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Ok, my mum bought these pretty towels for my new bathroom..

..the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them?

Totally this! :)


Look! It’s us - on TV! Kinda.

Watch our wobbly presenting skills as we explore Liberty, Harrods, Coco de Mer and LN-CC - some of our favourite London shops.

See the full 100 Best Shops feature here. It’s pretty good.


Sean + Seng: Fashion Photography with a Hint of Film Noir

Look up photography duo Sean + Seng and likely the first thing you will find is how they got their start in the fashion industry by doing commissions for Vivienne Westwood before they had even graduated college—a rather impressive feat. As the story goes, the pair were studying at the London College of Fashion and frequenting Westwood’s World’s End shop in London where they met Senior Brand Manager Murray Blewett. Blewett then invited them to the studio and introduced them to Vivienne Westwood herself. The duo worked with her for years, even shooting Westwood’s F/W 2006-07 ad campaign—starring models Tasha Tilberg and Oliver Cheshire—as they were just graduating college.

They describe their unique style as simple, portrait-based fashion images and cite a long and varied list of influences including David Lynch, street kids, transvestites, nature, school girls and of course, Vivienne Westwood. They are regular contributors to 032c, Dazed & Confused, Vogue Japan, Arena Homme+, POP, Interview Germany, Interview Russia and Numéro.

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ice cream shop au where zayn works at a small ice cream place in london to pay for uni expenses and liam, a junior in uni, starts visiting the shop, him and zayn have banter while liam always tries to guess movie quotes that zayn writes on a blackboard (anyone who guessed the movie w/o looking it up gets a free large ice cream) and so liam is determined to get one of the quotes, but he constantly gets them wrong and so one day zayn asks him why he even bothers bc liam buys an ice cream anyways and liam says that if he gets a quote one day,
could he take zayn on a date to which zayn blushes at and gets really flustered but nods his head because he actually has been wanting to go out w liam since he started hanging around the shop, so one day liam comes in and smiles widely at the quote for that day and he laughs because it’s from one of his favourite comic book-turned into a movie, zayn accepts the date w liam and gives him a ridiculous amount of ice cream which liam doesn’t hesitate to devour, after the first date they start really dating and zayn is forever thankful for remembering liam’s favourite movie when he told him on the first day they met

“I’m sure I’ll be seeing you gorgeous girls in Boston, but until then here’s my love in the form of PRESENTS!!”
“I just got back from London where I did some shopping for you and Kara BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TWO.”
“Kara, I think you have a really pretty face, so I bought you some thexy face products for it.”

These words are what makes me smile nonstop like a huge nerd, but I can’t stop reading them. :) Happiness in it’s purest form!


Maternity Clothes


“I’m not even that big yet, Harry!” you snapped at him. He hadn’t meant for it to offend you but he should’ve known you would be short with him during the mood swings. “Baby, I didn’t say that” he said in a gentle tone as he wrapped his arms around your back. “It’s just…don’t you think you’d be more comfortable?” You looked down at your outfit wiggling your legs slightly in your jeans that were starting to feel tight on your waist. “Maybe…” you mumbled keeping your eyes on the ground. He chuckled and put his finger under your chin lifting your head up to look at him. “So, let’s go shopping, love. You know you want to” he sang making you giggle. You spent the rest of the day out shopping in London together where he completely went overboard with spoiling you.


“I don’t need those, though” you explained to your stubborn husband. You knew he liked to spoil you but he was taking it a little too far with this. You would’ve been fine with just going to the department store but Niall wanted to take you to the most expensive stores in the city. “But you like them don’t you?” he questioned as he held up the designer boots in front of you. They were probably the most gorgeous pair of shoes you’ve seen in your life and you didn’t understand why someone would put them in a maternity store because as soon as he caught you looking at them he insisted that he buy them for you. “I like them but-“ “Then, let me spoil you okay?” he said pressing his lips to the back of your hand. “You’re carrying our child, the least I can do is buy you some shoes.”


“I think we went a little crazy today, Li” you chuckled as the two of you sorted out all of the clothes you bought today. You told him this morning you needed to go out and buy another pair of jeans because your baby bump was growing rapidly, and made the terrible decision to ask him if he wanted to come along. You hadn’t expected him to- Well, actually you did expect him to buy you nearly everything in the maternity section but it hadn’t crossed your mind earlier. “I don’t even think half these things are maternity clothes” you added holding up the dress that was the size you would’ve worn before you were pregnant. “So? You can save it for after the baby comes” he said shrugging his shoulder like it was no big deal. You leaned over the pile of clothes to peck your husband’s lips sweetly. “You’re too good to me.”


He couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched you trying to wiggle on your jeans. “Hey, fatty” he teased calling out to you from the bed. You sat up so you could flip him off. “You know I love you” he said walking over to you to poke your belly since. “I know it’s just…” you trailed off. “I don’t feel pretty anymore. I’m getting bigger and bigger and then after the baby comes…I still won’t look the same.” He frowned because the absolute last thing on his mind was worrying about how you’d look after the baby came. “Let me take you out” he said pulling you into him. “Let me spoil you and make you feel as pretty and beautiful as you look every day and will continue to look every day.” You wanted to protest but he was already dragging you to the door to take you out shopping all day.


“El and (Y/F/N) are taking me shopping today” you told him while you both ate breakfast. He frowned as he finished swallowing the food in his mouth. “I thought we were gonna go this weekend?” he asked disappointed. You sighed and reached out to grab his hand. “I know, babe, but it’s still the beginning of the week and I can’t even get into my pants! Plus, I haven’t seen them in a while and they really wanna take me out.” He nodded his head before taking another bite of his food. An idea crossed his mind when he realized you would probably want to buy the clothes yourself. “Fine, but I’ll only be okay with it if you take my credit card” he demanded. You were about to protest but he was already running up the stairs to steal your wallet and replace yours with his.

“It looks so basic like what is this?! They are the biggest pop act in the world - they could have (or apparently did) film parts of this in Australia, with an epic speedboat ride past Sydney opera house, and a party scene in a penthouse overlooking the skyline of New York, and where did they end up?

In a grimey-ass kebab shop in North London.” - tumblr user havetotryquitehard

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Random q but whats that street in london where people always see matty shopping? Just found out im spending january in the city and want to get some shopping done haha x

oxford street its the biggest shopping area in central london x