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Not to be a bother but I’m pretty sure we’ve been gaining a lot f respect. Also. Dude, chill with the caps ? Dang. Lastly. Where the fuck is Del . I don’t see him anywhere. So how would YOU know he’s “suffering”, or that we “ruined his life”

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Brutally honest hour.

A. If I’m in love

B. Last person I talked on the phone with

C. How long has it been since I’ve kissed?

D. If I have a preference for boys or girls?

E. How many piercings?

F. Give me any options like “hot or cold”

G. Last person said “I love you” to

H. Last person I hugged

I. Last time I felt jealous and why

J. Are you insecure? What about?

K. My full name

L. Siblings?

M. If I forgive betrayal?

N. Favorite animal?

O. Where I’d like to travel?

P. Music I like

Q. Favorite flower

R. Is cheating ever okay?

S. 2 hobbies

T. 3 things you love unconditionally

U. Favorite time of the year and why?
V. Big dreams?

W. If I’ve done something I regret very much

X. 3 turn ons

Y. 3 turn offs

Z. Ask any question you want

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i found this in my “box of magical things.” I have no idea where this is from but it’s the realest thing ever especially right now cause i’m at the worst i’ve ever been. i’m hoping for better things soon but right now it’s 100% survival mode. - DJ F

edit: this was made by noah! ghosts-of – it makes a lot of sense now how i have this. it’s from Doris. thank you for making this, these words are really important


This guy has been through way too much shit caused by both “fans” and agency.

This is a time where Kpop fans can truly show what Kpop-family is. An idol neglected by the agency he’s signed to, where he has been for 9 years (which may I add, is before older groups like 2NE1, F(x), 4MINUTE, BEAST and SHINee even debuted. In fact, SNSD debuted the same year he debuted at SM).
Can we all just agree to help him out? Whether it is him wanting to leave SM, or him wanting to release his music.

“I…only have my fans left. If you see this message, please speak for me. My agency doesn’t listen to me.”

Let’s speak for him.

@piierogi​ Realizing She Isn’t Making Any F***ing Sense Because She’s Been Awake So Long: A Verbal Memoir

“I just got a weird tickle in my throat. I think it was ghosts. I don’t like that Jasper can sense ghosts, they’re too–” [20 second pause] “What the f was I just talking about”

“I just had a daydream where you were being trolled by gamegrumps and there was a handpuppet nomming on your scalp and you’re like ‘why this’ “

“My wrist really itches, and my thumb, I wish it would stop. Have you considered this: stop. Just stop. #stopwristitch2k14 . Wait, no. Yes. Stop the itch two years ago.”

“Anywho here’s bupperball. Y’know, like, [to the final fantasy fanfare tune] BUP BUP BA BAA BUP BA BUP BUP BAAAAAA.”


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WTF IS GOING ON WITH THIS KPOP INDUSTRY : Kim Taehyung Apologized for having tan skin.

Now here’s a thing. Wtf is wrong with having tan skin? NOTHING IS WRONG ABOUT THAT . I still don’t understand why standards of beauty for idols are about being as white as a ghost, Tall like a model and skinny af. I respect ppl’s tastes and beauty standards, but they’ve been taking it a little too far. Why IN THE F*CKING WORLD WOULD PRESSURIZE SOMEONE TO THE POINT WHERE YOU MAKE THEM APOLOGIZE FOR HAVING THEIR SKIN COLOR ?!!!

I’ll be frankly honest and to be real ,idols with a tan are what gives me hope. This industry follows the same model and standards. Everyone is starting to look the same. Same nose. Same hairstyle. Same weight. Same body ratio. I belive that diversity is beautiful and everytime I see that that there is an idol that can stand out with gorgeous physical features such as having a tan or having thicker thighs, I feel like there is some hope out there .

Lee hyori has a tan AND SHE’S F*CKING QUEEN . Don’t start up this bull about being whiter makes you prettier. Lee hyori is Hot as hell. Go check out how the guys from the army reacted to her live performance of mr.big a few years ago. She’s successful and she has an amazing heart. Being tanned doesn’t make you any less good than someone who’s whiter and pp, should know that.

Even seolhyun from aoa shared her worry about covering up her tanned skin with whitening products, yet she still get criticized for it. Why would she cover it up? Simply because she feels the need to do it. Ppl are not able to tell her that she’s pretty just the way she is. I believe that it might build up so much insecurity in her.She’s just a 21 year old girl. GIVE HER A F*CKING BREAK. She’s already beautiful. Why would she need to cake up her face with whitening products to please you f*cking shallow netizens ??!!

Kai from exo gets teased all the time for his darker skin color. I feel like he used to embrace it so much but eversince he’s been getting teased it has turned into an insecurity too.Theres nothing wrong about kai and his tan just make him stand out from the majority. Why the f*ck would you criticize him?!

And now what ?! Kim Taehyung ends up apologizing for getting a tan. Wtf is wrong with this stupid industry. As if being a slave and smiling all the time wasn’t enough, you need to build up insecurity through innocent ppl who have been enjoying their everyday life.

Now let’s talk about idols body standards

Joy from red velvet has been criticized for having thick thighs and look at how thin she became. Joy was gorgeous and she still is, but look at her and tell me you don’t feel bad ? That girl had to deal with stupid ppl fatshaming her , when her body is and will always be GOALS.

Hwasa from mamamoo HAS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING BODIES EVER.Her curves will kill you. I dare ppl to start talking shit about her. She’s amazing and her body is goals too!!!

Being 48 kg and 1m70 doesn’t make you prettier than others. You’re just like everyone else. Stop being delusionnal. Idols are humans with feelings and they like eating food too !! Stop saying shit like “ well it’s part of their job to look good at all times ” . Idols are not perfect and their imperfections are what make fans love them so much 💗

What about biracial idols ? Did you saw vernon , Shannon williams and jeon somi from IOI, they all look amazing , yet ppl still start gossiping stupid stuff about them because they’re not idols who are full korean.

Beauty is not about a standard that you pick , beauty is way more than that. Stop putting limitations and be more open. Being tanned ,curvy or biracial makes you as beautiful as everyone else. I feel like this is a very important thing that everyone and all fandoms should be aware of.


Awkward (F)

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REQUESTED: can I have a fluff/comedy scenario where Jackson is introducing you to got7? 

Reader (you) x Jackson ft members of got7

Word Count: 1262

Warnings: suggestive

note: here you go, my dear! this was requested awhile ago so i’m sorry for the long wait! happy reading and take care everyone! -admin

You’ve been dating Jackson for over a year now and you still haven’t met the members of GOT7. With them having a constant busy schedule, you always wondered when you were going to meet them. And Jackson always told you that he would take you to see his members but that never happened. You understood their busy schedule and you were fine with meeting the members anytime. As long as it doesn’t create a conflict with their schedules.

You were lounging around at home, with your pjs, sat on the couch. With a bag of chips laid on your lap and the TV on, you decided to have a lazy day and just relax. You did deserve a day without having to do any work, since you’ve worked so hard during the weekdays. Until, your phone rang loudly, interrupting your time to yourself.

“Hello?” You answered the phone, lowering the volume on the TV.

“Hey, babe. I’m bored.” Jackson replied through the phone.

“Is that why you called me?” You laughed at your boyfriend’s blunt comment. Usually, Jackson would call you to have long talks because he missed your voice. Other times, he would just rant about his days and complain how tiring his schedule was. But, today was a different day.

