where the rest of my orchestra

  • Hufflepuff (angrily): You know what slytherin you're not as important as you think of yourself! You're like the triangle!
  • Slytherin: Excuse me?
  • Hufflepuff: Yeah. The instrument! I mean who cares about that stupid triangle? It might as well not be there!
  • Slytherin: Hurtful.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh my god I'm so sorry...
  • Slytherin (Smirks): I'm surprised you even know about orchestra.
  • Hufflepuff (gasps): Rude!
  • Slytherin: Oh, give it a rest. We could do this all day.
  • Hufflepuff: Where's gryffindor? Let's stuff his pillows with dead batteries...
  • Slytherin: And beat him with it?
  • Hufflepuff: No!
  • Slytherin: Fine!

A/N: Pardon my shitty smut, I tried though. ‘A’ for effort? 

Song that inspired the title: “Intertwined” - Dodie

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Language, near-death, smut

Words: 1,709

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Symphony in F Major


Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


Principal cellist Otabek Altin welcomes a new concertmaster to his orchestra, the famous violin virtuoso Yuri Plisetsky. Intertwined both by fate and the fervent melody that they create together, they discover what future may come for them between the lines of Brahms’ hauntingly beautiful third symphony.

While this fic could certainly be read alone, I highly recommend listening to the pieces mentioned in the work while you read, both Jules Massenet’s Méditation from Thaïs (in particular Maxim Vengerov’s truly flawless version) and Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90, third movement (poco allegretto). Enjoy!

He first fell in love with Yuri while watching a YouTube video of him playing Méditation from Thaïs, a melody lyrical and haunting like his heavy-lidded eyes. His blond hair, softly curling around a fairy face, swayed with him as the music swelled and his movements became large, impassioned.

What intrigued Otabek most as he watched was the roiling, tenuous anger that simmered beneath the ethereal piece, giving the impression of a tiger, restrained and muzzled. This was not the kind of music Yuri usually liked to play, no, he was more Paganini than Massenet, preferring to be swept up in the frantic, furious dance, his long, slender fingers drumming over the fingerboard in tempo with the piano, climbing and climbing up and up the black wood never stopping never faltering never erring—

But this was Massenet that he played now on the screen, and as Yuri’s fingers ghosted over the strings, Otabek thought to himself how much it was like a prayer. He wondered then what it would be like to touch Yuri while he was tense like this; corded muscles in his forearms and fingers coiled and ready to spring into a melodious run. Oh, and the way he breathed, each phrase an audible gasp even through the imperfect sound quality of the video. Otabek breathed with him, holding and releasing, each sigh a welcome respite from the tension of each clause, a proclamation from the rooftop more than a conversation. Yuri’s hand slid along the delicate neck of his violin to hit the final harmonic note, high and dulcet off the fingerboard, and Otabek shivered.

The video went silent if only for a moment, the audience suddenly erupting into uproarious applause, and Otabek almost fell off his chair in a daze.

It was hard to believe that this person was the same sullen, sour-faced boy that sat across from him that first day of orchestra rehearsal, first chair violinist and concertmaster to his principal cellist. But a single look was all it took for Otabek to know that he was indeed, one and the same with the boy in the video. Those unmistakable blue-green eyes held cold fire as he scrutinized Otabek behind the conductor’s back, appraising him as his unspoken partner in leading the orchestra.

“And this season we welcome the peerless Yuri Plisetsky as our concertmaster,” the conductor was saying somewhere off to Otabek’s right, a voice far away. “I hope you will accept him with open arms.”

Yuri stood and gave a low, tense bow to the orchestra amid polite applause, then sat again, rearranging his sheet music with a perennial frown. As the violinists began to warm up, Otabek was captivated, his fingers frozen, his body paralyzed. Yuri’s distinct, clarion notes cut through the din even as he blazed through the mundane scales and arpeggios in a way that would make even Ševčík envious. He was the wood and metal of his instrument embodied in flesh, and Otabek was so captivated that his fingers never touched the strings until his stand partner, Phichit, nudged him expectantly.

The deep vibrations from the cello as he at last drew his bow across the thick strings tore him away from his fixation on Yuri momentarily, but somewhere between arpeggios and open string exercises he felt the blond boy watching him with those piercing soldier eyes. He felt the heat rise from his neck to his cheeks, his bow suddenly heavy, his sautillé clumsy.

Yuri approached him during the break, extending his hand with a dubious expression, the corners of his lips downturned.

“You’re better than I thought you would be.” He sniffed, sizing Otabek up with those eyes. “And you respond to me well enough.”

While he spoke, Otabek caught himself responding well enough, but only in daydreams of what he hoped could be possible. Yuri would call him Beka with reluctant affection, and he would call him Yura, always with a coy smile. They would sneak kisses in green rooms and shadowed corners of auditoriums, Otabek’s fingers tangled in that silky blond mane, their lingering flush and kiss-crushed lips the only evidence of their dalliance as they assembled to play. At night, they would quarrel over whose turn it was to use the soundproof practice room, but all disagreements would halt if Yuri gave him that suggestive look that led, every time without fail, to hot, slick kisses and passionate lovemaking, Yuri’s slender, nubile body arched hard beneath Otabek’s like a bow drawn over strings. Otabek would play him with deft fingers, eliciting a sweet song from Yuri’s glistening, flush-pink lips, more rousing than even Rachmaninoff’s symphonic poetry.

Otabek returned to his desk, half lost in his fantasy until their conductor, the legendary Viktor Nikiforov, tapped his baton on the music stand enthusiastically. “Let’s go ahead and pick up the Brahms number 3, starting with the third movement, poco allegretto. This one is a personal favorite of mine, so please, make it count.” He inhaled audibly, long and deep, his arms sweeping to cue the sorrowful piece, its fragility uncharacteristic of Brahms.

The orchestra had barely played fifty measures before Viktor cut them off abruptly, pinching his thumb and forefinger with a frown. He pursed his lips and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

“I just want to hear Yuri and Otabek play for us so we all know what it’s supposed to sound like when the first violins and cellos are actually listening to each other. The beginning is so critical to this piece because it sets the tone and establishes the theme. If you please, sirs? Just until where the oboes take the melody. Answer each other’s call. Create a story. Who are you to each other?”

Yuri’s huffing sigh of annoyance echoed loudly in the silence of the auditorium, and Otabek regarded him with a cautious stare. But Viktor’s baton was already raised, and his audible breath pulled Otabek’s bow into motion.

It was rare for a symphony to open with the cello’s song, and the haunting melody was low and rich, pouring from the strings as Otabek painted tender, arching strokes. Yuri kept his eyes trained on the dark-haired boy, his quiet answer filling the sustained notes of Otabek’s bittersweet melody. They swayed into the air around each other, creating pressure between them even as they played on opposite sides of Viktor, whose smile was faint and dreamlike as he directed them with subdued movements of his hands.

Who are you to me? You’re the arms wrapped tightly around my waist on the back of my motorcycle, your cheek pressed into my leather jacket, the wind whipping through your flaxen hair. You’re the soft voice that still tells me that you love me even though you can barely admit it to yourself.

The violin answered sweetly in high, dulcet tones, repeating Otabek’s theme. His eyes locked with Yuri’s fierce blue-green gaze, their notes intertwining, call and answer, call and answer, the gentle swell of the melody transferring from one wooden body to the next.

Who are you to me? You’re the outstretched hand asking me to trust you with those dark eyes of yours filled with promises. You’re the solid rock beneath my feet when I’m faltering, the arms to hold me when my heart is fragile and I can’t face the world alone, the kiss I crave all the days of my life.

Otabek’s response was a soulful thrumming layered underneath Yuri’s clear, lingering notes. Dolce, the music read, dolce, tender, adoring.

You’re my first friend. You’re my first love. You’re my first heartbreak. You’re everything and nothing to me, the beginning and the end.

The sound of their instruments began to meld, Otabek’s tenor and Yuri’s soprano synced in harmonious sixteenths, rising and falling together until they came to the indicated rest just before the oboes enter, and Viktor cut them off with a gentle closing of his palms.

