where the shit hits the fans

I love just that iconic moment in the children shall lead where Kirk is having a crisis over losing the enterprise and Spock just takes his arm and leads him to the turbo lift and Kirk immedietly follows along like.. that trust… just like… Spock knows immedietly that Kirk isn’t in the right mental place to be on the bridge and he immedietly looks to give him some privacy to lessen his anxieties and Kirk just holds onto him like his life depends on it.. knowing deep down that even when the shit hits the fan he can always count on Spock to be there for him

the worst thing about trying to decide to read a fic:

-horrible writing.

-the summary is good but the story is written in a different language or is badly written.

-opening it to find no spaces between the paragraphs.

-both your otp and notp is tagged and you have no clue if you want to take a risk or not.

-tagged major character death and you start sweating.

-hasn’t been updated in 80 years but the summary is on point and their the best fucking writer ever.

-you start reading only to find that the person updates every ten years and you just happened to catch them on a day they finally updated.

-you find a writer and check them out, only to find out they mostly write about your notp - and of course they always update, have perfect writing and have stories that are epic.

-stories with so many fucking tags, you just shake your head and move on.

-the “i suck at summaries please check it out still” and you just, pause because it has your otp and you debate whether or not to take the risk.

-you find a pairing you never considered before and think holy shit, that could be hot and spend all day hunting through the tag.

-you ship a pairing so fucking hard, only to find like two fics and you start weeping.

-when you find a perfect story only to check the tags and see some weird shit that disgusts you and you scream why.

-a fic with good writing and summary but it’s so short or is only fan-art.

-a crossover fic where you have both of your fandoms but don’t have both of otps, just one.

-one shots that are so good you wish they were longer.

-when your notp is tagged but it’s labeled as a past relationship or says your otp is endgame, and you have to go through the notp’s awkward breakup in order for your otp to happen.

-when someone doesn’t tag properly and a plot twist hits you and you want to cry.

-you finally find a great fic that has been updated and the last update says writes block, personal issues- can’t do this, asks for co-writer, discontinues it or says lol i hate how this is turning out, deleting.

-when a writer as twenty stories to update and you cry because you like all of them and you have to wait.

-when you remember a story from like five years ago and you search for it, only to find it’s been deleted or can’t seem to find it anywhere.

-when a writer gives you an update schedule and you’re excited because they follow it but then they start missing it and you just…

-when a writer deletes a story and rewrites the same story but you like the original better.

-when your reading a story about a rare pairing that interests and your otp hate each other or just friends and it’s just so weird to read.

-when one half of your otp is in another relationship and the other half shows up with someone else and then you remember, right i’m not reading a story about my otp so i can’t get mad.

-when your otp is popular but it’s not as popular as another ship in the fandom and you hate how the other ship as so much more stories than your ship.

-when you try to read an ot3 relationship because it has two characters you love but the other character is usually from your notp and you hate when your notp share moments.

-when you beg an author (usually one where they aren’t in the fandom really) to write more stories about your otp and they say maybe and it never happens.

-when the writer literally shits on your favorite character and you can’t go through it anymore.

-when your otp isn’t the main pairing and you don’t really care about the other pairings in the story and skip to your otp parts.

-when a story has a million words and it’s so good and you know that you will spend all day and night reading it until your eyes hurt.

-when a story have 200 parts to it and you lose all hope after a while because the story is dragging.

-when your otp is going through something and so many stories are filled with angst, fluff and hurt that it makes you cry because yup, i need to read about my pain for my otp.

-when the writer refuses to write the smut you been waiting for and your otp is stuck in unresolved tension mode forever.

-when the writer unexpected changes the story’s events and you are disappointed by the direction.

-when you find a great au and the characters are so out of character… it makes you sad.

-when you open a fic only to find you hate the point of view and you scream.

-when you request a prompt and the author writes it but you are disappointed and just smile through the pain.

-when you have such a good idea in your head and you try to write it but it’s so bad that you delete it and cry, hoping someone else writes the brilliant idea that you had.

-when you don’t ship something anymore but see a great plot and you click the story and take a deep breath - because shit is about to go down.

-when you reading a great story but get distracted and skip some parts, shit goes down in between and then you think fuck, and have to start over.

-when it’s tagged “slow burn” and you say i can do this and it’s chapter 30 and my ship still hate each other like what.

-when the author says this is their first time writing smut and you think on god they better do this right - only to find out they writing eight pages on your otp making love. like yes.

-when the smut is so rushed or improper you feel cheated and log off because done. like so done.

-when it’s tagged “everyone lives” and your eyes water because that’s all you ever wanted in life.

-when the author leaves a cliffhanger and says in the author’s note “lol sorry about the cliffhanger, i’ll update soon”. you ain’t sorry, stop lying.

-when you see that the story is complete and do a happy dance, only to realize that it ended badly or the sequel/series hasn’t been updated.

Client is every kind of -ist. Boss isn't having it, gets one client fired, his replacement replaced.

This happened a few weeks ago, and I’m still in awe of my boss, who made it happen. I work as a private security officer for a small but well respected company. The higher-ups are masters at getting contracted for big-name clients and they treat us employees very well.

