where the hell did the knife come from

Hand to Hand

A/N: Bucky is teaching you hand to hand combat when uh….things get interesting.

“Doll, keep your hands up. Parallel to each other like I’ve showed you.” I do as he commands and he gives a nod of approval. “Excellent, now I’m going to reach out and I want you to block my hit.”

“Okay.” I nod.

“On the count of three…one…”

His hand propels forward and I screamed out. “You said on the count of three not one.”

“Predict your opponent’s move.”

I reach out with a jab and he blocks it effortlessly, using that moment to tap me in my ribs. “You’re leaving your body unprotected.”

I sweep a hand in front of my stomach and he taps me on the neck. I grunt, propelling forward my punch landing on his rib, which was a mass of muscle. “Good girl.”

I smiled thinking of the only other time he calls me a good girl, which doesn’t involve clothing.

He taps me in the stomach again. “What the hell, that hurts.”

“Pay attention.”

“I am.” I say defensively as he blocked my punch. “Why do I need to do this?”

“You need to learn how to protect yourself.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why when I have a deadly assassin for a boyfriend.”

He exhales deeply. “I’m no longer an assassin.” He replies tersely. “What if you find yourself in a situation when I’m off on a mission? What will you do then?”

He doesn’t give me any warning before he lunges forward and I stumbled backwards.

“I won’t need to learn hand to hand combat if I had a gun or a knife.”

“Is that so?”

I nod.

He reaches from behind revealing a sleek black knife with a serrated edge and intricate symbols on the blade. “Where the hell did that come from?” I asked looking puzzled.

“Doll, I have five weapons on my person as we speak.“He states, slipping the sheath in his pants pocket.

"Right now?”


“Where?” I asked, My eyes darting to different parts of his body.

He ignores me. He holds the knife in his palm. “If you can grab this knife from my hand, not only will I give it to you, but I’ll teach you how to use it.”

I lunge forward, but his palm closes. “You’ll have to be faster than that.”

“You have an unfair advantage.”

We both look at his arm. “My arm? Are you serious?” I nod. “Fine.”

He puts his left arm behind his back then opens the palm of his right hand, dangling the knife skillfully in front of me. I take a step forward and the knife disappears out of sight. I used this moment to hit him in the chest.

“You’re leaving your body unprotected.” I teased.

The next actions happened so quickly, I don’t know if I should be impressed, frightened or turned on. He tosses the knife up in the air, sweeps my legs from beneath me in one swift movement, his left arm cradles my fall as we both hit the floor and in another split second he catches the knife without looking and stabs it into the space above my head.

“Your pupils are dilated.” He observes.

I wonder if he could hear my heart palpitations as my heart raced abnormally in my chest. The vibration of my pulse in my veins pounded loudly in my ears as I became aware of our bodies, mainly the throbbing pressed into my hip.

“Is that one of the five weapons you have on your person.” I say all breathy.

He bites his bottom lip and smirked, leaning his face next to my ear. “No, this weapon is not like the others.”

“How so?” I asked inhaling deeply, fully aware of the movements of my body and how with every inhalation his limbs sinks deeper into my own.

He paused, gazing intently at my parted lips sucking in air that was tinged with my lust and his sweat.

“This weapon is dangerous when provoked.” He threatens. His cerulean eyes becoming volcanic as I felt the explosion of heat radiating out of my apex and the noticeable growth and hardening of his throb.

“Bucky.” I breathed as his tongue grazed my bottom lip..

He pins my wrists above my hand that scrapes the serrated knife and presses his full weight on top of me as he spread my legs with his knee.

Growing Love -5- Suga

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Growing Love - Suga -

Parts: Masterlist |01| |02| 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 |

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut

Word count; 2.839

Synopsis: Marrying someone you didn’t know was something you never thought you’d do but as you didn’t want to defy your parents you decided to do it and when you met Min Yoongi you felt you made the right decision as you both agreed that love needed to grow.

The next day Yoongi was really busy for some reason. He got up before you and when you walked into the living room he was on the phone and he didn’t sound happy. You decided not to disturb him and walked out to take a swim. You don’t know how long you were in the water because you were floating on an air bed but you do know that when you woke up, Yoongi still was nowhere to be seen. You were happy that you had put on some sunscreen otherwise you would’ve gotten a serious sunburn. You jumped off the airbed and got out of the swimming pool. “Oppa? Where are you?” you called but there was no response so you quickly walked in but there was no Yoongi. You checked everywhere but he really wasn’t inside.

“Where the hell did he go?” you mumbled as you dressed yourself. You decided to wait for him but after two hours of waiting, you got sick and tired of it as the sun was already setting. You tried calling him but he never once picked up the phone, you did worry but as you didn’t know where to look, you thought it was for the best to do just what you wanted. You left him a text to tell him that you went out for dinner. It was the first time you walked in Hawaii without Yoongi and it was a bit different because now you could take your time as fans didn’t recognize you and as you were walking you ended up at a place with a lot of restaurants and you just picked a random one as you were never a picky eater.

“Excuse me, are you alone?” you looked up and stared at a handsome guy. “At this moment I am.” you smiled politely and that’s when he sat down. “Do you mind if I join you then?”

“I do mind.”

“It’s just dinner, nothing more.”

“Still, I’m just alone right now but when I go back home, my husband will be waiting.”

“Sure he is but still I don’t want you to eat alone.” you sighed because you really didn’t want to have a discussion, you were hungry and you just wanted to eat. “Whatever.” you were giving in and even though you had a bad feeling about this, you still ignored it and ate your food. “Why are you alone, if you have a husband?”

“It’s none of your business,” you mumbled whilst chewing on your food. “Ah is there already trouble in paradise?”

“If you’re going to ask personal questions, then you should leave.”

“I was just curious.”

“Well, again it’s none of your business.”

“But isn’t a bit pitiful to sit here in Hawaii, all alone on your honeymoon?” You looked up this time and put down your knife and fork, which he definitely noticed. “Look, I don’t know who you are but I didn’t ask you to sit here, so please leave.”

“Was the sex not good?” he really didn’t just ask you that right? Who the hell was this guy? And why was he annoying you so much? “Who the hell are you?” your temper was surfacing and it took everything in you not to hit the guy. You looked around to see if Yoongi was coming because you did text him where you were even though there was no reaction from him. “I’m just a curious person, so tell me why are you here alone, did Yoongi not feel satisfied with you?” Your mouth dropped when he said Yoongi’s name and that only made him smile but this time you did get up and walked to the waitress so you could pay. After paying you left but the guy was still following you. “You know running away isn’t the solution, just tell me, is it a fake marriage to cover up the fact that he made another woman pregnant?” you stopped, which made him bump into you. You didn’t hesitate for a second when you lifted your hand and tried to hit him.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Yoongi was next to you holding you back. You were so angry that you pulled yourself free and tried to do it again. “STOP IT!:” you were shocked to hear him yell at you but you did listen. Yoongi turned away from you and faced the guy and you could feel the hatred towards each other.

“Why are you bothering my wife?”

“Wife, don’t make me laugh. You left her alone for an entire evening and only because my sister called you.” this made you look up and when Yoongi’s back went rigid, you knew that he was busy dealing with his ex the entire day, you didn’t like that at all, so you turned around and started walking away and the most pathetic thing was that Yoongi, didn’t even cared because he didn’t follow you back to the cabin, which made you doubt his sincerity towards you. You knew it wasn’t fair to judge until you heard his part of the story but as he didn’t seem to care that you disappeared, well it spoke a thousand words. You didn’t sleep in the bedroom but you also never heard Yoongi come home, so when you heard someone stumble around, in the morning you knew it was Yoongi completely drunk. You followed him into the bedroom and when he collapsed on the bed you helped him in. You took his phone and as you were putting it on the nightstand, he got a text. It was his ex and the text she sends him, well it angered you even more because she was half naked. You quickly put the phone down and walked away, not wanting to see more because pictures said a million things and that well-said everything.

One thing you knew for sure, this honeymoon was over. You immediately changed the plane tickets. You let Yoongi stay in first class and you sat in economy, this way you didn’t have to stay next to him on the flight back. You started to pack both suitcases and when the first light came through you had to wake Yoongi, which you didn’t want but you couldn’t let him stay here. “Yoongi wake up, we have to leave.” at first he pushed away your hand so you tried again when he suddenly opened his eyes giving you a cute smile. He pulled you on top of him but you pulled away.

“We have to go, I already packed your stuff, we’re going back to Korea,” you told him and that made him wake up right away. ‘Why, we still have three more days.”

‘Not anymore, we will be flying back in a few hours, so hurry up.”

“Why are we going back Y/N?”

“Maybe you should take a look at your phone, I think she has been texting you the entire night.” with that you left him and waited outside. You never saw Yoongi walking this fast, he literally threw open the door, his eyes were wild and he was angry. “Did you look through my phone?” he was actually angry at you for taking a look, not that you saw much, you just saw that picture.

“Not really, I just happen to see that text.” you shrugged and opened the door of the cab. “Oh your ticket is in your bag, I will see you at the airport.” You left him standing there and when you board you didn’t see Yoongi and as you sat down you just stared outside and waited for him to enter the plane as well and you felt e bit more at ease when he did. He passed you, probably expecting to see you in first class. There was no more time for him to look for you because we were already moving, which meant not getting out of your seat and as the plane took off, you really felt sad because the few days had been amazing and it all got shattered in just a few seconds.

You must’ve fallen asleep at a certain point because when you opened your eyes, Yoongi was actually sitting next to you, which startled the shit out of you. “Good you’re awake, care to explain all this?” he whispered and to your frustration, he sounded way too calm and because you were on a plane, you couldn’t yell at him. “I thought it was better this way.”

“What are you talking about woman?”

