a kid in love.

She tried to keep that in mind as she heard Harry yell out her name and a second wave of anger washed over her. “I’ve been looking around for you for ages. I called and texted you a million times. You had me worried sick,” he stated walking over to you.

“Sure is a lot of trouble to go through for a gold digger,” she spat. “If I was really a gold digger, I’m a lousy one. I could work at McDonald’s and make almost as much as I’m making now, you know?”

“I shouldn’t have said that.” He sat on the swing beside her.

“You think?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Are you? Because the fact that you could actually form the thought that I’m with you for any other reason than my love for you is unfathomable. Do you really think that low of me? Do you really think that low of yourself?”

He grabbed her hand and she sighed, her anger subsiding. “You know I don’t think that. I just wanted you to have a good time, and you weren’t. I love this city, but you’re never completely happy when we’re here. That’s part of the reason why I bought the house. I figured if you had a place to stay…”

“Harry—you idiot—I miss you! LA isn’t my favourite place in the world because whenever we come here I never see you. You’ve always got an agenda. If I do see you, it’s you with your friends. I’ve always got to share you, so excuse me for being a bit selfish.”

“’S that why you always ask me about things before I do it?”

“Well, yeah. I know you’ve got a lot of people in your ears telling you to do this and do that, but I want you to think through things thoroughly. And, you’re always so so busy, I’m afraid you’re going to run yourself into the ground.”

He was quiet for a few beats before he scrunched up his nose. “That still doesn’t explain why you have a problem with the house.”

She exhales exasperatedly. “Harry, I miss you. I don’t need another house. I need you. Do you know how many days we’ve spent together in your house in London since you’ve asked me to move in?” He stayed silent. “Thirteen. I mean at least when you’re with One Direction I get to see you and yeah you’re a bit busy but I’m there. I know you’re thinking of me. But, here?” Tears began to well up in her eyes. She’s actually surprised it took this long for them to spring forth. “I can’t compete with this. I can’t compete with all your friends. I can’t afford to eat where you guys eat or shop where you shop. In London, I can pretend that I have something to offer because I pay half the utilities, but I can’t stop you from seeing how much you don’t need me here.”

Sobs were racking her body by the time she finished speaking. “Oh, doll.” He pulled her into his chest. He shushed her cries as he kissed her forehead. “You love me, don’t you?” She nodded against him. “That’s all I need. I just need your love. Not anyone else’s. And I’ve got more money than I know what to do with, don’t I?” She nodded again, and he chuckled. “Alright then. You don’t have to worry about competing with anyone. I’m all yours. And, I’m sorry that I haven’t done a great job of letting you know how important to me. Most important person in my life, aren’t you?” He waited for her response. “Go on and nod,” he said and she chuckled but nodded nonetheless. “And, the house is all empty now. No more movie. No more people. No more party. We can go out and do whatever we want. Just me and you. I’ll make you love LA as much as I do, now.”

Y/N pulled back from him and he wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Ummm… Harry?”

“Can we go back to the house? I’m actually real keen on getting in that pool.”

He smiled that lopsided grin with his dimple popping out. “We can do that.”


When he was promoting it (Grace) he did this tiny little gig on Denmark Street, which in London is this street where all the guitar shops are. He played this little acoustic set of the album in a basement about as big as this room with like twenty of us and so he kind of just sang it to us and it was a real moment that i feel very privileged to have been part of and to have seen because then after that it all sort of took off for him and then i went to see him play bigger gigs - Stella McCartney on Grace (x)

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Ciara! Do you have any recommendations for what to do and where to go in London? Where are some cool places to shop? Thank you, you're a dear.

