where they are both in a cave

So i know i run dwarves differently than most GMs

but it seriously makes more sense to me than a patriarchy because imagine this - you exist in a culture with no outward indication of gender that places enormous value on caves and mining

and you finally leave and meet these weird tall people

and as you’re exchanging words and whatnot they’re all

“Where are your women?”

And you’re like, “what is a woman?”

and they say, “the weaker gender, beardless and gentle”

and you say “We have none”

because of course you don’t, you’re DWARVES

And the tall ones ask “Where do you come from?”

And you reply “Caves” because it is true both ways, you live in caves and you are born of those dwarves that carry caves within themselves, the most sacred of dwarves

and the tall people shrug and let it go because who cares, hide your women, they just want the trade agreements

and nobody ever realizes they were speaking to the women all along

First day on the job.

Where in the world do I begin? Hello, my name is Jonathan Dart and, as of today, I am officially the IT guy at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

You read that correctly. It took them until 2016, but both students and staff alike have finally caved and demanded that their cell phones work on school grounds, and with that request they had to find a “muggle” (a term I’m quickly learning to detest) to install wifi and maintain any technology that functions on school grounds.

So let’s make this clear to any wizards, witches, or IT muggles allowed into their circle out there. I just entered this “wizarding world” 3 days ago. This is all entirely new to me. I’m writing this because I’ve learned through the grapevine that other magical schools are planning on making the same jump, and I’m hoping my experiences can help other outsiders down the road.

As its my first day I really don’t have much advice to give. All I can do is stand here and wonder to myself what the hell I was thinking. For the record, I’m typing this on my iPhone while I ride a magic staircase. They better have beer in this world because I’m going to need a drink tonight.

Voltron Trailer thoughts

Keith is either on a ice world or a rocky world. It’s clear that he’s climbing out of a cave or something similar and looking out over the ground. This moment clearly is probably from when they were split up during the fall of the lions.

Hunk and Lance are under water. So this world is a water world of sorts. Should be duelly noted that season one we got both Hunk and Pidge’s elements out of the way when they found their lions: Ground for Hunk as he came up out of it so earth, and forest/wind for Pidge in where she found her lion. We haven’t seen Lance’s water, so I think this will be the part where Lance get’s something out of the Lion and we get more of the back story on why it ended up in a cage on earth over in a water location which was it’s element.

Ropes around the green lion, meaning that some other group is trying to capture her and the lion. This means that Katie was trying to get away from something or they tied her up before she woke up. Intersting to note she’s on a clay like planet, meaning we may be seeing some different area’s of space. Or at least we may be seeing non tech based people, something that Pidge has to come to learn about since she’s all about tech, yet her lion is nature/wind based. This could be a lesson to her about dealing with non tech and growing up with it.

Black lion is in the same location as the red lion, we can tell due to the wall on the right side of the lion (right relative to how we’re facing it) matching the walls and apperence when Keith comes out of the red lion and looks around him.

Keith is looking up at something, I’m guessing the red or black lion as we see the ground matching the same color as the opening shot of keith. Issue is where are both Keith and Shiro relative to this scene. (Actually I have a theory as to what we’re seeing and hearing but hold on till the end for that.)

Black, red, yellow, blue and green lion are together flying on a green planet with moutains heading for what looks like the castle in the distance. Honestly there’s two options here as to what this is. Either it’s a moment later in the series when the group is finding Allura and Coron and coming to get them. Or, and this is going to be wierd but I think it will work, it’s the back story about the original crew of Voltron. When our group flies, Hunk is usually in the back with Pidge, and Lance and Keith are in front at the side of Shiro, this group has the yellow lion beside the black, then the red blue and green. Very differnt formation makes me suspect this is the orignal group and we’re looking at Altea prior to the attack by the Galra, Haggar and Zarkon.

Lance and Hunk discovering an underwater kingdom. Given the design this could be an intro to some of the other species in this series. Although seeing as there’s no one out side I have to wonder if this might also be held captive by the Galran Empire.

Red lion going into a black hole? Hummm, either that’s how it got captured or that’s the transportation of the characters apart from one another. It also could be, given the whole rocks in space, Keith in a humm dinger of trouble and he’s getting pulled into a warp hole of some sort. although I can only guess given that there are floating rocks there, and it looks like space. Hard to really say for this one.

Nature energy restoring and upgrading Pidges lion. That’s what you’re seeing there. Nothing to be worried about, whole elements aspect coming into play here, remember that factor.

Hunk coming face to face with some sort of giant water ship thing.

Red lion being pushed up by Black lion. the back ground coloring seems to be indicating something “heavy” going on and there’s dust from above falling, so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there.

So Black lion leading the yellow, blue, and green lions. Red lion is no where to be found, betting anything the weird warp hole has some connection to this scene. They’re in some sort of floating yellow cauldron like place, and what makes it worse in this case is the surprising number of rocks floating around it. This isn’t a normal plane of space that we know, this is inside something or some other dimension or set up by Haggar. Scratch that, that might be a sun or some planet with similar properties.

What shows up next has me wondering because that is blue magic, not purple like the Galran, and that might be the ship/castle they’re trying to get to. We’re in a war zone, or former one with large, busted up ships. What’s interesting is that the light flashes then goes up like electricity, clearly similar to Haggar’s magic. Could there be a connection to the druids that Zarkon mentioned previously?  

Pidge flying through a worm hole to an ice area? Means that the group at least is a team right now and they can pair up with the princess at the moment. We can assume this since the only one that can make the worm holes is Allura’s castle.

Castle coming down in an area that looks to be colored the same as that weird cauldron thing we saw earlier. My guess is that the lighting strike we see is from them, and that the team is trying to get to them. Where’s the red lion though? That’s the weird thing in all this. We have the Black, yellow, green and blue. Where’s the red and why is it missing?

Who is the person standing before the star maps? We know that the energy is good since it’s the color of Voltron and Allura’s side, as purple is reflective of the Galran empire. So whoever this person is, they are at least as far as we can tell, working on the side of good. Is it Alfor, or some other member, or a good version of Zarkon before he fell. The person is large, and certainly looks more male like in their shape over a female. Unless I’m wrong and that’s the guy in the weird purple armor. Hard to tell because the image isn’t that great and it’s in shadow, clearly for a reason. (part of me wonders if that’s Lotor.)

So it looks like Haggar and Zarkon are at the same place that the other four lions are at, namely that weird space Calderon. My question is why and what’s going on? Are they there to get the lions or the castle?

Honestly it looks like Zarkon is trying to blow up a planet and there seems to be a hole in the clouds, this has me very worried as to what’s going on there and the connections to everything that we see in the other scenes. Given what’s happening I think the scene where the princesses ship is landing, the part where we see the four lions coming at the caldren, the scene with Zarkon and Haggar at the same location, this scene with the ship over the clouds and the loss of the red lion, makes me suspect that that’s all part of the same episode.

The red clay world where pidge was tied up we see a ship coming from Galran and clearly on the look out for her. This might be part of her stand alone episode.

Red sky where the men are marching. Seems like some sort of big fight is coming on, or again maybe back story here?

Alright Shiro crying, we see rock behind him. I think, and this is just me, that Keith got captured, not the other way around. But why? Shiro wouldn’t be crying unless something bad happened, so my only guess is that Keith or someone else got hurt, or that he think that Matt or Katie’s father is dead. Something big happens here to make him this upset. We’ve seen him freaked out but never in tears before now, so this is something really bad.

