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sorry to be that person but why are you against mcclain as lances last name? at first glance i was like oh i guess it can be seen as whitewashing, but then lots of people said it was fine because that was his canon last name in voltron: defenders of the universe. i also saw the point being made that lots of latinx people have white sounding last names and lots of white people have latinx sounding last names so either way names arent perfectly representative of a persons race. what do you think?

Okay. Hoo Boy here we go! Sorry for being Extra Blunt, but to me you don’t seem all that sorry, considering you still decided to send this ask, lmao. Anyways! This is actually gonna get hella long, so let me just post a Table of Contents here in bullet point form to let you know what I’ll be covering. The rest will be below the cut.

  1. Disclaimer-ish
  2. Why are you against Lance having a White surname?
  3. But other people said it was okay, doesn’t that mean it’s okay?
  4. I’m Latinx/Mixed and my surname is White. What about my representation?/Are you saying I’m not valid?
  5. But his original surname is McClain, isn’t it? Why not just keep it?
  6. How is it “whitewashing” if this isn’t about skin tone? How is this racist?
  7. It’s not that big of a deal, is it?
  8. Conclusion

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Hey is there any canon evidence that Stoke targetted Ben in the womb?

I’m going to quote @luminousfinn, since she is more well-read than I am in the new canon: 

Short answer: No, it’s entirely made up by fandom.

Slightly longer answer: There is one instance in the last Aftermath book . the one titled Empire’s End - where Leia senses a Dark “presences” observing out fer her and her unborn son. That’s it, all of it.

Literally the equivalent of a mother spotting a creepy dude as she’s taking a stroll while in the last trimester and Creepy keeps giving her the eye.

There is literally nothing whatsoever to support the ludicrous theory that Kylo Ren was manipulated from before he was born, except fandom’s desire to turn a genocidal white dude into a victim for some reason.

IMO, even if it was true, there is no correlation to reylo (not that you asked about that, but everyone I’ve seen passing off the womb thing as fact ships reylo). Like, Rey might have sympathy with Kylo if he had been manipulated since before he was born by the Dark Side (and there is plenty of evidence that he acts on his own free will both in the books and TFA), but that doesn’t automatically mean she’d fall in love with him. Even if they’re not related.

ETA: There is more evidence for it than I thought – more here.

This AU was 90% created just for the purpose of memes and angst, it’s not meant to be anything serious and is entirely not canon whatsoever. Yet here I am, drawing and writing shit for it anyway.

Playlist: ♥♥♥
Name: Foreteller (formerly Nat Sko’dal)
Occupation: Inquisitor, Adviser to Vader and Palpatine
Height: 5’8”
Age: Physically, about 40
Pronouns: They/Them
Special Abilities: Foreteller has a cyborg eye where their blind eye once was. It’s not good for helping them see like a normal human eye, but it can detect temperature signatures and electromagnetic waves. They can also access Imperial databases with facial recognition technology.
Foreteller has a unique ability to see constant and absolute visions of the future rather than premonitions that can be changed or prevented, and sometimes they are able to see flashes of other people’s pasts. They could see visions for specific people if they came into physical contact with said person, as in holding their hand and such. This being said, while they may know much of what the future holds, they are helpless to change what fate has in store. So for everyone’s sake, they usually keep their thoughts and visions to themself. 

Personality: At first, they may appear cold and distant to most, Foreteller’s general atmosphere demands attention and respect. But they’re notorious for their uncharacteristically relaxed and casual attitude toward figures of authority, including Vader himself. If there is anyone who can badmouth the Sith Lord to his face and live to tell the tale, it’s Foreteller. They’re an invaluable resource, and they know it, so they often push their limits.

How this junk would have happened: The majority of Nat’s origins remain the same, only a few key differences in choices would cause them to go down this path. Throughout the Clone War, Nat would have become disillusioned to the Jedi Order, believing them to have become corrupt in this age. Upon receiving the vision of Order 66, instead of working to save however many Jedi they could, they would decide to join Palpatine in his plot of galactic domination. When the Inquisitors were created, Nat joined their ranks and was renamed “The Foreteller,” effectively shedding their past self and falling to the dark side. Nat has worked as an adviser to Palpatine and Vader, telling them of force visions they receive.

  • SCP Tumblr fandom/mainsite coldposters: all the skips hang out in the site cafeteria together and are all buddies!! the coolest skips who are also people get to wander around the site freely because they're cool like that and because they're people. sometimes the foundation loves the skips so much that they let them be agents too because it's fun to have an anomalous buddy on your side right!! the foundation is nice people so they let the D-classes get promoted to staff when they don't fuck up for a month or if they get too sad because they're D-class and that's a depressing job. the foundation is full of tender loving souls who just want to be at peace with everyone and everyone lives in one big happy site where all the sapient skips conveniently live on the literal same hallway together!! so close! everyone is love and happiness and good and pure smol souls. the foundation and the goc are getting married next week and im going to the wedding
  • me: uuuuummmmmmmm that doesn't really sound canonically-
  • Canon-conforming SCP Wiki User(TM) who's Been Around a While(R), interjecting: That's highly illogical. No one lets SCP objects wander around the site; that defeats the entire point of containment. The Foundation is a harsh organization with literally no respect for human rights whatsoever and it is impossible for even one single Foundation employee to be anything other than a heartless slab of gray concrete shaped vaguely like a human being. One time a Foundation agent tried to process an emotional thought and literally just imploded. Human SCP objects have 0.00 human rights left and are likely incapable of conscious thought whatsoever due to the way they're treated. All they do is sit in a box with no books, television, computers, or games (that'd be unclinical) and hate themselves. The Foundation regularly tortures D-classes just for the hell of it because they're cold, heartless assholes. Human skips are subjected to unethical testing procedures literally 749867598 hours a day and absolutely no one cares because feelings don't exist. The world has already ended four times over and SCP-2000 rebooted it. Every time the world reboots the color drains from it and soon everything on Earth will be gray like the Foundation's morals. There is no hope. Put this through the draft forums next time
  • me: look, can we just,

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omg what about a scenario about the chocobros with a civilian s/o who can't fight like them? like domestic scenarios?

I’m really sorry this is super late! I hope this is okay

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Gladio would have no idea what to do with himself. You spoiled him because you were always worried. That should have calmed him down but it didn’t. Because he didn’t like being spoiled unless it was in the bedroom. But he’d also be worried about you. Instead of it being ‘what if you never come back’ it was ‘what if you couldn’t fight back when you really had to’. 

Cookig wasn’t exactly your expertise and he didn’t mind that at all. Meant more cup noodles for him you see. 
Now, you lot knew each other pretty well and although you didn’t want to be in the crownsguard, being a pacifist for the most part, you did have family who were and that’s kinda how you two knew each other. 

You always helped him workout on days where he just didn’t want to by laying on the floor and rewarding him  with kisses whenever he did push ups. Or you’d sit in front of him and kiss him lightly whenever he did a successful sit up (sit ups are the bane of his life okay?). 

But what he loved most, was the lunches you made him. Because they were just lettuce sandwiches with other bits and pieces, but they were made with so much love and affection that he took his time with them.

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Prompto cannot fight (it’s canon that he had no training whatsoever before the journey, leaving him completely self taught on the fly) so apart from him being friends with royalty, you two live fairly ‘normal’ lives. Noctis sometimes pops by to return things or just to go on day outs with the two of you in summer.

You’d help each other out in the kitchen, especially with baking for charity events and such. Which was okay for you since you did work in the citadel as a maid who did a bit of everything whenever you were needed. Not enough kitchen staff? You’re there. Not enough cleaning staff? You’re there Noct’s extemely unwell and no one’s free to check up on him at an hourly basis? You risk getting sick too. That’s if Noct was at the citadel. You always had to drive the King around sometimes. So you also designated as Prompto’s ‘taxi driver’. 

And what made it refreshing is that you were born in Duscae and had plenty of work with Chocobos. So if you two were watching a documentary on Chocobos and the presenter got something wrong, Prompto would be highly amused at you correcting the tv. Which Noctis would call you out on all the time when he was around. ‘they can’t hear you through the screen,Chocobo.’ 

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Ignis would value the change so much more than people would think. Simply because his work days are so hectic and, really, all he does is work and find things to cook for dinner. You got him addicted to ebony purely by accident. He asked for tea but you accidently made coffee. You did offer to change it but there n=was no turning back.
You also enjoyed making him drunk just because, well, him and ebony is like Smeagol and the one ring. You go to take his ebony when he’s drunk and he practically hugs the cup and looks at you with daggers. Mine. And he was more likely to have laughing fits.And you adored his laugh because it was so cute. 

