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just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Needing You (M)


REQUEST: This idea got stuck in my mind and its killing me. Could you do a scenario where Jimin comes home on fire (if you know what I mean 😏) and you have a really hot night and when he climaxes he hits the wall behind you. 🔥🔥🔥please add the last detail, I’m dying here!

AUTHORS NOTE: imma go and book my ticket to hell -ally xx

“Hey babe,” Jimin’s voice mail said. “I’m stuck at the studio and I need you so fucking badly right now I don’t think I can handle this I love you so much I’m so sorry I can’t be there right now” you let out a deep sigh, putting the phone down and flicking through snapchat on your mobile you felt like you hadn’t seen Jimin in months, and even though he was home he was still too busy for me. You know that when he came home he was going to be horny and waiting for your touch and you couldn’t find it in you to complain. after all a needy Jimin is the best Jimin.

He didn’t even say ‘Hello’. He just barged in and wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you as close as possible in a tight embrace before hungrily crashing his lips down on yours. You were surprised but it didn’t take you a second to melt into Jimin’s touch. And you brought a hand up to the back of his head and started kissing him back.

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tfw you’re a grad student and you have to write SO MUCH ALL THE DAMN TIME but all you want to do is write the zimbits/holsom (bimmersom? zimbolsom? rare poly hell?) fic you’ve been thinking about for weeks and i only have energy for the main points so HERE WE GO

  • it all begins when holster is picked up by the boston bruins
    • this is his dream, ok. he loves this team and he loves hockey and he gets to play it instead of working for The Man
  • ransom has been accepted to several med schools by this point, and was waiting to see where Holster ended up before deciding, so he decides to go to Harvard
    • shitty is v excited he has an ally against The Harvard Chads (for they are all chads in spirit)
  • ransom and holster move in together and it’s all very exciting and when the falconers and bruins play holster and jack get to hang out again and they realize wow, they really miss each other and wow, they really were close friends
  • things seem like they’re going so well and then two things happen at roughly the same time:
    • after he graduates bitty is offered an incredible internship where he gets to utilize his love of baking and his social media know-how  - but it’s in boston, not providence
    • holster is traded to the providence falconers during the preseason
    • essentially, holster moves in with jack and bitty moves in with ransom
      • do you see where i’m going with this
      • do 
      • you 
      • see

but can you imagine how amazing this would be?? picture this shit:

  • jack and holster playing together again and rooming together on roadies
  • bitty helping ransom through his second year of med school by learning exactly how the coral reef ecosystem works without holster there to manage it (hint: it involves a lot of PSLs and cathartic dancing)
  • holster introducing jack to shows like game of thrones or reign (and records him getting into angry rants about the historical inaccuracies/anachronisms)
  • ransom creating spreadsheets of the best dishes/restaurants in boston and he and bitty go out and rate them and ransom FINALLY GETS ON THE BLOG
  • bitty teaching holster how to cook because even though he wants to drown everything in sriracha he actually has potential
  • jack and holster’s nhl bromance becoming truly legendary (zimmermann is smiling??? when he’s not on the ice?? what the fuck he can LAUGH?)
  • bitty and ransom trying to dress these two idiots who don’t know how to match their belt to their shoes
  • holster and bitty comparing notes on how to effectively respond to their boyfriend’s anxieties
  • ransom and jack reading together because he won’t distract ransom like those two blond fools with their loud voice and pies respectively
    • also jack making ransom study anatomy wink wonk 

Good lord, they are going to implement permadeath in  Heroes. If they really do, I’m quitting this game. 

I can understand why people would want it back. And I am sure IS will implement it back in Echoes. But if it’s in Heroes, holy hell. NO, NO, and NO. 

Why can I be okay with it in Echoes but not in Heroes? Because Heroes is a fucking GACHA GAME. Where you recruit allies NOT by actually talked to them, but by PAYING MONEY to the game. Even if you reached a point where you cannot continue because lack of units , you can easily starts a new game in a mainline games by erasing the previous data .But not in Heroes. if you got an all 5* team, and they all dead, god knows how much money you have to whale to make that same team again. And this is not even talking about the merges and the units with inherited skills. And people who reroll for the same unit but with better IV. 

Let me remind you all about that person who spends 1000 USD for Hector and there is someone in Gamefaqs who spends about 2300 USD for Linde. ONE unit of each person. ONE Hector and one Linde. 

