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The Earth Signs - Flower Fairies
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The earth signs are shadow dwellers, nocturnal, and guarded by Mother Earth. Three flower fairies dance in synchronistic unison, a tribute to the rhythm of the seasons. Like ancient witches, the earth signs become intimate with nature and its properties. They are in tune with minerals, medicines, and potions. The earth signs have vines wrapping around the mind, typically blooming later in life, displaying the resilience and the beauty of nature itself. Taurus is the petal princess, frolicking with the love and musical creativity of Aphrodite. Virgo nurtures the flower seeds, routinely serving God in service, preparing for astounding spiritual bloom. And Capricorn orchestrates the natural law, upholding the responsibility for all creatures great and small. The earth signs support life and uphold the foundation to which the whole zodiac can ascend from. 

Flower crowns were donned by angels the day Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn were born, a testament to their natural beauty. Taurus is the heiress of the Kingdom of Nature, possessing the creative fertility of Mother Earth, giving form to art and essence. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. But the love of Taurus grows deeper than interpersonal relationships. The love of Taurus radiates throughout all of earth and its allure. This is why Taureans love to take vacations to relaxing, even remote locations. It’s so they can hear with all sensual grace the crashing of waves, the song of wind, the rustle of trees. This is existence to Taurus. And they are energized by material, often envisioning creative design with fabric, construction, and artistry. Virgo’s hands are glossed in heavenly gold, and they hold the precious orb of all life, nurturing the Christ Child inside. One of the earth’s most reverent tasks was left to the Virgo, the Divine Mother. She walks on the fresh grass, dipping her toes in the water, waiting for the call to dive, so the fishes of Pisces can rise from her. Virgo is where soul meets body, as the sand and sea of the earth reunites again with spirit, revealing the mastery of godly design and detail. 

Capricorn awakens a sign of mystery, an enigmatic unicorn heading one direction - forward. Capricorn is the guide and guardian of all the land, containing the knowledge of all seasons, processes, and laws. The full flower of all cosmic life comes into form through the hands of Capricorn, sculpted with the lines of the alchemist. Capricorn is confronted with routine crises, like still days followed by vicious hurricanes. She can battle these alone, on behalf of humanity, undertaking major tests to retain her flower crown. The earth signs are always preparing for a hurricane. And they can be very intuitive with weather patterns and howls from the earth, typically reflecting in their great concern for ecology and environmental protection. The earth signs inherit protection of nature, growing daisies in their hearts, worshiping the sun, and bathing in balmy air, frolicking in blossom skirts, surviving in the wild, aloe bleached, sun kissed earth child. 


[art: Jasmine Beckett-Griffith]

Leaked Plots of the Remaining Game of Thrones Season 7 Episodes

I will never understand people who want the ability to predict the future yet cringe at spoilers on their dash.

Episode 4

  • Arya arrives at Winterfell.
  • Daenerys and Missandei talk about Grey Worm.
  • Jon leads Daenerys down to the caves below Dragonstone where they are mining dragonglass.
  • Daenerys hears what happened in Casterly Rock and leaves to ambush the Lannister forces returning from Highgarden.
  • On their way to King’s Landing, the Lannister and Tarly armies’ wagons full of gold and food from Highgarden get destroyed by Daenerys’ dragons and Dothraki army.
  • Drogon gets wounded by a ballista.
  • Jaime and Bronn barely escape.
  • Daenerys lets Drogon burn some lords who survived the battle, including Randyll and Dickon Tarly.
  • Jon confronts Theon when he arrives at Dragonstone.

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Episode 5

  • Jon receives a raven from Winterfell telling him about the arrival of Bran and Arya.
  • When Daenerys returns from the battle against the Lannisters, Jon pets one of her dragons.
  • Davos smuggles Tyrion into King’s Landing where he has a secret meeting with Jaime (arranged by Bronn).
  • Davos searches for and finds Gendry in Kíng’s Landing. He convinces him to accompany them.
  • Davos, Tyrion and Gendry leave by boat towards Dragonstone.
  • Qyburn examines Cersei and finds she is pregnant. Cersei tells Jaime about it.
  • In Winterfell, Arya has a sparring match with Brienne.
  • Jorah, cured of Greyscale, arrives at Dragonstone.
  • Sam, Gilly and Little Sam leave Oldtown and travel to Winterfell.
  • After realising they have to provide proof of the danger coming from the North, Jon, Davos, Jorah and Gendry travel by boat towards Eastwatch-by-the-Sea to capture a wight.

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Episode 6

  • Jon, Davos, Jorah and Gendry arrive at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.
  • They are joined by Tormund, as well as by the Hound, Beric and Thoros, who were imprisoned at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.
  • There’s a big fight against the army of the dead.
  • Thoros is killed by a wight polar bear.
  • A wight is captured.
  • Daenerys shows up with her dragons and saves most of the party.
  • Viserion gets killed by the Night King.
  • Jon stays back fighting and is saved by Benjen who gives him his horse to escape.
  • Back in Dragonstone (or Eastwatch-by-the-Sea?), Jon and Daenerys have a private meeting. For her promise to support the fight against the White Walkers, Jon pledges allegiance to Daenerys.
  • In Winterfell, Sansa sends Brienne to represent her in the Dragonpit meeting.
  • Viserion gets reanimated by the Night King.