We had been subcontracted by a larger security firm to run event security for a certain tech company’s event during a certain famous film festival. Some serious money was being thrown around to make this event happen, I was told $75k per day just to rent out the venue, $6 Million worth of equipment, the list goes on. It was a big deal. Our client’s representative, who we’ll call Paulie, was a New York native with a thick Brooklyn accent and wouldn’t have been out of place on the set of The Sopranos. He’d been flown in from his base of operations just to oversee this event. It soon became clear that he was going to cause problems. First off, the agreement between my firm and our client was to provide asset protection, meaning we were to make sure that none of the expensive, yet highly portable electronic equipment went missing. Yet as soon as we got there, Paulie decided to ignore all that and had us working the doors as glorified bouncers. All our previous instructions were to be ignored and Paulie was God. This pissed us off a bit, as we had picked our people with unobtrusive asset protection in mind, but whatever, we’re professionals and we’ll roll with it. Second, Paulie was an a**hole. Everything we did was wrong somehow, even when we did exactly what he wanted us to, we were doing it wrong. He’d berate the poor officer right in front of everyone. He’d change our instructions on a whim and get mad at us for not complying with the new instructions before everyone had a chance to be informed. Third, and arguably worst, Paulie was an -ist of every type. Racist, ageist, sexist, he was the worst. We brought in female officers and he’d inevitably stick them in the most out-of-the-way posts he could to make sure they didn’t have to interact with the tech people. Same went for every officer Paulie thought was over 35. Since we were working 12 hour shifts, we tried to rotate everybody through every post, but he’d take over the rotation and stick the “old” and female officers out of sight. It got to the point where we were seriously considering quitting the contract and we NEVER do that.

Enter my boss. Let’s call him Rick. Rick is ex military and his thing is he Gets Shit Done. Rick, like several of us, is a licensed Private Investigator as well as a Security Officer. Rick is borderline OCD when it comes to keeping records. Rick has hidden cameras. Rick wore a wire and recorded a lot of Paulie’s shit. That shit then hit the fan when Rick passed off supervision of the site to me for the day and went to a meeting with the higher-ups from my company and a conference call with the higher-ups from Paulie’s company, let’s call them D*cks and A**holes Inc, or D&A. The next afternoon, the A in D&A showed up and took Paulie into one of the rooms the tech people had been using for demos earlier that day and spent over an hour yelling at him. One of our people, a female officer with 15 years of experience, who had worked security at the freaking PENTAGON, and who had been shoved in a corner nevertheless heard the whole thing go down, as she was posted outside the door. According to her, Paulie said several stupid things, but the one that stuck out was, “These guys are weak! They’re bringing in freaking GIRLS…!” before being told to shut the hell up. Paulie was fired right there and escorted off the property. The next day, those of us who hadn’t been there to see it were told the whole story and we reveled in the fact that we wouldn’t have to deal with Paulie anymore. Morale, which had been at historically low levels, shot through the roof.

This would be a good place to stop the story, but as the infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more!”

A took over. Remember him? The A**hole in D*cks & A**holes, Inc? He was worse, in different ways. He was just as bad as Paulie, but he was much, much more subtle about it. And, I can’t stress this enough, he was an A**HOLE.

He tried to get me fired for talking to the client, the tech company’s people. The event was winding down by this point, and I had asked the guy in charge of the tech people a question about continuing security needs. Turns out, the tech company was taking their stuff out of the demo rooms and therefore wouldn’t need those rooms secured anymore, so we didn’t need an officer for that post anymore. A was livid that I had spoken to the client without his say-so and that I had “cost us THOUSANDS!” by so doing, which was total bullshit. A went to Rick and yelled at him about it, too. Rick, however, had my back and just shrugged the whole thing off.

This is going long, so I’ll sum up. Rick was eventually forced to employ the same tactics he had used against Paulie and another conference call was made. Turns out, D&A had been bought out by another company, and since A was a founder, he didn’t get fired, but he did get sent home and yet another guy from the bigger company was flown out to oversee the last few days. That guy was pretty cool and we had no further problems.

The icing on the cake is that the tech company had seen all the bullshit my people had been put through and had been impressed with us. We’ve been asked to provide security services for their next event.

Okay, everyone was right. The scene where Bucky buys plums was just. The best.

And you could just see the old Bucky there, someone charismatic and sweet and charming. He’s not his past self again, for sure, but there’s a lot of him still there.

And I’d just love to see what his life was like before all the shit hit the fan. I want to know if he went after HYDRA at all, I want to know if he made any friends in Bucharest, if he knew anyone there. I want to see him writing in his notebook and learning to cope with his trauma, I want to see him trying new things while regaining old ones and just getting to decide who Bucky is.

Basically I want another two-hour film of Bucky’s post-HYDRA domestic life.

I can’t stop thinking about the difference between relationship Walter has with the crew of the Covenant and that David has with the crew of the Prometheus.

Of course, in Covenant shit hits the fan much earlier when the solar flares hit the ship, but still. When the Captain dies, no one questions that Walter should be there to drink to him. (It’s an interesting mirror to the scene where Shaw and Holloway talk to Meredith in her ‘office’ for the first time, in which David is mixing and serving drinks and is basically treated as if he’s invisible to the humans) Walter is also there in the scene in The Last Supper - he holds back, but that’s obviously his own choice and he’s immediatly there when he’s needed and they thank him. No one seems to mind having him around. (In Prometheus, Shaw once says thank you to him. The woman David says is the only who ever showed him any kindness)  Walter’s even in their group picture.