You see, the reason why I disagree with the implementation of permadeath in Heroes is , back at it again, MONEY. Sure, Nintendo would gain more money from the whales who bat no shit even if their team all dies and can casually throw thousands of dollars to the game,but people who only spend 60 USD per week or month would riot. 

You all who wants permadeath back, how RICH are you thinking permadeath in  a GACHA GAME is a good idea?  How RICH are you that you can earn thousands of dollars a day and earn it back in the same day, to remake the team you lost?  

Sure, you who complained about lack of permadeath is most likely is a  veteran player that already have a job on your own, but how much do your job earn you? Is it enough to make your dream team with all the units have their best IV and skill set IN ONE DAY?  And if you do, what makes you think EVERYONE Is AS RICH as you? Think about other players. 

I am okay with permadeath if 5* characters are immune of it,  like plot armors in original games and only characters with stars fewer than 4 can die. Other wise, how about no. 

Elizaveta - Trespasser DLC Bard Song

mercy for the elves
who guard their lives with faith
our hands do weigh them down
but their kind hearts will forgive the weight

Arlathan fell
so deep onto the ocean floor
currents of hate
will so challenge their fate

mercy for the elves
who marched with us through fire
stood with Andraste
as she rose against the empire

can we pay the cost
for the allies we have lost in fear
our hands of pain
will so threaten their name

if we climb through our doubt
we can sympathize
when the slightest unite
then a giant will rise
slightest unite then a giant may rise 

mercy for the elves
who wander through the night
Dalish father roams
will the Dalish son survive the fight?

how can we deny
what their number can supply the realm?
slightest unite then a giant will rise
oh, the slightest unite then a giant will rise

Day before switzerland game, during breakfast
  • Jello: Tony!
  • *tony nearly chokes to death*
  • Tony: wha..?
  • J: Where the hell is JJ?
  • T: You didn't invite her to camp...
  • J: No fucking way?!
  • T: yeah... *is uncomfortable *
  • J: so what you're saying is that i don't have a centre-back?
  • T: No, you have Emily So-
  • J: *points to random player* what about this one?
  • T: Allie Long? She's more of a centre-mid
  • J: Centre-back, centre-mid...same thing.
  • T: Not really-
  • J: So there's that. She gets the start. Now go waste somebody else's time, Tony!
  • *Jello tries to leave dramatically but accidently runs against door, Harris gets up to hold the door open for Jillian*
  • J: Thanks, Klingenberg. Have you been growing lately? Maybe I'll put you in goal one day.
  • *confidently walks into wrong direction*

Where the hell were the Fereldan Wardens during here lies the abyss? You meet Hawke’s contact in Ferelden, so where are they? On holiday? Did they all go “fuck Orlais” and left? Did Bioware kill them off because it’s convenient? Nathaniel was investigating the red lyrium thaig in DA2 with the help of “strange allies” so where is he? More importantly where the hell is Sigrun and Velanna?


Itll be a 2 act stand FOR SURE but i just cant get act 1 down

I cant give anything story related, but I can give abilities!

The first ACT translates the user’s physical damage into an attack of equal power. Paper cut = slice the size of a paper cut. Broken bones = damage with equal recovery time. This act’s special ability is called |See You In Hell|, where if the user is on the verge of death, it will seek out any target it sees and drag them down with him. (it wont stop for allies, when I say any target, I mean any target).  The user has almost no fighting capabilities while ACT 1 is active, and relies solely on tanking hits in order to do damage.
The second ACT can translate the user’s emotions into a buff for any in range. The stand releases a signal that sparks certain reactions in other stands(think of pokemon stats, where the best support moves are +2). The user is not affected, and the stand is almost purely support. The ‘songs’ last for five minutes each, so timing is key. While the songs are in affect, ACT 1 can be summoned but cannot receive the buff. ACT 1 continues the song, except it is ½ of the normal effect(where the support buff would only be +1).

#IntoTheBadlands S2 Ep 1" Tiger Pushes Mountain" Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 10

“Hell isn’t where you go when you die. It’s what you become when everything you love has been taken away.”- Sunny

The action-packed TV series returned, and we are Six months into the future, Sunny is enslaved, M.K. is receiving training, Quinn’s son, Ryder is now the new Baron, and the window was missing in action for the last six months. Now let’s get into the episode in details.

