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Hello! I’ve been seeing all your sketches on twitter and I’m in LOVE. I was wondering if you know episode 4x19 where Klaus gives Caroline her prom dress? I was wondering if you could sketch him actually helping her pick it out since they didn’t show anything like that!? Thank yo xoxo

Note: I really hope I got Rebekah’s room right, I literally just googled ‘Rebekah Mikaelson room’ and that’s what came up. I was too lazy to go hunting for a scene of her actual room on Netflix, so hopefully this is it XD

Why I Like You - Peter Parker

summary : Y/N is known to be ‘popular’ because of her looks, but no one knows just how sweet and smart she truly is. Except for Peter Parker.

word count : 1.7k+

warnings : nervous peter, shy peter, flustered peter,

pairing / characters : peter parker x reader, Liz Allen, Ned

prompt : “Could you write a Peter Parker imagine where the reader is like best friends with Liz and is really pretty and nice but she’s also super smart and Peter has a crush on her? I love your writing btw❤️ “ -anon

A/N : well thank you lovely anon! I hope I did this request justice. :D lol I hate this so much but I hope you guys like it.

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Everyone thought of Y/N as the prettiest girl in school, well next to Liz Allen she was the second prettiest girl in the school. Most people just liked her for her looks, but Peter Parker? He liked her because he knew that she was a kind, and smart girl on the inside.

Y/N stood with Liz in the lunch line, talking about her latest book idea. Liz nodded along, listening to her friend. She was kind of listening, but kept glancing behind her friend. A few feet away at a pretty empty lunch table, sat Peter Parker and his best friend Ned. Liz had noticed that the two boys were staring at them for quite some time.

When Y/N realized that Liz was barley paying attention to what she was rambling on about, she twisted her head and saw who she was staring at. Turing back around to Liz she said, “They’re staring at you again.” The lunch line moved up and you and Liz grabbed your food.

Liz chuckled. “No, Y/N/N, I think they’re staring at you.” Y/N rolled her eyes at her friend. They walked towards their usual lunch table and sat down. “You don’t believe me?” Liz tested.

Y/N shrugged. “I think you’re just a bit crazy, Liz. Everyone knows that those two boys over there like you. Not me. You.” Liz took Y/N’s tone as a challenge to see who was really correct. Getting up, Liz left the table and started to walk over to the two boys. “Liz! Liz what are you doing?” Y/N shouted. Her friend only winked back at her.

Liz sat down right in front of Peter and Ned, grabbing their attention quickly. They both paled instantly when they saw who sat in front of them. “U-uh, L-Liz. Wh-what are you doing over here?” Peter stuttered out.

Liz chuckled. “You see my friend over there?” She turned and looked at Y/N, who was hiding her face in her hands. “We’re having a little argument over whether the two of you like me or her. I can obviously tell that one of you likes her, but who?” Her voce trailed a little as her eyes scanned over Ned, who was just staring at Liz, so her eyes landed on Peter. “Do you like Y/N, Peter? Or do you like me?”

Peter gulped. “I- uh, I um..”

“He likes Y/N!” Ned shouted. Peter quickly looked at his friend, his face turning red. Y/N’s head snapped up at the shout of her name. Liz chuckled, thanking Ned and then going back over to her own table.

“I told you.” Liz smirked. Y/N rolled her eyes. “You better go over there and talk ‘to Peter, or I’m going to have to do it for you.”

Y/N shook her head quickly. “No, no, you have done enough Liz Allen. Quite enough.” Y/N slung her bag over her shoulder and stood up from her table. Giving Liz a playful glare she walked over to Ned and Peter, who were still shocked that Liz Allen had just talked to them, so when Y/N sat down at their table? They were even more petrified.

Peter snapped out of it quickly, when he saw her raise an eyebrow at the two of them. “Y-Y/N.” He stuttered. You had to admit to yourself, but he was probably the most adorable human being that you had ever met. “Do you, do you need something?”

Y/N shrugged. “Just came over here to apologize to you guys about Liz.” Peter shook his head.

“N-no need to apologize.” Y/N gave a small smile. Ned excused himself, saying something about a project he needed to finish. Both Peter and Y/N knew he was lying, but they let him leave anyways. Peter looked back at Y/N, his eyes going over all her features.

Y/N turned back to Peter and smiled. “Is what Ned said true? About you liking me?” She asked.

Peter froze. Oh god, the girl he liked was really asking him that question. He couldn’t just lie to her, he had to tell her the truth. “Yeah, it’s- it’s true.” He said slowly. Y/N smiled a little.

“Give me your phone real quick.” She said. Peter looked taken back, but he did it anyways. He handed the device to her and she quickly typed in her phone number and address. She handed it back to him with a smile. “Swing my apartment sometime, we could hang out.” She got up from the table and left.

A week went by before Peter took Y/N up on her offer for the two of them to hang out. It was Saturday afternoon, he had just finished his morning route as Spider-Man and decided to head over to Y/N’s. He changed quickly in the elevator, and then looked for Y/N’s apartment number. It took him a few minutes to find it, but eventually he did. Taking a deep breathe he knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

Y/N swung open the front door, not expecting to see Peter standing out in the hallway. “Oh, Peter. Hi, I didn’t know you were coming over.” Y/N said. “Come in.” She stepped to the side and let Peter walk in. “Sorry the place is kind of a mess right now, I was finishing up my art project and then I lost my power for a little bit.” Y/N started to ramble on but Peter just smiled and let her talk.

She was in sweats that had paints all over them and a baggy t-shirt that also had paint on it. She looked down at what she was wearing and blushed.

“I-uh, let me go shower real quick and then I’ll be right back.” She said. Peter nodded, letting her go get herself cleaned up while he sat on the couch. She had a pretty nice place, and in his opinion it wasn’t really messy.

It took Y/N roughly fifteen minutes to get herself cleaned up and dressed before she headed out towards the living room. She through her hair up in a messy bun, tucking stray hairs behind her ears. “I have some brownies in the fridge, do you want one?” She asked Peter as she opened up the fridge.

“Uh, yeah sure, thanks.” He said. Peter thought Y/N was pretty when she dressed up and put makeup on, but seeing her in just sweats, a tank top, and bare face? He thought she looked gorgeous. Y/N put a few brownies on a plate and walked over to the couch, putting the plate on the coffee table in front of her.

“So, what brings you by Pete?” She asked as she took a bite from a brownie.

Peter coughed. “I uh, just wanted to hang out with you? Since you know, you offered and everything, last week.” His eyes darted from her to his hands which were fidgeting with his sweater.

Y/N smiled. “I didn’t think you were actually going to come over, since it did take you a week and all.” She teased him. He gave her a nervous smile which only made her smile. “Well, let me order some pizzas, grab a few movies and drinks? That sound good to you?” Y/N asked as she pulled out her phone to dial the pizza place.

While they waited for the pizza and drinks to arrive, the two teens talked about school, movies, and of course, everyone’s favorite superhero. Spider-Man.

“He’s cool I guess.” Y/N said as she leaned against her couch cushions. She watched Peter’s expression harden.

“W-why do you say that?” Peter asked, shifting in his seat. Y/N knew she hit a nerve.

The girl shrugged. “Maybe because he keeps trying to go after people he shouldn’t.” Peter’s faced softened a bit. The way he was reacting to this made her thing that maybe he knew Spider-Man…. or maybe he is Spider-Man. Y/N went to say something but their was a knock on the door, making her get up. She grabbed about twenty dollars before opening the door. Outside in the hall stood the delivery guy, holding two large pizzas with a bottle of soda in a bag. Y/N and the delivery guy traded off items and parted ways.

Peter sat up and moved his feet from the coffee table. While Y/N got napkins and glasses for the drinks he began to take some pizza. y/N walked back over and handed him a glass full of Dr. Pepper. The two ate their pizzas in silence for a few minutes, before Peter spoke up.

“Who do you think is under the Spider-Man mask?” He questioned, glancing over at Y/N.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe it’s some kid who doesn’t know what they’re doing.” Her voice trailed off and she looked Peter straight in the eye. “Or maybe it’s the person sitting in front of me.” Peter stopped chewing his food. He almost stopped breathing.

What was he going to say? Was he going to lie to her? Or tell her the truth? “Umm… I um…” He mumbled, not knowing what to say.

“Your bag wasn’t zipped all he way. And I pieced it together by the way you were reacting my to answer to your questions. Not that hard o figure out.” She took another bite of her pizza. Peter sat there, surprised that she just… figured it out. “Are you going to tell me I’m wrong, or can I take you silence as a yes?” Peter stayed silent. Y/N smirked to herself.

“You, I can’t believe you figured it out, wow. Um.. wow.” He stuttered.

“I’m a smart girl, I’m not dumb like everyone thinks I am.” Y//N stated.