Cool places to shop? Try Brick Lane, there are some awesome Vintage shops there. I know everyone talks about Oxford Street, but there are so many people there it can get traumatic, but if you’re looking for high street stores it’s good. If you have time go to Richmond park, it’s quite far out but SO WORTH IT, it’s way better than Hyde Park. Camden is always good, the markets are cool and you can snap up some nice quirky things. The Science Museum, The History Museum, V & A Museum, British Museum (basically any museum in London) all BRILL. Go to the theatre! I could recommend any of the musicals or plays, literally everything is fantastic. HARRY POTTER WORLD (again quite far out but so0000000oooooo000000ooooooo worth it), The sherlock museum on Baker street, which is also next to the Beatles shop!! SO MANY THINGS TO DOOOOO!!!!!!!! LONDON IS YOUR OYSTER. Let me know where you end up going, enjoy!!

.:Imagine meeting Dom in a coffee shop:.

Request for anon:
“Hi! Could I request one where Domhnall and the reader meet in a London coffee shop while he is trying to hide from some crazy fans following him around?”

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My mother kept saying that Hux was Donald Trump and I was like I will emancipate if you talk about my husband like that again.


Okay. One more page. I can write one more page. I can finish this chapter.

I have been in this coffee shop for the past 3 hours. I like it here. The workers are friendly, it’s warm and the smells are wonderful. I’m writing a short story and well, I’m working very hard at it. I would like to see it done sometime before I die.

Hearing commotion, I look out side to see a small group if girls screaming and chasing after someone. I roll my eyes.

Why can’t people just respect other people?!! GOD

I reach into my bag and pull out my laptop. Firing it up I hear the door bell clang as it gets opened. I hear the other at my table quickly scrape across the wood floor as someone sits down.

I scan my eyes across to see..

Aw shit.

Domhnall Gleeson.

How the fuck? What? I mean… Why? Keep calm Y/N. You’re fine.

He’s out of breath as he stares out the window. I look at him nervously, and then he actually looks at me. I give him a confused slash pleased slash oh my god what look. Or something like that.

I mean what face would you make if you saw one of your favorite actors sitting across from you? You’d lose it too.

Then he speaks. “Hello. Sorry about that. I was just uh-” He stops. “Yeah. Anyways. What’s your name?” He smiles.

I smile. “I’m Y/N.”

“Well Y/N would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes. Yes I would.”

Are We Out Of The Woods? - Part Three. Joe Sugg Imagine.

Part One:

Part Two:

You’ve been hiding out at your best friends house in Manchester since the night you left Joe. After you explained the situation to your parents, they were quite shocked at your decision and rather upset at Joe’s actions, but they completely understood and promised not to tell a soul of where you were going. When you arrived at your best friends house the next morning after leaving Joe with a rather full suitcase and duffle bag, she was completely shocked. She, like many of your other friends, did not know about your relationship with Joe and you were absolutely terrified that she would be angry with you for not telling her such a big secret. As soon as you told her, she thought you were joking with her, but when the tears began to build in your eyes and slowly fall down your cheeks, she took it a lot more serious and listened to every word you had to say.

“Oh darling..Come here..” She whispered, enveloping you into her arms and began to sooth you with her comforting words. She was more than happy to keep you at her house for a while and was very excited to have some company since her own boyfriend was currently on a lads holiday in Portugal. The first thing she did was lock the doors, before she began to grab pillows from every room and blankets also, together you both turned her neat, tidy sitting room into a magical, large, fairy lit fort with the most comfortable pillows and softest blankets. After she brought you both a mug of tea into the fort, she placed a blanket over you both and she listened to you talk about the sweet, romantic things Joe would do for you on your secretive dates, before she listened to the heart break and loneliness you’ve been struggling through when Joe began to ‘date’ Emily. You told her about how Joe was against making you and him public but he was more than happy to go into a public, fake relationship with a gorgeous model to keep you ‘safe’. Your best friend was appalled at Joe’s behaviour and began to rant about Emily and how fake she was and even began to give out about Joe.

