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10 from the August promp list & Damon Salvatore :-D

Damon Salvatore – Not today

“What the hell do you want?!” Damon turned around, startling you while he moved. “You don’t need to follow me everywhere, Y/N. It’s starting to become annoying.”

You came out from behind the tree where you had been hiding. It felt stupid to stay there and pretend you weren’t there when he had discovered you already.
“You were not supposed to know I was there.” You hid your hands, with the stake in it, behind your back, hoping he wouldn’t notice it. Until now he had just laughed you away, which was far more humiliating than actually hurting you, but you had no idea when that would change. And humiliating or not… you preferred to be alive.

He looked at you with that piercing gaze he had, a small frown on his forehead.
“And still I do. You suck as a hunter, you know that? Even little Gilbert was better at it when he just started. And that’s in no way a compliment to him.” He closed the distance between the two of you quickly and pried your arm out from behind your back.
Are you trying to kill me? Again?” He forced the stake out of your hand and pocketed it. “Not that I’m afraid you’ll get even near me, but you never know if you’d cause any unintended damage.”

“I…” You stuttered. You had never thought his opinion could do that much damage for your ego. He was a monster, he was responsible for the death of one of your friends and all you wanted was to see him dead. You just seemed to be too clumsy and too inexperienced to even get close. “I’ll get to you in the end… You can’t be lucky forever.” If he managed to evade you with luck, it wasn’t a lack of skills on your side. It meant you still had a chance. That one time, everything would fall your way and you would manage to end his life.

He stepped even closer to you, pushing you against the tree with his hand on your chest.
“This isn’t luck, amateur. I’ve lived far longer than you have. I’ve dealt with wanna bes like you so often I didn’t even keep count.” His hand crept up to your throat, slowly forcing the air out of you. “The likes of you aren’t even worth my effort to do that.” He smirked, closing his hand a bit, cutting off more of your air.

You tried to struggle, you tried to push him away, but he stood firm. Damn those vampires with their strength.
“So now you’re killing me?”, you managed to get out. “Like so many before?” Like your friend who brought you here. Like all those other friends of other people he must have killed. Like those hunters he was talking about.

“Now?” He shrugged without releasing the pressure. He was silent for a moment, a moment that seemed to last for an eternity while you were fighting for every breath. He smiled, letting the fearsome features of his vampire face come out, but he still didn’t answer your question. He still didn’t seem to make a decision. Until he suddenly dropped his hand, causing you to fall on your knees. “Run, and I won’t kill you now. I don’t feel like disposing of your body. I can’t give any guarantees what happens if you’re still somewhere in my sight after ten seconds though.”

So you ran. Despite the fact that your throat hurt like you swallowed sandpaper, despite the fact that you were gulping in air, you scrambled up and ran as fast as you could. You still planned on killing this man… this monster, but today was not the day that would happen.

Devin was just about to gut the damn thing and send it back to hell where it belonged when she came around the corner into the alleyway, looking innocent and fragile as ever.

Devin rolled her eyes. The last thing she needed right now was a frantic, defenseless civilian getting in her way.

“Hey, sweetheart, you might wanna get out of–”

Devin was cut off by the thrusting dagger with a serrated blade and a cryptic inscription through the demons throat. She hardly had time to recover from her shock before the strange girl called to her.

“Start the chanting, we don’t have much time– do it now!”

Though still confused and unnerved, Devin did as told and was soon joined by the girl. She held eye contact with Devin the entire time, through the demon’s writhing and screaming, shaking her to her core.

The demon vanished into oblivion, leaving the two of them alone, just concrete and a dagger between them.

Devin took a hesitant step forward, extending her hand towards the stranger.

“Devin, Devin Ramirez.”

The girl smirked, taking her hand and giving it a firm shake.

“Rachel Cha.”

Devin nodded, finding herself at a complete lack of words from the shock of their encounter– and how hard her heart was beating just at the sight of this girl, this Rachel.

“Thanks for the help there,” she finally stammered. “Though, I had it covered before you came along.”

Rachel chuckled.

“Sure you did, sweetheart.”


Femme x butch sapphic demon slayer gfs for anon + an extra little origin story b/c I’m extra as heck and I loved this idea :)


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Lena x reader

Request: Lena x reader : where your best friend, winn hacked lena’s twitter account and changed her name into ‘Mrs.y/l/n’ because he knows that you and lena like each other just to stubborn to admit it ? Please and thank you 

Written by Doc

“Winn! What the hell did you do!” you yelled at your best friend storming to his desk.