“You know, I thought you would like to be with your ex, as she sends you half naked pictures and well you have been calling here the entire day.” you shrugged and faced the window. He forced you to look at him though as he put his hand on your chin. “Don’t turn away from me and let me explain.” you crossed your arms and just stared at him in complete silence. “She did call me yes and it took a long time before I could finally get rid of her but the reason I was away the entire day, was because I had to call my manager, he usually deals with her and when I found out her brother was here, I got worried and went looking for him and in that I completely forgot about you until I received your text messages. I felt guilty and went looking for you, it was a shock to see you so angry that you wanted to hit him.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you got back drunk and also why you got pictures from your half naked ex.”

“I know, she sends me pictures like that a lot but I always delete them. I know it sounds ridiculous but please just trust me.”

“You know how much hurt I felt when I saw that picture?”

“I know as we are flying back to Korea,”

“I just didn’t want to stay there anymore. I just don’t like vague situations and I’m a bit of a runner,” you admitted embarrassed. He reached out to caress your face and smiled at you. “I will keep that in mind the next time.” You nodded and sat back. “What is going to happen when we get back to Korea?”

“We are going home.” he shrugged, when you realized that you didn’t even know where you lived. “Where is home?” he chuckled when you asked him this. He pulled out his iPad and showed you the house you were going to live and to your surprise, it was quite big. “I picked this one because it’s close to med school and the distance between the house and BigHit and the dorm isn’t too far.”

“Are you still going to stay at the dorm then?”

“Sometimes, but only when we have a schedule. That’s just easier as we have to go together during schedules.”

“I see.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I just don’t like the idea of being apart but I guess I have to get used to that.” you smiled at him and tried to hide your true feelings, which didn’t go that well because he was immediately suspicious.

“I’m an Idol, I can’t change that.”

“I know but I have to get used to that as well. I’m a family person.”

“I will try to go home as often as possible.”

“It’s okay, it’s not like I will be home that much as I’m going to Intern at the hospital, which means that I will not get a lot of sleep.”

“That’s good because we won’t be in each other’s way then.” That made you feel a bit sad because you wanted him to be in your way but you also understood the importance of his career and you never wanted to get in between. The rest of the flight you only made small talk and when you finally arrived back in Korea, he took you to your new house, you weren’t sure if you liked this style, because it was really cold, he had only used cold colors and that’s wasn’t something you liked. You were quite messy yourself and you never imagined to live in a house that was this clean cut.

“So what do you think?”

“It looks nice.” you tried to sound uplifted but he chuckled when you said “nice”. You turned and saw him sitting on the bar stool, he was lazily observing your reactions. He got up and pulled you into his arms. “You hate it don’t you?”

“Hate is a big word.”

“You can do whatever you want to the house, this was just something basic, just to decorate it quickly.”

“Really, so I can change it?”

“Of course you can, just transform it into a home.” You kissed him on his cheek when he suddenly turned his face. He pulled you closer as he put more pressure on your lips, you didn’t mind him taking control and as he lifted you up in his arms he moved you slowly to the bedroom. He put you down on the bed and you couldn’t help but think about the comfy mattress and it made you giggle, which made him look up.


“No nothing, I just thought about something funny.” you smiled at him and pulled him back but he pulled back again, with a bit of insecurity in his eyes. “You’re not laughing at me right?”

“Of course not, don’t be silly and just make love to me already,” you added cheekily and that brought the smile back to his face as he put his lips against yours. “Gladly.” this set your veins on fire, the way he used his voice at times like this, well it could literally push you over the edge. He slowly undressed you and his clothes followed just as slow. He was definitely not in a hurry, which was pure torture because every touch and every kiss made you go crazy. He was literally exploring your entire body and there was nothing you could do but to close your eyes and enjoy the ride. “Yoongi please?” you begged him when he touched your core, he was slowly moving his fingers and you weren’t sure what was happening but you had never felt like this. “Tell me what you want,” he mumbled against your breast and he gently bites it, which made you lift your back. You could feel him smile.

“I want you Yoongi.”

“You already have me.” he was definitely teasing you and for some reason, you became frustrated with him. “Stop teasing, I can’t handle it any longer.” that’s when he started to move faster, you know his eyes were on you and as you came undone in front of his eyes, he didn’t waste a single moment and moved inside of you, which send you completely over the edge, you screamed his name and as you opened your eyes he was looking proud of himself.

The minute you came back to your senses, Yoongi was no longer beside you and you suspected that he was already back to work, you just didn’t know if he was here or at the dorm. You slowly got and you noticed that you were aching all over your body but it wasn’t an unpleasant ache, especially when you thought back to a few hours ago. You got dressed and started searching the house, hoping he was still here and as you opened every door, you found his little studio, he was sitting behind the keyboard without a shirt and you couldn’t help but stare at him because he looked so handsome right now and that’s when you knew, you had fallen deeply in love with him. You turned when he started to rap, you really didn’t want to disturb him so you closed the door quietly when you heard the doorbell. You checked your phone and was shocked to see the time, who would ring the doorbell this late. At first, you were hesitating because it could only be something bad but then again it was rude to leave the person standing there. You walked to the door and looked at the camera, but the camera wasn’t working, Yoongi probably had forgotten about that, so there was no other option than to just open the door. You did contemplate if you should call Yoongi but he was busy and you really didn’t want to disturb him during recordings. You reached for the doorknob and slowly opened it, revealing a girl, you opened the door completely and looked at the girl, who was really pretty.

“Can I help you?”

“Is Yoongi Oppa home?”

“He is, why?” she tried to push you aside but you were definitely stronger than her, so she just got pushed back outside. “Who are you?” she smiled and that’s when you recognized her. She also recognized you and as a devilish smile appeared you suddenly felt anxious.

“Ah you must be his fake wife, I’m his girlfriend Kim Seung Hee.”

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Terrible Rom-Com Posters: The Accidental Husband

For my inaugural Terrible Rom-Com Posters post (that isn’t reblogged from my main blog), I’ll tackle The Accidental Husband, a forgettable love triangle movie (I assume) that gifted us with not one, not two, but THREE terrible Frankenposters.

Let’s take a look at version #1:

This ticks a lot of the “rom-com frankenposter” boxes, including:

Totally inconsistent lighting: Uma is being lit head on, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is being lit from the right (except for his arm, which is being lit from below?), and Colin Firth appears to be on a beach, staring into a sunset.

Nonsensical eyelines: Uma Thurman is staring at the camera with a confused expression, which is pretty standard. JDM’s got the “rakish love interest” side-eye going on, though to the poster’s credit, he does appear to be looking at Uma. Colin Firth is staring through Uma, as though her head were transparent.

Mannequin arms/hand fuckery: There’s no way either of those men’s arms is connected to his torso. And what the hell is going on with Colin Firth’s hand? It looks like one of those Barbie hands with the flexible wrists got stepped on.

Okay, let’s take a look at poster version #2…

Putting aside the question of why the men are presenting her with bridal bouquets (is that a thing now?), 

Totally inconsistent lighting: Once again, Uma is lit head-on with diffuse light. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is cast in shadow. Colin Firth is lit by a flashlight being held a foot away from his face.

Nonsensical eyelines: Here’s where the rakish side-eye becomes a problem, because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is supposedly standing behind Uma Thurman, so he’s just staring really intently at the back of her head. Colin Firth continues to find the horizon really fascinating.

Mannequin arms/bizarre proportions: Why is Colin’s hand/arm so tiny? If he straightened that out his hand would only come down to his belt.

But that’s nothing compared to…

Okay, let’s get this out of the way first. There’s no way either of them is going to catch her. They’ll just watch as she hits the… roof? between them, and then shrug at each other. Sorry, Uma, the only way you’re getting out of this situation is being scraped off the asphalt with a putty knife. (Also, if they’re on the roof of a tall building, where the hell is she falling from? Did she get tossed from a helicopter?)

Totally inconsistent lighting: both JDM and Colin Firth appear to be lit by Uma Thurman, who, in addition to being a terrible helicopter passenger, apparently also glows.

Nonsensical eyelines: Colin, what are you looking at? Also, side note, his face here is the exact same one they used in poster #1, and it doesn’t work in either of them, so why on earth did they have that photo in the first place? (Oh shit, you guys, is Colin’s character in this movie blind? That would explain a lot.)

Bizarre proportions: This time, Colin’s hands are too big. He could palm a bowling ball with those things.

Laws of physics? What are those? Assuming Uma has reached terminal velocity, there’s no way her skirt and hair would be billowing toward the ground. Her left shoe would have been a goner a long time ago. I’m impressed that she has the presence of mind to hold on to her bouquet and veil and look at the camera while falling to her death, although I might suggest a slight rearrangement of priorities.

Irresponsible use of landmarks: In reality, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are only half a mile apart, whereas on this poster, one appears to be on the Upper West Side and the other appears to be in SoHo.

All right, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more terribly-photoshopped rom-com posters!

Did Tim Burton even read the book

Okay so I’m about to go on a little rant on something that has been bothering me for such a long time. 

The movie Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children is so different from the book and that bothers me a lot. 

First off the characters are way off how Ransom Riggs described them.It’s not just look wise that I’m talking about but age as well. For example, Enoch is suppose to be about 13ish and in the movies he’s about 17 or 16. In the book Hugh is suppose to be older so about 16ish, but in the movie he is practically a child. Also Olive is wayyyy too old in the movies, she’s suppose to be a child. Not to mention the peculiarity switch they made, which highkey pissed me off. Tim Burton switched Olive and Emma’s peculiarity. So instead of Emma controlling fire she controls “air.” Honestly this pisses me off so much. I can semi understand going against how Ransom described his characters, but straight up changing them is disrespectful in my opinion. If Ransom wanted Emma to have Olive’s gift he would of wrote it like that. Also switching the peculiarities changes everything in the books. Everything. 



