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Fic: Down to Zero

After a battle against the Controller goes awry, Steve is bewildered and guilt-ridden when Tony begins to treat him exactly the same as he treats everyone else.

@spaceliondad had a post asking for a fic where Tony gets temporary amnesia and treats Steve like he treats everyone and Steve realizes the extent to which Tony had previously been giving him special treatment. This is my take on that prompt. Also features (unrequited) Spideytorch.

This is also a fill for Cap-IM Bingo, the square “remote control.” Ha.

Read Down to Zero on AO3 (18,336 words).

It’s amazing how you think you’ll never get over that boy, you think it’s impossible for you to stop thinking about the sound of his voice, the way his arms made you feel safe, you think you’ll never stop missing him, his hands, his messy hair, his laugh. Until one day you realize you finally did it, you haven’t think about him in weeks and seeing him across the street doesn’t make you nervous anymore, you actually don’t care at all, and even though you remember the smell of his hair in the morning, the way he kissed you or the sound of his voice, you don’t want him back, you don’t miss him anymore, and that’s where you get it, everything is temporary, even feelings fadeaway and the only things that stay with us forever are our memories and sooner or later that’s all we have left.
—  I finally did it

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🙏 Reigen

🙏 - Possession

i hate mogami and i hate things abt reigen getting possessed by mogami but lets be honest, theres nothin angstier

also though, shout out to that one really good mp100 fic “Temporary Accommodations” where mob gets separated from his body and has to possess/share reigens body for awhile 

Sheith Fic Rec part 1/?

At the amazing @oldmythos ‘s request, I am collecting my favortie Sheith fics to share. This is what I have so far, 9 fics, not in any order. Happy reading!

The Whole Town’s Sleeping by @demikeith - my favorite fic of Shiro and Keith’s relationship pre-kerberos. It’s kind of legendary in the fandom. Fluff and stuff, but a good dose of poignant feels. 

Fragile:Handle with Care by @echoresonance - soulmate/college au where you can feel/get marks from your soulmates injuries. So much feels and angst this WRECKED me. Abuse warning. 

Text me, Maybe by @soundlessrooms – modern au where Keith accidentally texts the wrong number. THE LEVELS OF FLUFF AND TENDERNESS AND SWEETNESS IN THIS FIC IS DEADLY. Also you will be in physical pain for them. Enjoy. 

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could you write some tiny clones? maybe in the tiny obiwan au where the clones get hit with a temporary tiny-fying spell and see obiwan in a new light


The shout echoed the room but barely anyone had time to react before a shockwave of energy burst through the room from the machine experimental machine the CIS had been working on. Obi-Wan managed to hide in an open drawer.

Though he would NEVER admit that to Anakin, the other would have a field day.

He popped out once the wave was over and looked around quickly. “Commander Cody!? Longshot!? Report!” He snapped, glancing about worridly when he could feel them but not see them.

“Down here General!”

Obi-Wan blinked and looked down over the edge of the desk, staring in surprise when he saw them. The team of 212 were his size!?

Obi-Wan quickly jumped down and stood in front of them, staring before giving a breathless, shocked laugh. “Well, this is…unexpected. Were they working on a shrink ray?” He reached out and touched Cody’s shoulder before laughing again. “Oh my…”

“Um, General?”

“I’m sorry, its just…I’ve never seen anyone even close to my size…” He smiled at them before frowning and looking around. “Oh Force, we’ll need to contact the others and have them collect us.”

Cody knew he should be contacting Rex or anyone really but all he could do was stare at Obi-Wan, being the same size as him was…different.

“I’m taller then you.” He couldn’t help but offer and Obi-Wan blinked before chuckling and shaking his head, reaching for Cody’s arm and typing into it.

“Hmm, if this ray functions, then it could be incredibly useful for me at least…shrink down gear like comm units.” He mused. “Anakin?”

“Com-Obi-Wan? Is that you?” Came the other Jedi’s surprised voice over the comm.

“Yes. There has been an incident. Cody and the rest of my team has been shrunken down to my size, I’m not sure how permanent it is but we require aid.”

“…Are you telling me there’s a bunch of tiny clones with you?”

“Tiny for you. A bit taller then me actually.”

“We’re on our way Obi-Wan.” Anakin sounded almost gleeful and Cody could hear Rex sniggering in the background but none of that mattered!

He hoped he could remain this size forever because Obi-Wan was right there in front of him, the harsh light of the lab in his hair but looking just as gorgeous as when he rode on Cody’s shoulder.

“Now, does anyone here have a rope?” The General looked around and Cody forced himself out of staring to look at the rest of his men.

“No sir, why do you need rope sir?”