You had been casually scrolling through your twitter feed when a tweet from Lena appeared, only her name wasn’t ‘Lena Luthor’ like usual.

Next to her handle was now ‘Mrs. Y/L/N’ and the only person you know crazy enough to hack into Lena’s account and do this was Winn.

“What? You and Lena like each other but you’re both too stubborn to admit it, I was just speeding up the process,” he said throwing his hands up in the air like he did nothing wrong.

Alex and Maggie walked into the DEO both looking at their phones.

“Uh Y/N? Why did Luthor change her twitter name to your last name?” Alex questioned you.

“Did you finally ask her out?” Maggie chuckled.

You smacked Winn on the back of the head and pulled him to his feet, “We are going to L Corp and you are going to fix this.”

You arrived to L Corp to find Lena in her office working on her computer.

Her assistant let you in, she smiled when she saw you and got up from her desk.

“Y/N, it’s nice to see you, do you happen to know why my twitter was changed to ‘Mrs. Y/L/N’?” she asked laughing.

She may have been amused by the joke but you weren’t, you glared at Winn for him to answer.

“Well actually, that was me,” Winn said awkwardly, “Y/N here was too stubborn to admit that they liked you so I figured I would give ‘em a little push.”

You smacked Winn on the arm, you couldn’t believe he just told Lena that you liked her.

“Y/N, if you wanted to go out with me all you had to do was ask,” Lena grinned.

“Wait really?” you said surprised.

“Yes really, now how about you and I go out Friday night, pick me up at six, I’ll make the reservations,” she smiled.

“Yeah- yeah, that sounds great,” you rambled out.

“Great, I’ll see you then, now if you excuse me I have some business to attend to, including changing my twitter name back,” she said walking back to her desk.

You and Winn exited L Corp and headed back to the DEO to get some real work done.

“See, she thought it was funny, and now you have a date with her!,” Winn said proud of himself.

“Shut it Winn,” you said still a bit angry with him but secretly thrilled that you actually had a date with Lena Luthor. 

  • Gabriel:
  • Sam: ... why are you being so quiet?
  • Gabriel: I'm pregnant
  • Sam: No, you're not, you're guilty. What did you do?
  • Gabriel: I may
  • Sam: ?
  • Gabriel: have gotten a puppy
  • Sam: what.
  • Gabriel: *brings out weird looking puppy*
  • Sam: is
  • Sam: is that a hellhound?
  • Gabriel: it's a puppy
  • Sam: oh my fucking hell, that's a hellhound. whERE DID YOU FOUND A HELLHOUND?
  • Gabriel: I T ' S A P U P P Y

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that William came from such a humble background (I mean just earlier in the chapter he nonchalantly mentions he’s leaving to look into buying a zip line business - what? lol).

I love these moments in between where we get to know more of his roots. His mom really seems like a woman you’d want on your side. And to hammer it home, she raised one hell of a man. 💕

Imagine Being The Winchesters Little Sister Who Ran Away

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You hesitate at the sound of his voice. It had been almost a year since you’d heard your older brothers voice. Oh you’d missed them both. Sammy and Dean, Cas, hell even Crowley. 


You don’t know what had made you dial his number. 


There was a pause on the other end. 


You hurry to brush back a tear so you can pretend that this call wasn’t making you cry and laugh pathetically. “Hey De.”

“Y/N, where the hell have you been?!” 

There’s an echo over the other end letting you know that you’re on speaker. The low rumble of an engine tells you he’s in the impala. 

“Y/N are okay? Tell us where you are we’ll come get you.” Sam says now.

That’s what gets you. The mix of your brothers voices and the sound of the impala humming in the back ground leaves you biting back sobs in this little forgotten phone booth in some crappy beaten down dinner in the middle of who knows where. 

“Guys, I wanna come home.”

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Hi there lily!~ For the ask thing: 11, 23 and 30!

hey kitty ! 💕

23. do you have a significant other?
nope ! never have had one either im single as hell
i even use tinder lmao but all dates ive set up i got stood up except for one where she pulled thru only to find out after 3 hours of hanging out she was straight lol n she didnt consider it a date .. so i guess love isnt in my charts rn 😭​but its chill! id rather smth happen naturally then actively seek it out and be so desperate for a relationship that i end up in a shitty one 😭💕

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It's a lot to ask, I know that. But please send some positive vibes my way. I'm going through hell right now. Emotional and mental hell. My boss is ruining my work life (to the point where I want to quit, but I can't because I'm a financial mess), and I'm just emotionally wrecked. I've been so irrationally angry for two weeks now. The littlest things set me off. I'm exhausted, I hardly sleep. I have physical symptoms as well.... I don't want to be here anymore.

