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Where did you get all those cuts from? 2p!James

James had noticed that S/O was a bit cold, so of course he gave them his flannel shirt. It wasn’t like he would get cold. S/O smiled and hugged his arm but when they did, they noticed something odd. “Hey James…where did all of these cuts come from?” They asked him as they ran their fingertips across the large marks across his back. James didn’t respond. There was no way in hell S/O would be okay with knowing how he really got them. “James how did you get these cuts?” They asked again. “Hockey….” he grunted in response. “Oh….well just be careful okay? I don’t want my Jamie-Bear getting hurt!” They replied and hugged him tightly. James blushed a bit from the use of his nickname and wrapped his arm around S/O. “I won’t get hurt, okay?” He reassured them, pleased to see a nod from his partner. James sighed after a bit of silence, glad that S/O had bought his little white lie.

Baudelaire Prompts

To quote or be inspired by.


  • Your young and ailing body, spotted with freckles, has its sweetness.
  • Fleeting beauty by whose glance I was suddenly reborn, will I see you no more before eternity?
  • I drank from their eyes, pale sky where tempests germinate, the sweetness that enthralls and the pleasure that kills.
  • Whether you come from heaven or hell, what does it matter, O Beauty!
  • There all is order and beauty; luxury, peace, and pleasure.
  • I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no Melancholy.
  • The Beautiful is always strange.
  • Who would dare assign to art the sterile function of imitating nature?
  • Which of the gods will dare to be your judge
  • I am fair, O mortals! like a dream carved in stone.


  • Through you I change gold to iron and make of paradise a hell
  • While other spirits glide on the wings of music; mine, O my love! floats upon your perfume.
  • Your mysterious eyes - alternately tender, dreamy, cruel - reflect the indolence and pallor of the sky.
  • Let us run to the horizon, it’s late. Let us run fast, to catch at least a slanting ray!
  • You contain in your eyes the sunset and the dawn
  • Do you come from the stars or rise from the black pit? 
  • Everlasting love, how can I describe you truthfully?
  • Love is to me only a bed of needles made to slake the thirst of those cruel prostitutes
  • I love you all the more because you flee from me
  • Your innocent melancholy is the mirror of my love


  • I know the art of evoking happy moments.
  • Aren’t you the oasis of which I dream, the gourd from which I drink deeply, the wine of memory?
  • They were wearing only their sonorous jewels.
  • Their eyes fixed upon me, like a tamed tiger.
  • They have the nonchalance and easy manner of a slender coquette with bizarre ways.
  • In the kisses of the satin and linen
  • Do you come to ask of the flood of orgies to cool the hell set ablaze in your heart?
  • It is the hour to be drunken! To escape being the martyred slaves of time, be ceaselessly drunk. On wine, on poetry, or on virtue, as you wish
  • Wine makes the eye sharper, the ear more sensitive!
  • I want to plunge trembling fingers for a long time in the thickness of your heavy mane


  • We feed our pleasant remorse as beggars nourish their vermin.
  • And we gaily return to the miry path, believing that base tears wash away all our stains.
  • Evil is committed without effort, naturally, fatally; goodness is always the product of some art.
  • We often said imperishable things, the evenings lighted by the glow of the coals.
  • I shall spew the hatred with which you crush me down on the cursed instrument of your malevolence.
  • Our mortal eyes, in their fullest brightness, are no more than tarnished, mournful mirrors!
  • In your armor, your shame would equal your glory.
  • I pursue in vain the sinking god; Irresistible Night, black, damp, deadly
  • You earn pardon by the eternal martyrdom  inflicted ceaselessly upon aspiring hearts 
  • Who has not clasped a skeleton in his arms, who has not fed upon what belongs to the grave?
  • I’m afraid of sleep as one is of a great hole full of obscure horrors, leading one knows not where
  • Can we stifle implacable Remorse?
  • We are all born marked for evil.