You treated him with as much care as he treated Noctis with. With a little more cheek. You were getting a history degree upon the history of the royal bloodline and you asked him for help. On certain things he was unsure of he’d make a note to ask the king about it and if there were answers there, to the archives he went. Or he’d get permission to bring you there too and you’d have the time of your life where vinyl gloves and sifting through documents that could be nearly 2000 years old.

On the very rare occasion that he was sick, you’d make sure he was comfy before you went to uni and when you came back you’d ask him how he felt and you’d always judge based on how pale he was. Because we all know that he’d say ‘I’m fine’ even if he was stabbed in the chest and bleeding out profusely. 

And you did the cooking nine times out of ten just so he could have more time to relax. You also took him camping once (because I legit think Gadio is either your brother or cousin XD ) and as much as he complained about being unable to sleep - you knew he enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

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Noctis would find everything you did both strange and comforting. Although you couldn’t fight, you always wanted to but because of certain illnesses you had you were deemed unfit for service, you always looked out for him.
When he had to train, he’d find great joy in hearing you say ‘don’t work too hard ’ and ‘don’t let Gladio beat you’.
And whenever he came home with bruises, he always smiled with the way you took care of him. Of course he would never admit that he’d deliberately get hit at least once just so he could have you dote on him.

You’re cooking was great. Although you were no where near as good a cook as Ignis, your cooking was less extravagant. Less tidy. It was just served. And you never complained whenever he gave his vegetables to you. But he did eat a forkful of peas once. Just for your entertainment. And his face as he swallowed was apparently hilarious

You also had less time on your hands than you thought because teacher training was horrid. Though, Noct did manage to get you a part time job in the Citadel so he could spend more time with you. And to say he actually got up early every morning to walk you to the Citadel and then actually help you… wasn’t wrong at all. Love does strange things. But you did help him rekindle his relationship with his father and lemme tell you - he actually interrupted a meeting just to tell Regis that he managed to get past that level in King’s Night he got stuck on. He was completely and utterly drunk but it was all good because it gave Regis and excuse to just end the day three hours early.

Noctis did have the worlds worst hangover the next day so he stayed in the Citadel and you being the kind soul you were, asked people to see if he was okay. 

Don’t worry though, Noctis is just as worried about you as Gladio would be just because of who he is - a prince. And he secretly asks Ignis to train you just in case things happen. But he honestly hoped you’d never have to use them. Let’s just say they saved your life on 16th May ME756

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: phoenix wright and miles edgeworth are literally the gayest characters I have ever seen like what straight man says to another straight man that he causes him "unnecessary feelings?" what straight man who isn't harboring any latent homosexual feelings for his childhood friend actually switches his major in college for the sole reason of meeting back up with his childhood friend? what kind of straight man charters a private jet in the middle of night to a country halfway across the world for another man? what kind of straight man pulls every string he's got to pull to get another straight man his badge back when only a few years ago he was saying that he never wanted to see his face again? what kind of straight man fills in for another straight man in court and arranges for a judge and prosecutor of his choice despite knowing how much trouble both of them could get into? what kind of straight man defends another straight man for two murder charges that seem like open and shut cases with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever even after being told by the aforementioned man repeatedly said he didn't want his help? what kind of straight man is so upset and distraught by another straight man's apparent suicide that he doesn't even want to hear the man's named mentioned? what kind of straight men have so much canon courtroom flirting that it is literally ridiculous? what kind of straight men's dialogue consists largely of the men just sighing and mutter each other's names repeatedly? what kind of world are we living in where we are still debating about phoenix wright and miles edgeworth's sexuality when they are so blatantly, obviously, painfully gay for each other?

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Now I kinda want to see the chaos that would happen when Eddy, Amerlin, and Rouge all go on an adventure together and due to Eddy they end up either in canon or in the past or just god knows where.

“You’re Gol D. Roger.” 

The child with suspiciously familiar grey eyes (so familiar that they’re a perfect copy of the captain’s, a thought- but no, Roger’s never been with a woman with red hair, never mind those intense looking eyes the youngest boy has) speaks carefully, no emotion in his voice whatsoever. 

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Hijack January: Popular/Nerd AU

Jack, being popular, really gets picked on by some out of jealousy he has friends. Now, if you pick on Jack when he’s on his own he’ll shrug it off, but if the little boyfriend is around? Well, he’ll not only crush your self-esteem with his sharp tongue, but he could also potentially crush your nose into your skull if you provoke him enough.

Later on when they told this story, Astrid and Merida absolutely laughed their asses off because they couldn’t believe it whatsoever. Others just gave quizzical looks.