Peter only smiled. “That’s why I like you.”

Staying Up

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1178

Warnings: just fluff

@welcometothislittleplace​ asked “Hey😊 I had a knee surgery a few days ago and all I’m allowed to do is to lay still (I’m sooooo bored!!), I was wondering if you could maybe make an Bucky Barnes x reader imagine, where the reader got hurt during a mission and has to go through surgery and Bucky takes care of the reader afterwards??😅😅”

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged here. I’m sorry this is late but there are so many requests. I hope you feel better :) LOVE YOU. Also, I rewrote all the tags again and I am hoping to god they are working.

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Out of My League

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader 
Summary: The insecure!reader thinks she has no chance with Sam before Dean takes the matters into his own hands. 
Warnings: None, except excessive use of different fandoms:)
Word Count: 1.560
A/N: Thank you everyone for the notes on my first story! I hope you guys like this one too! :) 

If this were a movie, this would be the sad music scene where it’d rain outside and it’d cut to you lying on your bed while your best friend consoled you.

“Y/N. You have that stupid look on your face again.”

And instead, you were stuck with one and only polite Dean Winchester while the waitress flirted with the love of your life.

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the-100-forum  asked:

You are such a positive role model for women and an exceptional actress. 😊 My question is, where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Thank you! I try! Haha. I hope in 20 years I will still be creating. I hope I will still be acting in film, tv and plays that I love. And I hope I will have made more films, continued writing and directing.

BTS reaction: You dancing sexily with another man

Anon requested:  Can you pls do reaction to their gf being a backup dancer and she’s performing a sexy dance with another man? Hope this isn’t confusing and make it as nsfw as you possibly can 😂


“I love to see enjoying yourself, but wiggling your bum infront of him is going to get you fucked.”

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“You like to tease me, don’t you ? Continue and you’ll see where your teasing got you.”

Originally posted by mochigochu

“Baby, I love watching you dancing,  but do you know what I love even more ? You, being a shaking, moaning mess beneath me.”

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“Continue to dance that sexily and I’ll make sure you won’t be able to dance, nor walk or talk the next few days.”

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“Kitten, don’t test my patience. On my lap. Now.”

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“You’d look even sexier, if you were dancing infront of me. Naked.”

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“You like playing with that man ? How about we invite him to our playtime next time ? I bet he’d love to see what else you’re good at besides dancing sexily.”

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(Ex) Band Buddies Who Text

Thank you to anyone who read/showed love to the first (Ex)BBWT! Maybe I’m too quick to get emotional but it meant a lot :’) you are awesome humans indeed

Here’s Part 2 where Peter’s recovering from a (small) Spidey injury and the reader wonders if they’re overbearing. I just love writing these so much. Hope someone somewhere enjoys :)

Peter is Bold. Reader is Italics.  

Monday, Morning.

(8:03) That’s quite the shiner you have there.  

(8:04) Yeah. Got into a fight.

(8:04) A fight?

(8:05) Is that really hard to believe?

(8:07) It probably wouldn’t be if you weren’t wearing a shirt that said ‘If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man team up, they’d be alloys.’

(8:08) Everyone appreciates a pun, especially a superhero one, but they don’t exactly scream ‘menacing’.

(8:09) I didn’t start the fight. Apparently I just have a face that jerks want to punch.

(8:09) Was it Eugene?

(8:10) You know Flash hates it when you call him that.

(8:10) But no, they don’t go to Midtown. At least I don’t think so. They wore masks.

(8:11) I was out in the city and they jumped me. Stole my backpack, too.

(8:11) Way to kick a man when he’s down.

(8:12) But good news for you, I always keep a spare bag in my locker. It’s yours.

(8:13) I owe you one.

(8:14) Consider it a Christmas present.

(8:15) Christmas isn’t for another seven months.

(8:15) Alright then, a belated birthday gift.

(8:16) Thank you. I really appreciate this.

(8:17) Yeah, well, your payment is to be more vigilant in the future.

(8:17) Don’t go out at night, aaaand

(8:17) Buy a guard dog. Idk.

(8:18) If I didn’t know better I’d start to think you care.

(8:19) Believe it or not I can be very nurturing.

(8:19) You just wouldn’t think so with my tough and uncompromising exterior.

(8:20) Your binder has dancing otters on it.

(8:21) It’s my cousin’s.

(8:21) If you say so.

