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peter finding u dancing in the kitchen in the tower w no pants on, and just standing in the doorway for a solid minute getting redder and redder as you belt out old eighties songs and shake it, until turning around and seeing him like "how much did you see" "um a lot um where are your pants" (bonus for tony coming home to the two of you making pancakes. you're still pants-less)

lmao what is with tonight’s theme of peter finding you pantsless while cooking bc I LOVE IT!!!!! i wanna dance around the kitchen with him :((

-sappy sunday-

❉ = fluff / ✥ = angst / ✱ = comedy / ✺ = 😏

admins favorites = 🍑 / 🥝



i don’t mind people finding out


you ruined my pickup line

unrelated topic, did you like what you saw ?

okay, i give you permission to kill him, but please wait until Thursday 🥝

guess who loves you


i take you out one time and suddenly i’m the local delivery guy ?? ❉ & ✱

i like you too, like a little… little lot. ✱ & ❉

👉🏼👌🏼 ?

i’m not kidding tho where does he live i’m already in the car angry and ready to go

if i have to listen to management nag about weight one more time i’m marching straight out of this building


i am not cute

i don’t want to talk to you anymore

come help me out here ?

if it makes you feel any better ur a great chair

roasting you is like the best part of my day

i need lady stuff

what happend to the yoongi who doesn’t take shit from anyone ? ❉ & ✥

are you texting me song lyrics ?

come to the studio and sit on my lap ✺ & ✱

text me, call me, email me, send a letter; for all i care it could be by pigeon

i promise i only type like this when i like the person i text

completely giving up, starring me.

he’s just not hitting anything other then my knees

i was thinking about making out with you all day

not the pillow part you one celled creetin

lets get another doggo

thank god, i’d thought you’d never leave me alone

yeah being as short and mean as you is a real gift.

soft min family™️


fuck the fuck off

can i have like five of you ?

ur so pretty

have fun with math

but hobi wants some love ❉ & ✱

that’s cuz im trying to communicate with u

jung hoseok you’ll be the death of me

i wanna kiss your face every time i see you too

you know i support everything you do right ?

where did all that wisdom come from ?

stop talking to the small man

series : big bro hobi

i’m disowning you.



you still up ?

yeah i can rap like the entire thing

right, and what does your mom call you ?

sure, have fun with my bras

that’s because you don’t speak Korean

i see you’ve had a few drinks ❉ & ✱

i miss your face

I’m not wearing any fucking underwear, because you never put the fucking laundry in the fucking dryer like I asked you to 100 times ✱ 

i better be ✥ & ✱ 

the company told me not to go but i couldn’t disappoint you like that

i have to go look for a new job


ur such a loser

but you dont like shopping

the disrespect in this one is strong

it was supposed to be a surprise

you mean my singing ? ✱ & ❉ 

he’s just jaelous his dongsae had a child before him

very funny babygirl ✱ & ✺

we’ll go wherever you want

yoonmin : you’re like a candy bar jimin, half sweet half nuts.

you want me to come over ? we can cuddle

i cant sleep, are you up ?

is little jimin mad ? or should i say regular jimin ? ❉ & ✱


Hey ! i bought you ice-cream

the inventor of snapback look™

tae don’t you think the pillow wall is a bit of an overkill ?

thank god at least one of you know how to make a move

you’re not disappointing anyone by eating breakfast and lunch ❉ & ✥

did you do the english assignment ?

it’s just like 99.999% your fault


you’ll send me letters everyday right ?

are you telling me you’ve been smart this whole time ?

it’s in my job description


wassup dudette

ayo ladies and gentleman

send nudes

what are you doing right now ?

look how cute we are

i just have a strong disliking to your personality

i like our bickering

babe i need your opinion ✱ & ✺

i’ll buy you food for a week if you tell me i’m your favorite

you could pay me a million and i still wouldn’t consider it

i didn’t want to leave your side that night because i wanted you to feel safe

stop kicking my chair

what does oppa mean ?

i miss every little thing you do

i’ll give you three breadsticks and a goat if you give me jimin

in your dreams

jk he’s not lord voldemort

i didn’t think this one through

good job, guk 

i’ll always be your kookie

some of us actually need school jk

the village called. they want their idiot back, you better get going.

happy removal day


yeah and i’m just implying that i want to take you out on a date

what are you an owl ?

jin just made the worse recipe ever and i doubt he put ANY effort into it

i don’t like going outside

absolute soul mate has 16 letters and so does fuck jungkook asap

you’ve both got the same mental age

you are pure evil

i’m so whipped, this is incredible

for now i’ll have your lovely messages to look forward to ❉ & ✥

dont mess with me park ✱ & ❉

i like to send nudes ok ? if that’s my biggest flaw i think i’m ok.

if you were any thicker you’d look at the weather app outside

don’t start with me pindick

i’m not related to you anymore

we don’t want him

he really wanted to be in the picture


i can’t believe you saw mini nochu

i gain 3k for every shirtless picture

the power of jjang jjang man

next time you plan on rapping verse1 invite me

i’ll tell them to stop bothering you

okay, but if it attacks my dog i’m giving it to jimin ✱ & ❉


way to ruin the mood loser ✱ & ✺

dont act so smug you little shit

tell him to drop dead, with my compliments

you use that meme when you get nervous ✱ & ❉

was i your second choice ? ✱ & ❉

he’s a little small, but he’ll do ✱ & ✺

bring me some vodka and condoms ✱ & ✺

your butt rights have been invoked

one can never know too many counting systems ✱ & ❉

all he’s done to me with his 10/12 looks

i’ll take you out on a real date when ur older

i dont know what your problem is, but i’m guessing its hard to pronouce

that was my… goldfish.

you did not just call me your dog


i’ve been staring at the wall for the past hour


cheating series :

hold on imma go beat his ass

i told him the only thing smaller then him is his dick

this bitch gonna die tonight

i’m going to jail when i see his ass

when u gotta kill your hyung

dumped him so hard he probably got whiplash

losing a member series : 

we bangtan 6 now 🍑

how is it you’re the smartest and dumbest person i’ve ever met


how do you manage to lose a human being ??

gang au series :

you act like you’ve never been shot before !

but did you die ?

is everyone alive and not in jail ?

mafia gangs dont have facebook pages.

one little girl thought it was cool i was covered in blood

teasing members series :

confess or i’ll set your mattress on fire

namjoon i will call your mother

so when are y'all getting kids

i will literally launch you into the sun


footage of me at the club

footage of me at a house party

footage of me in the kitchen

footage of me with friends

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 1

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 2

Oh My

Pairings: Avengers x fem! Reader

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: Bad pick-up lines (that I did not come up with), bad language, kinda dirty? Really lame. Idk?

(A/N): I have no idea why I came up with this, but I did. So, yeah. If you see a pick-up line/ dirty remark that belongs to you, message me and I´ll gladly credit you.

Summary: Seven times that you´ve flustered your teammates just for the fun of it and that one time it all backfired on you.

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“It’s amazing how you don’t even have to open your mouth to give me a headache, Stark.”

Wanda sighs, burying her head in her hands at the kitchen aisle as the brunette steps into the room with a loud whistle and a teasing smirk at the sight of you in a sports bra and the ridiculously expensive and, quite frankly, short shorts he got you for Christmas as a joke.

You chuckle from where you sit on the counter by the stove, waiting for your coffee to brew as you watch the exchange.

He looks mildly offended at her statement, but is quick to regain his cheerfulness once he catches whiff of the freshly brewed coffee and the pancakes Clint made earlier.

“Whatever you say”

He strolls out of the kitchen once more and she smiles, feeling your fingers as they find their way to her chin to coax her to look up at you. Your half-lidded eyes are dark, and she feels her stomach do a flip.

“You said you have a headache?”

“Did I now?”

She quirks a delicate brow at you and you laugh.

“Did you know that sex is an utterly delightful way to cure a headache?”

She bites back a gasp, gaze briefly straying from your own pair of eyes to your lips before she schools her features once more and leans back in her chair.

She was not going to go down without a fight

“Not happening”

“The training room is empty”

You waggle your eyebrows at her suggestively, chuckling lowly at the blush that coloured her cheeks before you decide to turn back towards the counter and pour yourself some well-deserved coffee.

Incredible speed and stamina were part of the Super Soldier package Steve signed up for decades back, you know so much.

So, naturally, you didn’t worry much when your target decided to make a run for it and dashed towards the nearest highway.

And, instead of chasing after the duo, you set into a casual stroll towards a nearby parked car, fully intend to borrow it for one hour or another.

By the time you found your partner, at the other end of the considerably large city, he had tackled the wheezing man to the ground and was cuffing his hands behind his back.

