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◼  anastasia the musical sentence starters

  • ‘   I’ve stayed too long here.   ’
  • ‘   Wherever I go, you’ll always be with me.   ’
  • ‘   New name, same empty stomachs.   ’
  • ‘   Can’t cook an emptry promise in an empty pot.   ’
  • ‘   The skies are grey, the walls have ears, and he who argues disappears.   ’
  • ‘   It’s really very friendly if you don’t mind spies.   ’
  • ‘   We’re goo and loyal comrades and our favorite color’s red.   ’
  • ‘   You hold a revoltion and here’s the price you pay.   ’
  • ‘   Thank goodness for the gossip that get’s us through the day.   ’
  • ‘   It’s a rumor that’s part of our history.   ’
  • ‘   You and I friend will go down in history.   ’
  • ‘   Who else could pull it off but you and me?   ’
  • ‘   I can’t lose this job.   ’
  • ‘   Do you believe in fairy tales?   ’
  • ‘   It’s risky but not more than usual.   ’
  • ‘   Hopefully disaster won’t ensue.   ’
  • ‘   And with luck we won’t get shot.   ’
  • ‘   They said I was found by the side of the road.   ’
  • ‘   A girl/boy with no name and no memories.   ’
  • ‘   I don’t know a thing before that.   ’
  • ‘   Keeping up my courage, as foolish as it seems.   ’
  • ‘   You don’t know what it’s like not to know who you are.   ’
  • ‘   But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreams.   ’
  • ‘   Don’t give up hope come what may.   ’
  • ‘   You were born in a palace by the sea.   ’
  • ‘   Charming child.   ’

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Did you ever have bottom shame when you started having sex? If yes then how did you get over it

I had to read several websites to even figure out what that means. I’m assuming it means being ashamed of being a bottom cause that’s the “girly” part of being gay? I know on here, I say it loud and proud but that’s not something I go out of my way to admit in real life. Like, you know how on Grindr now, you can put what position you are? I just keep it blank cause I still feel like, if a guy sees it, he’s gonna be like, “Oh, what a lady man.” Not necessarily because I bottom, but because I “advertise” that I’m a bottom. Even on here, people have been like, “You’re way more feminine than I thought you were, slopabottomus” whenever I started being more open about my sex life or lack thereof. I guess it’s just the stigma of it all which literally makes no sense cause like, obviously if you’re the top, you’re gonna need a bottom at some point. Regardless, though, I guess I’m not really over it. I only started out bottoming cause the first few guys I dated, didn’t/wouldn’t. Because I didn’t really care either way, I just got into it and enjoyed it. When it came to a point where the other guy was the bottom-er-ist, I was like, “Ight, it’s my time to shine.” But then, sweat was like beading down my forehead, it didn’t feel HALF as good as my own hand, and because of that, literally hours went by and I wasn’t even kind of close. It. Was. Ex. Haus. Ting. And it wasn’t the guy at all. I just wasn’t into my part of the job. 

Hopefully, that’s what that even means. Otherwise, this whole thing was pointless. Lol Correct me if I’m wrong, please! 

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aight so i just finished reading some longass post abt how klance is gross and that klance is for those "blinder than narti. first of all don't talk to me or my child (narti) ever again. they said sh31th have "actual" proof and that they have something deeper than friendship. yeah, thats called a sibling-like relationship the fuck u doin op? do i gotta date everyone i make physical contact w/ or trust? tha fuc? best part, they said lance was str@ight and i was like "bitch WHERE?"

God…they’re all just…so desperate

Like I’m sitting here chilling and jsut overall calm because even if klance doesn’t become canon (lmao could you imagine) I also know they wouldn’t make shitth or any sha/ad/n ship canon because he’s a grown ass man.