David on the other hand. We never really see him interacting with humans in such a way. Let’s not forget, what level of sentinence or whatever understanding of emotion David has, he is designed to be more human than Walter. But…we usually see him show the greatest level of humanity when there are no humans around. Then he plays basketball, rides a bicycle around the ship, watches Lawrence of Arabia, dyes his hair, probably plays billard (why else would the balls already be on the table?)  

And this isn’t saying that David isn’t a social creature. In Covenant, he tries to befriend a fucking Neomorph and waits around to be there when the Xenomorph bursts out of Oram’s chest so that it will imprint on him. In Prometheus, he quotes Lawrence when they first land and shares that it’s from a movie he likes. After teasing Holloway about his ‘thesis’ he shares glances with Shaw, obviously happy that she’s smiling at his comments. He’s visibly disappointed when he’s brushed off or insulted - his facial expression when Holloway first invites him on a drink but then, when David declines, tells him he’s not ‘a real boy’ speaks volumes. He seems very pleased when Weyland introduces him to the crew and speaks warmly of him as his son - until he announces that David has no soul and marks him as something other and something lesser again.

Whether it is his programming or nature or an actual need - David is much more communicative than Walter, which makes sense, because David is designed to imitate human reactions and for that he needs interaction while Walter is designed to be less human, because people were scared of the David-model so he’s made to be more withdrawn. And yet the team on the Covenant is much more accepting of Walter than that of the Prometheus is of David.

So anyway. I found this an interesting difference of mentality in the Covenant-crew and the Prometheus-crew.

All righty, third times a charm, let’s see if tumblr will let me load this.

Inspired by @willowdeville’s fic where Kaidan meets Shep after becoming second human Spectre and of course, right as the shit hits the fan.

Added Boo because I’m obsessed.

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BTS Single Parent AU

kookies-and-myrok asked: Hello, sweets! I love your writing and I’m not just saying that Lol i always get excited when you post smt, anyways do you write parent au’s? If you do can I get a BTS reaction about what they would be like as a single parent? If not then its okay! Keep up the great work 💜

This doesn’t necessarily work as a reaction, but I can do a little like… bullet drabble or whatever on this. Either way, very doable. - Admin Dayna


There’s like… this anime called Amaama to Inazuma (a.k.a. Sweetness and Lightning) which is basically about a single father who raises his daughter to the best of his abilities but he can’t cook as well as his wife (who passed away). I see Single Parent!Jin being like that… except in Jin’s case he can actually throw down in a kitchen

  • Lots of love and affection
  • Smothers his baby girl with kisses before dropping her off to daycare and after picking her up
  • The daycare moms thirst after him bOI
  • His cookies sold out the fastest at the school bakery
  • Partially because Daycare Moms are trying to give him the succ
  • Mainly because his cookies are bomb asf
  • He got hoes
  • Reads/sings his daughter to sleep at night religiously
  • Chocolate covered Strawberries while they watch cartoons together
  • Shed a single tear in the beginning of Finding Nemo evRYTIM
  • Was literally floating on air for like a month because his daughter told him he was the “handsomest appa”
  • Tries really hard to scold his baby girl
  • Can’t look her in the face when he does it because she’s too damn cute
  • Puppy Dog Eyes work every once in a while tbh
  • Dad jokes, fucking duh.

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Picture this: Yoongi is chilling, right? Lounging on the sofa, watching some psychological mystery film or whatever emo shit he watches. His face is pretty indifferent. He’s unbothered asf. His right arm is covered in scribbles and squiggles. His 7 year old son is currently surrounded by markers, casually doodling on his dad’s arm.

  • Lets his son choose whatever toys he wants
  • If his baby boy wants a nerf gun, he’ll get a nerf gun.
  • If his baby boy wants a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv, he’s getting a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv.
  • Also lets his kid wear whatever he wants
  • Supports the creative and imaginative endeavors of his child
  • Does not support coloRING ON THE WALL YOU LIL DEMON BABY
  • Sometimes stares at his child and thinks “whose mans is this?”
  • Also looks at his child and thinks “that’s the love of my life”.
  • One time considered redecorating his closet just so that he can hang a bunch of mirrors on the wall so that whenever his child does something stupid, he can sit him in that closet and close the door so that he can look at his reflection and reevaluate his 7 years long life.
  • All in all he’s a super supportive daddio.
  • He’s not like the other dads.
  • He’s a Cool Dad™

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Girlfriends Family

Anonymous submission

One New Years night I was 14 and dating this girl who was 15 and I went to her place at her invite. Her parents had gone out and she was stuck at home babysitting her sister. As the night went on she popped in a porn that she said she found in her parents room and we started fooling around and she ended up sucking my cock when headlights hit the front of the house.
She jumped and hit the power on the tv turning it off but not the vcr and took off in to her room carrying her clothes.
I quickly pulled my pants on and put my shirt on and say there in dark like an idiot when her parents came in. Her mom looked especially hot wearing one of those tight pencil dresses and heels. (It was the eighties) I could almost see up her dress it was pulled up so far. Her dad asked where his daughter was and I just pointed toward her room and he disappeared in that direction.
Her mom comes and sits on the couch next to me and asked how our night was. I told her it was great. She asked what we had done and I said watched a movie and the countdown on mtv. That was when she picked up the tv remote and said something about the vcr still going and went to power the tv up. I knew shit was about to hit the fan. The tv comes up and suddenly the room is filled with this porn star getting railed and moaning. I waited for the scolding when suddenly her mom starts biting her lip and spreads her legs a bit and starts rubbing herself. She asked if this was the movie we watched and I said not the only one but yes. She asked what we’d done while watching the movie. Did we do what we saw on the screen and I, extremely nervous nodded yes. She then reached over and starts rubbing my cock through my jeans and asked if her daughter did this to me also. Instantly I was hard again and said yes ma'am.