  • I have more memories than if I were a thousand years old.
  • All things break, love, and beauty, ‘till Oblivion tosses them into his dosser to give them back to Eternity!
  • In all climes, under every sun, Death admires you.
  • In the dim forest to which my soul withdraws, an ancient memory sounds loud the hunting horn!
  • In memory’s eyes how small the world is
  • The hidden Enemy who gnaws at our hearts grows by drawing strength from the blood we lose!
  • Avalanche, will you sweep me along in your fall?
  • And Time engulfs me minute by minute, as the immense snow a stiffening corpse
  • Resign yourself, my heart; sleep your brutish sleep.
  • O Death, old captain, it is time! let’s weigh anchor!
  • Time is a greedy player who wins without cheating, every round! It’s the law. 
  • I wish to sleep! to sleep rather than live! 



  • And the sky was watching that superb cadaver blossom like a flower.
  • The full moon spread its rays, and the solemnity of the night streamed like a river over sleeping Paris.
  • Though the sea and the sky are black as ink, our hearts which you know well are filled with rays of light
  • Fly far, far away from this baneful miasma and purify yourself in the celestial air
  • Intoxicating memory now flies into the dusk
  • Skies torn like the shores of the sea
  • One puts all nature into mourning, one lights it like a flaring sun
  • And we go, following the rhythm of the wave, lulling our infinite on the finite of the seas
  • The air is full of the shudders of things that flee.
  • You resemble at times those gorgeous horizons that the sun sets ablaze in the seasons of mist…
  • How far away you are, O perfumed Paradise
  • Happy are those who can with a vigorous wing propel towards the luminous and serene realms

i honestly just really love the idea of ravenclaw!leo and hufflepuff!nico going to a quidditch game together (hufflepuff vs ??? you choose)

  • like, leo’s dressed in all hufflepuff gear and nico’s just??? what?? you’re not in hufflepuff??
  • (”valdez, you’re in fucking ravenclaw”
  • “nah, in ravenclaw, we don’t go straight to the fucking. we stimulate the mind first, then we go to the fucking.”
  • “what a gentleman. not even a dinner first. guess that’s why you can’t get anyone to date you.”)
  • W H O O P S
  • BUT they eventually get to the stadium and it’s late fall/winter, so it’s like really cold and nico’s shivering
  • so leo’s just kinda like, hey… do you need a hug or something? body heat and all??
  • and nico just looks at him with The Bitch Face (patent pending)
  • and leo backtracks like hell and pulls out this blanket seemingly out of nowhere
  • (”where the hell did this come from?”
  • “magic.”
  • no shit, sherlock.”)
  •  and leo covers nico with it and a few minutes later, he’s shivering, too. but he’s trying to hide it
  • but nico sees and then proceeds the stupidest argument anyone nearby has ever heard
  • mainly because nico’s right. 
  • “SO??? fine, you know what? compromise. we both share the fucking blanket. i’m warm, you’re warm, and we’re sharing body heat. take it or leave it.”
  • “… fine.”)
  • and it ends as fluffy quidditch cuddles and i gotta go because i’m probably gonna squeal if i keep writing bYE

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(you better be ready, its a long one) may I please request a scenario with Akaashi and kageyama, where they have been practicing super hard and there hands a bruised and beaten from setting so much, and one night where they visit they're s/o they're putting the dishes away they boys say 'nah, lemme do it' and then there s/o 'aw hell naw boy sit down' then when the go to grab the plate their s/o sees there hands and scolds them then gets ice packs for them and tapes them? I love the blog! thanks!

so this actually ended up winning by one vote lmao the tsukki nsfw is coming up


Cuddling on his bed, you and Akaashi were attempting to study, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to focus.

“I’m too tired for this, Keiji!” Rolling your eyes, you tried to get him to put the book down by intertwining your fingers. He wasn’t having it, though.

“Do you really want to fail, ____?” He sighed, continuing to rest the book on his leg and hold it open with his free hand. “Sometimes you can be worse than Bokuto.”

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes. Despite being closer than any two other people, he could be brutal sometimes. “I’ll do fine.”