“Well, none of you can Force jump. It will be easier for the others to see us if we were on one of the desks. I could jump you one by one up.” The Jedi mused before shrugging. “Yes, I think that will have to do.”

With that he grabbed a hold of Cody and lifted him, armor and all, bridal style. In one bounce, he landed on the desk and set Cody down before repeating the pattern until everyone was on the desk. He promptly flopped down on his ass and smirked at their surprised faces.

“What, didn’t know I could do that?”

“No sir.” Cody sat down beside him. “We can’t exactly be light, even now.”

“Technically speaking, when Force boosted, I can lift you in your full size. But only as high as I am. Its only useful if I’m dragging someone onto a ship.” Obi-Wan chuckled. “I’d advice against eating anything for now.” He quickly offered when Boil tried to go for one of his ration bars. “If the ray is temporary, there’s no telling what kind of effect it would give when you grew big again if you ate it now.”

“…That’s a depressing idea.” Boil gave his ration bar a suspicious look and sighed deeply. “I guess food will have to wait.”

“Don’t worry to much.” Obi-Wan chuckled and made a surprised noise when Cody wrapped his arm around his waist, blinking down at it before looking at the clone commander with wide eyes.

“Are you alright sir?”

“Ye-Yes I just…so that’s how an arm around the waist fits.” He glanced back down at it, marveling at the sensation.

Things others took for granted were things Obi-Wan had never experienced and Cody shifted closer to offer comfort. “If you get uncomfortable, please tell me and I’ll move away.”

“No, no, this is nice. I like this.” Obi-Wan settled his head on the others shoulder, watching the others. “Its strange being able to look someone in the face instead of always looking up.”

They learned what he meant when the others arrived, Ahsoka cooing at them while taking pictures and Rex almost bursting at the seams as he watched the 212 having been shrunken down.

“Well Obi-Wan, they’re in luck, this seems to be temporary.” Anakin offered from where he had sliced into the computers. “I don’t know about fixing the shrinking ray but I can pull the information and bring it back to the temple, perhaps we can build something for you.” He smiled a bit and Obi-Wan chuckled quietly.

“Build something for me…

“You know what I meant.” Anakin hummed. “How is the 212 holding up?”

“Good but its very disorienting. The General has my respect for managing life with everything so…big around him.” Cody offered and Waxer and Longshot agreed loudly with him.

“Alright.” Rex clapped his hands together and turned to his men. “Everyone pick up a vod and be careful with him. Anyone drops them answers to me.” He turned back to Cody and offered his hands to him and Obi-Wan. “Want to hitch a ride with me General?”

“Sure. Anakin is still busy and Ahsoka seems busy cooing over Boil and Waxer.” Obi-Wan chuckled, stepping into one of Rex hands and using the thumb for support so he wouldn’t fall. Cody quickly did the same in the other hand as Rex lifted them to his shoulders.

Cody struggled a bit to get a good grip before he finally figured it out and noticed several vods having the same issue. Only Obi-Wan got instantly comfortable. ‘So this is how the world looks from his view…’ He glanced over at the Jedi and smiled at him.

This was the world from Obi-Wan’s perspective and Cody swore to keep it in mind when he was big again.

Especially if Obi-Wan agreed to try dating him.


The buckeye chickens sunning themselves in the barn. They are just as friendly and handsome as I remember the breed being!

The rabbit kits where getting out of their temporary barn stall between the slats, so when a friend kicked down this unused hutch I moved them to the front yard. I’ve been cutting swaths of the overgrown lawn to feed them. I seeded it with a lot of orchard grass and clover so it’s a good meal. They are also getting extra herbs from the garden, horseradish leaves, dock, raspberry stems, plantain, and other safe plants. They eat it pretty fast and I can add forage a few times a day. It takes significantly more plant matter than a pelleted feed to grow them though, so they ended up being supplemented to keep up body condition. Regardless of primary diet, I like rabbits to always have free choice hay or fresh plants.

June 15, 2017.

Can Hell be Heaven? (Part 2)

Note: It has been a month but here it is Part 2. You can find Part 1 here . I am working on Part 3 hopefully it won’t take a month.

Synopsis: Oliver has found Felicity but they are not safe. They need to survive and the Island is not the best place to be at the moment.

The relief of having Felicity safe in his arms after all the nightmare of unknowing; almost made him miss it.

The silence. Total silence. A silence that scream in alarm, more than any siren.

Felicity tensed in his arms. She had notice it too. But there’s not even a shred of fear, only the defense system kicking in, in both of them as they stood, half in the light from the clearing, half in the dark from the trees.