From across the orchestra, violinist and cellist regarded each other with wonder, as if they had both somehow glimpsed the same future, a future where they had become so much more than what they had expected to at first.

“And that,” Viktor murmured with a smile, “is how two parts become one.”

And So It Goes (Asa Butterfield)

I hummed to myself as I eyed the clock on the wall. It was 2:24; and the guests were supposed to be here at 2:30. I wiped my hands on the soft fabric of my bright blue skirt, feeling them start to clam up with the stress.

Everything about today seemed to point downhill, from the first phone call this morning telling me that my 1st trumpet was home with the flu. Additionally, one of the acclaimed guests was coming to see our performance this afternoon just happened to be my ex-boyfriend; the one who actually got me this job, that may revolutionise my career path if this performance goes well. If things may have even gone down smoothly, this may not be as awkward as I expected it would go.

One of the many insecurities I had dating Asa was that he had his way with many of the girls he starred with, and that was where I lost him. He spent more time with them, got to know them better. Daily Skype calls turned into weekly Skype calls, which turned into monthly ones. All the while, there was that sickening feeling that something wasn’t right.

And then it happened; he broke up with me. No explanation, just a simple text that waited for me when I woke up. But I knew why it was plastered all over my social media that morning too.

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Friday night I was in the room where it happens, with front row tickets! I don’t even know if I will be able to put into words how spectacular it was. 

I walked around Hollywood for a little bit first, and then I made my way to the box office, where I presented my winning lottery email… and then the Ticket Guy said… “Front Row Seats! Congratulations!” ( I just looked it up, the tickets I won were worth $650 each)


We made our way into the Pantages (PS It’s all gorgeous, gilded gold in an Art Deco style inside), and down the aisle to the bottom… my legs were shaking the entire time.  I just could not believe it.  

And then… the lights dimmed, and Aaron Burr (Joshua Henry) walked out onstage… “How does bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scottsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean…”   Immediately I got chills tinging from my scalp down. 

There was LOUD cheering and clapping after “My Shot”  “In The Room Where It Happens” “One Last Time” and “Non-Stop” - so much so that the Orchestra had to start again, to get the clapping to die down.

Everyone cheered and clapped SO LOUD when Hamilton and Lafayette said “Immigrants WE get the job done!”

The Cabinet Battle’s were amazing with dueling microphones, George Washington as emcee and the rest of the cast as the audience.

Isiah Johnson’s version of “One Last Time” was AMAZING. He ended the song at the end of the stage with tears in his eyes.  I had chills during this entire song.

Seeing the emotion on their faces while they were singing, the tears when Phillip died, and the body language too really brought the songs to life. 

Rory O’Malley was hilarious as King George.  I knew him from Book of Mormon (for which he was nominated for a Tony!!!) and was so psyched to see him preform! 

Angelica (Emmy Raver-Lampman) was amazing.  Eliza (Solea Pheiffer) sang so heartfelt.  Hercules Mulligan (Mathenee Treco) was great!  Everyone was absolutely outstanding.  Lafayette’s (Jordan Donica) body language and attitude were hilarious. Alexander Hamilton himself (Michael Luwoye) was also great, and he sung with emotion in his voice, and was spectacular. 

The second half went by so quickly, and then it was time for the standing ovation.

I still can’t believe that I won.  That I saw Hamilton. That I got to experience the magnificence from the first row.  I could see this show every single night and never tire of it. 

Thank you so much to the incredible Lin Manuel Miranda for working so hard, to bring us Hamilton. && Thank you for the amazing cast and crew for all your hard work, diligence and talent! 


Guys. GUYS. I was browsin’ through Netflix to find a movie to put on in the background while I unpack from my trip and tidy up my room and I saw some dance/music rom-dram called High Strung, and that formulaic shit is my JAM so I put it on. Guys. GUYS. THIS IS BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THE MOST UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN I’M HALFWAY THROUGH AND THERE ARE ACTUAL TEARS RUNNING DOWN MY FACE IT HAS EVERY TROPE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE AND IT’S GLORIOUS. 

BASIC PLOT: shy, talented American blonde ballerina attends a ~~~super exclusive~~~ Arts conservatory in Manhattan (is there even another city in the US?) and is pushed extra hard by her teachers because She’s Just So Talented™. Shy, talented American blonde ballerina is strolling down the subway post-class and hears a broody British modelesque violinist playing for money. Turns out the broody British modelesque violinist is an illegal immigrant with Nothing Left For Him Back Home™ (’what about your family?’ *moody stare* ‘like I said’ *dramatic glance into the Manhattan skyline* ‘nothing’) and the lawyer he’s been paying to get him a green card was swindling him (he kicks a trashcan into a car in front of a swanky office building out of RAGE because that’s what people trying to avoid run-ins with the police do obvi). Blonde Ballerina goes back to the subway the next day and shares a slow-mo stare with Broody Violinist and then OUT OF NOWHERE a gang strolls out of the subway train and starts shit with a crew of painters working on the subway station. Naturally both the gang and the painters are dance crews (!?!?!?!?!?!) who bust out into elaborate aggressive choreo, and Broody Violinist starts playing his violin to their battle music cause why not???? Chaos ensues, Blonde Ballerina gets pushed to the ground, Broody Violinist rushes to help her, his violin gets stolen, and OH NO his grandfather gave it to him so it’s A Big Deal™ and Blonde Ballerina is so distraught so she follows him all determined to help. That’s the set up of the basic plot, now HIGHLIGHTS:

1. The movie literally opens up with the most dramatic, horror-movie-like shot of Broody Violinist playing his violin shirtless in a vast, shadow-drenched bedroom in the early morning light with a voiceover that’s like ‘the music is inside me… and if I don’t play it… it consumes me’. Something to note about Broody Violinist is that he’s barely surviving NY but he lives in a swanky bachelor pad and dresses like a Calvin Klein model.

2. His downstairs neighbor just happens to be the head of the world’s most extra dance crew and he intercepts Broody Violinist one day for NO REASON and forces him to come into his apartment and watch his crew dance like it’s a fucking recital (LITERALLY I SWORE HE WAS HITTING ON HIM BECAUSE IT WAS SO TARGETED AND OUTRAGEOUS BUT NAH HE WAS JUST LIKE ‘HEY STRANGER COME MEET MY FRIENDS AND WATCH US DANCE NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER LOL HAVE SOME CALAMARI WHILE I WALK YOU THROUGH WHO EVERYONE IS AS THEY DO A SOLO’).

3. Blonde Ballerina’s roommate is the token Comedic Party Girl™ and they are honestly so gay it’s outrageous? Like they constantly walk around holding hands and had a pillow fight within 5 seconds of meeting each other and casually chat while one’s naked in a bubble bath and who the fuck is this movie trying to kid????

4. At one point Blonde Ballerina shows up at Broody Violinist’s apartment (HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHERE HE LIVES??? IDK???) with a violin she borrowed from her school and a flier that’s CONVENIENTLY for a ‘Strings and Dance!’ competition where the winner gets 25K and a full scholarship to the conservatory (i.e. student visa!!!!!!!), but Broody Violinist is Too Ferocious and Independent™ for conservatories and they’re beneath him and his Subway musician ways and Blonde Ballerina is Too Establishment™ to understand. So Blonde Ballerina is REAL UPSET and leaves and calls her girlfriend to cry about this random stranger rejecting her offer during the cab-ride home, and Broody Violinist stares dramatically at his table before realizing his Big Mistake™ and running after her, but NOOOO, the cab pulls away just as he reaches the door!!!! GASP, I’m so sad for these literal strangers acting like they just ended a five year relationship!!!!

5. There’s a straight-up montage where Blonde Ballerina is dancing with her frenemies at bar (what’s a dance movie without a bar scene where everyone inexplicably knows impromptu choreography) and it’s spliced with BROODY VIOLINIST RANDOMLY BOXING. LMAO LIKE THERE HAS BEEN NOT A SINGLE INDICATION THAT HE’S INTO BOXING OR ATHLETIC IN ANY WAY BUT HERE HE IS, TAKING SUPERHUMAN, SHIRTLESS SWINGS AT A PUNCHING BAG IN THE DARK TO THE BEAT OF THE BAR MUSIC THAT HE’S NOWHERE NEAR. I died. 

