where they are both in a cave

So i know i run dwarves differently than most GMs

but it seriously makes more sense to me than a patriarchy because imagine this - you exist in a culture with no outward indication of gender that places enormous value on caves and mining

and you finally leave and meet these weird tall people

and as you’re exchanging words and whatnot they’re all

“Where are your women?”

And you’re like, “what is a woman?”

and they say, “the weaker gender, beardless and gentle”

and you say “We have none”

because of course you don’t, you’re DWARVES

And the tall ones ask “Where do you come from?”

And you reply “Caves” because it is true both ways, you live in caves and you are born of those dwarves that carry caves within themselves, the most sacred of dwarves

and the tall people shrug and let it go because who cares, hide your women, they just want the trade agreements

and nobody ever realizes they were speaking to the women all along


Bowls made from Blue John, a form of banded fluorite that is found only beneath Treak Cliff in Derbyshire, England, and one location in Zhejiang Province, China. Treak Cliff Cavern and Blue John Cavern are the only sites in Derbyshire  where seams are still being exploited, and both are also open to the public as show caves. I visited several years ago, and was quickly intoxicated with the allure of this semi-precious mineral.

Oilbirds - An extreme example of a low light-level lifestyle among flying birds

In all eye types, visual performance is a compromise between the conflicting fundamental capacities of sensitivity and resolution. The balance of these capacities in any one eye is achieved through adaptations of both optical and retinal structures, and is assumed to reflect both the behavior and the ecology of the species.

In birds, flight is considered to be controlled primarily by vision and requires a high degree of spatial resolution. However, a small number of birds are active at naturally low light levels, where high sensitivity is required. The most extreme example of a low-light-level lifestyle among flying birds is provided by the cave-dwelling oilbirds, Steatornis caripensis.

The OilbirdSteatornis caripensis, the only member of the Steatornithidae family, is a nocturnal frugivorous, endemic to South America. Oilbirds breed and roost in caves, often at sufficient depth that no daylight can penetrate, and this must result in the majority of individuals never experiencing throughout their lifetime (up to 12 years) natural light levels above those of maximum moonlight. Within the caves, oilbirds employ echolocation using audible click vocalizations, which provide low spatial resolution, to avoid in-flight collisions although, due to a low wing loading, flight speeds are low. However, their nocturnal foraging for fruit is thought to be guided primarily by vision, with olfaction playing a secondary role.

A research about the adaptations of oilbird eyes to this lifestyle through the examination of retinal structure, visual fields and the light-gathering capacity of the eye’s optical system, conducted by Martin et al. (2004), reveals that the retinal structure of oilbird eyes is dominated by small rod receptors arranged in a banked structure that is unique among terrestrial vertebrates. This arrangement achieves a photoreceptor density that is the highest so far recorded in any vertebrate eye. Cone photoreceptors are, however, present in low numbers. The eye is relatively small, achieving a light-gathering capacity that is the highest recorded in a bird.

Authors propose that oilbird eyes are at one end of the continuum that juxtaposes the conflicting fundamental visual capacities of sensitivity and resolution. Thus, while oilbird visual sensitivity may be close to a maximum, visual resolution must be low. This explains why these birds employ other sensory cues, including olfaction and echolocation, in the control of their behavior in low-light-level environments.

Photo credit: ©Robert Lewis | Oilbirds at Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.

Made with Flickr

so this is my friends first ever campaign, 3.5, and we’re all pretty excited to play. We have me(Paladin) A rogue, a cleric, and a duelist. We’re about half way through, and we’re in a long corridor with a boxed room at the end, with a chest in sight. 

R: “This is obviously a trap.”

Me (ooc) “I roll for detection, since our rogue is SOOO good at rolling….*16*

before the DM says anything, the duelist rushes the chest claiming rights.

DM: “You notice several spiders on the roof of the cave, and one of them is fairly large, at least human sized. You see them, and realize that they’ve been watching you.” They drop from the top and land around the treasure, about 10 feet from our klepto duelist. 

This is where I add that our Duelist is, both in character and out, completely terrified of spiders. 

We roll for initiative, and lo and behold, the Duelist rolls about a 12, bottom of the list of us 4, and 5 spiders. 

Me: I want to tame the human si-


Me: I roll to tame the spider.