It’s never a lot to ask, sweets. I am so sorry. I have been there. I don’t mean that to sound like I fully understand - but for you to know that you aren’t alone. You’re drained, exhausted, and just need a break. Everything feels like it’s piling up at once and it’s too much. Please see it through. You are so strong. You have made it this far and you will make it through this and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Day by day. Do little things to unwind when you can - focus on those things to make you happy. Please reach out to people and know you are never alone. Sending so many positive vibes your way. I’m always here if you need me. 


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

it's not a love story but,

i won’t leave here without you,

i always come when you call,

nobody wants him here more than i do,

i need you,

i love you,

don’t make me lose you too,

i’d have died for you, i almost did a few times,

cas is family,

you’re the best friend we’ve ever had,

and i did it, all of it, for you,

where are you?,

i need you here,

please, dean,

i miss him,

i’d rather be here,

i’d rather have you, cursed or not,

i was getting too close to the humans in my charge, you,

dorky little guy,

i’ll watch over you,

dean and i do share a more profound bond,

to keep them away from you,

i’m doing this for you, dean,

i’m doing this because of you,

everyone you love, everyone except me,

don’t ever change,

his human weakness,

he was your boyfriend first,

where’s your angel?,

the one in the dirty trenchcoat who’s in love with you,

and then you’d kill the angel castiel, now that one–that i suspect would hurt something awful,

he has this weakness, he likes you,

when castiel first laid a hand on you in hell, he was lost,

i know, you’re hoping castiel will return to you,

i only wish he felt the same way,

i was there, where were you?,

morning, sunshine,

nobody gets left behind,


and casti—cas is my best friend,

i won’t hurt dean,

i can’t,

i could go with you,

i prayed to you, cas, every night,

thank you, for everything,

i could pick up on a longing,

i’ll go with you,

you know i always appreciate our talks, and our time together,

cas almost died!

we’re family,

you were stupid for the right reasons,

we’re making it up as we go,

personal space, cas,

hello, dean,

hey, buddy


(I’m blaming @siderealsandman for this. I saw your post and I didn’t literally add everyone in, but like… I had to share it okay?)

What if Adrien inherits his dad’s mansion and just fills it with everyone he loves.

Like first it’s his best friends (Nino, Alya, and Mari). Then Chloe and Sabrina just kinda start kicking it there until he just gives them each a room. Then everyone else just has a standard room that’s ‘theirs’ and they come and go as they please.

All the regulars have an understanding that everyone loves everyone else a certain way and it’s not weird if one week Adrien and Mari are close and then the next Mari’s with Chloe and Adrien’s with Nino. Also everyone has their own boundaries that are respected. So no one would push two or more people together unless it’s what they want.

Basically I just want all of them to be happy and to have fun game nights where everyone’s required to hang out no matter how busy they are. And pillow forts. And Adrien being surrounded by infinite amounts of love. And an open-door policy where anyone can come and join in or be invited…

I just want everyone to be loved okay?!

twitter bios

speak your mind even if your voice shakes

tell me a lie

you were a masterpiece, but then everyone saw you

I smell autumn

yes I function with out a heart

my mom won’t like you

please do not touch

there are so many types of art but {name of idol) is my favourite

seize the day

fragile, handle with respect 

I was the perfect roe that drowned

happiness is a great colour

you eventually will run back into it 

keep your heart closed but mind open

qualified meme-ster


s/he was so artistic painting smiles on every face but her/his own

did s/he forget to love

ask no question and you’ll get no lies

people change quicker than you think

society is an ugly burnt ass cracker

how many secrets can you keep

only fools fall for you

meme queen

everything I ever loved, I lost in the magic

seek joy, embrace joy, share joy

if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

autumn kills summer with the softest kiss.

no tears for the creatures of the night

you will let go

the colour yellow is really under-appreciated

im a petty bitch

Im a golden thread; fragile but valuable 

a little bit of sugar, but a lot of poison too

confusing reality with dreams

and I will fight even if I break 


fuck im broke

give me a sign

you’re one of a kind and no one understand

make your life a story worth telling

in conclusion, im bitter

but one day I’ll stop falling

(idol name)’s the tear in my heart

im soppy and emotional so stay the fuck away


have I fit into society yet?