“Well done, Captain”

You smile at him as he shoves the male into the back seat, grounding out a slightly breathless “You couldn’t have driven any faster?” when he settled in the passenger seat himself.

“Why, Captain, I didn’t want to break the law on sacred American soil.”

His groan is accompanied by him rolling his brilliant blue eyes, a wave and a dismissive

“Just drive”

It’s a request you comply with, yet not before you send a charming smirk his way.

“As you desire, Captain. Although I must say that when I leave people out of breath, it is by far more pleasant​.”

Your coy smile and wink do nothing but worsen the flush that spreads across his cheeks like a wildfire, the delightful, embarrassed silence that reigns the car after that, lifting your spirits considerably for the rest of the day.

Bruce was frustrated, his jaw in a tight lock and his short-clipped nails digging into the palms of his hands as he stared at the unfinished work before him.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Your warm breath flutters across his neck and he shivers, leaning forward slightly​ in a futile attempt to hide the goosebumps that sprung up all over his arms, from you.

“I’m just frustrated that I still can’t figure out how to solve this problem”

He points at the papers before him, sitting still as you peer over his shoulder to inspect his notes.

“Well, I am afraid I cannot help you with that, darling. I can however offer you some delicious coffee and donuts”

You outstretch your hand and place both the box with the donuts and the coffee onto the table, careful not to spill any onto his work.

As much as you loved to wander the line between absolutely deadly and mildly dangerous on missions, even you knew that vexing Bruce of all people was an incredibly stupid idea.

He carefully pries the box open with a grateful nod, a smile reaching his face when he discovers his favourites inside.

“Do you want one?”

He keeps his eyes trained on you and the box tilted as you step closer to the table and into his line of sight, smile on your lips.

“You sure?”

“They're​ best shared”

His answer is as short as it is sweet, and you cannot help but agree as you take one.

“Some of the best things in life are”

Your lip twitches teasingly, your eyes twinkling with amusement as you lean in slightly closer.

“I figured you wouldn’t take kindly to me borrowing one of Tony’s suits to drag you out of your lab-cave to eat with me, so I decided to bring the food to you.”

You set your trap, now you just had to wait for a response

“I would probably tase you”

He states calmly, taking a bite


“Of all the things I partake in, darling, anything to do with electric shocks is not one of them”

You grin charmingly his way, silently daring him to make a move and carry the conversation further.

“I’ll keep it in mind”

He laughs, nervously scratching at his cheek while your grin only widens.

“I do, however, fancy the occasional cuffing, if you’re keeping note of my pleasures for further use.”

You snort a laugh at his deep flush, quickly finishing your donut and making your way out of his lab, already in search of your next victim.

“Did you shoot someone today, Katniss?”


His gaze doesn’t stray from the target as he fires, hitting bullseye with a self-satisfied smirk.

“Are you certain?”



He sends you a confused look over his shoulder, watching the smirk on your face with furrowed brows.

“ ´Cause you hit my heart with one of those arrows right from the moment I saw you.”

“This one sucked bad, [Y/N]!”

He laughs

“Indeed, it did. Although I have to say that I would prefer a completely different scenario where you suck.”

His barking laugh is as amused as it is flustered, his hand reaching out to scratch at the back of his head.

“I set myself up for this one, didn’t I?”

“Kind of, yeah.”

“This is lame…”

Tony groans, burying his head in his folded arms while Fury sends a pointed glare his way.

“I’d rather drive a bullet through my leg than do that!”

The billionaire points at the screen behind the director and groans again for emphasis, while you take your chance and lean in closer to his ear.

“I could thrill you in different ways if you desire, Stark”

He chokes on air and you smirk, ignoring Fury’s unamused expression entirely.

Too easy

“Closer, [Y/N]”

“I’ve been waiting decades for you to say that, Romanoff.”

“I need you-”

“You need me?” You lick your lips, teasingly shifting closer to give her her desired distance.

“I swear to god, [Y/N], I will kill you”

She avoids her green eyes from the lightbulb she was changing, from her position on your shoulders, and sends a glare your way.

You meet her gaze with your steady, unwaveringly teasing one and she finds it ridiculous how you manage to give her a smouldering look even from your current position.

“You are no fun”

“I can be plenty fun

She retorts half-heartedly, sliding down your back gracefully, while you turn to regard her with darkening eyes.

“My, my, Romanoff. Is that so?”

You lean in closer, mildly surprised when she copies the motion and meets your amused pair of [E/C] eyes.

“I can give you a show and tell later”

Two can play that game, huh?

“Why tell”

You inch impossibly closer, voice regressing into but a seductive purr.

“When you can show me just fine”

Your lips skim her earlobe and she shivers, a blush tinting her cheeks for the friction of a second before the look of defeat sets upon her features.

I win

“That was kind of lame, Barnes”

You throw a water bottle his way and watch him catch it with a small shrug of his shoulders.

“Sorry I didn’t go hard on you, doll.”

You smirk into your own bottle

“Is that the first time you had to say that?”

He looks puzzled for a second before realization sets in and he chuckles, deep and throatily in a way that only brightens your already good mood.

“What do you think?”

“I think we should fix your problem”

“Oh, is that so?”

You inch closer

“My room is nearby, James

“Who said I need a room?”

“Smooth, Barnes.”

The smirk on his face is wide and daring, mirroring your own so perfectly you actually wonder whether you will be able to crack him.

“Part of the package, doll.”


“Mind showing me the whole package in my room?”

You let your eyes wander to his lips for emphasis, catching a glimpse of the flush that crawls up his neck with barely contained self-satisfaction.


“Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.”

You sigh and settle down next to Natasha, momentary surprised to see a smirk cross her face.

“I could have sworn that’s what you said yesterday in Stark’s room”

You choke on the coffee you had been nursing in your hands and face her with a disbelieving look, while Tony scoffs.

“Speak for yourself, Romanoff. If she´d complain, she´d complain about Capsicle or his buddy. I bet those two veterans can´t even get it up anymore.”

His crude joke is shot down by Bucky´s barking laugh

“That´s brilliant coming from you, Stark! Do I need to mention that we´ve got 80 years of practice and can literally rock her world?”

Ever so calmly you put down your cup of coffee and reach out to cover Peter´s ears. The poor boy was but a blushing mess by now, his current predicament going completely unnoticed by the team.

“Please, boys! I think we all know that none of you hold a candle to me! I mean, I don´t even have to touch her!”

Wanda cuts in, smirking triumphantly at the sputtering males. Your own cheeks flare up, Peter´s cool hands pleasant on your burning skin when he reaches out to return the favour and cover your own ears.

“Oh, please! [Y/N] would much rather be with someone who never misses, if you know what I mean!”

Clint chirps in with a grin, sending you a wink over the table.

You take it as your cue to leave, dragging a flustered Peter along and completely missing the team´s self-satisfied smirks on your way out.

“That´ll teach her…”


Tina: NEWT!
Newt: Hey, honey, good morning! How did you sleep? I adopted 32 beasts and a No-Maj. Would you like pancakes? 

(Parks and Recreation; Season 4, Episode 19: Live Ammo)

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BTS Reaction-Birthday Presents (18+)

You know I would just love to have BTS as my present in general.  They don’t need to get me anything, just BTS!  Lol sorry for not posting yesterday I started a new job, but as an i’m sorry present, I’ll get 2 reactions done right now!  Enjoy this one!

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Jin:  Being the more romantic one, he would send you flowers all day until it was time to se you.  When you did see him you would insist on helping him cook your birthday dinner.  He’d throw the flour all over you resulting in an instense food fight where he picks you up, put you on the island and starts to kiss you all over before slipping the bracelet he got you on your arm while he hears you moan his name.

Suga:  He wouldn’t send you flowers, that is not really his thing.  He would text you to come to the studio and meet him.  He’d give you a cute kiss when you came in first before anything else.  He’d bring you onto his lap where you could hear the song he wrote for you.  He’d kiss your neck while his hand moves up your leg making you make soft noises for him.

J-Hope:  He would already be at your house when you woke up.  You’d find him in the kitchen making you pancakes.  You’d love it and give his kisses before he picked up you and layed you on the couch as he kisses you lower, you notice the kitten he bought you staring at you guys.

Rap Monster:  He wouldn’t send you flowers, but cute little notes on where you need to meet him at.  You would run around town all day trying to find him.  When you did, you’d find him on a rooftop with dinner.  After you ate he’d bring you close and kiss you with passion put the necklace he bought you on while you guys made love under the stars.

