where the hell is john

mary isn’t telling sherlock to ‘go to hell’ she’s telling him to save john, ‘save john, go to hell sherlock [because that’s where john will be if i’m dead, and you need to go there and bring him back]’ it’s very moffat-dw-season-9-ish. y’all also have to understand, mary was the one who brought him back when sherlock was dead, so she knows.

1. Sherlock had vowed. Now had he took the bullet. He would have died a hero.
2. But Mary took it for him. Dying a hero for John but actually breaking Sherlocks vow and being the villain.
3. The villain as she made john hate Sherlock. The one man Sherlock couldn’t bear to lose.
4. Forcing Sherlock to live in a world where John Watson hates him. In other words… HELL.
5. Now think what Moriaty would want. Moriarty wants to destroy Sherlock. What destroys Sherlock? Death. No. England thinking he is a fraud. No. John Watson thinking he is a fraud. Yes.
6. Implying Mary is Moriarty.
7. John was a lil unhappy in his marriage as he was flirting sideways.
8. We can’t for get Sherlock saying
“I like you John”. Anyway we know he loves him.
9. John might hate Sherlock but if he didn’t.
10. Now with Mary dead.
11. Not implying anything but basically.
12. Johnlock

Can someone explain why Sherlock asks John “are you there yet?” after he wakes up from that tranq his lovely sis shot him with? I mean, he was on that table and he still didn’t realise he’s in Musgrove. And then john says “Yeah, I’m here” (in the well)? Cause I don’t understand. Sherlock has no idea where John is so what the hell is he asking??? And then he says “john! where are you” ??? it’s just so confusing and sloppy!

🎁 23 🎁
  • *a motel, during a snowstorm*
  • Molly: *shivering in bed* You're an idiot.
  • Sherlock: *poking the fire; annoyed* Any more?
  • Molly: *grumpy* I c-could be at home...with a nice book. Or the new s-surgeon.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I didn't ask for your help.
  • Molly: *rubbing her arms* You didn't give me much of a choice.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her* He's married.
  • Molly: Sorry?
  • Sherlock: *rubbing his hands* The new surgeon. Married. Several mistresses, too, if you look at his phone *breathing on his hands* ring often removed. Irregular shaving patterns, also. Not your type at all.
  • Molly: *sighs* Thanks *watching him try to warm up; bites her lip* There's plenty of room in here.
  • Sherlock: There won't be if you keep eating those minced pies.
  • Molly: *giggles* Oh, shut up and come here.
  • Sherlock: *shuffles over and gets into the bed*
  • ...
  • Sherlock: Still not very warm.
  • Molly: *snuggles next to him* Better?
  • Sherlock: Mmm *pauses* Molly?
  • Molly: *dreamily* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *looking around* A crime of passion, ending up at the aptly named Love Motel, sharing a bed beside a warm fire...
  • Molly: -having that long awaited dinner-
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Fate?
  • Molly: *shrugs* You're the one who took the case during a snowstorm *nudges him* Quite the romantic, aren't you?
  • Sherlock: I should kiss you.
  • Molly: *nervously chuckles* Maybe.
  • Sherlock: *turns to her and strokes her chin* But you're not supposed to receive your gift before the twenty fifth.
  • Molly: *blinks*
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Then again, I never was any good at waiting *kisses her*
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I wish I had faith. *Sigh.* I feel super bummed right now.

Honestly, I didn’t have total faith until now. But tonight, John and Sherlock:

  • Talked about feelings
  • Gave Mary’s arc closure
  • Solidified John’s character arc
  • Made it abundantly clear that Sherlock wants nothing with Irene
  • And, most importantly, addressed the fact that they both need romantic fulfillment. And where else are they going to get it but each other? Hell, John’s “affair” even turned out to be a villainous plant! 

I’m nervous too. But now it’s the excited sort of nervous. The sort where you know something amazing is going to happen. It’s okay to not have faith. I hope more than anything that you are pleasantly, thrillingly surprised.


1. Badass Mrs Hudson!!! Yasssss

2. John cried and I’m so proud of him and I want to hug him

3. Irene still texts sherlock and Sherlock still doesn’t like her haha

4. Sherlock’s bday and John is getting him a cake!!!!

5. Our boys finally talked and HUGGED 💕


7. Its a sister!!! (congratulations to us, we got the gender right haha) And she bloody framed everyone: pretending to be an interested party to John aka the bus girl, pretended to be Faith and took his baby brother off to a walk, pretended to be the bloody therapist


9. Where the hell is Rosie? Do we get to see her again?

10. What about that damn letter of John? Did it even happen?

11. Also the miss me on the note that sherrinford / eton(?-cant remember her name lol) left with the miss me…


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He doesn’t speak…or won’t speak. What’s the difference? He hasn’t said anything since that night he carried Sammy out of the house. And he hasn’t let go of him either.