First things first, where the hell is Ricky is the movie? Why is Abe’s eyes missing? Why is the beginning so rushed to the extent that no one knows what the hell is going on? Nobody knows about Jacob’s nightmares and how he’s depressed as hell. Why is Dr. Golan a girl? WHY IS IT SO RUSHED THAT WE ALL HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON???? Why is Jakes dad poorly represented? Why is the scene when Jake meets the children so poorly done? Why no badass Emma holding a knife to Jake? WHY DID THEY MATCH ENOCH AND OLIVE TOGETHER? WHY IS THERE NO FIONA AND HUGH LOVE? Why the fuck is Abe alive again? Where did that come from? Why is the whole ending fucked up and different from the book?

Honestly just go read the last few chapters of the first Peregrine book and you’ll be wondering if Tim even read the whole book. 

I know a lot of people will give me hate for this and I’m sorry in advance if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, but Tim’s version of the book is shit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie and I adore Tim Burton. But the movie is NOT Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and it’s not even based off of it.  


Imagine Wade helping you set up your Ikea furniture.


Fandom: Marvel: Deadpool

Warning: I mean its Deadpool how could there be no cussing?

Gifs aren’t mine.

You sighed going to the kitchen and started to open boxes which had plates, pans, bowls, silverware, and many other objects inside that belonged in the kitchen. You and your boyfriend had just broken up and since you were both living together you decided to move out. With a bunch of trips to Ikea and back, and maybe ordering unneeded things off of Amazon and eBay, you had gotten everything you needed and was finally inside your apartment. Since all of your friends were currently busy at the moment you had to call Wade for help since he also only lived a few blocks away also.

You started putting away the dishes in their respectful cabinets only for a weird thought to come to your mind. “Hey Wade?!” You asked the mercenary who was in your living room/dining room getting your Ikea furniture set up.


“What does Ikea stand for in Swedish?” you asked curiously out of boredom.

“Ikea, Swedish for “fuck you,” He said and right after he had finished you heard a large crashing sound coming from where Wade was.

You turned around and headed towards the noise. You looked into the room with shock, “What did you do?!” 

Wade screamed as you threw the closest thing at him which was a butter knife that had embedded into the wall right next to him. Deadpool looked up at you and gulped, “Would this be a bad time to say that I almost flushed your cat down the toilet?” 

“Why the hell would you do that?!” You yelled at him picking up a metal chair leg and throwing it at him, but he ducked away from it.

“I though it was dead, but then it scratched my balls off which by the way are very hard to grow back. I can’t just poor water on them and hope they grow like a fucking plant!” His voice hitched as you picked up a rubik’s cube and threw it at him which had almost hit him straight in the face if he also didn’t dodge that. 

“Hey (y/n) I came to help with-” Peter also know as Spider man was cut off by the rubik’s cube that had flown past Deadpool’s head and hit him in the face which caused him to lose his balance and fall out of your window.

You and Deadpool stared in shock at each other before Wade bursted out, “I got you Sidey!” and jumped out the window after Peter.

“What the fuck?!”

Soon you’ll grow tired

Summary: Dean is a ladies man, and you don’t know if you’re enough for him. You’re nothing special, after all.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: ANGST, FEELS, self-hate, feelings of worthlessness. Dean making us all cry (I wrote another pain thing because I’m trash)

Words: 1128

A/N: A friend once told me that she was tired of empty assurances. That she knows she’s pretty and smart but just feels pretty mediocre. And I was so angry because I agree about the empty assurances thing but I love her so much and I want her to know that mEDIOCRE CAN BE SPECIAL FRIEND.


Mobile Masterlist

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“I love you” he says.

You feel the same anxious flutter of your heart as you always do. Being loved by Dean Winchester is a big responsibility.

“You do now” and woah, where the hell did that come from? Maybe it was the darkness of the room, the way it made the moment feel like you were inside your head and whatever you said wouldn’t affect the real world. It would. You knew that rationally.

But Dean’s arm was around your waist and the bed was comfy and warm. And the real world didn’t feel like this. It felt like blood and screams and a knife severing a head clean off a body.

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Stripper AU Series: V (Taehyung)


Warning(s): sexual themes (PS- in no way do I condone underage drinking or the hooligan-esque activities that will be mentioned in this scenario.  Try to avoid underage drinking–take care of your beautiful bodies, my loves!)

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long.  I’ve been disgustingly busy with school.  Hope it’s okay and please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes that I didn’t catch!

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Seokjin; head chef, little chef

✉in which Seokjin’s the head chef and you’re the little chef 
❝i have a thing with making them already together, imsry
►2417 words | scenario, chef!au

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“I need two grilled salmon, one roasted chicken and one steamed fish—names and dishes,” The head chef calls out just as he receives the tiny piece of paper from the waiter, the encoding of the dishes translates to words in his mind and he says it out into words. One girl on the other end calls out to grill both salmons, the lad beside her calls to help prepare for the sides and someone on the other end yells for the steamed fish. He scans around and notices how it’s quiet after that, one dish left and you decide to raise your hand, “R-Roasted chicken, head chef,”

He turns to give you a look before he nods, crossing out the list before he receives another, and by the time he’s calling out and checking for another batch of orders, you’re rushing to get out at least five entries because being a new chef means doing more work—as so the system was around here. Everyone that’s been helping you out so far with additional tips, proper etiquette and whatnot because being a newbie especially in one of Seoul’s top restaurants… is a big deal. No one likes being the new lamb in a lion den but then again, who does? So when Namjoon’s hooked you up for a chance of a lifetime to work alongside head chef Kim Seokjin, one of Korea’s gems of preparing such heavenly dishes known worldwide, you were so close to losing your shit.

Until, of course, you actually met him and his pretty boy face is not something people should underestimate him for. He’s a more refined character if compared to Gordon Ramsay, collected and calm but his tone will roast you and his words will burn your skull if you make a mistake—and let’s just say, within the past few weeks, you’ve been roasted left, right, front and back to the point where if you fuck up this roast chicken, he’ll fuck you up, for sure.

Your partner, or at least, the person sharing the same station as you, Jimin, leans over and checks on you every now and then, making sure you don’t do anything wrong because he’s a friend of Namjoon’s, now a friend of yours, definitely someone important to Seokjin as well so he just wants to keep you in check.

“Don’t do that,” Jimin says, swiping the pan away from you before pointing his eyes at the microwave, “Use that,”

“But it’ll take a longer time,” You mutter under your breath, complying with what he tells you to do anyway and Jimin makes an effort to tug you by the sleeve, whispering into your ear, “This is the proper way or else Seokjin will hunt you down—you can’t get caught again,”


“Is there a problem?” A voice asks and you clench your eyes the same time Jimin curses, shit.

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I'm going to take advantage that your requests are open. A lot of the blogs I follow their requests are closed😢 anyway, I want something overflowing with ANGST! ANGST UP DA WAZOO!!!😂 with Greg! And with a fluffy ending! Do whatever you want as long as it has ANGST AND A FLUFFY ENDING❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘 -shy/loving anon😘

A/N: Ahhhh I love angst! I LIVE FOR IT!! I love shattering people’s hearts *evil laughter*


Greg watched you with a heavy heart as you smiled and laughed at one of his jokes. He couldn’t bear to do what he was about to do but he had to do it. Greg had been receiving threats in work, that your life was in danger because you were with him so he had to break your heart in order to keep you safe.

He wrapped his hand around yours and your laugher died down slightly and you looked at him, your brows lightly for rowing seeing how distressed he looked “Greg?” You asked sitting a little straighter “What’s wrong?”

He decided it would be best to break the news like ripping off a plaster. Quick. Instant. But the pain of this would linger for longer than ripping off a plaster.

“I don’t love you anymore”

You laughed it off as if it was a joke, only to realise that he wasn’t laughing, that his face was unnaturally pale and deadly serious “Wh-what?” You croaked out and pulled your hand out of his, pushing yourself further away from him “Where the hell did that come from?!” You asked, blinking ferociously as the tears stung your eyes.

“I can’t love you the way you love me. I can’t be with you anymore Y/N” Greg felt like he was stabbing himself countless of times in the chest with the worlds sharpest knife.

You thought you would feel something but your whole body shut off. You felt nothing but numbness. “You’re everything to me,” you sadly whispered out, disturbing the quiet house “Yet I’m nothing to you” you stood up and grabbed your things, storming to the door with Greg hot on your heels.

He grabbed your forearm “Y/N please-”

“No!” You snapped and ripped your arm from his grip “Don’t you dare try to justify yourself!” You spat out and left with the door slamming behind you.

Greg’s heart shattered into a million tiny pieces. He hated himself for breaking you. He only wished that you’d forgive him someday.

Two years later you barely thought about him. You found solace through friends and family, especially from Molly Hooper. You were round at Sherlock’s flat, helping John out with Rosie whilst he was at an appointment. You were feeding her while Sherlock sat across from the both of you reading a paper.

“Do you still speak to Giles?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Who?” You asked not breaking your gaze from Rosie.

“Lestrade” the mention of his last name made you freeze. It was as if your heart was being broke again by him and you hated that his name had such control over you.

“It’s Greg,” you choked out, still feeding Rosie “And no I don’t speak to him”.

Sherlock stayed quiet for a moment, glancing over some article before opening his mouth again “I think it was admirable what he did.”

Your eyes narrowed and he finally caught your attention “What on earth are you talking about?” You muttered out with a sigh.

Sherlock raised a brow as if to say ‘Oh you don’t know?’ He knew you didn’t know but Greg’s constant upset state was starting to annoy Sherlock. Or at least that is what he told John, in all honesty he felt bad for Greg and he thought you and him made an excellent couple.