“You don’t need him..You’re a strong, sexy, kind hearted, funny, witty, intelligent, kind, sweet beautiful girl and you deserve nothing but good in this world. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be showed off. You deserve a man who isn’t afraid to hold your hand in public and kiss you in front of the world and show you off to all of his friends to make them jealous. I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend, and I’m not mad at you for not telling me about your relationship. I completely respect you and your decisions and I will always love you no matter what you decide to do in life, and I’ll always be by your side to support you..through everything..I’ll always be there for you..whether you need a shoulder to cry on or simply need someone to talk to or even laugh with..I’ll always be there for you..” Your best friend whispered as she wrapped her arms around your shoulders and pulled you in for a hug. Tears began to stream down your cheeks yet again, but they weren’t tears of heart break or sadness but tears of happiness. You were so incredibly lucky to have your/best-friends/name in your life. She was your rock. You’ve been connected by the hip since you were both toddlers starting school and you couldn’t have felt more blessed and happy in that moment. She was a true, loyal friend that you would never let go of.

“I’m going to help you get through this and we’re going to get happy, funny and tear free Y/N back..” She whispered kissing your forehead and softly squeezing your shoulders and you couldn’t stop the smile growing on your lips as you looked at your best friend and smiled back at her, wiping away the tears from your eyes because you knew she meant every word she spoke.

“I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend..Thank you so much..” You whispered before you enveloped her in a tight bear hug. You would be entirely lost without her in your life. That night you shed some more tears and struggled to let sleep overtake you, but maybe this was for the best. Maybe you and Joe were not meant to be together.

| Two Weeks Later |

It’s been two weeks since you’ve left Joe. It’s been two weeks you’ve been suffering with a broken heart and never ending tears, and it’s been two weeks since you’ve been properly happy. You haven’t been in contact with Joe or any of his friends since you couldn’t look back, but only move forwards. Your phone though, has been constantly ringing and dinging with calls and messages from Joe and even some from Caspar, Oli and Zoe. You’ve stayed clear from social medias and haven’t looked at any messages from Joe nor have you listened to the many voice mails he has left on your machine and the many messages and DM’s he’s left on your social media. Your best friend changed your lock screens to selfies of her pulling the weirdest double chin faces and it made you smile each time.

Your best friend has been there for you twenty four seven for the last two weeks and you couldn’t be more thankful. Your friend has helped you with everything and now she was trying to persuade you to leaving the house to go for a girly day of shopping, manicures and a five star meal in the city of London. At first you were quite, let’s say strong headed. “No your/best-friends/name. We’re not going to London! What if we bump into him? What will we do or even say? I can’t..I’m not ready in case we do..” You panicked feeling your heart rate increase rapidly. London was an insanely large city, but the possibly of running into Joe was still there and you couldn’t put that at risk.

“Come on Y/N! I’ve got to go work on Monday after my three week holiday and all I want is a little time with my best friend in the city of London where we can shop until we drop and get our nails done and eat at this incredible restaurant I booked us at..Come on..Please..” She pouted holding your hands and giving you the most saddest puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen in your life. You sighed knowing the puppy dog eyes always got to you and plucked at each and every single one of your heart strings. “Fine, fine..but if we so happen to see Joe-” You began to speak but we’re instantly cut off by your friend squealing with delight and hugging you closely. “Yes! I promise you, we won’t run into him!” Your friend beamed before she dragged you both upstairs and began to get you both ready. You decided to sport a casual, skinny blue jean look with a grey sleeveless shirt, a pair of ankle boots and a long cardigan to match and keep you warm. Your hair was styled up into a messy bun and you were ready to leave the house after finishing your makeup to cover up the bags under your eyes and to give you a fresh look since you did not want to be seen with your red eyes and dark under circles.