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Episode 7

  • Jon and his allies bring the captured wight to a big parley with Cersei and her allies at the Dragonpit in King’s Landing.
  • The Hound chops the wight in half, but the wight still tries to attack.
  • Jon and the guys demonstrate that it can only be killed by fire or dragonglass.
  • Cersei promises to send Lannister soldiers North to help against the White Walkers.
  • After the meeting, Euron flees with his fleet to the Iron Islands, after being told that the army of the dead can’t swim.
  • Tyrion has a private talk with Cersei.
  • Jon and Daenerys return to Dragonstone.
  • Theon has a fight with an Ironborn at the beach of Dragonstone.
  • Cersei reveals to Jaime that she will not fulfill her promise to support the fight against the White Walkers, as she wants to let the army of the dead grind down her enemies.
  • Jaime is disgusted by this and leaves, travelling to the North.
  • Cersei awakens in a bed soaked with blood.
  • Sansa sentences Littlefinger to death.
  • Littlefinger is executed by Arya.
  • Jon’s true parentage gets revealed by Bran and Sam.
  • There is a flashback to the marriage between Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
  • Jon and Daenerys travel towards the North.
  • On the boat, Daenerys and Jon have sex for the first time.
  • The Night King attacks the Wall riding an undead Viserion who breathes blue fire.
  • A big chunk of the wall falls down.

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Nalia's bff?

Josie! She reminds Nalia of the land where she was born and her parents, the stories they used to tell, she speaks her native tongue and they share their love of the sea, Josie’s diplomatic solutions give Nalia a sense of peace even tho Josie’s schedule is super hectic and Nalia is often dragged around she admires her and is intrigued by her way of life. I imagine Nalia was born in Bastion, south Antiva in a settlement where the river meets the sea, an alienage in a fishing town with a few expensive villas and not much else. Nalia loves fishing and being around water, and enjoys Josie’s stories about the Montilyet trading fleet. I have a lot of sketches of her spear fishing that I never finished -sweats- Her parents escaped with her when she was a kid, crossing the river and heading south towards Wycome in the Free Marches where they met clan Lavellan

Sculpture Pass

A hub of trade and culture shared by wind and water flights where their territories meet at Bamboo Falls.

Full Sized Image

  1. Upper Pass - The newer upstream portion of the city built into the narrow canyon wall
  2. Greater Falls Isle - A relatively small stretch of land, mostly farms and forest.
  3. Bamboo Falls - The falls themselves in all their roaring glory
  4. Tidelord’s Monument - A towering statue in the likeness of the god of the sea
  5. Lesser Falls Isle - A small isle which divides the falls in two; Used as a launch point for fighters bound for the wilds across the bay
  6. Windsinger’s Monument - A towering Statue in the likeness of the god of the sky
  7. The Water Market - Floating platforms, ships and personal crafts assembled in the relative calm of Memorial Well; often likened to it’s cousin, the Cloudsong Market.
  8. Mainland - The lands of the Windswept Plateau near to Zephyr Steppe
  9. The Sea of 1000 Currents - Water Flight’s domain near to Fishspine Reef
Types as Obscure Coldplay Songs

Sure, you like Clocks and Viva la Vida, but you’re not a true fan unless you know all the words to Your Love Means Everything, Part 2

ESFP- Don Quixote

When the world, when the world just seems
A little bit too cruel
Gonna leave it better
Gonna make one better, yeah!

ENFJ- For You

And the way you seem to float
Circumnavigate in hope
And they seem to lose control
With you

ESFJ- See You Soon

In a bullet-proof vest
With the windows all closed
I’ll be doing my best
I’ll see you soon

ISTP- Sleeping Sun

Running and hiding
Take and dividing
You’ve got your secrets
I’ve only got a sleeping sun

ENTP- The World Turned Upside Down

X is Y, the land, sea, rivers, trees, the stars, the sky
365 degrees, all of the surface and the underneath
[not even Coldplay knows what this line is] ah
And everything under the sun

INTP- Things I Don’t Understand

How infinite is space, and who decides your fate 
Why everything will dissolve into sand.
How to avoid defeat where truth and fiction meet 
Why nothing ever turns out as you planned

ISTJ- No More Keeping My Feet On the Ground

So what? I feel fine, 
I’m OK, I’ve seen the lighter side of life, 
I’m alright, I feel good, 
So I’ll do, well it’s time to stop moving. 

INFJ- Chinese Sleep Chant

Fall asleep
Fall asleep
Sleep satisfied
Sleep satisfied

ENFP- 1.36

On the cloud that you’re sitting
There’s one born every minute
So much to discover
I’ve become a believer

INTJ- A Spell A Rebel Yell

As far as I can see,
All time and circuitry is wrong
As far as poetry,
Sit down and sing to me a song

ISFJ- Animals

Animals we are, disposable, collapsible and raw
In you go into some crowded room, and animals that climb
And they’re climbing over you until you say
“Off you go, off you go”

ESTP- Death Will Never Conquer

If sweet death should ever come for me
Take me down to some place below
If you hear him coming, won’t you set me free
Let me go boys, let me go

INFP- I Bloom Blaum

Darling, those tired eyes
Go with me all the time
And in the dead of night
Tell me you will be mine

ISFP- Ladder to the Sun

Oh now boy what you’ve been and done,
you set a course that you can’t outrun
Oh now boy what you’ve been and done
I had it all and I risked it all

ESTJ- Only Superstition

“Its only superstition
Its only your imagination
Its only all the things that you fear
And the things from which you can’t escape”

ENTJ- The Goldrush

There’s a tiny little crackle on the telephone line
Saying what use the metal if the metal don’t shine?
She said bring me back a ring cause I really want one
Now I been digging so long that I never see the sun

All of these are on Youtube, but some of them are unreleased and not on official sites like itunes or Spotify.