(10:37) Did you check your backpack before giving it to me?

(10:41) What would be the point? It’s empty.

(10:41) Sure about that?

(10:42) …I was.

(10:42) Oh god

(10:42) What have you found?

(10:43) Do you prefer the term “diary” or “journal”?

(10:44) What the

(10:44) How did it get in THERE??

(10:45) I’ve been looking everywhere for it!

(10:46) Don’t worry, it’s in safe hands.

(10:46) You haven’t read any of it, have you?

(10:47) Not deliberately.

(10:47) I got confused for a second, thought it was mine and flicked through a few pages.

(10:48) guuugfhh

(10:48) There was nothing that would tempt me to keep it as leverage so don’t panic.  

(10:49) That said, I really enjoyed your poem about Captain America.

(10:50) I’m a red-blooded teenager and he’s an AVENGER. We’re entitled to our fantasies.

(10:51) “His shield mighty, colours red, blue and white –”

(10:51) No shame here.

(10:52) “With a strength so fine like an Eagle taking flight.”

(10:53) Okay maybe that one wasn’t my best


(12:13) Do you think it’s weird how we text but don’t talk in person?

(12:16) Not really given how technology-dependent our generation is.

(12:16) I don’t think I’ve seen an actual book in years…

(12:17) If you want, you’re welcome to sit with me and Ned at lunch sometime. 

(12:17) And Michelle.

(12:18) She rarely speaks but she’s there. Supplies the witty remark every now and then.

(12:19) Thanks, but Jason thinks it’s good for team spirit if the band engages in out-of-practice socialisation as often as possible.

(12:19) You guys can sit with us tho!!

(12:20) He’s really taking control of things, isn’t he?

(12:21) I’ve sent Kate a total of twelve emails begging her to come back.

(12:21) Nine of which were answered by her mom threatening to place a restraining order against me.

(12:22) I thought that was a bit extreme.

(12:22) Do you ever hear what you’re saying or is it mindless rambling?

(12:23) A bit of both… mostly the latter.

(12:23) But I’m not overbearing, right?

(12:24) Is that what Kate’s mom called you?

(12:25) Among other things.

(12:25) Like what?

(12:27) Let’s see

(12:27) Bumptious (probably my favourite), overweening (think I’ve exhausted every wiener joke out of that one) and five other words that I can’t remember and had to Google.

(12:28) They were all more or less a synonym for selfish. I don’t think she likes me much.

(12:28) That’s probably a safe assumption. No offence.

(12:29) I’m just thinking of the band. Jason’s methods, while well-intentioned, are driving us all to early graves.

(12:30) Have you ever considered taking over?

(12:30) Me? You’re joking. I’m no leader.

(12:31) I like to boss people around, sure, but I crack under pressure.

(12:31) I guess with great power comes great responsibility.

(12:32) Huh - how Shakespearean of you, Mr Parker.


(14:50 – Incoming Call)  


“Why do you sound so confused? Don’t you have caller ID?”

“Yeah but I didn’t realise our friendship had advanced beyond texting.”

“Where are you?”

“Just leaving school no—waaait, what are you doing?”

“Can you see me?”

“The way you’re waving like that? S’kinda hard to miss you.”

“I’m walking you home.”

“What? Why?!”

“Don’t go out at night – buy a guard dog – and earlier I thought of the easiest and cheapest security measure: travel with a buddy. So I present to you your travel buddy. Moi.”

“As much as I appreciate how uncharacteristically generous you’re being today… I don’t need a chaperone.”

“Think of me less as a chaperone and more as your own Scary Godmother.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Yeah, yeah, whine whine whine. This is a perfect bonding opportunity, actually. As penance for snooping through my diary I demand you tell me all about your undying love for Liz Allan.”

(Call Ended – 00:47:10)


I’d love to see a spin off where they find Aquarius’ key (preferably just Lucy, Natsu, and Happy, but that’s just me being trash lol) and possibly one about the 100 year quest. I hope we get to see something like that in the future, but Mashima needs his rest for now!


HIIIIII💖 can i request a poly!haechan and mark text where they’re cuddling and try to get you to come to the dorms to join them?THANK YOUUUUU


feel free to send any requests you guys have such as snapvhat edits, text messages or text stories :) i hope you have a lovely day. 