Was her pussy wet?

I was shocked at the bold question but never the less said she was. She then grabs my hand and spreads her legs pretty wide and shoved my hand down her panties and asked if it was as wet hers was right now. I said a little wetter as she pressed my fingers into her and told me to show her what I did to make her daughters pussy so wet. I reached over and start fingering her as she undid my pants and pulled them off of me in a flash and had my cock in her hand stroking me. She stands up and starts undressing completely and I was freaking out her husband or my gf would come back at any minute but so turned on. Her mom was hot as fuck and would always wear skimpy outfits around the house and always rubbed her tits on me as I passed her in the kitchen or hallway. I could hear the girl on Tv getting fucked good but when I looked st the screen she wasn’t fucking. As her mom knelt down and started sucking my dick I quickly realized the fucking noises were coming from down the hall. I soon realized it was my girlfriend yelling fuck me daddy. I was incredibly turned on because I had no idea they were open. My sister and I had been fucking for a few years since we were about 6 and I’d shared that with my gf one night while we were messing around. Her mother straddles me and slides down facing me and starts kissing me and asking if I liked fucking her. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her as I said yes very much so. About then her husband comes walking in naked with a hard cock and sits on the couch next to his wife and they start making out while she’s riding me.
My girlfriend then appears completely naked and sweaty. She walks over and kisses me and then climbs on her fathers cock facing forward and made out with her mom. The girls switched and her parents fucked and watched us. She told me they’d been open since she was younger and when she told them about me and my sis, they wanted to invite me in to their bed with her tonight. It was a set up from the get go. Since then everytime id drop by her mom loved to fuck even if my gf wasn’t home.
They ended up moving to another state after about a year for her dads job and we lost touch. I’ve tried reaching her on several occasions with no luck. One day maybe.

Why was Zhan Zheng Xi so cold and distant to Jian Yi in the beginning of 19 Days?


AND YOU KNOW WHAT BREAKS MY HEART??!!!?!??! I was so freaking confused why in the first 54 chapters, Xi was so violent to Jian Yi and I only realized TODAY that this is because after all the days they spent as best friends, AFTER ALL THE RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT,

After going through ups and downs that threatened their friendship and surviving that,

External image
And Xi wanting to understand his best friend more and developing a more gentle side for Jian (his one true love he just hasnt realized it yet coz oblivious af),
External image
External image
After all of Xi gradually being able to let his guard down, accept his feelings and have the courage to share them to Jian Yi,
External image
External image
After all the times Jian and Xi spent building a relationship that was getting closer to something much more than friendship, JIAN YI’S DAD GETS HIM ALL KIDNAPPED AND SHIT ON THE SECOND DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL?!?!?!?!?!?!


Have you ever wondered why Xi is so violent and cold to Jian in the first chapters and the original one shot?

Look at the difference between middle school Xi taking care of drunk Jian

External image
and university Xi dealing with drunk Jian. Mind you in the timeline after his disappearance, Jian has been shown to be an alcholic despite not being able to hold his liquor (HINT: HE HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS).
External image
Well that’s because after losing Jian Yi and thinking he’d never come back, do you think Xi is ready to just let Jian Yi in that easily again considering the pain and suffering he might go through if Jian Yi disappears again? No. It’s not going to be that easy. All that closeness and intimacy from middle school is switch with cold hard distance after Jian comes back.

Obviously Xi still loves Jian. I think that in times that Xi really needs comfort and affection, Xi won’t be able to resist. Why else would he keep letting Jian come over to his apartment all the time? But it’s difficult to return to how things were in the past.

Xi gets defensive through violence over the smallest things like casual flirting or a slight touch unlike back then where he’d only glare or simply tell Jian off when he gets all touchy. I mean Jian gets punched and sht too but its not as violent and cold rejection.

External image
Jian must go through so much again trying to close that gap between their relationship but even he has his own secrets and problems that he’s not willing to share.This makes this scene:
External image
even more devastating knowing shit will hit the fan in the future. Jian Yi did come back after 3 or so years, but it’s going to take a long time for Xi to forgive.

GOD I FEEL SO STUPID FOR NOT REALIZING THIS SOONER OMFG. I GENUINELY DID NOT MAKE THE CONNECTIONS OKAY. OMFG AND WHAT HAPPENED TO TIANSHAN IN THOSE FEW YEARS WHEN JIAN WAS GONE?? Are they the “everyone” Jian was referring to when he said “Getting together with everyone was so much fun.” in one of the first few chapters set after his disappearance? SO MANY QUESTIONS. SO MUCH PAIN.

EDIT: none of the images work and idk what to do. Help? Edit: they work now yay!