6. Broody Violinist RANDOMLY SHOWS UP as a waiter for an event Blonde Ballerina is attending with an Arrogant Playboy Violinist™ from her conservatory, and I kid you fucking not, they tango. INTENSELY TANGO. BROODY VIOLINIST CAN TANGO. HE CAN BOX, HE CAN TANGO, THE SKY’S THE LIMIT FOR BROODY VIOLINIST, AND THERE’S NO EXPLANATION OUTSIDE OF ‘My grandmother taught me’. So Broody Violinist and Blonde Ballerina tango all ‘frictiony’ (it’s hilar) and Arrogant Playboy Violinist (who’s playing the violin in some kind of performance) starts playing SUPER aggressively because he’s getting jealous that the girl he wouldn’t even call his date is friction Tango-ing with another guy. And then comes the moment where I lost my shit:

7. Arrogant Playboy Violinist™: “You want to settle this outside?”

Broody Violinist: “I’m fine settling it right here.”

Aggressively strides over to the orchestra and grabs a violin and THESE TWO TESTOSTERONE MACHO MORONS HAVE A FUCKING HOMOEROTIC VIOLIN-OFF. SAID VIOLIN-OFF INVOLVES SMACKING EACH OTHER’S BOWS AND AT ONE POINT EVOLVES INTO A LEGIT VIOLIN BOW FENCING MATCH AND IT’S THE FUNNIEST FUCKING THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE BECAUSE THEY’RE LIKE SNARLING AND TWO SECONDS FROM MAKING OUT AND IT’S MEANT TO BE SO SERIOUS AND ~~ALPHA MALE~~ OMGGGG. And then naturally the rest of the wait staff is Broody Violinist’s extra ass neighbor and his dance crew so they take over the DJ-ing and start dancing in unison with their serving trays and oh my Gooooood it’s just the most perfectly absurd scene in cinematic history.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I don’t even know how this movie’s going to top itself but so far it’s been the most well-invested hour of my life and I can’t recommend it enough.


[NOTE: this is ONLY THE FIRST ACT bc doing everything all at once would be craziness and if people actually like this I’ll make a second part for act 2. If you aren’t an Intense Music Person like myself you might find this a little batshit and incoherent. If you are like myself you may find this a little batshit and incoherent. Nonetheless, I am continually fascinated with orchestrations of musicals and composers and scores so this was Fun For Me alright bye]:

-okay girl THAT S N A R E !!!!!
-that cute lil Twinkly synth/triangle sound that they use in other songs too. you Know the one

TKF/Love is Blind:
-the piano while Marvin sings is just. Cool and Eery and Nice. And I NUT for the chord progression thru “nothing’s impossible, live by your wit”
-the piano vamp leading into the beginning of Love is Blind. so chilling, it begs you to LISTEN. i LOVE IT wow SUCH GOOD COMPOSITION!
-once again this OBOE SOLO flowing like a smooth ass river under Stephanie’s delicate, angelic “I’m everything he wanted” meshing into the rest of the orchestra shifting the mode of the song all under the weight of that steady piano. is DEFINITIVE PERFECTION
-the returning motif of the Love is Blind vamp back into later choruses. Good
-thE snare once again!!! On the Love is Blind chorus!!!! Tight as HELL dudes. Love me a tasty downbeat. Also the lil flute jazzing on top is nice
-the bit of xylophone on “they faked a spread, they wet their bed, they combed their hair”….etc.
-just. I find this song to be such a standout in general in terms of how its orchestration moves with its mood and content SO effortlessly.
-those in canon harmonies the whole cast does on the last Love Is Blind chorus I DON’T CARE TO DI SCUSS IT

-those opening chords are so frenetic and jarring and they set the tone of the song PERFECTLY. u just know Shit is finna Go Down
-shoutout to the guy/girl on the cowbell. everyone loves a good cowbell. nice job
-I find this song so melodically interesting and enjoyable in terms of how it shifts from minor chords to major chords in a way that’s not easily predictable. Maybe a parallel to how Marvin and Whizzer’s dynamic isn’t predictable?!?! So so good. Bill Finn’s on a different level y'all.
-the swelling tango feel of the piano is so nice and contrasts very well with the building refrain sections
-the winds/brass section getting progressively more Extra as the song progresses

Marvin @ the psychiatrist:
-I super LOVE the gentleness of the melody in “my father says that love is the most beautiful thing in the world”
-The changing bass notes under the pedaling/repeating melody “Do you love him // sorta kinda // do you need him // sorta…kinda”. Gorgeous. It paints such a picture.
-The harmonies between Mendel and Marvin AND the piano chord resolving on “Man….”. TOO MUCH. T O O MUCH.
-once again, love the consistency of the musical mood of the piece particularly with Mendel’s increasing curiousity/horniness

My Father’s a Homo/etc.
-The swingy jazz beat of Jason’s solo is so whimsical and captures his character so well
-the sustained chord under “I think you like playing chess alone” is a Good Sound
-I can literally HEAR Trina feigning strength and calmness through the melody of “Jason please see a psychiatrist…” between the warmth of the key (F major) and the somewhat incessant, less “warm” rhythym. Fuck I love music.
-“Will you go?” is so haunting. I love it.
-The simplistic, almost juvenile shift in melody when Jason is speaking with Whizzer
-not to be dramatic but the melody “late for dinner late again” split up into transcendental three part harmonies under that RELENTLESS SNARE cleared my skin and cured my depression
-No matter how crazy other parts of the pit get in the song (which I love) the piano is still at the main heart of it and I adore that. As a general note, every piano solo/part in this show is phenomenally written and played.
-The PERSISTENCE and IRRITATION you can hear through “I met this man today, he wasn’t very smart but he was RICH Marvin…” Perhaps it’s also a testament to the performers but I feel like that essence is captured so well in the composition itself.
-The build up through “chop chop chop chop…” to the end is on an unforeseen level of musical climactic godliness. I am continually AQUIVER in my boots.

-I’m Breaking Down
-My guy/girl on that OBOE glottling on that E at the beginning!!!!! Sets the tone of madness for the song so clearly
-The pianist going to TOWN on that moving bassline while also managing to stay at tempo is so amusing
-I know I’ve never said this before but I Love The Snare
-The whole winds section in this song is so golden. I could literally BREAK IT DOWN but this is already getting so long WE NOT EVEN HALFWAY THRU ACT ONE FOLKS WHO’S STILL READING AT THIS POINT LBR?!?!?
-the melody and build from “Marvin was never mine….” takes the song to a completely different level. You’re confused whether or not you should be laughing. It’s so ridiculous but you hear the pain so clearly. Masterful.

Please come to our house/etc.
-That FIRST CHORD on “Dr. Mendel please” is so grand. I don’t know what other word could be used as a description. Just. Grand.
-Once again, the way this song moves melodically with its action is wonderful
-The right hang of the piano getting Up There on “I’ll wait for yooooouuuu”
-Every melody of Jason’s in this show just screams “earnest” to me. He is painted SO well as a character in terms of the “sound” of his perspective.
-I’ll admit I used to not be a fan of all the synthy stuff and xylophone on the revival recording but I’m starting to dig it
-the general melody of “why don’t you feel alright for the rest of your life” is so exuberant and joyful and the harmonies at the end are wonderful

Marriage Proposal/TKF reprise
-the progression of the proposal melodically is so sweet and gentle. It’s another one of those isolated parts where I wouldn’t need to understand the lyrics to get what Mendel is trying to convey. It’s all in the music and all in the pacing and mood.
-The “ba dum tsss” swing timing around “biblical times” is so awkward and perfect and in a way, begging itself to end. Incredible.
-The TKF melody returning with Mendel’s harmonies is stunning and fiery and everything the lyrics couldn’t make you feel enough.
-That sax REVVING UP around the drop into “I’m sure we’re gonna come through it”. Just READY TO GO.
-The last chord. The dissonance. The DISSONANCE. YOU MOTHERFUCKERS K N OW.

