where the bird goes

Yesterday I went to the aquarium and saw a bunch of anchovies all swimming together in a circle. I know that sounds boring but it was actually very mesmerizing…The way they all swam together, hundreds of them, all moving as a group, without ever slowing down or bumping into one another. I’ve been noticing this in animals lately, like schools of fish or flocks of birds. Each member of the group goes where it needs to go at just the right time and with just enough space between them, as if there’s a rhythm they’ve all tapped into. And then I walk among crowds of people and it feels like, whatever that rhythm is, we’ve lost it because we’re all going different speeds and bumping into each other and other things. We’re all clumsy and unaware of things, out of touch with something…Anyway, it was just something I noticed so I thought I’d mention it.