You’d think that studying would be the last thing on his mind, too. It’s been a good week since you two had been able to spend some…quality time together, and here you were, literally in his bed. You knew he always kept spares in his bedside table, too.

Though maybe he was just tired. A huge tournament was coming up and Bokuto had been calling for practices more often, and making them stay later. As mucha s you knew that he loved the game, Akaashi also had to remember to take care of himself, too.

It wouldn’t hurt to give me a little attention as well. You thought with a huff.

The sound of a book snapping shut caught your attention, and his arms wrapped around your waist. “____, what am I going to do with you?” His head rested on your shoulder lazily, letting a warm feeling spread throughout your chest.

However, the smile that tugged at your lips faded quickly when spotting the bruised hands at your hips. Gasping his name, you began to question where he had gotten them. Why they were that bad.

“I’ve just been practicing hard, I guess.” Nothing more than a shrug, he waved off the subject. But you couldn’t let it go that easily, what if he was more seriously injured? What if he had been neglecting himself these past few weeks.

Your body turned, a determined look staring him down. “You have to take care of yourself, you know.”

His eyes rolled. “I think I know that, ___. Come on, I’ve been keeping up my exercise and diet.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Sucking on your teeth, you tried to think of a good way to explain it. After all, he and Bokuto shared more similarities than he would like to admit, and he could be especially ‘simple-minded’ when it came to himself. “I mean, you have to cut yourself some slack sometimes.” Running a hand through his hair, you scanned over his figure once. “Sleep in, take a day off. Just relax, you know?”

Akaashi seemed to be silent for a second, his eyes flickering back and forth from you to the wall. “I guess you’re right.” Locking his arms around your neck, he pulled you into a light kiss. “What do you say we sleep in tomorrow, maybe miss first period?”

Giggling a bit, you happily returned his kiss. “Of course.”


“Mmm,” you start, turning your head to look up at your boyfriend, “can you get us some ice cream?”

Kageyama’s face peeled from the screen, finally showing some emotion in his eyes as he responded with a nod. Regrettably, he had to retract his hand and his body from yours, leaving the spot where he was cold and empty. Actually, it was pretty cold in general, so you began to clutch the plush blanket around your shoulders tighter.

The movie hadn’t been your primary concern, honestly. For the past couple weeks Kageyama had been staying late at practices, and going early. You didn’t think a day hasn’t passed in the last two weeks where he had slept in. You wondered if he was taking care of himself. After all, everyone could use some good sleep once in awhile.

His voice carried from the kitchen, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Is there any mint chocolate chip?”

“There should be.” Getting up, you entered the kitchen to see him scouring the freezer, even going so far as to take things out, like ‘process of elimination’. You walked up to him and steadied yourself by placing a hand on his back, pointing to the top shelf. “It’s probably all the way in the back.”

Though when he extended his arm to reach it, his sleeve slipped back, and revealed some nasty bruises. It was almost automatic to grab his arm to get a closer inspection, nothing short of a gasp leaving your mouth. “Tobio!”

His eyes met yours with a sheepish look as his free hand went to the back of his neck. “It’s really nothing.”

Nothing? This looked painful! “I knew it!” You cried, leading him to the kitchen table to have a seat. Shaking your head more to yourself than him, you walked to get some ice from the freezer. “I knew you would neglect your health for volleyball.” The sport did mean a lot to him, and you understood that, but this could lead to much more drastic things. Had he been eating? Had he been sleeping? Not to mention the nights that you had been keeping him up.

Finally settling on a pack of frozen peas, you sat across from you boyfriend and placed it on his arm. Though he recoiled, causing you to roll your eyes. “Then put it over your shirt you baby.” His eyes did have some serious bags, now that you look at him. “You know this is bad, right?”

He ran a hand through his dark hair, and it made him look so cute, but you had to focus. “I know.” Heaving a heavy sigh, his dark eyes met yours once more. “It’s just that Hinata and I have been practicing something new, and we’re so close!”