Thrace is listening in on things. I think he’s actually playing the part of the spy and probably is going to be the part of the rebelion that that the other two in season one mentioned. clearly he’s not happy with what’s going on so he’s playing the role as a loyalist and helping out, for what reason we don’t quiet know yet.

Planet sequence is also from the same one where you have the castle ship, the four lions, Haggar and Zarkon talking, the whole thing with the missing red lion, and the blue lighting bolt. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it seems that that planet is going to be a hot spot for the season and the over all story. Could that be the remains of Altea?

Lance attacking seems to be in the yellowish color of the planet, although it has a green glimmer, very different then the world we saw him and Hunk on earlier. This could be a huge battle where Lance is pulling a Sokka and managing to crash others into one another.

Zarkon and his ship is going to some place at super speed? Why? Perhaps it’s that same planet again?

Princess ship hitting a yellow sun, or something of the like. Space battle of some sort? or ar they opening up a hole for pidge? I’m not sure.

I think we have a scene of a new character bowing to the princess. We have a orange and white marking on the outfit around the top of the shirt. I’m not sure who this is supposed to be but there is a reason they’re hiding them. Also, what’s important here are the colors. They match very much Prince Lotor’s colors, and if anyone would be bowing to the princess and getting that reaction off her it would be Prince Lotor who probably is trying to be a gentleman but screwing this up terribly, if that is him, which we don’t know yet.

As for the knife wielder. I’m suspecting that that might be female. The cut of the costume makes me think it is due to the thigh high boots. However the color scheme also seems to match that of the lighter color’s in Lotor’s lighter blue and darker bak covering. So I’m not sure. This, plus the fact that he’s good with swords is something that caught my eye, but he could also be Merla in a new form, which would be interesting too. I’m not sure of this character but it seems that they are in a room set up in a fighting room. There’s clearly the grayish walls of rock that you see in caves, so this could be a cave and this might be where Shiro walks into at the end of the clip show, seeing as it’s set up in a balcony like state. I’m damn sure she’s a girl, the form of her body is definitely suggesting that as well as the thinner hands.

Hunk is using his blaster in a cave like set up with brownish rocks, I think this might be the same episode with them going to that planet for a huge battle, or them rescuing or helping pidge.

Lance on the other hand is on a ship, so that’s a rescue mission of some sort. Not sure who they’re going after but it’s clear that it’s on some sort of ship. Maybe the under water place they found? This one is harder then Hunks to figure.

Pidge is also on said ship and fighting something. You can see all the mechanical on the back, so that at least tells me that we’re looking at Lance and Pidge’s scene from the same scene.

Keith is in the black lion, the background of the ship matches shiro’s when he’s in the ship, although the color in the back instruments are not the same. Keith is either in the ice cave from very early in the trailer, or he’s in that weird floating rock area. It’s an interesting situation because you know he’s trying to go after something but you can’t see it.

Voltron hits a huge crystal and it explodes. Why?

We see shots of each character under the same yellow sky that we see Shiro and the weird army marching. I’m betting a lot of the scenes were getting cuts of is a rather big episode. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but I’m going to guess that it plays out with them planning on doing something to save Shiro. Which seems to be the case here.

Shiro walking into a gate that has light. I’m betting this is connected to that sequece earlier with the Assassin.

Okay so throwing this out there.

The above  scenes are grouped together:  This is where I think we have the Shiro line about Keith becoming the leader. It seems to me the lighing and coloring in these scenes are the same. and if what the production staff says is true, then this may have been the last episode of the season that they couldn’t do, so they left it as a cliff hanger instead. Shiro’s going to be okay, but recall that he was hurt from the battle with Haggar and they are kind of lost so there you go. that’s where the“Keith, If I don’t make it, I want you to lead voltron.”line comes from.

Next group above: Not sure why but to me the color schemes match here. I think Shiro get’s taken and they lose the red lion for a while. Not sure exactly what’s going on other then a Galran invasion. 

This group shows that: The colors and the images indicate that this is one big episode, though I’m not sure how it all fits together. But it looks like the crew is going to be in for one heck of a fight. 

Another one is this one: I think we’re going to meet Prince Lotor here. I’m not sure who the assassin swordsman/ woman is, but I think the person is probably female in nature. Color scheme seems to connect here. 

This is another one that I’m a bit unsure of but it seems to connect to one another: Pidge and her lion, I think this is from the same episode and it’s going to deal with tech vs nature. 

This is another that I’m sure is connected:  Colors seem to indicate that they’re from the same episode, again not sure of the order. 

This is pretty certainly part of the ice one as they fit from the colors again and the location. 

The water scenes are pretty obvious.  And I think that’s all of the connections in regard to the scenes. Now the question is, what order do they all go in? 


Bowls made from Blue John, a form of banded fluorite that is found only beneath Treak Cliff in Derbyshire, England, and one location in Zhejiang Province, China. Treak Cliff Cavern and Blue John Cavern are the only sites in Derbyshire  where seams are still being exploited, and both are also open to the public as show caves. I visited several years ago, and was quickly intoxicated with the allure of this semi-precious mineral.

Oilbirds - An extreme example of a low light-level lifestyle among flying birds

In all eye types, visual performance is a compromise between the conflicting fundamental capacities of sensitivity and resolution. The balance of these capacities in any one eye is achieved through adaptations of both optical and retinal structures, and is assumed to reflect both the behavior and the ecology of the species.

In birds, flight is considered to be controlled primarily by vision and requires a high degree of spatial resolution. However, a small number of birds are active at naturally low light levels, where high sensitivity is required. The most extreme example of a low-light-level lifestyle among flying birds is provided by the cave-dwelling oilbirds, Steatornis caripensis.

The OilbirdSteatornis caripensis, the only member of the Steatornithidae family, is a nocturnal frugivorous, endemic to South America. Oilbirds breed and roost in caves, often at sufficient depth that no daylight can penetrate, and this must result in the majority of individuals never experiencing throughout their lifetime (up to 12 years) natural light levels above those of maximum moonlight. Within the caves, oilbirds employ echolocation using audible click vocalizations, which provide low spatial resolution, to avoid in-flight collisions although, due to a low wing loading, flight speeds are low. However, their nocturnal foraging for fruit is thought to be guided primarily by vision, with olfaction playing a secondary role.

A research about the adaptations of oilbird eyes to this lifestyle through the examination of retinal structure, visual fields and the light-gathering capacity of the eye’s optical system, conducted by Martin et al. (2004), reveals that the retinal structure of oilbird eyes is dominated by small rod receptors arranged in a banked structure that is unique among terrestrial vertebrates. This arrangement achieves a photoreceptor density that is the highest so far recorded in any vertebrate eye. Cone photoreceptors are, however, present in low numbers. The eye is relatively small, achieving a light-gathering capacity that is the highest recorded in a bird.

Authors propose that oilbird eyes are at one end of the continuum that juxtaposes the conflicting fundamental visual capacities of sensitivity and resolution. Thus, while oilbird visual sensitivity may be close to a maximum, visual resolution must be low. This explains why these birds employ other sensory cues, including olfaction and echolocation, in the control of their behavior in low-light-level environments.