You were currently walking through the shopping centre with your/best-friends/name after walking out of ‘Crazy Nails and Hair’ with your new French tipped manicure nails. You were both window shopping currently and wondering what shop you would both like to wander into and hunt for a good bargain. Currently you both stood outside of Topshop and gazed at the autumn collection that wasn’t currently being shipped in and you smiled lovingly at some of the jumpers knowing you would most definitely have to add them to your collection. As you pointed to a jumper on one of the window mannequins to show to your/best-friends/name, you heard a couple of gasps.

“Oh my god!” You turned to see a group of girls, maybe around ten or twelve girls surrounding you with their phones and you felt your eyes widen in shock and fear. “Oh my god your Joe’s best friend! Your Y/N! Wow..W-we just wanted to know if we could take a picture? I-if that wouldn’t be too much trouble..” A girl with curly blonde hair smiled at you and you felt yourself smile shyly and a blush creep upon your cheeks. “Yes, of course! It wouldn’t be any trouble lovely..” You smiled at the girls surrounding you. You were faced by many cameras and smiled for every photo taken and even hugged a lot of the girls. “Wow..Joe is so lucky to have you as a best friend..” A girl with red straightened hair smiled at you and you felt your heart crack and shatter inside and your smile slightly drop. Hearing his name from another persons mouth..it really hurt you, but you quickly smacked the smile back onto your lips since you couldn’t tell Joe’s fan base about the situation your both in.

“Do you know if he’s okay? He hasn’t posted in a while..He’s missed two Sugg Sunday’s..and he hasn’t uploaded anything on his vlogging channel or even tweet anything..Do you know what’s up with him?” Another girl spoke out and you felt your stomach tighten into a ball of knots. Joe hasn’t tweeted or uploaded a video? That’s not like Joe at all, YouTube is his job and he loves it so much. Why hasn’t he been posting? As all of these thoughts began to creep into your mind, a voice broke your track of thoughts. “Are you guys both okay? We haven’t seen you in many of his videos since that model came on the scene..” The girl with rosy cheeks spoke making your mind spin like a merry go round as you tried to create some sort of excuse in your mind. “Joe has been really busy with his graphic novel..and some projects for you guys..I’m sure he’ll be back to normal soon..We haven’t spoken because I’ve been busy with college work and exams..” You lied right behind your teeth with a shy smile plastered across your face. You felt guilt pulse through your blood stream and your heart sink to your feet. You hated lying but you couldn’t possibly tell them the truth and let everything slip out.

'Oh, you see, Joe and I have been actually dating for quite a while now but he decided to shove me in the dark and actually go public dating with this beautiful, outstanding model for a publicity stunt so he could get more subscribers and she could get more followers and he completely blanked me and neglected me which is why I left him and that’s why we haven’t spoken..’ If you said a word about this contract, your almost sure that Joe’s management would easily come after you with loaded guns. 

“I hope everything works out well for you in college Y/N because you deserve it..I don’t know how you put up with that girlfriend of his! She’s so fake!” The girl scoffed and shook her head. “I know your best friends with Joe, but I always shipped you with Joe much more than this girl he has..” The girl grinned at you as many of the other fans agreed with her statement which made you smile to yourself and made your best friend chuckle. The subscribers would have supported your relationship with Joe if you both left the woods and they don’t seem to like Emily at all, just like yourself! As you parted your lips to speak, gasps and expressions of shock over took every girls face. “Guys, look! It’s Joe Sugg!” They all squealed loudly making you your eyes widen, your heart stop and your face turn as white as snow. Your head slowly turned to see Joe looking towards the group of fan girls that shrieked his name and you watched his eyes widened immediately as soon as he saw you. He was about twenty feet away and he began to walk over in your direction quickly.

“Quick Y/N, take my keys and run. I’ll distract him if I can..” Your best friends whispered, slipping her car keys into your hand before she pushed you after snatching your shopping bags. You felt a sick feeling rush through you along with panic and you instantly took off into a quick run and felt your heart jump to your throat with fear.