For a second, you got lost in him. The way his eyes lit up when he talked about volleyball, or how his voice carried an almost charismatic tone to it, it was enough to put you in a trance. “But you can’t forget about your health, Kageyama.” Putting a hand gently on his cheek, you looked over his expression once more. “No professional athlete neglects his health. Your body is your only one, you have to take care of it.”

His hand grabbed yours, and pulled your body closer to his. Deciding to settle in his lap, your arms wrapped themselves around his neck. “I promise, I’ll do better.” Placing a delicate kiss on your nose, his dark eyes stared into yours.

A smile curved your lips, and it seemed like you just couldn’t get enough of him. You didn’t even want to blink because you didn’t want even a split second away. Something about him just made you smile. “Good,” giving him another kiss, you refused to leave his lips, “because I happen to really like your body, too.”

He laughed heartily against your lips, pulling your closer.

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How would Ringo + Quartet Night + Starish react when their s/o kisses them in front of everyone ^^ (Also I would like to thanks you for the request I sent you earlier, it was so cute!)

You’re welcome ^^ , I’m glad you like it! ( I wasn’t sure what you meant by “everyone” or meant “Public”, So i choice front STARISH, Quartet Night and others, I’m sorry if i didn’t understand you ) 

Otoya: The red haired widded his eyes a little and shocked a bit by an unexpected kiss from his s/o but front of others, His face become red like his hair and moved his arms in panic a little “____-chan!? Wha- Wha-!?” He shouldn’t say any words what he want to say but he push his shyness away and calmed bit down and smiled at them and kisses them back. “You’re so sweet, ____ -chan”

Tokiya: He also suprised but not as blushy as otoya, He show ofcourse a little blush on his cheecks but fell akward front of everyone, Not akward in a bad way he love his s/o but he is not used to show love front everyone to his s/o, When his s/o fell dissapointment and he noticed that, He swallowed softly and finally he wrapped his arms around them. “I didn’t mean to, ____-chan” He said and smiled at them and tried his best to show some more love front everyone and to be not shame for it.

Ren: He would like it if he get some surprise kiss from his s/o front everyone, And also he like others expressions and he stroked their hair “Lady, You’re so naughty to kiss front everyone here, So dared.” he whispered and smirked and kisses back on their lips and also dared to bit their lowerlip softly and chuckled but he realized he did too much and he scratch on his nose and blushed a little.

Masato: He will be totall pale if his s/o sudden kisses him front everyone but when he’s on earth he has a beetred face and held his one hand against his lips and swallowed hard when he turn his head away a little with still beetred face and a flustered expression “____-san… Why…?” He said, He fell extremly embarassing front eveyone, Its hard for him to embrace his s/o front others, But for sure when they alone he dared to give them a kiss on their lips back. 

Natsuki: He will be suprised with a childish blush on his cheecks but he fell extremly happy and hugged his s/o all the way “____-chan you’re so sweet and cute!” He said happy, He didn’t mind if its front others to show his lovely dovey to his s/o, And he will showered them with many kisses and would say all day “I love you”.

Syo: He might be acted like a big boy, But when his s/o sudden kiss him front everyone he shocked and blushed like an idiot “WHA- ____-chan!? What is that for!?” He said and he fell embarassed front eveyone but when natsuki pushes him from behind to hug his s/o he give up and wrapped his arms gently around them with still blushy face “Moah… ____-chan you’re unfair”

Cecil: He will be surprised too, But he as prince like he might be not mind kissing by his s/o but front others he blushed a little and kneels and kisses their hand and looked up at them “My princess, You’re truly a wonderfull person” he said and smiled at them and stands up when he now hugs them in gently way and kisses their lips back.

Reiji: He blinked his eyes twice when his s/o sudden kisses him front others, Somehow he didn’t mind but he blushes a little and smiled at them “My girl” he said and chuckled when he wrapped his arms around them “I know your lips are soft and sweet ~” He said playfull and snuggled his nose to theirs, He didn’t mind showing his love to s/o front eveyone. 

