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soulmate au where you can experience your soulmate’s dreams, but only the really nonsensical ones, none of the ones that have a symbolic meaning that bring insight about their life or character. just tons of ones where like your teeth fall out or you’re running through a bunch of random rooms

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I'm so glad you liked the idea of Angel as Anxiety's name! Can you write out a clip where the only one that really believes him is Morality, who talks to him after all the denying to apologize for how he's been treated and they just bond (doesn't have to be romantic at all, maybe more brotherly bonding thing)

The video had long been over, and Anxiety now hid in one of the large vacated rooms of Thomas’ mind. It was the one that was simply stars. Above below-all around, it felt like he was afloat in space, not even a floor to hold him up, he simply was.

The door opened, ruining the effect until it slowly eased shut.

Then, someone was sitting beside him, watching the universe go by.

“Angel,” Morality whispered the name, and even if he hadn’t been called that…. ever, he still looked up at his name.

“It really is a wonderful name,” Morality tried conversing.

“No need to mock me, Mo,” Anxiety replied bitterly, “Just go on back to the others.”

“Hmm, no. Don’t feel like it,” Morality laid back so he was laying beside Anxiety.

Anxiety sighed and looked up at the stars. Why did the other find the need to torment him?

“Angel…”Morality was whispering, almost like he was speaking aloud on accident, “Angel, Angel, Angel, I never would have guessed.”

“Because it’s not fitting of someone like me?”

“I actually think it fits you perfectly,” Morality smirked, “You’re full of surprises and this one’s no different.”

Anxiety pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Angel,” Morality whispered again, “I could get used to calling you that.”

Anxiety didn’t respond, but his grimaced seemed to lesson.

It was funny, but Angel was beginning to think he could get used to hearing it.

[SPOILERS] Pro101 Cover Song Mission - Teams Revealed

Produce 101 season 2 held their Cover Song Mission performance in front of a live audience today, and team spoilers are gradually making their rounds on SNS. Unlike previous season where each team only has one rank A member, it seems like multiple rank A members could be in one group, and some groups see zero rank A members as well.

Pledis’ representatives have also partook in the mission, and their respective teams are as listed below the cut for spoilers.*

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OK ok so kagehina headcanon where kags is pinning™ and the only one who realized it is tsukki. Tsukkiyama is still not out, and good god when he realizes how gay kags is for the smol birb hina the first thing he’s gotta do is piss kags off, obvi. So he keeps flirting with hinata, hugging him, talking to him and bby kags is piSSED. So when hina realizes what tsukki is doing, he goes along with it just to test kags (hinata u evil shit) and one day, tsukki was about to ‘kiss’ him until kaggy lost control and literally just grabbed hina and probably shouted so many damn curse words at tsukki who was just smirking and was like 'why u so mad bruh’ or smth) and kags just blurted out that hinata is his because he liKES HIm. Dear god, hinata got what he wanted, tsukki got what he wanted and left a very blushing kaggy being embarrassed as hell but at the end of the day, he earned a baby crow peck kiss by hina bby.

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royai reincarnation AU where only one of them remembers

“Do you remember,” he asked desperately as his grip on her wrist tightened. “There has to be a reason for this, Riza. There has to be a reason that we’ve come together again–” He stopped himself short, however, when fear clouded her eyes, and he reflexively loosened his grip on her.

She yanked her wrist from his grip and wrapped the fingers of her other hand around it. She took a few steps away from him, her eyes never straying from his. Once she was far enough away to from him, she slowly shook her head and uttered, “I’m sorry, sir, but I think you’re mistaking me for someone else.”

D sent me this picture, apparently surreptitiously taken while I was trying his VR system. “You’ll like this one, I think,” he said, about this game about a king in a theater searching for petals. “There’s a dancer in it.”

Yeah, until I had to kill her to stay immortal! “That is not the choice I expected you to make,” he said. (But think Black Swan; there can be only one. Also, where her pointe shoes should have been were weird robot feet.)

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I have gone through 18 hours of ME:A and have only seen one instance where facial animations were weird. It seems literally no better or worse than the trilogy in that respect and people need to quit complaining over something the main series couldn't even get right all the time.

I have to respectfully disagree, I think that this is something the original trilogy struggled with but I personally think the facial animations in Andromeda are worse than anything in the original trilogy. It’s not every single character and it’s not every single interaction, but when it’s off…it’s pretty damn off. I want to avoid spoilers so I’m keeping this vague but the two that come to mind as particularly distracting is early in the game when a female character informs the MC that another character has died, and the entire time her face is smiling. Or when your MC meets the director of colonial affairs, that conversation in particular is really jarring because her face doesn’t seem to move.