“Yes, can you come over to dorm?” Jackson asked through the phone. You could already picture his pouty face he would make when he wanted something. And of course, you would say yes.

“Sure, I’ll be there soon.” You stated as you hung up the phone and hopping off the couch. Changing to a rather decent clothing to go outside, you jumped onto a bus and made your way to dorm. After thirty minutes on the bus, you finally arrived at the street as you walked down the alleyway and stopped right in front of a grey building. You saw Jackson leaning on the side on the building waiting for you to arrive.

“Jackson.” You yelled, waving at him to get his attention. As soon as he saw your smiling face, he ran over to you to give you a hug.

“I missed you so much.” He said, breaking away from the hug.

“It’s only been a week, Jackson.” You smiled, punching him in the chest. “It’s not like you went on tour to actually miss me that badly.”

“Is it a crime to miss my girlfriend? Even though I saw her last week? Should I just give her space for a week?” Jackson questioned as he widened his eyes. You could see the playfulness starting to form from his joking matter.  

“No, you idiot.” You laughed at him. “I missed you too, no worries.”

Jackson’s high pitched laugh rang throughout the area as you both continued to joke around and entered the building. Taking the elevator up to dorm, he took you into his dorm to find it empty, without the members.

“Where’s the rest?” You asked as you entered the living room.

“They’re out buying some food. They just left so we have some time for ourselves.” Jackson stated as he plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. You let out a sigh as you sat down right next to Jackson, your head resting on his shoulder. For a moment, you two sat there in silence, watching TV. If Jackson was bored, why didn’t he just turn on the TV and watch something like you both were doing right now. But knowing your boyfriend, he wanted someone by his side to keep him company. And you were happy to keep him company for the time being.

Suddenly, Jackson nudged your head off in order for him to stand off and take off his sweater, revealing the black tank top he always wore underneath. You shook your head in disbelief, knowing classic Jackson took off his sweater whenever he wanted to show off his muscles. Or that was what most people assumed.

“What? I’m hot.” He said, throwing his sweater aside and sitting back down next to you.

You smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “I know you’re hot. I’m a pretty lucky girl to score a guy like you.”

Jackson cutely smiled at you and then turned his attention to the TV. His hand rested on your thigh as his thumb started to draw circles, patterns that soothed you. You turned your head to look at him as his hands went further up, knowing full well what he wanted. But he kept his face straight when his hands rested dangerously close to your heat.

“Jackson, we can’t do this here.” You warned him, biting your lips. But you knew he wouldn’t listen to you. Jackson turned his head to look at you and leaned down so that his lips were close to yours.

“Shh,” He whispered, “No one will catch us.”

And with that, Jackson closed the gap between your face as you two started to kiss deeply. Jackson pushed you down on the couch, making you gasp as he took this opportunity to stick his tongue in your mouth. You two were sharing a hot kiss, his lips moving in sync with yours. Jackson’s hands played with the hem of your shirt as he lifted it up slightly, exposing your stomach.

“Yah! Kids! Get off the couch.” You heard a voice yell. Jackson immediately let go of you as you propped yourself up, turning your head to meet the best leader, or that was what Jackson called him.

“You’re home!” Jackson beamed at Jaebum as he stood up from the couch to give him a hug. But as a chic leader, Jaebum rejected his hug and looked at your beet red face.

“Is this what you do with your girlfriend and we’re not home?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows as he walked towards you. You stood up from the couch awkwardly, fixing your shirt, as you bowed in greeting.

“We watch TV there, Jackson.” Jinyoung said as he came into the scene. “Now, I know why that couch smells funny. It’s because of you two.”

“Ewww!” Yugyeom yelled as he slapped Jackson on the chest. You watched as all of the members piled in the living room, staring at you and your flushed cheeks. This was not how you wanted to greet the members and it was embarrassing that the leader caught you two making out on the couch.

“Uh,” Jackson spoke up, scratching the back of his head, “This is my girlfriend, (Y/N).”

“Yeah, we figured.” Bambam said as he approached you, with his hand out. You took his hand, shaking it slightly as laughter filled the room. Although the atmosphere was awkward, the members one by one formally introduced themselves to you, forgetting the scene that happened earlier. And in return, you gave them a proper introduction of yourself.

“Now that is all settled, how about we eat?” Mark spoke up as he pointed towards the food in the kitchen.

“And maybe next time hyung,” Youngjae said as he slapped Jackson on the back, “Tell us when you’re bringing your girlfriend over so we don’t have to encounter that again.”

“He will, don’t worry.” You confirmed that statement, knowing full well you didn’t want to go through that embarrassment again. The members were nice enough to brush it off the whole night as you spent time with them, chatting and getting to know one another. Of course, the occasional teasing came up but you were happy to finally meet the members after a year of dating Jackson.


While investing deeply in one person, one place, one job, one activity might deny us the breadth of experience we’d like, pursuing a breadth of experience denies us the opportunity to experience the rewards of depth of experience.  There are some experiences that you can have only when you’ve lived in the same place for five years, when you’ve been with the same person for over a decade, when you’ve been working on the same skill or craft for half your lifetime.  Now that I’m in my thirties, I can finally recognize that commitment, in its own way, offers a wealth of opportunity and experiences that would otherwise never be available to me, no matter where I went or what I did.
Dear Damian Part 3 (Older Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Here we are again! Round three of pain and feels- Err, I mean Dear Damian *Maniacal laughter* I also wanted to thank all you guys for all of your support and love, it’s given me so much confidence and happiness over this week, so you all get virtual hugs! The ending of this one’s a little is not as good as I thought… but oh well, hope you guys like it!

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Part 1 (By the wonderfully fabulous @maruthor), Part 2

Warnings: Angst (?)

Word Count: 997


“Hello Damian.”

There was something about your voice that Damian didn’t like. It was cold and shut off and not at all… you.

“[F/N], where have you been? I’ve been so worr- “

“You got my letter, didn’t you?”  You asked, cutting him off.

Damian looked at you, shocked at the icy tone you used toward him, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Yes…” He said cautiously, “But-!”                                                                                    

“But nothing Damian!” You said with a snarl, causing Damian to flinch. “If you read the note, then you would know exactly why I left.”

“Please, I just want to hear you say it.” He said, his voice cracking with emotion, but he managed not to cry. “[F/N], Beloved, please! I need you to say it.”

You turned, back facing toward him, your voice was filled with so much hate and disdain, “I don’t have to tell you anything. Now let me work, you have already wasted enough of my time.”

Your words tore at his heart, and he watched as you returned to your gun and took aim toward someone who was far below. This brought him back to reality.

“What are you doing?” He asked you, suddenly realizing what you had planned.

You sighed irritably, “And your supposed to be a detective, what does it look like I’m doing?”

Damian stiffened, his mind racing, “Your back with the assassins, aren’t you?”

No answer.

“[F/N], you know that I can’t let you do that.”

You sigh and rub your temples, “You know what Damian, I really thought we could do this civilly, you know, let bygones be bygones, but if you’re going to act like that, it seems I have no other choice.”

As soon as you finished talking, you spun around and threw a throwing knife directly at Damian.

His eyes went wide in surprise, but he easily dodged it, he barely had time to recover before you threw a punch directly at his face. He managed to hold his hand out and catch your flying fist before it made any contact with his head.

“[F/N]! Please! Stop! I don’t want to hurt you!” He pleaded as you threw more attacks his way.

