where the grass

The boy with the brown eyes
loved the girl with the grey eyes
but she didn’t always have grey eyes

Sometimes she had green eyes
that reminded him of the picnic they
went on for their second date
where the grass was so soft but
nothing compared to the softness
of her lips when they kissed

Sometimes she had brown eyes
that reminded him of getting lost in the forest
where they planned their
whole lives together between the
trunks of two trees

Sometimes she had blue eyes
that reminded him of swimming at the beach
watching her transform into
the most beautiful sea creature and
wondering how he was lucky enough
to catch her

The boy with the brown eyes
loved the girl with the grey eyes
or green or brown or blue
the girl made of water and earth
who took the air from his lungs
and lit a fire in his heart

He loved a world that lived only
inside of her
dreamy aesthetics

- flickering neon motel signs that always seem to be missing a really significant letter rendering the glowing word or phrase meaningless

- carnivals that move from town to town; the air hot and ripe with secrets and the sugar-icing scent of cotton candy

- those nights when the wind sounds like the breath of the beautiful stranger sleeping next to you

- crop circles and fields of singed grass where local residents claim alien ships land on the darker eves of the year

- the back alleys of the dingiest night club on the block that look like places where serial killers claim their victims or superheroes swoop to the rescue or cults practice witchcraft

- those nineties themed diners with rollerblading waiters, jukeboxes and cold fries but bucketlist worthy milkshakes

- sitting atop a rooftop you skilfully climbed up but with a terrifying prospect of getting down, pointing to every star that never granted you wishes running your hands through your best friend’s hair and the air feels like warm milk in the throat

- listening to a stream gurgling and gargling rocks in a forest so green it’s like sitting in the heart of an emerald

- binge watching the X-Files in your pajamas there’s chocolate chip ice cream and your two dogs are cuddled up against you, one on your lap and the other curled around your ankles

- greenhouses that swim with sunlight all these exotic flowers that you can’t name aquamarine and scarlet and canary yellow blooms it smells like dirt and honeysuckle and budding life



  • louis: how were the photoshootings?
  • harry: oh, okay I guess
  • louis: what were the pictures like?
  • harry: we just took some at my old school, I wore different clothes and so on. I liked the one where I was surrounded by grass and flowers a lot. Things like that
  • louis: cool
  • harry: I'm home love! Here's the magazine, the pics are quite cool. Is there some pizza left for me?
  • louis: (opens the magazine) *faints
IxxP Aesthetic

One for the misfits.

INFP: Industrial ruins offering glimpses into a post-apocalyptic world where slowly, but inevitably, wild grasses will softly bury everything until the sun will engulf the earth and the universe will implode. Getting lost in the streets of an unfamiliar town, door creaking as you enter the messiest antiquarian bookshop imaginable and are greeted with a kind smile. Wooden merry-go-rounds with hand-carved horses, hand-cranked organ playing circus tunes. Ten-page letters never sent, messages in a bottle found a hundred years later. An abandoned train station in the middle of nowhere where maybe the ghost of the porter is forever waiting for passengers he knows will not arrive. Being careful to avoid an audible click between tracks so to not ruin that well-nigh perfect transition between songs as you record a mixtape onto cassette. Modern-day hand bookbinders and watchmakers. That one good line from that awful poem you wrote in seventh grade. Everything cringeworthy about your favorite band’s first demo tape.

INTP: Home plastered with whiteboards, fridge-freezer door painted with chalkboard paint for good measure so you can deal with your brainstorms whenever you have them. Chindōgu, the Japanese art of coming up with creative solutions to minor everyday annoyances that are ultimately useless because people would be too embarrassed to use them, such as the famous noodle splash guard. Fringe sports. Like curling. Disc golf. Or robot soccer. The USS Enterprise-shaped pizza cutter. Setting Wikipedia’s Randompage as your homepage, never getting started on anything because you keep clicking the hyperlinks in the articles. Avoiding TV Tropes for the very reason. Getting unexpectedly invested in the debate when it comes to footnotes vs. endnotes. Wanting to learn Elvish but getting stuck when you can’t decide between Quenya and Sindarin. Also maybe wanting to learn stenography. Or steganography. Or how to play the contrabass balalaika.

ISTP: Blue jeans, white shirt, vintage leather jacket. Wishing the multiplayer trend in gaming would go away because you like the sense of personal responsibility found in a classic adventure but getting really competitive at Mario Kart. Cherry pit spitting. Building your own bed frame out of recycled pallets. Wearing your battle scars with pride. That one delinquent character in a highschool anime setting with the key to the forbidden rooftop. Just… sitting on rooftops. When the silence between two people isn’t awkward at all but feels natural for once. Knees grazed from skateboarding, callused fingers from playing guitar. Collecting vintage horror pulp zines. Or baseball cards. Or pocket knives. Tinkering things apart and putting them back together again to see how they work. Patching up your worn-out combat boots with shoe goo to grant them another chance at life. The rewarding view from the summit after a particularly challenging hike.