DM:*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* roll d20…*nat20*

The spider looks at you with what appears to be love in it’s eyes, and runs over to you and nuzzles your leg affectionately, almost purring. 

The duelist’s next turn is full movement, toward the exit, screaming the entire way. 

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5 dives deeper into the darkness

Once Upon a Time‘s Underworld is not a place where the dead delight. Here’s what you can expect from “Souls of the Departed” and the back end of season 5!

Neverland was charming and Oz was quite fine. Arendelle and Camelot were brought to life from the pages of stories both old and new. Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis, and the incredible writing team at Once Upon a Time are master world builders. They take something familiar– a lost boy’s cave, a palace (or four), a small town in Maine– and skew them ever so slightly to change the viewer’s perspective. The Underworld is no different.

Once Upon a Time‘s season 5 spring premiere is a landmark episode in more than one way. It is the 100th episode of the series, it holds a very special and heartbreaking family reunion, and one super-secret-not-so-secret-anymore character returns to issue a word of caution. It is an episode that demands live viewing and encourages a second, or third return.

When the casting announcements for the premiere began to roll in it seemed that striking a balance between progressing the story set up in “Swan Song” and acting as a fun way to see everyone on screen together again. Once Upon a Timefound a way to make sure nothing about this episode seemed light-hearted in anyway. There is a darkness that looms over the entire affair (and it is not solely because the editing room relied heavily on a sepia filter for the Underworld scenes).

If season 4 shattered the illusion of fairytale endings, season 5 began the tricky business of maneuvering around the sharp debris. The further Once Upon a Timetook their exploration of darkness, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness the harder it became to avoid the occasional cut. The collection of fairytale characters in Storybrooke and beyond bleed. Once Upon a Time season 5 features the strongest storytelling the show has rolled out and it is only getting better as the stakes get higher.

Here are some spoiler-free hints at what’s to come when Once Upon a Timereturns.

‘Once Upon a Time’ episode 100’s best moments

A birthday fit for a queen– Well, any queen who is not Regina. Is there a reality show for spoiled teen royalty who do not get what they want on their birthday?My Enchanted Sweet Sixteen coming soon to a forest near you.

Dark hair, hook for a hand– Finding Killian is not going to be easy. The teasersfor Once Upon a Time‘s season 5B arc are the perfect indicator of what awaits Emma in the Underworld and it is not a pretty sight.

Have some tissues on hand– The opening three minutes of the episode will take your heart out, crush it, and sweep it into the nearest drain.

The Devil is a friend of mine– Introducing the ruler of Underworld, the hot-head himself, Hades. To quote “The Gospel Truth” this man is “as mean as he is ruthless.” Fan of Hercules have nothing to worry about. Greg Germann’s Hades is the perfect combination of charm, terror, and elegance. We’re sorry there is nothing we can do about that CGI hair, though. It is what it is.

Who said it?

-“Sometimes a mother has to do what is best for her child, even if it’s reprehensible.”

-“It’s seems like such dull work.”

-“You won’t find anything unless I want you to.”

-“If this were a dream there’d be talking doughnuts or something weird like that.”

-“When I get my revenge it will be my victory.”





A few people have asked me about the main differences and similarities between Ruby/Sapphire & Emerald storylines concerning Team Magma and Aqua, so here it goes. This might as well be helpful in order to understand Emerald’s plot in contrast to ORAS, for example.

As a contrast to Ruby and Sapphire (in which only one team is actively trying to expand a part of the planet depending on which version you got), both teams, Magma and Aqua, are featured in Emerald as organizations whose purpose is to, respectively, expand the world’s landmass and expand the ocean. You get to fight both teams as you try to stop them, and each organization has their own base: Team Aqua in Lilycove and Team Magma is located in a hidden cave at the Jagged Pass, which can only be accessed if you retrieve the Magma Emblem.

Not only Team Magma can be encountered at Mt. Chimney (as Team Aqua is trying to thwart their plans, as they do in Ruby), but also in their base at the Jagged Pass (not Lilycove City!), where I Maxie awakens Groudon by using the Blue Orb he retrieved from Mt. Pyre. After Groudon disappears from sight, Team Magma go to Mossdeep Space Center, where they attempt at stealing rocket fuel so it can be used to cause Mt. Chimney to erupt, thus, expanding the land. After the plans go terribly wrong, Team Magma go to the Seafloor Cavern, as they rush to stop Archie from awakening Kyogre.