is this any better?

create you’re own path to an adventure 

I let you out, and everyone saw

send memes

glazed donuts 

late nights, red eyes

entertain my faith


sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind

I’m Fiji water, you are toilet water

see good in all things

we rise by lifting other

oh no, not you again

you still have Facebook?

you make me emo

just keep going

but do you know my aesthetic?

wheres the leak ma’am 

be like spongebob, create fire in the ocean

can life go back to when I didn’t understand it

How do I silence my sins

I will burn again

did I give you permission to break my heart?

red blood, black heart

dear society, do you accept me now?

a thornless withered rose

a touch of gold

fuck you I don’t care I failed

aesthetic mind

my brain is 80% song lyrics

im at the top but I still don’t see you

left me in the dark

stars fall and the world goes blind

sorry mom I promise to never be a a bad bitch

if you’re lost just look for me

dismayed mind

fuck of weirdo

home is where the art is

keep your dreams close to your heart

teach me your contour blending ways

find a way to be yourself

first you find yourself

let me glow bitch

I don’t want seconds

take on life like a swan; calm and serene on the surface, but paddling like hell underneather

(idols name) fills my heart

mom can I be savage now?

do ya thang

neither lost nor found

have a positive mindset

im honestly a troubled kid looking for dank memes

don’t look back, chase whats in front

no thanks, I don’t want leftover

I want to create

a black cloud in a black sky - nobody notices

oops sorry I spilled out my heart

I found the heart, but its empty

did I leave a stain on your heart

I thought this was eternal

buy me food pls

I asked for the word, and you bought me a carrier bag

sorry only dark humour is accepted 

you made it this far kid

you’ll probably love me 

too lazy to socialise 

I found my happy ending


This went REALLY well last time so I thought I would try it again (idc if this failed miserably its 2am)


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what should I do/make next? 

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Touch and Go (Part 2)

Summary: All you wanted was a one night stand, something you could walk away from without complicating things. You got quite the opposite. 

Word Count: 1,093

Part 1

A/N: I really love love this part! Hope you all do, too! Lmk!

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Sun poured into the room as it situated right in front of your window. Groaning loudly, you regretted having forgotten to close the thick curtains last night. That was the only thing you had disliked about your apartment when you had first moved in, the fact that the bedroom window faced east and the sun was your mortal enemy in the morning.

Grabbing the nearest pillow, you covered your head and closed your eyes tightly. You could already feel a headache coming in and there was an ache in your bones, a soreness that only came after a good night of getting some.

The face of the man from last night came into your mind and you smiled despite your sleepiness. He was handsome, sexy, and quite knowledgeable where it counted. That had been one of the best laids of your life. Turning on your back, you took your time to open your eyes, finally looking around your room.

It was empty.

He had left.

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Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - nope. Send in request! All types relating to Descendants are allowed!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – Harry Hook’s girlfriend, (Y/N) is kidnapped by someone on the Isle and Harry isn’t too pleased with it

Warning(s) - kidnapping, violence, swearing, fluff at the end

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I’m actually really proud of this one? It’s a bit longer than usual, and it’s very Keith-centric even though I’m whumping Lance because hi have you met me? I’m too invested in klance. I hope you enjoy!

@elsiemcclay aka the best person to run ideas and/or titles by. thanks friendo.

A groan sounded to Keith’s left, and he looked over immediately, trying to mask his relief with a glare. “Oh, good. He finally decided to wake up.”

“Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? Beauty sleep is important.” A pause. “Where are we again?”

Pidge snorted. “Guess that general hit him harder than we thought.”

“Lance! You’re okay! I was worried— that totally knocked you out, you hadn’t moved in a while,” Hunk rambled. “Does your head hurt?”

“Like hell,” Lance said, leaning back against the wall and pressing a hand to his forehead. “But nothing too serious. Thankfully, now that I’m conscious, I remember what happened. We’ve been captured, haven’t we?”