I really just drew this because I’m still happy that Hiccup can knock a guy out in RTTE, and stereotypes are boring. Nerdcup can totally take care of himself.

What she says: I’m fine 

What she means: Okay but on the real there was no reason for Dreamworks to make Lance wink, smile and wave so flirtatiously at Keith all the while the two were in their swim trunks. Like no reason whatsoever if they don’t plan on making Klance canon. Because that is the same goddamn wink and smile Lance directed at Allura and every other goddamn life form he’s flirted with thus far and it’s completely and absolutely directed at a very pouty looking Keith. Like cmon, there is no one else in the vicinity of where Lance is on the poster for him to be directing that nonsense at anyone else. No one is looking at him, except who? Oh yeah, mullet man and love of his life Keith Kogane, riding on Lance’s cow like a medieval bride I just-

castypha said: we get it u hate characters with autistic traits

So I found this in reference to my post comparing Eggman and Peridot’s childish tendencies so I wanted to expand on this and talk about Peridot’s autistic coded characteristics specifically. 

I have no issue whatsoever with Peridot having autistic traits! My issue is that over time this portrayal was botched due to the Crew furthering her childish tendencies, infantalizing her, and poor writing in general. The chief example usually paired with this is the deleted scene from Log Date where Peridot is taught about how to eat while sitting in a high chair, but I think a better canon example is Peridot having two comfort objects taken from her (the tape recorder and her tablet respectively). It’s kind of bad when other autistic people need those objects and the show literally tried to destroy both of Peridot’s.

It’s such a shame too because pre-Barn Mates Peridot was a wonderful character! She was smart and showed a willingness to learn about things and seeing her grow as a character was well done and intresting! She even showed a lot of autistic traits but they weren’t infantilizing her! A good example is her taking things literally or having comfort objects in the form of her recorder and tablet (at least before… y’know). Now it just feels like she’s used for bad comic relief and all the development and character she did have was either forgotten or flanderized to annoying degrees. 

Some better examples of characters with Autism would be Symetra from Overwatch and Julia from Seasame Street, both flat out stated to be autistic too boot! Likewise I’ll list a few posts here and here where I based some points here on. Hope this explains things!

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I just read a lot of the correspondence, which you posted under the tag “call boy fic”. You emphasize often, that you want to surprise your readers that the bad guys aren’t the bad guys and the good guys aren’t the good guys. So the reason for most of the not so positive feedback, might be that “fanfiction” sets specific expectations: give a character a name and we’ll know, if the character is good or bad. So it’s not the best place to explore gray characters,

at least if you don’t want to unsettle readers or only use characters who are expected to be gray. And as far as I explored the Stucky fandom, we like to take a break from realism and sort the MCU characters neatly in good or bad. Maybe a warning: like “Characters only look like their names suggest, but some are written sometimes on purpose out of character.” might help or posting it as a work of it’s own and not as fanfiction, though it might be more difficult to find readers for that.


Steve and Bucky are not black and white, 100% good or 100% bad. In fact, they’re definitely morally gray characters even in canon (same with Nat, Tony and Sam esp in comics). Both MCU and comic. 

Your opinion is noted. But I’m not going to do a thing differently, whatsoever. Fanfiction is what the producers of fanfiction make of it. Unless I’m being paid for my services, I’m going to write how I want to write, not how someone expects me to write. And I won’t change that about me for anyone.

And fanfic is the perfect place to explore gray characters and themes not accepted in main stream media. If you want to read where they’re 100% great guys with no internal conflict, go read the coffee shop AU’s–that’s what they’re there for. For the feel-goods. I am not for you because I like to explore them as wholly individualized human beings. I’m not adding a warning to what I write, and I’m not here to please anyone. Friends? Maybe. People I don’t know? No. If you  like it, great, we’ll probably end up friends then. If you don’t, move on. I’m not worth your time and I’m clearly not writing my free fanfic for you either.  


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The only problem I have with karamel shippers is that some of them act like kara being bisexual would be such a bad thing like kara would still be able to be mon el if she was bisexual

I see where you’re coming from. I’m not gonna pretend Karamel shippers are the epitome of perfection. We may be a pretty chill fandom but there are always the problematic few. I’ve read some borderline homophobic/biphobic comments from Karamel shippers and I just want everyone to know that our fandom as a whole does not condone that kind of behavior. 