Trina’s song/MOTF:
-I consider Trina’s song to be the real longing type ballad, “I dreamed a dream” of this show. I can’t quite explain it but it’s so gentle and so painful and reserved in the way Trina wants herself to be but telling at the same time. Beauty beauty beauty.
-That flute!!!!! That swelling melody. Gorgeous.
-The shift from major to minor key on “I’m tired of all the happy men who rule the world” is heartbreaking, but it’s the heartbreak we need.
-The pick up on “but still….” is nothing short of thrilling
-The clippedness of the piano on ‘silly childish jerks". Clippedness literally isn’t a word but. You Guys Understand right.
-The switch into MOTF is nothing short of eery and batshit and just, ELECTRIC.
-The moving synth and bass all throughout the “march, march” melody just like HITS the spot for me folks
-The best way I can describe this song is just. Unsettling. But good unsettling. Core deep unsettling. Also those WOODWINDS back at WORK!
-The bounciness of the vamp into Trina’s song reprise restores a new type of energy within me
-Just. The whole “gonna try…..” passage swelling into crescendo with the music. Guys.
-“I smile…..” shifting into the chess game melody under that woodwind section is literally alluring. I am ALLURED.

The Chess Game
-That opening piano sequence is just 2 chords but it immediately puts you on the edge. I don’t know how else to explain. It’s magic.
-The amount of resting in this song is honored dutifully by the orchestra, and I am thankful for that. There is silence and pausing written in for a reason and it just builds the tension so nicely.
-The sharpness of the synths in the background under an already weird and jarring melody is once again, something I can’t put in words other than just. Grand.
-The piano under “maybe you could show me where” is almost….dreamlike??? It puts me in a trance
-The rocking back and forth of the tempo between “do you want my help?” “No. I. Don’t” is so nice. Without lyrics, you would STILL KNOW they’re arguing.
-The discordant “Whooooo?” on top of “Jesuuuus….”. Lord have mercy.
-Hitting me AGAIN with that recurring motif from THBCTAE on “Whizzer’s supposed to make the dinner”. Haunting. Godly. Transcendental. SNARES.

Making A Home:
-In general I think ppl sleep on this song a lot which I Don’t Get it’s SO BE A UTIFUL
-That opening chord progression is all levels of stacked and sustained and warm and I love it I feel…..invited.
-The cymbal, which I tend to not super enjoy in any music, is Great in this
-The piano pedaling under “books abound” is stunning and the SYNTHS just make it even more dreamy. I can’t I can’t.
-The three part harmony when Whizzer comes in on “making believe” resolving into that moving F major chord. Send me to the grave instantly.
-The last “making a home” harmony between Trina and Mendel with Mendel moving under her harmonically is stunning. STUNNING!

The Games I Play:
-I don’t have a lot to say about this song bc I feel like it’s power truly rests in its lyrics and orchestra wise it’s somewhat minimal compared to the others. But I LOVE the piano it reminds me of a waterfall sorta Yiruma thing. Such a fan.
-That snare pickup all the way to the end!!!! WHO’S ON DRUMS CAN I GET THEIR NUMBER I JUST. WANNA TALK

Marvin Hits Trina:
-I know I’ve waxed philosophic about the way a lot of these songs start off but THIS. THIS SONG GUYS. it THROWS you in the pit of the action. It’s mad scary. I can’t get enough.
-The drums return with a constant theme of being Too Much. Too Much.
-The returning RISE of the strings on “WEDDING INVITATIONS” and later “STUPID CONVERSATION” is chilling (also that parallel rhyme NICE)
-Just the little things in the composition. The way the melody on “pseudoromantic and sick // love him until you both die // May 27th at 8” is split into 3 finite harmonies and every voice’s part moves up to the next one as each verse progresses so that the chord stays consistent yet changes at the same time. So glorious and frenetic. The little fucking things, kids.
-“And he’s sweet….and he’s mean….” I can HEAR the resignation in the melody. The defeat, the sadness, the frustration. The clarity of Bill Finn’s music in what he literally writes on the page is something I love about him.
-We all know this by now but the last “WHY” building to the slap shakes everyone and their mother to their very core, and rightfully so. I would say more about the impact of this but it’s probably been said already.

Father To Son (oh my god we’re at the end):
-Like TGIP, I don’t have a ton to say about this song just bc I feel like the main impact is in the lyrics and the orchestra is minimal, but I do ADORE the piano and the progression of the melody and chords. It reminds me of a lullaby which reinforces the fact that Marvin is singing to his child, and idk it’s just really moving.
-Girl what that right hand do?!?!?!? When they pedal up to that high high C and it just ECHOES INTO THE VOID. So bittersweet.
-The woodwinds echoing to the end and coming to climax in that last chord is just. Musical confectionery sweetness if I’ve ever heard it. YOU GUYS I LOVE MUSIC.

[Okay that’s it for now if anyone actually read this and enjoyed it please tell me I’ll consider posting a follow up. This is the nerdiest I have gotten on this website probably ever there are no takebacks now okay I’m rambling byE]

my first post!

this blog has been up for a little while, but i haven’t really posted. i’ve just liked posts from studyblrs i follow.

anyway, so here’s a little about me. i’d like to go by b.e.a. (initials–please don’t call me bea) on tumblr. i’m a biromantic (someone who is romantically, not sexually attracted to two genders) filipina-american with anxiety and attention deficit disorder. i bullet journal in a dot matrix rhodia webnotebook. when i was in second grade i was classified as highly gifted and have been going to a gifted school since third grade, but only to a highly gifted school since i started middle school (sixth grade). i am a high school freshman now. call me a special snowflake, but since middle school, i developed anxiety because suddenly there were all these people who were as smart as me, if not smarter. i wasn’t used to that environment and i started doubting my talents, which didn’t get as much recognition as they did when i didn’t go to a highly gifted school. i didn’t feel like they were worth my time and became very unmotivated. this is part of the reason i am starting this studyblr–to motivate myself.

currently i am taking one a.p. class, world history. the rest are honors classes. most of my classmates also take a.p. biology but i have asthma that acts up easily (stress is one trigger) and i wasn’t sure how demanding/stressful two a.p. subjects would be. i’m not the most academically mature either. i decided not to take my chances and get the hang of high school first, so instead of bio, i have an orchestra elective, where i play the violin.

studyblrs i like:

also, i haven’t seen this on many studyblrs so i thought i’d share it. gridzzly.com is an awesome website where you can print your own customized paper, which comes in dot matrix, graph, lined, etc. if you run out of dot/graph paper, this is great site to go to.

note: i will occasionally post things related to social justice that don’t really have much to do with studyblrs. however, i do intend to keep this primarily a studyblr.

anonymous asked:

Can I request headcanons of the rfa learning that mc is a professional pianist? And optional: mc kept it a secret but the s/o found out at some point


-You now know his daily schedule
-When he gets back from college you hang out
-Unfortunately LOLOL is a part of his daily routine
-how dare this game steal my bae away
-after getting used to it
-time to be sneaky
-by that I mean PIANO
-you’ve always had an electronic one which was for decoration or at least he thinks
-you always hinted towards you doing something with the piano
-he didn’t notice goddamnit i stg yoousung
-you always tended to play fairly simple pieces
-you didn’t want them to be too extravagant incase he notices
-its not everyday someone cracks their knuckles and starts playing professionally
-you hid all records of you playing
-one day you got jealous of thaT STUPID GAME
-so whilst he was killing orcs
- you started playing something from another video game
-you know he’s played it and hated it
-though you loved it, and it would potentially lure him off of that game
-you start playing the piece
-then you remember the time he walked in on you playing and you stopped and fell on the floor
-look what you’ve done you’ve made yourself go red
-now Yoosung has stopped playing LOLOL because he heard something he hates
-When he sees you playing however
-He just looks at you until you finish
-when you do finish swoosh
-the smol bean is so happy and is like “why did you keep this away from me??”
-He pouts
-You end up playing the LOLOL soundtrack as of his requests
-it gets him off of the game