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Spec: Nicole’s ‘Death’ & Subverting BYG

Hear me out. Two reasons why I love the speculation out there that Nicole will possibly die and be resurrected this season: 

  1. It would be a stellar continuation of Wynonna Earp’s subversion of the Bury Your Gays trope, which the show began in 1x13 with Nicole surviving a gun shot by wearing a bullet proof vest
  2. It would be another homage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with a rectifying twist

It’s no secret that BtVS helped inspire Wynonna Earp, and many fans and television reviewers have repeatedly noted the connection between the two shows. We’ve already seen one big nod to Buffy in WE 2x08 where  Wynonna “dies” for a few seconds and is resuscitated, leading to Bobo’s return from hell. That parallels Buffy’s “death” in BtVS 1x12 for a few seconds before being resuscitated, leading to the activation of the next slayer.

I watched Buffy live during its run, and one storyline that wrecked me when I was younger was Willow and Tara’s split in S6 over, interestingly enough, trust, control, and betrayal issues. Then, as many of you know, right after they reconciled, Tara was killed, leading Willow to go full-on Dark Willow.

So right now in Wynonna Earp, we have Waverly and Nicole still in a bad spot over - wait for it - trust, control, and betrayal issues. We know that Nicole is in danger thanks to Widow Mercedes and that, per Syfy’s site, Waverly will have to choose between saving Wynonna or Nicole. There have also been two instances of Waverly and Wynonna saying in previous episodes that Waverly “would die” if something happened to Nicole.

Furthermore, Emily Andras jokingly tweeted last week about having to avoid fire from fan reaction after 2x09 and 2x10. (She’s also joked several times on twitter about writing out Kat/Nicole.) So what could possibly incense fans even more after 2x09 than Nicole’s death? lol

If Nicole does die (maybe Mercedes bites her? Idk), I’m betting that Waverly’s grief will cause her to go full on “Dark Willow.” Not necessarily in an evil sense, but I think Nicole’s death would trigger Waverly’s supernatural side, whether she’s half-revenant, half-angel, half-something else. 

The big twist, of course, would be that Nicole doesn’t stay dead for long and is resurrected, either by Baron Samedi (thank you Purgatory Case Files), Mattie the Blacksmith (aka the “white witch healer whore” lol), or some other unknown force.

So in one fell swoop, Wynonna Earp would again pay homage to Buffy while continuing to subvert the BYG trope. At least I hope!

Deadly Sins- Lust & Desperation

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary:Peter takes the Reader in the shower after a training session ;)

Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault from Lust & Wrath.. I know people handle sexual assault differently so just know this is how the Reader handled it and she’s just one tough bitch not gonna let no man destroy her life when she has an awesome man AKA PETER. Swearing cause Tom swears IRL and I do too, SEX BABYYY LETS GET HOT AND… STEAMYYYY

Word Count: 3,000+

A/N: I WILL BE ADDING EMOTIONS TO THESE FICS. THESE EMOTIONS/FEELINGS ARE WHAT THE READERS OR CHARACTERS EXPERIENCE. JUST WANT TO THROW THAT OUT THERE :,) Pls don’t get mad at me /.\ Ps. go check out my friend’s blog @daddytom2013 give her some love for me (,:


Deadly Sins- Envy & Wrath , Deadly Sins-Lust & Wrath

[Peter’s POV]

Peter you have training with Steve and Sam in ten minutes, you need to hurry to the training room” Karen’s voice fills the air of your bedroom. Crap I’m running late, I just got back from our spot with fresh flowers for the kitchen table. I picked a rose especially for my girl.

“I will be there shortly Karen, thank you” I reply fixing my black joggers on my waist. Pulling my shirt on followed by my hat putting it on backwards. I wore hats that way to keep my curls out of my face while I worked out. Looking over at our bed my girl laid there like she has for the past three months. Crying herself to sleep, having night terrors and crying during the day. The only time she would get up to move was to shower,eat or work in her lab. Then whenever she was done she would go right back to bed without a word.

“Angel, I won’t be back for a few hours then I’ll come back after, are you going to be okay?” I ask kneeling near the bed. I rub her cheek with my thumb. A tear falls down her cheek making my hand wet. Quickly I wipe away the others that fall giving her forehead a quick kiss. She sniffles causing a pain to happen in my chest. I hate seeing her like this for so long. No one can tell her what to do because they didn’t experience what she did that awful night.

“You don’t have to pity me Peter, it’s been three months since that night” she whispers pulling the blankets closer to her chest. Shock plastered on my facial features. This was the first time she spoke to me since then. Her voice sounded like music to my ears.

