where the blue begins

Lance pulls another stupid stunt to save people and almost gets killed himself. Blue barely manages to save Lance in the nick of time but gets them both separated from the team, leaving a rather frantic lion with an unconscious and heavily injured Lance.

After treating his paladin as efficiently as he can, Blue makes a modest camp and watches over Lance well into the night. Thankfully Lance does wake up and ease Blue’s fears immensely, to the point where the lion begins to cry for the first time.

Lance promises Blue that he’ll be more careful in the future, especially after he sees how much it affected his partner. 

Anxiety is red. Not the dark red that my mom likes but bright red like stop signs or an emergency exit that I can’t seem to find. Red like ink marks all over a paper you thought you did well on. Red like I bit my lip too hard and now my mouth tastes like blood.

Depression is blue. The kind that is mixed with a little bit of grey. Blue like the color of the clouds right before it rains and you can’t find the sun. Blue like it is starting to get dark outside and you can’t tell where the sky ends and the ocean begins. Blue like the eyes of someone you used to love.

Love is yellow. Not the kind I hate that is too bright but the soft kind. Yellow like sunlight pouring through an open window onto my skin. Like light yellow daisies. Yellow like the faded pages of old love poems.

—  if feelings were colors

My new home in the sunny Los Angeles, California.

Let me tell y'all a story right…
So, I’m scrambling to find a place, the place I had backs out in the last minute to house a couple instead for a more “stable” tenant structure, like yo, I just got a full-time job, watchu mean son? Anyway, I see my bed and breakfast host is cleaning frantically in the backyard, apparently she forgot about some last minute guests and was in a hurry to clean up her guest house. I, being a Detroiter raised right, offer to help. IT WAS HOT AS HELL and A LOT of work. I finish, say my “you’re welcomes” and head back into the house where I begin my housing search again, feeling blue. I see this place and call the owner. She picks up the phone and guess who it was? My B&B host. She owned another house right near my new job!! She let me tour it asap and leased it to me right on the spot for my kindness! AND IT’S BELOW MAH BUDGET. SOMEBODY TELL ME HE WON’T DO IT.