Photo credit: ©Robert Lewis | Oilbirds at Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Deleted Scene from Avengers Age Of Ultron (2015)

Chirs Hemsworth worked out like a madman for this scene, where he was going to flaunt both his gigantic muscles and acting skills. But sadly the suits at Marvel cancelled the gun show because the scene wasn’t “testing” well. Here’s how it would have looked.


so this is my friends first ever campaign, 3.5, and we’re all pretty excited to play. We have me(Paladin) A rogue, a cleric, and a duelist. We’re about half way through, and we’re in a long corridor with a boxed room at the end, with a chest in sight. 

R: “This is obviously a trap.”

Me (ooc) “I roll for detection, since our rogue is SOOO good at rolling….*16*

before the DM says anything, the duelist rushes the chest claiming rights.

DM: “You notice several spiders on the roof of the cave, and one of them is fairly large, at least human sized. You see them, and realize that they’ve been watching you.” They drop from the top and land around the treasure, about 10 feet from our klepto duelist. 

This is where I add that our Duelist is, both in character and out, completely terrified of spiders. 

We roll for initiative, and lo and behold, the Duelist rolls about a 12, bottom of the list of us 4, and 5 spiders. 

Me: I want to tame the human si-


Me: I roll to tame the spider.

DM:*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* roll d20…*nat20*

The spider looks at you with what appears to be love in it’s eyes, and runs over to you and nuzzles your leg affectionately, almost purring. 

The duelist’s next turn is full movement, toward the exit, screaming the entire way. 


Omashu and Zukaang parallels:

  • Their respective villages/nations were enemies with each other (well, in the Fire Nation’s case, they made the Air Nomads and the Avatar their enemy).
  • Oma and Shu learned earthbending from the badgermoles, Aang and Zuko learned the ancient origins of firebending and the pre-war form of firebending from the last dragons 
  • Omashu was built as a place where citizens from both villages could thrive in peace, after the war had ended. Republic City was build so that citizens from all over the world could live in peace, after the war had ended. 
‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5 dives deeper into the darkness

Once Upon a Time‘s Underworld is not a place where the dead delight. Here’s what you can expect from “Souls of the Departed” and the back end of season 5!

Neverland was charming and Oz was quite fine. Arendelle and Camelot were brought to life from the pages of stories both old and new. Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis, and the incredible writing team at Once Upon a Time are master world builders. They take something familiar– a lost boy’s cave, a palace (or four), a small town in Maine– and skew them ever so slightly to change the viewer’s perspective. The Underworld is no different.

Once Upon a Time‘s season 5 spring premiere is a landmark episode in more than one way. It is the 100th episode of the series, it holds a very special and heartbreaking family reunion, and one super-secret-not-so-secret-anymore character returns to issue a word of caution. It is an episode that demands live viewing and encourages a second, or third return.

When the casting announcements for the premiere began to roll in it seemed that striking a balance between progressing the story set up in “Swan Song” and acting as a fun way to see everyone on screen together again. Once Upon a Timefound a way to make sure nothing about this episode seemed light-hearted in anyway. There is a darkness that looms over the entire affair (and it is not solely because the editing room relied heavily on a sepia filter for the Underworld scenes).

If season 4 shattered the illusion of fairytale endings, season 5 began the tricky business of maneuvering around the sharp debris. The further Once Upon a Timetook their exploration of darkness, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness the harder it became to avoid the occasional cut. The collection of fairytale characters in Storybrooke and beyond bleed. Once Upon a Time season 5 features the strongest storytelling the show has rolled out and it is only getting better as the stakes get higher.

Here are some spoiler-free hints at what’s to come when Once Upon a Timereturns.

‘Once Upon a Time’ episode 100’s best moments

A birthday fit for a queen– Well, any queen who is not Regina. Is there a reality show for spoiled teen royalty who do not get what they want on their birthday?My Enchanted Sweet Sixteen coming soon to a forest near you.

Dark hair, hook for a hand– Finding Killian is not going to be easy. The teasersfor Once Upon a Time‘s season 5B arc are the perfect indicator of what awaits Emma in the Underworld and it is not a pretty sight.

Have some tissues on hand– The opening three minutes of the episode will take your heart out, crush it, and sweep it into the nearest drain.

The Devil is a friend of mine– Introducing the ruler of Underworld, the hot-head himself, Hades. To quote “The Gospel Truth” this man is “as mean as he is ruthless.” Fan of Hercules have nothing to worry about. Greg Germann’s Hades is the perfect combination of charm, terror, and elegance. We’re sorry there is nothing we can do about that CGI hair, though. It is what it is.

Who said it?

-“Sometimes a mother has to do what is best for her child, even if it’s reprehensible.”

-“It’s seems like such dull work.”

-“You won’t find anything unless I want you to.”

-“If this were a dream there’d be talking doughnuts or something weird like that.”

-“When I get my revenge it will be my victory.”


NCT U Reacts to You Calling Them Daddy

Request: could you do a NCT U reaction to you calling them ‘daddy’???? ;)


Taeil: “Oh. Okay.” Taeil is somewhat bewildered by this. ‘Daddy…? But I’m her oppa.’ He probably won’t even know what you mean by it.

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Doyoung: You begged Doyoung to let you have a puppy in your shared apartment since small animals were allowed, but he said no. “Pleeeease daddy!” 

He thinks hard about what to say before opening his mouth, “Hmm, I like the way you say that.” He eventually caves in when you keep calling him that an he buys you a new puppy.

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Mark: “I’m younger than you though.” Mark is so innocent, he doesn’t even know where you’d get the idea of calling him daddy from. You’re both young and inexperienced and he likes it that way, at least until he gets older.

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Jaehyun: “What did you just call me?” Just a moment earlier you were arguing with Jaehyun about something extra petty. In the middle of the argument you end up calling him daddy and it silences him. “Daddy’s about to show you why you shouldn’t anger him.”

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Taeyong: Being under Taeyong was pure bliss. He knew just the right places to kiss, suck, and bite to make you scream his name. “Daddy.~” You moan into his ear and something awakens inside of him.

“I’ll having you screaming that all night.”

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Ten: “Did you just say what I think you said?” Your cheeks turn pink as he stares at you in awe. “When did I get that title? Doesn’t matter, I like it.” 

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When a Beast Master joins the Party (Team Stumblefuck strikes again!)

So, the group has grown greatly.  From a Barbarian, Thief, High Wizard, Warlock, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, and Druid, we ended up adding two more people the session prior, and another this last session.  A Ranger, Wizard, and Sorcerer.  Making the group so large the DM has said “No more people can join”.  We are all in some underground dungeon while working on a quest for the Warlock, killing a High Lord Warlock from his clan.  There’s three tunnels for us to pick from, and decided to divide into three groups.  The Ranger went with the Paladin and Cleric.  The Druid was chained to the Warlock for now, and both had went with the Wizard and Barbarian.  The smaller group came across some rips where the Sorcerer *Dragonborn mixed Silver/Gold* chained high above to the ribs making up the cave.  They had to communicate to the rest of the party some how, the following happens;

Ranger (OOC); Can I use my wolf to be the messenger?

DM (OOC); You know what?  Roll for it.

Ranger; *rolls a 17*

DM (OOC); Okay, so the wolf would take the message to the Druid but somewhat reluctant about doing so.

Ranger; “Okay guys, I’m sending Scooby Doo off to find the Druid with a note attached about what we had just found.”

DM; Okay, so the Wolf is following the smell of the Druid with a note tow about finding a Silver and gold Dragonborn Sorcorer.

Wizard; “Okay, we need to reply.  Does he have any loose scales?”

Barbarian; “I’m with him, cause, we kinda need those scales…. does he have any scales that are ready to come off?”