Jimin:  This one is a cute, yet shy romantic.  He would send you flowers, your favorite kind of course.  When you saw him at your apartment later, he would be standing there with a beautiful ring in his hand.  After he put it on you, he’d gently place you again the wall, where he would make you cry with pleasure.

Tae:  This young one wouldn’t plan a very huge deal.  Its just another day for your guys.  He would still send you flowers though.  He would tease you through out the day however.  When you saw him later, he would pull off that adorable dress you were wearing and throw you on his bed, giving you a great birthday present, you know besides the wonderful perfume he gave you.

Kookie:  The golden maknae would be there in the morning when you woke up.  He’d give you breakfast in bed along with flowers.  He give you the cute little photo book with pictures from your relationship in them.  When you were done, he’d drag you into the shower with him for another present.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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Title: Better Than Her

Title: Better Than Her

Type: angst

Characters: Reader X Yuta

Word Count: 1755

Summary: It’s already been 7 months but he’s still not over his ex

A/N: yall i was bored and felt angsty for some reason so i decided to write this with yuta. I hope it’s angsty enough for angst-loving binches like me 😅

hope you’ll enjoy it tho 💕💕


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Roses In Thorns (Pt 6)

Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target.

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Angst, (the good type), drama, suspense, fluff, future smut in story line.

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Originally posted by jimiyoong

AN: What did I just write? Spoiler: SMUT. 

You had never been in Jeongguk’s apartment. It was the ultimate bachelor pad, on the last floor on the side of the city you had never ventured into. Too many enemies, your father would say. This area was up town, but it wasn’t apart of your fathers watchlist. 

His living room consisted of a spacious area, two leather couches and a flat screen TV embedded into the creamy walls. 

The artwork behind the walls of the sofa threw you off, and you stood there admiring it whilst Jeongguk took a shower. He had told you to make yourself at home and promise to talk after. 

You bit your lips, starting at the walls behind the sofa. Jeongguk really had a particular liking for erotic art by the looks of it. The walls behind the leather sofa were lined with three large frames- each with beautiful women in compromising positions, teasing cleavage and sultry lips. There was something beautifully artistic about them, and the thought of Jeongguk admiring them made you clench your thighs. 

Right. You both had kissed. You both had outrun your fathers guards. You both did it together. The gravity of the situation slowly rested on your shoulders, as you realised you had gone against the wishes of your father. He despised Jeongguk, and probably was being informed by his men on the situation this very moment.

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Not What He Expected-Part 3

This is an A/B/O AU

*This part fills the FLANNEL square on my @spnabobingo card*

So here it is, my FIRST A/B/O series featuring Alpha! Dean/ Omega! Reader (not Destiel). I am still a Samgirl to the very core of my being, but I thought it would be fun to try something different for a change.

You meet Dean Winchester in a bar when he attempts to come to your rescue after a drunk Alpha tries to take advantage of you.  He quickly realizes you’re not what he expected.  You’re a very independent Omega who is used to speaking her mind.  He’s all Alpha, but there is just something about you, an attraction that makes him want to know more…….

Part 1 (All parts are linked)

Master List

Text messages are in bold 

Characters: Alpha! Dean Winchester, Beta! Sam Winchester, Beta Benny Lafitte, Omega! Reader, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Alpha! Jimmy Novak, Beta! Ada Novak (OC) Beta! Darcy (OC) Omega! Meg, Omega! Amelia

I glared at the twins.  This protective Alpha shit was getting really old.  “Back off you two.”

Dean continued to chew as he looked from me to my brothers.  “Who is Bobby?” He finally asked.

Jimmy rolled his eyes at me.  I could tell he was thinking  Where did you find this genius?

Cas smirked at him.  “It’s Babi, not Bobby.  It’s short for Babicka.  It’s Czech for Grandmother.”

“Dean, these idiots are my brothers, Cas and Jimmy.“ I turned to them. "Way to make an entrance, assholes!” I snapped angrily. “Do I look like a robber to you?”

“No,” Jimmy said thoughtfully.  “You look like your on a date.  You only make your special pancakes for guys you’re trying to impress, Y/N.”

“So is it working?” I asked, turning to Dean, and trying not to let the twins see me smile.

“Oh yeah…..Big time.” He replied with a sexy grin. I was in trouble with this one, I could tell already.  The twins didn’t look happy with his answer.  Jimmy’s fingers tightened reflexively around the bat as he glared at Dean.

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Imagine Chris bringing you breakfast at work.

“Morning, baby.” Chris mumbled into your skin as he peppered it with soft kisses. You stretched in his arms and smiled, pressing your back against his front. “I’m definitely going to miss waking up to you when I have to leave for ‘Infinity War’.”

“Aw, sweetheart.” You reached behind you and looped your arm around his neck, pressing your face against his pouty one. “I’m going to miss you too. But hey,” you reached for your phone to check the date and your remaining days together, when you saw the time; 8:14AM, you were late for work. “I gotta go!” You broke out of Chris’ grip and jumped out of bed, nearly falling face first when your feet got caught on the sheets.

“You’re going to go to a funeral home if you’re not careful,” he sat up, chuckling. “Babe, relax.” He told you; you resembled a pinball as you bounced around the room, scrambling an outfit while you brushed your teeth. “I’m sure Xenia can manage without you for a while, I mean- who’s getting flowers so early in the morning?”

“You don’t understand.” You told him as you continued to brush; it was probably hard for others to understand, but Chris had your toothbrush talk down pat. “We’ve got a huge order of table arrangements to do today. It’s for a wedding and the bride’s totally insane, if she comes in to do an impromptu check- Xenia’s going to be fucking pissed I’m not there.”

“Okay, well- you still need breakfast, so I’m going to go quickly whip something up for you to have on-the-go. What do you want?” He flipped the covers off his legs and started to get out of bed when you stopped him.

“No time,” you told him then entered the bathroom to rinse and spit. “Don’t worry about it, babe. I’m not very hungry anyway, I’ll just pick something up later on my lunch break.” You told him and closed the ensuite door behind you so you could pee then change.

While you were changing, you heard footsteps which meant Chris was doing what you told him not to anyway. You sighed with a smile because you loved how unbelievably caring your boyfriend was, that smile faltered slightly when you realized it wouldn’t be long until you had to say goodbye to him for at least nine months. God, you were going to miss that perfect specimen of a man.

You went downstairs and into the kitchen to kiss Chris goodbye and chuckled softly at his variation of “quickly whip something up for you to have on-the-go.” You’d usually just make a smoothie or a protein shake for him when he was running late, but Chris? He had to make a feast with pancakes and bacon and eggs. For a man who was about to run off and be Captain America for the last time, one would think he’d cut his normal eating habits.

“Chris, baby. I love you, but I really don’t have time for any of this,” you told him then pressed a kiss on his cheek. “I have to go, okay?” You grabbed an apple from your fridge then headed for the front door, Chris following behind you. “I’ll see you after work?” You quizzed as you cupped his clean shaved face in your hand; he nodded. “I would really like to see Cap with a beard in 'Infinity War’, you should really pitch that.”

“Maybe he does and I just shaved to throw you off,” he teased and you laughed then pecked his lips before heading for your car. “Drive safe,” he called as you climbed in. He waved until you drove out of the driveway and around the corner.
• • • • • • • •
“I can’t say I like you with Chris,” Xenia began and your eyes narrowed. “Without him, you’re always on time for work. With him, you’re almost always late.” You chuckled when you realized she was just teasing you. “What do you two get up to every night, hm?” She smirked and you laughed, feeling slight heat rise to your cheeks when you thought back to your late nights with your boyfriend.

“Like I haven’t covered for you when you go out and party a little too hard with Tris,” you playfully bit back and she chuckled. “Speaking of, congratulations.” You smiled when you saw her smile; she’d just gotten engaged to her girlfriend of six years. “I can’t wait to see how beautiful your wedding is.”

“And I can’t wait to order flowers from a shop where we don’t have to arrange them,” she said and you both laughed. “What about you and Chris?” She asked when you both settled. “Think you’re ever going to tie the knot with him?”

“I’d like to,” you nodded, smiling. “But it’s not really my choice, is it? He knows I’m in it for the long haul, if he wants the same thing then- he can propose. But I’m not going to push him, I’m good with what we have. Plus- I think he’s got enough on his plate at the moment with 'Infinity War’ coming up and his contract ending.”

“Is he planning on signing another?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “He’s said a few times that if Marvel wants him, they have him, but I personally feel he’d be happier doing something else. He loves directing and he was so happy directing 'Before We Go’, so maybe he’ll go look for something else to direct. He just wants to be known for more than Captain America, and he should- he is so talented.” You were so busy talking about Chris that you didn’t realize he’d walked into the shop and had heard everything you said; he smiled at Xenia who’d spotted him the second he walked in.

