where to buy nyx

lauraknight826  asked:

What is your favorite brand of lipstick to use/which colors. And where do you buy them?

NYX soft matte lip creme in Amsterdam, San Paulo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. I get them at target!!! :)

feelinglikeimfuckingcrzy  asked:

Hey Rosie, in your video "MY GIRLFRIEND DOES MY EYEBROWS" you use a green primer. Is it a good primer because I really want to buy one ! If so where did you buy it from x x

It’s an NYX anti-redness primer. I LOVE IT. I use it because I sometimes get redness on my cheeks like a strong blush so I use it to cancel it out. Although it comes out green when you put it onto your skin it looks like it doesn’t make a difference, but my makeup looks ten times better over the top of it and when I wipe my makeup off at the end of the day my red has always gone down. :)