External image

We see Sunny looking like he been to hell and back, with his hands and neck lock into a piece of wood and chained to other slaves, walking through to meet his new master (The Engineer). The Engineer welcomes them to the Bordo Mines where he tells them that they will dig, sleep, eat, shit and then they are going to die. The Engineer asked them to be de-chained, one of the men seem to be sick, and the master orders him killed. Sunny did not have it, and we see the first fight of the night (at this point my excitement was already through the roof). Sunny was able to kick some ass but not for long, and he’s recaptured why The Engineer’s men, and got knocked out by the Master. 

External image

We then see M.K in training with a young female monk; he had been in training since the monks took him. M.K still seem to be chatty; he seemly keeps asking his trainer to see the master. We get back to Sunny who is having a dream about Veil and his unborn child and him telling her that he will get back to them, and Veil tells him to wake up. Sunny wakes up with his ankles shackled to another man who offers him and drinks and tells him his name is Bajie and gives the 401 on the mine. Bajie kept talking, but as we know, Sunny is a man of few words and finally speaks and ask Bajie if he knew a way out and he told him yes “in a body bag.”

External image

At the temple, M.K is with others who have similar abilities to his and is also in training. Now we all already know how impatient M.K is and he sneaks into the Master room and finds Sunny compass. M.K meets a woman who he asks about the compass and tell hers he was there to see the Master; she throws her broom at M.K telling him to hold it while she goes to gets him. M.K attempts to catch the broom, and a force from the broom thrusts him across the room, making him aware that she was the Master. She offers him a meal, telling him that she has prepared a plate every night since he got there, M.K asks her to teach him how to control his powers because there were people out there who needed his help. The Master seemed to have already know about M.K past and tells him that the temple was his home at least until he could control his ‘gift.’ M.K tells the Master that if he were up to him, he would leave right away, the Master tells him that he could get past the paper bird with unleashing his gift he was free to go. She then blows the paper bird at M.K which slice him in the face unleashing his powers; he then launched at her with a fist which she stopped with her hands and overthrows him. After M.K leaves we see that her radius bone was broken which she pushed back in and healed herself. 

External image

External image

Bajie learnsSunny secret about him being a Clipper and offers to help him after filling in Sunny on what was happening in the Badlands. Sunny learns of fight night, which of a picker who never met their quota, Bajie tells him that no one has ever made it out alive, Sunny ask Bajie to get him a map.

We see Ryder the new Baron for the first time with his new wife Jade (she was supposed to marry Quinn last season), now heads to the Widow’s Oilfields. Ryder feeling uneasy telling Jade that he thought moving to Jacobee’s Mansion would erase the memory of his father but it is still there taunting him, Jade tries to encourage him telling that Quinn is gone and he is never coming back, and the was the Barron now. Jade tells him that everyone thinks Quinn die by his hand, and he controlled three territories and had the respect of all his clippers. One of his Clippers interrupts to tell him that he needs at the Oil Refinery. 

External image

Finally, to my favorite scene of the night, we see Tilda for the first time, and she has not changed much she took out a clipper (blade trough the head) guarding the oilfield.  Ryder learns that the labor is down 30 percent and that he has cogs that are deserting and given sanctuary by the Widow. Jade step up telling Ryder that they need to make a new deal with Barron Chow for fresh Cog, cut back the hours, and up the rations for those who stay below. Tilda causes and explosion and Jade is separated from Ryder after an explosion and is taken to safety by a clipper.  

External image

The Widow attacks and reclaims the Oilfields, after killing most of Ryder’s clippers. The Widow is after Jade who is catches after killing a lot of clippers. The Widow tells Jade to give a message to Ryder telling him she had reclaimed her Oldfield and if he must not try to take it back, or more blood will be spilled and most of it will be his blood.

External image

External image

Back to Sunny, Bajie gives him a map of the mines, which he claimed to have got from the oldest picker in mind. Bajie steals an ancient ring from another miner, something of great value to The Engineer, but when he gave it to him the reward was not what he expected, so he tells him of Sunny’s secret in exchange for his own freedom. (In the comments tell me if you think it is all part and a plan he and Sunny made?). 

External image

Tilda reports to The Widow that between the stray Cogs and those she rescued from the Oilfields the numbers are swelling, but The Widows is concern that she is not worthy of all the faith people are putting into her

She also has doubts that she is not much of a leader, Tilda tells her that she had faith in her. Tilda attempts to ease The Widow mind by having her speak to some of the people at the food stations. Tilda introduces the Widow to Odessa, a Doll in the Oilfields, telling her that she has killed one of Ryder’s clipper during the raid. The Widow tell the people that they are free there and that she wishes that everyone in the Badlands would live as equals. The captured Clippers, learning that they are not hostages and leaves after telling the Widow that they like the current system and that the other Barons will stop her.