“Aww! That’s cute, too bad the feeling isn’t mutual.” You spat out.

On and on this went, with you on offence and Damian of defense, he refused to hit you, refused to knock you down, he refused to hurt you. Because even after everything you said to him, every nasty thing, he still loved you.

He must have gotten distracted, because you had somehow managed to hit him, hard, in the face. He stumbled back in shock, blood dripping down from his nose. You left him no time to react, you swiftly knocked him down in a single swipe with your leg. There was a sickening smack as Damian’s head hit the hard floor. You were on top of him a moment later, your knife held to his throat.

“Idiot!” You hissed, the blade only centimeters away from his throat. “Why don’t you fight back?”

He looked into your [E/C] eyes, those same beautiful eyes that were once filled with love for him, he looked into them without fear, without hatred. He looked into them and smiled, then spoke, “Because no matter what you do, no matter what you say, I will always love you. You will always be my beloved.”

Your scowl faltered for a second, and in that brief second, Damian could’ve sworn he saw something else, was it pain? But the expression on your face was once again replaced with repulse.

“I should just kill you right now. My father would be very pleased with me if I do… but then again, it would be much more fun just to toy with you.” You gave him a wicked smile that didn’t quite meet your eyes, and with one swift motion, you raised the knife high above your head, and drove it deep into Damian’s arm.

He screamed out in anguish, grabbing his newly bleeding arm. You stood up, and causally walked away from his writhing body.

“Well, it’s been fun lover boy, but I have a target to acquire.” Then you were gone.

Damian managed to make it back to the bat cave without passing out from blood loss. He had stitched himself up, then sat down and thought about what had happened.

Everything about his interactions with you seemed to scream wrong, he just couldn’t figure out what. You had said something, something about who she worked for…

He closed his eyes and thought.

“Francis… No. Fanatic. No. fa-Father!”

He bolted upright which caused his arm to flare in pain, but he barely noticed.

Father, you were working with your father again. But why? You had always hated the madman, why would you have gone back to him now? Could you have left him because you truly wished to be with your father? Or was there something more?

His head swam with unanswered questions. Then, realization hit him, you wouldn’t have accidentally given away who you were working with, no, you were too smart for that. That means you wanted him to know where you were and who you were working with. But why on earth had you given it away?

“It could be a trap.”

Was the first thought that popped into his head, but that didn’t seem right.

“Think Damian, think!”

His mind kept going back to the same two moments,

“Please, I just want to hear you say it…”

“Because no matter what you do, no matter what you say, I will always love you. You will always be my beloved.”

What did you respond back with?

He racked his brain, but came up with the same answer.

“She… she never answered me, she never told me how she really felt, which could only mean…”

Damian bolted out of his chair, his heart beating rapidly with a new found hope.

“She loves me.”

Surprise Date

“Could you do an imagine where you and your crush have known eachother for awhile and you, him, and some of yall’s other friends are talking about dates and you describe yours and the crush takes you on the date a few days later”

So cute!! This might get confusing, but I used f/n for all the female friends and c/f/n for the guys. I had some trouble coming up with the perfect date, so I used something slightly generic to hopefully appeal to as many people as possible…feel free to criticize my poor taste! (Fun fact: I have never been on an actual date myself (gasp!) so I only have my imagination to work with, but hey when you have that who needs a real boyfriend???*cries in corner*)

Word count: 3.5k

It’s a warm Sunday night and you and your friends are hanging out at a friend’s house, lounging in chairs around a fire pit. (C/n) sits on the opposite side and you have a perfect view of him, his face lit up by the orange glow of the fire. Your other friends are between you, talking and laughing. The night is quiet except for someone playing acoustic covers on their phone.

“So, guys. I have something to tell you.” (F/n/1) rubs her hands together, grinning.

“Well, what is it?” says (f/n/2) eagerly. Always eager for gossip, that one. But you’re excited to find out too, and lean closer to hear.

“It has to do with…my crush,” she says giddily. Everyone gasps and starts asking questions excitedly. (F/n/1) laughs at the effect it has on everyone. She gives daily updates and rants about how much she likes her crush. It’s like a show that you’re all hooked on.

“What happened??” you press impatiently.

“Well…” (F/n/1) looks around the circle, drawing out the suspense. “On Friday we were walking home together after school.”

“And?” (f/n/2) urges her on.

“And…he asked me out!!” she gushes.

“No freaking way!” (f/n/2) gasps. You get out of your chair and rush over to (f/n/1), hugging her and jumping up and down together. “Holy shit (f/n/1) that’s amazing!”

(C/f/1) claps slowly, then asks, “So when is the date?”

“He didn’t actually say yet. Sometime next weekend probably.”

(F/n/2) looks shocked. “What?! He didn’t actually plan a date yet?”

“Maybe it’s a surprise,” you suggest, settling back into your chair.

(F/n/2) wrinkles her nose. “Who would want a surprise date? You have to know what’s coming so you can prepare yourself!”

You gape at her. “That’s ridiculous! A surprise would be soo romantic!”

(F/n/2) stubbornly shakes her head. “Nope. My ideal date: he tells you everything a week in advance. You go out to dinner and a movie, and he pays for everything, of course.”

“That’s it?” (f/n/1) cuts in. “My god, you are so boring!”

“And old fashioned,” (c/f/n/2) adds. “We’re not made of money, you know.”

“So, what, you expect the girl to pay?” (f/n/2) exclaims.

(C/f/n/2) shrugs. “I won’t be a dick about it but I’m open to it. If she doesn’t at least offer to split the bill she’s too cheap for me.”

“Listen, it’s simple. Whoever does the asking out is the one who pays,” (c/n) speaks up, and your ears perk up.

“That sounds fair,” you say, nodding slowly.

“Thank you,” says (c/n), grinning at you. “So (y/n), what would your ideal date be?”

Your cheeks heat up a bit at his question. “Umm…”

“Yeah, tell us all about how romantic a surprise date can be,” says (f/n/2) sarcastically, then adds, “No really, tell me, I’m curious now!”

“Okay, wellll.” You sit forward in your chair and lace your fingers together. “Here’s how it goes. It’s evening, like 5, 6 maybe. I’m in my room doing my homework or something unimportant…”

“Boooriiing,” interrupts (f/n/2) with a yawn.

“Shhh,” says (f/n/1). “Let the girl talk!”

You laugh. “I haven’t gotten to the good part yet. So anyway, I hear a sound. He’s throwing rocks at my window. I open the window…”

“…and a rock hits your face,” (f/n/2) suggests.

You shoot her a look. “…and he’s standing there, nicely dressed, not in a suit or anything but, ya know, a nice shirt, pants that are just tight enough to show off his ass…”

(F/n/2) rolls her eyes. Meanwhile, (c/n) listens attentively, half amused.

“…and he tells me to put on a dress and come outside. Of course, I put on something classy with just a hint of slut, cause that’s the only way to go. When I get to the front door he gives me a rose and tells me I look beautiful. We get into his car and I ask him where we’re going and he tells me it’s a surprise. First he takes me to a pizza place, of course.”

“Romantic,” says (f/n/1) teasingly.

(C/n) looks offended. “Hey, hey, hey, pizza is as romantic as it gets!”

“Right, and who doesn’t like pizza?” you add. “So then we go to an ice cream parlor to get ice cream, and walk around just talking about life. Then we get to an empty field and lie down and look at the stars and talk some more. Finally, we make out. A lot.” You grin and sit back. “The end.”