“What he did for you,” Sherlock returned his gaze to the paper “There isn’t many men who love their significant other enough to let them go for their own safety”.

Your head was swirling, you were completely and utterly confused “What?” You exasperatingly asked.

“Lestrade, he was receiving threats at work compromising your safety. He wanted to keep you safe, sadly that involved breaking your heart. But it broke his too”.

You dropped the spoon you were feeding Rosie with and your jaw dropped open. You couldn’t believe what Sherlock was saying. “He-he did that? For me?” You asked and Sherlock curtly nodded “B-but he told me he didn’t love me…” You blinked away the forming tears.

“Y/N did you honestly believe that? Lestrade obviously loves you if he’s willing to risk letting you go to make sure you’re safe” Sherlock placed down the paper and sent you a small smile “Go and see him, I’ll keep an eye on Rosie”.

You leaped out off the chair and ran out but quickly retraced your steps to hug Sherlock from behind “Thank you” you softly whispered before rushing back out the door to Greg’s house.

You frantically knocked on the door and heard shuffling from behind it “I’m coming! Calm down!” He grumbled out and opened the door. His eyes instantly widened “Y-Y/N?” He stuttered out “Why are you-” you cut him off by leaping into his arms and crashing your lips against his. He let out a surprised moan before slowly kissing you back. God how he missed his. He missed you.

You pulled away to catch your breath “Sherlock told me everything” you told him and a tear slipped out the corner of his eye “You should have told me instead of breaking my heart” you wiped away the tear with your thumb.

“I’m sorry,” Greg whispered out and shut his eyes whist pressing his forehead against yours “I felt awful, I have for the past two years!” He raised his voice a little “I only wanted to keep you safe.”

“I know,” you whispered out “But I will be, I know you’ll always protect me. I love you Greg” you told him “I never stopped”.

“Neither did I,” he confessed “I love you too and I’ll always take care of you”.

Reunited (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)

Wanda x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Request: Could you please do a Wanda x reader fic where they get reunited when the reader helps Steve break team cap out of prison at the end of Civil War?

Note: I love this request! Thank you for giving me this to write! If you guys want a part two, I’ll write something after this.

Ever since Hell broke with the fight between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, you had to help him get the team out of The Raft. This whole fight wouldn’t have happened if Ross listened to Steve on what happened, or the reasons behind on what happened during those events. It was stupid to wait in the Stark Tower while the whole thing went on, and you couldn’t do a thing about it. A month of pure Hell. Steve grabbed you from the Stark Tower before Tony even knew it (Secretly with Vision’s help) and you both flew to rescue the others.

It seemed like the who prison was empty; as it was easy to land on The Raft without being detected, and sneak in. Steve quietly knocking out the guards as you hacked into the prison’s system to see where the others are kept. “They’re up ahead in the next few sections two floors up, Captain..” You whispered to him, looking at your computer band on your right wrist. “It seems to be empty of no guards… Which is pretty weird…” You mumbled to yourself, looking at the security cameras carefully, gasping as you saw Wanda in the far corner of her cell in a straitjacket and shock collar around her neck. “Wanda… We have to hurry to them…”

He nods at you, following pursuit into finding the other team members where you said they would be. You both knocked out the guards that would come in the room, and proceed to unlock the cells. When you went to Wanda’s cell, you immediately tore off the straitjacket, and broke the shock collar with your knife from your boot. Looking at her in shock from how still and lifeless she looks.

You grabbed her in a tight hug, tears threatening to form. “Wanda! Bloody Hell! Did they hurt you?” She froze a little bit, and noticed that she didn’t get shocked when she moved, and hugged you tightly. “No, no. I’m ok.” She lied, not wanting you to get angry over what has happened to her, “Did they hurt you?” You look at her with tears in your eyes, “Who cares?!” She hugged you tightly, shivering in your arms, “I do!!” She cried out, trying not to think of you ever getting hurt. “I care so much, moja láska..”

After the quick reunion, you helped Steve with freeing your friends, and ran off to the jet back to Wakanda. “This month was Hell, meine Prinzessin… I wish I could’ve be there for you…” You said softly, Wanda stroking your hair gently as you lay your head on her lap. “You would’ve gotten hurt… You would’ve been in a cell like I was…” She said quietly, not wanting to relive the Hell she’s been through. “But-” You were cut off when she bent down, and kissed you softly. Melting into the kiss, you kissed her back softly, not wanting that moment to end. It was pure heaven until-

“You know that there’s other people in the jet…” Sam cleared his throat, looking at you two continuing the kiss, you giving him the finger. “Ok, ok, Kid… At least wait until we get back to Wakanda.” “That’ll be another two hours until we get there, Sam.” Steve stated, making Sam groan from the information. “This is going to be a long flight.” “Then don’t look, Bird Man…” You remarked, parting away from the kiss, smiling sweetly at Wanda. “I love you, Prinzessin…” She smiled back, kissing you again. “I love you too, moja láska…”

Moja láska- My love in Slovak 

Meine Prinzessin- My princess in German

I think I did pretty good on this. (Hehehe. I had to do a Steven Universe reference I couldn’t resist.) Tell me if you guys want a second part, and I’ll write it. Hope you liked it! -Moose

On Hunk’s Characterization in s2

SO! Here’s the deal. I’ve seen a post or two whining about people complaining about Hunk’s characterization/lack of character development when he had a whole arc dedicated to him last season.

I’m gonna try and keep this short, but since I’m hella pissed and I like to rant, that plan may or may not go out the window. (I’ll put a keep reading just in case) (Swear Words tw) (?)

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Request: Cast a Spell

Request: Can you do one where the reader, Sam, and Dean all grew up together (maybe siblings?) and she’s a real badass hunter. They’re all hunting a witch and the witch ends up turning the impala human to get away and it turns out to be a guy (I always pictured him as looking like Ian Somerhalder). He falls in love with the reader because he’s seen her grow up and knows how strong and kind she is. Fluffy please. Thanks! :)

Word Count: 533

Oh, hell yeah to the Ian Somethalder thing! Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Where the hell did she go?” You demand, scouting around the darkened room in search of the witch. Frustratedly, you bare your knife with every intention of stabbing anything that comes near you.

“Y/N?” Dean calls from the other side of the room. “What the hell just happened?”

“You think I know?” You ask, nearly angry, “She just… disappeared!”

There’s a flash and a bang from outside, followed by a mad cackle. You dart to the window, grinning as the witch takes off on her old motorbike. You curse, kicking the wooden beam from across the window and launching yourself out, determined to catch her.

“Y/N, wait!” Sam follows you, wiggling through the gap. He’s followed by Dean, who immediately begins searching out the car. After a few moments, he turns back to you.

“You guys? Where did I park the car?”

“Just over… oh. It’s not…” Sam begins. Dean’s eyes widen further and he races towards the road, looking desperately for the Impala.

“No, no, no, no, no!” He snaps, “Where the hell is it?”

You’re oblivious to his panic as you’ve spotted something where the car was previously parked- or, rather, someone.

You cross over, kneeling down on the cold tarmac. The figure groans, rolling over.

It’s a guy, wearing black jeans and a leather jacket, a silver ring on one finger, a silver chain around his neck, and a silver earring. Dark hair, beautiful steel-grey eyes that shine even in the moonlight.

Now lying on his back, his glazed eyes clear and focus on you.

“Y/N?” He whisper, voice low and gravelly. Your eyes widen, surprised at his knowing your name.

Then, it clicks. This guy isn’t a guy. Well, sort of.

“Dean?” You call to your oldest brother, “I think… I think I found your car.”


To say your brothers are freaked out is the understatement of the century. You, however, somehow manage to stay calmer. Through the night and into the next morning, after finding your way back to the motel to track the witch’s next moves, you wind up chatting to your newly-personified friend, affectionately named ‘Chev’ for the time being.

“Wait… so, you were like, sentient, this whole time?”

“No. Yes. No.” He says, and you both laugh, “Alright, I worded that badly. But… I wasn’t, but I remember everything.” He emphasizes. You laugh, remembering some of the weird-ass discussions you’ve shared with your brothers in that car.

“I’m so sorry.” You giggle. He chuckles.

“Do you know what the nice thing is?”

You look at him curiously, and he smiles.

“I’ve gotten to watch you guys grow up. You, especially, Y/N. I’ve watched you go from car-seat to sitting on your own, your first time in shotgun. From little girl, playing with dolls in the back seat, to teenager, polishing and fixing weapons in the same spot. You’ve grown, matured, into a beautiful and sensitive yet badass and incredible young woman.”

You find yourself blushing, looking down at the worn carpet.

“Don’t let Dean hear you saying that.”

He chuckles softly, “Wouldn’t dream of it.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, squeezes your shoulder, and goes off to find the guys.

Old Friend (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

(Gif not mine)

Request: Hello, I was wondering if you could write a liam imagine where the reader is also a werewolf and they used to be friends but then they just stopped talking because idk life or you can write some old fight, the thing is even when they don’t talk like they used to she is protective with him when he’s in troubles. I would like something like “touch him again and you die”. Thank you you’re amazing! X

A/n: REQUEST ARE CLOSED! And i hope you like it x

It’s always hard when you’ve known a person a long time and then you have to recognise that you have nothing left in common but your memories.

Me and Liam were the best of friends. We did every single thing together, shopping, hanging out, doing homework, studying. We were inseparable, i never thought in a million years that our friendship would end. 

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The Woman Who Knew Too Much, - Castiel X Reader

Request: Hi! Can you do one where the reader is dating Cas but is also really depressed and so he tries to show her the finer things in life? Fluff and a little smutty pls?

Writer: Jemma, jemin-guay.tumblr.com

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3400

Warnings: Trigger: Depression, Fluffy, SMUT, Swearing

Author’s Note: I tried to write this as though it was taking place during Season 8. Hope you guys like it. Sorry if it turned out too fluffy.