External image

M.K. is upset that Eva has shared all the information that he told her in confidence with the Master and lashes out at her, but was interrupted by The Master who appears and takes over M.K.’s future training.

Tilda trails down the group of armadillo Clippers that left into the woods and confronts them for violating the Dolls at the refinery. She shoves a dagger into his throat and signals the Butterflies to kill the others.

External image

 Back at Bordo, the Engineer calls Sunny a celebrated killer and tells him Bajie traded his freedom for his own. Bajie tells Sunny “I saw an opportunity.” Sunny curses him and is dragged off by two Overseers.

At an abandoned barbershop inside a subway station, a man brings a newborn baby over to Veil, who has just given birth. It’s turn out to be Quinn, alive and well. “It’s a boy,” he says.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode from start to finish I would not change a thing, the fight scenes where episode and the Edward Scissorhands movie from the Widow beautiful I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode. Tilda seems to be even more brutal. M.K though so powerful is still so childlike and innocent. The Master fight scene with M.k was just amazing.

External image

External image

I have consistently gotten more support from my friend’s over enthusiastic mothers than any one else. More hug,more kind words. Hell one woman has started an entire pride coalition in South East Indiana just because I made an Instagram post about my high school needing a gsa. How incredible is that, especially considering my real parents won’t even take me to their meetings?

Shout out to the over enthusiastic ultra allied moms. You create safe spaces for everyone in your already busy homes and you make an incredible amount of difference in young LGBT+ lives.


So the police brutality incidents ends up having serious repercussions. Steel’s girlfriend is traumatized by the entire incident, his rocket boots were stolen (only in comics would you find a sentence like that), and when a vigilante ‘ally’ of Steel’s kills the dirty cops in retaliation, he takes the rocket boots, then reverse-engineers and mass-produces them to arm his forces.

It’s all pretty well-done, taking a black man with much of Superman’s basic outlook on life and throwing him into racial situations where he wants to be treated fairly, but not at the price of doing more harm than good, and how having to do nothing or work against his own interests angers and frustrates the hell out of him.

The point is somewhat blunted, though, when Steel is questioned for the dirty cops’ murder and it’s treated as a racial injustice. The problem being, one of the reasons they suspect him is because his brother (who obviously looks quite a bit like him) was the culprit, so they have an eyewitness who tentatively identifies Steel. It’s kind of hard to make a serious point about the real world when you’re using a long-lost, presumed-dead evil brother to do it.

And when you stop to think about it, isn’t saying that a public servant shouldn’t be accused of a crime because his occupation makes him above reproach… not really a BLM stance?

Title: Expanding Chest

Tsukiyama jumps from where he was standing.

Tsukiyama: Hah!
Miza: An ally…?!
Naki: No idea!
Miza: Are you sure you don’t know him…? He’s looking at you?
Naki: Nope…

Narration: The ‘Gourmet’ gallantly appears on Rushima?!

Ui: (At a time like this…)
Naki: Who the hell… are you…?
Hooguro: (So he wasn’t an ally…?)
Shousei: (But it’s possible that Big Bro just forgot about him…)
Tsukiyama: So you don’t remember… that’s certainly very like you!!
Tsukiyama: Then I’ll let you remember right now, Monsieur Naki…

Tsukiyama lunges towards Ui.

Tsukiyama: With. My sword!!

Ui stops Tsukiyama’s attack with his Quinque. The both of them prepare themselves to fight.

Tsukiyama: …Unlike Monsieur over there, I’m quite confident when it comes to memory.
Tsukiyama: It looks like… you owe me something, yes?
Ui: …Hah? Same goes for you.

Ui glares at Tsukiyama.

Xreenshot Company

Occasionally I combine stuff I see on @screenshotsofdespair and similar sites such as @ao3tags with screencaps of my favorite shows. The result is an amusing visual - at least to me - and every once in a while I end up with real gems I just hoard in lost folders of my computer and eventually get to make a post about it. I mean sure, I’m going to Hell but that’s been long established.


she ain’t wrong

example of why it’s better to never be late

x company: a summary

i wish i didn’t

miri, you’re not the only one

he doesn’t know or want support

unless… we’ve had nazi vampires before, where are the allied zombies?

there’s cake though so it’s almost worth it (but this is not the only way to look at this screencap or is it now)

harry you need some sedatives my dude my guy

would be funnier if he was actually a general but hey you can’t have it all

the sequel


too many errors

★ Daily Character Question ★

Mercy or Hell?
Would your Protagonist put their ideals before their allies? Write a scene where your Protagonist is given the chance to punish someone who wronged them, and in turn avenge their allies. What do they do? Will they show mercy to their foe and forsake their allies’ cries for revenge… or will they put aside their morals and give their foes hell?