Every bad line in team 10s "it's everyday bro"

Y'all can’t handle this
Y'all don’t know what’s about to happen baby
Team 10
Los Angeles, Cali boy
But I’m from Ohio though, white boy

It’s everyday bro, with the Disney Channel flow
5 mill on YouTube in 6 months, never done before
We pass all the competition man, PewDiePie is next
Man I’m poppin’ all these checks, got a brand new Rolex
And I met a Lambo too and I’m coming with the crew
This is Team 10, bitch, who the hell are flippin’ you?
And you know I kick them out if they ain’t with the crew
Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention
Talking shit on Twitter too but you still hit my phone last night
It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove
And all the recordings too, don’t make me tell them the truth
And I just drop some new merch and it’s selling like a god, church
Ohio is where I’m from, we chew ‘em like it’s gum
We shooting with a gun, the tattoo just for fun
I Usain Bolt and run, catch me at game one
I cannot be outdone, Jake Paulers number one

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

You know it’s Nick Crompton and my collar stay poppin’
Yes, I can rap and no, I am not from Compton
England is my city
And if it weren’t for Team 10, then the US would be shitty
I’ll pass it to Chance ‘cause you know he stay litty

Two months ago you didn’t know my name
And now you want my fame? Bitch I’m blowin’ up
I’m only going up, now I’m going off, I’m never fallin’ off
Like Mag, who? Digi who? Who are you?
All these beefs I just ran through, hit a milli in a month
Where were you? Hatin’ on me back in West Fake
Think you need to get your shit straight
Jakey brought me to the top, now we’re really poppin’ on
Number 1 and number 4, that’s why these fans all out the door
It’s lonely at the top so we all going
We left Ohio, now the trio is all rollin’
It’s Team 10, bitch
We back again, always first, never last
We the future, we’ll see you in the past

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

Hold on, hold on, hold on
Can we switch the language?
We bout’ to hit it
Sí, lo único que quiero es dinero
Trabajando en YouTube todo el día entero
Viviendo en U.S.A, el sueño de cualquiera
Enviando dólares a mi familia entera
Tenemos una persona por encima
Se llama Donald Trump y está en la cima
Desde aquí te cantamos - can I get my VISA?
Martinez Twins, representando España
Desde la pobreza a la fama)

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

Yo, it’s Tessa Brooks
The competition shook
These guys up on me
I got 'em with the hook
Lemme educate ya’
And I ain’t talking book
Panera is your home?
So, stop calling my phone
I’m fly like a drone
They buying like a loan
Yeah, I smell good
Is that your boy’s cologne?

Is that your boy’s cologne?
Started balling’
Quicken Loans
Now I’m in my flippin’ zone
Yes, the all copy me
But, that’s some shitty clones
They in all designer clothes
And they ask me what I make
I said is 10 with six zeros
Always plug, merch link in bio
And I will see you tomorrow 'cause
It’s everyday bro

….oh wait that’s the whole song…

Good Shot

Clint x Reader

The sirens blared into your ears, the building rumbled underneath you. A panic flash back of the hot desert, the bullets spraying passed you, grabbed a hold of you. Collapsing on the ground, you bury your head into your bloodied knees. People were screaming and running around you, it all felt imploding until everything went silent. Your heartbeat was loud and rapid, tears fell down your face. It was inescapable. War was everywhere you went, tucked into every street corner.

“Ma’am,” a soft voice broke through the silence. A steady hand touched your shoulder, causing your hands to grip tighter against your head. Your body trembled violently, lips quivered as a little blood spilled from your mouth.

“Are you hurt? Let’s get you the hell out of here,” the man’s voice was calm and collective as he attempted to reach for your hand.

“Leave me alone,” you cried out.

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jally hcs

requested by anon! ;)

  • there is never a time where dally isn’t touching johnny somehow??
    • like his arm is perpetually over his shoulder or around his back
    • anytime dally is feelin lowkey affectionate, he has this habit of pushing the hair hangin around johnny’s forehead back while talkin to him
  • dally is alwAYS wanting to fuckin know where johnny is or how he’s doing if he can’t directly get ahold of him.
  • johnny was def the first to say “i love you”
    • most likely was one of the several times when dally took johnny in after shit hit the fan at his house
    • they were layin on dal’s bed, both starin at the ceiling
    • it had been 4am, and they had been talkin about stuff dal wouldn’t usually think of during the day, or really ever for that matter
    • like about their pasts, futures, dreams and nightmares
    • dal was rlly short w johnny talking about stuff like this cause tbh he didn’t really know how to answer (so at times things got real quiet)
    • and during one of those little pauses, johnny sighed a lil and said kinda quietly “dal?”
    • “mhm?”
    • “i love you.”
    • one of those lil pauses happened again and johnny kinda already knew he wasn’t gonna get the full phrase returned (he knew that any kind of expression as such would b a lot for dal)
    • “love ya too, kid”
    • they mightve been sitting in the pitch black darkness, but u can bet ur ass that johnny had been beamin (and that dal had some sorta faint smirk)
  • dal having to bend down a lil to plant one on johnny!! (my heart)
    • and dal has this habit of holding johnny’s cheek
  • if theyre sittin next to each other omg johnny fuckin loves running a hand through the hair near dal’s neck
    • he even does it subconsciously at times
    • he figured this out when pony went to sit down next to him and johnny went to go touch vv greasy hair (yikes)
  • dal will do literally anything in his power to make sure johnny’s alright
    • (anything? anything.)
    • (like the shirt off his back? like the shirt off his back, yes.)
  • whenever dally is fuming, johnny is The Person to calm him down
  • there is no other person johnny had felt so safe near
    • whenever johnny is on the verge of falling apart after his parents start fighting or beatin on him, he always knows to go to dally
    • bc dally would just hold him
    • and johnny could literally just melt in his arms
    • sometimes, the comfort of being in dally’s arms while he’s in such a bad place makes him cry harder
  • johnny fucking LOves cuddling w dal
    • and dal will never admit that he actually enjoys cuddling but holy shit 
    • johnny lives for the times when he can attempt to b the big spoon and just hold onto dally
  • johnny highkey made dally promise to get into less trouble w the law
    • dal is actually tryin but it’s takin a lot for him
    • it actually pisses johnny off at times 
    • 3 outta 4 times, that’s what they argue about
  • pda is kinda scarce bc thats how dally is
    • but when they’re alone shit gets steamy
    • they share the  m o st passionate kisses omf
  • nfsw-ish??
    • dally tops, that’s established
    • and he’ll generally keep things gentle 
    • but tbh if johnny is really horny, he has no problem w dally gettin rough
    • johnny loves hjs like wOw
    • but dal really likes gettin head soooo