(C/f/n/2) scoffs. “Pathetic! Even I can be more romantic than that.”

“Are you kidding, looking at the stars together is soo dreamy!” you defend yourself.

“And making out, also very dreamy,” says (c/n) with a wink.

You give him an exasperated half smile, but you feel your face warm up a little. “So…yeah. That’s pretty much my dream date,” you conclude.

“Well, now it can never happen cause it wouldn’t be a surprise!” (F/n/1) points out.

You consider that for a second. “Hey, if I’m not expecting it that’s good enough for me!”

“As much as I disagree with the concept I will be sure to tell any potential suitors exactly what to do,” says (f/n/2) with an air of incredible generosity.

“Thanks, wingwoman,” you reply with a grin.

(C/f/n/1) looks around the circle. “You’re all crazy,” he decides.

You and the other girls all flip him off simultaneously.

The next day you’re sleep deprived from the late night with your friends, and the rest of the week only gets worse. After failing two tests and pulling an all nighter for a project, you are relieved when school finally lets out on Friday and you can head home and do nothing.

You drop your backpack on the floor of your room and collapse onto your bed. Within seconds you’re out cold.

A couple hours later, you jolt awake, and then lie there for a few seconds trying to figure out what woke you up. As if on cue, a sharp sound draws your attention to your window. You stumble over groggily and push it open, not without some effort. You squint down, peering into the growing darkness that is your yard, and as your eyes adjust you gasp.

Standing there under your window, rock in one hand, rose in the other, wearing a nice shirt, perfectly fitting pants and a beautiful smile, is (c/n).

“Hey, (y/n),” he calls up quietly, but his voice carries and you hear every word with perfect clarity. And his oh-so-sexy voice, always with the hint of a smirk detectable in it - you nearly collapse all over again.

You hold steady, though, and call back down, “(C/n)?! What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to test a disputed theory,” he says by way of explanation.

Your brain struggles to wrap around this. “Wha…” you sputter in response.

He chuckles. “We’re going to see how romantic your ‘surprise date’ really is.”

A hot blush rises to your cheeks. “Oh,” you say. “Umm…”

“Put on a dress and come outside,” he says with an adorable grin.

You quickly pull your head back inside and close the window, hyperventilating. Oh. My. God. This can’t be real. Come to think of it, you’re not even sure you’re really awake. After all, it’s entirely possible you’re still in the middle of your nap and that this is just a very vivid dream attributable to your constant thoughts about (c/n). But hey, if this is a dream why not go for it and enjoy yourself while you can?

You search through your closet for something slutty but classy, a look you always strive to achieve when you have the chance. And now is as good a chance as ever to dress like a classy slut. You find the perfect choice, a cute sundress that shows just enough skin. Oh, he will love this one, you think with a sly smirk.

You pull it over your head and run downstairs, taking the steps two at a time. Slipping into a pair of cute but durable sandals, you yank open the door. (C/n) is standing right there on the front porch.

You make eye contact with him and open your mouth to say something, but then he kneels dramatically and holds out his rose. “(Y/n), will you accept this rose as a token of my undying love?”

You laugh, a little shakily, and punch his shoulder indignantly. “Hey! Don’t mock me!”

He chuckles. “Okay, okay. Take this though, seriously!” He pushes the rose toward you.

You give him an exasperated look, tilting your head and raising your eyebrows. But you take the rose. “Happy?”

“Hey, you’re supposed to be the happy one! Isn’t this your quintessential romantic date right here?”

“Yes, but only when you’re doing it for real!” you argue, because this is obviously a friendly joke to him. Not that you aren’t happy to go along with it. Why refuse the chance to spend one-on-one time with (c/n), and on your dream date too?

He’s still kneeling. “You can stand up now,” you inform him helpfully. “You look like an idiot.”

He complies, getting to his feet, where he towers over you once more. He smiles down at you. “You look beautiful.”

You blush fiercely at hearing him say that, but try to brush it off. He’s kidding, obviously. “And you have a good memory,” you say, because you really are impressed. He’s getting all the details right.

(C/n) frowns. “No, really, I mean it, (y/n),” he insists. “You seriously look beautiful.”

You’re at a loss for words. You try for a smile, and attempt to thank him, but the words get caught in your throat. Instead, you duck your head and make a small noise of acknowledgement.

(C/n) gestures to the car parked in your driveway. “Join me for a ride?”

You nod and follow him to his car. He opens the passenger door for you. What a gentleman! As he backs out of the driveway, he glances at you and says teasingly, “So, aren’t you gonna ask me where we’re going?”

You shake your head incredulously. “Again, I applaud your detail retention,” you say, “but if you’re so bent on following this to the letter then I already know where we’re going.”

(C/n) huffs exasperatedly. “Just cooperate, okay? Now, according to your rules, the line is, ‘Where are we going?’”

You roll your eyes. “Fine. Where are we going?”

He smiles in satisfaction. “It’s a surprise,” he says happily.

“No it’s not, I know we’re getting pizza, you idiot,” you remind him.

(C/n) abruptly stops the car in the middle of the street and turns to face you. “(Y/n), if we’re going to test your theory accurately, you’re going to have to play along!”

“Oh my god, drive, there are cars behind us,” you exclaim. He starts up the car reluctantly, but presses on. “I’m not kidding! We’re gonna do this right!”

You let out a laugh. “Okay, okay, calm down. I will humor you. Your dedication is admirable, really.”

“Good. Get ready for the best date of your life,” he says proudly. “Or at least it will be, if you’re really right about this.”

Your heart flutters despite your efforts to play it cool. Yeah, this isn’t a real date, but he still called it one and that’s enough to quicken your pulse. Nevertheless, you decide to correct him. “Oh no, this is not gonna count as my first date,” you say, trying to act annoyed.

(C/n) looks over at you in surprise. “Your first date? You’ve never been on a date before?”

“Dude, we’ve been friends for years, I think I would have told you if someone miraculously was interested in me for even a second.”

He looks back at the road, grinning. “Yeah okay, I knew, just wanted to make sure you didn’t keep anything from me!” He turns to you again. “And now this will definitely be your best date so far because it’s your only one!” He laughs triumphantly.

You roll your eyes at him, but can’t hide your enjoyment at his enthusiasm. You know he’s just doing this for you as a friend, and he gets so easily excited that this is nothing special. Still, a feeling of bliss is taking over you from simply being with him, at night, in such a context as this. And you can’t help but wonder if he’ll really follow the date all the way through, right down to the very last detail…

The car stops in front of your local pizza place. You start to open the door but (c/n) lunges over and pulls your hand away. “No let me do it!” he whines, and quickly gets out of the car and opens your door for you.

“Wow, pizza, what a surprise!” You step out of the car and walk into the restaurant. (C/n) closes the car door and follows you in. You get in line to order and lean against the counter to look at (c/n).

“So, who’s paying?” you ask teasingly.

He rests an elbow on the counter, bringing him closer to you. “Well according to my rule, which I have stated before, whoever asks out, pays. I feel like it’s on you because you started all of this with your silly date idea.”

You raise your eyebrows in an Oh really? expression. “Did I ask you to actually take me out?”

He leans even closer. “I think it’s fair to say that you did, silently. You were looking at me longingly. That was obviously your way of asking me out.” He grins, proud of his logic.