“I think you have a customer,” Xenia beckoned her head at Chris and you turned around; you immediately smiled when you saw his face. He held up a little picnic basket and you knew he’d brought breakfast to you. “Oh my God,” Xenia chuckled when you turned back to her, suppressing your excited smile with pressed lips. “You’re not even engaged yet and you can’t spend a minute apart,” she teased and you and Chris laughed. “Go, I’ve got this.”

“Thank you,” you reached over the workbench and hugged her, before gesturing for Chris to follow you into the back room. He gave Xenia a quick peck on the top of her head as he walked past, making her laugh. “Yes, fooood.” You cheered as Chris laid out the spread his made this morning on the table. “I’m so hungry.”

“I knew you were lying about being hungry,” he chuckled. “You’re always hungry.”

“True,” you grinned as you forked a piece of pancake onto your paper plate. “Mmm!”

Chris chuckled as you audibly enjoy his breakfast, there wouldn’t be a day where he wouldn’t find you adorable. His chuckles turned into laughter when you did a little dance in your chair, humming happily as you ate. God, you were such a dork, but at least you were his dork. He reached across the table and took your hand in his, pulling it to his lips. You raised an eyebrow as he kissed the back of your hand; he smiled in response.

“I thought the flowers were going to be the prettiest thing in this shop, I was very wrong.” He complimented and you chuckled, shaking your head. “You know,” he said as he released your hand, scooping himself some scrambled eggs. “This is the first time I’ve brought a girl breakfast after she skipped out on me in the morning.”

“We’re dating,” you chuckled.

“Still left me cold and alone,” he pouted then laughed when you laughed. “But hey, some girls are just worth chasing.” He shot you a wink and you smiled, kissing the air in front of you. “So, you think I’m talented, huh?” He began with a smirk, feeding himself some eggs.

“Of course I do. I’ve always thought you were talented, incredibly talented for a matter-of-fact.” Your eyes narrowed at his question; it seemed random to you until you realized he was talking about what he heard earlier. It dawned on you that he might have also heard you talking about marrying him. “Exactly when did you walk in on our conversation?”

“Around the time when my beautiful girlfriend starting complimenting me,” he told you and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. “But,” he continued and you tensed, “I may have also heard said beautiful girlfriend talking about marrying me.”

“Oh,” was all you could manage.

“Hey,” he chuckled when he saw your tension; he reached over the table and placed his hand over yours. “Don’t look so worried, that’s definitely the direction we’re headed.” Your shoulders relaxed a little and you smiled at him. “I’ve just got a lot on my plate at the moment, like you said. I want to marry you, you bet your ass I’m going to marry you.” You laughed at that. “But I’m going to do it when things settle a little, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded, smiling.

“I love you a lot more than you know, Y/N,” he told you. “You’re never going to be the one that got away,” he assured you then kissed the back of your hand again. You smiled and pressed your hand against his face, to which he turned in to and kissed your palm. “Never.”

“Likewise, Evans.”

The Things She Carried

Part 3. Fraternization Attempt

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 1300+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt  @mangasia @sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @squirrellover1967 @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @mogaruke @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @barneybrigade @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @iliketowrite02  

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MC who logs to remember

Hello hello! I tried to make this angsty, but I didn’t have much time because I needed to get to other requests too… ^^;; I hope you’ll like it anyway. :)

This was requested by @finding-reality, who asked for RFA+V to MC who logs and takes a lot of pictures because she’s afraid to forget. I think this is really cute!



–Yoosung knew that MC liked to log every event, and to be honest he freaked out a little bit, at first. Was- was MC OCD or something? No that he had the right to judge or anything, but y’know

–Eventually, he found it a little cute, because MC always had this very focused but fiery eyes when scribbling everything down and taking pictures of everything.

–One day, MC’s log book isn’t there. 

–There’s too much clutter in Yoosung’s apartment and MC is fREAKING THE FUCK OUT IT COULD BE ANYWHERE

–Yoosung is panicking, not because of the log book but because why is it important in the first place?

–MC gives him a Death Glare

–She explains that she’s always had this principle/philosophy in her life, and that was the idea that if she could remember good things in the past, she’d be happier in the future

–Yoosung was a bit impressed as to how it was thought out, and even he would panic if something akin to his life journal would be missing

–He helps MC find it, and after he does he tried to keep the apartment nice and clean so that a similar incident wouldn’t happen again

–Occasionally, he helps MC with writing logs by sharing experiences of his own

–So now the log book of one becomes a log book of two :)


–He saw MC’s log book when he mistook it for his script for the next musical he had a role in

–Even as he knew that, he flipped through MCs book anyways, curious

–…He was legitimately pleasantly surprised, MCs writing was good and everything was so neat and aesthetically pleasing!

–Tbh, he considered showing it to his manager, so they could somehow convince the director to turn MCs book into a legitimate work of literature or arts

–He teared up a little bit, MCs words of him in the book were so genuine and sincere, words like “He really makes me happy, and I hope I can make him too.”

–One unfortunate morning, as Zen was about to leave for his rehearsals, MC panicked and she became fidgety and anxious

–Zen asked what was wrong, and MC told him about the log book, which she was going to write about their amazing anniversary date from the previous night

–Zen looked worried, but he was secretly overjoyed at MCs cute dedication, he wanted to fill up more pages with MC

–He meekly tapped MCs shoulder and told her that he bought the book to the director, just so they could have a peek and maybe criticise

–MCs face flushed a bright red


–Right then, Zen got a call from his manager, who gave him a day off to celebrate. Zen frowned, and asked ‘celebrate what?’. His manager laughed happily and said: “To celebrate your wife’s pregnancy, of course!” and hung up

–MC looked nervous, but Zen only threw his phone on the couch and started picking MC up and twirling her all while giving her stomach kisses


–Jaehee knew about the book log that MC always updated when it was accidentally slipped in between her paperwork for the cafe

–She respects MCs privacy, but she was curious, so she only read through one page. Just one.

–She instantly melted because gosh, MC is such a precious human being and she’s so grateful that MC is her loving girlfriend

–Blushes a bit when she reads about what MC wrote about, “Jaehee is a treasure of a coffee bean and I love her lot”.

–She knew she shouldn’t! She knew, but….reading MCs log book, that she wrote on regularly, became a comfort and the highlight of her day.

–She found MCs thoughts amusing, and tbh she feels a little bit small that MC doesn’t share this much to her. Still, she understood that MC had her own privacy. (Which she was technically violating…)

–One day, in an attempt to hide her tracks/evidence from reading MCs log book, she accidentally brought it with her to the cafe in haste

–”Shit,” Jaehee whispers to herself in regret

–She knew that MC would notice and that she’d look for the book but she still was like “Hmm?? You keep a log book? Wow that’s amazing!” sweats

–Jaehee felt guilty so she shamefully pulls out the book from between her files and paper work and hands it to MC

–MC just grins and says that she was going to show it to Jaehee anyways, and was hoping that they could somehow incorporate essences of the log book on the cafe’s walls, as a nice decor and aesthetic. Jaehee is pleasantly surprised and impressed by this.

–Less than a week in, the wall has become a memory for other to add onto, whether regular customers, exhausted college students or even business partners had come and go.



–First reaction when he found about the log book: “That’s very dedicated of you.”

Juju, love, please give me something to work with here 

–He does actually admire it though, like this dude is a businessman and he’d choose sleep over doing more paperwork any time of the day

–Sometimes helps you out with writing down things on the log book, and now there’s like five pages of his neat and structured handwriting and other pages are MCs scribbles

–One day, when it’s Jumin’s turn to update the log book, MC panics and bursts into tears - the log book was one of the most precious things in her life, no, it can’t be gone —

–Jumin hushes her gently, cradling and swaying her back and forth to calm down her shaking body.

–”Where did you last see the book, love?” “I-I think it was in the kitchen, I wanted to write about making pancakes with you…” Jumin felt a tug at his heart, and drapes a blanket over MC. Then he gave her some hot cocoa to soothe her senses and so she’d be calmer

–Whilst MC was sipping the hot cocoa, Jumin goes around every room, combing every nook and cranny to find MCs book and hoping it’d make her feel better. 

–Jumin remembered that there was Elizabeth the 3rd, and he was sure that her quiet meows and purrs would make it all better. So, he goes into her room - but he finds that Elizabeth the 3rd was pawing at scratching at the pages

–He knew that the pure Elizabeth the 3rd would never do any harm, so he’s unable to do anything else except getting the book away from her and scolding her in a stern voice

–He looks guilty and regretful as he hands the log book to MC, and MC lets out a little choked sob as she eyes the clawed pages with unsalvageable writings and pictures.