THAT BEING SAID THOUGH for me thus far it’s not something that’s so distracting it’s bringing the whole game down. In my case it’s just the occasional animation that jars me out of the game because it’s distracting, but then I get sucked back in by the dialogue. I’ve said this over at JST before so I hate to sound like a broken record, but I think that it’s valid to complain about the animations but that people just took it way too far. These aren’t the WORST ANIMATIONS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ANYTHING and they’re certainly not bad enough that they render everything else in the game invalid. Distracting? Yes. But beyond that, it’s not worth throwing a tantrum over and calling the entire game worthless.

And the shit that went down on twitter with accusing one person of ruining the game and spamming her with hate messages and death threats? I really hate this fandom sometimes. How many times is history going to repeat itself? It’s honestly disgusting. I know that we all care about this series but at the end of the day it’s a fucking video game. That’s not worth death threats over. And it’s also never just one person’s fault, that’s such a cartoonish outlook on life. It makes me embarrassed to call myself a Mass Effect fan when I see that shit going down, and it’s so endlessly embarrassing that it keeps happening. I don’t care if the end game had no textures and everyone’s mouths flew across the room when they talked, that kind of reaction is never excusable.

tl;dr I think the animations are weird, but I agree 100% with you on general fandom reaction

-Commander Shepard

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I'm probably not the only one who's wondering about this, but where is Mymble in your "The Young Gardener" comic? It's just that she is mentioned in one scene by Snufkin/Pipo but doesn't feature in it anywhere else. So I'm a little confused by the plot line, and I do apologise for that. Is it possible you could like give us the plot line so then the story makes a bit more sense? That would be a big help.

Oh, so you want more information about the Mymble? I am glad because the pages I work on will talk about the Mymble actually. It’s normal that you don’t understand all the plot for now. I have so much things to say about the Joxter, the Mymble and Snufkin/Pipo and how they ended like this.

Anyways, I am sorry if it’s confusing for now, but I swear it will be more clear. (And pssst, I didn’t even start publishing my comic in the right order, you are actually in the middle of the story) IT WILL BE MORE CLEAR I SWEAR!! :’^D

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Chapter 6: Torch (direct link to chapter here)

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He’s a mechanic with a penchant for muscle cars and classic rock and roll. She’s the heiress to a global minerals corporation who enjoys designer clothes and jazz. They say opposites attract. Mix in a little mistaken identity and who knows where this could lead. There’s only one problem: he’s the only one not in on the joke.

It’s been a week since the truth was revealed. It’s time to shine some more light on the subject.

A Modern Romelza AU.

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@Squad & Parents: You all receive invitations to join several different groups at once: JLA, JL Dark, Teen Titans (Squad only here), Future Foundation, the Four Horsemen (Whoo), the Champions, Quest Laboratories, the BPRD, the Legion of Substitute Heroes, the Power Rangers, LAX, the Avengers, Shinra Corp, KND (only Sol qualifies), Capsule Corp, Angel Investigations, the Harbingers, the Defenders of the Earth, the Mystery Men, & the Shinigami. You can only choose one each, so where do you go?

Nova; hmm……I’m going to be a teen titan. 

Connor: Cool….umm as cool as future foundation is, i don’t think i want to live in that world. it gives me a very bad end vibe. I think i’ll be tech support at JLA or hey maybe quest Labs. 

Jack: JLA Dark of course. 

Roman: Umm…..mystery men seems to fit me….

Missy: Teen titans to be honest, i can met starfire and raven!

sol: *puts on sunglasses and a scarf* call me numbuh awesome.

Viktor:….umm……I’ll go with Shinra…

*Everyone else: NO!

Viktor: o-okay…..maybe legion of substitutes heroes. 

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Please correct me if I'm wrong; but wasn't Beth's "death" the only one where her face wasn't shown after? I mean yea, we saw the side of her face when Daryl carried her out, but I think it's odd we didn't see her face fully.

You are correct! I did a post about that like a billion years ago. Let me find it for you. HERE it is. Like I said, it’s super old, and some of the things I say reflect what TD believed after S5 but knows better now.

But this is a highly suspicious detail. I remember at the time, the skeptics liked to argue that maybe the show didn’t show us much gore around her because they were being respectful as she is young, a woman, a well-loved character, etc.

Really? Even in S5 that was kind of a ridiculous argument. But since then we’ve had the deaths of Noah, Jessie and her sons, not to mention Glenn and Abraham. Yeah, I really don’t think the show skimps on gore out of “respect.” 

Great point. Thanks for the reminder. Yet another reason Coda was just plain weird. ;D Xoxo!

Skyrim in a Nutshell
  • Guard: I have to wonder... what does the Dragonborn do once he's summoned by the Greybeards?
  • Me, 72 hours into the game, busy picking cabbage and settling squabbles among children: haha I dunno man probably something important