-One day you get a message…
-And OH MY GOD IT IS TO PERFORM AT ONE OF ZEN’S MUSICALS the original pianist performing there got ill how dare
-much panic
-Zen can see you’ve been acting up but SOMEHOW you manage to keep it from him
-”Babe, you okay??”
-”ERR (insert generic excuse here)”
-So the day finally comes for you to perform
-You didn’t know where the piano was but IT WAS RIGHT AT THE FRONT
-Luckily the clothing you were wearing was black to match with the rest of the orchestra
-you were going unnoticed as the musical neared its interval
-Until the part he looked down to display sadness
-he slowly looked up and saw you FUCK
-You saw him pause for a millisecond
-Meanwhile zen was freaking out like wtf MC why how what
-The musical somehow managed to go smoothly wtf zen how do you do dis
-You thought you could manage to escape during the interval
-as you ran through the theater you got caught
-nope not now
-He wasn’t letting you go fuck you i wanted to get food as well
-”Babe, I saw you~”
-you promptly get dragged into the dressing room
-zen we’ve got like 10 minutes LET ME GO
-he looks at you with so much love like
-All the kisses
-this will probably go somewhere later ;)
-You now attempt get forced to play at Zens musicals 


-Baehee is always up really early and gets back really late
-Coffee is running through her blood more than blood itself
-So you always make her coffee when she needs to go to work and when she comes back
-you get a kiss in exchange
-You don’t really do much when she’s gone
-you get called to do a job so it isn’t as if you’ve got work to do
-there is a piano in the house that is there bc she likes how elegant it is
-it tends to be calming to play
-by that it means you get rid of all your pent up anger towards Jumin 
-you play when it’s nighttime as you like playing calm music
-sometimes you smack your head against the keys bc you’re tired
-but guess what,  you’re not tired anymore
-you keep it from her bc you find it really embarrassing and you go red everytime it’s mentioned
-one day she gets home early
-god damn it jumin take care of your own goddamn cat
-you don’t hear the door
-she hears a lovely piece of music playing
-and she first thinks “is MC listening to music?”
-it wasn’t until she got closer she realized that isn’t from a speaker
-she doesn’t want to startle you so she slowly opens the door
-to see you by the piano and playing
-her heART
- you look up and smash your hands on the keys
-She has this massive smile on her face
-she is so happy you play
-you two are angels on earth
-you ask her why she was home so early 
-then “meow~”
-”is that…Elizabeth by any chance, Jaehee?”


-you knew he plays piano
-that’s why there is an expensive piano in the living room of his penthouse
-when you first moved in you stared at it for a bit too long
-he had to shake you out of your admiration for that gorgeous instrument
-he’s always off at work before you can actually tell him
-your mornings are filled with you helping getting him ready
-and the evenings are just filled with things that happened that day
-how it slips over your head you’ll never know
-it also doesn’t seem necessary to you
-like you’re just able to play piano professionally
-he’s got more than enough money to support both of you
-even if you are reluctant
-you do text him when you go out but it is always a generic excuse
-”I’m going out to see *insert friend’s name here”
-he’s really confused and keeps his eye on you to make sure you aren’t doing anything too drastic
-he’ll come home one day after work
-elizabeth’s there but MC???
-then he hears the piano
-he listens to classical music and stuff like that so he isn’t surprised to hear something like that
-but he walks into the living room
-there you are playing the piano and humming a little tune
-he has this small smile on his face when you notice him
-”MC why didn’t you tell me you played piano?”
-”well you said you can provide for both of us and i didn’t want to quit my job an-”
-you start singing along to the piece as he’s playing what you wrote which is placed against the music wrack
-he attempts to get you everything that is the best quality and tries to get you higher up in the music world
-you on the other hand promptly refused saying “i’ll do this with barely any help”
“When you do get big however you always get something to do which is to come home to Jumin and play for him until he sleeps bc he was waiting for you


-He already knew
-well he knew you played just not professionally  
-he buys you a piano
-not just some electronic one IT’S A GRAND PIANO
-you feel so loved but literally WHY
-you always attempt to try and get the performance during when he’s out doing something
-if you had a dollar for every time you were almost caught you would probably be able to marry at the space station
-he would always ask you to play something if he couldn’t get to sleep
-a simple lullaby would always work because he thinks you sound and play like an angel
-somehow manages to fall asleep on your lap 
-one day you go out fairly late
-this is because a play has come around and as it’s famous you need to play multiple times for consecutive days
-poor man gets really worried once he realizes you’re gone
-you do leave him a note BUT STILL
-he attempts texting and calling you but you don’t reply
-he goes to drastic measures and uses the tracking device in your phone
-it’s for emergencies but HACKER BOY IS WORRIED
-when he tracks you down to a theater he’s really confused
-zen isn’t performing there so it’s not as if you have a reason to be there
-the next day he follows you
- when he sees you in formal clothes he realises that you’re probably performing
-gets seat close to the front to try and spot you
-when he does his eyes just light up
-the amount of effort and emotion you put in WOW
-at the end you get dragged off to his car
-when you notice it’s him you go bright red
-you see his face and realize he saw you play
-he gives you so many smooches and hugs just so much affection
-he does the same thing he does with zen, spreads your work anonymously
-when your fame gets really big within a short period of time you just glare at him
-he always loves listening to your music to get him to sleep if he can’t
-poor saeran he’s going to have to listen to his idiot brother dote on you too much

Songs On Repeat For The Last Few Days

@yooaremydae tagged me in this so i guess here’s 10 songs that i’ve been playing the last few days

  1. Howler [ZELO] because i listened to this for like 4 hours straight yesterday? he kinda slayed me.
  2. Go Get Your Gun [The Dear Hunter] honestly lately i’ve been listening to a lot of upbeat, dance-able things. this is a darker song but it’s so fun?
  3. Chiquita [B.A.P] are you starting to notice a theme here are…
  4. Girls Talk Boys [5SOS] third album? third album? where is she?
  5. Guerrilla Laments [Diablo Swing Orchestra] listen to this fucking band.
  6. Ice Cream Man [Van Halen] my favorite van halen song. sue me.
  7. Illuminate [Leprous] i don’t really have a comment for this it’s just fucking good. doesn’t really fit in with the rest of these song, idk why.
  8. Bad Medicine [Bon Jovi] listen, if someone’s ever trying to convince you they’re me, ask them to sing their favorite bon jovi song. if they refuse to sing, or sing a song that isn’t this one, they’re an imposter.
  9. Shall We Dance [Block B] so. fucking. addicting. what. the. fuck.
  10. I (Knew It) [SONAMOO] the new choreo video for this also slayed my life just want y’all to know that.

im gonna tag @jotarohasadirtysecret because i know what two of her songs are gonna be and i want her to expose herself

Yule Ball Nerves

Hello, I was wondering if you could write a Cedric Diggory oneshot about the Yule Ball where y/n is a slytherin and he tells her he loves her at the end?

  • Warnings: none
  • y/f/n= your friend’s name
  • y/f/c= your favorite class
  • masterlist here

I stood in front of the mirror in my room int eh Slytherin dungeon, nervously fixing my hair. It was the night of the Yule Ball and I was going with Cedric Diggory. He was a friend of mine, but I just didn’t understand why he had asked me. He was extremely popular in the school and even if he wasn’t a champion in the Triwizard Tournament, almost any girl would’ve agreed to go with him. Another thing, I was a Slytherin and I hadn’t expected him to ask me at all.

The door behind me opened and in the mirror, I saw my friend, all dressed up and ready to go, leaning on the doorway and smirking at me. 

“What?” I smirked back at y/f/n.

“Y/n, you look fine. Come on, let’s go downstairs. The boys are waiting for us.” I tried to protest and buy some more time, but y/f/n grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me out to the hallway. I slipped behind a pillar and peeked out. At the bottom of the stairs, Cedric was laughing and talking to his friend, y/f/n’s date. My stomach lurched and I swallowed nervously. I was a bundle of nerves.

Y/f/n sighed behind me. 

“I swear to god, y/n! Just get out there!” She shoved me out from behind the pillar and I stumbled to the top of the stairs. At the sudden movement, Cedric turned to look at me. That was when I got a good look at him. 