I personally wouldn’t have a problem with Kara being bisexual (being bisexual myself) and I don’t think that is impossible or fat-fetched. But I believe that most shippers who have denied the possibility of Kara being bisexual were not biphobic. From what I’ve read they just think that Kara has never shown any interest in girls whatsoever and some believe that if she were to be attracted to girls, Alex’s coming out would act as a catalyst for a realization. I see where they’re coming from and they are making sense but I personally do not agree with them completely. Sexuality is fluid and you may experience changes anytime during your life. So Kara may very well fall in love with a girl.

However, I honestly don’t think Kara will ever be canonically bisexual because I simply don’t see the writers making that choice for the character (in part because they don’t have the guts lmao). Right at this moment Kara appears to be straight because that’s how the show is presenting her. But it shouldn’t stop you from shipping her with girls. And it shouldn’t stop you from having headcanons in which Kara is bisexual. And it doesn’t mean she can’t turn out to be canonically bisexual in the long run. Who knows? 

Most importantly, I feel like people should stop trying to debunk other ships and should instead focus on defending and celebrating their own. I ship Karamel so I will be indicating the reasons why I ship it instead of going on about why S*percorp will never happen or whatever. I’m not doing that because firstly who am I to say it will never happen? Secondly, people are allowed to ship their ship and I’m not about to try and discredit them. That’s how it is supposed to be. 

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hey can you give me a quick rundown of what hellsing is and how i could consume it? it looks super interesting based on all the images you've been relbogging lately and i wanna know more

I would be so very happy to!!!!

Hellsing was originally a manga by Kouta Hirano made in the 90s, and was subsequently made into two separate anime. The first one, also called Hellsing, was made before the manga was finished, so it improvises wildly (kind of like the ‘03 FMA). Some people love it, many people don’t. The second one is an ova series called Hellsing Ultimate, and it’s ridiculously faithful to the manga, almost frame-for-frame. I recommend that one highly.

The premise of Hellsing is that instead of killing Dracula at the end of Bram Stoker’s novel, Abraham Van Hellsing defeated him and took him as a servant of the Hellsing family. He tortured him with occult knowledge for years, until Dracula (now called Alucard, for some reason…) became the ultimate vampiric weapon, doomed to serve the Hellsing family for generations as their trump card against the supernatural forces of evil.

The latest Hellsing descendant is Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, literally the most beautiful woman and one of the loves of my life. Soon after the story begins, Alucard turns a young woman into a vampire, and she’s literally my girlfriend. Then, surprise! Disaster strikes! Suddenly they’re in this big-ass battle and it’s wild times.

I really recommend starting with Hellsing Ultimate; it’s really good and if you like it, you can read the manga and watch the original show. It’s kind of soul-crushingly depressing, but in a beautiful way. Each episode is an hour, but u will not regret it.

The animation style will seem very weird at first, but I PROMISE you will get used to it. Every single person who’s watched Hellsing has originally complained to me about the animation, but they all start loving it after like two episodes. You will fall in love with the family dynamic between Alucard, Integra, and Seras. The dub is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!

There are a few goofy anime moments (weird dream sequences, mostly), and a few parts where one character’s titties are weirdly big. But there are so many female characters, and almost none of them are sexualized. There’s two women who are heavily implied to be lesbians, and one of them is heavily implied to be trans. Integra Hellsing is canonically half-Indian; one of the protagonists is a woman of color. 

TW: GORE, body horror, violence, nazis (but no Holocaust mentions or antisemitism whatsoever), one mention of rape and two actual rape scenes. If you want me to tell you more about these warnings, I absolutely will!

Crunchyroll now has the first seven episodes of Hellsing Ultimate, as long as you log in and prove you’re of age (it is a very mature show). Otherwise, you can find them on youtube or Kissanime!!!!


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About Kakegurui: I loved the style of the op a lot. Is it actually wlw though or is it just fanservice/queerbaiting? I'm interested in the series but I'd prefer to know before committing. Thanks!

i don’t know much about the anime yet (as it’s only one episode so far), but the manga has a canon couple and a lot of subtext for other character as well! :D 

(this makes more sense in context, but yeah it’s a confession scene and it’s absolutely gorgeous!) 

and tbh the only male prota’s main job is… to tag along the female ones. It’s not like those manga where one useless dude gets surrounded by a lot of girls, this dude is just…there. he has no back story or and real purpose whatsoever, so far the story only revolves around the girl characters :D it’s a mix of psychological and horror-ish kind of manga and i really recommend it! the art is gorgeous as well~