Druid; “What?  NO!  How about asking for his name and how long he’s been down in their tunnel?”

Barbarian; “Because the scales are more important…. that’s… that’s why…”

Druid; “No, fuck you guys.  My druid writes back in common to ask about the Dragonborns name, and how long he was down there.  As well as why.  She then turns to the Wolf, and puts it back in the case.  Okay Fluffy, go back to the Ranger.”

DM; So the wolf goes back to the Ranger.

Wizard (OOC); By the way, Ranger, there’s a side note asking about the new Dragonborn’s scales.

Ranger; “Okay, so they want to know who the new guy is, how long he’s been down here, and… if he has any loose scales ready to come off…”

Paladin; (Who is a Blue Dragonborn) “OH DEAR THOR!  Who asked about that last one!?”

Ranger; “Not the druid.  She should stop writing notes as a Honey Badger.”

Druid (OOC); You know, I could have been a dick and have the writing in Druidic instead…

Don’t Go Changin’ for Nobody

It’s been recently suggested that Bryke might have directed the A:TLA animators to de-age Katara when she is in romantic scenes with Aαng. Such a thought had never occurred to me, but I decided to do some research and share my findings!

Below are screenshots of Katara in all the episodes where she kisses Aαng, both during the kissing scene and outside of it. The contrast was … fairly obvious. Also faintly nauseating.

The Cave of Two Lovers

Katara, waterbending practice

Katara, Aαng kissing scene

Nightmares and Daydreams

Katara, Aαng action scene dream

Katara, Aαng kissing scene dream

Katara, Aαng kissing scene dream height

Katara, height relative to Aαng’s in the real world

The Day of Black Sun

Katara, talking to her father

Katara, Aαng kissing scene

The Ember Island Players

Katara, shocked

Katara, shocked in Aαng kissing scene

Sozin’s Comet

Katara, smiling

Katara, smiling in Aαng kissing scene

I’ve heard over and over that the age difference is only two years, that it’s not important, that there isn’t a maturity gap. Well, these stills prove that this isn’t the case. The fact that the creators (and Aαng, when he daydreams) tweak Katara’s physical appearance in the kissing scenes is a tacit admission that the maturity gap exists and it matters. They know, deep down, that this pairing is inappropriate, that Aαng is too young for Katara in more ways than one. But even worse, both the creators and Aαng think it’s OK to literally change who Katara is for the sake of a guy—Katara, who fought time and again to be treated like an equal.


I talked to a few of the animators and I know zephyrita (she worked as a color stylist). They all have said that artists were told to make Katara look younger and innocent (larger eyes and rounder face) whenever she had romantic moments with Aang so it would look more “natural”. Using Katara’s regular character models for those scenes was awkward because it felt more like a mother acting very inappropriately with her son.

So to all the people who were offended by the idea of Katara in red clothing because you think it’s changing her to suit Zuko … what do you think of the canon alteration of her actual body explicitly to cater to Aαng?

EDIT: @jasubb-8 provides mathematical proof of this phenomenon.

(Wonho) Game

It started as a game, who can go the longest without sex and/or masturbation, and turned into a test of wills with both parties fighting viciously to push the other over the edge first.
The tactics started out innocently enough; Light but altogether unnecessary brushes against each other in passing, a few flirty but suggestive messages that got increasingly more graphic as time passed with no sign of the other caving, next came the pictures. Nothing too explicit just a glimpse of skin past a low neckline or a flash of abs, the worst were the ones that let your imagination run wild: A lip bite, mussed hair, pictures in bed where there was no question as to whether the person under the covers was clothed or not. Wonho had nearly snapped at one such picture and, after a very long cold shower, realized that if he wanted to win it was time to take drastic action, there was no such thing as playing fair.

“My Jagi, can’t you take the time to help me?”
He knew you would be suspicious, such becomes your nature when dating a tease, and thus he had to come off as innocuous as possible. “It’s just dance practice, I promise! It’s good to have a fresh set of eyes, right? I need you to be mine.” It was hard to refuse such a request especially when it pertained to his career and so eyeing his eager figure up and down you relented; “Okay, but no funny business!” Smirking he nods quickly at you, “You have my word Jagi, I won’t lay even one finger on you!”

Absolute bastard.
You were positive  he was adding extra hip rolls just to fuck with you.
“Wonho ah, is that really the choreography?”
“Why would I practice it if it wasn’t?”
Groaning at yet another exaggerated thrust of his hips you slump further down the wall pulling your knees up to your chest, pouting; “I know what you’re doing!”
“Working hard? It’s necessary now so that I can be successful, it’s important for our future. Does this move look right?”
Honestly your sense of timing and rational to judge the quality of his work went out the window as soon as he’d rid himself of his shirt claiming that the practice room was stuffy and so you just gave a half-hearted grunt in response trying to ignore the warmth spreading between your legs, you wouldn’t last much longer at this rate.

He was hard.
Really fucking hard.
The hardest he had ever been.
Was he awakening a secret exhibitionist kink within himself? He’d planned to lure you here to trick you into losing but if you didn’t hurry up- well he wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to last himself with your eyes tracing every inch of his body and the subconscious way you kept pressing your thighs together and squirming.

It was bad enough when he was just dancing sweaty and half-naked but now you could clearly make out the outline of his dick through the loose material of his sweats, was winning the game really worth this torture? Maybe if you admitted defeat and quickly got him out of his clothes and into your mouth he wouldn’t have much time to brag-You abruptly stood up and closed the distance between you; “Okay, I give up, touch me.”
His mouth dropped open in feigned surprise; “Wah! How do I know this isn’t just a trick, as soon as I touch you you could say I initiated sex first!” Gaping you peered at him through squinted eyes; “A-are you serious?! I’m telling you I lose just hurry up and get out of your clothes, I’m going crazy!”
He surveyed you for a moment, eyes twinkling as he took in your lust filled gaze, even standing your thighs were still pressing and rubbing together seeking friction, you were really done in.
“Okay, Jagi, I will get undressed but first you have to prove you’re really giving up. The deal was no sex or masturbation right? I will believe- if you touch yourself.”

He didn’t waste time waiting for your reaction just sank to the floor, legs spread and sticking straight out in front of him as he watched you pull down your tights, moving as if to sit in front of him.
“No” He twirled one finger around in front of his face to indicate you turn “rest against me.”
Face hot you settled down in front of him, back pressed tightly to his chest as your fingers inched slowly up your bare thighs, whimpering as they finally made contact with the wet material of your panties; “I-Is this enough proof to get you to touch me?”
“Keep going.”
Wonho used the dance rooms mirror to watch fascinated as you rutted against your fingers, moans getting louder each time you skimmed over your clit, “Stop for a second” he commanded, bunching up the material of your skirt and hooking one of your legs over his own to spread you wider for him. One hand pushed your panties to the side as the other guided your hand back down; “Fuck yourself for me.” Your fingers worked quickly at his words, pushing in and out of you with urgency-  gaze falling to the mirror. You looked positively lewd, skirt up well past your waist, thighs trembling at the amount of pleasure coursing through you, chest rapidly rising and falling.

