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How to keep someone safe through drug addiction

Here are a few things I have learned to keep my partner safe while using. This may be controversial to some people or described as ‘enabling’ but I think knowing what to do and what not to do will save lives for sure.
Drug addiction is a crippling, awful thing and I do not advise anyone to take any drug without extensive knowledge and precaution.
However if you want to keep the people you love safe then these things may really help, especially in life saving situations.

This has caused deaths in many cases because when using opiates the body goes into respiratory depression (slowed breathing) and it makes it much harder for them to breathe and much easier for them to choke if they sleep on their backs.
Wake them up if you have to. Turn them into the recovery position (on their left or right side, hands away from the face, legs crossed) and make sure there is no obstructions in their mouth. Keep checking up on them throughout the night, if you can, invest in a blood pressure monitor just for peace of mind to check their pulse isn’t too low. I know the normal range for my boyfriend, and can see on there if it’s anything abnormal.

Whilst using, they are not in a normal frame of mind, ie: breakfast lunch or dinner aren’t going to be a priority when they are withdrawing or high / fully sedated. The ideal amount of water to consume in a day is 2.2 litres so try and get them to have a few glasses of water every now and then. Check their temperature and if needed get a cold flannel to cool them down, this can help with withdrawal.

This may seem obvious, but those trips to the clinic or the hours trying to score can be really draining mentally as well as physically for someone, especially when they are withdrawing. Knowing you are there for them, holding their hand and being there will make a world of difference. Your love and support will encourage the person in recovery because it will give them something to fight for if they know you are there helping them and shining a small light on a really dark situation.

These are a list of basic symptoms my partner experiences and are common as well.
- irritation/irrational anger
- sweating
- nausea and diarrhoea
-panic attacks
-high blood pressure
-severe migraines

What I mean by this is, most people using drugs have pretty bad mental health and are struggling mentally foremost, but this is a catalyst for poor hygiene, bad physical health and emotional withdrawal.
Try and get them to go for a walk every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Fresh air and exercise is the best medicine next to good nutrition.
Help them tidy up, wash and clean themselves. It’s likely their living space is going to be dirty so where you can, put things in the bin, get rid of any used needles or bloody tissues and make sure they are tied up in a big rubbish bag and disposed of. Get them any deodorant or nice products to help them with good self care as this can be a real help in recovery as well. When I’m not feeling good a shower and a shave always makes me feel better.
Try and get them to talk about how their feeling, if it’s good or if it’s bad, and just listen. I’m not asking you to be a therapist, just be there when they need someone to share their pain and to emotionally support them. It will do wonders for their self esteem and also recovery.

Drug addiction is a life long battle this person is going to have to deal with. Just like any disorder or addiction it is going to take a lot of work and a lot of time and effort and a want to get better. This means their needs will have to come first when they are seeking help, especially in the beginning. If you want your loved one to get better you are going to have to accept your me time will be put on hold for a little while and things you have to do will have to be moved around in order to help the person suffering. Remember it is them going through this, but also you, so when you get a chance do take some time for yourself and remind yourself what a great job you are doing by taking care of them in this time if need. You are literally saving a human beings’ life, I don’t know anything more rewarding than that.

What I mean by this is, don’t shout about it to everyone you know that this person is going through drug addiction. It’s terrible enough as it is, without people talking about it and making them feel even worse about themselves. They will be much more likely to use / hurt themselves if they are made to feel ashamed or guilty about their problems. That’s not a place I would wish anyone to be. The people they care most about will be informed, and if that’s you then consider it a privilege that they have chosen you to be someone they can confide in.

If you see any signs in your loved one which worry you or make you feel concerned, do not hesitate to call the emergency services. That is what they are there for.
If someone is nodding out on opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine,
oxies etc) check their breathing and shake them a little just to make sure they are okay. If they go anywhere by themselves whilst high be sure to check on them for example in the bath they could nod out and drown if left alone for too long.
If you know they are on drugs and have passed out on the floor and aren’t responding, check their pulse and immediately call an ambulance. This is when it is essential to get help. Do not hit or try and shake them vigorously as this can cause brain damage. Wait for the emergency services to arrive.

If your loved one is an opiate user, CARRY NALOXONE! And learn how to administer it. Naloxone will completely reverse all side effects so if they are not responding this will bring them back to a sober state but they will be fully withdrawing. Call emergency services straight after administering the naloxone.

I can’t think of anything much more to add other than just to love these people and to treat them as you would anybody else who is suffering and in pain. Your love will help them, no matter how tough it seems, no matter how many sleepless nights and no matter how drained you may feel, I promise you it is worth it when you keep these people safe and alive.

From A, with love x
P.s my ask box is open for any questions or help with keeping your loved one safe through drug addiction.

the mercury signs

 Aries mercury: subjective, hypothetical, intuitive, creative, rapid, motivating, obstinate, direct, impulsive, honest // impatient, not detail oriented enough, too impulsive, too honest, opinionated

‘The burning flames of their thoughts heated up the air surrounding them. It had to happen. Now. These words had power in the way they put them, in the way they spoke them with this strong certainty, even though you knew their decision was paired with a hint of light shallowness. Still, the flames grew with every piece of their mind that came to life.’ 

Taurus mercury: realistic, practical, consequent, slow and steady, deliberate, experience through senses // not adaptive, stubborn, not taking opportunities/ not risking to think about other possibilities 

‘The most soothing voice is comforting you, a voice like the humming of Lorelei, the highest and purest form of sensation at the tip of her tounge and you listen to her for hours. She is true and real, she is slow but thinking through, you can see the glistening in her eyes as she laughs - remarking your great taste in music again.’

Gemini mercury: curious, flexible, unbiased, analytical, systematic, versaitile, quick witted, rather logical, impressionable // easily bored, playing mind games at times, really gossipy

‘Is this mind a blessing or a curse? All these worlds that are kept in their heads, all this information and lightning strikes connect them, sometimes shining bright when one thought travels to another country to visit the other side of the universe. They look up in the air and start brooding but laugh sooner or later afterwards - in the huge repertoir they found the clearest answer to the solution. Really, this mind is fascinating.’

Cancer mercury: nostalgic, subjective, emotional and empathetic, imaginative, intuitive, listeners, easily reads between the lines, helping/caring // too subjective, moody, avoid arguments to the point where it’s unhealthy

‘Hearing her speak is like reading an old novel, an old novel in an open bookshelf that you found near the street. You find old post carts and photos inside of it, people with painfully content faces, now vanished in the worn out process of floating time. Dreams that never got true, the laughing of a family sitting at the dining table, screaming at the moon and every other tear that was drowned in silence.

Leo mercury: loud, dramatic, positiv, intuitive, clever, creativ, prideful, warm //stubborn, too prideful, intolerant to other ideas/believes, exaggerating

‘He does not plainly speak, he announces, every word is saturated with gold and preach his wisdom, for that he is sharing it with you out of a greater purpose. You will hear him sing and scream and they will laugh and eagerly listen to his stories, for he is known that he has the most exciting stories to tell. If he always sticks to the truth while telling you his glorious tales? Well, he has an creative mind, for sure.’

Virgo mercury: analytical, methodical, realistic and critical, objective, logical, detail oriented, foresighted, organizing/systematical, picky, adaptable // intolerant, to detail oriented, too critical and/or whiny/pessimistic

‘There was a hint of amusement in the eyes of the leutnant. He thought about all the ways he and his soldiers could go, all the failures that lay ahead and all the victories that were made for them. Nobody doubted his cool and clear way of thinking, everybody knew that deep inside of him, there was a complexity of thoughts, like a spider web made out of ice - careful, do not touch it, it’ll easily break if shaken too much, when the wind is blowing at night. But of course, the spider is clever enough to build a better, much stronger web each day.’

Libra: objective, fair, diplomatic,imaginative, indecisive, pleasing, easy going/charming, connective, creative/deep interest in culture // do not adapt very fast, too pleasing/ indecisive, lazy, need to learn how to disagree

‘People want to call them rather superficial, but I laugh at the thought, that people think badly about such a talent. The smoothest, finest words come out of their mouths, answers that combine the most complex and different opinions from both sides of the crowd. Their mind is a bridge, a gateway to another room, where mentally your senses are touched gently and comforting.’

Scorpio: secretive, sharp minded, investigative, deep, nag for superiority, analytical, instinctive, uncompromising and enigmatic, say what they think // the need to be always better, too secretive, interpreting wrong theories, skeptive and negative/pessimistic, say what they think

‘When he speaks it is like the venom of the snake, every little word he shares and scatters makes you eager for more, but still left with nothing relevant as he knows how to play with words. Strong words, the words of a wounded man who knows that there is more to the world as the facade it puts on every day. He knows where your dead bodies are burried.’

Sagittarius: humorous, subjective, open minded, far-sighted, considerate, positiv, honest, look at the bigger picture, philosphical // brutally honest/ rudeness, not detail oriented enough, judgemental, taking things not seriously, impatient 

‘She is laying on an evergreen field in the prairie, with waterfalls that can be heard in the distance. A buzzard draws his circles up there in the sky and not a single cloud can be seen. She inhales and exhales the fresh, clean air. Thinking is freedom. And freedom is to think without limitations, in the most beautiful places that you can imagine.’

Capricorn: clever, clear, realistic, crytical/skeptical, practical, foresighted, sharp, concentrated, reasonable, methodical, cautious and carefully choosing words // pessimistic, too considerate about how they appear to others, moody, judgemental, at times impatient when people do not get their way of thinking

‘Sitting at the desk he releases his last words and formes them to letters that were written on the paper in front of him. Overthinking he scratches his head and bites his nails nervously. Usually his mind flows like a river but now a rainy day surprised him and he can’t see straight. As the clock strikes twelve, he stands up and opens the door behind him. A thousand eyes look up to him, eager to listen. He swallows and crumples the piece of paper into a ball. Now it’s his time to speak.’

Aquarius: analytical, impersonal, rapid, clear, objective, imaginative/visionary, open minded, quirky,  far-sighted and observant //thinks they are superior to others/intimidating, stubborn, love stirring up a conversation to make it more interesting

‘At the highest form it is like a god-like creature speaks to you through his body. His ideas so revolutional, so dynamic, so clear, how couldn’t you see the solution before? It was right in front of your eyes. People will call him crazy, or they will call him a genius. Sadly, it’s not for him to decide.’

Pisces: poetic, empathetic, creative, romantic, sensitive, utopic, trusting, indirect and soft // too indirect, naive, moody, impractical/disorganized, lazy

‘The eyes mirror the words she says, like an elfen creature, she imagines her dreams of a rosy colored glass house, with the finest art in it: her ideal kind of living. Like a sponge she soakes up the vibes in the room, suddenly feeling so highly saddened as she realizes that he thinks, he will never reach his dreams. “But he is a work of the highest form of art himself, how can he not see the beauty I am allowed to see every day in front of my eyes?” - Oh, she will probably keep these words to herself. 

A Review of the Appreciated - Fic Rec from The Foxhole Court

 I decided to start keeping track of the fics I read and enjoyed, along with some comments of my own. This is only my own personal opinion, but overall I do recommend all those fics. All of them will be Complete, unless I mention otherwise.

Here I start with The Foxhole Court ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

An AU where Death, aka Neil, is convinced to spend some time playing at being human. Working at the Laughing Fox coffee shop has him meeting ordinary people, as well as less ordinary people.

I really loved this fic so much. Neil failing at being human was hilarious, his friendship with Matt was precious, and the Coffee Thief Andrew was great! Easily one of my favorite. It’s apparently based on the Sandman by Neil Gaiman, but no knowledge of that story is required. I never read it and the fic made perfect sense to me. Not all of the characters are gods, magic or such, but imo they still all have Something Special about them.