Plus if I know mainstream writers since shiro is a designated “main male character” he’s likely gonna end up with someone. Or probably has someone back on earth tbh. (Have you seen the man…there is no way in hell nobody ain’t try to get that)

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i dont wanna brag, but i need to tell this someone who hates terfs as much as i do: it is actually useful to fight radfems via tumblr discourse. dont argue about their ideology; you need to find their weak spots. i found out controversial info about some of the worst terfs on radfem-gossip and had some conflict going on. ma/rs/in/lib/ra and stra/ight/gi/rl/s now deactivated, where i certainly contributed to. fight fire with fire.

Honestly? I would love to be able to do this. I try not to stir up drama, but sometimes? People just deserve it. However, I personally couldn’t find time or energy to do this, as fantastic as it is. Power to you anon for doing the lord’s work, the less TERFs on this website, the better.

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*Falls from the ceiling and manages to Hug you as I fall, dragging you to the Floor with me* I am Tireeddddddd ;-; I love youuuu, I might need to sleepz on your floorz againnnnnn

*rubs at the spot of my head where it made contact with the floor, tiredly glancing at you* a’ight, me to o *instantly falls asleeps* 

it was the summer of two thounsand one. joe meets patrick and he’s like “yo, i know about music” and patrick’s like “yo,” i know more about music.“ "that’s impossible; do you wanna start a band” and patrick’s like “yeah that’s cool” and then he’s like “yo, this is a book store not a music store!” and then they met at patrick’s house. patrick’s wearing shorts and socks and a hat. patrick is playing drums for some fucking reason, and pete’s there for some reason, they start playing music together and they’re like “oh let’s play some fucking covers from some other bands” it was like green day and fucking misfits and fucking ramones, pete said to joe “yo we gotta change this shit up yo we’ve played all these bands let’s play shit from fall out boy” and so pete and patrick are like “yo that’s dope, but we need a fucking drummer” because patrick’s playing drums and he’s a singer patrick’s like “yo i got a soul voice” and they’re like “wait how do you have a soul voice” and he’s like “yo watch this; YEAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEAH,EH” and they’re like “oh my god that sounds like soul” so they put it in the song and it’s like “WHERE IS YOUR BOY TONIGHIGHIGHIGHIGHIGHIGHGH,IGHT” and then they’re like “yo this is fucking perfect this is fall out boy and they made records like evening out with your ex girlfriend, evening out with your ex girlfriend everybody loves it (it’s called evening out with your girlfriend) with your EX girlfriend it’s called evening out with your ex girlfriend it’s called eating out your girlfriend and it’s real and it doesn’t matter and pete talked to patrick and joe and he’s like "yo what the FUCK yo this is going to be fucking DOPE” so they made a record it was called take this to your grave they made it without a drummer! and they had like three, four drummers come in the four drummers they had come in were like josh freese, neil peart, the dude from toto, the fourth one was like the guy from papa roach or something and they’re like “yo we need andy hurley andy hurley take this to your grave fucking record it and he did it and he killed it and he’s like "BUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUOUOUOUOUDODODCPPHHHHHH” killing the skins, tapping the skins, tapping the rim, playing the shit, killing these bitches, rapping it out, YOU’RE GETTING A FUCKING TATTOO RIGHT NOW, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON “we should get signed, to fueled by ramen because these guys know what the fuck is going on” they’re like “yo if you can make our scene any bigger than it already is which is