Wonho watched fascinated in the mirror as one of your hands toyed with your clit and the other rubbed over your entrance, fingers fucking in and out at a stunningly fast pace, your arousal seeping out of you and puddel-ing  on the floor in between your legs, he licked his lips as he imagined lapping it up.
“Are you going to make yourself cum, Jagi? You deserve it. You lasted a really long time in the game, but I won~”
He shuffled you around, pulling at you until your bare ass settled down on his lap, he could feel you wetting the dark material of his sweats and with a groan began to hump against you, eyes locked on the mirror.
Your fingers worked tirelessly, you were that much closer with Wonho rutting against you, and it only took a few more thrusts for you to go spilling over the edge. Slumping backwards you let Wonho take charge of you, his hands heavy on your hips as they pulled you back and forth over his cock, the pressure enough to send him over the edge after you, cum spilling in his sweats.

“Was that worth losing for?”
“Of course not, I did all the work!”
“Ah, My Jagi is just mad. It felt good right, getting yourself off for me?”
“Shut up and take me home!”
“Of course, I will take you anywhere with pleasure.”

For Shynon, I hope you like it! I tried to incorporate what you said about him seeming like a dominant tease that knows how to use his body to the best of my ability.


Joe Sugg imagine || Teased. ||

Anonymous said:

I love your imagines! can you write one where you’re best friends with Tyler Oakley and he takes you with him to London. And you meet Joe for the first time and after you go back to your hotel, Tyler says you like Joe, and you deny it at first but you end up caving and Tyler teases you. I really hope that isn’t confusing! 💕

- - -

“Aren’t you so glad you came to London with me?” Tyler asked you as you both walked down the street in London from your hotel. “Of course, I love travelling.” You pointed out and Tyler laughed, “of course you do, we like to look at all the fresh meat.” Tyler stopped walking and did a slight hip wiggle-dance before you both burst into laughter and continued walking.

You had known Tyler for years from Youtube, when you moved from (Y/home place) to Los Angles where most Youtubers end up for a while anyway… You stayed with him for a bit whilst looking for a decent place to rent and live.

You weren’t so much a collab-type Youtuber yourself but you appeared in them, you were like an opinion / news Youtuber like Phil DeFranco except not the same at all and sometimes you vlogged on your second channel.

“And we’re meeting Caspar where?” You wondered again, it was warm and sunny today, you loved feeling the sun on your exposed skin. “Victoria station… It’s the only place I know.” Tyler said and pointed straight ahead in the distance. You looked where he had pointed and nodded like you had any idea in the slightest.

You both walked into the station and you looked around in awe, you had never seen a train station that big or busy in your life before. “Hey guys.” You heard a voice you knew from behind you, you turned with Tyler. “Big daddy!” Tyler said to Caspar who walked up to both of you, he smirked looking at Tyler, “Oh stop, you’re embarrassing me.” He waved Tyler off and it made you laugh.

You’d met Caspar twice before but for very short periods when he was in America. “How’re you?” He smiled down at you and you nodded, “I’m good.” You said. “Good! How’s London been for you both?” He asked as you started walking. “Amazing.” You didn’t know if you could describe it any better, this city was just plain amazing…

… Getting back to the flat, Caspar unlocked and opened the front door, walking in, you followed behind Tyler, looking around. “Alright Joe?” You heard Caspar ask and it caught your attention, looking over you seen whom you assumed was Joe and he was really cute, “Alright – oh hey!” Joe said seeing Tyler and you. “Hello beautiful!” Tyler sang to him, before laughing his signature Tyler Oakley laugh. You loved Tyler and how he was exactly the same off camera as he was on camera.

“Joe you know Tyler, but you’ve not met (Y/N).” Caspar gestured between Joe and yourself. “Hi nice to meet you.” Joe said with a smile extending his hand in your direction. “Likewise.” You smiled after a minute of being in awe by his attractiveness, you shook his hand.

From behind Joe you could see Tyler smirking at you and you looked away ignoring him, shaking your head a little. “If you guys are filming, I’m going to Tesco … It scares when when the two of you get together in a bedroom with cameras.” Joe looked from Tyler to Caspar while running his fingers through his hair pushing it off to the side sightly. 

“Ha ha.” Caspar said darkly at Joe. “You should show (Y/N) around Tesco, she’s never seen one.” Tyler said to Joe with a nod and you felt yourself blushing a little. “I’m sure it isn’t that exciting.” You felt a nervousness now as you looked away from Joe that was looking at you.

“Not really, but you’re welcome to come.” He added pulling his red zip up sweater on, fixing the hood. “You should go… You don’t wanna be stuck here as we film, we’re no fun.” Caspar pointed out and Tyler nodded to agree with him. “Big daddy is so right.” He said in a growly voice and you rolled your eyes at him. “Shut up Tyler.” You whispered.

“Yeah, come along if you want. I don’t mind I was just getting some milk and a pot noddle maybe.” Joe smiled welcomingly at you and you were close to melting into a puddle on the floor. “Yeah, okay – why not.” You nodded knowing Tyler wasn’t going to make it east for you to say ‘no.’ anyway. “Have fun kids.” Tyler waved while hanging of Caspar a little bit for dramatic purposes…

… “So, is this your first time in England?” Joe asked curiously as you both walked up the street together both of your hands were in your sweater pockets.

 “Yup.” You nodded, “Tyler wanted me to come with him last night but I was too busy, this time I’m really glad I came, because it’s an amazing place.” You smiled, feeling shy around him – which was weird for you because normally you weren’t a shy person anymore, you had been before and a little after starting Youtube but you gained a lot of confidence.

Walking into the shop with Joe you followed him to the milk where he grabbed a jug putting it in his basket, you picked at a few packages of things you had never seen before, 

“Jammy Dodgers?” You asked confused, holding the package up and looking at Joe. “Oh my god! You’ve never had one!” He exclaimed taking them from your hand carefully, putting his basket down. “Basically they are like a biscuit – err, cookie… But there is a jam in the middle… Hence jammy…” He laughed, looking around the store, he started opening the package. 

“Joe!” You said sharply in a hushed voice, looking around to see if anyone was staring at the two of you.

“I’m gonna buy them.” He laughed, “but you need to try one, this just can’t wait.” He put the open package down in the basket and held the cookie between his fingers. “It is honestly – so fucking good.” He was grinning, putting the cookie close to your lips.

Bringing your hand up you went to take it from him, but he laughed at you. “No, no … The proper way of eating one is that it has to be touching English fingers.” He laughed and you raised your eyebrow at him, “no seriously, it’s just a plain biscuit if you touch it… But because I’m touching it it’s magical.” He nodded and you started laughing. 

“You are so… Full of crap.” You said still laughing. Joe started shaking his head. “No honestly it is the total truth, if you don’t believe me you can ask anyone around they know.” He looked up, seeing a man in the distance. “Excuse me Sir?” He held his hand up, looking in the mans direction but he hadn’t spoke loud enough to catch his attention.

 “Joe!” You said quickly, feeling your cheeks redden. “Okay, okay, I believe you.” You muttered and opened your mouth slightly, letting Joe put the cookie a little ways into your mouth, you bit down, taking a bite from it with your hand under your lips to catch any crumbs, you chewed the cookie, feeling the jam middle stick to the cookie. 