Cedric looked even more amazing (if that was possible) in his fancy dress robes. His hair was done a little more neatly than usual, and his face seemed to be glowing as he looked up at me. 

I could feel my face heating up as I gazed back at Cedric. His mouth dropped open slightly, and I covered my mouth with my hand to hide my laugh. Y/f/n joined my side and we walked down the stairs together towards our dates. 

“You look… you look beautiful.” Cedric offered his arm to me and I took it. Gaining a bit of confidence, I smiled up at him and replied, “You look very dashing too, Cedric.” His cheeks flushed a little and he led me to the entrance. My nerves slowly melted as I walked arm-in-arm with Cedric.

“Why, thank you, Miss y/n.” Cedric jokingly bowed to me and smirked. I laughed and looked around at the other people who were entering the Great Hall.

“Hey, Ced, why aren’t we going in?” 

“Oh didn’t I tell you? We have to walk in with the other champions and open the dance.” 

My eyes widened at this, and the butterflies that seemed to have disappeared for a moment returned. 

“Y/n, are you alright?” Cedric’s gray eyes looked down at me in concern. The other champions started to gather behind us.

“Yeah, yeah I’m alright. So what’s our cue?” Suddenly, the orchestra inside the Great Hall struck up a note. 

“That. Come one, y/n it’ll be fun!” I slipped my hand into Cedric’s arm again and the doors burst open, allowing our entrance. The music calmed me a little and I smiled at the cheers of the other students. I looked around and sneered to myself when I saw Cho Chang glaring at the two of us, obviously wanting to be where I was. 

We arrived at the middle of the hall among the applause of the rest of the students. I placed my left hand on Cedric’s shoulder and slipped my other hand into his as he slid his hand around my waist. The music stopped and the orchestra started playing a different song. We twirled and danced around until the other students started joining in. 

I stared up at Cedric, who stared right back at me. I found myself getting lost in his kind, handsome face and started observing every aspect of it. 

“Not nervous anymore, are you?” Cedric asked me softly and I hummed a reply. 

As the dance went on, Cedric tilted his head slightly and I felt myself being pulled towards him like a magnet. We didn’t realize how close we were getting until I tripped over someone’s foot and nearly knocked both of us down. 

Cedric’s hand shot out to steady me and he chuckled. 

“Do you want to get a drink or something?” I laughed and nodded, trying to cool down my cheeks which had gone bright red again. Cedric didn’t let go of my hand as we weaved through the crowd and reached the refreshments table. He handed me a drink and picked one up himself before pulling me to a table.

“Madam, your seat.” Cedric pulled out my chair with an exaggerated flourish and I giggled. 

“Oh, sit down Cedric.” He laughed and sat down next to me. 

There was an awkward pause as our laughs faded from our mouths. My nervousness set in again and I looked down at the table. Cedric cleared his throat and adjusted his robes. 

“So, uh, how are you, y/n?” I fiddled with my cup and not looking up, I nodded. 

“Yeah, it’s going great. Tonight’s been really fun so far.” I glanced up to see Cedric smiling. 

“I heard that you love y/f/c.” My eyes shot up at the mention of my favorite class. I was the best in that class and I absolutely loved it. 

“Oh, yes! I love y/f/c! I just find it so interesting and…” I found myself rambling on about y/f/c, talking animatedly and grinning from ear to ear. After a few minutes, I caught myself chattering and looked back at Cedric, expecting to see him falling asleep of boredom or even gone from his chair. But to my surprise, he was leaning his head against his hand and grinning at me. 

“What are you looking at?” I smiled sheepishly.

“Oh, nothing.”

“I bet we’re the only couple here that’s talking about classes.” I bit my lip quickly when I realized that I had called us a “couple”. It took a lot of restraint to not bury my face in my hands from embarrassment. Cedric’s face was again, bright red, but he was staring even more intently at me. 

He reached out and took my hands softly in his own. I broke out in sweat, as even being near him made me get all flustered. 

“Y/n, look at me.” 

I peeked up at him and when I did, Cedric’s face came forward to crash his lips down onto mine. I was frozen in surprise for a while, and Cedric noticed. He pulled back with a confused look on his face. 

“Is something wrong?” I shook my head and took a deep breath. 

“I was just surprised, that’s all.” Cedric smiled. 

“Then would you mind me kissing you again?” This time, I smiled and inched closer. 

“Of course I wouldn’t mind.”

We both leaned closer so our lips could meet. Cedric kissed me softly and sweetly, just like I imagined he would. I suppressed a smile and twisted his hair around my fingers, loving the feel of his hands rubbing up and down my back. 

We finally broke the kiss when someone bumped into us. Cedric ran his hands through his hair and I twisted my dress in my fingers. 

“Hey y/n, would you like to go to a quieter corner?” Cedric grinned mischievously at me and I laughed, letting go of my dress. 

“Lead the way.” 

Cedric took my hand in his and gently pulled me to an empty room. He closed the door behind me and for once, all the nerves vanished from my body and all I could think about was kissing Cedric’s lips again.

let me hold your scarred heart,
let me go behind the facade to see the inner you,
let me listen to the hum of your heartstrings, making the music a comely orchestra,
let me look into your resting memories, laughing at your childhood self,
let me whistle you an easy cinch
where you can hear the sound of me,
and i wish for you to wrap in
a safe place that i’d like to call home,
which would be in my arms.

life remains to be nothing unreal for you,
when you are consumed by one that is only
substantial and she saw you as her only glow,
as if she kept your soul as her own church,
leaving her to have you to be forever holy,
yet she continued to shower you with desolation;
ironically, she believed you were a sacred gift
with a sanctified spirit, yet she continued
to confess and commit her sins towards you.

and i stood on the side, watching her every move,
and she praised you as if you were her heaven,
but being with her only meant that you were
suffering in the abyss of hell.

so here is the truth, as i continue to grow
each day and keep my eyes facing you,
and i continuously fall for you deeper,
and the feeling had to be mutual, i could tell,
from the sadness in your eyes, there hid a
bit of a strong emotion — and that could
only be from me, wasn’t it?

each cigarette you stomped on only
portrayed your anger and depression
hidden behind that facade of yours;
she completely drowned you in misery,
yet she bowed down to your holy youth,
and despite the sins she committed towards you,
i knew that you didn’t deserve to be in hell,
but to be safe in a heaven,
and i pray each night that one day
that you will see me as your heaven.
—  ED. A Lost Angel | Heaven and Hell
Did I...?

Part 8

You know those few seconds before something unexpected happens; almost if times goes into slow motion. Thats it felt like threw the fight, slow motion. Felt like hours filled with continuous pain, and getting my ass smacked on the ground.  Feeling my teeth move in unison as he punched my face, and hearing the boos of the crowd. My insides turned hot with rage, but this is the first time I commanded myself to stay down. My uncle would have killed me already for not throwing a punch.

“Is that all you got lil’ miss?” My opponent asked with bloody knuckles and a devilish grin. I coughed out blood and tried to raise my upper half up but he kicked my chest and back down I went.

“I am not fighting you.” I muttered feeling my throat starting to burn. He just laughed and egged on the crowd to applaud him. ‘Is he going to kill me?’ I thought.


“Come on you stupid girl, crawl!.” Uncle yelled at me for the seventh time that minute. The mud was so thick, and the barbed wire was so low. I barely made it through without getting snagged.

I coughed into my hand beginning to stand up, and honestly praising god I finished.

“You are weak cadete.” My Uncle spat, also allowing some of his chew to hit my chin.  “ Maybe if ya mother had a boy instead, he could be in the army right beside your Daddy.’ He growled again. I stood still, arms down and my eyes not making contact with the old man walking around me.

“Drop and give me 20, you worthless dog.” He yelled in my face.

“Yes, sir.” I yelled back and began the twenty push-ups. Uncle always told me I was weak even for a girl. My arms shook with exhaustion, and I breathed heavily.

“Keep that little ass of yours down now.” He said placing his boot on my rear end and pressing. I gasped and did my last ten, barely.

