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Any prompts?

this took a little long I always have some but when I’m asked I totally forget about them

1st: AU where lena is a famous chef, kara eats in her new restaurant that just opened in NC to write an article for CATCO about it, kara falls in love with her food first and then meets Lena afterwards for a quick interview, they like each ither but are too oblivious to ask the other out on a date so lena starts sending her food and kara thanks her by sending her flowers, they keep in contact, start seeing each other and then fall in love, maybe some drama in between :D

2nd: a year after the season 2 final, kara finally realized that she’s totally in love with lena and struggles with telling her that she’s supergirl (lena has figured it out by now and is a litle disappointed that kara still hasn’t said anything) Lena knew from the beginning that she had feelings for kara (her being supergirl doesn’t change that) but is convinced that kara will never feel the same so she’s okay with only ever being friends. then one night supergirl visits lena who wants to show her something they discovered in her labs, it’s only the two of them, there’s a lockdown and they finally get to talk about their feelings for each other, lots of angst

3rd: memory loss, kara and lena are dating when supergirl gets injured during a mission, once she wakes up again she’s confused why she isn’t still on krypton

4th: lena and kara are best friends, so lena spends her next thanksgiving with the danvers and finally gets to meet eliza.. who takes one look at her and her daughter and finally knows what’s up

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I'm really struggling with ordering with no oil. I feel like restaurants either don't do it or don't care. Refresher course? Xo

We have & continue to do it all over the world.  It just takes practice.  Not every restaurant can do it, because 

  1. they prepare their food offsite (centralized production) 
  2. they pre prepare their food in the morning (sometimes calling a day in advance will do)
  3. they’d rather you go somewhere else than alter their perfection (which is fine, food is art, got to respect the artist)

Step #1. is choose your restaurant wisely.  (Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Italian, ETHNIC is BEST)

-use yelp.com and search for “brown rice” “baked potato” “steamed veggies”

-use happycow.net

Does their menu say; 

  • “all items made to order”
  • “notify your serve of food allergies”


  • special requests politely declined (don’t eat there)

Step #2. MENU HACK

  • Side to Center = look for sides of rice, corn tortillas, beans & veggies & make your own tacos.  
  • look for healthy starches in other menu items.  they might have quinoa, baked potato, etc & your server can piece together a meal
  • bring your own sauce & get salad + starch


  • Did you call ahead at least a day or so in advance & talk to the chef?
  • where you clear about what you want?  
  • did you TIP WELL when it came out correctly?
  • ask if its ok if you come back often for this same dish (some places consider it too much trouble and will only make it if you are with friends or traveling to help you one time & that is fine, too)


  • it might not come out right, offer to pay for a mistake if they can bring you another one, have the mistake boxed & feed it to a friend.

We constantly befriend chefs & restaurants to expand our healthy food environment.  We have gotten it to the point where one of our chef friends has started eating like us & lost a bunch of weight & offered to host an oil-free buffet for all of us.  Info coming soon to our http://www.meetup.com/mrmrsvegan 

You will get MORE amazing oil-free meals the longer your are at it & also even if you pay a bunch of $ for chicpeas and cucumbers and lemon juice, be thankful you didn’t pay to get poisoned & were able to socialize with your friends and go on a new adventure.  There are SO many restaurant chains all over the world who do oil-free.  Why not VLOG your next experience and share it with others like BasicVegan does. <- how to order oil-free at PF Chang’s

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- Silence and Sound (We Figured It Out) , by @myownsparknow : Harry and Louis reconnect. In a bed.