Ranmaru: “WAH!? What the hell, Where that come from?” He shouted when his face is deep blush and flustered expression, He fell embarassed when his s/o sudden kissed front everyone he know it makes him uncool, When Reiji tells him not to whine like that, His s/o pouted, He sighs when he he wrap his one arm around them and gave kiss on their forehead “This is the last time i would do”

Ai:  He wouldn’t blush, But a little suprised “____-san, Why is that?” he asked, He didn’t mind if his s/o kissed front others and he hugged them “Do you want something?” he said and glanced at them when he also pressed his lips on theirs. “Like this?” He said and hugged them tight “I know… I love you too”

Camus: He would be rather surpised by their action front everyone when he hold their shoulders “Woman,Why now?” he said and frowned at them, He fell little embarassed but he know very well he would upset them by is whiny habit, He sighs and gave a sweet kiss on their lips back “I will payback you later” He whispered in their ears.

Ringo:  “Ah…” He blushed a little when his s/o sudden kissed on his lips front eveyone and held his hands on his cheeck “____-chan, You don’t need to do that” he said he fell embarassing but he liked what his s/o did, He think its cute and he nuzzled them in his arms “You’re unfair. To be so cute like this!”

Requested Story: You and Daryl hate each other, but something changes...
(Requester wanted them to fall in love slowly… if this story is well received, I will continue the love story, if you’d like. Hope you like it!)

“Fuckin’ prick,” you muttered under your breath, as you straightened your compound bow on your back. Everyone else was down with some stupid cold, and you got stuck going on a run with Daryl: The biggest asshole you’d ever met. Since the day you had run up on the group accidentally, he’d hated you, and you just didn’t have the goodness in your heart to be the better person. So, you hated him back. Vehemently. 

You heard him yell behind you. “Where the hell do you think you’re goin’!? (Y/N), get back here!” He was running to catch up, and you just kept going. “Hey! What the fuck are you tryin’ to pull here?”

You scowled at him. “Trying to get a distance from you.”

“And what do you think’ll happen if a bunch o’ walkers come up on us?”

You stopped and stared him down. “What the hell do you care?”

“I don’t!” He yelled, “But that bunch o’ people back there, for some dumbass reason, likes you. If I don’t bring you back, they’ll prob’ly assume I killed your stupid ass.”

Rolling your eyes, you commence walking again. “Let’s just get some supplies and head back.”

He said nothing, but walked beside you at arms. In spite of himself, he had a natural instinct to protect. 

When you came to a house, you turned into the yard. Daryl kicked down the door and walked in ahead of you. 

“I’ll clear upstairs,” he muttered, “Be back in a minute.”

You didn’t even nod. You just took off to clear the bottom floor. After a look-through, you found no walkers. While you were rifling through drawers you heard a skirmish upstairs, but knowing how capable Daryl was, you just shook your head and left him to it. 

“Thanks for the help.” You heard him say as he walked down the stairs. 

You satirically inspected him before retorting, “You look fine to me. Don’t be a baby. Now, what exactly are we looking for here?”

“Batteries, diapers, formula, water, and blankets. Those are the top of the list. If we find somethin’ else useful, we should take it, too. That big guy upstairs won’t be needin’ ‘em anymore.”

You silently proceeded to look for the items. After finding a bit of everything but batteries, you smiled triumphantly and sat on the plush couch in the middle of the front room. 

Daryl walked in and scoffed. “So you have time to relax, now?”

“Unless you want me to shit batteries, then yes.”

“Figures,” He turned away and sauntered off.

You grew angry and shot off the couch. “Excuse me, Daryl. What the fuck is your problem?”

He turned around and took a defensive stance. “You’re spoiled! Fuckin’ little princess, primpy ass, lazy bitch!”

