where the hell was roger though

this fandom is so disgusting towards women, omfg. especially with the way ya’ll being so gross and misogynistic towards sharon carter. people in this fandom be like “gIVE US MORE FEMALE SUPERHEROES!!11!” and “gIRL POWER!!11!” but the SECOND a female gets in the way of your precious slash ship or another ship that features the male love interest she’s getting paired up with, ya’ll will attack her without any regard to how disgusting what you’re saying is.

there’s a post where someone literally BOASTED about seeing a woman getting beat up by bucky because she’s a “disgrace to women” even though it’s complete bullshit because how the hell is she a disgrace to women? because she going to become a love interest to steve rogers? (even though it’s canon in the comics and has been around for DECADES) oh, because someone dating another person within the same family is weird? you do know that many people actually do that in real life?? and it’s not “incest” or seen as disgusting???

honestly anyone who is joyful and laughs at a woman getting beat up, whether you like her or not, is absolutely disgusting. fictional or not, it’s fucking disgusting.

and honestly a lot of ya’ll can’t even talk about how staron is “incest” but yet there are ACTUAL incest ships within this fandom that people ship and even DEFEND and people seem more accepting of those. but when steve wants to move on and eventually be with a woman who he holds no type of family relations with, suddenly it’s a major problem and it’s “incest.”

and i love how some of the “sharon carter defense squad” people be. you know, the ones who swear that they love sharon and defend her, but talk about how she was “reduce to a love interest” even though if it weren’t for her, steve wouldn’t have found ya’ll precious bucky barnes that you’ll hold above literally everyone else, nor would steve and his team be able to have gotten their equipment that was NECESSARY for the airport fight scene.

but yeah, sharon carter’s main purpose was totally just for being steve’s love interest and held absolutely no importance to the plot developing. 


lastly, what the hell is up with everyone ALWAYS blaming the women whenever she gets a love interest? ya’ll sitting here talking about how sharon moved onto steve, but steve was  literally the one who leaned into her for the kiss??? he’s also the one who made the first move to her in ca: tws??? but of course, ya’ll gotta defend the man bc he’s always the victim, the women are always the problem. lmao but girl power, right!!11!

ps. and i know sharon carter ain’t the only one to get shit like this, but it seems like she’s getting the most shit rn

head cannon where Bucky subconsciously lets Steve and Sam find him bc he’s starting to remember and even though he doesn’t yet remember everything, he remembers steve and a little part of him wants steve to find him bc all bucky really wants is to go home but he’s stuck in this foreign world with people he doesn’t know - hell he doesn’t know himself - but steve, he knows steve. and all bucky wants is something safe, something familiar, something like home. so he lets steve find him, bc steve is the something safe, the something familiar. steve is bucky’s home - even if he doesn’t know it. 

Age of Ultron: about Bucky

So I saw the movie last night (hooray!) and it wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting. It could have been a hell of a lot better and I did have a few things I ranted about a lot, but I’d like to address something everyone’s been freaking out about:

Steve’s “fear” dream with Peggy and the total absence of Bucky. So here’s where the spoilers come in, be forewarned.

First of all, these dreams are supposed to be the worst fear imaginable, right? And on the surface, Steve’s is that he dances with Peggy? What? It makes no sense. Because that’s not what the dream was about - I could be looking way more into this (because Joss sucks and probably didn’t think to have symbolism in this movie at all let alone this complex of symbolism but WHATEVER it’s gonna be my headcanon so) but this is what I think that dream meant:

It opens up with the cheery, dancing scene of soldiers and their girls, right? But at closer look, we see all these men that are bleeding to death. And even more poignantly, there were at least two obvious pairs within this scene of two men, one bleeding and the other patching him up/trying to help. It was the first thing I noticed, and the first thing you see: brothers-in-arms who are bloody, one trying to save the other. 

Then we have Peggy show up, looking gorgeous and wonderful, asking Steve about their dance. And then we even get a quick glimpse of them dancing - but Steve seems extremely distressed by her question. Even moreso, the entire scene he is looking for something. Even once Peggy shows up, Steve looks at her and registers then looks behind him again. The thing he was looking for wasn’t Peggy because he kept searching.

So my interpretation? There was a stark, extremely obvious empty, sucking hole in that room. Peggy should have been able to fill it - but she didn’t. Because Steve’s worst fear was never about losing Peggy (as much as he liked her, not downing Steggy or their friendship at all.)

No, instead, the worst thing Steve can imagine? Forgetting. Forgetting Bucky. 

He’s been to dancehalls like this a hundred times, probably. During the war drinking with the Commandos, in Brooklyn. And who was always at his side? Except this time, he keeps looking, but Bucky isn’t there. His worst fear is forgetting his best friend the way his best friend forgot him. 

There are men patching each other up, saving each other - something he hasn’t been able to do for Bucky. Bucky’s not there, the best friend he’s supposed to be saving isn’t there. There’s a sucking, empty void in his place, an obvious lack of presence in the room, that strange - something’s missing - feeling. 

And I’m sure there’s some part of him that feels guilty for turning to Peggy in the 1940s when he should’ve been looking for Bucky instead. So here, she wasn’t the focus of his vision, she was the guilt trip that he’d abandoned his best friend for the words of a beautiful girl. His worst fear, that he could dance with her as though everything was fine, as though he was okay. As though he wasn’t missing his other half. 

Forgetting Bucky the way Bucky forgot him, that’s Steve’s worst fear. And between the bleeding men, the empty room, Steve’s constant searching, and the weird request to dance-all-happy when this is supposed to be a traumatizing dream, I think it’s not that far of a stretch. 

(Not to mention that later Steve is coping way better than everyone else, and when Tony talks about his dark side Steve replies with “You just haven’t seen it yet.” Although I think he totally should have said “You just haven’t met him yet,” because Bucky is totally Steve’s darkside.)

Anyways, that’s my schpeel on Steve’s vision. Because the front line of “missing a dance with Peggy is my greatest fear” makes literally 0 sense.

Edit: and as pointed out by thenobledead, there is of course the line “the war is over, we can go home,” bringing in the other part of Steve’s fear: having nothing left to fight for.


Imagine Steve always stopping in the café you work at after his morning runs - requested by Anonymous

You liked this guy. Steve. To be honest, you didn’t know much about him, but he always listened to your stories. 

You see, you worked at a quaint little diner in the middle of who-knows-where-the-hell-we-are-anymore, New York. Let’s just say, it was a small town that most people drove right through. Not this guy, though. He was here almost every morning for breakfast. He clearly ran here from wherever the hell he came from.

The first day you had met him, you were working the opening shift for the first time, and you were alone. It was empty which was normal. You plugged in your iPod and played some obscure indie band while sweeping the floor. You were wiping down the windows when you saw him approaching. Damn you, Jeremy, you cursed your coworker in your head. You said nobody ever showed up during the morning shift. So you scrambled to turn off your music and made sure the coffee was brewing. 

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vestiica liked x

                   Every day was just another STEPPING STONE to something better, that was the way his Ma used to think. Had to get it from somewhere, that stubborn drive to keep going, keep pushing. Sarah Rogers had to be TOUGH to be a single mother in 1930s Brooklyn, only right that she taught her SON the very same thing. Stuck with him, runs through his veins to this day. 

                   Though he knows such drive can prove TIRESOME, every so often the wheels fall off and there’s a day, a week, a month, where there’s no forward motion, nothing. Stagnant. It’s why he sticks so close to Wanda. Like hell he’d stand by and watch her go through THAT on her own. 

         –You hungry? I’m hungry.