He watches Sam like a hawk. Always worried about him. He’s never more than three feet from Sam. And even though John had bought one of those foldable cribs for Sam to sleep in, Dean never let him sleep in there. In the morning, John would wake up and find Dean nearly curled all the way around Sam, protecting him. Like he was Sam’s personal armor.

And when John would ask him about it, why he moved Sam from his crib, Dean would just shrug his shoulders, his head bent, not quite looking at anything.

There would be days that John would scream at Dean, yell at him, beg him to say something, to say anything. His boy couldn’t be mute. He knew that Dean could speak. Hell, before the fire and before Mary died, he could never get the boy to shut up but now…

Even during those screaming matches, Dean would never utter anything. John would see the tears that fell from his face and Dean would wipe them away but even when he cried, he never made a sound.

It scared John how easily, how quickly Dean had become mute. Over night, in a matter of minutes he just went completely silent.

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But is anyone ever going to address this scene in ASiB?? Mrs. Hudson is cleaning out their fridge and a client comes rushing into the flat and she screams to upstairs “Boys, you’ve got another one!” Where the hell are they? Is  John in the Bathroom and Sherlock in his own bedroom? Then why isn’t she shouting more towards the doors behind her instead of looking towards upstairs where john’s room is? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS

After TLD tonight I haves few questions:
1. Where the actual frick is Jim
2. Do Moffat and Gatniss really want speed up the process of my inevitable emotional break
4. Is Mary just a shared hallucination because both have guilt for her death (looking at you John Watson, you shady mofo)
And finally: WHAT. THE. FUCK???

The Kissing Rule

When John and Sherlock return to Bakerstreet John is not far from exploding. At the crime scene Sherlock was cold and rude once again. He just don’t know where the limits are… and that drives John crazy.

“What the hell was that?!” he yells at Sherlock. “What do you mean?” In Sherlocks voice was nothing but innocence. “You know exactly what I mean! You asked the bride if she has killed her husband-to-be. She didn’t even had the time to get out of her wedding dress – when should she have killed her fiancé?! AND WHY?”

Then out of nothing something unexpected happens. With three steps Sherlock closes the cap between the two crime solving friends. He has to look down to see into John’s eyes. They are so close that Sherlock can feel Johns angry breathe on his skin. The consulting detective leans forward; his lips gently pressing against Johns.

The doctor is totally frozen. All he can feel were Sherlock’s lips. Then the anger comes back and he pushes himself away from Sherlock. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He breathes heavily. “I kissed you”, Sherlock replies. “Because you were angry and I wanted you to calm down. Other people do that.”

If he wouldn’t be that surprised and confused, John would probably laugh. But there was nothing to laugh. So he tries to talk calm and friendly because Sherlock just don’t know it better. “There’s a rule, Sherlock. About kissing. You’re not allowed to kiss everyone. Just the people you love.”

Then John left. The consulting detective is now standing alone in the living room. He’s starring sadly at John’s chair. “I know.”

Breaking In, Ch 24 (OQ AU, rated M)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the delay - blame a certain book about a baker and a lit professor. But it’s here now, and it’s over 26k words, so hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

Robin wakes to the painfully insistent dinging of the doorbell and Tuck’s incessant barking in response, something he doesn’t think he should be subjected to at any time, much less whatever bloody time it is now and with as much whiskey as he’d managed to pour into himself last night.

It takes him a moment to realize he’s still on the couch, still in his clothes, a blanket half-falling off him as he sits, head spinning and throbbing, stomach pitching. Fuck. Good God.

Whoever is at his door had better have a damn good reason to be.

And where the bloody hell is John? Probably sleeping like a bloody rock in his own bed, lucky bastard.

Robin hauls himself to his feet, pressing a hand to his temple both in a vain attempt to ease the pounding and in order to keep the room from spinning quite so much.

“Shut it,” he growls at the dog, giving him a yank away from the door, before he flips the locks and yanks it open.

Marian. Shit. And Roland. Even worse.

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Imagine the Winchesters go searching for Cas and they find out he's at 221b Baker Street

The Winchesters burst through the door and march up the stairs, guns blazing.

John: “What the HELL is going on here?!”
Dean: “Alright, where’s the gay angel?”
John: “Sherlock’s not here right now.”

And they just sort of freeze for a few seconds