Blossoming Love

Originally posted by cuteguk

@xxsimplycutexx asked: Hi! can I request a BTS scenario where y/n kept her pregnancy as a secret from Jungkook but she ended up telling him one morning after feeling nauseous. Jungkook gets mad at y/n for not telling him but make it a happy ending please 😊 

Pairing: Jeongguk x reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Genre: angst, fluff

Warnings: none

A/N: i really hope you enjoy this and thank you so much for requesting! <3 writing this made me so soft ;;;;; thinking about Jeongguk being a soon-to-be father is so endearing!! i will possibly write little drabbles for this in the future :) also much love to @pluviasonnant for spamming me with quotes that helped me in writing this ❤︎



Two red lines stared back at you like two evil, red eyes, watching how your life was going recently but still decided to curse it more anyways.

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I am your Romeo-Peter Parker

Request @cantshakethenoiseinsidemybones while clichéd maybe you could do one where the reader and Peter are picked to a love scene in Romeo and Juliet and sparks begin to fly.

I really loved this request and got really into it once I started writing, I hope you like it.

English Class, one of my favourite classes, I waked into the room and immediately headed toward the back, which is were I would normally sit. Today we are continuing work on the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, I loved Shakespeare however his work was somewhat cheesy. We had begun work on Act 3 and the teacher decide to assign us groups and give us a scene to interpret from Act 2. I was actually really excited as English was one of my strong suits.

“Alright Class, the groups go as follows, “she began rattling off a list of names and which scene they got, I only listened for mine “And finally, Y/N your with…Peter Parker on Act 2 Scene 2 , I expect your re-en&hellip; &rdquo; she trailed off into the background of my head, No, I thought Scene 2…Scene 2 you have got to be joking. We got the Balcony scene, most soppily romantic scene in the entire play. Peter looked just as embarrassed as he hesitantly turned around and smiled at me, whilst me and Peter were friends and I admittedly have a slight crush on him, this is just ridiculous.

“Hey Peter, wait!” I yelled down the corridor after the final bell rang. He slowed down as I caught up to him. “I was thinking we could practice the scene for English tonight”

“Oh of course, you could come to mine around 4ish and we could get to work” he said sheepishly, I had been to Peters house often to study, this should not be any different, Right.

I knocked on the door at around 4o'clock, and I was immediately greeted with an enthusiastic Aunt May “Y/N good to see you, how are you? "She did not even pause for an answer, "Peter is in his room waiting for you, he seems happy your his partner” she beamed at me one last time as I entered his room.

“Y/N your here” he said smiling at me, looking excited about my arrival.

I pulled out my play book and sat down on the bed beside him and we both leaned back against the wall as we clutched our play books. I flipped to Act 2 Scene 2 and he did the same.

“So since I am a girl I will nominate myself as Juliet, unless you feel to be more feminine out of us” I giggled at my own joke.

“Alright Juliet so that means I am your Romeo” he said smiling as we gazed into each others eyes.

“Um…Okay” I cleared my throat “Shall we start reading the scene ?Your first Romeo” I smiled.

“He jests at scars that never felt a wound” He reads it aloud in a failing attempt at a manly voice, making me laugh “Juliet appears above in a window” returning to his own when he spoke the stage direction. I laughed again at his attempt at the manly voice, it made him smile.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?” He says “It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief, That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. Be not her maid since she is envious. Her vestal livery is but sick and green,And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off !"As he read out the passage his voice changed to soft and sincere, he gazed into my eyes with his attempt at secret glances down to my lips. I had not noticed but we had slowly been edging toward one another, we were so close I felt his breath on my face.

He returned his eyes to the Play, scanning through the next passage. We once again locked eyes, slowly edging closer, he then said gently "It is my lady. Oh, it is my love.” Our lips were touching now and I felt his hand brush away a strand of hair that had fallen over my face,“Oh Juliet, we should not” he said smirking and as he finally allowed our lips to fall into a kiss.

“OOOOkay kids, I just wanted to check I am going to put on some pizzzzz….ahhhhh” Aunt May had come crushing into his room looking now very flustered as she quickly slammed the door shut after noticing me and Peter.


as anonymous said: heyy i was wondering if you could do a reaction when you are an outgoing person but in a relationship you get very shy in the beginning? love ya 💕

Jin: “Let’s stay inside. I’ll cook!”

Namjoon: “I feel that you don’t feel very comfortable around me baby…Tell me, what is wrong?”

Yoongi: “Let’s just cuddle all day.There’s nothing better than home.”


(I can’t he’s so wow)

Jimin: “Okay. Umm…Where do you want to go? You decide. Anywhere you want!”