The soft echo of the birds had picked up again gaining volume and high pitched alarm. Like a lightning storm coming closer the disturbing noise grew. It took but a moment for Oliver to identify the sound. A helicopter.

Felicity heard it too and in unison they back away into the trees. The sound grows closer and closer. Even if the birds chirp in alarm, the sound of the blades cutting the air and the echo makes it impossible to distinguish anything else.

Whoever it is takes it’s time and approaches the base clearing slowly, searching. Felicity wonders if they are searching for her or for Oliver. Maybe both. As they watch the helicopter hovering over the camp.

Oliver smiles to himself. There’s no trace. Felicity was careful and he couldn’t be more proud of her.

Still, stay still. Felicity repeated over and over as she followed the helicopter strange dance. Her attempts to recognize anyone inside were unsuccessful.

They keep still until the sound fades in the distance and the bird songs are back to normal.

“They are searching for my body.”

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A sea monster!

Just kidding, it’s Anchovy. One of his favourite games lately has been Tremors, so I decided to make him an EXTRA deep dig area where he can really get his Jaws on. It was only temporary (takes up too much space), but obviously he really enjoyed it! I wish I had a Detolf cage for him with a deep dig area all the time!

He was NO help setting it up, btw. In fact he slept almost entirely through construction. Peanut Butter wins Most Helpful Ham.

…Until he decided to just casually block up the entire tunnel leading into the dig area. Check out Snorlax here!

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Mother Urbosa and Little Link fluff (between when she found him and the end of the game would be nice)

He was climbing the big stone tower above the palace with her, carefully following her handholds, giving a little whine and looking at her expectantly whenever one was too far and smiling as she’d climb back down until she could hold a hand out to him, using her as a temporary handhold to get back to where he could easily climb. When he got to the top, he gasped at the little pool, immediately running over and starting to splash happily. Then he felt someone splash him from behind and whirled to see Urbosa. Then he was grinning and splashing her, and she laughed, splashing back every so often. After a bit he got bored of that and just started jumping around. Urbosa sat at the edge of the pool and just watched him, smiling. When he ran over and climbed into her lap, sopping wet, she didn’t protest, simply wrapped her arms around him.

“Are you getting sleepy?” He nodded, and she stood. “Then we should go back down. It gets cold up here at night, and I might have trouble carrying you down.” He nodded, pulling away from her grip, waiting for her to start climbing down and then taking her offered hand gratefully. He used her as a handhold a lot more on the way down, tired from his splashing and scared of the drop. When they got to the bottom, he clung to her, and she started humming a soothing tune as she climbed down the wall easily and walked into their quarters, setting him on the ground near the bed and going to get a towel. She sighed as she came back and saw him asleep in the bed. As she feared, a sopping wet hylian made the blankets wet too. She walked over and wrapped him in the towel, changed the blankets, and then laid down next to him after grabbing fresh ones. She wrapped her arms around him, smiling at the way his ears drooped in relaxation. “Some people say the Thunder Helm is the treasure of the gerudo… I say it’s you.” She pressed a kiss to his mop of hair and closed her eyes, awake just long enough to feel him cuddle into her before sleep took her.


negotiations and commands

@bleachitwhite and I were talking about supercorp, Krypto, and then supercorp and Krypto. bleach is too nice and let me use some ideas, so this happened.


She’s come to expect certain things from her life.

Letters from Lex? Once a week at most if she’s lucky.

(It’s generous to call the mass of threats letters, but it’s easier that way. To act like she gets well wishes from her brother instead of attacks against her.

To act like he’s still the Lex who took her in when no one else would even though now, he’s anything but.)

She’s expecting her mother’s to join the pile soon.

(She could just shred them with the rest of her mail, but there’s something particularly soothing about watching them go up in flames.

Sometimes she thinks that’s the only ending for Luthors.)

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Ryan and Akmazian getting hit with some temporary thing where they can read each other's minds. Ryan expects an onslaught of perverted thoughts about him, but is completely taken aback by the amount of caring, tender thoughts.

oh shit!!!!!! this is my shit!!!! literally, every thought akmazian has about ryan is so gentle and soft and besotted. 

‘he’s gorgeous’

‘i wish i could hold him when he’s sad’

‘he deserves to be happy’

‘even if he never feels the same way about me, he’s been the best friend i’ve had in a long while and that’s enough for me’

‘it is. it has to be.’