Concept: Yara Greyjoy travels to Meereen, then meets and seduces Daenerys. They team up, politically and romantically, combine their ships/dragons and go off to take the Iron Throne. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the narrow sea, Margaery and Sansa reunite and finally admit they’re in love. Tommen gives up the throne to Margaery and Sansa and goes off to live on an island filled with kittens where no one can hurt him. Sansa becomes Queen of the North and Margaery is Queen of the South. Together they rule Westeros. 

Yara and Daenerys arrive in King’s Landing with their armies and demand to speak to the King (or they’ll burn shit and take the city by force etc etc). They’re laughed at and told they can’t meet the King, but they can meet the Queens. Intrigued, they agree. 

After meeting, the four of them decide it would be foolish fight each other and destroy thousands of lives and so they come to an agreement. Daenerys and Yara will return to Meereen and conquer the rest of Essos. Sansa and Margaery will continue to rule Westeros, with the exception of the Iron Islands. Yara becomes Queen of the Iron Islands and they become part of the Yara/Daenerys empire. Daenerys is given some Targaryen memorabilia as a gesture of peace and friendship.

And so the greatest alliance the world has seen is created. They help each other out (”oh you have a white walker problem? No worries, we’ll pop over with my dragons and help you sort that out”) which leads to two happy and prosperous kingdoms. Thus the world is ruled by lesbian queens and everything is perfect. 

Headcanon: Everyone expected Moana’s chosen tattoo to be some sort of sea creature. Perhaps a sea turtle or a manta ray like her Grandmother’s. So it comes as a surprise to all when she instead chooses a mighty Hawk not unlike a certain demigod. It’s wings spread over her shoulders as if they’d sprout from her very back. In her next life, she says, she wants to be able to soar anywhere she wants–over land and sea, endlessly chasing that line where the sky meets the sea. It both touches Maui and reminds him grimly of her mortality. 

Sheith Summer Week Day 1: Sea / Sky

“and we’ll meet in the inbetween” - anonymous

Shiro is a raven shapeshifter and Keith is a merman.

  • Shiro lost his arm in a fight with some cat shifters, but was saved by the witch Allura, who nursed him back to health. The two became friends and are now roommates living in a small, sea-side town–Allura working for the local apothecary while taking classes at the local magical school and Shiro working at a tattoo parlor.
  • Shiro’s raven form is missing half of his right wing, has a scar across his beak, and a white patch of feathers at the back of his neck, reflecting Shiro’s human side.
  • Shiro also has wings tattooed on his back and arms.
  • Shiro sometimes likes to go to the beach and just relax in his raven form. Since he can’t fly anymore, he’s more vulnerable in that form, but it would be more difficult for any predators to sneak up on him at the beach, where there aren’t any hiding places, so it’s where he’s most comfortable shifting these days, other than in his own home.
  • Keith is a merman who doesn’t have a family to travel with, and so has had to survive on his own, often hugging the shore for safety. He eventually finds a nice stretch of beach that isn’t frequented much by land-folk, and so he feels comfortable sunbathing there and breaching the water’s surface. (Land-folk always ask questions when they realize he’s alone, and he hates having to explain that he doesn’t have a family.)
  • Keith meets the local apothecary, Coran, who asks him for help collecting certain types of shells and sea life that he needs for various potions and spells. In exchange, he offers Keith deep sea fish that can’t be found by merfolk that hug the shoreline. (And they’re very tasty.)
  • Shiro and Keith meet when Shiro, in his raven form, investigates the sea shells, oysters, and other sea life that he finds lined up on a rock one day and Keith comes back and tries to shoo him away. Keith doesn’t realize that Shiro is a shifter, at first, and Shiro doesn’t tell him for a while, just enjoying letting Keith talk at him about his life.
  • Keith finds out Shiro isn’t just a raven when Coran comes to exchange goods with Keith at the old pier and recognizes Shiro as his apprentice’s roommate. Keith is, understandably, angry and hurt, since he shared a lot of very personal things with Shiro under the pretense that he was just a bird, not a person.
  • Shiro ends up going to the pier day after day, in human form, and talking to the water, never knowing if Keith is even listening. He sits at the end of the pier, and he talks about all of his own secrets and fears and embarrassing stories. For a whole week, he gets no indication that Keith is even listening, but he keeps coming, nonetheless. One day, though, as Shiro is leaving, he notices a shell that has been placed on one of the pier’s posts. 
  • Shiro comes back the next day, and while he’s talking Keith shows up and pulls himself out of the water to sit next to Shiro.
  • Shiro thanks him for the shell and apologizes for not being upfront with Keith. Keith accepts his apology, and then promptly pushes Shiro into the water. 
  • The two end up hanging out as much as possible, becoming closer and closer as time goes on. Sometimes, Shiro will join Keith in the ocean. Other times, they’ll just sit on the end of the pier and talk for hours, or Shiro will sit in his raven form and watch over the shells that Keith brings back from the sea floor.
  • When they kiss, it’s something that feels completely inevitable. They’re incredibly different, a creature of the sky and a creature of the sea, but they meet each other where they are, and it’s enough.
From Tail to Legs

Parts: one | two | three | four | end

Group: BTS


Excerpt: ‘He had decided if you wouldn’t come to him, he would go to you.’