Taehyung: “I am shy too, you know. We are the best couple Y/N! Let’s be shy together!”

Jungkook: “Um…um…um…”


(they so precious.)


just kiss me

word count: 354

request: Hi could I get a Peter Parker writing thing where Peter comes into their room after a night fighting crime and they just kinda cuddle and watch the office??? Like really cheesy and fluffy😂 thank you!

before you read: i sort of changed your request a little bit? technically they don’t watch the office but it’s mentioned lol i hope you still enjoy!!!

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Coconut water leaking from your lips
Jelly on your chin
You smile and say that
This reminds you of back home
Where wild feet hang from
Grapevines of hope
Diced mangos
And sweet sugar cane
Grind against your tongue
Like your accent.
Papaya scents
And pomegranate seeds get
Stuck in those
Lovely locks of yours.
You stop and say
That you miss home.
—  Paradise 🇬🇾 // n.b.

anonymous asked:

remember that video david posted of harry dancing in magnus' loft (harry was wearing a tight red shirt)? well, matt's chair is really visible and isaiah's voice in the background too. it was posted april 21 and it's probably 219. soo all the dw leaders together with alec?? It means they're gonna find a way to reunite, right?

Yes! You’re correct, we believe there’s a scene where all the Downworlders are together (minus Meliorn) so there may be some negotiating/discussion without the Seelies. I’m a little worried about Meliorn because I love him in the show so I’m hoping his role will be more nuanced than it was in the books!

logan-rexus  asked:

Hello! Could I request a scenario with a poly Aizawa and Mic where their s/o is very shy and quiet, so Mic will proudly tell everyone how great they are while Aizawa is more about telling them personally? If that's too confusing I'm sorry! Thank you!

Hello lovely! I very much hope you don’t mind I changed it to headcanons, since I didn’t know how to write this as a scenario, especially without it becoming rather long. Aside from that, I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it =)

- While Hizashi loves to praise his partner and let everyone know how wonderful they are, he’s also aware and respectful of what they’re okay with and when they start to grow uncomfortable with all the attention he draws to them.

- There are a lot of instances where Hizashi tells them what he thinks in private too. He does it at all kinds of times and over all kinds of things as well. Be it something as domestic as checking the fridge for things they need or giving him a kiss on the cheek or while he scratches his belly and suddenly wants to tell them. He deeply loves his partner and he’s not shy to let them know.

- While Aizawa is rather quiet and private when it comes to telling them how much they mean to him, he’s also one who likes to show it. Be it by giving them soft kisses or getting them something to drink or going shopping in their stead if they rather avoid dealing with crowds on certain days.

- Hizashi and Aizawa also show each other the same kind of consideration and affection and they want to make sure that all three of them are comfortable and okay what they’re doing and how their relationship works.

- In the same sense, if their partner does something sweet or thoughtful for them, Hizashi happily and affectionately kisses them or tells them how wonderful they are, while Aizawa brushes a kiss against their temple or gives them a quiet and smiling thank you.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! You're Malec fan fics are SUPERB!! Could I give you a prompt? I saw it on the whumpgalore blogsite. "person A (alec please) being so exhausted that he’s sleeping like the dead and nothing can wake him; yelling, slapping, shaking produce no response" Like maybe he has not been sleeping for a while, non stop missions, comes in late one night and collapses on the bed next to Magnus. When magnus wakes in the morning and kisses him he freaks out when Alec doesn't stir.

Awww omg thank you!!! absolutely this was a great prompt! Shout out to whumpgalore for the prompt inspo i love that blog. So here it is! I went for more funny rather than serious, and I actually have another fic where Alec overuses his stamina rune and it ends very badly, its called stamina and you can find it on my ff.net and ao3 accounts but anywho here’s your one its called “Sleeping Beauty.” I hope you like it!

Alec had been up for too long. Magnus kept telling him he needed to rest but there was so much to be done. There were missions during the day, and reports to do at night, and he hadn’t managed to get a break for more than five minutes without being called away to do something else.

He’d been up for three days already and he was going crazy. He needed to sleep. He’d told Magnus he’d been sleeping at the institute and he’d told his siblings he’d been sleeping with Magnus at home, when really, he’d been using stamina runes to keep himself awake.

But his vision was blurred and he couldn’t concentrate and so, he was finally going to bed.