“Y/N! Y/N! Come back!” You heard Joe yell loudly. You ran quickly down the escalator and apologised as you brushed by people roughly. “Sorry! Sorry! Y/N! I’m so sorry miss!” Joe muttered as he pushed pass people as hard as he could to try and catch up with your running. Joe completely ran around the group of fangirls and your best mate like lightened and began to run as fast as his legs could carry him. He wasn’t about to lose you again and so he used every ounce of energy in him to run as fast he could possibly run. The group of fangirls began to chase after Joe too once they watched Joe take off in a run.

Your chest was aching and screaming with a burning feeling from the pain and the soles of your feet were in completely agony. Boots were not made for running. You quickly dashed through the shopping centre attempting to outrun your ex boyfriend as your blood was pulsing through you in an adrenaline rush and you could still hear Joe’s voice calling and screaming your name loudly. You were thinking quick, trying to create a diversion for yourself to distract Joe. You swung a left at the nearby make up store and ran through it and towards the other exit that led to the car park. You heard squeals and shrieks from inside the make up store which alerted you that Joe was obviously inside. You began to sprint for your life, searching madly for your best friends car and trying to keep out of the way of Joe.

There’s no way you could face him after all that he’s done to you and after the way you left him. Joe was your first ever love and it would only break you to look him deep in the eyes again and feel his soft, muscled arms around you. You were not ready to face this boy yet and you don’t think you ever would be. You smiled with victory seeing your best friends car and began to rush towards it. As soon as you reached it, you began to shove the key into the lock before you gasped loudly feeling your body instantly spin around and your wrists being held down against your sides. Your chest was rising and falling quickly and your mind was like a very fast carousel trying to keep up with everything happening.

You just knew you shouldn’t have came to London today. You had a gut instinct about it all but you still brushed it off and now look at the situation you’ve gotten yourself into. You wanted all of this to be some nightmare that you would soon awake from and then laugh about it over breakfast, but when you fluttered your eyes open, your breath was instantly caught in your throat.

Joe stood there before you, his chest rising and falling in sync with yours and his breaths rather deep. You didn’t know what to say. You could almost swallow the cologne he was wearing and you could almost touch his forehead with yours, you were that close. You watched his blue orbs study your face intently and you never felt more sick in your life. You wanted to throw up everything and the tears that have been building up, also wanted to break free like Niagara Fall. You haven’t seen this face in two weeks and now you were stood right in front of it. You felt completely numb and you were speechless.

“You’ve always been very quick on your feet, haven’t you?” Joe whispered, gazing down into your eye/colour eyes softly. Your throat was running dry and you could feel your heart pounding against your rib cage heavily before it fell to your feet as your stomach began to feel empty.

“Y/N..I’ve been trying to talk to you and get in contact with you every day..Please..just hear me out..” Joe spoke, his voice cracking ever so slightly and the lump in his throat battling to rise and overtake him. Your eyes closed and you tried to calm your breathing as your throat ran dry and your lungs shrivelled up tightly. Your chest was pressing against his, matching his breathing. Thoughts were swirling through your head like a washing machine. You didn’t know what to say to him nor did you know if you even wanted to speak with Joe after the way he neglected and ignored you to spend time with his fake girlfriend.

“Why?” You asked, breaking the momentary silence and felt your voice shake ever so slightly. “Why should I hear you out after you hurt me so much?” You whispered feeling your stomach tighten with a sickening feeling and the lump in your throat begin to rise making tears build up on your water line.

“Because I’ve got so much to tell you..” Joe answered in the blink of an eye. You studied the features of his face. His eyes were red and there were evident black circles under his eyes. You could see the worry, the panic, the hope and the sadness in his blue eyes. You sighed quietly and spoke. “Two minutes Sugg..” You whispered and watched a small smile tug at Joe’s lips. He kept your wrists pinned by your sides and his eyes gazed into yours.