You woke up to the sound of the Winchester’s fighting …again. Uuuuuuuuuuugh….You groaned feeling annoyed, this was not the first time they had awakened you with their squabbling in the last three weeks. You rubbed your eyes and dropped out of bed, making your way slowly toward the noise. It felt like it was still night time, but since there were no windows in the bunker you couldn’t be sure. Your mind muddled from sleep, you padded barefoot through the empty library and down the cold hallway. As you reached the doorway to the kitchen you paused taking in the scene.

Sam had his back to you. From his posture you could tell he was more than a little annoyed with his brother.

“Look, if she gets super pissed we can just say neither of us did it, okay? Safety in numbers.” Dean said using his I’m-in-charge-here, voice. You frowned wondering if they were talking about you.

“You shouldn’t have opened it, Dean. ______’s going to be pissed.” Sam complained. They were definitely talking about you. Things just hadn’t been the same since Dean had busted out of purgatory. There was a time when his shenanigans used to make you laugh, but lately the old dynamic between you two seemed off.

“Well, how was I supposed to know whose it was?” His indignant tone cut into your reveries. He was sitting at the kitchen table, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, and avoiding his younger brother’s steely gaze.

“Really? Cas made a huge deal about it when he dropped it off yesterday. You were there!” Sam rebuked crossing his arms over his red and white flannel shirted chest.

You decided to jump in before things got ugly, “What’s this I hear about Cas?” You inquired stifling a yawn.  Both of the Winchesters turned to look at you, surprise etched on their faces. Seriously? I shouldn’t have been able to sneak up on a pair of hunters. You mused eyes narrowing in suspicion. There was an awkward pause and then, “Dean, did it.” Sam blabbed with a guilty expression. There was a long drawn out sigh from Dean, “Thanks for having my back, Sammy.” He smirked sarcastically. 

You frowned at their childish behavior. “You guys have been bickering like crazy. What’s with you two lately?” You murmured sleepily. You were seriously getting tired of all the fighting. “Nothing.” Dean replied tersely. Sam shot a glare his way, but didn’t say anything. You stretched causing your back to pop and Dean grimaced. “Do you have to do that every time you wake up?” He asked with a disgusted expression on his handsome face.  You raised an eyebrow at the jibe searching his green eyes for answers.

“Stop, trying to change the subject. The point is, that I was sound asleep and you two woke me up at this god forsaken hour with your old married couple bickering.” You grumbled heading for the cabinet where you kept the coffee.

“It’s four in the afternoon.” Dean remarked shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Neither of them seemed to want to look at you. The heavy feeling of being judged cut into you like a knife. When did this happen? We used to be friends. Now we can’t even be in the same room without things getting awkward. You felt the heat of a blush staining your cheeks pink.You had to admit you’d seen this coming. When Cas had saved you from hell, you had been relieved enough not to question his decision to leave you under the protection of the Winchesters. Now that you’d had time to think it over, it seemed like a bad idea. Things just weren’t the way they used to be between you. That’s why you’d avoided Sam and Dean as much as possible. Not that it was a very hard thing to accomplish. They went out hunting for weeks at a time and you didn’t mind being alone. Besides you spent most of your time asleep. In fact, you were already missing the cool darkness of your room and wanted badly to go back to bed.

 “We don’t mean to over step or anything.” Sam broke the awkward silence. “It’s just that, since you moved in with us, you’ve been sleeping practically around the clock.”

 “We haven’t seen you eat more than a couple of bites of food in days…” Dean continued anxiously. You cleared your throat thinking of something to say. You were surprised they had even noticed. At your silence, Sam and Dean gave each other a knowing look.

“We’re worried about you,_____. You and Cas, you’re family and he asked us to look after you, to protect you…” Dean’s green eyes bored into yours like he was searching for a truth he couldn’t find.

“And we can’t do that, if you don’t let us know what’s going on. This holing up in your room thing has got to stop.” Sam said earnestly. You just sighed. What could you possibly say? You’d just been feeling really depressed lately. Hell could do that to a person. And the way you saw it, sleeping wasn’t all that bad of a way to cope with your emotions. It was a lot healthier than drinking or drugs.

“You know, it’s starting to feel like you’re hiding something…” Dean accused. You frowned, but didn’t bother to respond. Sam glared down at Dean before giving you a small smile.

“It’s just that, you’ve been spending a lot of time alone.” He said hesitantly.

“Like you’ve been afraid of us noticing that something’s off. Well, guess what…we noticed. What don’t we know,______?” Dean inquired impatiently.

“I think what Dean meant to say ask was, is there something we need to know? I mean, is everything…okay?” Sam back pedaled giving you that soulful look you were coming to despise.

“Are you asking if I’m possessed?” You blurted. It was the first thing that had crossed your mind when Dean started accusing you of hiding something, but you hadn’t meant to ask it. Your cheeks heated again, but you stared them down, daring them to admit it. How could they think that? You were in a warded bunker for Christ sake? The place was so anti-demon it was ridiculous. 

“Why would we think that?” Sam asked hesitantly.

“Why the hell wouldn’t we?” Dean snorted with derision. “I mean, maybe she’s possessed, and she’s just waiting for the right time to get the jump on us.” He concluded.

“HA! The right time would have been a couple of minutes ago when I walked up behind Sam and neither of you noticed.” You said sarcastically.

“Maybe we would have noticed if we hadn’t been so busy worrying about you.” Dean ground out.

“Well, don’t you think that maybe Cas would have noticed if his girlfriend was being worn by a demon?” You countered crossing your arms over your chest defensively.

“He wouldn’t notice anything different from the way you’ve already been acting!” He snapped.

“Fuck You!” You spat bitterly.

“You Wish!” Dean snapped back.

“That’s exactly what we mean, ______. You’ve never acted like this with us before.” Sam pointed out.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” Dean started in again still pushing all the wrong buttons.

Nothing, is wrong with me! I’m doing great. Just mother fucking fantastic, because between watching Cas open purgatory and then losing him when he accidently unleashed the Leviathans, I should be fine. Right?” You chimed your voice dangerously high.

Dean’s face went blank immediately and you could practically hear the words Oh Shit pass through his mind as he thought them.

Exasperated by this you continued in your most enthusiastic voice, “Oooh, aaand then, and then, Dean finds him! Married no less, with some fucked up form of amnesia that somehow turned into psychosis. Let me tell you that, really put me at ease.”

Sam frowned his hazel eyes staring down into your brown ones. You could tell you’d hurt him, but you couldn’t seem to stop.

“But uh-oh! Do you know what finding Castiel didn’t solve? Our Leviathan problem! So, you guys, had this great idea that we could all pitch in to kill Dick Roman, only it wasn’t all of us that did it. It was just Dean and my boyfriend! But still! Everything should have turned out fine….Only, it didn’t. I lost Castiel, again, only this time, my best friend disappears right along with him!” You could feel the grief clogging your esophagus again like acid reflux. Dean was staring down at the kitchen table, but Sam hadn’t moved, so you pressed on.

 “Not to mention the cherry on top of my mother fucking hot fudge sundae, getting kidnapped by the King of Hell!” Dean’s head snapped back up in reaction.

“Oh. You didn’t know, Dean? After, you and Cas disappeared, when Sam and I finally had to admit that we weren’t going to get you back that night, we drove to the outskirts of town and checked into a motel room. Next morning, the second I stepped out of that room, Crowley grabs me and transports me to hell.”

“I thought you’d left town on your own.” Sam said defensively. How could he think you’d just leave him after you’d both lost the two people you were closest to? How dare he?! He was starting to look well and truly pissed.

Good, was all you could think.

“But I didn’t, Sam!” You hissed, your hands balling into fists at your sides.

“Your bags were gone!” He continued, irritation sharpening his tone. 

“Well, Crowley, must’ve taken them, then! Cause I sure as hell didn’t!” You could already see the anger receding from his expression.

 “Well, in case you were wondering how my extended stay vacation was, it went fabulously! Let’s just say that if Cas hadn’t shown up and pulled me out of there, I’d still be serving Crowley drinks and dinner wearing nothing but a gold studded collar on a leash.”

Sam swallowed anxiously, his eyes not meeting yours. He could be as puppy dog eyed, sorry, and apologetic as he wanted, you decided, that didn’t take away the shit you’d had to endure for all those months.

 “Do you know what the worst part is? Do you know what I imagined you were doing while I was down there? Finding a way to get Dean and Cas back from purgatory. Or, Idiot that I am, I assumed you’d be figuring out a way to help me escape from hell. Now, guess what I didn’t imagine, Sam? That you would turn your back on the people who consider you family to play house with some civi, youbarely knew!” The venom in your voice couldn’t be matched by a viper.

“That’s not fair,______! You can’t be mad at Sam for leaving me in Purgatory. That’s my bone to pick with him. As for Cas, he doesn’t seem to hold his stint in the nuthouse against, Sam. So, neither should you.” Dean thundered in his deep baritone. You hadn’t expected him to say that, though you should’ve. You felt so raw, so exposed, and you weren’t used to being this vulnerable.

Dean’s expression was bleak. He looked so torn, like he wasn’t sure whether to comfort you or defend his little brother.

“Fine. I’ll try.” You grumbled. You’d never been able to stomach hurting Dean. Issues or not, he was still your closest friend.

“You’d better.” Dean grunted arms crossed over his chest.

For a second you considered leaving it at that, but you needed to lay all your cards out on the table. You were tired of hiding your pain, tired of screaming into pillows and sobbing into Castiel’s shoulder late at night so that the boys wouldn’t hear you.

“Maybe, you were right tobe worried. Maybe, I’m not as strong as you are.” You said on a sigh, your voice losing its sharpness.