“You will never be anything Cadete. You are so fragile as the women come, now who wants that.” He chuckled. “Nobody will ever want you, I am making you a soldier. I am making you something.” He started getting closer.

“Go work on combat with the punching bag until dinner. Gotta build up them arms.” He said pushing me forward.


“Come on, get up.” Two men I didn’t recognized said picking me up. In that moment, I snapped. I had no thoughts, just “Kill.”

Two elbows to the jaws and I ran to the man still egging on the crowd, back faced toward me. Running to him, I felt all my adrenaline hit me like a wall.

He hit ground on his stomach, making a ‘Oof’ noise. Then I took his head in my hands and starting smacking it against the ground.

“I am not weak!” I yelled as I heard him starting to yell in pain. Then the two guys came back and started putting on the cuffs, I didn’t fight back. I did what i wanted, to prove I wasn’t nothing.

The man was crying as two more men came and helped him up, and his skull was gushing blood.  I grinned,

“That will teach ya, bitch.”  I yell with a maniacal laugh.

Daryls POV

“Come on!” I yelled starting to get annoyed. A hour has passed since sunrise, and (Y/n) couldn’t hold on forever. Rick came close to me as well as Maggie, Glenn and Michonne. Carl needed to stay and watch Judith as well as Beth which I understood. Tyler walked up then and stared at me,

“I want to help.” He mumbled. I just nodded and started walking to my bike as they walked to their cars.

It didn’t take us long until we were standing in the tree line staring at the joint.

“We have to find a way in I can hear something big going on inside.” Said Maggie. I nodded and started walkin them to where I was let out. Then I heard it, a scream. A high pitched, terrified scream. Rick yelled at me to slow down, I don’t think my mind ever went so blank thinking it was (Y/n). I found that entrance and ran towards the ruckus. Rick and the rest I suppose where behind me but I truthfully didn’t see them I was looking for her.

I saw this arena type place covered in a dirt storm, scream from man and women came into my ears like a orchestra. Walkers lined the place, and gorged on anyone too slow. 

Rick and the rest began doing what they knew, kill the dead again. I ran in further screaming her name then Meryl’s.

“Daryl!” Maggie yelled and pointed into the dust. There was Meryl and (Y/n) back to back watching eachother. They killed off walkers that came too close.

“(Y/n)!!!” I yell and she snaps out of her mode and stares at me. I saw how battered and bloody she was since I saw her last. She grabbed Meryl’s forearm and dragged him with her. She surprisingly didn’t hug me, kiss me or even say hi. She just turned her back to me and held her little dagger up.

“Let’s go!” Rick yelled and we burst into a sprint back the way we came. I had to carry her since she could hardly walk Meryl was close behind me turning and shooting away at anything that was too close for comfort. Her skin, her hair and her beautiful body was in my arms once again. I couldn’t help myself but grin.

“Put her in the car Daryl we need to move.” Rick said

I snapped my face towards him “No you can’t just take her from me again!”

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“Daryl she is too weak to hold onto you, please let’s go.” He growls at me.

“Daryl ill be fine please, we can’t stay here.” She whispers holding me alittle tighter. I nodded and put her in the backseat and ran to my bike.

We drove home then, I could help myself to grin softly at the thought of her in the prison again.

Readers POV

He found me. Daryl came back for me and found me. My mind raced even though my body felt like the thinnest of glass, every move I made, cause a gasp of utter agony.

“We are almost home (Y/n) hold on.” Rick said softly, then I noticed Michonne looking at me in the passenger’s side. I couldn’t help myself to cry, I was happy but also still shaken up from the past few days.

“It’s going to be okay (y/n).” Michonne mouthed to me. I just nodded and continued sobbing.

I think I eventually passed out because i woke up in my room on my cot. I groaned trying to rollover but it was no use.

“(Y/n).” Hershel said moving his way into my doorway. “How are you feeling?”

I have never met a man with such a soothing voice, I’ll miss that always.

“I feel like I got hit by a freight train.” I mumble

“Well you sorta did.” He says chuckling. “You took a lot more that I have seen anyone here, so you must rest , and yes (Y/n) Daryl is on his way.”

I nod as a thank you, and truthfully I felt like sleeping more but it was too late, Daryl was already at my bedside.

“Hi.” I whisper. I looked at him good again, took in every bit of him I could manage. His eyes were puffy and tired, lips quivering. He looked so sad to see me but more of so sad that he lost me.

“Hi.” He whispers back.

“Daryl I’m not going anywhere, okay come here.” Just like a obedient boyfriend he is he brought his body closer to the bed.

“Now kiss me Dixon cause I missed you so fucking much.” I whisper still. He didn’t hesitate he pressed his lips on mine. He was so warm and I wanted to just lie next him and sleep but he was the strongest out of us, and he needed to be doing his part.

He whined loudly when I pulled away. I giggled and swung my legs off the bed.

“Please stay.” He whines looking at me.

“Daryl I must at least get walking around okay.”  I said sighing and looking at him.

“But you should rest.” He begs again.

“Daryl I’m not going on a run I am just walking around.” I said standing and almost falling over.

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Daryl stood and held me in place. “I gotchu.” He whispers holding me close, then I felt it, tears. I looked at him and his head was in the crook of my neck starting to cry. “Daryl I’m okay, I’m not going anywhere.” I said rubbing his back. I never felt such a strong person break so face. Daryl was one of those men who wouldn’t even cry if a dog died in a movie, but from me simply standing he snapped like twig and broke like a glass plate. Daryl sobbed “I - I thought I lost you.” He whispered in the crook of my neck. I just took a deep breath hoping to help calm him in someway but just like a child he wrapped me into his chest. Even though I hurt all over it was so nice to feel the heat of his skin and the grittiness of the dirt on his flesh. His hugs were home to me. “Daryl I’m not going anywhere, you can watch me from afar I just want to walk around and stretch okay.”

After a couple of minutes Daryl nodded and let his grip on my body loosen. He stared at me as I limped out of the cell I knew it hurt him to watch me not depend on him but I have to walk sometime.

Maggie then met me and forced a hard right hug she was starting to cry “Maggie.” I said softly hugging her back, she was my best friend. Maggie shivered in my hands and I squeezed her right before letting her go “Come on, let’s go get a bite to eat.” I said softly, she nodded and walked with me down to the mess hall.

Rick glanced at me then looked away I knew he wasn’t to excited for putting his group in danger for me. Daryl soon came down stairs and sat next to me and across from Maggie. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. Glenn came and sat next to Maggie,

“Nice to see Sleeping Beauty back on her feet.” He said holding my hand and smiling. Even though me and Glenn never got too close I still missed his goofiness. Daryl just grunted and pushed his plate of food towards me. “Eat.” He said. I stared at him,

“You eat too.” I said pushing it back at him. He glared at me I gave him a small smile. “You better eat all of your food.” He grunted.

“I will Dixon. “

He gave me a look of content then began picking at his food.

“I missed you.” I whispered leaning into him. He looked at me again and took a deep breath.

“I think I’ll miss you for a long time.” He whispered back then did something I would expect. He kissed my cheek , in front of the others. I blushed furiously and looked down at my lap. He grinned behind his whiskers.

I ate my food slowly. Not wanting to eat too fast and make my belly sick. Daryl watched me as I picked and picked at my beans.

I think just by the way he watched me I knew it but… Being with him again. Feeling him, I think I love that redneck. I don’t want to admit scared of it being too soon, but I think I do.

I grinned at him softly.
Did I love Daryl Dixon?


The night had been magical.  Klaus had crafted the perfect first date night, sparing no expensive to ensure that you had a great time.  The restaurant that he had taken you to was stunning, complete with an orchestra playing music that the patrons could dance to.  Noticing your tapping foot to the music, Klaus swept you onto the dance floor, where you spent the rest of the evening whirling and twirling together.

“Oh Klaus, I loved it!”  You gushed as you stood on the front porch to your home.  The hybrid grinned triumphantly at you, happy that you had enjoyed the night.  “Thank you.”  You smiled, wrapping him into a hug as he pressed a kiss to your forehead, before kissing you chastely on the lips.