“Right, of course,” you say sarcastically, although your heartbeat is picking up again. “I think you misinterpreted my glares of annoyance.”

He chuckles. “Don’t even try to deny it. You want me,” he says dramatically.

“Oh baby,” you reply in a breathy soap-opera voice.

(C/n) wiggles his eyebrows and you break character to laugh at how ridiculous he looks. “Okay but seriously, I didn’t bring any money, which is your fault for rushing me,” you say accusingly.

“Well that’s a problem, because I didn’t bring any either,” he replies, shrugging.

“(C/n)!” you exclaim, glancing at the shrinking line of customers in front of you.

He breaks into a grin. “Kidding.” He holds up a twenty dollar bill. “Of course I’ll pay.”

You order two plain slices and a soda to share. When the food comes you sit down across from each other at a small table - (c/n) pulling out your chair for you - and munch hungrily on your pizza.

“So,” (c/n) says between bites, “is your dream date meeting expectations so far?”

“I’d say it’s subpar, but that’s your fault for poor execution. The idea is still romantic.” You can’t help teasing him a little. He’ll have to work for your approval.

“What!” he protests. “I have been such a gentleman!”

Such a gentleman,” you echo mockingly, and he pouts. You relent. “Okay, you’re really trying, I’ll give you that.”

“Thank you,” he says, still in a hurt tone of voice.

“So what about you?” you ask after a moment’s hesitation.


“How does this measure up to other dates you’ve been on?”

(C/n) smiles, stuffs the last bite of pizza in his mouth and stands up. “Ahh, so much to tell you. Maybe this is a discussion we should have over some ice cream?”


You head across the street and buy an ice cream cone each. As you walk aimlessly around town (c/n) recounts tales of his past dating escapades; some awkward, some boring, some downright disastrous, and a few that sound almost enjoyable. “Personally none of those sound as romantic as mine,” you comment some twenty minutes in.

“Well…” he tilts his head pensively. “I guess this one’s not terrible, though I wouldn’t call it my ‘dream date’ either.”

“Hey, it’s not over yet,” you point out.

“Right,” he says with renewed enthusiasm. “Field! And look, the stars are out. Perfect.”

“Yeah, now we just need the actual field,” you remind him.

He smirks. “Way ahead of you. Did you really think I wouldn’t plan this out to completion?”

“You’re right, how could I be so foolish?” you joke.

(C/n) leads you to a somewhat secluded park with a large grassy area, hidden from the general public by a cluster of trees. Together, you walk over to the middle of the field. (C/n) sits down and pats the ground next to him invitingly. You laugh lightly and join him, lying back to look up at the sky. It’s wonderfully cloudless and clear, revealing hundreds of stars in clusters and constellations. (C/n) points upward. “That one looks like a dick,” he remarks.

You elbow him. “Killing the mood,” you complain.

“My bad,” he says, turning on his side to face you and propping his head up on his elbow. He picks at a blade of grass inches from your face. “I admit the stars do add a certain romantic element to it all.”

“See, it takes a masterful combination of different elements to really create the perfect date,” you say with an air of superiority.

“Says the girl who’s never even been on one,” he teases, flicking pieces of grass onto your face. You spit one out of your mouth and whack him clumsily with the back of your hand. He catches your hand with both of his and starts twiddling with your fingers, a strange but not entirely unpleasant sensation.

“Anyway,” he continues, “it’s almost time for my verdict.”


“Yeah.” (C/n) places the palm of his hand on yours, lining up your fingers. “Your hands are tiny.”

You roll your eyes. “Yours are just extra large. Verdict about what?”

“How romantic this whole ‘surprise date’ thing really was, of course,” he replies. “I followed all your instructions, so this is, like, legit.”

“Uh huh.”

“There’s just one part left,” he says quietly, locking eyes with you.

Your heart races in anticipation. “Oh yeah, what’s that?” you ask innocently.

(C/n) smirks. “Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” he answers in an incredibly sexy voice, and you’re suddenly worried that you’ll faint before anything even happens. Noticing your paralyzed expression, he chuckles, then bites his lip seductively as though he’s actively trying to make it worse. “Do I need to show you?”

With the last scrap of courage you can muster, you nod. (C/n) looks down at your mouth and back at you before leaning in and closing the gap. Your lips collide and his hands go to your face, his thumbs grazing your cheeks. Soon enough he’s on top of you, forearms on either side of your head. And, just as you foretold, you make out. A lot.

When you finally break apart God knows how much later, your faces are flushed, hair mussed up and breathing heavy. As you catch your breath (c/n) says, “I officially approve of this date idea. The last part is the best, hands down.”

“Is it?” you say, aware of the furious beating of your heart.

“Well, the rest was fun too.” He moves a strand of hair out of your face. “Can I tell you something?”


“I wasn’t actually trying to prove anything or test your theory or whatever, I just wanted to go on a date with you,” he confesses.

You laugh giddily. “Really?”

“Really,” he says seriously. “I’ve liked you basically forever.”

“No way, me too!” you exclaim, in a casual tone that even surprises yourself.

He examines your expression. “Are you serious?”

“Completely.” You smile reassuringly.

He breaks into a grin. “In that case the only logical solution is for you to agree to be my girlfriend, right now.”

“Oh damn that’s a tough one,” you say jokingly. “I guess maaaaybee-”

(C/n) rolls his eyes and shuts you up by pressing his lips against yours once more.

Sirius Black Imagine: “The muggle and the dog”

Can you do an imagine with Sirius Black where he is hiding from the ministry of magic after they think he killed Jily and the reader (a mogul) takes him in as Padfoot (when he’s a dog) and has no idea then comes home one day and dings Sirius shirtless and cooking or whatever? Then she’d be really scared but comforts her and maybe kisses her?

Requested by anon

Warnings: bad language

[y/f/m]= your favorite meal

Today you were having a shitty day. You know it may sound offensive to other ears, but damn, there wasn’t a better adjective to describe the experience. First, you found out your boyfriend had been cheating on you. Then, you confronted him and broke up with him, obviously. You didn’t need assholes in your life, thank you very much. After the break-up, someone stole your wallet while you were in the underground. And on the top of that, it hadn’t stopped raining all day long. Typically British, mind you? But still, what had you done to deserve this? Why did all of this bullshit have to happen in the same day? Couldn’t life give you a break? Apparently not, as next thing you knew, you stumbled upon something and fell into a puddle, splashing water everywhere.

“Fucking rain! I wasn’t looking. I’m sor-“

You trailed off when you realized that you hadn’t run into a person. Instead, a black dog was eyeing you in wonder. Well, at least the situation wasn’t as humiliating as if you had bumped into a handsome bloke. You made sure the mutt wasn’t injured and stood up, straightening your wet clothes to the best of your abilities. Your legs marched as you prayed that nothing else happened to you before getting home. Then, a powerful emotion invaded your senses: fear. Why did you suddenly feel like somebody was following you? You weren’t going paranoid, were you? Nevertheless, you had to make sure. Every single time you turned around, your eyes caught nobody. The only sound was the endless raindrops falling over the ground. Yes, you were going paranoid. It was either that, or your exhausted brain telling you to get to your flat. 

A few more steps and, finally, you were inside your home, sweet home. You closed the door and sighed, resting your forehead against the door and wondering how the hell you had managed to survive today. It took you a few minutes to compose yourself and turn the lights on. You certainly weren’t prepared for what your [y/e/c] eyes saw: the black dog, the same black dog that had made you fall with a thud into a fucking puddle. Your first reaction was to squeal and put your hand over your heart, afraid that it would stop beating at the start. There, it looked like that crucial organ of your body was still functioning.

“You! You have been the one who’s been chasing me! What do you think I am, mmm? A cat?”

You didn’t even know why you were speaking out loud. It was an animal, for God’s sake! The dog seemed to look at you diverted though, as if it actually understood English and was able to read your thoughts. You narrowed your eyes in suspicion and held your gaze. Why did the animal look human? You shook your head, as if trying to forget about it and opened the door. The black dog didn’t move.

“Get out, now!”

The mutt poked its tongue out, yet its composure didn’t change.

“Ugh! For fuck’s sake!” you grunted, throwing your arms up in exasperation. You approached the black creature cautiously and tried to push it outdoors, to the bloody rain, but the dog was too heavy for you. Groaning, you made your way to the kitchen and took a sausage. This will do, you thought.

“Hey, mutt! Over there!” you screamed, flinging the food outside.

Nothing. The dog didn’t even blink. This couldn’t be happening to you.

“I swear, I had a terrible day, I don’t need a big black dog that seems to be keen on my humble flat! Just leave me the hell alone!”

The dog seemed to look at you pityingly now, but made no move. You took the time to inspect it thoroughly. Its pose was pleading. It didn’t wear a leash, so it was either lost or abandoned. Its dark hair was soaking wet, and it was dampening your carpet. You didn’t want to waste the little energy you still had in worrying about it though. Rather, you locked eyes with the creature. You could almost read emotions in there. Was that even normal? The possibility that you were indeed going paranoid was as alive as ever. In spite of it, you felt a pang in your chest when you realized that you were alone now, as alone as this mutt. Maybe fate had played its cards. Maybe whoever is up there had wanted you to meet the lost animal.

“You may stay,” you finally whispered.

The dog suddenly jumped to you and licked your face, its tail moving vividly. Concerned that you were turning into a softy, you added, “But only for tonight! I’ll find you a place tomorrow!”

As you put on your pajama and let yourself fall into your bed, you couldn’t help but think that perhaps the day hadn’t ended as bad as you had predicted.

A week passed, and you hadn’t had it in your heart to dump the dog. How could you? It was the only one that seemed to understand you and even care for you, as crazy as it sounded. You had poured out your heart to the poor animal. You told him about your job, about your ex-boyfriend, about the silly weather… Whatever, the dog didn’t judge you and you needed disclosure.

“Well, you know what? I think I am definitely going to keep you. You need a name though… What about Black? Yes, I know, I know. I am pants at giving names. I am not an original and creative person, so bear with me. I cannot come up with anything better, this will have to do.”

Why was the dog looking amused again?

“Behave, Black. I don’t want to tidy another mess of yours or throw away another pillow that you found entertaining to destroy, mind you? I’m going to work now. Not that I really want to… You know, Mr. Wilson, my boss, is a right arse. Anyway, duty calls. I’ll be back before you know it, and then I’ll walk you out… Does that sound good to you?”

Your new pet simply wagged his tail in contentment before you left.

“I’m home!” you screamed, expecting the dog to come to you and lick your face, filling it with kisses. That didn’t happen. How very odd, you thought. “Black? Where are you? Come on, it’s time to take a walk!”


It was then that you noticed the smell of your [y/f/m] coming from the kitchen. Fuck! Someone had broken in, a burglar, most likely. You panicked and took a baseball bat to protect yourself from the intruder. Holding your breath and walking on eggshells, your feet got you to the kitchen. A man who was giving your back and cooking was there. Since when did thieves cook something for the owner? Since when were they half-naked and only covered in a towel? Since when was a stranger’s back so attractive?

“What the hell? Who are you?” you screamed, your [y/e/c] eyes wide and your hands still holding the bat.

The housebreaker turned around. In a matter of a second, his mouth twitched into a cocky grin and his eyebrow arched. Your eyes fixed on his chest longer than necessary, you admitted that. Then, they fell to his abs. Sweet Jesus! Your mouth went dry before you forced your eyes to actually look him in the eye, his amused grey eyes. Wait, where had you seen them before? They looked creepily familiar…

“Hello to you too, babe. Tell me, how has your working day been? Mr. Wilson has been an arse again, I bet.”

The bloke knew about her boss. Someone come and help you. Where the hell was Black when you needed him? You would have given anything for him to attack the intruder.

“Who the fuck are you? How do you know my boss? What have you done to my dog?”

“Oh! I am yours now? That’s an honor, really.”

“Just get out of my house, you freak! I will call the police otherwise!”

“Now, now, darling, there’s no need to act so drastically… I am cooking your favorite dinner, not trying to kill you.”

You tried to hit him with the baseball bat then, but the guy took a stick out of nowhere and your weapon flew away inexplicably. The man looked more amused as the time went by, just as your fear increased quickly. You did the only thing that came to your mind: call for that stupid dog.

“Black! Come on! I need you! Where are you? I gave you a home, you mutt! There is someone harassing me and you aren’t anywhere to be found?! Traitor!”

“I’m here, and I am no traitor. Don’t be scared, precious.”

Then, the most bizarre thing happened, even more than your bat flying away: the man turned into Black for a few seconds, before reversing to his human form. You were speechless. Your brain was finally verifying that your suspicions had always been correct: you were paranoid. Your expression must have been comical, for the bastard was even crying from the laughter.

“Y-you… You are Black?”

“The one and only, dear.”

“B-but, h-how? I mean, you can’t be my dog!”

“Do you want me to do the trick again?” he wondered diverted.

“Fuck no!”

He chuckled. The nerve!

“I need to go to the mental hospital,” you muttered under your breath. “I am entirely mad.”

Black simply grinned ruefully and mumbled, “You are a little insane, but aren’t we all? This is real, [y/n]. I am real. I am Black.”

Something about the tone of his voice appeased you.

“What’s your real name?” you wondered, finally believing that your eyes hadn’t deceived you.

The question, for some unknown reason, made him smirk.

“Black,” was all he said.

You rolled your eyes.

“Very funny. Now, tell me your REAL name, please.”


“Yes, I am serious. Tell me your fucking name or else-“

“I am Sirius Black.”

“Ugh! Come on! You were right about my boss, okay? He’s been an arse, as usual. I don’t need another jerk in my life.”

“My name is Sirius Black, no kidding. Black isn’t that uncommon for a surname, you know?”

Why was his smile so captivating? Why was he the most handsome fella you had ever laid eyes on? Why did he have to be a dog as well? Was life mocking you?

You sighed, defeated. Your fingers were rubbing your temples and your eyes were shut, trying to sink everything in.

“Thank the stars you have been cooking [y/f/m], Black. I woudln’t be able to cope with this otherwise.”

“Of course, love, anything for you.”

“Do you usually call every woman love, babe and darling?”

“Only the ones I fancy.”

He was a flirt, that much was evident, but you quite liked him.

“Promise you’ll explain the dog and bat thing later?”

“I promise, but on one condition.”


“Let me kiss you?”

“In your dreams, Black.”

“Oh, come on! I have kissed you many times, even if I was in my animag- er dog form. Besides, I am sure you find me attractive, love.”

“You are so full of yourself, you know that?”

“Yep, but I would never treat you like that dork you had for a boyfriend.”