“Oh my … That’s so good!” You said after swallowing the piece and Joe nodded. “I told you.” He grinned…

… You both walked back into the flat, laughing which caused Caspar and Tyler to both look up from their phones while sitting the the living room. “Oh my god, you’re so funny.” Joe was laughing so hard tears were almost falling down his face. “Where the hell were you two?” Caspar asked standing up. “What do you mean?” Joe asked looking at Caspar and away from you. “You went to get milk 

…. Three hours ago?” He pointed out looking between you two and Joe cleared his throat, “Oh yeah – we went for a little stroll around.” He shrugged it off. “Where’s the milk?” Tyler asked, looking at the two of you from over the back of the couch, 

“oh…” Joe looked down at his hands realising he had no bag. “We left the milk at the park.” He looked at you and burst into more laughter. “Right; well… We have to get back to the hotel, we’re suppose to be meeting early with Jim and Tanya.” Tyler finally broke through Joe and yours fit of laugher, you calmed down clearing your throat nodding. “Oh right.” You said.

“It was super nice meeting you.” You smiled at Joe who seemed a little bummed out you were going, but nodded and smiled back at you. “Really nice.” He pulled you into a hug and you returned it after a second when it finally sunk in you were hugging him…

… Back at the hotel room you were sharing with Tyler, you walked from the washroom after brushing your teeth, you had a towel around your hair that had pretty much dried as you did your evening routine.

You took it off, yawning climbing into the Queen sized bed you were sharing with Tyler, who stopped going through twitter on his MacBook, he looked at you. “Girl.” He said simply. “Girl.” He said again shaking his head. “You getting yourself a little English boooy?” He asked in a tormenting tone. “No.” You muttered plugging your phone in.

“Don’t lie to me, I know you to fucking well, YOU. LIKE. JOE.” He said bubbly while laughing a little to himself. “No, I don’t.” You muttered again pushing him a little to make him stop giving you this look of 'yeah right’. “I don’t!” You said again as Tyler raised his eyebrow and said; “Mmm-hmm.”

You rolled your eyes, looking away from him you picked up your phone and started looking through your Instagram. Before you stopped mid scroll and looked back to Tyler who was still giving you the same look, having not moved. “Maybe a little.” You whispered.

“AHHH GIRL!” Tyler shook you a little bit, grinning. “I knew it! I KNEW IT!” He sang and you blushed. “Shhhh!” You covered his mouth but he pried your hand away, singing; “(Y/N) and Joe sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N… Oh no wait, this is 2015.” Tyler paused in thought. “F-U-C-K-I-” - “Tyler!” You snapped over his singing before he could get any farther into his rhyming.

“Girl you gotta get a piece of that before we leave.” He laughed and you shrugged a little. “I don’t think…” You shook your head. “And WHY not?” Tyler looked disbelieving at you and you rolled your eyes. “Can we just stop talking about this, please?” You asked politely and he nodded. “Of course, dear.” He patted your shoulder sympathetically.  

“Thank you.” You said before going back to scrolling through your twitter now. From the corner of your eye you could see Tylers face twitching as it changed back into a Devilish one. “Joe and (Y/N), (Y/N) and Joe.” He sing-songed once more. “Kissy, kissy, kissy!” He made kissy noises. “STOP!” You pleaded with him, sighing now. But he continued while laughing. “Tyler you’re so annoying.” You gave up, rolling over onto your side, your back to your best friend, you turned off the light making the room dark.

Continuing to scroll through your Twitter feed, you stopped before you scrolled anymore, seeing a tweet from Joe about thirty minutes ago;

{ Joe Sugg: 😍 #ForgotTheMilk #BetweenTheLinesTweet } with a twit picture of him holding up a Jammy Dodger and grinning.

You felt your heart melt a little.

love and blood [eric coulter]



A sweaty body hit the mat as another hung over it, both bloodied and beaten. Eric was standing on one side observing, his eyes occasionally flickering towards you while you threw your knives. Your technique was not the best, but somehow you managed to hit dead center every time. Since day one Eric was amazed by you, absolutely taken aback. You were everything he could have wanted, strong both emotionally and physically, gorgeous, smart, funny, and even a bit harsh.

He moved his eyes back to the fight for a moment to see if someone had caved, but like himself neither person was willing to give up. Eric allowed his stare to go back to you, where he noticed a change in the environment. You were still throwing knives, the ones waiting to hit the target clutched tightly in your palm, the muscles in your back shifting with each movement, but now there was a boy by your side. 

His sweat had soaked through his black tank top, his hair tousled, his strong frame bent near yours. Eric watched while he leaned down close to your ear, one hand planting itself on your hip. At first you didn’t react, but then you pushed him off of you and punched him once before throwing him to the ground. All training stopped as you flipped him onto his back and pulled his arm behind him. A scream ripped through his throat and echoed off of the cement walls. “If you touch me again, I will end you!”

You released his arm and allowed him to scramble up off of the floor, his wild eyes trying to hide a mask of terror. Eric continued to stare at you while you shook, disturbed by what had happened, or what had the potential to happen. Without a glance back at the brawl he was surveying, he flicked his fingers to the side and the two nodded, squaring up to each other and continuing. 

Eric’s keen eyes searched your frame and watched you throw the next knife. Your technique was now completely wrong, the knives landing in the foot of the target now. He still glowered in your direction, watching some knives clatter tot eh ground while others landed in limbs. Eric sighed and looked back at the ground. He had to help you. “Stop!” The whole gym went silent including you, your head cocking over your shoulder. “You’re dismissed for lunch.”

You put the knives down on the table behind you, only for Eric to call out your name and rush to you when everyone had left to eat. The eyes that watched him were scared, although you tried hard to conceal it. “Do you need to see me, sir?”

“Are you okay?”

You shifted uncomfortably, your arms crossing over your bare stomach, your eyes averting to the floor while you nodded slightly. “You saw that?”

Eric smirked a little but it vanished when you looked up at him and he saw the tears in your eyes. “Yes, I did. And I also saw how terrible your technique is. You’ll have to work on that.” You nodded, trying not to stare at him. Although Eric was absolutely intoxicating, you had to try to resist him because as much as you wanted him, you could not have him.

“Thank you for the critique.”

Although your voice was bitten with sarcasm, he ignored it. “I plan to help you with it.” A slight smile came on your face and Eric turned to the knives laid on the table. His long fingers trailed down the blades and rested on the hilt, handing them to you while he waited for your body to square up to the target.

As soon as you turned your back to him, he allowed his eyes to wander, wondering what it would be like to touch you, to feel you beneath him, to wake up with you beside him, and he couldn’t tear his thoughts away from the images flashing across his mind. Eric shook his head clear and stepped up behind you, one arm reaching down to clutch your wrist and bring your elbow back to your body so he could adjust your fingers. Your breath hitched in your throat when his hand wrapped around yours, and you glanced up at him. His handsome face was strong and angled, his lips plump, his cold eyes straining to break away from your hand so he could glance at you. Eric’s gruff voice brought you back to reality. “Focus on your training.”

You nodded and turned back to the target while he retracted the warmth of his body from yours and watched the knife fly into the dead center of the target. Tentatively, you turned around to check for his approval, but you found only his calculating gaze. “Again.” You nodded and struck the bullseye, throwing another one immediately after that.

“You know,” Eric cut himself off, unsure of whether to ask you out or not. As a leader, he should not be caught with an initiate, but he could not stop himself any longer. Suddenly, a bustle of initiates walked in, interrupting the confession he was about to make. Your eyes flickered to the approaching crowd.

“What, Eric?”

He gazed at your beautiful features, now too scared to tell you. “You’re getting better. Move to the punching bag.”

The night you got your tattoo was your next encounter with him. After leaving the tattoo shop, you had made a detour to get a piercing, but your friends traveled back to the dorms. The walls surrounding you were stone and ridged, some blocks of stone protruding more than others. Occasionally there was a staining from years of constant water- flow that had eventually been patched up, and the concrete floor was dirty from the grime carried on the soles of boots.