–He doesn’t say anything, but he only puts aside the book and hugs MC again, as an apology.

–That day wasn’t recorded in the pages.

Saeyoung / 707 / Seven

–Honestly, Saeyoung was a bit irritated when MC kept writing on her log book instead of paying attention to him.

–So he, in a moment of temptation, stole MCs book when she was sleeping I mean the boy is a secret agent so yeah

–But when he read the things MC wrote on it, he cried. MC wrote about the really good coffee Jaehee made on a rainy day, about the time that Yoosung made a really salty remark on Saeyoung’s LOLOL rank which made her laugh heartily, about Zen’s new role that she was really excited for because it was from a favourite work of hers, about Jumin finally taking a decent picture of koi fish in a streaming water and how she got sentimental over it, about Saeran finally smiling at her for the first time and she cried, about V sharing stories behind a photograph he had on a rabbit hole….

–There were a lot of logs about him, too – the self-deprecating thoughts she had when he shut her off, when he made a pickup line that had her genuinely flustered, when he made her smile so much that her jaw hurts

–But it wasn’t just about events that happened. Often, she wrote about her thoughts on Saeyoung, his current mood, what she thinks, what she’d feeling, etcetera. “I wish Seven could be happy. I wish I could be that happiness. But who knows the likeliness of that, right?” “I’m worried about Saeyoung and Saeran’s fight. But I can’t butt in, and I won’t. They need to grow up and settle their disputes like brothers who love each other.”

–He flipped to the very first page of the book, and it read: “Good morning. My name is MC, I’m 6 years old. I hope that grandma can read this when her memory gets worse. I heard from the grownups that she was sick and she was losing her memories. I hope she doesn’t mind if I collect them and put them in here.”

–That broke his heart - and after wiping away his tears, he goes to MC. “Saeyoung, have you seen the book I usually write on? It’s important, and I don’t know what happened to it–” Saeyoung cut her off by hugging her, arms enveloping her body. “I love you a lot, you know that?”

–”Saeyoung?” He released her, and handed her the book and saw the look of surprise on her face. “I love you. I promise you’re doing enough, you’ve done so much, and I promise that Saeran and I will get better. I promise that you’re my happiness, and I promise to be yours too.”

–MC blinked, and a naked tear streaked down her cheek. “Do you mind if I collect memories for us, too?”

V / Jihyun

–”MC, why are you taking pictures? Isn’t that my thing?”

–MC just grins at V and takes his picture anyway, and the polaroid revealed a rather flustered-looking V with a meek smile on his face. “This is for my log book! You wanna help?”

–Jihyun is a pure soul so of course he spends the next 5 hours with photography help and teaching MC some tricks

–MC lends him the log book and tells him that since they both take pictures, maybe it can sort of be an exchange diary?

–V furiously nods in agreement and begins to take photos of everyday things, like an oddly-situated pebble, or a mother rabbit with it’s child

–One day, the log book is gone, and it was supposed to be Vs turn at writing in it

–Of course he Freaks out since he knew that the log book was precious to MC

–When MC finds out that the log book is gone, she sort of sulks (not being upset at him, but just upset about it) and she’s just… not up for anything much that day

–Vs mood: guilty hey wow isn’t that his lifelong mood? wowie wow wow

–He starts up a new photography project, dedicated to MC

–After a few days, MC is okay again, but still a lil somber about it and that’s when V is like “Let me take you out on a date please, I want to apologise;;” V I’m not sure you can use the sweating emoji irl but okay

–MC and V goes to visit a relatively unknown stream, and they sort of just chill and relax there, having a picnic at the edge when V gives her a book

–It’s not her log book, but it’s the best book she’s ever been given

–It’s a photo album, but instead of normal pictures, it’s those pictures that you flip through fast and it’s like a movie as MCs eyes widen in wonder and she looks at the flitting images 

–At the end of the book, MC sees a ring that looks more and more physical

–”V what is this…?” V just smiles in a cheesy and embarrassed way, but he doesn’t give a damn, he’s too happy “MC, will you marry me?”

–Some sandwiches end up in the water becaause MC leapt out of her seat, hugging V


I feel like I got lazy with V;;; I apologise ^^;;

Requests are open!


Everyone thinks Enjolras is not a morning person. Since they moved away to college, he has avoided morning classes like the plague. The only morning lectures he’s ever had are those that do not offer any later times.

Enjolras just does not like early classes.

It’s not until a few weeks into dating him that Grantaire found out why.

R showed up at Enjolras’ place with breakfast to surprise him and be a Good Boyfriend™. He did not expect to find Enjolras wearing sweatpants and Grantaire’s favorite green hoodie (so that’s where it went) watching tv. And not just any show either… he was watching Justice with Judge Mablean.

Grantaire was already forming the group text he would send in his head when Enjolras looked at him and smiled.

“Go ahead and text them. They’ll never believe you.”

The rest of the morning was spent watching 3 different judge shows, and eating pancakes while they cuddled.

It turns into a weekly date.

We're not all that different Pt 2

Young Sirius Black x Slytherin Reader

A/N: Sorry it took so long to write part 2 I had some major tests this week that required my attention.  If you like this part I’m thinking about writing part 3, but I’m not sure.  Please tell what you think and send requests!!!

Summary:  Sirius realizes his mistakes after an unfortunate argument.


    “What do you think she meant by that, Moony?”

    “What Pads?” Remus groaned.  Breakfast was happening in the Great Hall and y/n was still nowhere to be seen.  Sirius had been nagging the guys all night long about their “conversation” in the Astronomy Tower.

    “What did she mean by ‘someday you’ll realize that we’re not all that different’?” Sirius pondered.  “Was she talking about all Slytherins or specifically herself?”

    “Bloody hell, Padfoot!”  James groaned.  “Will you just shut it?  You’ve been whining all night about this.”

    “Well I just wanna know what she meant!”

    “Well she’s probably referring to you being the only Gryffindor in your family,”  Peter mumbled as he chewed on the pancakes stuffed in his mouth.

    “Excuse me?” Sirius said.

    “Well you know y/n’s the only Slytherin in her family.”

    “Where the hell did you hear that?!” James asked.  All three of the boys gaped at Peter.  How could this piece of information slipped past them so easily?

    “Y/n’s sister, s/n, told me,” he gossiped, “she’s a Ravenclaw, seventh year.”

    “You idiot,” Remus glared at Sirius. “You and Prongs torture her everyday and here you find out she’s as emotionally damaged as you.  I hope you’re happy.”

    “What are you going to do?” James asks.

    “Nothing I gue-”

    “No, no, no,” Remus interrupts. “You are certainly not going to do nothing.  For God’s sake you are going to apologize and so are you James.”

    “What the hell did I do?”

    “You encouraged him.  Now go get her.”  Remus gets up and grabs Peter by his shirt collar pulling him along with him.  He suddenly turns around and yells, “I’d expect you’ll find her in the Slytherin common room.  No backing out.”

    “We are not going to the Slytherin common room,” Sirius stated firmly.


    “Well here we are,” James sighed. “You know it does feel odd to be here.  Normally we’re trying to sneak in or prank the place, but this time we’re just here to use the door.”

    “I know it’s unnatural.”

    “Well good luck.”  James patted Sirius’s shoulder and made his way to the stairs.  Before James could even make it up the first step Sirius had grabbed his shirt and pulled him back down to the dungeons.

    “Where do you think you’re going, mate?” Sirius asked. “Moony said we both have to apologize.  Remember?”  James groaned and nodded as Sirius let go of his shirt.  They both cautiously approached the sneering portrait of Salazar Slytherin.

    “Ah a couple of blood traitor Gryffindors no doubt.  I could spot you a mile away, Black.  Not trying to sneak in here are you?”

    “I just need to see one of your Slytherins, Salazar.  Just quickly, no tricks.”

    “Regulus has already left, Black.  And if you’re looking for one of the females I don’t want any of your spawns running around.”

    “Is that a yes you’ll let us in or-”

    “Of course not you arrogant disappointment.”  James and Sirius shot each other and glance and lunged at the portrait shaking it and banging on it as hard as they possibly could.


Y/n had always had the tendency to sleep in and today was no exception especially considering last night’s argument.  She was lying in bed staring at the ceiling with dried tears staining her face.  She honestly didn’t know why she was so upset about this, Sirius and her had always had their spats, in fact it was a weekly occurrence, but this time was different.  She had tried to fight back, verbally, and had attempted to make him understand.  It’s not like she really cared about his opinion anyway.  Or had she?  Suddenly she felt so… unaware.  Had she always cared about his opinion?  If she did care it must just be because he’s Mr.Casanova.