“Y/N I’ve been a complete mess without you..I don’t blame you for leaving me after the way I treated you and I’m so incredibly sorry..for everything. I never meant to hurt you, it was never my intention. I was so stupid Y/N. I agreed to a stupid publicity stunt to protect you and gain more subscribers and I never even asked you if you were okay with the situation, but the strong girl you are, I don’t know why you did but you kept your mouth shut when you should have told me that you weren’t happy about this stunt. I was so wrapped up in trying to gain more subscribers for myself that I completely ignored you and tried to get in the eye of the media as much as I could. I didn’t give you the time that you deserve and I forgot about the little things we organised and ever since you’ve left me..I’ve just been an atrocious mess..I’ve broken things and cut people out of my life within just two weeks and I’ve been in a non stop constant worry about your whereabouts and I’ve been so worried about you..I need you back in my life Y/N and I didn’t realise just how much I did until you left me..” Joe spoke, rubbing his thumb across your wrists and held onto them tightly like you were going to float away and leave him for good.

Your eyes were watering with tears and they slowly dripped down your cheeks as you thought about everything. You couldn’t forget the last few months of your relationship with Joe. You’ll never forget those polaroids you took of each other and the cookies you would both bake at unusual times in the morning. You thought about everything you’ve both been through and felt yourself start to shake like a leaf blowing in the wind. You thought about everything you would do together and how at house parties, you would both manage to slip away for a bit and hide in the closet for a little private session of seven minutes in heaven. You gazed up into Joe’s eyes seeing tears fall from his eyes and you so desperately wanted to brush them away with your thumbs but with the grip on your wrists, it was impossible.

“Y/N..You’re an incredible girl. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re adorable and you’re one of a kind. You’ve got the most beautiful eyes and the most gorgeous smile. Your heart is pure, solid gold and I’m sure you’re an angel sent from above. An angel that was sent to me and I completely blanked you..I don’t deserve you..I really don’t deserve you after the way I treated you..” Joe whispered, his voice cracking as he spoke which made your heart ache and your heart beat rather quickly. “I’m surprised you even stayed with me for that long..You deserve a guy so much better than me Y/N..but I am so incredibly sorry..for everything. I’m sorry for the way I acted and the way I treated you. I love you with everything Y/N. I love you so much and I’ve no feelings for anybody else. I broke off the contract with my management about Emily and Emily is now flying off to the U.S. You make my heart complete and without you I’m nothing Y/N. I’m nothing at all and I know my actions may never be forgiven but all I’m asking for is for one more chance..One more chance to show you how much I love you. One more chance to do everything with you and one more chance to show you that we do have a spark between us and a special something that nobody else has. I can’t let you slip through my fingers again..I’m not letting you go Y/N..We’ll take things as slow as you want..” Joe said softly and gently loosened his hands on your wrist and moved them to your hips, before he smoothly slides his hands up your sides and to your cheeks.

You could see all of the emotion in his eyes and from the tears he let escape. You’ve never seen Joe so heart broken and sad. His thumbs began to softly brush your tears away as your fingers very slowly and cautiously moved to his temple where you slowly and delicately ran your fingers over the stitches he had to get a few months ago from the crash you ended up in. You thought about everything and let Joe’s words sink into your mind. You watched Joe’s eyes slowly close at your touch as his breathing began to slow down like your own. Your finger tips slowly trailed down to Joe’s jaw and slowly to under his chin where you softly raised it.

“Oh Joe..” You smiled weakly, choking on your own words as you brushed away the tears on his cheeks and sniffled your nose. You softly moved your hand to his own which cupped your cheek and intertwined your fingers with his before your other hand moved to his cheek and you watched him nuzzle his face into your hand like a newborn puppy.

“I’m still hurt..” You said softly and watched Joes face fall and you could just about hear his heart breaking inside his chest. “But I’m willing to give us another shot..because I love you with everything too..” You whispered as your voice cracked, the small smile on your face growing as Joe’s facial features began to brighten and a large smile overtook his face.

