where their official ship name

how to smooch your absurdly tall boyfriend, by ochako. step one- float. step two- smooch. 

(I started watching bnha and i fell in love with Fight Me in Pink girl and Tall Blue and Adorkable boy and then i started shipping them by accident but theirs is a rarepair please send help immediately)

Emimike Youtubers AU
  • The Crispino twins have a famous Youtube channel where they explain and talk about Italian culture and language
  • Emil has a vlog channel where he posts his adventures travelling and doing extreme sports
  • His next trip is scheduled to be in Italy, where he’s going to climb the Alps (and vlog about it, of course)
  • Because he likes researching the places he’s about to visit, he starts looking around for Italian Youtube channels
  • He stumbles upon a “Things foreigners do in Italy that you shouldn’t do”
  • He watches the full 15 minutes video without understanding a word because all he can do is look at the beautiful boy with light brown hair and violet eyes and the most beautiful and cute Italian accent he’s ever heard
  • He hastily writes them an email explaining he’ll be in Italy soon and he’d love to do collab videos with them
  • Thank god Sara reads the email (Michele would have just trashed it without even reading it)
  • She actually follows Emil’s channel sometimes and thinks he’s a really fun guy and collab’ing with him might bring them a lot of new followers
  • She accepts and books a room for her and Michele in the Alps in the same hotel where Emil will be staying 
  • She doesn’t tell Michele anything until two days before they need to leave
  • Michele is furious but tags along anyway
  • He regrets it right away when he finds out he’s afraid of heights and he has to climb a fucking mountain
  • Emil encourages him, tells him it’s perfectly safe
  • They of course vlog the whole thing that will eventually be edited and posted to Emil’s channel
  • They manage to get through the day without any of them getting hurt, but Michele is fucking pissed because Sara had a lot of fun and he thinks she might be developing feelings towards this guy
  • What does she even see in him
  • The next day they all head back to Napoli
  • Emil and Sara talk the whole time and it’s clear they hit it off
  • Michele is ready to punch a wall
  • Emil brings them flowers and chocolates when he gets to their house to film the video that will be posted to the twins’ channel
  • He has to pronounce Italian words and sentences and Michele bitches about every little mistake he makes
  • (their followers think it’s hilarious and it’s just a persona Michele has built for himself for their channel’s sake, but in fact he’s really like that)
  • Emil has to go back to the Czech Republic
  • Michele feels something that if he was a little bit less of a dork he would identify as “regret over being so pissy the whole time and not trying to spend some quality time with the beautiful Czech boy”
  • The followers of both channels come together to create a new joined fandom because they didn’t miss the way Emil looked at Michele the whole time with those puppy eyes and they ship it hard
  • Emil and Michele are both oblivious about this, but Sara finds a fanart of them and starts following what people on tumblr are saying
  • She doesn’t actually want to read fanfiction about her own twin being fucked by Emil (though she occasionally reads some of the fluffy stuff), but she makes an incognito sideblog where she shares all Emimike content (that’s the official ship name) because honestly she ships it hard
  • (and it’s not like she was ever interested in Emil herself since she prefers girls)
  • After a few months Emil finds out about people shipping them and he retweets a sfw fanart of them holding hands and captions it “big mood”
  • Emimike shippers absolutely lose their shit
  • Sara shows it to Michele and he just about drops dead on the spot
  • The next morning Emil shows up at their door and Sara leaves them to talk 
  • When she gets back after two hours (which she thought should have been enough), she hears Michele and Emil and they’re very much not talking
  • She leaves again as soon as she realizes what’s happening
  • Months later Emil posts a video called “We’re engaged!”

anonymous asked:

Soo is anyone else thinking an AU/crossover w/Steggy and Wondertrev (is that the official ship name?) where Peggy and Diana find/save their Steves so they can have their right partners in life needs to be done? And then they can all go kick bad guys asses? Throw in some Howling Commandoes and finding Bucky, perhaps? Or is that just me and my overactive imagination and sappy, romantic heart?

It’s not just you.

Someone get on this, please. We need this OT4.


gmhkaiaparker  asked:

Do you happen to know of any Sterek fics where Jackson/Peter (I don't know if they have an official ship name) is also a thing and/or flirting and part of the storyline? I ran into one of those Sterek sex pollen fics, and in addition to the Sterek, it was revealed she that Jackson had the hots for Peter but liked to deny it, and I was surprised with myself by how much I REALLY liked the pairing.

jackter? packson? peckson? jater. their ship name should be jater

Encircled by padamaa (orphan_account) (7/? | 7,228 | PG13)

Stiles Stilinski is an omega that has no choice but to submit to the high alpha of Beacon Hills after his ‘mate’ left town. His alpha is one of the most cruel and sadistic ones out there and Stiles doesn’t know what to do anymore. When Derek Hale,Stiles mate returns can he help his omega out of this? or will he even want to go back to Derek?

Never Trust a Pirate by lavieboheme0919 (12/? | 28,332 | NC17)

Stiles gets taken as ransom by the infamous and brutal pirate Derek Hale and is forced to serve as Derek’s cabin boy. There is mutual dislike until Stiles realizes that there is more to the ship and its crew than he ever imagined, and a fateful storm changes everything for both of them. (The story is better than the description… I promise)