All of a sudden she heard muffled shouts and rustling coming from one of the walls.  Y/n jumped out of bed wincing at the cold floor.  When she made it to the common room the mermaids were already at the glass windows pointing towards the pandemonium and waiting to see what was causing the commotion.  She followed the frantic noise all the way to the common room entrance.  The muffled shouts became much clearer as she walked near the portrait. When she got close enough to the portrait she noticed it shaking and that the muffled shouts were in fact two very familiar voices shouting her name.  She quickly attempted to fix her hair and wipe the dried tears off her face.  I look horrible, but he made me this way so he has to deal with it, she quickly decided.  She swiftly pushed open the portrait revealing the two boys making all of the racket.  They both put their hands in their pockets, as if they weren’t trying to just bust down the damn door and mumbled a morning as Salazar complained.  She looked at them, raising her eyebrows.

“Look lov- y/n we’d like to make some apologies,” Sirius professed.

“Um,” she started.  She didn’t know what to say.  Sirius Black doesn’t apologize to anyone, and James is no better.  Had she gotten to them?  Her eyebrows furrowed, never had she ever expected this outcome when she flat out told Sirius Black that he was a bully.  She might never get a chance like this again.  “Okay.  Come on in.”

The boys hesitantly made their way into the Slytherin Common Room.  Y/n lead the way down the hallway and to the couch in front of the fire.  She sat as Sirius and James gaped in awe of watching the mermaids swim by.  After, the mermaids had left while angrily glaring at Sirius and James for the racket, they stood in the middle of the room awkwardly waiting for someone to say something.

“Y/n I’m sorry,” James expressed.  “I didn’t realize…. no I realized.  Uh-I didn’t think about how teasing you would make you feel and yeah.”

“Oh, um.  Thanks.”

“And I won’t do it again,” James stated firmly.  “And if I ever slip up I’ll have Remus smack me.”

She giggled, “Okay?”  That was the first time Sirius had ever heard that noise come from her and he liked it.  He never thought anyone could understand how being the outcast of your own family could feel and here she was right in front of him and he hurt her.  Now, he hates himself for that.  James nodded and smiled as he made his way to the exit, arguing with Salazar on the way out.  Sirius still remained in his awkward stance in the middle of the room and looked down at her.  He didn’t know what to say or how to say it.  He had always been an open to conversation, he had it all the time, but this conversation was so delicate.  She motioned him to sit down and so he did.

“Y/n I don’t know how to have this conversation and-” Sirius sighed, “I’ve been the odd one out in my family, y/n.  And I didn’t know about your family and ya know…. I’m sorry.  My whole family is Slytherin, y/n, and they’re not exactly good people so-”

“Sirius, I don’t want you to explain something you don’t want to.  Thank you for thinking about me for once.”

“I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about you a lot more for now on,” he smirked.

“Oh so suddenly I’m all interesting.”

“You’ve always been interesting Y/n L/n,” Sirius smiled, “I’ve just been to dumb to see it.”

(Please send requests and if you want a Part 3 please leave a comment!)

Biggest Distraction

Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Character: Donnie
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: can you do a oneshot where Donnie finds the reader making pancakes and decides he wants to marry her?

Donnie was drawn out of his lab by the soft singing coming from the kitchen.
His brothers had gone out earlier and he knew Splinter had went to bed for the night, meaning it could only be one person.
He hadn’t expected you to come today. He had been working on a new piece of tech for the last few days and you knew this. He was always grateful when you did leave him to get on with his work. You were his biggest distraction, and it had turned into somewhat of a nick name.
When you were in the lab with him, he couldn’t concentrate. He couldn’t even keep his eyes off you. Even when you were just sitting in the corner reading a book. He found himself watching you. When you read, he noticed you would make little faces when something happened in the book. He found it endearing.
Donnie felt bad when he hinted that he needed to finish something and you would leave. But you were fine with it and you understood complete.
It had only been 3 days since Donnie had last seen you. While the two of you had been texting and calling, Donnie felt an ache in his chest and upon hearing your voice, he couldn’t stop himself.
To him, you were perfect and this time apart was killing him.
As he walked down the hallway, a sweet smell filled the air. He instantly knew it was pancakes and that only made him walk faster.  
He walked into the kitchen and stopped to lean on the doorframe, smiled softly to himself.
You were standing with your back to him, your hair up in pigtails and you were wearing a oversized hoodie. Donnie couldn’t quiet guess the tune you were now humming but he could see the small plate at your side which was filled with fresh pancake.
You used a spatula to move the final pancake from the pan onto the plate and you turned off the hob.
“Smells good.” Donnie spoke up, revealing his presents. You didn’t jump but you glanced over your shoulder at him and smiled.
“I thought you might need a break. Plus I needed attention.” You giggled, picking up the plate and walking towards him.
He could have picked you up and spun you around.
He knew you could never fully know how much you meant to him. Or how ever time he saw you, he would fall in love with you all over again. Never had a moment gone by that he regretted kissing you that night. That first kiss had been on impulse and Donnie, who normally thought things through thoroughly, couldn’t control himself. So when you kissed him back, he felt complete.
3 years.
Donnie frowned slightly. Had it really been 3 years since that night? But he as he quickly calculated it in his mind, he knew he was right.
“You alright?” You asked, seeing Donnies smile fade and replaced with a frown.
“Yeah, just thinking.” He shook his head and smiled again. You walked past him and, as you did, he looped his arm around you waist and the two of you started to walk back to the lab.
It was late, probably just after 10pm so Donnie knew you would be staying. He wasn’t all that keen on you walking through the alley ways and streets this late at night in the pitch black. Not that you wanted to. He noticed you played on this and you would turn up at night so he would pull you into his bed with him.
you started to hum again as the two of you entered the lab again and went over to where Donnie had been sitting. You pulled a seat over and placed the pancakes on the table. You pulled open a draw, which was your things, pulled out a book you had been reading and started reading. As you did, Donnie allowed his eyes to wander to you and his thought away from the project.
Donnie was still very much in love with you and you with him. He couldn’t imagine ever leaving you or being without you and he wanted to show you how much he loved you.
It was the first thing to pop into his mind but he quickly shook his head and turned away from you. He couldn’t marry you. He couldn’t even go out in the streets with you.
But it didn’t have to be the conventional wedding. You had always said you like things that were different and unique.
Maybe you would think the same for marriage. The two of you were basically a married couple anyway. You would know it wouldn’t be conventional.
He looked up at you.
Maybe it could work. The two of you could figure it out some how. You would no doubt have the best ideas.
you look up to see Donnie staring at you. You had seen that look before and knew he was thinking about something important.
“Everything okay, Donnie?” You asked, reaching out to place your hand on his knee. Your actions brought him back into the room and he smiled. You saw a small spark in his eyes, normally meaning he had decided something or had an idea on how to fix something.
“Perfect, my little distraction.” He chuckled, leaning forward to press a kiss to your forehead but reaching out to grab a pancake.

  • "Are you sure it's safe to ride a one seat bike in two people?"
  • "But I thought boys didn't wear bras?"
  • "Don't you DARE tell me I can't eat all these cookies."
  • "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?!"
  • "But if I give YOU the waffles then I won't get any!"
  • "Dude, are you drawing porn?!"
  • "Don't you dare bring giraffes into this conversation."
  • "Stop trying to make me laugh don't you see that I'm trying to be dramatic?"
  • "Spider. On your shoulder."
  • "How did you even got your hair like that man."
  • "You've been playing for 3 hours, it's my turn!"
  • "AHK! The light! It's too bright! Close the curtains! CLOSE THE CURTAINS!"
  • "Zombie apocalypse is serious business. Stop laughing."
  • "Is there something on my tooth?"
  • "I want pancakes, make me some, I can't use the cook."
  • "What. No milk."
  • "How much do you want in chocolate for it?"
  • "I'll bake you cake if you do it."
  • "Where are my pajamas, I can't find them."
  • "How dare you not share ice cream with me."
  • "What are you doing with that pot, man."
  • "Horses and ponies are not the same thing."
  • "I'm sad. Give me sweets."
Limerence - Chapter IV

Limerence Masterlist

Characters: Sehun and OC (Ursula)

Warnings: This series contains mentions of assault, sexual violence, and stalking.

Word Count: 3.2k

Note: To clarify something before this chapter starts, seeing as it may be confusing, when something is in italics it is that person’s inner thoughts. More specifically, something they are saying to themselves. In Sehun’s case, when something is in italics and enclosed in ‘ ’, that is the different sides of his mind talking. Think of it as his conscience arguing with the side of himself that is growing more obsessive as time goes on, if that makes any sense heh.