‘why would he ever look at me anyway’

‘god, if only i could be good enough for him’

‘im sorry you’re hearing this doctor dalias, i don’t want to make you uncomfortable’

ryan, who is growing steadily redder, doesn’t know how to react. his thoughts are a swirl of ‘oh god oh god oh god what do i do’ ‘he?? thinks i’m gorgeous??’ ‘it’s not uncomfortable just…weird. let’s never discuss this ever’ and those kinds of things. eventually, they both get used to the murmur of the other’s thoughts in the back of their mind and relax about it, until one night when ryan starts to think about akmazian, like, really think about him and…

‘he’s always there when i need him to be’

‘he’s proven he’s innocent, time and time again’

‘everything he thinks about me is kind and respectful’

‘i…i think i like him’


‘….akmazian, did you hear that?’

akmazian’s thoughts brush against ryan’s, soft and warm and filled with barely-constrained happiness. ‘i certainly did, darlin.’

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top 5 one direction songs, top 5 tony snubs, top 5 favourite broadway costumes

Top 5 One Direction Songs (everything is iconic though, so let’s get that straight):

  • What a Feeling
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • Temporary Fix
  • Little White Lies
  • Little Black Dress

Top 5 Tony Snubs:

  • Laura not being nominated for Bandstand
  • Corey not being nominated for Bandstand
  • The utter lack of Bandstand love this year (should’ve won orchestrations)
  • Anastasia only being nominated for Costumes (also how did they loose? I literally can’t)
  • Aaron Tveit not being nominated for Catch Me if You Can (this one actually made me more upset then him not getting nominated for NTN)

Top 5 Favorite Broadway Costumes:

  • Ella’s ballgown
  • Anya’s red gown
  • Julia’s red dress
  • Glinda’s bubble dress
  • Anna’s purple ballgown

send me top 5 ___


Gift Idea #76

The Perfect Gift For: The person in your life who is looking to spice things up with a some feminine vintage inspiration.

What it is: Gorgeous vintage illustration temporary tattoos.

Where you can get it: Click here for the poppies or visit the Pepper Ink Etsy store to see their other wonderful creations.

Season finale #1: Leonardo sacrifices himself twice for his brothers and almost dies both times

Season finale #2: Leonardo takes on a small army by himself in an effort to protect his brothers and after almost dying again, ends up in a coma for three months and then goes on to endure months of recovery

…I wonder what they’ll do to him this time.

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you tagged that last post mentioning airport magic, could you talk more about that? I'd already kind of noticed funky energies in airports but I'd love to learn more, sounds super interesting!

I decided that I wasn’t going to get too specific about this. I will say that I you can write things down on paper and throw them away on a layover and that people are generally too worried about getting where they are going to pay attention to me building temporary shrines out of garbage or drawing sigils on napkins at an airport bar. Airports are liminal spaces, they are great for daydreaming, journaling, even meditating if that’s your thing. I also like to try out glamours in airports. You can be anything to anyone in an airport because you will all be gone to other places soon. How can you use that in your magic?

Rick and Morty Season 3 Opener Theory #1

It will begin with showing Rick in prison. He goes through the motions everyday, no feeling, no emotions in what he does at all. The Council of Ricks shows up, claiming they need to talk to him. They give Rick an offer, saying that they have the ability to pardon him, for if he assists them, it could save millions of people along countless timelines and dimensions. They have figured out who was controlling the robot Rick that framed him earlier that year, but they need his help to track him down and find him. He must be stopped. Rick, believing that prison is where he belongs, agrees to help them, but demands that he be returned to prison afterward, to live out his sentence until he dies in prison. 

Rick returns to the Council HQ, where he gets a look at his family back on Earth. He see that they are safe, just as promised. However, Morty looks sad, often staring out the window, or spending a lot of time in the garage, looking at all the unfinished projects. Summer finds herself watching “Ball Fondlers,” and looking over to say something to Rick, to find him not sitting there with her. Jerry, of course, is just fine with everything (what an asshole), and Beth is drinking a lot more often than usual; like father like daughter. The Council offers Rick his Morty for the adventure, but refuses, saying that they’re safer without knowing where he is. Rick gets debriefed, and is given a temporary “replacement Morty” to go along with him on his adventure. Although at first annoyed, he eventually gets used to Temp. Morty, convincing himself that he is not his Morty, and he is not putting his family in danger. He does find it a little irritating, however, that this Morty has no memory of their previous adventures together. I mean, how could he? He’s not his Morty.

Throughout the adventure, Rick says things, and does things with Temp. Morty that reminds him of his Morty, and how much he misses him. He remembers how sad his Morty looked when the Council showed him his family, and how pitiful they looked without him there. At the end, when they achieve their goal, and Temp. Morty is returned to his Rick, Rick speaks to the council, and says he wishes to accept the pardon after all, and returns to his family, much to Jerry’s chagrin, but who cares about him anyways. Rick finds Earth is a much changed place since the admittance to the Federation, and while it may be daunting, with Morty by his side, he will explore every inch of it.