The first subordinate you meet in the game is an Aqua grunt, and he is the one who steals the Devon Goods. Team Aqua can also be found at the Oceanic Museum, and, subsequently, at Mt. Chimney, where you find them battling Team Magma. At the Weather Institute, they are looking for information about Kyogre and the “rare” Pokémon, Castform. After that, they rush to retrieve the Red Orb from Mt. Pyre’s peak, succeeding in doing so, and promptly arriving at Slateport, where they steal the Submarine Explorer 1. Afterwards, they retreat to their base at Lilycove, and rush to the Seafloor Cavern to awaken Kyogre.


After everything goes wrong, there is rain outside, similarly to Sapphire shortly after Archie revives Kyogre. However, instead of both team leaders disappearing as they do in RS, they go to Sootopolis City, where Kyogre and Groudon are clashing in vicious battle. There, the leaders try to stop both ancient Pokémon, but their efforts are fruitless as Kyogre and Groudon won’t obey their orders. The plot goes on, and Rayquaza appears to pacify the situation, as the god of the seas and the god of the land cease their scuffle and “disappear” (you can later find them if you go to the Weather Institute and ask for information on the weather).

After this chaos, Maxie and Archie go to Mt. Pyre, where they place both orbs on their respective places and walk out together, never to be seen again. You can still, however, enter both bases, as they haven’t been sealed shut.

Emerald is the best game ever created and if you don’t agree then fight me –

love and blood [eric coulter]



A sweaty body hit the mat as another hung over it, both bloodied and beaten. Eric was standing on one side observing, his eyes occasionally flickering towards you while you threw your knives. Your technique was not the best, but somehow you managed to hit dead center every time. Since day one Eric was amazed by you, absolutely taken aback. You were everything he could have wanted, strong both emotionally and physically, gorgeous, smart, funny, and even a bit harsh.

He moved his eyes back to the fight for a moment to see if someone had caved, but like himself neither person was willing to give up. Eric allowed his stare to go back to you, where he noticed a change in the environment. You were still throwing knives, the ones waiting to hit the target clutched tightly in your palm, the muscles in your back shifting with each movement, but now there was a boy by your side. 

His sweat had soaked through his black tank top, his hair tousled, his strong frame bent near yours. Eric watched while he leaned down close to your ear, one hand planting itself on your hip. At first you didn’t react, but then you pushed him off of you and punched him once before throwing him to the ground. All training stopped as you flipped him onto his back and pulled his arm behind him. A scream ripped through his throat and echoed off of the cement walls. “If you touch me again, I will end you!”

You released his arm and allowed him to scramble up off of the floor, his wild eyes trying to hide a mask of terror. Eric continued to stare at you while you shook, disturbed by what had happened, or what had the potential to happen. Without a glance back at the brawl he was surveying, he flicked his fingers to the side and the two nodded, squaring up to each other and continuing. 

Eric’s keen eyes searched your frame and watched you throw the next knife. Your technique was now completely wrong, the knives landing in the foot of the target now. He still glowered in your direction, watching some knives clatter tot eh ground while others landed in limbs. Eric sighed and looked back at the ground. He had to help you. “Stop!” The whole gym went silent including you, your head cocking over your shoulder. “You’re dismissed for lunch.”

You put the knives down on the table behind you, only for Eric to call out your name and rush to you when everyone had left to eat. The eyes that watched him were scared, although you tried hard to conceal it. “Do you need to see me, sir?”

“Are you okay?”

You shifted uncomfortably, your arms crossing over your bare stomach, your eyes averting to the floor while you nodded slightly. “You saw that?”

Eric smirked a little but it vanished when you looked up at him and he saw the tears in your eyes. “Yes, I did. And I also saw how terrible your technique is. You’ll have to work on that.” You nodded, trying not to stare at him. Although Eric was absolutely intoxicating, you had to try to resist him because as much as you wanted him, you could not have him.

“Thank you for the critique.”