You could feel Sam looking at you, but you ignored him. Whether this was out of shame and regret for what you’d said or you were still angry at him, you didn’t quite know.  

Dean sighed. He seemed to understand that you weren’t in a good place right now. “I don’t know what to tell you,_____. It’s not like we can just make it go away. All I can say is that I’m here for you. If Sam can forgive you, I bet he is too. And of course, you know you’ll always have Cas.” Dean said carefully and gave you a small smile. You tried to smile back, but you could feel the buildup of unshed tears threatening to billow over and tumble down your cheeks. “Thanks, Dean.” You replied softly and headed back to your room.

                After what must have been several hours more sleep, you felt your bed shift with the weight of someone sitting on the empty side. You breathed in the fresh smells of wind and the ground after it rains and sighed happily. Castiel pressed his warm full lips to your temple and then your cheek. “Cas.” You mumbled groggily. “How was your day,_______?” He asked. You could feel his warm breath against your cheek. “It was…fine.” You hedged not knowing what to call your face to face with the Winchesters.

“That’s not what I heard.” He pressed and then waited for you to respond.  When you didn’t, he continued, “I heard, that you and Sam…argued. What did he say to upset you?” Castiel asked seriously. You laughed, “Why? Are you going to go kick his butt in my defense?” You felt the Angel grow tense and opened your eyes to try and read his expression. “Are you?” you asked incredulously.

“I don’t like anyone hurting you, ________.” He answered in that cryptic way of his.

“Cas, while I appreciate your willingness to stick up for me, you don’t need to beat up, Sam. I picked a fight with him.” You admitted looking up into his deep blue eyes.

“Why?” He asked looking concerned.  You thought about it for a little while, looking for the right words. You reached up and traced the arch of his dark brow with your fingertips. “Because, I guess I still felt like it was his fault that you and Dean were stuck in purgatory for so long.” You explained gently.

“That wasn’t Sam’s fault. Dean and I. We were standing too close to the Leviathan when we killed it and got pulled into Purgatory with it.” Cas clarified, repeating the same explanation he’d given when you were first re-united.

 “I know. I know.” You muttered on a sigh. “It’s just…I don’t know. I felt like we were all counting on him and he let us down.” You admitted.

 “________, how much has Dean told you about how he escaped?” Cas asked his gaze searching yours.

“Not much. Just that he met a vamp in there that knew a way out and something about a portal…” You trailed off. You hadn’t really understood how he’d done it.

“Dean tried to pull me out with him.” Cas stated. You raised your eyebrows in surprise, he’d never told you this before. “When, Dean found the way out, he came looking for me. And when he finally found me, he told me about the portal. I knew, the chances of Dean making it out alone were scarce, but had I added myself to the equation the risk would have been far worse. So, I let go of his hand when he was halfway in the portal.”

“Cas!” You exclaimed half angry half stunned. “How could you do that?! Do you have any idea how much more broken I’d be if I had really lost you?” You asked him taking his face in both your hands. “I wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly live, the rest of my life without you.” You told him punctuating every other word with a kiss. The feeling of his lips against yours was heaven. I love him. God, how I love him. You thought as he kissed you back. Your lips molded to his immediately and you sighed at the feeling of bliss that washed over you. His tongue ran gently against the crevice between your top and bottom lips and you parted them allowing him to taste you. As his tongue mingled with yours you felt a sort of tingling sensation from how absolutely wonderful he made you feel. As he explored your mouth you noted that he tasted like mint and honey. You sucked on his tongue, experimentally, wondering what reaction it would produce. Cas groaned right into your mouth and pulled you on top so that you were straddling his lean hips. You could feel his erection a little too well through his slacks.

Though he was breathing raggedly and kissing you a little more sloppily, he kept his hands in places a little less indecent than what you were craving. He kept one hand on your waist and gently stroked the delicate skin of your hip with the other.

The kiss deepened and you tried to rub against his hard cock, but Cas wouldn’t give an inch, he gently but firmly held you in place. You had a short struggle for control as your need for him began to block out your inhibitions. Before long, he won and you tried to punish him with chaste little pecks on the lips, but he ravished you with his tongue making you feel more than a little breathless yourself. You moaned into his mouth wanting him so badly you could hardly stand it.

As though he’d read your mind, Cas took your face in both of his hands and slowed the kiss. Pulling away for a little bit longer each time like he was weaning you off his kisses. It was necessary, his kisses were so addicting. After a moment or so he rested his forehead against yours. You both lay there panting, your breathing getting a little more even as the seconds passed stretching out into minutes.

“Did you get my presents?” Cas asked looking into your brown eyes.      

You shook your head “no” as you tried to focus on what he was talking about.

“I saw the box open in the hallway.” Cas told you and then you remembered that Sam and Dean were fighting about a package earlier. Hmmmm…Now you were curious.

“Do you want to me to bring it in?” He asked grinning excitedly.  You nodded and grudgingly unmounted your beautiful boyfriend’s hips.

Castiel opened the door and brought in a medium sized cardboard box. He set it on the bed and sat next to it, not letting you peek inside. “I thought it was a present. Doesn’t that mean I can open it?” You pestered playfully. Cas chuckled. “I would have let you if the box wasn’t already opened.”   

Damn it, Dean. Your best friend could be a pain in the butt sometimes. You thought a little annoyed but mostly amused.

“Close your eyes.” Cas commanded and you did as you were asked feeling intrigued.

You felt something cold, smooth, rectangular, and possibly metal in your hands.

“Can I look?” You asked realizing you had no earthly idea what it was you were holding.

“Mmmm…Yes” He decided and you opened your eyes to look at your gift.

It was a picture frame. It wasn’t very big, just the sort of picture you could fit on the small desk you had by the closet.

It had a beautiful shiny silver frame. You ran your fingers along the edge as you looked at the picture. It was your favorite picture of Cas. You were leaning back against his chest and he was actually smiling, but looking down at you instead of up at the camera. Remembering that day always made you happy, you thought as you traced the Enochian symbols engraved around the frame. “What does this mean?” you asked turning it toward Cas. He ran his fingertips over the symbols as he read in his gruff voice, “If I speak in the tongues of Men and of Angels, but have not Love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And If I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, but have not Love, I am nothing.”  His voice was filled with emotion as his blue eyes gazed intensely into yours. “Corinthians 13:1 & 13:2, it’s from the bible. I…I hope, you don’t mind.” His face was hopeful.

“Not at all. It’s beautiful.” You told him and gave him an encouraging smile.

“It’s just that…The word of my father is the first place I ever learned of Love. Other than watching humans of course.” He explained a blush pinkening his cheeks. 

“Thank You, Cas.” You murmured and waited for your next gift, dutifully closing your eyes like before.

This time he handed you something heavy and round. You knew what it was before you opened your eyes. “It’s bubble bath!” You chirped excitedly already imagining the two of you in your tub.

The third thing he handed you, you weren’t at all sure about.                

When you opened your eyes, you laughed. It was a bottle of champagne.

The forth thing he handed you felt a hell of a lot like a box of expensive chocolates…and it was just that.

The fifth and final thing Cas handed you was another box. When you opened your eyes you recognized it as a keepsake box. You looked at Cas for some explanation but he just shrugged. When you unlatched and pushed back the lid you smiled. Cas had stuck some postcards from different places around the world to the inside of the lid, all places you wanted to visit someday. As you examined the box you noticed that there was yet another smaller box hiding in it. You picked it up slowly, a bit of apprehension pricking at your heart and mind.

Before you could open it, Cas plucked it from your hands. He moved to kneel on the floor next to the place you sat on the bed.

“_______, from the moment I met you, I recognized a kindness in you unmatched by anyone I have ever seen. You have a pure soul that is beautiful and so rare. You….understand me in ways I didn’t think it was possible for one being to know another. These are but a few of the many things that I admire about you. I promise that I will always put your needs first and do everything within my power and more to make sure that you live a safe and happy life. Will you, please, marry me?”

And even though you had endless questions, you found yourself saying “Yes”, to your Castiel, because if there was one thing this celestial being had given you it was hope for new beginnings and faith in happy endings.

The Other Side of The Archer [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

~ Imagine where the reader almost gets bitten by a walker, but Daryl comes to the rescue. ~



“There’s got to be some stuff in there. What if there’s medicine or something? Something that we need! We can’t let that slip away…” I insisted, pleading with Daryl to bust open the doors of the abandoned store. He grunted at me for the fourth time, but he couldn’t fight back any longer.


“We said we’d come out here, look for gas, then head back. You’re wasting your time,” He huffed, before handing me the crowbar and grabbing a cigarette from his pocket, “Tap on the door first. If there’s any walkers in there we’re leaving, I ain’t takin’ no risks.”


I knocked on the door to check if there were any walkers inside. After waiting a few seconds, I heard nothing so I instantly curved the crowbar around the gap in the wood and pulled it towards me. Daryl blew smoke everywhere and turned around to face away from me, as I forced the door open with as much strength as I could muster in the heat. The sun shone directly onto us, blinding us both as I continued to attempt to open the door. I heard a crack as a piece of wood fell from the door, before the latch finally gave way and it opened up. I dropped the crowbar as my arms flopped to my sides like jelly.


I turned to check if Daryl was going to join me, but he’d sat down on the ground and was too busy staring into the distance to notice I’d opened the door without his help. All day I’ve been relying on him to open doors and get us into places, but now I’ve done it on my own and he didn’t even witness it happen! It’s not like he would’ve congratulated me for it, but I would’ve liked to have him see that I’m perhaps not as weak as he might think.