Those utterly perfect movie scenes. Like when Luke Skywalker gazes into Tatooine’s evening sky, Binary Sunsets is playing, and nothing fucking happens but you feel that this, this is the very moment he realizes he might just be stuck on that dead-ass planet for the rest of his life and he’s mourning the life he’ll never have, or maybe he’s actually deciding he’s indeed made for greater things, who knows, but the sheer significance is there for everyone to forever burn onto their retinas. You know the scenes. Not being intimidated by an empty canvas but excited about the unlimited possibilities contained within. Decorating your dorm room with washi tape. Meticulously consistent editing of pictures so to not disrupt the flow of your Instagram feed. The plethora of colours light shines onto a soap bubble. Bath bombs. Sidewalk chalk. Not necessarily studying but always stocking up on cute stationery. Having strong opinions on the fonts used in movie end credits (Wes Anderson has a thing for Futura, by the way). The brand of escapism embodied in a Lana Del Rey video.
What Kind of Times Are These

by Adrienne Rich

There’s a place between two stands of trees where the grass grows uphill
and the old revolutionary road breaks off into shadows
near a meeting-house abandoned by the persecuted
who disappeared into those shadows.

I’ve walked there picking mushrooms at the edge of dread, but don’t be fooled
this isn’t a Russian poem, this is not somewhere else but here,
our country moving closer to its own truth and dread,
its own ways of making people disappear.

I won’t tell you where the place is, the dark mesh of the woods
meeting the unmarked strip of light—
ghost-ridden crossroads, leafmold paradise:
I know already who wants to buy it, sell it, make it disappear.

And I won’t tell you where it is, so why do I tell you
anything? Because you still listen, because in times like these
to have you listen at all, it’s necessary
to talk about trees.

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“Lucy where are you?!Lucy!” Natsu yelled frantically, panting loudly as he ran past the trees. He came to a clearing where the long yellow grass silently swayed by the soft breeze. His eyes searched around until they landed on a figure quickly walking away. Found her

“Lucy!” He yelled again catching the figures attention. Lucy turned around and gasped as she saw Natsu running up to her. 

“Natsu…what are you doing here?” Lucy asked quietly quickly brushing her tears away. This didn’t go unnoticed by Natsu but he didn’t question it as he came to stand in front of her. 

“Lucy why did you leave?” he asked with a frown. It scared him to see that Lucy had left when he had come over to her apartment, only a small note apologizing for her departure. 

Lucy shifted her gaze to the ground to hide the tears that were threatening to fall. “…I had to Natsu…I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. Erza, Gray, Levy, them too…” Lucy whispered. 

“Father will kill anyone who gets in his way and now that the dark guilds are involved… I just don’t want anyone to die because of me” she said, lips trembling. Natsu shifted closer and cupped her cheek. 

“It’s because of me that all of this is happening! If I hadn’t run away from home may-” 

“Lucy look at me” He said fiercely. Lucy lifted her gaze up to meet his green orbs, tears already spilling down. Natsu softly brushed away her tears and gazed at her with fierce yet gentle eyes. 

“Lucy I won’t let that happen. We are a nakama and we will fight for you. We protect our own and that sure as hell means that we won’t let you go back to your father. If you hadn’t come with me that day, we wouldn’t have met and you wouldn’t have met the others. I don’t regret meeting you and fighting for you. If it means keeping you safe and having you here with me, then so be it, I’ll do it in a heartbeat” 

“Your secret may be out but that didn’t change the way we saw you, you’re still our nakama, our Lucy…my Lucy” Natsu stated. 

“Natsu… but…” Lucy whispered, heart thumping loudly. 

“I will make damn sure that you don’t get hurt! I will protect you with every fiber in me. You being a mermaid doesn’t change anything, you are you. My feelings for you won’t change. God dammit Lucy, I love you.” Natsu voiced heartily.  

Lucy stared up at Natsu in shock, tears sliding down her cheeks. A slow smile formed on her lips and she lightly chuckled. Natsu blushed a deep crimson color which made Lucy giggle more. 

“You dummy, I love you too” she said breathlessly. Natsu blinked for a second before a large smile formed on his face. His gaze shifted down to her lips and he leaned closer until his lips connected with hers. Lucy stood there frozen before melting in the kissing. 



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