He stumbled into his and Magnus’ apartment, throwing off his jacket and toeing off his boots, as he made his way to their bedroom. Magnus was already asleep, curled under the silk sheets with his arms wrapped around one of Alec’s pillows, and he looked so beautiful that the Nephilim thought he might cry.

He was so tired, his body practically gave up as soon as he got close to the bed, and he fell onto the mattress. He didn’t want to sleep in his jeans but he was too tired to take them off, and only managed to get half under the covers before he lost consciousness.


Magnus sighed as he woke, rolling over in bed and reaching for his angel. He frowned and groaned in frustration when he realized Alec probably wouldn’t be there, only to snap his eyes open in surprise when he heard it. Those adorable little snores he loved so much.

Alec was home! The shadowhunter was lying face down on the bed, cheek smushed on the pillow, with his arms flung out to the side. He was still in his jeans and shirt, and deeply asleep.

The warlock brushed the other man’s hair back and placed a kiss on his temple. His poor angel was so tired.

Not wanting to wake him, Magnus slipped from the bed and went to the kitchen to make tea, pouring a cup for Alec when he got up. Only, he didn’t get up. Magnus waited for a few hours, before checking in on him, but he was still in the same position he was in when he left him.

Magnus frowned. Alec usually liked to move a little in his sleep, limbs either twitching from his dreams, or wrapping around Magnus to cuddle while he slept. But Alec wasn’t moving.

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I’m so sick and tired of seeing immature and petty fights on here about Jeffrey, especially the posts regarding whether he’s a good person or not. Most of us know this man is a unicorn in a vast land pile of toxic shit, but there are trolls who get a kick out of saying horrible things about him. Ignore them. Be the bigger person.

All I want to see on my dash is pictures of his ridiculously good looking face and read stories written by fabulous writers in the fandom to make my heart soar. But it’s getting to the point where I feel like I need to unfollow certain people to get rid of the negativity.

I really don’t want to, so I hope the wave of recent bullshit calms down to where we can all peacefully fall in love with our angel of a man over and over again.

That's Not What Was Supposed to Happen (Harrison Osterfield x Reader)

Request: Requested by anon “Hi, love your writings! Could you please write an imagine where the reader dates harrison osterfield and their best friend Tom accidently exposes them in one of his story and they don’t find out until instagram is filled with it? Give your imagination a try ty.”
Warnings: None

Word Count: 1300+ (I got a little carried away)

Hope you guys enjoy it, and send me your requests!

It was something that was known from the beginning. As soon as you stepped onto set that first day, ship names were being made for you and Harrison.

As Zendaya’s best friend, you spent a lot of time on set with them, and Harrison quickly took a liking to you. The both of you often ended up talking on the sides as they were filming and gradually became closer and closer.

There was never a formal announcement when you started dating, everyone just kind of knew. When the two of you entered Tom’s trailer one day, hands interlocked, Zendaya jumped up and yelled, “I knew it!” and you shot her a look.

You both agreed it was best to keep your relationship under wraps, just because you knew when it got out in the open, there would be a lot involved and you weren’t ready to go through that. It was one thing to be best friends with Zendaya since you were 3, it was another to start dating an actor 3 months ago and announce it to the world.

You were able to have kept your relationship mainly very lowkey. You may have posted a picture together here and there but they were platonic.

That didn’t stop fans from speculating, though. Although that wasn’t really different, fans had been pulling for you to date since you two had met.

About 5 months into your relationship, you were hanging out at Zendaya’s house when you heard the front door swing open, immediately filling the house with loud shouts.

“Hello, we have graced you with our presence!” They called out in unison.

You rolled your eyes, knowing it was Tom and the idiot you called your boyfriend. You made your way out of Zendaya’s room, looking over the railing at the entrance.

“Do you guys have to do that everytime you come in here?” You asked them.

Harrison looked up at you and smiled. “Sorry, love, but we can’t break tradition.”

“Please do.” Zendaya stuck her head out of the kitchen. “That got really annoying the second time.”

“Well then, I guess no one wants Chinese food then…” Tom held up two plastic bags with an innocent look on his face.

Your eyes widened. “Food? Hell, do that whenever you want, I don’t care!” You dashed back into Z’s room to grab your sweatshirt, well, technically Harrison’s.

“Oo, did you get egg rolls?” You heard Zendaya ask.

“Of course!” Tom replied.

You made your way down the stairs, pulling the hoodie over your head, confident you wouldn’t fall considering the amount of times you’ve used that staircase.

Pulling your hair put from under the hoodie, you were tying it up into a messy bun as you followed the smell of the Chinese food. You inhaled deeply when you stood before the white take out boxes.

“Ah, that smells good.” You smiled at the sight.

“Are you talking about the food or my hoodie?” Harrison grinned down at you.

You shot him a look. “Haha, so funny.” You said drily but kissed him in greeting anyways.

You knew it had been a mistake to tell him that you thought he smelled good.

“Z, get forks!” You called out to her.

“Already on it!” She emerged from the kitchen with four forks in hand.

“Alright, gimme gimme gimme.” You made grabby hands at the boxes.

Harrison laughed. “Okay, okay.” He lifted the lid of one of the boxes, checking if it was the right one and presented it to you.

“Teryaki chicken with vegetable fried rice and broccoli for Y/N.” Harrison smiled, handing it over to you.

You gasped as you took the box from his hands. “I love you.” You pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

Tom faked gagging as he took his food into the dining room. “Gag me.”

“Oh, shut up mate.” Harrison called out to him as the two of you followed him in.

You spent spent an hour in the dining room, eating, talking and laughing. And then spent another half hour trying to figure out what happened to your egg roll (Tom ate it).

After lunch the four of you made your way into the living room, looking for something to do.

“Oh my God, Y/N look!” Z yelled out and you looked over in her direction.

She pulled out a box from under the stack of games she had, for when she had her nieces over. Zendaya held up a cardboard game, Candyland written across the side.

Your eyes widened in excitement. “Oh my gosh I used to love this game!”

“You guys are such children.” Harrison laughed.

“Hush.” You turned to Zendaya. “Do you have the DVD that with it?”

She checked the box. “I think it might be in my room.”

You ran upstairs, searching her room until you saw the familiar red and white striped logo. You grinned and pulled it out from a shelf on her desk.

Heading back downstairs, you saw that they had already laid out the board and gotten their game pieces. You popped in the DVD and headed over to where Harrison was beckoning you to sit with him.

Despite the boys’ reluctance to play at the start, the game was filled with shouts of enjoyment or disappointment, depending on what was going on.

You four played for hours on end, enjoying the game a lot more than you all thought you would.

After you were down playing, it was almost 7 and you guys were just sitting around talking, close to dozing off.

You picked up your phone and went on Instagram, checking out people’s most recent posts when you saw that you had been tagged in multiple pictures of you and Harrison. Your eyebrows scrunched in confusion as you tried to figure out where people got it from and noticed Tom had added something to his story.

You opened it up and saw he had videotaped a part of your Candyland game, and you smiled as you saw the camera pan from the TV screen to Zendaya yelling since she had to move back a few spaces.

But your smile fell as the camera moved to you and Harrison on the couch, cuddled close together, his arm around your waist, your legs laying atop his. The two of you laughed at Zendaya’s reaction and he pressed a kiss to the side of your head.

You shook your head as you looked up at Tom, almost half asleep. You looked around for the closest thing to you, finding a slipper beside the couch, picking it up and throwing it at him.

He started awake. “What the hell?”

“Are you dumb?” You asked him.

“Whoa, Y/N that’s a little rude.” Tom sat up straight, stretching out.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Harrison placed a hand on your shoulder.

You pulled up Tom’s story again, showing it to him. He watched it with a confused look on his face, which slowly morphed into realization. He looked up at Tom.

“Dude.” He handed you back the phone.

“What did I do?” Tom held his hands up in surrender.

“Your Instagram story?” You wanted to hit him, he was being so clueless.

“Oh, I saw that, it was cute.” Z smiled.

“Not helping.” You told her.

“Oh, right. That.” Tom gave a sheepish smile. “I guess I wasn’t thinking, do you want me to take it down?”

You sighed, glancing up at Harrison before looking back at Tom. “You posted it over two hours ago, enough people will have already seen it. There’s no point.”

Sure enough, you were starting to get notifications of people commenting on your latest photo, no doubt about you and Harrison.

“I guess it was bound to happen at some point, right?” Harrison said.

“Yeah, I guess. Although I would’ve liked for it to happen on our terms.” You shot a look a Tom who only grinned in response.

“Look on the brightside.” Harrison spoke up and you looked at him. “At least I can kiss you whenever I want now.” He murmured, lowering his lips down to yours.

You giggled, bringing a hand up to the back of his neck to prolong the kiss. You could hear Zendaya and Tom groaning but you didn’t care. Not when you were off in your own world.