Genre: fluff, mermaid au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: there will be two more chapters! i just edited the format~

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“Was he worth this?” Hoseok heard his voice break, his sister who had once possessed the prettiest tail in the reef, was now standing on wobbling, unstable human legs. Frail, flimsy and now what she was stuck with for the rest of her life.

She nodded her head having lost her voice as part of the payment for the legs. And every week, tirelessly he would swim to the surface to meet her and explain what she was missing. He had watched the glow in her cheeks fade but decided it was because she missed the sea and not because things were going wrong.

Hoseok had witnessed this all, vowing to never fall for a human and yet he had always been drawn to them.

His sister, however, did not receive the happy ending she had been searching for, he still remembered how he had screamed until his throat was raw trying to find answers no one would give him, “What happened to her? Where did she go?”

Finally a hand landed on his shoulder, squeezing tightly before one of the elders looked him in the eye, “she returned to the water to become part of the great cycle.”

Hoseok frowned until another mermaid coughed, straightening her back as everyone fell silent to look at her, “Your sister was reckless and caught in a trap she wasn’t expected to escape. You have seen the consequences do not make the same mistake.”

Now Hoseok wondered if he had taken those words as a challenge, that they believed no mer would ever be successful with a human and so he had actively sought out the kind that had been the reason for the death of his sister. “Are you sure about this?”

The woman looked at him, her inky black tail flicked slightly under her as she took him in, before she snapped her fingers together in recognition, “I remember why you’re familiar. I was giving this potion to your sister many years ago." 

Hoseok nodded, his blonde hair floated in the sea slightly and he fought the urge to run a hand over his scales to calm himself down. He had decided if you wouldn’t come to him, he would go to you. 

The feeling of your flippers propelling you through the water, for a split second felt like a tail. Your mind raced back to Hoseok kissing you, it had tasted like salt and you found yourself surfacing for air whilst you traced your lips with your hand. 

You hadn’t seen your siren for a while and it worried you more than you would’ve liked it too. But for now, you let yourself become absorbed in checking the reef, vibrant colours displaying it was healthy.

However, as you surfaced one more time there was unusual movement on the water; seagulls dived into the water as fish splashed on the surface. But the seagulls seemed uninterested in their usual favourite meal, you instantly new something was wrong.

Quickly you swam over, eyes searching the reef for whatever had made the animals so agitated before your eyes landed on him. Two turtles under each arm as they struggled to pull him up, you swam over wondering why your siren suddenly needed assistance to swim and then you saw it - them. Legs.

You let out a gasp, bubbles leaving your mouth that caught his attention. His legs were flailing in the water and he seemed unable to kick up, without thinking you swam over to him and hooking an arm around his waist you pulled him up.

"Hobi?” You knew it had to be him, but the legs were throwing you off. Until with a massive glowing smile, he pulled you closer, a dead weight in your arms, and ran his fingers through your hair before bringing them under your chin so he could look you in the eye. But no words left his mouth.

His eyes widened, mouth moving and forming words that never reached your ears. He had lost his tail and his voice and without thinking twice, you said what was playing on your mind, “Am I worth this?”

Hoseok’s mouth opened and shut as he seemed to be trying to search for something to say, even if he couldn’t speak, so you continued, “you’ve sacrificed everything you are for me, what’s wrong with you.” Your eyes began to swim with tears, and your lifeguard training kicked in as you began to tow your siren to the shore, your tears silently slipped down your face to join the waves.

After a while of studying your leg movements, Hoseok became able to kick for himself lessening the weight you were dragging, but the silence weighed heavily on your mind. When you reached the beach, you watched Hoseok collapse as soon as you let him go where the waves lapped at silly sand, but you were too tired to drag him to your house “I’m sorry I snapped,” you sighed after a while, but looking over you realised why he hadn’t made any signal to show he heard you; Hoseok was writing in the sand.

You would have broken my heart if you said no. So I became human and saved us both the pain.’ when you finished reading you looked at him, studying his dimples and sunkissed skin before a wide smile spread across your face as you threw yourself into his arms.

“I missed you so much, I was worried you were going to be killed,” the tears that slid down your cheek landed on his bare chest, his hand coming to stroke your back slowly. The last time you had seen Hoseok he had been begging you to join him as a mermaid, you never got to reply because you could no longer breathe underwater.

And when you finally reached the surface he had disappeared from your view, leaving you feeling abandoned. But he was back.

Even if he had lost his voice and now had legs, but he had sacrificed almost everything for you and with that realisation, your sobs became more violent as you wondered how you were meant to get his voice back. “I’ve read the little mermaid before Hobi, are you going to die if I don’t kiss you?”

His smile became tight, the light dulled from his eyes and his grip tightened on you, as he slowly shook his head slowly mouthing words you hadn’t expected, “I don’t know.”


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1. Deserted sand dunes where after many years of loneliness the sea reached its destination and the clouds rejoiced - the instant embrace, the injection of one arm to another, the love uttered through the keening limbs of both lovers.

2. The ocean is always there amongst the trees and the creme is land amidst the greens, regardless wherever they are they will always meet - always!

3.Monster in disguise; you never know its true colours until you see it. Always comes with the majestically rich patterns and forms but once you see past it, you will meet its real face.