“Pity you? You’re my girlfriend, the love of my life.. you got assaulted and I saw it with my own eyes..” my voice rising a bit. How could she think you pity her? You love her more than life itself. She is what I think about when I wake up and before I go to bed.

“I haven’t let you sleep with me since then.. you’re probably tired of me now, I’m used” her voice breaks as she turns her back to you. A sob comes from her shaking covered body. Wanting so badly to pull her into your chest but she doesn’t let me do that much anymore without getting stiff or flinching. It’s been so hard when she distanced herself from me.

“You’re everything to me Angel.. I wish you would let me show how much of a rare gem you are, even if not I would wait as long as I needed to” Placing one more kiss to the back of her head I place a rose on the nightstand beside our bed. Heading out of the room I tell Karen to play some Halsey for her while I’m away. Karen wishes me luck with training before playing the playlist.



“Peter focus!” my eyes snap to the voice seeing Steve and Sam looking at me. Steve looked concerned and Sam was waving his hands around. Thankfully Tony wasn’t here or he would make the training hell.

“I-I’m okay guys sorry, what’s next?” I ask re wrapping my hands,the wrap was starting to get loose. Steve and Sam look at each other almost having a silent conversation but with their eyes.Sam walks over placing a hand on my shoulder pausing before he speaks.

“I know this is still a tough subject but I want you to punch this bag as many times you can.. Imagine it was that man” I grit my teeth nodding at his request. He pats my back urging me to start. I charge at the bag jabbing it hard imagining the man’s face. Minutes go by as I continue to hit the punching bag. My breathing getting heavy as I kept going. The only thing that kept me going was my girl, my sweet sweet angel.

“C’mon Peter harder c’mon man you got this” Sam cheers next to Steve. You could feel Steve’s stare boring into your skin only making you push harder. Fists slamming into the bag at a faster pace,feeling every muscle engaging to it’s full capacity. Grunts falling past my lips feeling the pain spread through my arms.

Letting out a scream I punch it so hard it snaps off the chain flying towards the wall. Colliding into the wall it hits the floor with a thud. My chest heaving up and down as I collapse to the ground. A feeling grows in my chest, it was regret. If only I had stayed with her maybe she wouldn’t of have been targeted. If only I was quicker maybe I could have stopped him from raping her. All the what ifs filled my mind as I tried controlling my breathing.

“Let me get another bag, I’ll be back” Steve says heading to the spare room. Sam walks over sitting down next to me. Him and Bucky normally picked on you but there were moments where he felt like an older brother. Tony could barely talk to you because he was still upset the situation happened over the men wanting supplies from his corporation. He feels more to blame than how I feel of not getting there in time.

“Peter, man you know I didn’t mean to make you upset… we just need you working to your fullest potential. This is a hard time for you,Tony and your angel.. how’s she doing ?” He asks rubbing my back a sympathetic look on his face.

“Not good.. She told me today she thought I’m tired of her just because we haven’t had sex since the incident.. She feels used because of that fucking bastard.. Today was the first time she talked to me since then” my hands running through my hair. I hated to cry but it felt so good as the tears fell. Sam patted my back as the tears fell onto the matted flooring.

“You are her world Peter, it’s natural for a woman to feel like that.. She’s yours and she felt like someone took that part of her away and that you probably don’t want a woman who was taken that way.. You just need to show her that even after the months of silence you’re still her one and only.” He gives me a smile lifting his goggles to his forehead. Helping me up from the ground I pull him into a hug.

“T-thank you Sam” I whisper as he squeezes me tightly before letting go. Steve comes back in carrying two punching bags. Letting them down with a thud he preps a new chain for the new bag.

“Now that we have you where we want you, let’s do more boxing then take it into combat practice mode, cool?” He grins in your direction.

“If I get to kick your ass then hell yeah” Laughing as I punch my right hand into my left palm.

“There’s the Parker I know” Steve smiles making Sam chuckle.


[Reader’s POV]

“Babe I’m back” you hear Peter’s voice fill your apartment. You were currently looking at yourself in the mirror. The redness in your cheeks from crying, you looked like a damn mess. Holding your rose that Peter gave you earlier in your shaking hands.

You couldn’t even respond like you used to. Your body felt numb and your voice non existent.

“Angel.. Please look at me” his voice begs as his finger tilts your chin in his direction.Opening your eyes you looked at Peter whose eyes looked pained. His normally happy self seemed so melancholy.