It was said, before she wed Steffon Baratheon, no one could make Lady Cassana laugh as happily as her second brother Lomas. And even after the lady had moved to Storm’s End and wedded the stormlord, her brother would visit as often as possible.  Tülin Özen as Cassana Estermont, Kadir Doğulu as Lomas Estermont

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Personally I like the Br0gane headcanon where Keith and Shiro are adopted siblings, I think it's cute with little toddler Keith doing little toddler things and big bro Shiro's in the background like recording it or whatever. But it hasn't even been made canon at any point whatsoever unless I missed something. I don't think I did. Still though the dear ol' antis still feel the need to flip their shit at She!th shippers because they're apparently brothers in a their personal headcanons.

I honestly like the AU of them being adopted brothers bc I like the idea of Shiro being there for Keith when he didn’t really have any other family to turn to. Antis have just ruined that kind of HC by trying to force it as canon and by trying to use it to shit on sh/eith

Forever and Always - Shiro x Reader

A/N: The thing that happens in the second half of the story is total BS and has no basis in canon whatsoever but I had to make something up. Enjoy the floof!

Prompt: Omg that Shiro one was so good ajbdbfjdisb I love it can u do a part 3 where it like shows how their life is going and maybe interactions with the rest of the group?? (requested by anon)

Part 1  Part 2

It was a good morning.

You woke up to Shiro softly pressing lazy kisses along your neck and nuzzling against your skin. He had his arms encircled around your waist as he pressed you flush against his chest. It was one of those rare times where neither of you were in a hurry to go about your days. He didn’t have training until later in the morning and Coran wasn’t expecting your help with the ship maintenance until after lunch. You and Shiro miraculously found yourselves having the morning all to yourself which didn’t happen nearly as often as you would have liked.

You laid in bed and just basked in the feeling of being together without the pressures of your impending death looming. Of course you were still in danger but you weren’t left wondering if each day might be the day you’d be forced to kill the man you love.

You could have probably spent all day with Shiro if you could have but eventually duty called and he had to leave for Paladin training. Shiro reluctantly left the comfort of your warm bed and dressed in his armor. Before leaving for the day he strode over to you leaned over the bed and gave you a tender kiss goodbye.

“Have a nice day, [Y/N].” He whispered with his lips hovering over yours.

“Right back at ya, space husband.” You grinned giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Will I see you later?” Shiro asked.

“Eh. I’m sure I’ll be around.” You said with a wink.

Unfortunately you didn’t really see much of Shiro that day, which was to be expected. He was off saving the universe and you were preoccupied with helping your alien friends keep their ten thousand year old ship up and running. Your life wasn’t any fairytale by any means but you were happy, safe and you had hope for the future you might one day have a future.

“So … I don’t think we ever got the full story about you and Shiro.” Lance prompted while you were working on tinkering with a gadget for the ship in the common area. You were sat cross legged on the couch while Lance lounged with his arm thrown over the back of it.

“Yeah, I’m kind of interested too. I never heard Shiro talk about you know … before Kerberos.” Keith from the couch facing towards you. You set down the gadget that you were working on, figuring this might be a long conversation.

“That’s because I didn’t know him before Kerberos.” You said.

“But you guys are married now and yet none of us really know how you two met.” Pidge added on.

“Ooh! Are we talking about how Shiro and [Y/N] met? I want to hear this story too!” Hunk exclaimed excitedly as he came into the room with Shiro trailing not far behind him and overheard the conversation. Hunk threw himself down onto an empty space on the couch and waiting expectantly for the tale to begin.

“Are we really telling this now?” Shiro asked you sitting beside you and taking your hand firmly in his. You stretched your legs out and draped them across his lap.

“We probably should have told them a while ago. I mean can we blame them for wanting to know how Space Dad met Space Mom?” You said shrugging your shoulders.

“It’s not a cute story, [Y/N].” Shiro pointed out at your lighter tone. He glanced down to his metal arms and clenching his fist. You reached your hand out and weaved your fingers through his cold metallic ones.

“Still a story that should be told, Takashi. If we pretend it didn’t happen the way it did we are betraying the memories of all who died under Galra control.” You insisted sadly. His eyes softened at the use of his real first name. You were the only one on the ship who ever called him by that name.

“Did she just call him Takashi?” Lance leaned over and and whispered to Keith. Keith rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

“That’s Shiro’s real name, you idiot.” Keith replied softly.