Although your voice was bitten with sarcasm, he ignored it. “I plan to help you with it.” A slight smile came on your face and Eric turned to the knives laid on the table. His long fingers trailed down the blades and rested on the hilt, handing them to you while he waited for your body to square up to the target.

As soon as you turned your back to him, he allowed his eyes to wander, wondering what it would be like to touch you, to feel you beneath him, to wake up with you beside him, and he couldn’t tear his thoughts away from the images flashing across his mind. Eric shook his head clear and stepped up behind you, one arm reaching down to clutch your wrist and bring your elbow back to your body so he could adjust your fingers. Your breath hitched in your throat when his hand wrapped around yours, and you glanced up at him. His handsome face was strong and angled, his lips plump, his cold eyes straining to break away from your hand so he could glance at you. Eric’s gruff voice brought you back to reality. “Focus on your training.”

You nodded and turned back to the target while he retracted the warmth of his body from yours and watched the knife fly into the dead center of the target. Tentatively, you turned around to check for his approval, but you found only his calculating gaze. “Again.” You nodded and struck the bullseye, throwing another one immediately after that.

“You know,” Eric cut himself off, unsure of whether to ask you out or not. As a leader, he should not be caught with an initiate, but he could not stop himself any longer. Suddenly, a bustle of initiates walked in, interrupting the confession he was about to make. Your eyes flickered to the approaching crowd.

“What, Eric?”

He gazed at your beautiful features, now too scared to tell you. “You’re getting better. Move to the punching bag.”

The night you got your tattoo was your next encounter with him. After leaving the tattoo shop, you had made a detour to get a piercing, but your friends traveled back to the dorms. The walls surrounding you were stone and ridged, some blocks of stone protruding more than others. Occasionally there was a staining from years of constant water- flow that had eventually been patched up, and the concrete floor was dirty from the grime carried on the soles of boots.

Out of nowhere hands wrapped around your waist and you were slammed against the wall, your hands pinned by your sides. Your eyes closed from the impact, the uneven stone digging into your skin through your clothing. The boy from before was back, liquor staining his breath and fanning out across your face. You opened your eyes then, watching his confused eyes dance over your skin.

Before you could bring your legs up to defend yourself, he pressed you harder against the wall, trapping you between him and cold stone. “Get off!” You screamed, hoping someone would hear you. Through the layers of clothing you could feel his hard stomach flattened against your own, and it made your skin crawl. “Help!” His hand clamped over your mouth and moved to clutch both wrists in his other hand.

“Hey!” You heard a familiar voice bounce off of the walls, and the boy looked up in a drunken haze, facing his leader. His grip on you did not loosen until Eric was close, but by then it was too late. He would not have had time to run away, for Eric’s strong grip clamped the back of his shirt and pulled him off of you. The boy was thrown to the ground and Eric landed one punch on the jaw. “Don’t ever let me see you do that again.” Eric punched him again, blood pouring out of his nose and down his jaw.

You stepped up, clutching Eric’s bicep gingerly, pulling him away from the boy. Eric pushed back, gripping your shoulders, holding you close to him, trying to find some comfort in the fact that you were there with him. “I’ll walk you back to the dorm.” You nodded, taking your place next to him.

The walk was short and spent in comfortable silence, but now just outside the door to the dormitory, you turned to him. He was much taller than you, his broad shoulder towering over your frame. Before you could think about it too much, you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck. Eric tensed for just a moment but then relaxed, letting himself bend down. His strong arms wound around your waist, his hands coming to rest on the sides of your ribs. You closed your eyes, relishing how he felt against you. “Thank you.”

At the end of the week you found it in yourself to tell Christina about your encounters with Eric and your ever growing feelings for him. “I just feel something different with him.” She nodded. Although she didn’t qute understand what you saw in the cruel man, she did not question you. Only you could know how you feel. “I’m just waiting for him to give me some kind of sign.”

The two of you were standing at the punching bags, engaging yourselves in conversation. “Why don’t you go for what you want instead of waiting for it to come to you?”

You couldn’t respond because Eric stopped all of the initiates and released the trainees for the day. Christina punched your arm jokingly. “Go for it.” Everyone had cleared out by the time you had taken off the bandages binding your wrists, leaving only you and Eric. You walked to the trashcan and threw away the bandages, then stepped up to Eric.