You dropped your chin in disbelief. For a moment, you saw nothing but red. Then you responded. “Are you serious?! You do realize that while you were laid up with the sniffles, I was out here, makin’ sure our people were provided for! In fact, I’ve done nothing but contribute since I got here, and you’ve done nothing but whine! So what if I sit on a soft surface every now and again on a run. I get what we need, and I get back. Now you’re better, and you’re in my way, and you’re making this stressful and ridiculous! I don’t know where you got spoiled from, but this primadonna fuckin’ big dog mother fucker act ain’t workin’ with me! Now unless you wanna tell me what your real problem is, get your shit together and let’s go!”

You started to turn to get your things, when Daryl grabbed your arm and swung you around. Your chest bumped his, and he grabbed your other arm. You tried to wiggle free of his grip, but he held tight.

“What are you doing?” You screamed.

The look in his eyes was intense, and a little scary, and you could feel the moist heat from his sweaty face so close to your own. “You like that goddamn couch so much? Let’s do it up right, then.” 

You didn’t even know what he meant, until he kissed you hard on the lips and released your arms, only to hook them under your thighs and pick you up, wrapping your legs around him. You didn’t have time to question anything, because he was moving so fast toward the couch, and it had been so long since you had ached in this way.

When he sat down, you straddling his lap, you ripped his shirt off of him so hard that it actually tore around the neck. He was dirty, and sweaty, and you still wanted him. You hungrily ran your mouth over his chest, tasting his salty skin, then kissed him again. He ripped your shirt open down the front, exposing the tattered bra that you had made last so long. He unclasped it and slid both items off of you, and you felt his member bump against you through his pants. 

There wasn’t time for lingering. He fondled your breasts while you unbuttoned his pants, and then he rolled you over, hard. He was on top of you, pulling off your pants, and then his own. Neither one of you had the luxury of underwear, so you were now both naked, breathing hard, and really just realizing where the moment had led. You smirked at him.

“What?” He said. 

You gave him a smoldering glare, and said, “Dare you.”

He didn’t waste any time. He slammed into you, hard. Your fingernails found the skin on his back, and dug in until you were sure you felt blood. He pumped in and out, fast, furiously, releasing the tension that both of you had built up for so long. You wrapped your legs around his body and tugged on his hair. He responded by hooking an arm under one of your knees, plunging himself deeper into you. 

This wasn’t like something you see in the movies. This was primal, instinctual, and necessary. There were no words, only sounds of pain and pleasure intermixed with deep, wanting breaths and heaving groans. He sped up, hitting you in just the right spot so many times that you came, quietly, as it was dangerous to express your true feeling. Then you coaxed him on, running a finger down his spine, tightening your muscles around him, and biting his collarbone hard enough to cause a bruise, until he finally climaxed, and spilled himself into you. 

You didn’t kiss afterward, but instead simply stood up and dressed (you having to find some new clothes in one of the bedrooms, as he had completely destroyed yours). You gathered your things, and were walking out the door, when he grabbed your arm again, just as he had before. 

“I don’t hate ya,” he said apologetically, but still with that edge that only Daryl could pull off. 

You smiled now, finally getting a glimpse of the true Daryl. The gentle guy that everyone had been telling you about. “I don’t  hate you either, Daryl. Let’s get back before dark.”

Open or Close?

Summary: Summer always comes with a combination of heat and insects!
Type: Fluff One-Shot
Length: 979 Words
Members: Jin x Reader

In the fourth .gif, imagine there’s a bug where he is clapping :’)

- Admin Au ( o v o )

Originally posted by seokjohn

It’s a hot summer day, the sunshine soaking right through the walls and into your hell of a home. The portable fans have been brought out and you have the ones hanging from the ceiling are running as well, but you’re suffocating underneath invisible clouds of heat. You lie on the sofa, your hand draped across your face as you mindlessly scroll through your social media in a daze, embracing laziness at its fullest.

“Ahh, it’s too hot!” Seokjin complains. You glance over at him, who is lying on the floor in front of the crowd of fans (and no, they aren’t his international ones) but you imagine only hot air is being blown. “(Y/N), can I open the doors? Please?”