Read it for: an endearing Neil trying to understand the appeal of human things such as drinking, eating, watching movies or shopping; an oblivious Neil; Andrew’s intense attraction to Death; express traveling to another country just to have dinner.

The pirate crew of The Fox find an unexpected treasure in the form of a captured merman named Neil. It might bring them more troubles than riches.

Set as my go-to feelgood read, I’ve read it multiple times and it never disappoints. The universe is rich and well detailed, especially under the sea. The parts in Neil’s pov are entertaining and transcribe the feeling of being from another species pretty well. A good point of this story is that there is absolutely no likeness to The Little Mermaid, which would have been ooc. Instead, it suits the rebel side of the characters.

Read it for: an etherealy beautiful mermaid, a bunch of kids adopt a pet but they have no idea how to care for it, Neil talking to whales and cleaning barnacles-ridden boats, an entertaining travel throuhg the seas.

The Urban Fantasy AU where Kevin is finally #1, they still fight Riko, Neil rents flat but doesn’t read the line where it specifies a Hellhound comes with it. The dog is Andrew.

Hard to define without spoiling the entire story, this is a fresh breath of air in the world of AU. An overall original setting that gives us fae and magic. I takes some time to really start, so the beginning might be confusing, but I strongly encourage giving it a try, if only for snarky Hellhound Andrew.

Read it for: a new approach of the Urban Fantasy theme, Kevin is still a Drama Queen, a reassuring lack of zoophilia, Neil cooking pasta.

“hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around and barking all the time and– no no it’s fine I was just wondering if I could pet it?” Jeremy first falls in love with the dog, then with its owner.

An incredibly sweet reading. I don’t know what was cuter: the dog, or the men. Also features a cool appearance from Laila and Alvarez as Jeremy’s not quite helpful friends.

Read it for: a dog with a very cliché french name, drunk texting in broken french, unhelpful dating advice, Jean as a painter.

The recorded number of times someone hit on Neil Josten and got nowhere, and the one time Andrew didn’t even have to try. 

It’s a classic I guess, but it’s well written and hilarious. This oblivious Neil is delightfully funny.

Read it for: a Savage Moment, helpless fools attracted to each other, the team as witnesses.

Three days after he signs his death sentence to Palmetto State, five after Andrew Minyard sends him flying breathless to the ground, Neil’s gaze snaps to the locker room mirror and stares, frozen, at the word threat scrawled along his spinal cord in terrifying, heavy bold.

This is the AU where your soulmate’s opinion of you gets tatooed on your skin. Effective writting coupled with punch-like settings makes this a one of a kind read. So believable you almost forget it’s an AU.

Read it for: soulmates refusing to be soulmates, an very andrew-like andrew, Neil is one the run, the sweet feeling of andreil being soulmates.

Three takes on their daily lives: an evolution of Sleeping together, Fighting each other, and Protecting each other.

I had heartburn reading this, I find this series almost perfect. Some daily-life action in the future, but it’s never boring. It’s both intense and fluffy.

Read it for: sweet everyday things, but also intense in character interaction, boys figuring shit up together, a good Healing of the Soul.

Normally, Andrew is the one who has bad days. 

The one where Neil has a bad day, and they deal with it. A touching piece, that felt very in character. A believable interpretation of Neil’s feelings, while Andrew is There, ever present as his understanding and supporting self for him. Almost bittersweet but somehow by the end, all that was left was pure, positive feelings.

Read it for: a bag of neatly packed feels, a how-to manual on handling them, quiet time together.

In which the Foxes become parents too young, and Neil is truly just fine. Neil is somehow, suddenly, eight year old.

An interesting take on Neil’s childhood, with the added bonus of the foxes interacting with a child. I think this might be the most civil Aaron has ever been toward Neil in. Some are better at handling a child than others, and it’s surprising.

Read it for: a cute young Neil, an heartbreakingly scarred young Neil, unsurprising temper-tantrums, a lost Wymack, having your heart burned to ashes by how pure a child is.

