where the air is fresh and clean

Lying to the Queen Herself

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot requested by anon. Requested here.

London was beautiful, and I didn’t mind the rain. The buildings were wonderfully full of history, the streets were clean and the air was fresh. After nearing 2 years, I had made it my home. I had good friends, and a boyfriend making his mark on the cinematic world, Eddie Redmayne. Things were going really well.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten too comfortable.

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my paper for my lighting design class about my favorite play/musical
  • Teacher: I love drama. Make it dramatic.
  • Me: "My very favorite moment with the lighting design in Newsies was at the very beginning of the Musical. Jack and Crutchie are on the rooftop of the lodging house, just standing on Jack’s “penthouse” admiring the view, looking at the stars, breathing fresh air, high above the stinking streets of New York City. Jack put his arm around his friend, his best friend, his brother, Crutchie, with a wide grin, talking about how much better the new town of Santa Fe is than New York. He told him that if he wanted, he could see it too, Jack’s dream place, Santa Fe. The minute he began to sing, “Close your eyes, come with me, where it’s clean and green and pretty-” the background lighting went from a dull, boring blue grey, to a bright vibrant orange, yellow, and red. It was like the scene was so powerful and wonderful, it shook my soul to my very core when the colors changed like that, because I too, like Crutchie, could see it too, and my eye’s weren’t even closed."
Blurb Fics

“Up.”  Cody taps his foot and Rex cracks open one eye from where he’s wrapped in fleece blankets against the cold of the Naboo winter.  It doesn’t help that the window is open a smidge to flood the room with fresh air.


“Get up.  The bathroom needs to be cleaned, the sheets need to be washed, especially after last night, and we have to do some shopping before everyone gets here for Life Day.”

“One more hour.”

Now, Rex'ica.  Tup’s making pancakes and Echo has the coffee going.”

“Half an hour.”

“Did the war damage your hearing?”  Rex feels a hand on his ankle and he kicks out, feeling his toes just graze Cody’s chest.  "Rex.

“If you make me get out of this bed I will physically fight you.”  Rex growls and for a moment there’s silence and Rex settles back down, thinking he’s won.  

And then he’s pulled out of bed by two strong hands on his ankles.  Rex shrieks when he hits the cold floor and Cody just smirks at him, mean and cruel and pleased.  "I expect you dressed and in the kitchen in five minutes or I’m eating all your bacon.“

XxX  XxX

"Doctor, Doctor, gimme th'news.”  Jesse slurs it, waving a mostly empty bottle around while Kix pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I am nowhere near drunk enough for this shit.”

“I gotta, bad case of lovin’ you!”

XxX  XxX

Rex has one hand up Cody’s shirt, biting over Cody’s neck and whispering pure filth to him while Cody grinds against him, straddling Rex’s lap, breathless and making soft sounds of pleasure and bliss.

Of course that all stops the second Obi-Wan whips the flap of his tent open and the two clones freeze in a mixture of horror and embarrassment.

“Do you mind?  Some of us are trying to sleep.”  He hisses at them and then glowers.

“Yes sir.  Sorry sir.”  Cody manages, voice weak and face flaming red.  

Obi-Wan gives a curt little nod and vanishes back into the tent, though a moment later his voice comes through the fabric.  "Cody, watch usually entails paying attention to your surroundings.“

XxX  XxX

"I can’t move.”  Fives calls out.  "I have a cat sitting on me.“

"For the last TIME.”  Echo yells it, frustrated.  "Tup is not a CAT.“

"He purrs like one though.”  Fives teases and the long haired clone buries his face in his hands and blushes.

XxX  XxX

“Have you seen my blue and grey striped shirt?”  Echo calls and Fives rolls his eyes.  

“You mean my grey and blue striped shirt?”

“…..It’s my shirt Fives.”

“You are a filthy fucking liar and you need to have a brain scan, Echo if you think the blue and grey striped shirt is yours.”

“Fine, whatever.  Where is it?”

“Last time I saw it it was in the hamper.”

“Okay, but I did laundry two days ago and I never saw it.”

“Then there’s only one explanation.”  Fives says and in unison, both clones yell out a single word.