“No, please don’t,” you respond, but you would like to open them as well. But you really don’t want to give the outside insects or bugs an opportunity to intrude upon your home - just imagining their multiple pairs of legs and translucent wings flitting about faster than earth’s exterior winds disgusts you.

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A couple moments passes and he stares up at you, watching you as your attention returns to whatever is on your screen. He clambers onto his feet and runs over to the balcony doors, which unlocks and pulls open for all of the world to see. “Ahh, Seokjin!” you whine, sitting up and almost falling off of the couch in the process. He turns off one of the fans and shrugs, saying that there was no point in keeping all of the hot air inside when it could go out into the open.

You sigh and lie back down, diving further into the virtual reality open to you. As you begin to read a story written by a fellow friend, Seokjin moves the fan over to the kitchen where he starts preparing a snack for the pair of you to share. “Jagiya, what do you want to eat?” he calls, whirring pairs of blades from inside of the machines spinning round and round and cutting through his voice.

“Something cold,” you yell, and he agrees heartily, letting out a whoop as he opens the refrigerator in search of something suitable.

Originally posted by bangtanoobs

You hear something buzzing fly past your ear and you let out a scream, scrambling up from your position on the sofa and dashing across the floor to Seokjin. He looks up from staring at the refrigerator and suddenly spots something else on the wall. “Ohmygod!” he yells, and wraps his arms around you after pointing at the spider that is on the wall. You let out another scream, because now there’s both a fly and a spider in your house.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod,” you stutter. “Seokjin, get rid of it!”

“What do you want me to do, catch it? Kill it?” he protests.

“Anything! Just get it out of here! This is why I don’t want to open the doors at any costs! Ohmygod, it moved!”

Originally posted by jinful

He leaves your side and you stand there in the middle of the floor, arms close to your chest as you stare at the eight-legged creature in fear, then yelping as the buzzing of the fly can be heard by your ear. “Calm down, calm down, (Y/N)!” Seokjin says as he runs to grab a tissue. “They’re so much more scared of you than you are of it.”

“That’s what everyone says,” you reply hastily, then dash away from your current spot as the fly zooms past you again. “I don’t care which one of us is more scared, I just need it out of my sight!”

“Okay, hold on, I’ll get rid of the spider first,” he says calmly, being the good man that he is. Your affection for him deepens in that moment - he’ll take care of you and your fears. “Ahh, don’t move, don’t move,” you can hear him say as he moves his hand closer to the wall. Suddenly, it closes in on the spider and he pulls away, its body crushed among folds of tissue. He throws it away promptly then grabs a small bowl and a sturdy piece of paper from the dining table, standing by you protectively. “Have you always been this afraid of bugs?” he asks teasingly, then stiffens as he hears the bug zoom by.

“You can’t blame me!” you say, laughing a little at his motion. He grins and says that he’ll catch the fly and set it free, then close the doors like a good boy.

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You stay behind his back, eyes flitting about as you try to catch the little bug with your vision but in this huge space, you can’t find it at all. At last, you see it on the head of the sofa. “Seokjin!” you hiss, and point him in the direction. He nods encouragingly and moves towards it stealthily, broad shoulders mismatched with his tiptoeing. You giggle a bit at his acting then fall silent as the space between him and the fly - and he slams the bowl over the fly, then slipping the paper underneath it.

“I got it!” he yells, and you nod eagerly, ushering him towards the balcony doors. He kneels down in front of the balcony floor and shakes the paper. As he moves to stand up, you start closing the doors with a sly grin across your countenance. “Hey, don’t do that!” he yelps then breaks down into laughter as he forces the doors open and tackle-hugs you.

“That’s what you get for opening the doors!” you scold, and he puckers his lips sweetly and makes a kissy-kissy face. You laugh and press your lips against his softly, glad to have him by your side. “Can we eat now, please?” you ask, and he guides you to the kitchen where he has a special cake - and no, bugs are not the special ingredient - prepared just for you.