“Not to be pushy, but can you guys tell us the story already?” Hunk interrupted eagerly. You looked over to Shiro and he silently nodded to you.

“Alright, alright. I’ll tell it.” You began. “So I was on the team that they sent out to Kerberos to search for and recover whatever we could from the crash. Our priority was to salvage anything we could from the ship as well as recover any of Commander Holt’s research. Imagine my surprise when we get to Kerberos to find that the ship is just sitting there fully intact and operational.  It was if the crew had just disappeared. We were waiting on word from the Garrison before we took the Kerberos ship back to Earth when an enormous Galra ship entered the atmosphere and abducted me and the rest of the crew.” You paused briefly. You didn’t remember much between the time you were taken and when you were thrown into the cell where you met Shiro.

“I never did find out what happened with the rest of my crew… “ You trailed off with a frown. You mind wandered off to ponder their fates.

“What happened next?” Hunk prompted pulling you out of your wandering thoughts.

“I met Shiro.” You answered simply. You made eye contact with Shiro and smiled a bittersweet smile. “After my initial capture I was thrown into the same cell as Shiro. We were the only two humans there so it was easy for us to become close, even with the horrors the Galra put us through.” You said. Shiro squeezed your hand comfortingly before picking up the story where you left off. He recounted how the two of you fell in love even as you were subjected to Galra torture and being forced to fight poor innocent creatures. He told the paladins how when you were pinned against each other in the ring you refused to fight each other and were separated, never to see each other again until you were rescued and reunited.

“So wait. What happened to you after you and Shiro were separated, [Y/N]?” Keith asked after Shiro reached the point of the story that they were all present for and could remember.

“I was forced into slavery. I served many of the elite Galra soldiers. My slavery was supposed to be a constant reminder that I lived only because the Galra allowed me, that the only purpose of my life was to serve and please them. I was forced to take this to heart otherwise I risked having to be reeducated or executed. I was a quick learner.”

“When we found you though?” Lance prompted

“I was on my way to a solitary confinement cell. I had the audacity the refuse a Galra captain. I punched him and drew blood, I probably would have been killed if you and Keith hadn’t intervened so thank you.” You explained. “So that’s the story of how Shiro and I met. You know the rest. I came here, helped out with the team and now you all are my space children and Shiro is my space husband.” You said finishing the tale on a lighter note. The paladins asked you a few more questions about your past but soon enough they started filtering out of the room to go about the rest of their days. Eventually it was just you and Shiro left in the common area. As soon as the last person had left, Shiro pulled you into his lap and softly cradled your face in his hands.

“[Y/N]? You do realize I’m still your husband no matter if we’re in space or not, right?” Shiro asked with worry creasing his brow. “This doesn’t end when we go back to Earth. I’m with you for the rest of our lives, however long they may be. We wouldn’t have asked Coran to marry us if we didn’t believe that.” Shiro insisted, his eyes warm and passionate. You wrapped your arms around your husband and nuzzled your face into his broad chest.

“I know that, but sometimes I feel like this is all just a really good dream that I could wake up from at any moment to find that I’m still on that god forsaken ship. I love you, Shiro. I just have a hard time getting a grasp on that after all we’ve been through we wound up happy and in love with each other. You’re my husband yes, but you’re also my fantasy space husband until this stops feeling like a dream.”

“I supposed I can’t argue with that.” He agreed warmly. “Does that mean you’re my space wife?” Shiro asked with a smirk looking at you from beneath his lashes. You smiled and nodded eagerly before leaning in and softly kissing the scar on his nose.

“Forever and always.” You promised with a smile, taking in your husband’s relaxed features. He looked so much more youthful when his face was constantly contested by the stress of the fate of the entire universe resting on his shoulders.   

A Few Months Earlier:

“Coran, will you marry us?” Shiro asked approaching the Altean with his elbow linked with yours. You and Shiro looked at each other with bright excited smiles on your faces while you waited expectantly for his answer.

“I’m sorry to say I’m married to my work, Shiro, but I’m flattered though!” The alien said in misunderstanding.

“Oh no, Coran! Shiro and I want to get married. We need someone who can make it official and we thought you might be the best person to go to.” You clarified. Coran’s eyes widened in understanding at the confusion.

“Right! It would be my honor.” He corrected himself. “I’ve never done a human wedding before. It shouldn’t be all that different from an Altean joining ceremony, should it?” He wondered out loud.

“I-we don’t know. Honestly we don’t care how it’s done. We just want to be able to say that we’re married.” You insisted.