Out of nowhere hands wrapped around your waist and you were slammed against the wall, your hands pinned by your sides. Your eyes closed from the impact, the uneven stone digging into your skin through your clothing. The boy from before was back, liquor staining his breath and fanning out across your face. You opened your eyes then, watching his confused eyes dance over your skin.

Before you could bring your legs up to defend yourself, he pressed you harder against the wall, trapping you between him and cold stone. “Get off!” You screamed, hoping someone would hear you. Through the layers of clothing you could feel his hard stomach flattened against your own, and it made your skin crawl. “Help!” His hand clamped over your mouth and moved to clutch both wrists in his other hand.

“Hey!” You heard a familiar voice bounce off of the walls, and the boy looked up in a drunken haze, facing his leader. His grip on you did not loosen until Eric was close, but by then it was too late. He would not have had time to run away, for Eric’s strong grip clamped the back of his shirt and pulled him off of you. The boy was thrown to the ground and Eric landed one punch on the jaw. “Don’t ever let me see you do that again.” Eric punched him again, blood pouring out of his nose and down his jaw.

You stepped up, clutching Eric’s bicep gingerly, pulling him away from the boy. Eric pushed back, gripping your shoulders, holding you close to him, trying to find some comfort in the fact that you were there with him. “I’ll walk you back to the dorm.” You nodded, taking your place next to him.

The walk was short and spent in comfortable silence, but now just outside the door to the dormitory, you turned to him. He was much taller than you, his broad shoulder towering over your frame. Before you could think about it too much, you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck. Eric tensed for just a moment but then relaxed, letting himself bend down. His strong arms wound around your waist, his hands coming to rest on the sides of your ribs. You closed your eyes, relishing how he felt against you. “Thank you.”

At the end of the week you found it in yourself to tell Christina about your encounters with Eric and your ever growing feelings for him. “I just feel something different with him.” She nodded. Although she didn’t qute understand what you saw in the cruel man, she did not question you. Only you could know how you feel. “I’m just waiting for him to give me some kind of sign.”

The two of you were standing at the punching bags, engaging yourselves in conversation. “Why don’t you go for what you want instead of waiting for it to come to you?”

You couldn’t respond because Eric stopped all of the initiates and released the trainees for the day. Christina punched your arm jokingly. “Go for it.” Everyone had cleared out by the time you had taken off the bandages binding your wrists, leaving only you and Eric. You walked to the trashcan and threw away the bandages, then stepped up to Eric.

He only glanced up from what he was doing. “What, initiate?” When you didn’t respond, he set everything down and watched you as you moved closer to him. The gap that was once only inches was now non existent, and your hand was wrapped around the base of his neck. You leaned up, your lips molding over his own, kissing tentatively.

Eric’s hands found your hips and pressed you closer to him, his breathing becoming heavy as he leaned down and moved his hands to just below your butt, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist. You moaned lightly against his mouth, a tingling sensation ran through him and he pushed all of the objects off of the table, hoisting you up on it and leaning back. Your spine hit the hardness of the table, his hands resting on either side of you while he moved to kiss your neck. “What if the other initiates find out?” You voiced your concern suddenly, breathlessly, and then you felt him tug at your ear.

“They won’t.”

4 SNEAK PEEKS: Once Upon a Time 4x02 "White Out"

Emma is about to feel the full effects of Elsa’s frosty powers in Once Upon a Time’s “White Out” episode this Sunday. The episode will see Elsa (Georgina Haig) reacting instinctively when startled by Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and accidentally trapping them both inside an ice cave, where the frozen temperatures soon begin to take a …

Robin’s Nest: Part 1

Summary: The Robins as Bruce and Batmom’s biological kids.

Words: 1252

AN: Thank you to my wonderful new team of Beta’s who edited this and are working diligently on everything else.

Despite getting married at a very young age, you never had a deep desire for a big family. In fact, you’re not even sure you want children. You’re fairly certain that parenting books caution against raising children in a home where crime fighting is more of the family business than running Wayne Enterprises. You spend a lot of late nights monitoring the computer in the Batcave while Bruce fights crime.

When you’re not fighting crime you and Bruce tend to either be working or at some sort of function. You know Bruce wants a child someday, but for the moment you’re both content with your lives. In fact, the only one who isn’t is Alfred. He’s worse than the press when it comes to babies.

He hints about them all the time, usually when he has you alone in the Batcave. On the flip side, he tends to corner Bruce in his office.

You’ve been married three years when Bruce comes home early from a business trip. You haven’t taken your birth control in a while, and both you and Bruce are feeling a bit forgetful when you fall into bed that night. You honestly don’t think of it again, until Mother Nature skips you two months in a row.

You’ve always been regular, so you have a pretty good feeling as to what is going on, but you want to make sure. You know it’ll be nearly impossible to go buy the pregnancy test yourself without being noticed, so you’re forced to ask Alfred to pick one up when he goes to the store that day.

He agrees, with this huge smile on his face, and you’re almost certain that he actually skips to the car. When Bruce asks you what’s going on, you tell him. Plus, you figure it’s not a particularly good idea to keep a possible father out of the loop.

“Remember that night, two months ago, when you came home early from that trip?” You ask.


“We didn’t use any protection.”

“You’re …”

“Possibly. Alfred is picking up a test at the store.”

Bruce just nods, “That explains the skipping.”

          You just nod. You wait together in the den, in complete silence. The humming is the first thing that alerts you to Alfred’s return. You go to meet him together. He has three different bags, all filled with pregnancy tests. You ask about groceries, and he simply tells you that he’ll go back out for those later. When you question him about the twenty different pregnancy tests, he says he wants to make absolutely sure.

          You’re suddenly really glad that you drank all that water today, and that it’s Saturday. You go through all twenty tests, and the three of you all wait together. When the timer goes off, it’s Bruce who goes into check the tests. He’s already memorized all the different symbols for positive and negative.

He comes out five minutes later looking a bit pale. “Positive, all twenty are positive.”

          Your stomach heaves at the weight of that statement as Alfred cheers. Both you and Bruce are scared out of your minds over the next several weeks. You both devour pregnancy books in anticipation of your first prenatal appointment.

          You’re still worried out of your mind at the idea of being responsible for another life, but then you hear the heartbeat and every worry you have melts away. One look at Bruce tells you that he’s feeling the exact same amazement as you are.

          You have to deal with morning sickness for several months, and you’re oh-so-grateful when it finally goes away. Of course, cravings set in the next day, and Bruce seems to kind of regret living so far from town when he’s forced to go constantly into town for your latest cravings.

          Bruce is all about baby-proofing, but he doesn’t hire a company to do it—he does it himself. There’s covers on all the outlets, locks on cabinets, and soft things on the corners of all the antique coffee tables. You think it’s very sweet.

          You go into labor at work, in the middle of a board meeting. Your water breaks while you’re giving your presentation. Bruce is at your side in thirty seconds flat, and then you’re surrounded by men, being ushered towards a company car. You’re rushed to the hospital where Gotham PD is attempting to keep photographers back. You’re whisked into a plush, private room. Fifteen hours later, you give birth to a little boy. He favors Bruce, but at the same time he’s his own person. Although he does have your eyes.