Larry canon fic (2k) : this is so peaceful. And nice. And domestic. And I want to read 100k with exactly the same please. (bottom Louis)

- Learning to eat,  by @mbpgku Celebrity chef Louis Tomlinson has a problem. He’s opening his first restaurant in 9 weeks, and he has yet to hire a pastry chef- apparently people think he’s ‘standoffish’ and ‘rude’ and ‘quick to temper’. Whatever. He ends up saddled with an annoying, happy-go lucky rookie who also happens to be obnoxiously good looking. His tv presenter and pop star best friends only add to the drama, and for fucks sake would everyone please stop quoting Julia Child?!Kitchen AU where Harry helps Louis re-learn how to eat.  (METAPHORICALLY)

Larry Chef AU ( 38k). OMG I love this fic so much. it’s funny, it’s fluffy, It’s well-written. I can even forgive there’s no smut in it cause I was so busy fonding over them .

- It Started Out With A Dress, How Did It End Up Like This? (It Was Only A Dress, It Was Only A Dress) by @hannahazza  : Nick talks on the radio about the dress being black and blue and Louis texts Nick saying it’s white and gold.

Tomlinshaw canon fic (2k). Yes. THAT dress. Of fuckin course we needed a Tomlinshaw fic about this. I mean, I literally can hear them arguing about it. (no smut). I want moooooooore !

- Deeper Than the Ocean, Higher Than the Clouds, by @assisreal : Like, I knew he wanted me to move, but I just…” Harry furrowed his brows and looked at his ring. “My body was totally not listening, and I wanted to go there. I wanted to go two steps closer, and then I found myself the other end of the stage and I was dancing to the crowd.”  “And Louis?” Jeff asked and Harry sighed, looking out into the dark of the backyard. “He—” Harry pressed his lips together before he continued. “He was at Liam’s side almost all of the time. I don’t know,” he covered his face with his hands. “It wasn’t just his fault. I know that. But, like, I told him it was, and now he’s mad at me.” Coming out AU.

Larry canon fic (25k): oohhhhhh this fic killed me. So it’s angsty, smutty (kind of share that) and fluffy too. Fuck, Coming-out fics are so painful wtf. This one is perfect.

- The One with the Drunk Break-In , by @thoughtlessblogger : The weirdest part of his morning so far is the almost naked man currently asleep on his sofa.or Harry wakes up to find someone sleeping on his sofa. It turns out to be Louis.

Short Larry fic (2k), very funny, no smut, and now I lowkey want to read a second part thank you.

- new tattoos , by @sky-reid : louis gets a new tattoo. and then some.

Larry canon fic (4k). OOOFFMFLLFGLthhatttsssooohoooottjBWGLBMGLGHLH. (that’s all).

- 90 Day Return, by crazyforlou : It was all supposed to be mutual promo. That’s it. A boyfriend for the winter - Louis can do this.

Larry fake-relationship/ Coming-out AU (15k). YES. I was craving for a fake relationship new fic for weeks. So actor!Louis and singer!Harry , it’s nice, and smut is great (bottom!Harry).

- You’re Not Perfect, But I Don’t Care , by @ambiglouis  : (…) Or the one where Harry, Liam, Niall, and Josh are in a punk rock band and Zayn drags Louis along with him to watch them play at a pub. Louis pretty much wants nothing to do with the hooligans. That is before Harry pushes him into a bathroom stall and drops down to his knees in front of him after the gig.Louis is more than persuaded to go back his flat for more.What happens after isn’t what he expected, but then again, Harry isn’t at all what he expected either.

Larry AU (27k) : okay so this me exploring the “wall sex” tag on AO3 and fuuuuck this fic is perfect. Smut is perfect (mostly bottom louis), punk!Harry is perfect (I mean, can we talk about dick piercing??), the band is perfect. I want more.

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‘Um :) sweetie that isn’t real sushi you know like they make in japan where sushi chefs study the way of the fish for 45 days eating only rice and green tea:) :)’

No shit Martha we live in bumblefuck Michigan shut up and let me eat.

The American Egg House was Main Street USA’s breakfast hot spot; guests could enjoy a selection of fresh omelettes and salads from park open to park close. The restaurant was known for its corner chef’s window, an elaborately decorated glass booth where visitors could watch the chef at work. Diners had the choice to eat in the quaint dining room, or outside on the adjacent covered patio. The American Egg House was the busiest breakfast spot in the park, thanks in part to its location, which made it the first restaurant guests saw when arriving on Main Street USA.