“Anything for you, my love.”

clockworks-lullaby  asked:

Please a sweet story where Haise, Ayato, Uta, Hinami and Shironeki fallen for a violinist or Pianist,

~okay! Like i did with other ones, I would interchange the characters that way you get a full story, but with all your faves (^ w ^)~

Haise: The smell of cologne and exotic flowers filled the air as Haise made his way to his seat, eager for the start of the concert. After so long, Urie finally confessed that he played the flute in an orchestra, and Haise insisted to see him perform at least once. 

Now, with the lights dimming and the focus on the stage, Haise realized just how beautiful the musicians were. Urie was somewhere in the front, he was sure, and he scanned the group to try and find his squad member. Before he could find him, though, his eyes locked on another person.


A hurried look away didn’t fool Haise. He knew they had been looking at him, and the ghoul now studied the musician, his interest peaked. A crisp jawline, hair that fell slightly in their face, eyes bright and alive, the slope of their neck cascading into their black uniform. He couldn’t look away, and Haise mentally urged the musician to look back, to give a signal that they noticed him as well.

Ayato: They’re not THAT good-looking, he told himself as he continued to stare. If Touka saw him ogling someone, he would never hear the end of it. He couldn’t seem to look away, though. Shit

The lights dimmed more, and the musicians started to warm up. Ayato’s favorite stretched, their muscles graceful as they readied their violin, bow poised and posture exquisite. Holy shit, they’re unreal. 

Then, they started to play. Ayato’s breath left his body.

They were amazing. Not only were they hot as hell, but talented too? Fuck, I don’t have a chance with them at all, Ayato thought. He stared, entranced, as the musician’s hands danced across the violin, bow dipping and rising in a spellbinding song. 

Uta: As the musician played, Uta had the urge to make a tattoo based on them. Slopes, spirals swirling around the arms, a few sharp lines… beauty. There were dozens of people on the stage, but Uta had eyes only for one person.

Even without making eye contact, Uta knew he had caught the attention of the musician, their muscles tensing slightly as they willed themselves to focus on the sheet music in front of them. This was a different type of person, more like Yomo than Itori, and Uta smiled slightly as he imagined tracing their skin with his hands, painting a picture with his touch along their back, their curves. 

As the violinist got a break in the song, they relaxed a fraction, allowing their eyes to dart to Uta’s. Even though Uta had his signature sunglasses on to hide his kakugan, he felt as though the musician was staring into his soul, delving inside to see beyond his tattoos, beyond his ghostly appearance. 

The start of their piece jolted the violinist from their trance, and they broke eye contact with Uta to rush to catch up in the music. Uta let out a low chuckle, amused at the musician’s antics. 

Hinami: They were so pretty! The way they played their instrument, the way they carried themselves on stage, much different than any of the other musicians. Hinami wanted to tell them that, and she strained at the edge of her seat, torn between her love for the stranger onstage and he respect for the music. 

The song slowed down, nearing the end. Cmon, finish, be done, I want to talk to them, Hinami begged in her mind. As if the conductor heard her prayers, the final note rang through the air, the violinist drawing out that final note in one fluid, graceful stroke. The tension in the hall broke, a final exhale as the song drew to a close.

Hinami was the first on her feet, clapping as loudly as she dared. The rest of the audience followed suit, but not before the violinist noticed Hinami, their face reddening as they saw her stare, a smile on her face. 

Please, please smile back. I want to see you be happy after all that concentrating!! 

Their face slowly stretched into a grin to match Hinami’s, a grin that seemed to yell where have you been all my life? 

Kaneki: As the audience rushed out of the hall, Kaneki stayed back, waiting to see the musician. It was a sea of black suits and dresses, of flowers and families congratulating the orchestra on yet another masterpiece. His eyes darted from face to face, determined to find his mystery violinist. 

There! They stood along, a look of mournful longing as they watched the other musicians receive flowers and kisses from their loved ones. Kaneki’s heart broke at the sight, and a split-second decision led him to gracefully swipe a few flowers from a nearby arrangement. Thank god I did all that training on deftness and misdirection. It seemed to come in handy. 

He made his way through the throng, feet steady as he came to a stop in front of the violinist. Startled, they jumped when they noticed him, and Kaneki smiled.

He held out the flowers, “I think you deserve these.”

The violinist smiled, and Kaneki smiled back. They were lost in their own world, together.

(Regency AU, ~1000 words)

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The ballroom was as rowdy as it always was on these occasions, vibrant and vaguely insalubrious. The air was muggy with wine and sweat, and the wide wooden beams across the ceiling groaned as excited young girls and swaggering young men raced up and down the steps to the balcony.

Castiel sat quietly on a chair at the back of the lower level, sipping wine to ease his parched throat. He’d danced twice that night, and considered his duty done. Sequestered in his seat behind a row of giggling siblings, the youngest member of the Novak family settled in to wait for his family to be ready to leave. He glanced upwards at the row of faces along the balcony: mostly sweaty, red-faced mothers, waving their fans back and forth and making their curls flutter as they watched their children’s progress with sharp, all-seeing eyes. At the end of the row was a pair of men, leaning casually over the railing. The taller one had long dark hair, and was talking fast while looking down at a pretty blonde girl dancing at the centre of the room. The shorter one had lighter hair and a wide, relaxed grin on his face. As Castiel watched, the man’s eyes flicked over to him and their gazes met. Castiel swallowed and looked away quickly, not wanting to be caught staring.

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this playlist makes me roughly as sad as my otp does (img) (listen here)

1conversation 16 (acoustic), the national. 2: every night my teeth are falling out, the antlers. 3my heart goes bum bum bum, flatsound. 4a matter of time, the killers. 5: fresh blood, eels. 6: violet eyes, my gold mask. 7: a love like war, all time low. 8crave you, flight facilities. 9no rest for the wicked, lykke li. 10kerosene, crystal castles. 11young blood (renholder remix), the naked and famous. 12dark blue, jack’s mannequin. 13: arms i know so well, emma ruth rundle. 14buzzcut season, lorde. 15ink, coldplay. 16youth, daughter. 17505, arctic monkeys. 18my body is a cage, arcade fire. 19civilian, wye oak. 20rest your head, bat for lashes. 21we looked like giants, death cab for cutie. 22esmerelda, ben howard. 23dissolve me, alt-j. 24slow it down, the lumineers. 25affection, crystal castles. 26kill the messenger, jack’s mannequin. 27: i love you lana del rey (where i left my heart), kill paris. 28lead on, phillip phillips. 29sleeper 1972, manchester orchestra. 30female robbery, the neighborhood. 31touch, daughter. 32seaside, the kooks. 33transgender, crystal castles. 34brothers on a hotel bed, death cab for cutie. 35shiva, the antlers. 36nitesky, robot koch. 37homesick, sleeping at last. 38pa pa power, dead man’s bones. 39bloodflood, alt-j. 40how long, avalanche city. 41putting the dog to sleep, the antlers. 42keepsake, the gaslight anthem. 43laura, bat for lashes. 44the end of all things, panic! at the disco. 45colly strings, manchester orchestra.

One year ago today, a beautiful girl at my school took her life.

I did not know her personally, but her name and this day will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I suppose leading up to suicide, what was once important to you, is no longer important. It’s hard to stay focused on what you care about.

The thing is, though you may not feel that things are important anymore, there will be gaps once you are gone. Gaps where the orchestra, once important to you, is missing it’s melody. Gaps where the sports team, once important to you, is missing it’s goal keeper. Gaps greater than this. A family without a daughter, perhaps a sister without her brother. These are irreplaceable.

Sometimes I wonder if before her death, she wanted to take that moment back. I wonder if she realised she still had a place on this Earth, and I wonder if she realised that many people, including many who didn’t know her, would miss her.

This isn’t a message meant to guilt trip those with suicidal thoughts into staying. It is a message to let them know that despite that feeling of unimportance, your absence will not go unnoticed, you will not slip away into nothing.

Every person on this planet holds a purpose and will be missed. Don’t underestimate the power you have on this Earth.

—  Becca-Untangling