“Babygirl, please say something.. It felt so good to hear the sound of your voice today.. I love the sound of it and you talking to me..” His arms slowly wrapping around your body. They pulled you close to him,feeling his warmth engulfing you. You’ve missed this. Yet you felt better by yourself the past three months.

“I-I’m sorry Peter.. You’ve been trying to talk to me and I hate that I couldn’t talk to you I just feel like my whole body is numb.. I’ve m-missed you so much and I loved all the flowers you gave me everyday” my voice feeling like it was jumbled as tears started forming. His lips pressed against your head. The feeling so comforting and soothing. It was hard the few months you distanced yourself from him.

“I missed you more Angel, I can’t believe you thought I would leave you after that… you aren’t used cause you’re my girl no matter what happens.” He places his hands on your cheeks. The warmth of his hands making you close your eyes. Tilting your head into his palms sighing, you felt safe.

“Promise me you’ll never leave me” I whisper holding onto him tighter. I could feel his muscles through his shirt. The definition of his muscles was clear as your hands slid down his back.

“I will never leave you,like I said you’re everything to me” Lips press against yours, the feeling hitting you like a bag of bricks. You needed him more than you thought. The intense feeling waking up your whole body. Pulling his shirt as he deepens the kiss. It wasn’t forceful but it was full of love. The kiss reminding you that Peter is there for you through thick and thin. Even after these months went by he never changed.

“God you need a shower” you laugh as your nose scrunches up. You trying to pull away only to be pulled back to his body.

“Well after you hugging me now you do too, c’mon let’s save water” He winks pulling you towards the master bathroom. It felt so good to have his hand in mine. Following behind him he heads to the touch screen next to the shower.

 Peter touches the buttons to get the temperature and water pressure right. Lifting his shirt off slowly he throws it to the floor. My eyes looking at the muscles move when he made movements. The way his joggers hung dangerously low on his hips. Looking at the V muscle showing making me want to kiss my way down. The sight made me want to do so many things. He is like a sexual piece of art that you can look at.

“C’mon angel let’s get you undressed” his hands find your waist lifting his shirt you had on. Peter tossed your shirt into a pile. You weren’t wearing a bra so your breasts were exposed. Feeling his lips ghost over your skin. Placing kisses slowly down your body.  He unties the string on your shorts slipping them down along with your panties. Kisses placed on your hips before he slowly stood back up.

“Peter, p-please” I gasp out at the feeling of his lips kissing up to the shell of your ear. You were desperate with need. Your arms snaked around his neck,hands getting lost in his curls. He pulled down his joggers stepping out of them. His lips still sucking and biting the skin of your neck.

“I’ve missed you so much” Peter’s voice sounded so pained,you hated that you caused him pain.He swiftly lifts you up heading towards the walk in shower. Music still playing in the background as he carried you in. Your eyes were taking in his features, you haven’t looked at him like this in what seemed like forever. The intimate eye contact made your heart flutter.

“I-I’m sorry P-”

“You have nothing to be sorry about Angel..” Your back is pressed against the tile wall. He sets you down so you’re standing in front of him.  Peter’s lips left a trail of hot kisses from your neck down between your breasts. Your hand going to his curls trying to hold onto something else besides the wall. The look in his eyes as he made his way down made your heart pound harder. How he was kissing your skin seemed like he was trying to kiss away all the pain you had for that span of time.

His fingers ghosting their way down from your breasts. Fingertips sliding down your skin to your hips. The pads of his thumbs rubbed soothing circles on your hips making you twitch under his touch. Lifting your left leg he places it over his shoulder. Light kisses being placed from the top of your inner thigh slowly going down.

His teeth nip at your skin causing a moan to come out. You loved it when he was like this but it was also torture waiting in anticipation. His hands gripped your thigh tighter as he got closer to your core. Peter’s right hand kept your hips still so you wouldn’t move. Your legs felt wobbly but he kept you standing. His tongue licks your core slowly while still looking up at you. A whimper comes out as he flicks his tongue on your clit.

Hands tighten in his hair as he keeps eye contact with you. The steam in the shower making it slightly harder to breathe. Your hips moving as you grinded against his tongue. He slowly inserts a finger in pumping slowly in and out of you. Another followed shortly after making you moan his name out repeatedly. His fingers curling inside sent a wave of pleasure washing over you. Peter hit-s your g-spot making your fingers grip his curls more.