micaxiii  asked:

can you recommend any ZaDR fics?

OKAY, NOT GONNA LIE, I’VE BEEN MAKING A LIST??? CAUSE WOW <3 I’ve been reading them a lot lately and I HIGHLY recommend:

Dig Your Own Grave and Bury The Hatchet

This one is my fuckin favorite. I believe it was the second one I REALLY got invested in?? But I LOVE how they portray Zim and Dib and how the chemistry happens and I… IM SO SAD IT WON’T UPDATE FOR A LONG WHILE OTL It’s written so well and the satirical shit both boys throw at one another is amazing?? By far my favorite v/w/v I want everyone to read it //cries. And here’s some other nice ones!

Polaris - This one took me a bit to get into but it got interesting as the story moved along, especially when shit starts goin down. I do like the slow ass burn to the eventual ZADR and the other characters are pretty interesting :> I finished it within like…2 days cause I’m a trash bag hungry for more. 

Challenge - NSFW, an AU where Dib’s a sex worker and Zim is actually a great Invader with actual bros. I really??? Like sex worker AUs???? I made one with fuckin Usopp/Sanji back in my One Piece phase, BUT THIS ONE!! I loved how beautifully written it was. It was my first ZADR fic that like set me off on this journey to read more. I really relate to Zim in this one like…goddamn. 

Here and Now - Just finished this one and I… I gotta say I liked the angle this one went with (As you can see this is the writer for Challenge) and I’m. Fucking. Alive. lol, I love the direction for Zim’s character, particularly in one of the chapters when he discovers something, sort of a revelation and it’s just… Goddamn. I also love the chapters where they text to one another v/w/v <3 It’s a really sweet one!

Goodbye to a World - A VERY interesting one I also finished today! I’m captivated by what the fuck is gonna happen next cause damn does the shit hit the fan in this one. Very great for the writer’s FIRST FIC <3 I enjoyed ;w; Also has some art in there too v/w/v 


That’s what I’ve read so far ;w; I’m currently looking for more to read and I can update this as I go along ;> I’m so excited, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten so into a series I’ve actively searched for fics to read as well. It’s ..intense. My otp is so strong rn. 

Bones Headcanon

This ties in a little bit of canon, a little bit of stuff @mccoymostly mentioned in an answer to an Anon ask earlier, and a little bit of what’s bouncing around in Jules’ head right now.

Bones is an impeccable diagnostician.  He’s an amazing clinician.  He notices things.  His observational skills parallel - sometimes even surpass - his technological acumen.

He’s got the newest, state-of-the-art equipment at his fingertips so that when shit hits the fan, he’s ready and able to treat every patient as minimally invasively as possible, and in order to achieve the best possible outcome for them.


He’s also old-fashioned.

Maybe it’s because he trusts his own hands more than the machines, or maybe it’s because he knows a little bit of touch goes a long way in reassuring his patients, but when time is not an issue, I feel like he falls back on a good, old fashioned physical exam.  Where Starfleet hasn’t mandated how things must be done or using what instruments or methods, he takes the liberty of using his best judgment to assess and treat his patients.  Where an old fashioned method would not extend convalescence any more than a modern method, he would favor that.

Stony post-cw fix-its recs (MCU mainly)

Since I didn’t have the time to actually create anything for the 10th Anni of Stony, this rec list is my pseudo-contribution.

Since I don’t know how to make it a part of the event otherwise (sorry!), I’m just going to tag @cap-ironman

For more recs, check out this post by @civilwarbrokemyheart. I’m not going to repeat the recs that are already there.

This is in no particular order, and the fics are loosely grouped by absolutely arbitrary criteria :)

Mind the ratings, I guess.


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Morning Routine

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4000ish

Warnings: cursing, one sexual innuendo, drinking and being drunk, fluff, mentions of going hungry

Prompt: “You look cute when you’re cold.”

A/N: I’m writing this for @nataliarxmanxva ‘s Season Change Writing Challenge! I hope you like! this is way longer than it should be wow but im p proud

To some, mornings are the worst part of the day, some love waking up to a brand-new day, and for others they don’t mind waking up and smelling the fresh air. How you wish you were part of the last group; to be able to wake up not covered in sweat with your voice hoarse from screaming. Oh, how you wish. 