You squealed feeling Joe pick you up and spin you around making you throw your head back and laugh loudly hearing Joe cheer with happiness before he pressed both of your lips together and began to move them in a slow, gentle sync, keeping you pressed against him as close as he could. You both smiled against one another’s lips before hearing camera flashes and girls squealing.

You both pulled apart very slowly to see the group of girls from earlier covering their mouths and squealing loudly as they clapped for you both. You saw your best friend smiling widely at you and giving you a thumbs up before a large camera flash over took yours and Joe’s vision and you turned to see a gathering crowd of paparazzi. Joe smiled brightly at them and shouted loudly. “This is Y/N Your/Last/Name! She’s the most perfect, beautiful girl in the world and I’m so happy to announce that Y/N is my girlfriend, I’m so incredibly lucky to have her and I love her more than she’ll ever know!” Joe smiled widely, keeping you high in the air as the smile on your face continued to grow and you couldn’t believe that Joe was actually telling everyone that you were an officious couple.

Joe looked into your eyes deeply and you felt happiness overtake you both as he whispered softly, “We’re out of the woods..”.


Hello lovelies! This is the end of this imagine! I really enjoyed writing this imagine and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as enjoyed writing it! So sorry for the long wait on this part but thank you so much for all of your support and lovely messages! Don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts because I would love to read them since I love reading your messages and thoughts! All my love! Xx

Author/Writer (2) Masterlist

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The Brown-Eyed Barista (ao3) - tahliaisnotonfire

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You Can Bring Me Back to Life - botanistlester & whalefairyfandom12

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You’re My Inspiration (ao3) - jqueen17

Summary: Despite hating his job, Phil Lester couldn’t be happier to be working at Takk on a fateful Thursday in January, when he finds one customer that stands out from all the rest. He doesn’t get inspiration from things very often, and he doesn’t know if this will be any different. But he sure hopes so, for the sake of his writing.


Princess Madeleine has recently been spotted shopping in London, where she was reportedly shopping for Prince Oscar’s upcoming christening. Next week, the Princess and her family will be back in Stockholm for Prince Oscar’s christening.


When I first came to England people always acted surprised when I told them I was Indian, because my accent or skin colour never gave it away. They would laugh and ask me if I was kidding, and I would smile and say nothing. They didn’t realise how actively society had conditioned me to assimilate with their society. I went to a small school in Haryana, where everyone had thick Haryanvi accents, so I would watch youtube and BBC videos so I could practise changing my accent. I would read voraciously so my English could never be called anything but embellished to the point of frivolity.

I would bleach my skin. I would dye my hair. I would scoff at bindis and traditional clothing. God forbid anyone ask me to go see a Bollywood film.

When I first came here other Indians would shun me. They would laugh at my accent, at my attire, at my whiteness. They would go for bhangra nights organised by white people at clubs and mock me for not wanting to come.

I have had it with white people asking me if I can buy them bindis because “you must know where all the good Indian shops are in London”. I am tired of being an ambassador for a culture which tried its very best to shame me for my assimilation as a survival tactic in a white supremacy. I am tired of people asking me to break down my culture to bite-sized pieces so they can steal the pretty parts.

I am an in-between of two cultures. I juggle the two cultures I have accepted flawlessly. I dance at Bihu festivals. I translate what the shopkeeper says when my grandmother visits me. I will not give one of those cultures the power to mock the other.

And Coachella hippies wearing crusty Urban Outfitter rhinestones on their heads can go suck it.

trillbev  asked:

ur clothes is some trill shit. where do u shop?