I slowly walked into the store, my eyes darting around the room in every direction, checking the area for any walkers. I pulled out my knife and had it in my hand, pointing outwards, ready to use at any given moment. “Found any thing yet?” I heard Daryl call as I strolled further into the abandoned room. I tutted at his question, as I tried to think of a sarcastic reply but admitted defeat when I couldn’t.


The room was dark, and the windows were boarded up with old slabs of wood that’d been hammered into the walls with rusty nails. My free hand traced the edge of the counter, collecting dust and dirt from the filthy metal surface. I rubbed my fingertips against my thumb, dust flaking off of my skin and floating down to the ground. Shelves were falling off of the walls, hanging on by singular brackets as other cabinets sat empty in the corners, with only a few boxes of miscellaneous items stacked on them; items that would be useless to us. I heard noise outside as Daryl groaned to himself, and told me to hurry up.


I turned around and looked towards him. He was still sat down in front of the doors, his arms behind him as he lounged under the sun as if he was on a beach holiday. “Hey come on!” He yelled over to me, not even bothering to look back over his shoulder at me. I squinted my eyes so I could get a better look at him, but as I went to step forward, I was grabbed forcefully. The familiar sickening texture of a walker’s peeling and rotten skin connected with my arm and I instantly tried to yank myself away from its deathly grip.


I tugged and tried to resist, flailing my knife around and trying to stab the walker in any place I could. It held my arm tightly behind my back, restricting me from being able to turn my body. I can’t turn around or I’ll twist my own arm and possibly break it in the process. I tried kicking my legs out behind me in an attempt to strike the walker in the legs but all I got in return was the disgusting moan of the undead soul in my ear. I leaned forward as far as I could so it wouldn’t be able to lunge and bite my neck at any second. I began to panic as the walker’s grasp only got tighter and my arm felt as if it was being pulled out of its socket.


I looked out to the doors at Daryl who was completely oblivious to the attack that was taking place behind him. I immediately called for his help as I heard a loud creaking sound behind me that signalled someone or something else was now in the room. No matter how much I didn’t want to seem vulnerable, I knew I couldn’t get away. “Daryl!” I yelled, still thrashing my body around insanely as I heard the roaring of the walker getting louder. There definitely has to be more than one in here now. Where the hell have they come from?! “Daryl!” I practically screamed as I threw myself forward again, dropping my knife and cursing loudly as I did so. My voice cracked as the humidity in the room felt as if it was wrapping around my throat, preventing me from passing air properly.


Daryl finally turned around and his eyes widened as he jumped up from where he was sitting, pulling out his knife from his belt as he ran towards me. My heart began to race as he plunged the knife into the walker’s eye, my face inches away from the razor-shape blade. My breathing hitched as I fell forward onto the floor, coughing and spluttering, trying to take in as much oxygen as my body would allow me to. I squeezed my eyes shut to calm myself down as the sounds of Daryl violently grunting and stabbing multiple walkers surrounded me. I wiped my eyes with my wrists, rubbing them until the noises stopped and the last walker fell to the floor with a thud. I looked up to see Daryl panting, wiping his knife on his jeans before tucking it back into his belt. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.


He spun around and saw me sat in a ball on the floor, my breathing somehow unable to return back to normal as I inhaled and exhaled loudly like a cat spitting a fur-ball. He crouched down and grabbed my hands, flipping my arms around to see if I’d been bitten anywhere. I shook my head to tell him I hadn’t, and he sunk to the ground and sat beside me. “Are you okay?” He asked between his short breaths. I couldn’t quite find a reply, so I nodded again as I turned to face him.


“Thank you…” I murmured, reaching over to him and touching his arm. He brought his hand up to his bicep and placed it on top of my own, an unfamiliar smile creeping onto his lips. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile like this before.


“It’s nothin’,” He shrugged, patting my hand before standing up, helping me up too. He wrapped his arm around me as we walked out of the store, and I felt like I’d connected with him more in that short space of time than I had throughout the past few months in his presence. He rubbed the space between my shoulder blades gently, as I began to control my breathing once again. I looked at him, only to find him looking at me also. His gaze locked in with mine, as he stared at me through the gaps in his long, messy hair, “What’re you starin’ at?” He asked, looking away from me, breaking the connection between us.


“I could’ve asked you the same thing.” I muttered. He stopped in his tracks, placing his hands on my forearms and holding me in place. He looked me up and down before letting go of me and slouching, “What? What’s wrong?”


“I don’t know… You could’ve died in there!” He suddenly shouted, throwing his arms in the air and letting them fall to his sides, slapping his thighs, “I told you not to go in there.” He lowered his tone once again, as he slid his hands into his pockets and looked at me with the same dark eyes he usually does. I guess smiley Daryl from a couple minutes ago doesn’t want to stick around.


“How was I to know there were walkers? Daryl you watched me knock on that door, we heard nothing. It was just, a misunderstanding…”


“Yeah, a misunderstanding that could’ve ended up with you dead. Or both of us for that matter.”


“No - Just me.”


He looked at me with a confused expression as if I’d just spoken a completely different language. His hands fell out his pockets and hung by his sides lazily, “What do you mean?” He asked me, walking towards me. I felt intimidated by his closeness to me, but I also kind of liked it.


“I mean… That… If either of us was to have died in there, it would’ve just been me. You would’ve gotten away easy.” I explained, shrugging.


“What makes you say that? We were both in the same amount of danger.”


“Daryl we both know you’re ten times stronger than I am. You would’ve killed those walkers in there the same way you just did and returned to Alexandria without a scrape. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about…”


“You’re wrong.”


“I’m not.”


Yes you are… You’re wrong, maybe not completely wrong but, you’re not completely right. I wouldn’t have left without a scrape, because I wouldn’t have left at all. Do you really think I’d watch you die then just walk out?”


He looked at me with hurt in his eyes and I felt a stab to my heart as I watched his face alter from tough to somewhat vulnerable or upset, “I wouldn’t be able to go back without you with me. Imagine how much of a coward I’d look… People would blame me,” He said, reaching out to grab my hand. I was too busy studying his facial expression to notice him squeezing my hand and stroking the back of it softly. I looked down, watching him gently touch the rough skin on the backs of my knuckles, “That’s why I didn’t want you to go in there. I wouldn’t know what to do if you’d have gotten hurt or worse…”


I looked back up at him and I felt as if his eyes were glaring deep into my soul. Then, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. I allowed my body to sink into his, as his strong arms held me there for a moment. I felt as if the world stopped around us, as I took in his scent, my face settling into the crook of his neck comfortably. I wanted to stay like that forever, and never let go.


He eventually pulled away and sniffled, tucking his hands back into his pockets casually. I stood there dumbfounded, trying to find something to say back to him. I’ve never seen this side to Daryl before, he’s always so aggressive and tough, “Daryl I… I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to you. You’re so right, I don’t know what I would’ve done if the situation would’ve been reversed and you were the one in trouble.”


He laughed slightly at my reply, throwing his head back and sighing before chuckling a little louder to himself. I tilted my head in confusion as he just stood and laughed, not looking at me, “What?” I asked in amusement, a slight laugh creeping up on me for no reason.


“You seriously think I’d allow myself to get in trouble like that?” He replied sarcastically, now folding his arms over his chest, “Come on Y/N, let’s be real here…”


“Alright, no need to be cocky… Can we just go home now?” I almost whined like a small child. He just nodded in reply and we began walking together, suddenly closer than we’d ever been before. We vowed to keep his ‘spill of emotions’ as he called it, to ourselves. I couldn’t agree more when he suggested we don’t mention it again, because not only would we have our first inside secret together, but I’d be able to have that version of Daryl inside my mind for the rest of my life. The side of Daryl that no one has ever had the privilege of seeing apart from me. And if that’s not pretty damn special, I don’t know what is…


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“You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Word Count: 878

You’d heard the name Rafe Adler for the first time just over a decade ago. You were sitting at home watching some shitty late-night news when the host announced that the Adler family was passing on their fortune and business to their only son. You had barely paid any attention to it, just scoffed and called him another bratty rich boy, and when you met him for the first time on vacation in the Caribbean with your best friend, you thought your initial impression of him was spot-on.

“So how much do you think his outfit is worth today?” you had asked your friend, leaning over to her at the bar as you watched him make his way toward the beach.

“Oh, easily over $1,000,” she had responded with a small laugh. You and her had made a game out of it at this point. Every time you would see him, you’d guess how much his outfit cost. The two of you turn yourselves back, leaning together and giggling over more Rafe-related jokes. You’d feel bad if he didn’t have so much goddamn money.

“Actually, it was closer to $750,” you had heard behind you. You had both froze, turned, and stared right into the smug eyes of Rafe Adler. Bratty rich boy.

Fast forward seven years, and you and him have travelled the world, searched for Henry Avery’s treasure in Madagascar (a time neither of you remembered fondly) and bought a home together.

You lift your head from your pillow to glance at the alarm clock on your night stand. 8am. Too early for a Sunday. You feel Rafe shift beside you, turning his head to face you and sleepily opening his eyes.

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A Complicated Wedding

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1163

Request from anon:  “Could you do a Dean x reader from deans pov about reader and deans wedding day? They’re in love and happy and she’s kidnapped by a demon in the middle of everything? It’s a little wedding (just Dean, reader, Sam, Charlie, Cas, Bobby, and Kevin?)”

I loved writing this!! I couldn’t help but add a few little twists. ;) Enjoy!

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Reunions - Part One (Daryl Dixon)

*There will be a smutty part two at some point if anyone is interested in that*

**Stronger language used in this

Also Shoutout to UGA, neat little college in the Atlanta area, that I’m including in my fic bc go dawgs I think we’re pretty cool idk. Oops, ew my American side is showing

When most people imagined going to college they imagined crazy parties, stressing about finals, and beer pong. It was like that for awhile until the breakout happened. Not exactly finals but just as stressful.