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anonymous asked:

46, 93, 98 Yoongi pleaseeeeeee

I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself.” + “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!” + "Where are your pants?”

Summary: Every time you go to work, you look out the window and see your classmate, Yoongi, jumping a fence and disappearing into the darkness. One day, you decide to follow him. To put it simply: shit hits the fan.

Word count: 1.3k words

Originally posted by rapnamu

You leaned over the counter, the used bookstore almost completely empty. The clock near the cash was a few minutes behind, but it was nearly seven o’clock. You knew that soon, if you looked to your left, you would see your mysterious classmate, Yoongi, leap over the fences across the street.

Every time you went to work, which was three times a week, you would see Yoongi appear and disappear into a shroud of darkness in nearly seconds.

At school, Yoongi had a bit of a dangerous reputation. No one actually knew if the rumours were true, but Yoongi’s standoffish behaviour and dark appearance didn’t help to dispel them. During your uneventful shifts, you often imagined what Yoongi could be doing.

You wondered if you were overthinking things, and this was just a shortcut for Yoongi to get home. But sometimes your mind wandered, and guiltily, you questioned if Yoongi was up to something dangerous. Drug deals? Vandalism? Gang stuff?

“Hey, Y/N,” your supervisor called, snapping you out of your reverie. “Suzy wants to go home early, so can you take your break now?”

“Yeah, sure,” you responded immediately, not really caring. You stepped out from behind the cash register to make way for your co-worker and made your way to the employee room in the back of the store.

Once you were in the small room, you reached for your locker and retrieved your hoodie. Throwing it over your uniform shirt, you quickly made up your mind. You were going to follow Yoongi to figure out what was really going on.

Quickly, you made your way out of the story. Taking the back exit, you found yourself in an alleyway shared with a few other nearby stores. The sun was beginning to set already, casting dark shadows in between the buildings.

As you approached the main street, you stuck close to the wall in case Yoongi was near. Just as you reached the front of your building, you caught a glimpse of a small-framed boy with bleach blond hair swinging his body over the tall, chain link fence across the street. He landed gently on his feet and continued quickly, soon becoming lost in the darkness in front of you.

Gulping, you stood rooted in place for a few moments while you considered if following Yoongi was really a good idea. But eventually, your curiosity got the better of you, and you ran across the street to where Yoongi had slipped away.

The closer you got to the fence, the more daunting it looked. It was higher than you anticipated, and you wondered if you’d be able to climb it at all.

Inhaling deeply, you grabbed onto some chain links and jammed your right foot into another. With a mighty heave, you managed to lift yourself up. Foot by foot, you slowly ascended the fence, the metal links clanging loudly against the poles supporting it as you moved. Yoongi made scaling the fence look much easier than it actually was.

Eventually, when you reached the top of the fence, you were coated in a sheen sweat. Straddling the top, you glanced down at the ground, which seemed miles away. Unsure of how to disembark, you recalled Yoongi’s effortless jump over the fence.

The drop was far enough to look like it hurt, but not enough to break any bones.

Awkwardly, you repositioned your body so that your legs were dangling over the edge. With a muffled scream, you let yourself fall. Something snagged your right leg, and you heard a loud rip as you tumbled to the ground.

You landed unsteadily on your feet, quickly losing your balance and falling to the pavement. Groaning in pain, you pulled yourself back up.

A cool breeze tickled at your thigh.

Looking down, you realized that your jeans had been torn from the knee through the waistband, the denim dangling uselessly around your leg. Cursing underneath your breath, you grabbed the torn ends and pulled them together to salvage your decency.

Lifting your gaze, you realized you were standing in a dark alleyway leading in many other directions. You had no way of knowing what was waiting in the obscurity, but you had come this far, so you weren’t going to turn back. Plus, you weren’t ready to tackle that fence again.

Quietly, you began walking, the sound of your footsteps loud in the silence around you.

As you progressed, you could hear something faintly in the distance. Increasing your pace, you followed the sound. Eventually, it became louder, and the high pitched noise resembled something of the cries of an animal.

Concerned, you broke into a light jog and followed the source, which led to a narrower alleyway. The meows of what sounded like kittens was nearly deafening now, but the sight that greeted you was even more surprising.

Yoongi sat in the middle of the alley, his bodies covered in kittens, and a bowl of milk beside him. He gazed down at the small animals around him, smiling softly as the stray kittens nuzzled against him.

You couldn’t help it–you burst out laughing.

Yoongi’s head whipped up, his mouth growing slack as he saw you.

“Y/N, w-what the fuck are you doing here?” he spluttered, plucking the kittens off of him. Yoongi jumped to his feet and approached you, but he no longer seemed intimidating. You wiped away tears from your eyes. “Did you follow me? The fuck?”

“I can’t believe this,” you cried, falling into another fit of laughter. “This is so weird. I thought you’d be doing drugs or something, not nursing kittens. Man, everyone at school is so wrong. You’re a huge softie, this is hilarious!”

“If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself,” Yoongi growled, staring down at you with a menacing expression. He was still coming closer, and you backed up instinctively.

“Shit, Yoongi, I’m just joking!” you gasped. “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!”

A soft meow interrupted you, and you looked down at your feet. One of the kittens had approached you curiously and was sitting beside your shoe, looking up at you. Your heart melted at the pink-nosed kitten, and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Where are your pants?” Yoongi asked, his voice tight. When you looked down again, you noticed that your ripped pants had slipped down, and your pants were circling around your ankles.