He only glanced up from what he was doing. “What, initiate?” When you didn’t respond, he set everything down and watched you as you moved closer to him. The gap that was once only inches was now non existent, and your hand was wrapped around the base of his neck. You leaned up, your lips molding over his own, kissing tentatively.

Eric’s hands found your hips and pressed you closer to him, his breathing becoming heavy as he leaned down and moved his hands to just below your butt, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist. You moaned lightly against his mouth, a tingling sensation ran through him and he pushed all of the objects off of the table, hoisting you up on it and leaning back. Your spine hit the hardness of the table, his hands resting on either side of you while he moved to kiss your neck. “What if the other initiates find out?” You voiced your concern suddenly, breathlessly, and then you felt him tug at your ear.

“They won’t.”


Finished my two parts for a Multi Animator Project!  It was a long haul, but the results are pretty rewarding. ^u^ Hemlock and Snow in Summer both have their own tags on my blog, so if you wanna learn more that’s where to go!

Process Videos: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Programs Used: ToonBoom Studio 4.5, Adobe Photoshop CS6, iMovie
Music: The Cave by Mumford and Sons

4 SNEAK PEEKS: Once Upon a Time 4x02 "White Out"

Emma is about to feel the full effects of Elsa’s frosty powers in Once Upon a Time’s “White Out” episode this Sunday. The episode will see Elsa (Georgina Haig) reacting instinctively when startled by Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and accidentally trapping them both inside an ice cave, where the frozen temperatures soon begin to take a …


Journeys To Geographic Life And Time.. Part-2.

National Geographic Magazine is the official magazine of the National Geographic Society. It has been published continuously since its first issue in 1888 with stories takes you on a journey that’s always enlightening, often surprising, and unfailingly fascinating.

1-For A Better Life.

2-Pirates Of Arabian Sea.

3-Sailor Of Unforgiving Dream.

4-Like Earth Is Not Enough.

5-Lost In A Sea Full Of Dreams.

6-Where Life Is Peaceful.

7-The Oldest Life.

8-Life Of Tripper.

9-Just Both Of Us.

10-Sacred Cave Of Delusion.

Surreal Mixed Media Collage Art By Ayham Jabr.



Alright, I caved (haha, rock puns :P).

This is Hematite, my new gemsona - or at least, version one of her, considering how much my characters tend to change over time.

Hematite-the-gemstone has the fun property of being magnetic, which I definitely wanted to incorporate into Hematite-the-alien’s design and abilities.  The gemstone is frequently seen in its polished or tumbled form, where it’s a sleek gunmetal gray color, but raw hematite is often red with rust - it’s even sometimes known as “bloodstone.”  (Edit: Not to be confused with “true” bloodstone, Heliotrope, witch different.)  Based on this, I decided to include some dark red accents.


Pairing: Cophine

Rating: M

Words: 3,793

Summary: Gratuitous lab smut. Set immediately after 2x02.

“If you could see her face you’re sure she’d be smirking, relishing this moment of dominance. She’s lost it in almost every other part of her life, and no matter how silly an idea this may be, you’re determined to let her have it here. She needs this. You need this. You both need to know Cosima can be in control.”

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Hera had stopped at Ares’ and Athena’s domicile to make sure they hadn’t killed each other and found something very different. It made her happy to know that her children were finally getting along. Ares and Athena had been at each others throats for as long as Hera could remember. They two of them were so similar and yet so very different. It was because of that that they were best friends and mortal enemies all at the same time. It was also why the both of them had been in love with each other for eons. It was about time one of them caved and finally admitted it. Hera was sure it was Ares that had done it. He tended to be more emotional in thought. Where Athena was cold steel, Ares was warm wood. They could both hurt each other but they both worked better together. 

“Zeus?” she called walking through their own house, but got no response. She had no idea where he’d gone. Normally that would bother her, but today was a different kind of day. Perhaps he’d gone to see Hades after she had? As long as it was Hades and no one else, Hera wasn’t worried. 

She saw signs that he had been in their villa recently, but she had no idea where he’d got to and she wasn’t one to snoop even if it meant she could find him easier. Instead she decided a swim in her very own body of water was a much better idea than worrying about what her amazing husband could be up to. As long as it wasn’t something to get her ire up, she wouldn’t worry about it. 