Limerence:  The state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings.

I woke up the next morning feeling more rested than I had in days. I ran my hand through my hair and pulled the covers off of me. Wait… Covers? That’s funny. I don’t remember covering up last night. I know I pulled my covers back, but I never actually covered up. I looked around my room to see if anything happened to be out of the ordinary. I noticed my closet door was now shut when I am almost 100% positive I left it cracked open last night. Maybe I am just misremembering things. I picked up my phone to look at the time, 8:02 am.

I went downstairs and turned the coffee maker on. I didn’t have to work, so my entire day was free. I didn’t have a whole lot planned, but I did plan on going shopping at the mall later on. I started working a lot more, so I decided I needed a day to spoil myself.

I made myself a cup of coffee and made my way outside and sat on the swing like every morning. I noticed Sehun and Delilah walking down the road, probably coming back from a walk around the block. I stood up on the porch and called out to him, “Well good morning to you early bird!”

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Down the Rabbit Hole part 3

Summary: What happens when Dean gets everything he wishes for?

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,300

Warnings: Lots of angst, Language, mentions of death, mentions of serious medical conditions

A/N:  I wrote part one for @nichelle-my-belle ‘s angst challenge! My prompt was “I destroyed myself so you couldn’t hurt me.” I was really happy with how the first part turned out and the story in my head wouldn’t stop.  So this was a three-part series, this is the final piece.  This part is from both reader & Dean’s POV.  I would love any feedback.

Catch Up: Part One, Part Two

Memories/ Flashback are in Italics

Heaven is Bold

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anonymous asked:

Happy birthday Kamui! Maybe a scenario where his birthday is celebrated? 💞

Okay, I need to stop doing this because I know it’s not fair on you guys, BUT I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANTED TO WRITE SOMETHING FOR KAMUI’S BIRTHDAY *cries*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE YATO!!! Consider this extremely short mini-fic my birthday present XD


When Kamui woke up in the morning, it was because he was cold. He was lying in the middle of his bed, head lodged in between the two pillows. He was one of those people who really really needed a double bed due to completely awful sleeping habits.
The sun filtering in through the gap between the curtains was positioned so that the stop of light fell exactly across his eyes, which was enough motivation for him to get up and open the window completely. Once he was up, he was up.

Glancing at the clock, he saw that the time was only 8:25. Given that he hated getting up most days, and today was his birthday, he had expected to stay in bed until at least 10, but it looked like the world (more specifically, his windows) had other ideas.

Oh well. Being awake had its perks. Namely, breakfast. Maybe he could persuade Abuto to make some pancakes…

He was mentally debating what he wanted on his pancakes as he walked down the stairs, and his mind was so focused on his food that he didn’t notice when he stumbled into a pitch black room.

“Oh?” He had trodden on something crinkly and very brightly coloured, he picked it up to examine it. It was cheap wrapping paper from the corner store near the house they had rented on Earth for the week, whilst they carried out a mission here.

A voice came from the darkness,
“Kagura, why are the lights off?”
Then another one.
“I can’t find the damn wrapping paper! (Y/n), where did you leave it?”
“Over there somewhere.”
“Shut up, all of you, you’ll give us away!”

“Abuto, (y/n)…”
Kamui continued like there had been no interruption, although he couldn’t stop a smile sneaking onto his face, because he knew full well what was going on, “Why are there so many people in here?”
He reached over to where he believed the light switch was, and managed to find it first time, much to his shock (he wasn’t going to admit this, it ruined the atmosphere).

A luminous light flickered momentarily before painting the room in colour, as the blackness retreated into the shadows.
The small room was packed to the brim with Yato, and members of the Kiheitai, all of who were peering over the shoulders of Abuto, Takasugi, Kagura and you.

“Awh, you guys! Is this all for me!” Kamui said, faking surprise.
Kagura poked out her tongue.
“No. It’s all to make these poor fools feel better after suffering through another year living with you.”

“Okay, who invited her?” Kamui said, pushing his sister aside, where she tumbled over the sofa and got wedged behind it.
“Well, we thought it would be nice, since you don’t hate each other anymore,” you said, tying a bow on top of the colourful parcel in your hand.
You tossed it through the air, where the vermillion-haired Yato caught it and looked at it with interest.

“Happy Birthday, Kamui.”

“Ooeh! I wonder what’s in here!” He said happily, coming to sit by the pile of presents.
You peered eagerly over his shoulder as he unwrapped the present.
You had a bet with Abuto, see. He was convinced you’d got the wrong gift, and that it would be forgotten after one day.
You had a lot of money on the bet that he was wrong.

Just before the wrapping paper was peeled away to reveal the present, Kagura cane flying through the air, a powerful side-kick to her brothers face.
“No presents before breakfast, moron!” She exclaimed. “I came here for my cake, not to see people pay for you to get stuff!”

The crowd filed through the small corridor into the dining room, where Kagura had already seated herself and had begun tossing mini-sandwiches into her mouth a dozen at a time.

You sat down, empty plate in front of you, and reached for the strawberries… only to have them snatched away from in front of you.
Scowling, you turned to face the two siblings, who seemed to be competing over who could have the most food in their mouth at a time.

“Really, you guys? Is it possible for the rest of us to actually get some food in our mouthes?” You asked, taking a deep breath.
You were grouchy when hungry.
“Oh?” Kamui swallowed his mouthful and stopped eating, causing Kagura to cry out in triumph before she choked on a chicken bone and fell of her chair coughing.
“Did you want something?” Kamui asked you, putting down his own cutlery.

“Ah, ah, no!” You said, slightly flustered, mentally cursing yourself.
“Oh, alright then. Kagura! Get up! Are you really defeated already?” He continued to shout at his sister.
This won a small laugh from you. Those two siblings were something else.

Eventually, the only way to stop the infighting was to bring out the cake, a huge, tiered thing with thick buttercream icing.
It was huge, it had taken you, Abuto, Takasugi (who was very reluctant to help), Matako and Bansai to make, which had been hard without Kamui noticing.

It was 100% worth it if only for the look of joy on his face right now.

As you all sang happy birthday, with the lights dimmed down and the candlelight and smoke filling the room, you felt someone pole you in the side.
“Huh, oh Kamui. Can it wait?” You gestured to where everyone was singing, eyes fixed on the cake and wondering what sized oven had been used.

“Oh yeah. I just wanted to thank you,” he smiled. “I got a glimpse of your present before Kagura kicked me away,” at this point he shot a dirty look at his sister, who was practically drooling over the cake.
“You’re glad she came.” You stated, looking between the two of them.

He shrugged.
“But yeah. Thanks.”
You smiled, your cheeks lighting up.

“Happy Birthday to you!”

Request: Can you write a Hunter imagine please?

The answer is yes! I can! Whoever sent in this request, you didn’t really give me any guide lines on what to write so I just went with the flow and made it up as I went. I hope you enjoy!

You pace around your room nervously. Looking back and forth between your bright red suit case, filled with a week worth of clothes and your phone that should be ringing any minute with all of the information for your flight to Louisiana. You wipe your sweaty palms on your tight, holey jeans as your mind races in a million directions. You can’t help but to be tremendously nervous.

You had just finished packing for what was going to be the greatest 7 days of your teenage years. In less than 48 hours you would be face to face with the boy of your dreams; Hunter Rowland. Just thinking about meeting him gave you mad butterflies so you can’t even imagine the way you will be feeling when the time comes for you to actually meet him.

Just as you were thinking about all of this,your phone beeped alerting you that Hunter had just tweeted. Speak of the devil you think, picking up your phone. As you read the tweet you can’t help but smile and respond as quickly as your thumbs will let you.

 His tweet says “@hunterrowland: Anyone that’s going to be in Shreveport, Louisiana this weekend for the meet up reply to this and tell me you’re going to be there!” 

You reply with “@youruser: I will be there bright and early Saturday morning to see that beautiful smile of yours in person!” 

You smile at your phone, satisfied with what you had just tweeted. After a few minutes of scrolling through Twitter you figure it would be a smart idea to go to sleep considering it was 11 pm and you had to be up by 5 am to be at the airport in time to catch your flight. You clear your tabs and open up the clock app, setting an alarm for 5 am. You then lock your phone and lay it on your night stand. After getting situated in your bed you close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep where dreams of the beautiful Hunter Rowland dance around in your head.