Urban Outfitters 
Billionaire Boys Club
Yeezus Tour 
Boy London 
Forever 21
Pink Dolpin
Hood By Air 
Diamond Supply 
Last King

bbcmindpalacemoriarty  asked:

john packing their kids' lunches and walking them to school before heading off to work at the clinic. sherlock spoiling the kids with clothes shopping and spontaneous skip days where they miss school to go explore london. john and sherlock making bets about who their kids are dating and sherlock thinking he's deducing correctly but john tries to throw him off by planting fake clues when really, their kids are single


“I’m sure I’ll be seeing you gorgeous girls in Boston, but until then here’s my love in the form of PRESENTS!!”
“I just got back from London where I did some shopping for you and Kara BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TWO.”
“Kara, I think you have a really pretty face, so I bought you some thexy face products for it.”

These words are what makes me smile nonstop like a huge nerd, but I can’t stop reading them. :) Happiness in it’s purest form!


Maternity Clothes


“I’m not even that big yet, Harry!” you snapped at him. He hadn’t meant for it to offend you but he should’ve known you would be short with him during the mood swings. “Baby, I didn’t say that” he said in a gentle tone as he wrapped his arms around your back. “It’s just…don’t you think you’d be more comfortable?” You looked down at your outfit wiggling your legs slightly in your jeans that were starting to feel tight on your waist. “Maybe…” you mumbled keeping your eyes on the ground. He chuckled and put his finger under your chin lifting your head up to look at him. “So, let’s go shopping, love. You know you want to” he sang making you giggle. You spent the rest of the day out shopping in London together where he completely went overboard with spoiling you.


“I don’t need those, though” you explained to your stubborn husband. You knew he liked to spoil you but he was taking it a little too far with this. You would’ve been fine with just going to the department store but Niall wanted to take you to the most expensive stores in the city. “But you like them don’t you?” he questioned as he held up the designer boots in front of you. They were probably the most gorgeous pair of shoes you’ve seen in your life and you didn’t understand why someone would put them in a maternity store because as soon as he caught you looking at them he insisted that he buy them for you. “I like them but-“ “Then, let me spoil you okay?” he said pressing his lips to the back of your hand. “You’re carrying our child, the least I can do is buy you some shoes.”


“I think we went a little crazy today, Li” you chuckled as the two of you sorted out all of the clothes you bought today. You told him this morning you needed to go out and buy another pair of jeans because your baby bump was growing rapidly, and made the terrible decision to ask him if he wanted to come along. You hadn’t expected him to- Well, actually you did expect him to buy you nearly everything in the maternity section but it hadn’t crossed your mind earlier. “I don’t even think half these things are maternity clothes” you added holding up the dress that was the size you would’ve worn before you were pregnant. “So? You can save it for after the baby comes” he said shrugging his shoulder like it was no big deal. You leaned over the pile of clothes to peck your husband’s lips sweetly. “You’re too good to me.”


He couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched you trying to wiggle on your jeans. “Hey, fatty” he teased calling out to you from the bed. You sat up so you could flip him off. “You know I love you” he said walking over to you to poke your belly since. “I know it’s just…” you trailed off. “I don’t feel pretty anymore. I’m getting bigger and bigger and then after the baby comes…I still won’t look the same.” He frowned because the absolute last thing on his mind was worrying about how you’d look after the baby came. “Let me take you out” he said pulling you into him. “Let me spoil you and make you feel as pretty and beautiful as you look every day and will continue to look every day.” You wanted to protest but he was already dragging you to the door to take you out shopping all day.


“El and (Y/F/N) are taking me shopping today” you told him while you both ate breakfast. He frowned as he finished swallowing the food in his mouth. “I thought we were gonna go this weekend?” he asked disappointed. You sighed and reached out to grab his hand. “I know, babe, but it’s still the beginning of the week and I can’t even get into my pants! Plus, I haven’t seen them in a while and they really wanna take me out.” He nodded his head before taking another bite of his food. An idea crossed his mind when he realized you would probably want to buy the clothes yourself. “Fine, but I’ll only be okay with it if you take my credit card” he demanded. You were about to protest but he was already running up the stairs to steal your wallet and replace yours with his.