“P-lease… make love to me Peter. I c-can’t wait anymore” you gasp out with tears in your eyes. He gives one last kiss to your clit withdrawing his fingers from you. Standing he looks down at you eyes dark with arousal.

The water hitting Peter made his curls drip with water. Watching as droplets slide down his fit body made you bite your lip.He lets your left leg down. Your right leg held now in the crook of his left arm. He takes his cock rubbing it up and down your slit slowly. The action making you pant even more in the heated shower.

Looking down you watch as his cock slides into you. A groan slips out of Peter’s lips as he enters you. Your right hand gripping his shoulder from the pleasure that sparked inside you. His right hand cups your cheek gently as his thrusts go deep and slow.

“Fuck.. K-keep your eyes on me Angel..” your eyes fluttered open, his gaze trapping yours. Moans slip out as your back hits the wall a bit the pain and pleasure starting to mix together.

“Pe-Peter” I whimper as his thrusts start getting faster. Grunts escaped his lips as his pelvis smacked against yours. The feeling of him pumping in and out of you felt so good after so long of not having anything.

“God you feel so good,you’re my girl,my one and only” he whispers resting his right forearm against the wall. My hand slides down from his hair and goes down to stay at his chest.  I could feel his heartbeat against my palm.

“Please know I will never abandon you, I’m here for you through thick and thin.. Whatever comes our way we can get through it together” Peter presses kisses on your jaw heading down to your bruised neck.

“I-I love you Peter” I gasp out when I feel his thumb rubbing fast circles against my clit. Your thighs start to shake as pleasure fills your entire body. Puffs of air escaped you as you could feel the edge coming quickly.

“I love you more Angel, m-more than you can imagine” he groans as his thrusts start become sloppier.His hands grasp your hips pulling you against him the same time he thrusts causing himself to go deeper. The sound of both of your moans filled the bathroom air echoing off the tile walls. Looking to the side the whole master bathroom was filled with steam from the hot water that pelted against both of your bodies.

“I’m gonna c-cum” I moan tilting my head back. His lips attached onto the base of my neck. The feeling of him sucking, and biting left you breathless. Reaching down I start rubbing my clit earning a moan from Peter. The pleasure taking over my body as I came hard. Holding onto Peter for dear life as he came after my release. His lips press onto mine in a desperate kiss pulling my body flush against his.

“I can’t feel my legs” I breathe out holding onto Peter.

“Peter, Mr. Stark tried shutting down your Do Not Disturb Protocol because he needs to- uh oh he broke into the apartment” Karen’s voice sounds scared.

“He broke in?!” I shout trying to stand only to slip and fall hard on the floor.

“Fuck this isn’t good” Peter scrambles rushing towards the screen turning off the shower. This situation could only get worse from here.

“Peter we have to talk this instant , what the hell is this Do Not Disturb Protocol abo-” The door slams open causing me to yelp out in fear at the sound of the door banging against the wall.

“Mr. Stark you have to get out!” Peter covers himself as I glared up at him trying to hide but there was no point.

“You’re sleeping with my daughter and keeping record in Karen’s system?! Wha-” Tony’s voice raises but he stops at what he’s about to say next.

DAUGHTER?” I ask in disbelief looking between the two of them. 

Peter still covering himself as he grabs our towels. Snatching the towel I cover myself up. Tony had his eyes covered  while the two of you put your towels on. You could barely stand from what you just went through but the adrenaline of the situation helped.

“Angel, I-” Peter grasps your wrist trying to pull you to him.

“What the hell Peter” ripping my hand out of his,I walk past Tony embarrassed as hell.

Grabbing a pair of clothes I go to our front door. It had a blasted hole into it near the handle. Changing in the extra bathroom I get inside Peter’s hoodie. Running out of the apartment and down the hall. Hearing snickers I saw Sam and Bucky in the hallway with grins. I give them a eat shit and die look before getting the elevator.


[Peter’s POV]

“What the hell Tony! Is that seriously the way you wanted to tell her that she’s your daughter” I spat at him earning a quick slap to the face.

“No it wasn’t , it slipped out..” He groans walking out of the bathroom.

“Well I’m going to change and if you care to JOIN me, you can explain everything so my girlfriend doesn’t HATE me.” I say pulling clothes out of the drawer.Throwing on my clothes quickly I mentally slap myself for the situation.

“Do I HAVE to.. ?” Tony says digging his shoe into the carpet.

“Tony, you’re GOING!” I snap pulling his sweater knowing exactly where she took off to.