“So you’d be fine with an Altean joining ceremony, then?” Coran asked. You and Shiro looked at each other and shrugged.

“Sure.” Shiro said.

“Great! I’ll go make the preparations now!” Coran said enthusiastically turning on his heel to leave the room to do whatever preparing he needed to do.

“Coran!” You called weaving your fingers through Shiro’s. Coran turned around and looked at you expectantly. “Do we need to do anything to prepare?” You asked.

“Of course not! Just come back here tomorrow morning and everything will be ready. Oh! And I know humans like to invite friends and families to their joinings for whatever reason but Altean ceremonies are very intimate so I would advise not inviting anyone.” Coran said before hurrying on his way. You bit your lip and looked over to Shiro who was brimming with excitement. As soon as your eyes met he pulled you into a tight hug and buried his head into your hair.

“We’re getting married!” He whispered excitedly into your hair.

You did everything that Coran instructed and you and Shiro showed up to where Coran told you to meet before any of the other paladins had gotten up. You were shocked to find that the entire room had been transformed entirely from when you last saw it. Coran had set up the ship’s environmental projection system to transform the room into a presumably Altean meadow. A nest of large ornate pillows were set up in the middle of the meadow and small orbs of blue light slowly orbited around the pillows. Coran waited in the corner for you two to arrive.

“What is all this Coran?” Shiro asked looking around the room in awe.

“The makings for a traditional Altean joining ceremony.” Coran said stepping forward towards the haloed pillows. He gestured towards them as he began to speak. “If you’re ready to begin, sit down in the middle of the joining circle.” He prompted. Shiro reached down and gently grasped your hand as he led you towards the circle. When you passed through it you reached your free hand out to touch one of the orbs of light. It was warm to the touch but not at all hot. Your fingers passed through the ethereal ball of light as Shiro led you to sit down beside him amongst the pillows.

“Now [Y/N], traditionally the bride will sit in the groom’s lap. It’s necessary for the progression of the ceremony.” Coran correct. You blushed deeply as your thoughts wandered to the other uses for that position that you and Shiro had utilized in the past in private. 

You and Shiro weren’t exactly big on PDA but if this is how it was supposed to be done you would gladly do it. You got on your knees and shuffled over to straddle Shiro’s hips. You sank down onto his lap facing him and wrapped your legs around his hips and draped your arms across Shiro’s shoulders. 

“Like this?” You asked.

“Precisely. Now take hold of each other’s hands and raise them to eye level with your forearms touching.” He instructed. You and Shiro did exactly as he said. “Excellent.” He praised.

“Now these psychic orbs are in tune with both of your minds.” Coran explained.  “You are close now as represented by the infinite but perforated circle but in order to become joined as one you need to open up to each other and meld your minds. This is a sacred bond that can never be broken. You will only ever have one psychic mate in your lifetime. Will you both agree to relinquish yourselves to each other and become mates for life?” Coran asked. You looked to Shiro and rested your hand tenderly against his jaw, smiling at him affectionately.

“I will.” You answered tears of happiness starting to spring to your eyes. How long had you imagined running away and marrying this man while the two of you were captured. It was surreal that it was actually happening.

“I will.” Shiro repeated never taking his eyes off you.

“If neither mate objects now is the time to join mind and soul.” Coran continued. “Meld your minds together and think only of each other not as an individual but as a linked pair. Her thoughts are your thoughts. His fears are yours. When joined, you are no longer two separate individuals, you are one sharing the mind and soul of two.” You closed your eyes and started to think the thoughts that Coran instructed. You felt Shiro squeeze your intertwined fingers and softly rest his forehead against yours as he concentrated on focusing his thoughts.

Slowly the orbs began to orbit at a slightly faster rate and the began to slowly converge on the middle of the circle. As they hovered closer their pace increased until you couldn’t distinguish the space between the individual orbs. When it got to the point where you could practically feel the warmth of the orbs on your skin they broke their circular pattern and twisted around you and Shiro’s bodies, weaving around your joined hands and wrapping around your torsos before encircling your touching foreheads like a crown. There was no end or beginning to the warm rope of light, it was just a part of you. When the rope of light finished weaving around your bodies it halted and the light intensified to a blinding brightness before fading and absorbing into you and Shiro’s skin.

“You are now joined forever and always.” Coran announced. You and Shiro grinned at each other like two idiots in love before he took your face in his hands and guided you into a sweet and passionate kiss.

“Forever and always.” Shiro promised softly.