Unfortunately 5 am approaches faster than anyone likes. You are awoke by the horrid sound of your alarm clock screaming for you to get up. You dreadfully throw the covers off of your head, immediately being bitten by the cold and bitter air. You roll over and grab your phone, unlocking it and turning off the incredibly loud alarm. After sitting in your bed staring at the wall for about 5 minutes, contemplating whether or not to go back to sleep or get up and get ready. You decide to do neither of the two, you pick up your phone and pull down your notification tab. You scroll through and reply to a few messages and then you see that while you were sleeping that Hunter had tweeted a few times. You click on one of them thinking it is just his usual random tweet of boredom, but as it loads you realize that it is a tweet in reply to yours.

”@hunterrowland: Can’t wait to see your beautiful face Saturday, babe.” 

You stare at your phone in absolute disbelief. THE HUNTER ROWLAND JUST TWEETED YOU! Not only did he just tweet you, but he said you are beautiful and called you babe. Holy crap. You jump off your bed, your feet hitting the floor with a loud thump and fly through your doorway and down the stairs, to the kitchen where you find your mother cooking breakfast for you.

“Mom! Hunter just tweeted me! Look, look!” you scream in excitement as you shove your phone in her face.

“That’s great, honey! Now go eat up, you have a long flight ahead of you.” she replies pointing over to the kitchen table where your plate of pancakes and sausage sits. You roll your eyes at her unenthusiastic tone and take your seat at the table scarfing down your food considering it was already half passed five and your flight boarded at 7. (the drive to the airport is 30 minutes, plus the ridiculous amount of time you have to spend in security) You toss your plate in the sink and finish up your glass of orange juice and race up back the stairs to get dressed.

After throwing on a comfortable outfit and putting your hair in a messy bun, you lug your luggage out of your room, which results in it just falling down the stairs. You giggle, and walk down the stairs to pick up the things that spilled. After loading your suitcase into the back seat of your mothers car, you hop in the drivers seat and plug your phone into the aux cord, putting your playlist on shuffle.Your mom then gets into the passenger seat and okays you to pull out of the drive way. 

“Honey, please promise me you’re going to be safe. Your father and I are going to worry sick this whole week about you.” your mom says, teary eyed.

“Mom I promise you that I’m going to be as safe as possible. There is no need to worry! I’m 16 I know how to take care of myself.” you laugh as you look at her and then at the road again. 

“How did I ever let you talk me in to letting you go all the way to Louisiana Y/N? I’m starting to feel like this isn’t such a great idea.”

“I’ll be fine momma, I promise. I have all the money I saved plus the cash you and dad gave me, so anything I need I will be able to get. I will get on the plane, be there in a few hours, then get a cab and go straight to my hotel, then after I unpack and get my things situated I will call you.” you reply sweetly, grabbing her hand and squeezing it a bit.

“Okay, okay. You’re just my only baby girl, I can’t loose you.” she says sadly. Just as you pull into the airport parking lot. 

“Mom it’s just a week, then I’ll be back, I promise.” you say putting the car in park and getting out. You grab your bag from the back and start walking to the entrance, your mom closely trailing behind. You make it in and talk to air support to make sure everything with your flight is correct. Just as you thought the day was going to be perfect, it was ruined. The woman working at the flight support desk just informed you that the flight would have a lay over in New York, and then you will be boarding another plane to go to Louisiana. Great you think, about 13 hours instead of 5. 

You continue your walk to your gate, you finally get there and turn to your mom, giving her a sad look. Seven days without mom is going to be rough. You engulf her in a hug that lasts about two minutes and then you are on your way through security. After an hour of security you are comfortably seated on the plane with a frappe in one hand and your phone in the other. You soon begin to doze off and then you are awoken by the voice of the captain through the plane speakers, announcing that you would be landing in New York shortly. You gather your things and buckle your seat belt. New York should be a very interesting lay over spot.

As you walk off the plane you spot a Starbucks which is a must have since you feel so drained. You find a spot to leave your things, and walk over to buy yourself your second frappe of the day. As you walk back to your seat you see a HUGE group of girls standing outside of the airport screaming as a few people got out of a large bus. You just ignored it thinking nothing of it due to your tiredness and go back to your seat by the window to look out at the rainy seats of Manhattan.

 After a dreadful four hour overlay, you were finally boarded and on your way to Louisiana. Now nothing except a few hours stood between you and the love of your life, or so you thought…..

Just as you began to get comfortable in your seat a group of teenage boys sprinted to the back of the plane hooting and hollering so many things at once that you couldn’t make out one word of it. You roll your eyes at their disrespect and continue to drink your frappe and mind your own business, until you hear this.

“Man, our fans are really the best.. But you all have to admit they’re kind of crazy” the boy said in a jokingly tone, with a light chuckle at the end.

 “fans” you think, who the heck could be on a regular airplane that has fans? You peek your head around and see, the one and only Hunter Rowland is seated on the same plane as you, 3 rows away. Hunter looks your way and the both of your eyes lock together, after a moment of awkward silence you shoot back around to face forward and pretend to read some random magazine. You hear a few stifled whispers, and then footsteps approaching you. Your heart was about to beat out of our chest…

 “Would you like more peanuts before we take off miss?” the flight attendant asks. You let out a large breath of relief and thank god for flight attendants.

“No thank you, I’m fine” you smile at her. 

Just as the pilot announces that you are 2 hours away from landing, you decide it is time for you to stop tormenting your bladder and go to the restroom. Just as you get to your feet, turbulence kicks in and shoves you back in your seat. You get to your feet again and slowly make your way past all of the boys and to the bathroom. After you pee, you open the door and a huge wave of turbulence hits, you run into something that was hard but smelled really good. You look up and your face is inches away from the one and the only Hunter Rowland.

“I-uh-I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.” he says, his face turning a shade of pale pink. You giggle, your face doing the same as his. 

“Oh, It’s okay, I ran into you first.. kinda” you say patting his chest.

“well nice meeting you babe, I’m Hunter” he says extending his hand. You take it in yours,shaking it.

“Y/N, and you too Hunter” you walk away, smiling, knowing this was going to be an amazing 7 days.

You get your self seated again and continue to smile so big that your cheeks hurt. The rest of the flight you flipped through some random magazines and ate a lot of peanuts. Your plane lands at 10 pm and you make your way to baggage claim to find your suitcases. Just as you’re walking away, Hunter and the rest of the boys are making their way there. You throw him a wave and a small smile, he returns the gesture and you continue walking to the doors of the airport to find your cab. Once you find your cab you climb in and give the driver directions to the hotel you will be staying at. You make it there and get to your room. You situate your things and finally, call your mom, then go to bed.

(the next day, right before the M&G)

You pace around your hotel room, looking between your bright red suitcase that is now empty and your phone that should be ringing with a call from your mom any minute. You wipe your sweaty palms on your black tights, you cannot help but to be tremendously nervous.Today is the day you will again meet the boy of your dreams. You arrive at the venue around noon and watch the show. There is a lot of loud music. screaming and just flat out fun. After about 5 hours of being at the venue you are now in line, 3 spots away from being in his arms. The butterflies in your stomach are the worst, but the best thing you have ever felt. Your palms are even sweatier than before and now your mind was racing in two million directions.It is now your turn and you begin walking towards him.

“hey, I recognize you.. have you been to any mee-… wait, you’re the plane girl! Flight 157 to Louisiana, I ran into you on the way to the bathroom.” he says tapping his head as if it was helping him remember.

“Yeah. Well actually I ran into you.” I corrected him, emphasizing the words “I” and “you”.

“whichever way it was, when I told you my name why did you act like you didn’t know who I was?” he questioned scratching the back of his neck.

“well, if I would have acted like a crazy fan girl you would have gotten all freaked out and then I wouldn’t have gotten to talk to you” you explain.

“You’re pretty great you know that?” he asks, taking you into his arms and hugging you.

“I think you’re mistaking.. You’re the amazing one Mr. Hunter Rowland” you say kissing his cheek.

“hey whats your twitter user name?” he asks pulling out his phone, you take his phone and type your twitter handle in and hand it back to him smiling. “Looks like I tweeted you last night, how didn’t I see how beautiful you are?’ He asks cupping your face. You just smile and shake your head. 

“well my dream finally came true, I got to see that beautiful smile in person.” you say poking his cheek. 

“okay Hunter, we gotta keep moving. Next!” the burly security guard yelled towards us. The both of you looked at each other and frowned. 

“well looks like you gotta go, but give me one more hug…and another kiss on the cheek” he whines and hugs you, you do what he told you to and kiss him on the cheek. He lets go of you and looks at you. “I’ll be in touch, beautiful” and then you were gone.


I spend like 3 hours writing this then about an hour editing it and making sure all of my grammar was correct. I worked really hard on this to show what my writing capabilities are so maybe I can get more requests.