XxX  XxX

“Have you eaten yet?”  Obi-Wan calls when Anakin steps into the room.  The padawan looks a bit shifty and then nods.  Obi-Wan’s eyes narrow.


“I ate.”


“I ate….food?”


“Alright alright.  I had a pack of candy for dinner.”

“Sit down.”  Obi-Wan huffs, looking riled and pissy, like a cat that’s been petted for too long under a rough hand.  "I’m going to make you supper.“

"Yes sir.”

XxX  XxX

“You’ve been wearing those socks for three days.”  Echo says, looking at Fives’ feet with barely disguised disdain..

“No I haven’t.”  Fives counters immediatly.

“Fives they smell so bad I thought something died in the house when you took your shoes off.”

“They’re fine.  I’ve been wearing them when I shower so they’re not that dirty.”

“…….You are a disgusting human being.”  Echo shudders and Fives grins at him.

“Yeah, but you still love me.”

“Somebody has to.”  Tup mutters, wandering past with a plate of leftover meatloaf.

XxX  XxX

“Tup.  Baby, you’re drunk.”

“ You’re drunk.”  Tup retorts, finding this witty banter immediately hilarious and cackling out a laugh.

“If he throws up, you’re cleaning it up.”  Echo tells Fives, not even looking at his husband who scratches at the back of his neck.

“It was his birthday.  I’m not allowed to get him drunk on his birthday?”


“Oh for FUCKS sake.”

“What?  He loves that movie.”

“Couch, Fives.”

“Aww man.”

XxX  XxX

“Slow.  SLOW.”  Boost yells it and Kix rolls his eyes and rips the makeshift bandage off, effortlessly dodging the thrown punch, disinfecting the wound and slapping a bacta patch over it in three quick moves and moving on to the next member of the wolfpack.  "I fucking hate you.“

"I get that a lot.”  Kix drawls it.

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Caught in fluid suspension, weightlessly recharging a mind weighed down with each beating of her heart. Feeling pulse settle from it’s thrumming at the recollection of carapace insinuation, the witch surfaced with an intake of fresh air that filled her lungs with a rich burning sweetness that rendered her for the moment dazed at the play of diamonds in a shimmering dazzle across ocean’s surface.

Lackadaisical strides brought her out of the baptismal surf, the sway of her body a willowy undulation of scintillating skin beneath the morning hues playing over the beach and it’s sole inhabitant. Glancing to where her case of herbal incentive lay forgotten by the fire-side, the intoxication flushing through system was of a very different sort. Rummaging for clean clothes in her travel pack, mind pulled from distracting remnants in their tactile linger to be put towards the breaking down of her camp.

It was time to go home.

Quiet was her introduction back into the Serpentine Kiss compound. If any and all noticed her skin was nut brown from exposure and there was the ghost of a smile on her lips, it wasn’t commented upon. Just as remarks about the scent of sea and sand, mixing with the light floral scent and newly added spice, were bitten back.

At least, they waited she walked into the medical building.

The still air of the healing ward seemed oddly strange, brows puckering in a frown at the quiet that greeted her. Perhaps only one or two minor healers were flitting between the tidy mostly unattended sick beds. Offering them an acknowledging nod and tender curve of mouth in a charming smile, to which they returned it with what seemed like relieved gusto. 

Coming to the office doors, a note pinned on the front of the good Lady Doctor’s door caught her attention. Gliding closer, it told of Tsurathiel’s sudden departure for a much needed vacation. A thrill of panic raced through her, hastily she scurried towards her office to quickly prepare herself for taking over medical affairs until more help could be brought on.

But first, a note was written to alert Shaeliora and Loaireth of her return before the task at hand consumed her and she forget.


Cleaning with Seventeen 😂

Jeonghan - tryna do the dishes without his hair falling on his face cuz he can’t find his hairbands so you give him yours along with a curvy grip for his long ass bangs

S.coups - chucks the hairband in the bin because he wants to hold jeonghan ’s hair for him.

Joshua - praying in the corner because he knows that the other 12 boys are cleaning the house and he doesn’t know where the real 17 members are

Jun - Puts all of the things in the wrong place and you end up doing everything yourself.