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In relation to your last post, what changes do you think Pope Francis is making? Or what changes do you suspect he will make?


Pope Francis is managing the Holy See, his Vatican administration, and even his conduct as a Sovereign head of state, as if he’s still the humble bishop from Argentina. This has involved removing much of the protocol and etiquette surrounding the behavior of the pope, his residence, and his mode of communicating with people. He is closer and more accessible to people, but he has caused many security risks. If ever there is a chance that a pope will be successfully assassinated, it is the case with this pope.

However, this is not technically a “change.” You see, Francis is simply behaving the way he has always behaved. He has not really changed at all. He has simply switched location from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Rome. And he gave fair warning that at his age, it would be very weird and uncomfortable to start acting a different way.

Secondly, his teaching and preaching style is to avoid having prepared texts, written by the trained theologians in Rome who usually research and write all the sermons and speeches of the popes. That means his teaching office is far more casual and spontaneous than previous popes. Some make the mistake of saying this is a “stupid” pope as opposed to the “wise scholars” who have occupied the office. But Francis is extremely educated—he just chooses not to teach in an “educated” style because he is trying to reach a much wider swath of people.

Finally, Pope Francis wants Catholic bishops who are faithful to Catholic doctrine. He has bristled and chaffed at the suggestion that he is a liberal who will depart from Catholic orthodoxy. When a reporter once asked for his “personal opinions” on Church doctrine, he almost snapped back and said, “my positions are THOSE OF THE CHURCH. I am a son of the Church!” On the other hand, Francis wants bishops and leaders who avoid theological fights and confrontations in favor of giving witness with lifestyle changes.

He is uncomfortable with the “Country Club Catholic Clergy” who go out for their golfing, shop and buy clothes at gentlemen retailers, eat out at restaurants where there is Chef Ramsey food and choice wine, and sit around discussing subjects based on their Ph.D’s and then attend an event later at the Opera House which shows high culture and refined knowledge of the arts.

And let’s be very, very clear about something. Pope Francis does not hesitate to give the smack down to very liberal clergy as well as ultra traditionalist clergy as well. You see, there are plenty of social justice warrior priests and nuns who, behind the scenes, are into fashionable clothes, fine dining, and high society fund raisers at the local museum. Or they want to change your life and my life, but not necessarily change their lives and their attitudes. 

I’m talking about the Jesuit priest who shows up to give a talk on the outdated structures of Church authority and power, and proposing new images of social justice warrior liberation theology, while wearing $700 leather Italian shoes, and a pant and tweed jacket combo, with fine belt, watch, and electronic phone that would be a combined $2,000 in costs. 

Pope Francis is no less amused at the “creature comforts” of the liberal left as he is with those of the conservative right.

He really wants bishops, priests, and sisters to stop making a big deal about which ideology or clique they are following in the Church and to reach out to one another with patience and compassion, while being faithful to ALL OF Catholic Tradition. Yes, he is a man of Tradition, in doctrine and in morals. However, he despises endless arguments on who is “checking their privilege” and who is not. 

This is my guess. If he were to get on the internet, in other words, the number one site Francis would positively despise is Tumblr. Lots of preaching at each other and very little to show for it, by making changes in real life, outside of virtual reality, to be poor, humble, and generous.

Pope Francis would tell us all to “shut the hell up”, turn off the damn computers, and just get out there and serve people with fairness and charity. Oh, and he would tell people he does not have time to listen to why they are all triggered and in panic mode over the latest thing that got them offended. That goes for liberals and conservatives.

The pope wants all the members of the Church to change each other for the better, but not by debate, and winning arguments, but rather by forceful witness. He is not afraid to call BS on anybody, of whatever thinking, and that makes him an uncomfortable catalyst of change because no pope has leveled such sweeping criticism at the “business as usual” mode of living out the Catholic Faith. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel