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Dead or Alive

Okay, I’m in speculation mode over here about the season finale on Sunday.

Option A: Petyr is going to die.

The general fandom wants him dead and by Sansa’s hand. It is predictable considering the shitty writing of putting Sansa with Ramsay in the first place. I’m not saying Petyr doesn’t have it coming in spades for all that he’s done over the years and his long game. He’s screwed a lot of people and it’s bound to come back and haunt him. Granted, D&D have fucked his character over in the show and sadly Baelish isn’t quite the mastermind he is in the books where hardly anyone suspects him of anything. If anyone is going to kill him, I think it will most likely be Sansa. It’s still predictable as shit and underwhelming after she just butchered the fuck out of Ramsay with a smirk. D&D like their shock value and it would be more interesting and shocking to keep him alive. Or worse, finding out that either Petyr or Sansa COULD have real feelings for one another. There’s a way to have the fandom flip its collective shit.

Option B: Live to Scheme Another Day

Sansa told Petyr to fuck off and rightfully so. Even though I hate D&D for making Petyr an idiot to make their Ramsay/Sansa plot work, he deserved her rage. Before Petyr told Sansa about the Blackfish, she could have killed him but she didn’t. Why? If she truly thought she and Jon could take back Winterfell or that she would never need him in the future, she should have killed him in Mole’s Town. Yet she spared his life. I don’t think Sansa was prepared to see Petyr completely blindsided and even remorseful at what he’d done. Plus, he took that moment to plant a seed of doubt in her mind about Jon. If she was 100% fuck you/you need to die/I know what I’m doing… she would not have listened and more importantly would NOT have let him live.

So, she now realizes they are fucked. When you lose to a 10-year-old Lyanna Mormont, it’s not going well. Sansa understands that she is NOT as good as Petyr in these matters. She is not the master manipulator he is. They needed Davos to smooth it over and still got screwed in terms of too few men to fight.

Sansa writes to Petyr and tells him that he now has the opportunity to prove himself and that he’ll be rewarded. Now, whether Sansa believes that Petyr’s offer is off the table because she told him to fuck off in Mole’s Town or that he should live up to what he said of protecting her is yet to be seen. Petyr could say that he wants something in return for coming back to help her now. It’s a dick move but Petyr is a dick and is not completely stupid. He just saved the mother fucking north and Sansa knows it. He has an advantage over her and Jon now. I think that is why she didn’t tell Jon about the Vale army. I think Sansa knew she fucked up with Petyr and didn’t think ahead and keep him on the line if she needed him. She let her emotions rule (and rightfully she should be mad as hell at him) and Petyr kept cool because he has enough foresight and has been playing this game longer than her. Petyr may have tutored her, but she is far from being a master manipulator. SHe knows if she calls for his help, that she may have to make concessions. She should have taken his help when it was offered and he was feeling like a pile of shit and apologizing to hell and back to her. She would have owed him nothing.

I don’t think this is going to be a truce between them. I think Petyr is going to expect something in return for saving her and Jon’s ass. If Sansa has learned anything at all, is that she’ll need a man like him that knows politics and how to get shit done. Some say that she has Lysa’s death hanging over him. True but it could backfire on her as well. Sweetrobin loves Petyr to death and is unstable. Petyr controls him completely. I don’t know if he would believe that Petyr killed his mother. The Vale lords would, yes. But Sansa also LIED about it. She had the opportunity to sell Petyr out and didn’t. She wasn’t scared of what he would do to her. His ass was already on the line (unlike the book where Petyr had it all planned out). She saved him on purpose for her own protection. The Vale could tell her to fuck off. They don’t need Winterfell. She needs them. With a decimated army and winter coming, the Vale probably wouldn’t see a need to align with her or Jon. It wouldn’t serve them. Petyr, not Robin, is her key to the Vale and a continued alliance.

She has Winterfell and doesn’t need to marry Robin now. With Petyr gone, that could be an option for her but I don’t think she wants to go there. It would take her out of Winterfell and back to the Vale with no real power. Petyr has no intention of marrying her to Robin. Why when he could wed her himself? And Robin is a puppet anyway… how long until he dies or does something stupid. He relies too much on Petyr for advice. Petyr controls the Vale. WIth his hold on Harrenhal, he could take the Riverlands and move on the Lannisters. Edmure is useless. If Sansa wants to take revenge on the Freys, she better keep Petyr on a leash. He will be more apt to do her bidding than SweetRobin. Plus, with Petyr’s connection with Olenna Tyrell… yeah, she’d be better off keeping him as an ally. If she had her ass handed to her by a 10-year-old girl, how does she think she can manipulate or form alliances with anyone else? I think Sansa found out the hard way that she may have learned from Petyr but she is not in his league when playing the game. Not by a long shot. Her best game would be to play him for all its worth.

Petyr is very dangerous no matter how you slice it. You just don’t know what he’s up to. The only thing that is growing more certain is that he genuinely DOES care for Sansa. She is his weakness. If Sansa’s smart, she’ll exploit that until she truly doesn’t need him anymore. Right now, with the situation she and Jon are in, it would not be wise to kill him off.

Is it possible that Petyr is going to ask for her hand? Yes. I still think it’s too soon but this is D&D so who knows? With her rejection of his help and then having to beg for it… he may use it to his advantage. He wants the North, but he also wants Sansa. I honestly DO NOT believe Petyr would hurt her. He knows now what Ramsay did to her. I’m wondering if we’re going to see him actually show some emotion towards her. Without Brienne watching, he just may show a true part of himself.

So we’re either going to get a parallel of Petyr and Cat with Sansa and she is going to predicably reject him for the last time and/or kill him. OR she is going to use him to her advantage… OR D&D are going to use this season finale as a HOLY SHIT - OH NO YOU DIDNT just go there and flip the fandom on its head and set sail to Trash Island on the SS Creepyship.

Generally, they hold the goods for the last episode of the season. Baelish hasn’t been in a season finale yet, as far as I know. I would think his involvement AND the fact that he hasn’t had hardly any screen time this season might be telling that something big is going down? So I think they’re either going to kill him or do the unthinkable and hook them up. D&D likes the shock factor and sometimes the unpredictable. There no point in keeping them in this limbo any longer. With most of the fandom wanting him dead, it wouldn’t surprise me they would not only keep him alive but totally fuck with people and redeem him in some way or push the creepyship into full speed ahead and watch the fandom implode.