You smiled. You really smiled after this infernal week. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to give him a chance, right? You’d just play a little hard to get at first.

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A. If I’m in love

B. Last person I talked on the phone with

C. How long has it been since I’ve kissed?

D. If I have a preference for boys or girls?

E. How many piercings?

F. Give me any options like “hot or cold”

G. Last person said “I love you” to

H. Last person I hugged

I. Last time I felt jealous and why

J. Are you insecure? What about?

K. My full name

L. Siblings?

M. If I forgive betrayal?

N. Favorite animal?

O. Where I’d like to travel?

P. Music I like

Q. Favorite flower

R. Is cheating ever okay?

S. 2 hobbies

T. 3 things you love unconditionally

U. Favorite time of the year and why?

V. Big dreams?

W. If I’ve done something I regret very much

X. 3 turn ons

Y. 3 turn offs

Z. Ask any question you want

Don't be afraid, Just ask away!



























Remus Lupin Imagine: “The Professor’s daughter”

Hey ! I have an imagine request for a Professor Lupin (basically third year for Harry). But his Gryffindor daughter can’t sleep and is walking the halls where he finds her, and then they just have a cute father / daughter moment ? Thank you. 😊😊

Requested by anon

Notes: gryffindor female reader

[Y/f/n] Lupin couldn’t sleep. She had been tossing and turning for hours now. Her thoughts kept her awake, despite the tiredness she felt. The witch made up her mind and rose from her bed. As silently as she could master, she stepped out of the Gryffindor Common Room and into the dark corridors, slightly lighted up by her lumos incantation. [Y/f/n] was walking down the halls when, all of sudden, a dazzling light blinded her [y/e/c] eyes.

“[Y/f/n]? What are you doing here?”

Remus Lupin drew away his wand so that his daughter could actually see him. Just great. Of all the teaching staff members, [y/f/n] had to stumble into her father. Now he’d be the one who’d have to take points out of Gryffindor. How very humiliating.

“I couldn’t sleep…” she finally mumbled.

Remus furrowed his brow and narrowed his eyes. “What’s keeping you awake?”

His tone had been caring and even concerned, but [y/f/n] didn’t want to worry him more, so she stuttered,“Er- n-nothing…”

Her father simply raised an eyebrow, clearly telling her without words that she was an awful liar.

“I mean it, dad. I’ll just go to sleep now.”

Before the young gryffindor could wriggle out, the teacher grabbed her arm and asked her, “[Y/f/n], come on. I know you. Something’s bothering you, so out with it.”

Lupin’s daughter hesitated, but the look in her father’s eyes managed to encourage her enough to admit her troubles.

“I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking…”

“What about?” he wondered, urging her to elaborate farther.

“About school, about my friends, but mostly about you…”


[Y/f/n] simply nodded.

“Did I do or say something that made you uncomfortable in front of your friends? Whatever it is I am sorry, I-“

“It’s not that, dad,” she hurried to interrupt him, “I love it that you are a Professor. I get to spend time with you, and I must be the luckiest girl at Hogwarts for that. But I am worried about you. I can’t help but think that somebody will find out about er-your condition. I don’t want to lose you.”

Remus’s eyes softened as he whispered, “[Y/f/n]…”

“No, dad! I am scared. I am really scared. I don’t want my friends to look at you with fear. I don’t want you to lose the only job that you actually enjoy!” she exploded, some helpless tears streaming down her cheeks.

The DADA professor sighed and enfolded his daughter protectively in his arms, bringing her closer. That familiar chocolate smell that his robes were impregnated with made [y/f/n] feel at home, appeasing her distressed mind.

“Shhh. Everything will be fine, [y/f/n]. Even if I lost the job, I’d still be with you. Don’t you doubt it.”

[Y/f/n] tightened her grip and her father kissed the top of her head in response. Remus held her until her tears subsided and she pulled away.

“I guess now it’s when you take points from Gryffindor…” she babbled nervously.

“No. Now it’s when you come to my room, drink some hot cocoa and read until you fall asleep. Next time though, if you can’t sleep, don’t roam around the castle. Come directly to my chambers.”

[Y/f/n] couldn’t help but crack a smile and blurt out, “I love you, dad.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”

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Happy Birthday Love


Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader, Hank, Raven

Request: hi my birthday is the 17th can i have a charles x reader bday sex cuteness thing thanks :-) ~anonny

A/n: Happy Birthday anonny. I hope you like it and I tried to have it be cute but I honestly think I can’t really keep smut with Charles all that cute, The man does shit to me. Where ever you are, I hope I made it in time. I spent most of my day working on this, through my slight depression that’s been building. I really hope you like it.

Tag list: @marvelismylife @nea90sweetie @mysaria @originalwinchestervamp @incoherentli @fandoms-writer

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               You woke to an empty bed. Charles must have gotten up early and didn’t want to wake you. Today felt different, not unusual different but different. It just happened to be your birthday. You got up out of bed and pulled on your (f/c) robe that you knew Charles loved on you. It covered everything and the bottom hem landed about five inches below your ass. It was your go to robe when you wanted to get a little touchy feely with Charles and today was your day so you thought it would be a good idea.

               You pulled your hair out of your face and into a ponytail before walking out of your shared bedroom. You slowly made your way across the mansion to the kitchen. You saw Raven along the way and she just smiled. She knew what today was, she gave you a quick hug and wished you a happy birthday.

               “It will be once I get my hands on a certain telepath.” She giggled as she walked away shaking her head. You made yourself a cup of coffee and found some fruit in the fridge for a quick breakfast.

               You finished your coffee and carried your fruit with you as you made your way to Charles’ study/ office. The door was open and you heard him talking to Hank about something. You leaned against the door jamb watching the two men talk. Charles was sitting on the edge of his desk as Hank stood a few feet from him. Neither man noticed you there until Hank turned to walk towards the door.

               “Oh, hi (Y/n).” Hank tried hard not to look at your robe covered body and tried even harder not to blush.

               “Morning Hank. I hope Charles wasn’t too much of a pain.” You heard Charles chuckle, you walked into the room so Hank could leave. You popped a piece of fruit into your mouth, smirking at Charles as you made your way closer to him.

               “Oh no, nothing like that.” Hank was practically stuttered as he almost tripped over his own feet as he left the room.

               “What are you up to today, love?” Charles extended a hand to you. You graciously took it as he pulled you into him. He took a piece of fruit from the bowl in your hand.

               “Hey, that’s mine.” You smirked at him as he popped the fruit into his mouth. You felt his hand slide down your side and made its home on your ass, giving it a slight squeeze. You had to bite your lip to yourself from letting a soft moan fall from your lips.

               “I know, love, and your mine.” You heard the hits of possessiveness in his voice which sent shivers down your spine. He tilted your head up and placed a soft kiss to your lips. You carded your fingers through his hair, holding him in place so you can deepen the kiss.

               He lifted you up and sat you down on the edge of his desk. His hands slid under the edge of the bottom hem of your robe, only to find you bare. He pulled back and looked down at you. His eyes widened with lust and his demeanor was now almost predatory. You couldn’t help but moan softly at the look he gave you.

               “Really, love. You walked all the way down here, like this.” You nodded your head. You didn’t care what the others thought of you because they all knew you were Charles’.

               “Well, can you blame me? It is my day, isn’t it?” You looked at him innocently. “Besides, darling. No one noticed that I have just this on.” You tugged the rope that held the front of your robe together, letting it fall off your waist as you shrugged off the top of your robe.