not fucking hard we will sign you guys” pete’s like “yo we got this record which is fucking dope dude it’s called take this to your grave and so from under the cork tree is going to be fucking huge” and then patrick’s like “i got to keep it real, i gotta keep it artistic these are three songs that are going to make the album and it’s called it’s called thanks for the memories twenty dollar nosebleed and sugar we’re going down” and they made this record which was fucking dope and it fucking hit on the charts like ONE TWO THREE, THREE TWO ONE, THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN, TEN TO ONE! from under the cork tree sold like four million records ten million records fifteen million records and brendon urie had nothing to do with the entire record and patrick’s like “thAT’S GOO'O'O'O'O'O'O'O'O'OO,OOD” pete was like “yo fuck you i can do whatever i want” joe was like “yeah it’s cool man whatever i don’t give a shit” and andy was like “eh, cool” and pete was like “makeup is fucking great for a guy because it makes a guy look beautiful which a lot of times a guy is not beautiful and i want to change that i want to make sure that everyone thinks that guys are beautiful” *spitting* i’m good so far (you wanna spit one more time) yeah i do *more spitting and burping* *chuckling* SHUT THE FUCK UP oh fuck alright pete was like “oh my god im so embarrassed about this dick pick” and then i saw the dick pick and im like “eh it’s not bad” it’s not a bad dick, let’s be real we made rolling stone one issue before fall out boy and fall out boy made the issue right after us and they were so pissed they were like “yo fuck you guys” they were like “YO! PANIC HAS THE FUCKING COVER OF ROLLING STONE, YO FUCK THESE DUDES WE’RE GOING TO FUCKING GO MILES ABOVE we’re going to hit every fucking content there is” but they didn’t because they missed a second of time, apparently they’re like “oh shit we got a recountment” and they didn’t actually hit it dude and pete was like “WHAT THE FUCK” “oh you didn’t fucking make the comment” it’s like FUCK YOU so from under the cork tree happens we fucking have like three four years of awesomeness like people are coming on themselves because it’s so big (after you drink talk about how they made two records) mm *pours beer on head* (there you go) alright so fall out boy was like so patrick’s like yo we’re gonna name this record from our from under the cork tree and from ininity and from infinity on high" pete was like “yo folie a deux means the theatrics of two (the madness of two) oh sorry fall out boy was like yo, we gotta take a break, meaning pete was like "yo, we gotta take a break brah!” and patrick’s like “i need time for my music! ooooh!” and joe’s like “yo i need time to find the fucking art dude i need time to find the fucking mew metal” and andy’s like “im just going to play with some fucking metal bands” and they’re like “alright this breaks been like three years long, two years long, three years long, three and a half, we gotta fucking come back man we gotta come back STRONG” YOU TOOK MY BEER AWAY what the FUCK (no you poured it all over yourself) “we gotta make this shit legit it’s gonna be fucking dope, it’s going to go fucking skyhigh, we’re going to make a fucking record that sails the skies we’re going to call this record save rock and roll” so they made alone together light em up alone together phoenix, and everyone’s like what the fuck you’re working with this guy that fucking recorded avril lavigne and p!nk WHAT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ON MY SHIRT DID I LIKE PUKE ON MYSELF OR SOMETHING (you poured beer all over yourself man) oh god pete was like “yo we’re going to end up on the tour with panic! at the disco and twenty pilots *belches* *spits* and that’s all, and that’s all that matters. and that’s just how the fucking story goes
—  Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, incredibly drunk, retelling the history of Fall Out Boy