Now you were trapped in Atlanta surrounded by flesh eating monsters and all alone. You’d been surviving by building hopping, a hunting knife your best friend had given to you as a “going away present” prior to school. He’d said it’d been to keep “creeps” away. Although you weren’t sure this was what he meant you were thankful for the gift none the less, it’d become essential for your survival.

Since the bombings you hadn’t seen much of anyone in the city which is why it came as a shock to you to find a man riding a horse into the city. He was making a ton of noise and it sure to drag some creeps to the area, put all your hard work to waste.

You ran out from the shop you were in. Jumping in front of the horse who skid to a halt.

“Hey dude, are you an idiot? Keep it down- Oh, shit.”

You saw the swarm that was behind him coming right towards you. No matter how many guns were in that bag it wouldn’t be enough to hold them off.

“Get off the horse, we need to hide. Now.” You all but ripped him off the horse throwing him in the direction of a nearby tank as the horse galloped off to an unknown fate. (a/n: I was gonna keep it canon then I was like “but the poor pretty innocent pony” so I like his fate be “undetermined”)

“You just ruined my way out of here!” The man screamed at you, not helping the situation at all.

“Yeah, I could say the same, now get down before you screw this up any more!”

He crawled under the tank with you following as the swarm of creeps closed in. Just when you thought this dude couldn’t get any stupider he fired his gun at the creeps, which only attracted more of them, he put his gun to his head, muttering something before springing into the tank, thankfully adding a little sense of security back into your life.

“Now can you quit making noise before you get us killed!” You snapped, irritated at this guys lack of care for the situation.

“Do you understand anything about this?”

To your surprise he shook his head.

“Uh, not really, I woke up in a deserted hospital, I learned a little on my way here, but I’m definitely not up to speed anymore. You always talk to Cops like that?”

You were confused for a moment before you took in his outfit, a slight blush spreading across your cheeks.

“I have friends who do, but nobody really has authority anymore, hate to be the one to tell you.”

He nodded in understanding before reaching for the soldiers gun, you waited with your knife ready in case the soldier wasn’t as ‘dead’ as he seemed.


You stuck your knife into the Creeps eye socket.

The Sheriff  jumped back in alarm at the sheer brutality of your actions and because he hadn’t noticed you had a weapon on you at all.

“Stealth, it comes in handy.” You noted before looking at the gun in his hand.

“I’m known to be a pretty good shot, you dropped your bag of weapons, do you mind letting me have that one?” You tried pointing to the gun.

“I don’t even know your name.” He pointed out, you just shrugged.

“I don’t know yours but I’ve saved your life and haven’t tried to kill you so I think that says something.” You were airing on the side of caution, cursing Merle Dixon for making you a bit uneasy around cops.

“Rick Grimes, I’ll give you the gun if you give me your name.”

“Y/F/N, Y/L/N, I was a college student at UGA before the Creeps showed up.”

He looked you over for signs of lying and then nodded, handing the gun over.

You went to thank him but the radio’s beeping drew both your attention.

“Hey, you alive in there?”

A younger sounding man’s voice asked over the radio as you and Rick scrambled to the radio.

“Hello? Hello?”

“There you are. You had me wondering.”

Rick spoke into the radio, as an almost hopeful feeling started filling you. There were others. Other people who’d survived the chaos you’d experienced, maybe you could survive this after all.

You’d gotten lost in thought but turned your attention back to the radio when he started giving instructions on how to escape. You gave him your weapons inventory and set the plan in motion, following his instructions and ending up in the alley where you very nearly stabbed the poor guy before having to run after him to who knows where, Rick shooting rounds off behind you.

The three of you climbed up a fire escape before running into a room where you were Rick was held at gun point, the woman holding it hesitant to flash it in your face but making it clear she would if necessary. The strangers all encouraged “Andrea” to drop the gun but she refused.

“We’re all dead because of this stupid asshole! I bet she’d agree!” She pointed the gun at you and you shrugged.

“I thought so for while but I’ve made it this far, and I’ve got more than a knife now so I can’t complain.”

She looked as if she might snap at you but a man talked her down, she released her grip on and started tearing up because apparently you were “all dead”, and it was naturally you and Rick’s fault.

The group explained their escape plan to Rick and you mockingly waved the knife to show that you were on their side with the need for silence (as much as you appreciated your new ally, your life was much more important at this point).

That was about the time that gun shots rang out from the roof and the name “Dixon” was uttered, you didn’t want to get your hopes up but crossed your fingers that just maybe the best and worst day ever were happening in one, because if you found Merle you could assure that Daryl couldn’t be too far apart.

A quick trip to roof revealed that the man in question was in fact Merle Dixon, someone you never thought you’d be happy to see.

“Hey! Y’all be more polite to a man with a gun! Only common sense!”

You had to laugh at the fact that even the zombie apocalypse couldn’t change Merle.

“Dixon, you know I ain’t ever polite to you, hasn’t changed since I was twelve!”

Merle did a double take.

“Y/N? Sweet cheeks! My baby brother’s done nothing but whine about your ass since this shit done started!” He gave you a hug that shocked the rest of the group for a number of reasons.

“You two know each other?” Andrea questioned pointing between you and Merle.

“Hell yeah Taco Bender, this is my baby brother’s sweet piece of ass best friend.” He patted you on the back.

“And this is my best friends older brother who is in fact, still a pig, I grew up with them, I was attending college when this all happened though, so we were separated.” The group seemed to take all this in, accepting it the best they could, it’d at least seemed to distract Merle from his rampage for a little bit.

It was decided that an escape plan was needed, the group worked to make and execute an escape plan, you taking Merle back to their camp in a separate vehicle as no one really seemed interested in doing so themselves.

The two of you caught up on the way back, mostly Merle telling you about Daryl and his’ adventure’s since the world “went nuts”.

You tried to keep the small talk but you were really itching to see Daryl. The last time you’d heard from him before the outbreak, he was headed on a hunting trip with his Uncle and Dad so you’d chosen to believe he was alright but beyond that you hadn’t let yourself wonder what had happened to him, but now that you knew he was alright you were just anxious to get there.

The camp was nice, there was other survivors, women and children, Rick had been reunited with his family which brought a smile to your face, all things considered the day actually seemed to be going pretty good. That was until you learned that Daryl was on a hunting trip and knowing him that meant he could be gone for any length of time.

You’d settled in, been given a little food and a tent, the most luxurious living you’d had in a while. You helped with chores (and taming Merle), which the group showed their gratitude for. You called it a night early, needing the sleep and hoping that Daryl would return in the morning. 

When you woke up Daryl still hadn’t returned so you made yourself useful helping with chores, until you heard the children’s screams.

You ran after the group, following until you saw a deer (that you couldn’t help but notice had bolts sticking out of it,) being eaten by what the new group called, “a Walker”.

The men all attempted to kill it playing whack-a-mole until Dale swiftly removed it’s head with an axe.
You laughed at their stupidity and drove your knife through it’s eye socket.

“You have to kill the brain, other wise it can still bite you.”

You all jumped as you heard a sound from the woods the men all getting in front of you in case it was another Walker. But it wasn’t a walker, it was Daryl, crossbow in hand and very displeased about the fate of his deer. 

“Son of a bitch. That’s my deer! Look at it, all gnawed on by this filthy, disease-bearing, motherless poxy bastard!” He kicked the body of the Walker letting his frustrations out as he yelled at the man who tried to get him to calm down. 

“Been tracking this deer for miles!” He yanked his bolts from the deer before noticing the Walker’s head that still had your knife sticking out of it.

“Least someone was smart enough to kill the brain.” You couldn’t help but smile a bit at the compliment, and the still unknowing Daryl.

He yanked the knife out next taking a closer look at the handle and you watched at the realization hit him, he mumbled your name before another surge of anger took over his actions.

“Where did this knife come from! Who killed this Walker? And where the hell did they get this!?” He waved the knife in the men’s faces before you stepped into his line of view behind him clearing your throat gently.

“Nice to see you too, Dar-” You barely had his name out before his arms were crushing you.

“I thought you were dead girl, they bomb the shit outta that fancy school town of yours, thought I’d never see you again.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“I might not be a Dixon but it’ll take more that to take me out, besides you taught me a thing or two. Now give me my knife back, it’s saved my life more than once.”

He grinned, partially because he was seeing you again and partially that he’d inadvertently played a part in keeping you alive.

“Now lets get back to camp and have some squirrel, I can’t say I really missed it but it’s better than what I’ve been eating.” You laughed as Daryl swung an arm around your shoulder silently vowing to never let you out of his sight again.

1989 as Swan Queen AUs

1. Welcome to New York: When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors / Took our broken hearts put them in a drawer / Everybody here was someone else before / And you can want who you want |Emma leaving after 3b with Henry and Regina, stumbling through new familyhood in a world where they are just people instead of titles, and love is so close and so simple and so free when there’s no past to complicate the future.

2. Blank Space: Saw you there and I thought oh my god / Look at that face / You look like my next mistake / Love’s a game, wanna play | Regina and Emma caught in the toxic love/hate that is S1, cat and mouse and angry scrabbling at clothing in bathrooms during council meetings, and the pressing awareness from Regina that all this is a lie to end soon.

3. Style: And when we go crashing down / we come back every time / Cause we never go out of style / We never go out of style | Young!Regina jumps through a portal to escape Cora and finds teen Emma, reckless street urchin with no ties ready to show her life beyond her castle and the freedom of a world where no one at all matters (no one?).

4. Out Of The Woods: I walked out, I said, I’m setting you free / But the monsters turned out to be just trees / When the sun came up / You were looking at me | The evil queen and the knight who loves her, struggling to find a balance between dark and light and their opposing kingdoms and knowing none of this can last but they’re bound together regardless.

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