               Charles attacked your neck and shoulder. Nipping and sucking dark marks on your shoulder and neck. You had your fingers in his hair, racking your nails softly over his scalp which caused him to groan against your skin. You started unbuttoning his shirt and shoved it off his shoulders. He stepped away from you and quickly closed the door to his study, locking it to make sure no one walks in. You sat there on the edge of his deck, you pulled your robe away from our body and dropped it on the floor. Charles made quick work of his pants and the rest of his clothes, not wanting to make you feel under-dressed.

               He made his way back to you, dropping to his knees in front of you. He placed your legs on either side of his head as he looked up at you, smirking knowing exactly what he was about to do. “Happy Birthday, love.” He buried himself between your legs, causing you to throw your head back with a loud moan. You laid back onto his desk, arching your back off the hard wood. You felt Charles dig his fingers into the tops of your thighs, pulling a louder moan from you. He then slipped one hand from your thigh down and slipped two fingers inside you. He loved to make you squirm with his tongue and fingers. Thrusting his fingers in and out of you, pulling moans and whimpers from your lips. You let one of your hands reach for him, digging into his hair. You could feel the knot in your stomach grow tighter and Charles knew you were getting close. The sounds you made were getting high pitched. He took his fingers out of you and replaced them with his tongue as his fingers rubbed harshly against your clit. The knot snapped. You came undone with his name falling from your lips like a prayer. He stood up and looked down at you, your juices made his lips glisten which caused you to reach up for him. You needed him right then and there, he needed you just as bad.

               He leaned down, pressing his body against yours causing you to moan as you felt him rub through your sensitive folds. He lightly grabbed your jaw, holding your face so he could kiss you. Sliding his tongue across your bottom lip, demanding entrance. You gladly gave him, moaning at the taste of yourself on his tongue. You whined when he pulled away.

               “You ready for your present, my love?” You nodded your head as you tried to keep your breathing even. He pulled you up and helped you stand for a moment before laying you back down on the hard wood of his desk, chest down. You felt a sting to your ass followed by more. “You didn’t think I would pass up giving you your birthday spankings, did you?” You heard the smirk in his voice. He gave you a swat for each and every year, causing your ass to turn red.

               The next thing you felt was him teasing your entrance. He slowly and torturously pushed into you. You moaned as you stretched around him and he moaned at the feeling of how tight you were. Once he was fully seated into you, he sat there for a few moments. You needed him to move. You lifted your lower body up, showing him you were more than ready for him to move.

               He let his hands rest on your hips, gripping you tightly. He pulled back and slammed back into you. He placed his forehead against the center of your shoulders as he thrusts hard and deep into you. You felt him twitch inside you as he continued his pace.

               “Fuck, Charles.” You managed to moan out, more like almost screamed. He pushed himself to slam into you harder. You could feel the knot forming again in your stomach. Charles lifted one of your legs and set it on the desk, causing him to go deeper into you. Both of you moaned loudly at the feeling of him sliding deeper into you. The sounds of both of your moans and skin slapping skin filled the room. The feeling of Charles enveloped you completely. He was slamming into you, surrounding you, and completed you completely. He slipped his fingers to your clit again, rubbing harsh circles on it. Throwing you over the edge. Silently screaming as your orgasm took over your body, dragging Charles over with you. Shooting himself deep inside you. The both of you chanting each other’s name, fuck and a slue a various curse words as he worked the two of you through your highs.

               He kissed your back as he pulled out of you. He helped you stand up right then helped you sit on the edge of his desk again. He was about to grab his pants but you stopped him, pulling him back to you.

               “Where do you think you’re going my dearest?” You looked up at him as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down for a simple soft kiss.

               “I was going to go get something to clean you up with, love.” You silently said oh and giggled.

               “You do remember that I can teleport, right?” You giggled at him when he remembered your mutation. “Really, darling. You’re a telepath and you freaking smart but you couldn’t remember that I’m a teleporter.” You chuckled softly. “Why don’t you grab your clothes and unlock the door. Then I’ll take us up to our room and celebrate my birthday some more.” You winked at him which caused him to smile at you. He did as you said and you wrapped your arms around him once again. Teleporting you both up to your shared bedroom, in bed with him on top of you.

               “God, I love you (Y/n).”

               “As I love you, my dearest Charles.”

               “Happy birthday love.”

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A-z Scott

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)Scott loves the moments after sex just as much as the actual act its self. You’re independent and he isn’t one to step on your toes, but having you a mess in his bed, lazily letting him fuss over you is one of his favorite things

B = Body part 

Scott can’t pick one part of you, he finds every part of you perfect

C = Cum 

Scott loves to cum with you, it scent marks you so distinctly no one can argue that he isn’t yours

D = Dirty Secret

Scott has a favourite set of your underwear

E = Experience 

He’s fairly experienced but he loves to test and explore your needs

F = Favourite Position 

Any position where he can watch you cum

G = Goofy There have been the occasions when the two of you have gotten silly and ended in giggles which seemed to only amp up the fun.

H = Hair 

He’s fairly well groomed but who has time when you’re running a pack ;)

I = Intimacy Scott practically dedicates the moment to you, starting slow,   waiting until he can practically feel the need ready to explode before letting go 

J = Jack Off 

Scott has jacked off to a picture of you wearing nothing but his Lacrosse jersey more than once

K = Kink You pull his hair and you’ll see some Alpha eyes ;)

L = Location 

His bedroom where you can both let go without worrying about anyone bursting in on the two of you

M = Motivation
Practically anything you do get’s Scott going, but his favorites are seeing you in his Lacrosse Jersey or seeing you happy with something you’ve accomplished.

N = NO
If you hesitate the slightest he’ll insist on stopping, talking about what has you feeling nervous and he wont continue until he knows you’re 100% ok

O = Oral 

There is nothing Scott likes more than burying him face between your thighs and watching you come undone

P = Pace 

Scott’s pace depends on the mood and situation

Q = Quickie 

You’ve had plenty of quickies with Scott. He loves them but never says seeing as he loves to take his time with you

R = Risk 

There are plenty of things Scott’s willing to try, all you have to do is ask

S = Stamina 

Scott’s been known to last three rounds but if you can’t make it he’s more than happy to snuggle up with you

T = Toy 

Scott has a secret box of toys, he hides it in his bathroom

U = Unfair 

Scott likes to tease but he never lasts long because he winds himself up as he teases you

V = Volume 

Scott isn’t as loud as you’d think, until he he cums then he lets out the loudest howl you’ve ever heard

W = Wild Card 

Scott loves it when you visit him in the locker room after practice or a game. It always ends in Shower sex or you riding him on one of the benches

X = X-Ray 

Lets just say there’s a reason he’s an alpha ;)

Y = Yearning
Depending on the time of the month Scott could go for hours, although on a full moon it’s not long before he has to stop to control himself.

Z = ZZZ 

Scott stays awake until you’re asleep against his chest 

Meanwhile..as it should have been

I’d love a fanfic where Sam spills the beans at SDCC. Pretty please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

S: “I love Caitriona Balfe! There I said it And she loves me”

M: “F U C K”

C: “aw Sam..I do love you” “and now the world knows it”

R: “sh6#%€,?!?! N,Ky!?” “Not now” “@$dh}%£¥£~\{£”

D: “knew it”

KDS: “I knew it too” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊😍😘😉😃😍 “YAY”