I really, really hate that Netflix took away their star rating system. 

Because now I gotta decide whether to give a middling movie I didn’t love but don’t mind a thumbs up or down and it’s like “Bitch, I’m in between on this. Where’s the ‘it’s ai’ight’ option?”

Do better Netflix.


And now it is time for my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie with dimples as deep as the ocean that just make him look so adorable I wanna hug him, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Visuals first bc I need it
  • I have such a love and appreciation for blonde!joon tbh
  • Blonde hair just makes him look s o !!!!!!
  • But there is one hair color of his that is still my favorite to this day and that is the purple hair
  • Especially when they added in like a tiny touch of pink at the very top and it was just like the icing on the cake 
  • I would be s o down for the purple hair to come back tbh like it’s my favorite, he made it look so amazing and beautiful and it made him look ethereal and just like a soft lil teddy bear that you just wanna squeeze and hug and kiss his cute lil face
  • It was also a bit messy and laidback which is one of the reasons I love it so much
  • It made him look like an angel tbh and I love it so so much so that is the hairstyle that superhero!joon has
  • His style wouldn’t be any different from normal!joon’s, which can I just say I love joon’s style and I love that he expresses himself through his clothing
  • Plus he always looks really fucking cute in his lil outfits like 10/10
  • Like he makes all those cute sweaters and jackets and hats and glasses all look so good Kim Daily is just wow I need more of it
  • He would have the power of telekinesis, the ability to move things with your mind basically
  • He would use his powers to help people but he also uses it to play around with his friends sometimes
  • Like oh what’s that you’re gonna take a drink of your water ?? Nope lol that shit is gonna be floating now oops it’s suddenly levitating away oh no better go get it
  • He only does it when he’s bored or when he’s just in a playful mood
  • Bc when Namjoon is playful, he’s an actual child and it’s so precious to see this smol lil teddy bear just spring into action and he’s running around with the other boys, he’s playing along with whatever joke they’ve got going, he’s being an adorable lil goofball
  • And everyone automatically knows he’s the one doing it bc he’s just sitting there laughing his ass off bc it never gets old
  • Just seeing that initial shock on their face when it first moves is enough to send him into a giggle fit that literally has him on the floor
  • “I’m glad you think this is funny but giVE ME MY DAMN WATER BACK”
  • This AU is gonna take place is a town where superheroes aren’t really this !! thing it’s kinda like oh ight cool you do you dude
  • So everyone knows he has powers, everyone knows he’s got a few friends with powers too but everyone’s super used to it so no one’s super !!! when they find out
  • Half of the people in town don’t know who does what like they know someone can read minds, they know someone can control fire, someone’s forever flying above their heads but it’s just like another typical Tuesday afternoon
  • But there’s always a way to find out, like there’s that one friend that somehow knows the person who can fly and can call them to come help
  • It happens to Namjoon a good bit but he doesn’t mind at all
  • There have been times where people lock themselves out of something and need him to unlock the door, there are times when someone loses their bracelet and needs his help finding it, all sorts of things really
  • He gets asked to get things from the top shelf a lot
  • He can’t tell if it’s bc he’s tall and has long arms or if it’s bc they know about his powers but either way, he’s no stranger to love the top shelf
  • That’s actually how he meets you
  • You two had bumped into each other here and there bc you went to the same café but you had never spoken besides the mumbled “oh sorry”
  • You were in the library, looking for a book you needed for an essay that happened to be on the very top shelf
  • The book suddenly floats down and of course, you get all !! bc the fuck just happened wait no
  • Like you’re scrambling to get away from the shelf and end up bumping into a table and it’s so not how Namjoon wanted this to happen
  • He’s immediately like wait no shit I didn’t mean to scare you I was trying to be cute I should’ve done it by hand I’m so sorry are you okay I’ll buy you a band aid do you need one
  • Once you realize what happened you kinda just start laughing bc here’s this total cutie who looks nic E as fuck turning all cute bc he’s genuinely worried you’re pissed off at him for scaring you
  • He gets really ??? bc wait what why are you laughing is this like a sarcastic laugh before you tell me to fuck off
  • You reassure him you’re not mad, that you were just kinda surprised that your book suddenly started floating around
  • “Can I have my book btw??”
  • “What if we made a trade?? Your number for this book”
  • You know either way you’re getting your book but you decide to take the opportunity to give the total cutie your number
  • “It’s a deal”

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blaise & parvati for the slytherdor ship thing! 🌹 idk why but i just can't get over those two 🍵 thank you 🕊

[ in which blaise is still magic, and parvati is the most interesting thing to happen to him in a decade. for the @slytherdornet halloween challenge ]