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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I hope ya’ll are ready for this LOL

Okay so first of all sorry for clogging the tag. I’ll put half under a read more because it’s hella long.

Anyway some much needed season 7 Bamon/Damon/Bonnie meta

In light of the last few episodes where Damon has fallen victim to the writers retconning the hell out of DE and in turn making us all scratch our heads and side-eye him into next week (hows that for a run on sentence)… I had to try all throw some ice cold water at the torches and pitchforks. Some ridiculous lines about Elena has not damaged his character beyond repair.

Damon has actually not done much harm this season or in season 6 actually. There is a common dominator and I’ll let you guess who. Anyway lets do this in sections

Elena has ruined Damon once and for all

I know people are sick of the mentions. I know people wish the writers would let it go already. But to say his pining diminishes things he has done for Bonnie is baffling to me.

I have a question. In what universe do you treat a friend the same way you treat a significant other? No really why would Damon prioritize his best friend over his girlfriend before they are romantically involved with zero hesitation? Like zero percent. And I asked this pretty hypothetically because we have in fact seen Damon chose Bonnie like 5 times now.

But the hatred for Elena and mere mention of her name is so real I’ve seen people forgive Kai for abusing her physically and emotionally, forgive Jeremy for cheating on her with ghost, forgive Enzo for everything he done this season (more on that later)…but Damon mentions Elena one too many times and him being willing to die for her and choosing her so many times amounts to diddly squat.

There is also this insane notion about 1st loves and being a ~second choice~ that only applies to Damon somehow. Enzo definitely chose Lily over a single Bonnie who was flirting with him and telling him he deserved more. It happened. Does this automatically mean Bonnie is worth less now? Is Enzo worth less than Jeremy then? Is Elena worth less than Katherine in Damon’s eyes? Like what?

Damon was going to bat for Bonnie while Elena was alive let us not forget.

He hesitated between two women he loves but ultimately he always picks Bonnie. How is this a slight I don’t understand. I think the word Elena triggers people because I am baffled.

But wait there’s more…

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(New closed RP) The underground- with Küto


[its dark and musty as it always was, the air smelled of earth and rust and sickness the little light there was was from the candles lit in people’s houses and on the streets in the broken lamps….the underground, a hell on earth in my opinion…this is where the thugs and homeless and misfits go…if you don’t have the money you get thrown down here to rot….the underground was not for the faint of heart or the foolish….] *a man runs over roof tops carrying a potato sack bag and he constantly looks behind him as if he was being followed, the blond man smirks and snickers as he jumps over a gap in a roof and then drops down into a ally way.* “hhehe idiots….” *angry voices echo down the ally yelling “WHERES THAT RAT?!” And “THERE HE IS GET EM!”* *the blond man runs down the ally and quickly breaks into a broken down house and closes the door quickly, it was dark and it appeared that no one was home “thank god” he thought… He was safe. The place he ran into was strangely clean for being a crappy old broken down house there wasn’t any mud or dirt in sight….the man got up and sneaked across the room and sat in the corner away from the window the floor boards creaked as he walked across them*

So what have we learnt from this week Orphan Black episode?

Surprise surprise! Delphine was fucking right all along about Cosima’s “part to play”! 

For a very smart scientist, Cosima is so thick sometimes (especially thus far in this season). Does Cosima really think that her condition would just bugger off on it own? Fucking hell, I mean snap the hell out of it Cos, get your fucking priorities straight. Delphine is busting her ass off trying to keep all your sisters alive at the same time managing DYAD/ figuring out the military clones shit. Hate DYAD as much as you please but without DYAD where the bloody hell on earth do Cosima and her sisters get information and resources from? Jesus Fucking Christ, they say know your enemies but in this case it’s more like bloody trying to realize who’s your god-sent ally.

On a completely separate note, Delphine -I-am-a-woman-on-a-mission-and -I-no-longer-care-or have-time-for-your-bullshit-Cormier looks bloody fucking fantastic. Power suits fit you just well girl!