- So appreciative to have a day to myself. I’ve accomplished so much in one day. Did this liquid painting, edited my pictures, slow cooked dinner on the stove, washed and hung my clothes, written a few stuff even did some high dusting and I still have a few hours to spare ( contemplating whether to spend it with my sister or myself [I am thinking of watching into the Badlands - S2 and I can not wait for Supergirl or I could listen to Khaki king and Tash Sultana?] ) - 

Anyways, this is an extended thank you for those of you (you know who you are) - who had liked, loved, commented, reblogged and supported me - I love you all, I am grateful beyond this universe, I am thankful and I cherish, value and adore you all! - 

With all of my abundance, signed, sealed and delivered 

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Sea shell magic

Seashells that wash up on the shore come from a netherworld where ocean meets land. Because of the Moon’s influence on the tides, these seashells hold the energy of the Moon goddess. Many shells, particularly sea snails and the chambered nautilus, form or contain a spiral—the powerful symbol of the Great Mother Goddess. Spiral shells can be used to stimulate energy in your home or in ritual. Other shells have a calming effect because of their smooth surfaces. Shells can be placed anywhere singly, or they may be in jars, bowls, and baskets. A summer wreath for the front door could include a few seashells to add their magic to the energy that enters your home.

Abalone – Abalone has many uses for Witchcraft. Abalone has been used by Kemetic (ancient Egyptian), Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Italian (Stregha), Celtic (Druidic and Faerie), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Gypsy, Norse, Germanic, British, Scottish, African, Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, Asian Indian, and Native American witches.
Many will use the shell for love spells, and that sort of magick that we dont practice. However, I would not discount the fact that this shell could be used for love of self. To help with affirmations, and balancing. That’s why amulets are typically for protection.
Abalone amulets protect the witch from negative energy. Abalone talismans attract creativity to the witch. A magick amulet protects from some kind of energy, while a magick talisman draws in some kind of energy. A witch can magickally charge the same abalone as both an amulte and a talisman. Witches can use abalone for meditation and chakra balancing. Witches use whole abalone shells as an incense holder
Wearing abalone shell as a magickal amulet will protect the wearer from negativity, especially anger, depression, fear, and/or sadness. The abalone amulet should be charged with a protection spell and/or ritual (protection from negativity, protection from anger, protection from depression, protection from fear, protection from sadness).also, wearing an abalone shell as a magickal talisman will bring inspiration and creativity, especially in writing. This magick effect is strongest with creative writing, especially lyric poetry, but can also be used for business or school writing. The abalone talisman should be charged with a creativity spell and/or ritual. An abalone talisman can be used to help with inspiration and creativity in any art. Carrying or wearing an abalone talisman will help give you creative ideas, especially if magickally charged. To charge shells, do not cleanse. The purification of the sea from which they came and the Sun that has shown on them for ages is cleansing enough.
Charging the shell is recommended. Because of the Suns rays upon the shell and the intent for which it is intended , should be enough for your magickal working. Of coarse, we can and should ask Our Blessed Mother to instill in the shell, all the powers that she would wish us to have.
Because of the abalones magick energy protects from negativity, a magick abalone amulet is great for meditation.
An abalone talisman can help you move past negative emotions and bring you in touch with your own innner beauty.
The same abalone shell can be magickally charged as both an amulet and a talisman. A dually charged magick abalone is particularly good for meditation.
Abalone can be used for chakra balancing. This is an advanced metaphysical subject. Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, abalone can be used with almost any chakra balancing techniques you have learned.
Water is the element for abalone. A piece of abalone can be used to represent the element water during calling of corners (when casting a circle). A witch can use abalone on the altar for any magick spell that needs a symbol or representative of the element water.
A complete abalone shell can be used as a magick incense holder (for stick incense). Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, it can be used as an incense holder for any kind of magick ritual or spell. Abalones power to protect from negativity helps protect your magick spells and rituals. Incense burned in an abalone shell incense holder is empowered for any kind of magick.
Silver is the only metal that should come into contact with abalone, being used for magickal rituals or spells. Or it can also have a small hole bored into it to slip a black cord thru for wearing as an amulet.
Shell Correspondences

ABALONE: General use. Use to conatin empowered herbs, stones, and other magical uses.

CLAM SHELLS: Used for purification and love. A small clam shell may be etched with a rune and made into a potent talisman.

CONE SHELLS: Used in protective spell crafts.

COWRIES: Cowries are specific tools of prosperity and money; many cultures once used them as money.

LEFT HANDED WHELKS: Use for making dramatic, positive changes in your life.

LIMPETS: Courage, confidence, physical strength.

MOON SHELLS: Psychic awareness, purifcation, and peace.


OYSTERS: Love and good fortune.



SCALLOPS: Useful for spells involving travel and movement.

daenerys targaryen; la mer

Request:  I would love to see an imagine where the reader is the youngest Lannister ( actually a Targaryen by an affair) and meets Daenerys and just like that Jonerys scene they go the King’s Landing have sex?

Notes: Idk if the transition was too fast but I really like this ahhhh. Hope you enjoy it as well! btw i’m laughing at the title bc la mer means the sea (bc of the boatsex scene) in french but lamer means to lick in spanish i’m so stupid lol

You were waiting in Dragonstone, your feet anxiously tapping the floor. Your brother was about to arrive with the self proclaimed queen of Westeros. You were doubtful, but you trusted Tyrion –risky, being a Lannister, but you thought trusting you was risky too –.  

As you thought this, you saw the first ships show up in the horizon. You bit your lip, your heart torn between fear for the unknown and expectancy and the prosper of seeing your most dear brother once again. When they arrived, even from the distance, you could see emotion overcome the silver-haired woman’s face. Her eyes lift up from the sand, and on her way to inspect the castle her eyes fall on your hood covered figure, although she doesn’t seem surprised at your presence. She stands from her crouching position and approaches you. With steady steps she positions herself in front of you.

“Your grace”. You curtsied slightly, although she didn’t seem to care about it much.

“You’re Tyrion’s sister, right?”

“I am, your grace.”

“Good. He has talked quite a lot about you.”

“I hope all he said was good, your grace.”

“Superb. Will you join us? I have a country to rule, and a castle to check.”

“Right behind you, your grace.”

And that’s how it started. Now you were in King’s Landing, waiting for your sister to return with her most than likely sour response.

“Do you miss it?”

You turned to the voice you had got accustomed to. There she was, standing tall, but with a nice smile on her face. You had earned her trust fairly easily, which had surprised both you and your brother when he asked you about it, though you pretended to not understand why.

“No. This city is full of shit and bad memories for me. I wished nothing else but to leave. Casterly Rock, on the other hand, was always far more welcoming, although I’m sure Tyrion hated it, and he has told you everything about it.”

“He did.” She nodded. “Do you miss your family?”

“I always thought the only member of my family I’d miss was Tyrion, and I was right. I also miss Jaime, in a sort of way, but it’s not the same bond I have with Tyrion.”

She nodded again, and doubt crossed her face. You looked at her questioningly, inviting her to continue. She seemed unsure, but she asked: I wondered, when I first met you… Why aren’t you married? Girls far younger than you already are, and a family like yours seems like one that would force you into it.”

Your eyes widened, a question you weren’t expecting, and it made you feel slightly uncomfortable. “My sister already married a king, Jaime couldn’t marry nor inherit, and Tyrion… my father thought him useless. I always thought he wanted me to inherit Casterly Rock, and that’s why he was nicer to me I guess. I didn’t want to marry, anyway. I guess after watching my sister marry a king and seeing how that ended up…”

She nodded understandingly. She knew small bits of your life for what you had told her on certain days, sitting in front of the fire and drinking wine. “My marriage was rocky, and sorrow ridden, but I loved him.”

You smiled sweetly at her. “Sometimes that’s enough to make it through.”

She smiled back.


You doubted standing in front of her door. You had raised your hand three times already and the three times you hadn’t dared. You went to try again, but this time you didn’t need to. Daenerys opened the door, and she stared at you with her purple knowing eyes. You waited for her to do something, and taking the hint, she moved aside letting you in.

You stepped in, looking around the cabin. It was quite fancy, appropriate for a queen. After you looked around, you turned and saw Dany standing in front of you, behind her the bed. She noticed how your eyes darted to the back, where the said bed was, and she seemed to understand the thoughts that were going through your mind, but didn’t seem scared not disgusted, but greedy.

You gave a few steps forward and grabbed her from her waist. You pushed her slightly backwards and she willingly laid on the bed, you laying over her. Her soft skin burnt under your touch. You kissed her softly at first, but tired of the tenderness, she took the lead and started kissing you more passionately. You separated on the need to breathe, so you take the moment to undress each other. It takes a while to get rid of the heavy garments, but you finally manage.

You gasped when Daenerys pushed you towards the bed, making you lay on your back. He rough hands caressed your waist, while you left wet kisses around her neck or any patch or skin within reach. She moved down to your breasts, and you wanted to start crying at the look of adoration with which she was looking at them. She very lightly touched your right breast.

“Your mouth.” You whispered, not wanting to disturb the wild sounds you both were making. She seemed unsure, but very swiftly she put your right nipple on her mouth, sucking and toying with her tongue. You looked down, and you couldn’t help but moan at the look of your queen sucking like starving woman holding on for dear life. She did the same to your left breast, taking quite a while. She seemed to enjoy this new act, as you were sure it was the first time she tasted a woman’s boobs.

She kept going down your abdomen past your mound, and started kissing from your knees to your thighs, avoiding kissing where you needed her the most. Groaning in frustration, you grabbed her and pinned her against the bed, a surprised gasp leaving her open lips. Taking the moment you kissed her on her open mouth, you warm tongues dancing with each other, and shivers running down your spine when you felt your nipples brushing against each other’s. You caressed them, twisting and pulling her small nipples, a guttural moan coming from her chest. You could feel your core get warm and pulsate.

You got away from her. Her eyes closed and breathing heavy. But you didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath. You hand went down, touching her soaking lips. You looked up. Her eyes were wide, looking rather expectant down at you. You started playing with her clit, and a raw scream came out of her. You were playing with it, twisting and turning, watching her with her head back, mouth open agape and loud sexy sounds surrounding you. She whispered your name, and you could feel your juices starting to slip down your thigh. Without diverting your eyes, you pushed one finger deep inside her. Her eyes shot open, and her head fell back down hard against the pillow. “Y/N, oh–” You pushed a second finger, and at the same time you started toying with yourself, absentmindedly touching your small pleasure spot. You pushed another finger inside you, and with two fingers inside yours and Daenery’s pussies, you sped up, matching the rhythm of the thrusts. Your moans mixing up in the air.

“Y/N, I think I’m going to–” You pushed your fingers out of her vagina, and you soon replaced them with your mouth. She oozed of sex, and you couldn’t avoid but enjoy her sent. Your tongue coming in and out of her tight hole, while you occasionally bit and licked her clit and you kept pushing your fingers inside of your pussy, the pleasure around you was too much. You knew you were about to cum, and so was her. You didn’t cease moving your tongue until with one loud scream, her juices covered your mouth. You licked her clean, and the taste was the last push to make you cum. You took your soaking wet fingers to her mouth, which she gladly started sucking. When you had finished you lay on your back, and she quickly laid over you, kissing you softly on the lips. You smiled during the kiss, and so did she. She rested over your chest, both of you naked on the bed, skin to skin, and that’s how you fell asleep.

DAY 3320

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Apr 30,  2017               Sun 11:23 pm

Birthday - EF - Anat Magen         Mon, May 1 .. greetings on your birthday Anat .. may all your wishes come true and happiness be your companion ever .. love from all the Ef …

and wishing Zalina Tidjieva a very happy and prosperous birthday .. love

When your support accomplishes what you wish for it to do all the time .. the day and the night adopt a kind gentle and forgiving nature .. I am kind and gentle and forgiving .. Chelsea won 3-0 ..!! and last nights’ stunner at the IPL Mumbai Indians played a humdinger .. playing the super over with conviction and Bumra doing the honours .. though I must say that the Gujarat Lions played a master of a game .. such excitement and nerve biting finish .. cricket won ..!!

The future of communication gets the topic of the day almost invariably each passing moment .. and the fascination of its future is as invigorating as the first breath of air that winded ‘digital’ .. how we see react speak visualize understand comment in time, shall be perhaps the most impressive and important discoveries of time .. we may not be around to witness it - me certainly not - but the young and the future and the largest percentage of youth in the universe, here in India, shall live the life of an amazing era ..

These very platforms that invigorate your attention and response, shall become the harbinger of change and convenient access .. collectively this number of 61 million, largely dedicated to the image of our extended family, shall, with hope, be of convenient presence and exampled for many others .. quite unknowingly you and I would have been made the initiators of something revolutionary and fresh and innovative .. what a blessing to have such a creation that began its journey some years ago, never ever with the hope or intent that in time this is what shall become of it ..  

My gratitude then as ever .. !!

There is the perennial love of the well wishers .. and the dramatic creative talent that accompanies such moments .. my love and my gratitude for all that is done .. and done with the intent of bringing the happiness in our hearts ..

And the raised hands reach out to the life that you give me .. the will and the endeavour to continue .. to be at work and with that to be with all ..

 … and the barefooted ness is the will of a pilgrimage almost .. to be among those that spend hours to be at the gates with such immense regularity .. to reciprocate what I receive and return it if possible in larger strength ..

 … but that is not all that transpires .. there is conversation with them that come from over the seas, to chatter about the metropolis and the association of my presence here in Mumbai for the most part of my living years .. of my profession .. of what celebrity differences occur from here to there .. there, being of not such proportions .. and the wonder of it all .. how the coping and conditioning of such moments .. of what the city means .. of what others should expect from it .. its attractions and its meaning in the lives of countrymen ..

And my response : its a city that wakes you up in the morning and pushes you out of your slumber, urging you to get out there and do something .. that is a most polite interpretation ; it in fact lands a very determined kick on the posterior and commands you to get out and do it .. !!

the conversation in the rooms of this large property which in my time of the early years was just a barren piece of sand and rugged beach .. where we would gather to play cricket or kick a ball about devouring the delicious and cost efficient street food .. the walk about by the pool and the meeting with the very young who have no idea what all the fuss is about ..

… and this gentleman from the seas beyond, who in passing and noticing me greeting me with folded hands .. I reciprocate .. but I wonder why he did so .. strange ..

I smile now in keeping with the temperament of the questioning .. but also on the insistence of many Ef who feel and perhaps believe that the grief of the days gone should now be overcome .. I comply .. but do we really comply .. do we really overcome ..

For me to know and for you to find out ..

Amitabh Bachchan

La Jolla, California (and Sunset Cliffs)

On Sunday I hopped in a very expensive uber, and headed ½ an hour north of San Diego to La Jolla. I had never heard of La Jolla before, but everyone and their mother had told me to go there, so despite the pricey price tag to get there (I didn’t rent a car, I took an uber) I placed it at the top of my Must-Do list and voyaged north. 

First things first: should you ever find yourself in the San Diego area, please cross your heart and promise me that you’ll go? Because it’s INCREDIBLE. 

It’s the area of the world’s richest, and let me tell you, the rich choose to live where the sea meets the land in an incredibly beautiful manner.  The steep coast, golden beaches, and clear blue water make for an aesthetically stunning sight, and it’s easy to see why it has the United States’ highest home prices in the last few years.

As I entered “La Jolla” into the Uber app, I wasn’t too sure where I’d end up, but my Uber driver took me to the center of their upper main street, and I walked/explored from there. 

As you probably know, ever since I completed my 2014 New Year’s resolution of not buying things, I have completely broken my habit of shopping, which meant I walked the main strip for about 30 seconds before figuring that I neded to get down to the beach. 

I ended up finding this oh-so-very-cute alley way to sneak down to the water’s edge. 

La Jolla Caves

And down below I found the caves. “The Caves” which reminded me of somewhere in Italy, or perhaps Spain (although I’ve never been). Actually, the whole of San Diego reminded me of other spots all around the world; notably Cape Cod, Cape Town, SA, and Mexico.

It was on this voyage down to the caves where I shook my head at myself for spending $42 the mere day before to go see seals… they were FREE and EVERYWHERE on this beach.  NEVER PAY FOR SEALS IN CALIFORNIA.

It smells pretty bad in this area (from the seals), but they’re so cute to watch and something quite foreign to my northern self. 

While taking photos of those cute little seals I MASSIVE wave came down and splashed on me. I was that person and I couldn’t stop laughing, although I was alone. 

La Jolla Coastal Walk

After spending quite a lot of time with the seals, and nearly getting heat-stroke (drink water, kids) I decided to head back into town to find a spot with a view to drink gallons of water, use their washroom, and pretend for a hot second or two I was a billionaire with a view. 

I took exactly no photos of where I found (as I was determined to stay off my phone), but I found a gorgeous window view ordered a gallon of water, a glass of white wine, and tiramisu while trying to read my book, but getting distracted by the view every two point three seconds. 

(Side note: It has taken me thirty two years to be confident at sitting alone in fancy restaurants.) 

La Jolla Coastal Walk

After my terrible-for-me-but-delicious lunch, I decided to try to burn off some of those calories and walk down to the beach I could see in the far distance. 

And this, my friends, was my favourite part of the walk trip (pro tip: If you’re like me and of the curvier variety, wear pants not a dress as fighting off chub-rub for over an hour in the Californian summer’s sun is the WORST). 

The scene below kicked off the scenic path, and I know I post a lot of Instagram photos, but I truly think this one below may be my ultimate favourite. 

Or, wait, maybe this one?  

The Coastal Walk goes from upper La Jolla to lower La Jolla and twists and turns along the cliff’s edge, with multi-million dollar mansions to your left, and “wow views” to the right. 

I was pretty much the only person on the path, except I did stumble across this painter, which impressed me greatly. (Also, please note how although I was the only person on the path, there were soooooo many people in the water!  Look at all those kayakers!)

Eventually the path started to twist down as I headed back into the second ocean-side La Jolla (I actually don’t know if the top and bottom towns were La Jolla, but they were to me!).  On the way down I passed some GORGEOUS houses and gardens. 

And then finally arrived in this colourful seaside town! 

Below were the palm trees surrounding the local tennis club!

As you can imagine by this time I was pooped! I had accumulated over 25,000 steps on my fitbit, my inner thighs were fighting me every step of the way, and all I wanted to do was sit down and not move 

And sit down and not move I did! On the beach, that is.  The photo below makes it look cold and stormy, but I assure you, it was not. 

After a solid hour of bum-time, I walked to the far off northern end of the beach to take a gander at the surfers and the famous pier. 

Here I am nice n’ toasty n’ tired in a photo a teenage girl took for me, but not before I took 3,002 perfect Instagramable photos for her. 

Tired, and a little chilly, I then headed back to the road to call an uber.  I watched the sun peak through the clouds as I waited from up top.

What a beautiful world we live in. 

Sunset Cliffs

My day and this post should end here, but in my Uber I casually told my driver, “I was going to go to Sunset Cliffs, but I’m too tired,” to which he insisted I must must must go, and, well, because “Sunset Cliffs” sounds like my type of jam, I redirected the app, and went there. 

I feel like my photos don’t do Sunset Cliffs justice, as it was cloudy and I didn’t put much effort into them, but it’s a beautiful spot which I would recommend going. 

Oh look! It’s me. Sun kissed, sweaty, and tired, but this is the only selfie from the day, because apparently when you’re thirty two… scenery > you. 

I then stood right where the below photo was taken and got my fourth uber of the day(!) and went home to my hotel bed to meet colleagues for dinner and to review everything for the meetings for the next few days, because yes, my California trip was a business trip! 

I just went two days earlier and am so so so SO thankful I did! 

Phew, the end. 

The Salt Sea Witch

The salt sea witch is not stunningly beautiful, nor is she a warped old crone. She is rather short for a witch, with a sun kissed face, and hair that seems to have more waves than the ocean. She has lived in the house atop the cliff for as long as anyone can remember. Her little cottage surrounded by ice-plants and wild flowers has a porch that wraps all the way around. She can be seen in the mornings, sitting there in her rocking chair smoking a pipe, or else watering her plants or walking through the pines behind her house. Day or night she may be found walking the shoreline, collecting shells and kelp, sea cucumber and sand dollars which are all useful ingredients in her sunburn salve. Some believe that she was borne of the ocean, like Aphrodite, sculpted from the sea foam. She has sea salt in her veins and an affinity for the waves, her moods predict the ebb and flow of the tides. For that reason, the local fishermen visit her porch upon the cliff side before they depart, leaving her gifts of glittering coins, smoothest sea glass, mirror shards, and opals, the sea witch loves all things smooth and shiny. She takes their gifts down through the sea caves connecting the house to her grotto, where she lines the walls with their presents. It is here, in the grotto’s pool that she summons the sea spirits that she casts off with the fishermen to ensure their safe journey and bountiful catches. On rare evenings, under the light of the fullest moon she can be seen swimming out at sea, her thick thighs working hard to propel her through the surf. On full moon nights, she is free to meet with the selkies and merfolk, with whom she conducts commerce, the trading of land goods for deep sea commodities that she uses in her potions and spells. She has a special cupboard in her grotto where she stores her deep-sea stocks of photosynthetic plants, giant spider crab legs, lion fish quills and Atlantic wolffish spines.