  • to set the scene:
  • it’s nighttime. the creeptastic old cemetery where senior f®ight night is taking place is dark and desolate, and the silhouettes of crumbling headstones that haven’t been touched in a century look kind of like teeth. the moon is crescent-shaped, glowing that eerie, buttery yellow that’s trying just a little too hard to fit in for halloween, and there’s a dented aluminum keg propped up on a wheelbarrow next to the cast-iron fence that’s meant to keep people out of the woods.
  • blaise just wants a fucking cigarette.
  • and he knows why he’s there—“blend in, darling, that’s how we survive”—but he doesn’t know why some asshole with fake jheri curls is using blaise’s lighter to set a fucking pumpkin on fire.
  • “what,” blaise says, out loud, unable to fully mask his irritation. if he really wanted to, he could light up a whole pack of marlboros with just a tiny bit of friction between his fingertips, but—“magic is for saving lives and taking them, darling, nothing else”—party tricks are kind of beneath him at this point. he’s not one of those losers reading tarot cards on the boardwalk for twenty bucks and a misguided sense of purpose. obviously.
  • “right?” the girl next to him murmurs, slanting a commiserating glance his way. she’s pretty, he supposes, absently cataloguing smooth brown skin and expressively dark eyes and a twinkling garnet stud in her nose. there’s something else there, though, something hazy, almost, about how she’s looking at him. he doesn’t recognize her, but he’s pretty fucking positive he wouldn’t forget her, so. “guy’s a total pyro. voted for the senior prank to be, like, burning down the cafeteria.”
  • blaise literally does not care.
  • not about the senior prank, or the pyro, or this party, or the stultifying, too-familiar echo of petty high school gossip. he’s used to ignoring it. but his scalp is prickling, and his blood is running a little hotter than usual, a little stickier, which—“flare-ups aren’t uncommon, darling, not when we’re in close proximity to one another”—can’t be possible. makes zero goddamn sense. this girl still has her cheerleading uniform on from the game earlier. she’s probably going to start talking to him about fucking nail polish soon. he’s safe.
  • “i’m parvati,” the girl introduces herself, gaze slightly sharper than it had been. it shouldn’t be, honestly. liquid velvet shouldn’t have edges like a knife. “you’re new around here, aren’t you?”
  • “not really,” blaise replies, coolly, crossing his arms over his chest. he’s not wearing a costume. the idiot pyro had asked him if he was dressed as “black james dean” before his eyes had glazed over at the sight of the cheap green lighter in blaise’s pocket. “i don’t normally come to these…things.”
  • “these things,” parvati repeats, sounding amused. “so, why are you here now?
  • he shrugs, parting his lips with the barbell in his tongue, and thinks wistfully of charred tobacco and chicory-flavored smoke and silence. fuck. maybe he’d be better off hiding out with a crystal ball at a rust-bucket carnival in, like, ohio.
  • “hm,” she says, looking contemplative—looking frustrated—before she blinks it all away, feather-long lashes sweeping down over her cheeks. blaise is beginning to feel like he’s missing something. “well, it was…nice to meet you. here. let me get that back for you.”
  • he wrinkles his nose with an annoying twitch of confusion. “what are you talking about?”
  • she smirks.
  • his stomach does a fucking somersault.
  • and then she’s flicking her wrist, a preternaturally graceful movement that reminds him of jasmine gardens and lace-topped silk stockings and the past“we all have a millennia’s worth of memories in our veins, darling, we are history”—and blaise’s chipped Bic lighter is floating over to him, blurry with magic, invisible, most likely, to everyone but them.
  • “have a good night,” she whispers, voice smug and soft and lyrical, a siren’s song trapped behind plush red lips—“your allure can take many different forms, darling, just as your response to others’ can”—and blaise has to swallow, throat abruptly very, very dry.
  • “wait,” he blurts out, belatedly, swearing at himself in three different dead languages for not realizing sooner, for being so fucking comfortable with the monotony of his own boredom that he hadn’t even noticed that he wasn’t bored anymore. jesus. “hey. parvati, you said? i’m—”
  • “too late,” she interrupts, cutting him off with a deceptively sweet smile.
  • she turns to walk away, flipping a rope of thick, shiny black hair over her shoulder, a truly magnificent display that he doubts she’s ever had to practice. no. nothing so pedestrian. not from her.
  • he lets her go, though.
  • this time.

want one? send me a slytherdor ship for halloween!

