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Vintage Icons and Sunglasses/Where to purchase Now by Marie Claire (online) Magazine (in order of least to most priced).

buggkidd  asked:

any cheap formal dresswear sites? I need a dress for a gala


What’s your budget and style? It really helps if you’re as specific as possible so I can help you out! Until you get back to me, I’ll list a few stores & dresses that have varying prices and styles. 

ModCloth - Vintage inspired clothing & accessories (it can be pricey) 

A good tip when looking for formal clothing is to find something that you’ll probably wear again, even if it costs a few extra dollars. This way you’ll probably feel a lot more comfortable wearing it, too.

I’d even say your dress doesn’t even have to be too ‘extra’, dress it up with accessories, a dope hair style and a purse and your outfit will look way more formal than just a stand alone dress. (Unless you want the dress to be the centerpiece, then I totally understand there are some beauties out there) But people often forget that you can dress up a ‘simple’ piece quite easily. Look at models and what their outfit has been paired with if you’re not too great at accessorizing yourself.

ASOS - (a non indie creator, but a reliable clothing realtor) Varying styles. 

ASOS also have a marketplace where users can buy & sell handmade, vintage and pre-owned items and clothing. 

But be sure the seller will ship to your area!

Etsy - Handmade & vintage. 

While I am a HUGE fan of Etsy, I’ve never really found too many formal/gala type dresses on there that aren’t super expensive or simply just bland. Etsy sellers do favor weddings and wedding dresses, so you will find a huge range of beautiful handcrafted dresses, but they are often into the hundreds. 

I hope this somewhat helps for now, please let me know any more details of what you’re looking for in a dress!


the little mermaid in a modern, magical world (part ½)

An imaginary live-action musical set in a modern world where magic exists. Your favorite characters all have unique magic- meet the characters in part one and see how their story unfolds in part two.

Ariel (Holland Roden) is the daughter of a prominent sailor in her magical beachside town. He wants her to take over the family seaside business because she has the rare and unique gift of mermaid magic. Ariel can turn into a mermaid at will, sing with the fishes, dance with the crabs. And Ariel loves the sea, but she isn’t quite sure that she wants to take over the family business. She currently works at a vintage store on the seaside, where she buys more things than she sells. Secretly, Ariel dreams of doing something no one in her family has done- going to a university. She wants to study anthropology and learn everything!

Eric (Ki Hong Lee) is a graduate student at a respected university, studying political science. He’s spending time in this small seaside town so he can focus on writing his dissertation. He has some water magic himself, and being by the sea makes him feel safe. He spends time on the beach, watching the waves. Sometimes, he catches the glimpse of a tail.

did u kno if u fill out an application on the post office site, print it and bring it in, they’ll just give you a PO box???? BY FAR the easiest bureaucratic thing I’ve done this year, and i set up autobill on my debit card i feel Very Adult

i also wrote SEVENTEEN “hey i’ve moved” postcards and my postcard collection is DECIMATED where can i buy cool or vintage postcards in bulk bc the antique store down the way from my nurse practitioner wants $1/ea and golly that’s too much

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ship please? I'm around 5'8 and I have curly brown hair about shoulder length with blue/green eyes. I love vintage things and going shopping. I tend to be a closed off person with personal stuff. I'm obsessed with dogs. I'm in track and I used to do volleyball. I have a personality type INFP-T and I'm a Gemini. I love music, art, literature, and I'm interested in psychology and kinesiology. I'm a bit of a carefree person but I'm also sensitive. I consider myself as an ambivert.Thank you!

I ship you with DAMIAN WAYNE!!

I see you working at a vintage store, that’s where you met him trying to decide which vintage sword he should buy to add to his collection. 

Being an ambivert still means you’re kind of an introvert, but for some reason you weren’t shy at all when you asked him, “Excuse me, do you need help?”

He hesitated, “Which one has the most history?”

You literally had to look up the history of each sword for him, he didn’t want to leave until you were done. He bought the one with most kills.

After that day you just kept bumping into him. You ran into him at a dog park. Titus and your dog became best friends instantly which forced you to become friends with Damian.

It was hard opening up to him at first, but he ended up earning your trust when he told you about his nightly activities. 

After finally getting together, no matter how tired or how busy he is during the day, he’ll always make time for your track meets. You thought it was embarrassing at first when he first came to see you. The boy literally trash talks everyone. 

“Destroy that bastard, (Y/N)!!”

“Eat dirt, you prick!!”

“That’s my girlfriend, you asshole!!” 


Hope this is okay ^^

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Tips for a boho/Indy style room?

Hi :)

Ok I’ll try answer this as fully as I can so I can link anyone who asks this question to my answer:

For a boho/indie themed room, you need colour, patterns and textures mainly. The room should also feel quite cozy and very personal, so my main tips are:

  1. Add colour, patterns, and texture through cushions, rugs, and tapestries. Use fairy lights, and canopies to make the room look very cozy :)

2. Next choose the right bedding, could be plain or colourful, if it’s plain (just a solid colour) decorate your bed with more colourful pillows/cushions and vice versa. 

3. Now it’s just up to how you accessorise the rest of your room. Choose cute, quirky accessories, decorate your bookshelf, put plants around your room, candles, decorate your desk, put up pictures and posters, have a clothes rack with your favourite clothes/shoes. Just make sure your room is somewhat neat and not messy or else it will just look like a messy room with funky colours and patterns, have some organisation :)

Best places to shop for boho/indie items: etsy.com  urbanoutfitters.com wanelo.com (just know what you’re going to be searching for or you’ll be browsing for ages). Also go to thrift shops, yard sales, vintage shops, or do DIY.

As for where to buy the items: fairy lights can be bought in any large homeware store, but you can always bus some from urbanoutfitters.com if you can’t find any locally. Tapestries can be bought most cheaply at etsy.com on this link, just find the colours you love. For duvet covers I think the best places are urbanoutfitters.com and wanelo.com just click on those links. 

Browse through all my answered questions for more precise tips, and links to where to buy the items here.

I really hope that helped! xo

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It could 100% be a coincidence but on the website where we can buy the same vintage Jimi Hendrix t-shirt that Harry bought today there's also the same Def Leppard one that Louis wore this week... Maybe the boys did some vintage bands t-shirt shopping

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Reaper76 AU where Reaper is a mechanic and 76 buys and restores vintage cars, specifically muscle cars. Insert Reaper drooling over a freshly restored car and 76 drooling over this buff handsome mechanic who's running his hands over his car like he wants to marry it. And then they bang in the car/on the hood.


And him in the mechanic suit, mmm=mm-mmm~

Just make sure his clings to them thighs juuuust right~