She stripped her mint dress, letting it vanished into thin air and dove into the deeper end of the pool. She loved many things about the mortal world, even if she didn’t love mortals. Pools had to be a favorite of hers. It relaxed her, cooled her off and cleansed her skin. Though the last part she hardly needed. She wasn’t dirty at all. She just liked the way the water felt on her skin. 

Ezri and Jadzia are both so thin… if they’ve got a big ole slug in their belly pouch, where are their organs?? Before being joined was it just empty space, like their belly caves in a whole bunch instead of looking normal? Where is there room for a baby? Does the baby cuddle up against the symbiont, can they sense each other? What happens when the baby kicks???

omg guys how has no one ever written an aladdin au in a Middle Earth setting where Erebor never fell???? I mean come on, Thorin is the sheltered prince who has never even seen the stars and Bilbo is the orphan who has had to turn to petty burglary to get by.

Thorin wants nothing more than to escape palace life, which feels more and more like a prison cell with every new suitor Thrain presents him with, and Bilbo longs for a life in which he doesn’t have to wander Middle Earth, stealing food to stay alive. Of course Thorin runs away and meets Bilbo on the streets of Dale and he doesn’t tell him who he is but Bilbo seems to actually like him just for him and yeah basically they almost fall in love but then they’re both captured by Erebor’s guards and taken back to the mountain where Thror, mad with gold sickness, hires Bilbo to enter the cave of wonders to fetch him the legendary magic lamp.

Cue Bilbo finding a genie and wishing to be a prince so he can marry Thorin and then a load of lies and misunderstandings happen and Thror goes even crazier and tries to marry Thorin off to Thranduil instead or something idk but my point is it would all end up happily with Bilbo turning back into a simple hobbit and Thorin wanting to marry him anyway

Also there is probably a magic carpet ride in there somewhere. Because I want Bilbo to show Thorin the world and sing about it okay let me dream

The Signs Lost In A (safe-ish) Forest- Part 3

Please read previous parts

Sagittarius: *Looks around* Uh wait… Where did everyone go!? Hello!?
*Spots a large cave*
Sagittarius: *thinking to themselves* ooo that cave looks cool, imma go check it out.

Aquarius:*Gives up trying to get signal* urgh stupid phone!*Tries to get down*
*Tries for 5 minutes without success*
Oh god! Somebody! Help I’m stuck In a- Wait… What’s this?*Spots a rope like thing* *uses it to get off the tree*
Yay! I’m the boss! *starts doing a victory dance*

Scorpio: Maybe they went this way!
*Both Scorpio,Cancer and now also Virgo(who is joining in with this agent thing) pretend to have guns and wonder around the tree*
Cancer: Look! I found a clue!
*Everyone looks at a pile of…well…of something an odd colour*
Libra: Um that’s vomit…
Pisces: Um sorry….my fault.
Gemini: *giggles* why is it pink?
Aries: *presenter voice* Here are the remains of what’s left-
Leo: please. No details you peasant *laughs*
Taurus: *Rolls eyes* Maybe you should drink something Pisces.
Capricorn: Yes! I grabbed some water along the way…
*shows a bottle*
Its an odd colour I know but I found it near the river
Virgo: I- It doesn’t look right…

*Gemini, Leo and Taurus look at eachother and worriedly at Pisces who is about to drink the water*
Gemini,Leo and Taurus: NOOO!!!
*Everyone looks at them*
Gemini: Dont-Dont drink it its um-
Leo: Um not-
Taurus: Safe!
Cancer : Did you- Is it…?
Scorpio: You lot pissed in a bottle….
Pisces: Ewww!!! *throws the bottle away*

So… This isn’t going to well is it…. Oh well let’s see where this goes next.

so I really want the first episode they shoot of Season 12 to be Sam and Dean sporting big fluffy beards, before they shave it after hiatus, just one simple scene, where they’re having a contest on who can grow their beard longer, just some cute little brother banter back and forth, and then they both cave and shave it together. and THEN they shave the hiatus beards and shoot the rest of the season. shit throw Cas in there too. I think it would make my heart smile. and idk if this makes any sense but I wanted to share it with you because I’m all up in my hiatus beard feelings.