          Running a finger down the side of his cheek, you marvel at the softness of his skin, and the way his mouth opens and closes. You hand him over to Bruce, who holds him with a little bit of hesitancy, but he’s supporting the head and doing everything lamaze classes taught him. As the baby falls asleep in his arms he looks at you with all of this love, wonder and amazement and says, “Thank you for making me a daddy.”

          You just smile and say, “Thank you for making me a mommy.”

          You’re kept in the hospital for three days. They want to make sure the new prince of Gotham and his mother are one hundred percent okay before they let you go home. Bruce sleeps in one of those uncomfortable hospital chair, refusing to leave your side. It takes you and Bruce about a day to decide on a name. Finally, you decided on Richard Thomas Wayne, after Bruce’s grandfather and father. “Dick” for short.

          The day you take Dick home, Bruce is the one to carry him. He’s locked safely in his carry car seat, and you make sure a blanket is fully covering him, protecting your baby from the vultures outside.

           You’re ready to hiss when you find out that a full police squad is already out there attempting to keep the photographers back and that you actually have to wait for more men before going out.

          You keep your back straight as Commissioner Gordon personally escorts you to the car. You get in first, accepting the carrier from Bruce and locking it into place, before Bruce gets in. The next several nights are rather busy. Bruce has to go out as Batman to keep people from speculating. He typically waits until Dick is asleep before going and is usually back as you’re finishing his feeding.

          The next several months are filled with sleepless nights and spit-up. When Richard is four months old, you set up a bassinet in the Batcave so that you can go back to monitoring the computer. Bruce slowly gets back into the groove of batman but is typically home a lot earlier than before. At six months, Richard is sleeping through the night without any problems, but you and Bruce still like watching him sleep for a bit before going to bed yourselves.

          One night as you’re watching him sleep, with Bruce’s arms wrapped around you, you admit it, “I love being a mom.”

          Bruce just smiles and kisses you before saying, “I love being a dad.” Together, you both smile and go back to watching your son sleep.

Imagine For Anon

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can I have a Theo imagine where both of the reader and Theo are too stubborn to admit you like each other so he starts flirting with other girls to get you to admit you like him, but then you start flirting with someone as well. And when Theo sees he tries to not get jealous but he caves and admits he likes you? Love your writing!

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

Side Note: Hope you enjoy! :)

Both you and Theo knew each of you liked one another, expect the only problem was that both of you was just as stubborn as the other to actually admit it out loud. So when you walked into school that morning, you weren’t expecting the length Theo was going to, to actually get you to cave first. Walking through the double doors your eyes immediately went to Theo who was getting way to close to Malia for your liking, half of you knew Malia would never encourage Theo but the other half was unsure of what Theo would actually do.

As you walked to your locker you turned your head every so often to make sure you wouldn’t miss anything. Good you thought, it seemed all they were doing was talking with Theo standing perhaps a bit too close. Closing your locker you saw Josh standing on the other side, smirking at the idea that you just got you made sure that Theo was watching and started talking to Josh.

“Hey Josh”

He turned his head to face you and you could see that he wasn’t expecting it to be you.

“Hey Y/N. If your looking for Theo his right over there”.

You smiled before replying, "Actually I’m not looking for Theo. I was looking for you to be honest”. Josh’s head shot right up and his eyes were filled with surprise.

"Me? Why?

In the corner of you eye you saw Theo fuming, and his attention was off of Malia and straight on to you.

"I was wondering if you could help me with something, just homework stuff”, you asked him placing your hand onto his arm.

Josh’s face had pure shock, surprise and a hint of being scared of what Theo was thinking. Everyone in his pack knew that he had feelings for you, and if anyone was to make a move Theo wouldn’t be happy. You decided to put Josh out of his misery and you leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry Josh. I’m just trying to teach Theo a lesson, he won’t hurt you. Thanks for playing along”.

Both you and Josh felt another person’s presence and you knew it was Theo. He glared at Josh and you honestly felt bad for putting him in a position like this.

“I think you have somewhere to be Josh”, Theo demanded.

Josh nodded and walked away as fast as he could, possibly going to find Corey to tell him about this encounter.

Pursing to also walk away proved difficult when Theo grabbed your arm, and took you to an empty classroom closing the door right behind him. He was angry and probably jealous, you studied him and his breath was getting heavy, and his eyes were getting darker than normal. He turned to you and said, “ Really babygirl? What the hell are you thinking?”

You rolled your eyes, “Me, I’m just having a simple conversation. What’s wrong with that?”

“Don’t give me that excuse, I know what you were trying to do”

Smiling right now wouldn’t be the best thing, and resiting the urge to smile was very difficult.

“I have no idea what your talking about. How was your conversation with Malia by the way?

Walking towards him you cornered him until his back hit the wall behind him. You knew the way Theo played this game, and now it was your turn. Theo looked at you with so much intensity, his eyes were still filled with angry but lust was now brought into the mix. You ran your fingers down his chest without breaking eye contact.

"I will share the conversation I had with Josh, if you just admit it”

Theo smirked and now he knew what this was all about. Turning you over so now your back was against the wall. “Babygirl I don’t have to admit anything”
Pushing him away and heading towards the door, you turned to him and said “Fine be like that Theo, if you need me I’ll be with Josh”. Turning the door knob you felt Theo’s hand on yours stopping you from leaving. Closing the door again you stood like that waiting for Theo to speak.

"Don’t go to Josh”, he said while you could feel his breath on your skin which sent shivers down your body.


Hearing him sigh you knew that he was about to cave. “Because you should stay here with me.”

Turning around so now you were face to face with him, you looked in his eyes.

“Why Theo”. You needed to hear him say it. You didn’t have any problem admitting how you felt when it comes to Theo, but the thing that terrified you the most was Theo’s feelings weren’t always straight forward.

“You really want me to say it don’t you?” he asked.

Feeling tears coming on you closed your eyes briefly to stop them from appearing, then you opened them again when you were sure that there were no tears threatening to spill, “Yes Theo, I need to know”

Staring at one another for what seemed like forever, Theo leaned in and kissed you hard and with so much passion. Breaking apart he stroked your cheek with his hand, “I’m falling in love with you Y/N. And when I see you with some other guy, I want nothing more than to go up and hit him because I want you to be all mine. Babygirl I need you to be all mine.”

Smiling you grabbed his face and kissed him again, things were certainly getting heated but you remembered you guys weren’t alone and people could be filling up this classroom any moment, so you pulled away much to Theo’s disapproval.

“Do you want people to see us making out, or even worse have a teacher catch us?”

Theo laughed and kissed you once more before creating space between you and him. Lacing you fingers in his you looked at him and said. “I’m all yours Theo Raeken, don’t ever forget that”

“Don’t worry babygirl that’s something I won’t every forget”

Exiting the classroom you both walked to his locker, noticing Josh walking into the same classroom you and Theo were just in. You turned to Theo and said,

“Please don’t be mad at Josh, he honestly had no idea what was going on”

Closing his locker he wrapped his arm around your waist to pull you closer, “As long as he doesn’t touch my girl I won’t get mad”. Shaking your head you hit his shoulder lightly and grabbed his hand leading him to the next class of the day.

I like to think that when he was dead Jason was like Casper or a guardian angel hanging around the manor and cave helpfully making sure the things Bruce was looking for turned up. Sitting in the kitchen watching Alfred cook so he wouldn’t be alone, and most of all watching over Tim on his early missions, whispering advice in his ear. Jason doesn’t remember any of it but he still finds himself grabbing things in the cave he shouldn’t know where they are or giving Tim advice and they both feel weird deja vu