Hoshi - helps you hang up the clothes and turns really red and when you pick out his boxers to hang up and sends you inside with the excuse of “you should rest”

Wonwoo - you send him to get cleaning supplies and find him napping in the supply closet so you send him into the garden to cut the grass so he can be with nature and get some fresh air but knowing him he probably falls asleep behind a tree

Woozi - when folding the laundry with The8 he slyly chucks a handful of clothing into The8’s pile so it’s less work. Once you notice, you put him on death stare patrol to make sure everyone else is working.

DK - is a babe and goes round smiling and giving everyone lemonade saying “fighting!” to keeps everyone’s spirits up

Mingyu - whines because he has to dust all the ceilings cos he has the longest arms and doesn’t want the dust to get in his hair (and be so far from Wonwoo) but one look from Woozi and he’s cleaning as it’ll make him confirmed visual.

The8 - folding the laundry and even organising the piles according to the members like the cupcake he is (probably pretends the shirts are nunchucks when you’re not looking though keep an eye on this boy)

Seungkwan - trying to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing and when something goes wrong he says “what are you zooing?”

Vernon - (only helps out when you say you’ll promote his mixtape) puts in a red sock with the whites so now 17 have new outfits

Dino - doesn’t refuse when you ask him to help out but has the sad maknae face so you put on some Michael Jackson so he can dance around while sweeping

Jane headcanons
-she strong
-taller than roxy but shorter than jake
-loves pinterest
-every dress she owns has pockets. this includes her dreamself pajamas.
-likes the rain (nighttime rain that makes rain sounds on the roof; grey, drizzly film-noir rain; short, exciting summer thundershowers; the way the air always smells clean and fresh afterwards)
-revives friends’ neglected houseplants
-gives vegetable gardening another try post-canon
-nostalgic fondness for choose-your-own-adventure books
-lowkey has always wanted a treehouse. builds one with dave and terezi in the new universe.
-you can not beat jane crocker at clue. she is simply the best there is.  


The signs as things you need to know before you go camping

Aries: Go for lots of walks. Walk on trails, and through trees. Imagine you’re a deer and walk silently. Find beautiful rocks, and different coloured flowers. Existing in nature will make you fell happier. 

Taurus: It’s worth it to wake up with the sun. This is when you can feel close to nature,birds singing and not a lot of human noise. The air seems calmer when its early. 

Gemini: Don’t be afraid of a little rain! That’s why you packed tarps anyway. Things will smell so fresh after also. And it’ll make the bugs go away for a while. Read a book and enjoy the excuse to sit still. 

Cancer: It doesn’t matter if there aren’t showers where you’re going. You are going to smell like campfire and trees anyway. And there’s always the lake if you need to get clean! 

Leo: Chopping wood was never meant to be easy. It will test your strength and skill, but in the end you get to sit around a fire with people you love, and it will certainly be worth it. 

Virgo: Bring an extra pair of shoes. Nature can be unkind to you if you stomp all over it. And sometimes you can’t help but wade across the stream in your shoes and socks. 

Libra: Food always tastes better when it’s eaten outside, so pack a picnic blanket and share your crumbs with the ants. It doesn’t even really matter if you get dirt on your sandwich. It’s just extra nutrients! 

Scorpio: You are in the animals’ home, so respect them, give them space, and for heaven’s sake, don’t try to pet the bears!! 

Sagittarius: Take time to look at the stars. Remember how infinitely small you are, and think how amazing it is that you matter so much, despite this. The universe took time to let you exist, and you will do great things. 

Capricorn: Climb every mountain. Each peak allows for a new perspective on scenery you became accustomed to. Use this as a metaphor for your life. 

Aquarius:Cherish the lack of internet for the brief time you’re without it. The world goes on, but taking a moment to just be still and alone could be beneficial. Reflect. 

Pisces: Take a camera and snap pictures of beautiful things. Take snapshots in your mind as well, to use as a refuge when you return to your busy life. 

Breakfast view currently at Hôtel Le Cep in Burgundy, France


France is the only place where I eat and drink my weight in cheese, bread, pastries, and wine and still manage to lose weight. 👀

Fresh air?

Clean and exceptional food production?