“Oh my god!” you screamed, reaching for your pants. The kitten scampered away, startled by your shouting. “Look away! Close your eyes!”

Even in the dim lighting, you could see Yoongi’s cheeks turn red. It was futile, but you held your ripped jeans up, trying to keep the torn fabric together to hide your underwear. Faintly, you could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Shut up,” you snapped, your cheeks heating up. “We’re even now. Everything that happened here stays here. Deal?”

“Deal,” Yoongi agreed. “Can I open my eyes now?”

“Whatever,” you sighed. Kneeling down, you reached your hand toward the kittens that were slowly crowding you and Yoongi. “These kittens are so small. How long have you been taking care of them?”

A few weeks later, Yoongi approached you at school and quietly disclosed that the kittens were old enough to adopt. He offered you one, and you accepted eagerly. Later, he explained that he couldn’t keep any of them because his parents were allergic.

The other kids at school were shocked to see you and Yoongi talking, but you paid them no mind. You became much closer as time went on, bonding over your shared parenthood over Yoongi’s favourite kitten.

And if Yoongi used the cat as an excuse to start talking to you, well, no one needed to know.

- Girl in Luv

The fence thing sort of happened to me before. I jumped off a truck and my pants got stuck on something and ripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. I also grabbed onto a broken chain link once and gashed my palm open. Moral of the story: don’t jump fences or other things. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! This request was so much fun and I’m sorry I wasn’t creative enough to think of a weirder scenario :( As always, thanks for reading!

Jealous (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Summary: anon request : Hi!! Could you do a Jim Kirk x reader? where jim and the reader hooked up a few times, and the reader wanted more than that, but Jim never tried to start a relationship so she tries to move on. Reader starts going out with some guy to try and get over Jim, but jim gets jealous and flirts with the reader a lot in front of him. Reader gets mad and confronts jim but he shuts her up by kissing her and then confesses his feelings. Sorry it’s so long! thank you!

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Jim Kirk x female!reader

a/n: ok so I deviated a little and made it she goes on a first date with a guy and that’s where shit hits the fan… hope that is ok!

Words: 1397

The dim lights of your room illuminated Jim’s half naked body as he walked around your quarters picking up stray items of clothing from where they had been thrown. It was always this way. He would knock on your door after a stressful day, and you would let him in and listen to him rant; before long the two of you would be furiously ripping the clothes off each other, stresses long forgotten. At the end of it all, Jim would silently get out of bed, find his clothes in the darkness, mumble a goodbye, and give you a sad smile as he pressed the button to leave.

You loved him- or you thought you did. It was hard to tell if it was just the extended time in deep space or a real, lasting emotion. Jim didn’t feel the same and you knew it, he was a friend who sometimes needed a bit of stress relief, and you were happy to provide it. But every time he left that hole in you grew a little bigger. You pulled the covers over your head and blocked out the world.

Jim Kirk was in love with you. Well and truly head over heels in love with you. The way you looked when you laughed so hard your eyes shone with tears and your nose scrunched up, snorting as you tried to catch your breath. The way you frowned when you concentrated on a patient or on a report, the way you listened to him every time he had an issue. But you didn’t feel the same, and he knew it. You were a friend who was always there for him, no matter what. He fell head first onto his bed, buried his head in the pillow and blocked out the world.

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  • my gf: babe, what are you thinking about?
  • me:
  • me, mentally: only thing you had on me was i got sloppy seconds, but wait a second, didn't you mention? ten bars later there was a girl you banged after tobi, that taught you a lesson. it's mad! another girl that you tricked to your pad. promising fans but if they don't bang then you send them away all sad. it's mad! now onto another, your best friend is probably your mother. seen your dad's dick, you make me feel sick, and didn't you shower with your brother? (he did!) talk about j as a master, but he's not the one that i'm after, tweet about us on life support? bro that shit almost killed me with laughter (hahaha) two weeks, twelve vids, now which one has had the most hits? it's not the one where you sold out jj, it was the sidemen diss. now i think it's time that we switch up the scene picture deji olatunji and a drugged-up teen now some of your fans might now what i mean if i said that he met her in bethnel green and how many times did she scream "help me"? your hairline is fucked, you look like et, the last time you almost died like this ... was the time you crashed your tt. this beef was between me and you, but you wanted a few more views. 'i wonder what i could do, maybe diss the rest of the sidemen too'? notice how no one else has replied, tobi didn't pick a side, the others went for the more relevant bro, i guess you could say bigger fish got fried. pathetic! bro you just don't get it. comin at me and the rest of the guys, you were always bound to regret it. shouldn't it be your dad that i diss? (jide!) i mean your channel is pretty much his and bro, i just gotta ask are they your vids or your dad's vids? (oh man, oh man) now usually i'm benevolent but you were hella bent on gettin relevant so you went and sent 'cause we're all prevalent, do you know what that meant? (idiot) deep this, you're facetious, i'll leave you speechless, i know your secrets, you need jesus, i know your weakness, bitch i'm a genius. i used to go to his house, not once was the little bitch out (never!) sat next to him for four minutes, and suddenly this weirdo's aroused! (what the fuck?) says he's got loads of friends (liar!) but that there filled me with doubt (liar!) twenty-one years ago, i wish his dad pulled out!