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RFA + V + Saeran hugs? Scenarios or headcanons, it's up to you. Who gives the best hugs, squishes all the air out of your chest, sleepy mornings in bed hugs, cheesy romantic forehead touching hugs?

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   ● It has been 100% proven by scientists all over the world that this boy is an actual puppy.

   ● Yoosung is very expressive with his feelings and emotions, so he’s hugging you most of the time.

   ● He looks weak and fragile but he gives literal bone-crushing hugs.

   ● It’s like… Yoosung… bby… I love your hugs but I need to  b r e a t h e …

   ● And wow okay that’s my rib there plz don’t pop it out of place.

   ● But you can’t stay mad at him for long; he’s a soft and squishy bean that just wants some love.

   ● Like… come on, poor boy never had a girlfriend before, so he just wants to make the most out of having you.

   ● During cuddle sessions he gets very emotional and sappy.

   ● He thanks you for choosing him and for loving him.

   ● Like previously mentioned, he is incredibly open when it comes to his emotions, so if you’re out in public or walking around his university, he likes to wrap his arm around your waist and constantly pull you close to him so he can give you a little side-hug.

   ● Doing this makes him feel like he’s protecting you while also showing you off to everyone (:


   ● W a r m  e m b r a c e s

   ● This woman is allll for embracing you.

   ● When she comes home from work, all tired and sleepy, you immediately wrap your arms around her and just… hold her.

   ● With all the stress that Jumin puts on her on a daily basis, she appreciates your efforts to make her relax.

   ● As soon as your arms wrap around her, she releases a small, content sigh, and her shoulders slump a little with the sudden wave of relaxation and peace that courses through her.

   ● She absolutely loves it when you just run your hands through the nape of her neck, stroking the short hairs at the back of her head.

   ● It makes her feel like she finally has a real home to return to, knowing that she has a set of arms waiting to welcome her back.

   ● #GiveBaeheeHugs2k17

   ● When it comes to being in public, the poor woman can’t even bring herself to hold your hand.

   ● Soo… it’s basically impossible to get her to hug you in public.

   ● Occasionally, if she’s stressing out or panicking about something while you’re out in public, she’ll let you give her a reassuring hug and she’ll appreciate every single second of it.

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