I walk around 5 miles a day in NYC so I am walking about the same here…


But not complaining. ❤️

student jeonghan
  • is either listening well in class or daydreaming.
  • depending on the subject, he chooses whether or not to listen.
  • likes psychology a lot.
  • always picks a seat near the window because then he can daydream all he wants or get ideas from the outside if he needs them.
  • very good at partner/groups projects.
  • everyone wants to be his partner bc he gets shit done.
  • other than psychology, he loves his music class and talks the most in that class.
  • always packs his lunch eats in the quad where there’s fresh air because he feels like he needs it after being inside the school for so long. it’s a place where he can recharge.
  • unless it’s raining or snowing or just icky outside, he eats lunch in the art wing because he likes looking at all the cool paintings students are doing.
  • one time he messed up the measurements for a lab in chemistry so the whole solution bubbled up and spilled from the beaker.
  • he was so flustered cleaning up the solution that he accidentally got it on his uniform and it the acidity burned a hole through it.
  • stays after school to participate in sport clubs.
  • got really into basketball in futsal while in school but never got to join the teams.
  • takes really good notes in class and would always offer a friend his notes if they were absent one day.
  • always has an umbrella in his bag just in case the weather turns bad.
  • every valentine’s day, he always gets chocolate from girls and bc he’s so nice, he accepts all of them.
  • first to participates in class so the teacher doesn’t call on him again.
  • passes school with decent grades and teachers enjoyed his company. they say he was a good influence on his peers and that they can learn something from him.
  • extremely delighted at his graduation; you would not be able to see him not smile.

more svt scenarios


Some Sunday unfucking. I had got home late and exhausted after work on Saturday night to be greeted by pretty much the ‘before’ pictures. I washed and hung up a load of laundry before going to bed and got more done during the Sunday (I’ve been changing my bedding regularly but that makes the laundry harder to keep up with). Also went out to do some shopping, where I couldn’t find the things I needed, but at least it got me out in the fresh air on my bike. And between the ‘During’ and ‘After’ pictures I cooked dinner to pack for work for the next two days, AND WASHED UP THOSE DISHES TOO! Achievement!

Now, after two long and tiring shifts, I definitely need to reset my washing-up, but I’m making good progress through the laundry pile. And I cleaned my bathroom sink and toilet last night (I’m very picky about when I clean toilets because I don’t want toilet grems on my clothes.)

(This prompt came with a whole host of other specifications too! Hope I got ‘em all.)

Jack’s hair is thick and smooth beneath Bitty’s fingers, and when Bitty presses his mouth to it he can smell Jack’s shampoo, clean and fresh and a little floral. “You smell nice,” he murmurs. And then he shudders, again, because Jack’s just kissed another spot on his neck that Bitty didn’t even know could


like that. He inhales sharply, nostrils full of that wonderful clean scent, and lets out the air in a soft cry.

“You, too,” Jack murmurs, burying his nose in the crux between neck and shoulder. His hands are beneath Bitty’s sweater, warm against the soft cotton of his turtleneck, and his chest and hips are heavy on Bitty’s body where they press him into the sofa’s soft cushions. Bitty’s trapped, gloriously so, and he never wants to be anywhere but right in this moment with Jack on top of him and all wrapped around him like the warmest of winter blankets.

Boldly, he slides his own hands down the length of Jack’s back, squirms down beneath him so he can squeeze at that muscled ass. Jack growls and bears down on him further, capturing his mouth in a kiss. Bitty kisses back, opening his mouth to the soft touch of Jack’s tongue. The taste of him is just as good as the smell.

(300 words or less prompts)


Jeff had just won the match vs his brother. Now he was hoping his brother would shut the hell up and leave him alone. He has had enough of his shit and had to get his mind off of him. The win was sort of helping, but he couldn’t get everything else off his mind.

Maybe a walk in the fresh air will do. Grabbing a shirt, he pulled it over his head, not bothering to wash up, since he didn’t have the special wipes to clean himself up with him.

Heading out, he had his bag hung over his shoulder while he was walking along the side walk. When ever he would run into a fan, he’d sign something and take a photo.

Making it further down the street, Jeff began to feel hungry, but he didn’t know where to go, what places would be serving this late at night. “I’m hungry and I have no idea where to go,” he muttered to himself.