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#71 Protective!SpaceDad!Kanan and Ezra for the prompts if you are still doing them.

71: we’re not “fine”

A/N: I tried…

“..an!” There’s a burst of static and a faint voice, pulling Kanan through the muddled daze hanging over his mind. Blinking lethargically, Kanan struggles towards consciousness, his body feeling stiff and cramped. There are a few places that shoot with pain when he shifts, making him wince as he continues through the pain.

“Ka…n!” Another burst of static cutting over a frantic voice - Hera’s voice. Sitting up now, however painful that is, a quick search around Kanan helps him find the discarded comm link, looking battered but obviously still working.

“Hera?” Kanan answers, his voice sounding groggy and rough. His throat hurts and Kanan wonders what happened. But looking around as Hera’s voice comes over the comm again, the memories come back quickly.

“Are yo…ay? Wh…appen…Kan…?” Rubbing at his pounding temples, Kanan tries to piece together the broken sentences as he hopes his message goes through.

“The Phantom crashed, I think. The Empire…they knew where the ship was going to arrive somehow. Ezra and I tried to-” Kanan halted his explanation as a strike of panic made his chest constrict.

Ezra. Where was his Padawan? Was he okay? Was he…?


There’s a soft groan off to Kanan’s left, his head whipping towards the noise far too quickly in his condition, but he ignores the spinning vision and pain. Ezra is just visible, lying on his side with his back to Kanan. Grunting with effort and moving with shaky limbs, Kanan keeps the comm at his belt as he crawls to Ezra’s side.

Rolling his apprentice over, Kanan takes in a sharp breath. There’s blood caked on Ezra’s forehead and temple, the boy’s eyes closed as he lays limply in Kanan’s hold.

“Ezra? Kid!” Kanan calls, trying and failing to keep the desperation out of his voice, knowing the comm is still open and Hera can still hear him if the link is still up.

“What’s go…g on?” Hera’s clearly heard Kanan’s voice, because there’s panic again in her tone where there had been relief when Kanan answered before. “Hang …ight, okay? You’re go…be fine.”

Trembling and shaking his head, Kanan gathers Ezra into his arms more securely, wishing desperately that there was something he could do to help his Padawan. “No,” he whispers, half to himself and half to comm. “We’re not fine.”

Topp Dogg has never released anything that wasn’t a bop honestly, cigarette? annie? arario?? such JAMS. follow me, open the door, top dog, the beat,,, listening to them makes me want to physically beat someone up. where is their bonsang? where is their grammy???

26. - Better Slow Down; She'll Feel it in the Morning.

This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put our love first
Somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse
Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
This is what makes us girls
We don’t stick together ‘cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him, don’t cry about him
It’s all gonna happen


I let out a tired sigh as I trekked it in the snow filled street and tried not to slip on the icy sidewalk. My nose was beyond frozen and I couldnt wait to make it back home so I could have a warm shower and bundle up in sweats and a hoodie.

Malakai’s name lit up my phone for the second time in the past five minutes and I quickly quickened my pace towards his house. This unfortunately had been my routine for the past three days.

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ok…idk how some of u will like this bc i feel like nobody will like it?? but i really want this..alr ight

au where kageyama is a homeless teen bc his family kicked him out and every day hinata passes him on his way home from school and sits to talk to him and every day kageyama looks forward to his short chats w hinata and hinata brings him little gifts like sometimes a warm pair of socks or a new pair of hand me down shoes or sometimes snacks and kageyama sometimes gives hinata a flower he found while walking around or he’ll use whatever he has around him to make him little gifts and th en hinata asks kageyama to live w him and his family and boom happy domestic life with feelings