Five things Neil was surprised to enjoy, and one thing he wasn’t surprised to discover he still didn’t.

Don’t let it fool you, there is only pure sweetness here. Several moments of Neil discovering the wonders of life, it’ll definitely leave you smiling.

Read it for: Neil eats a sweet (almost unbelievable), Nicky’s bad influence on Andrew’s boyfriend, catching up after a life on the run.

🔷 Irises

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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anonymous asked:

What's wawa???


This shit right here

is a Wawa

Now before any of you fuckers say “isn’t that just a convenience store?”, shut up and listen here

Yes, it is technically a convenience store. But it is the superior convenience store, and the air that anybody living in Pennsylvania or New Jersey breathes

Why is it superior, you may ask?

  • every store has no-fee ATMs
  • open 24/7
  • kind, sociable employees that don’t hate their jobs
  • employees are paid above minimum wage
  • milk is sold at the lowest price allowed by law
  • their prepared food is always fresh and is delicious, and they have a wide variety (hoagies, soups, cheesesteaks, wraps, breakfast sandwiches, meatballs, etc.)
  • a wide variety of delicious coffee (and certain days where you can get unlimited free coffee !!)
  • “Super” Wawas also have gas stations, clean bathrooms, and are twice the size as normal Wawas

Basically it’s Jesus reincarnated into a store and they’re every five feet in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I am so sorry if you’ve never been to one.

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You said your house was haunted by "parakeets and Amish Satan" EXPLAIN

…I don’t remember posting about that on here omfg how deep in my personal tag are you? 😂 Those are two different stories so this is probably gonna be long.

Alright, so I was always that freaky little ‘I see dead people’ shithead when I was a kid. You know, that asshole kid that gives detailed descriptions of relatives that died before they were born and says they see them on the ceiling or some shit? That was me. Important to the stories. I’ll start with the parakeets.

Okay, so when I was like…Maybe 5 or 6, I really wanted to get a pet. We had a dog, but I was not the dog’s favorite person, and I was in that whole ‘I wanna prove I’m responsible’ stage of childhood, so I ambushed my parents with the pet question when we were out to dinner. (Which was a strategic move, as I knew all the waiters at the restaurant liked me and would maybe throw in a pity “Aww, get the girl a pet” comment as a guilt trip if they over heard the conversation. It totally worked lmao)

So, after a long debate about animals, my parents decided to get me parakeets. Which, I had not been aiming for (I wanted something cuddly, and I like birds in theory, not in practice) but I was not in a position for arguing when I was about to get a pet, so I agreed and we headed off to PetSmart and got two birds.

Now, over the course of my childhood, I only had three birds- Blueberry, Banana, and Snowcap. You can probably figure out what they looked like, I was not the most creative child. So, in our old house, which was, frankly, a better house, they had a great life! We kept them in the living room, right next to the huge glass doors that lead to the backyard so they got a lot of sunlight and fresh air, we were great about cleaning up their feathers, they didn’t feel attention starved so they weren’t too loud or annoying. It was great.

Then we moved to our current house, and that’s where it starts getting complicated.

See, my mom and I were both on a depression battle, and if you know anything about that, it made it very hard for us to do things. Energy wasn’t there. So while we were obviously still feeding the birds and everything, we definitely let the cage get messy and stopped cleaning up feathers. We had them on the bay window in my living room, so it looked like a mess, which really pissed my Aunt Gail off. Gail was a psycho bitch, for reference, but she had moved in with us to help pay bills and insisted the birds were taken out of the living room, which I wasn’t really down with, but I also wasn’t down with her locking me in a closet, so I listened to her. So Blueberry and Snowcap got banished to the computer room, where there was very little light, always loud music playing, and barely any attention for them. I remember they’d get so loud and we’d just throw a sheet over the cage or turn the lights off or yell for them to shut up. As it stands now, I realize we definitely ended up mistreating the birds, and I feel incredibly guilty about that, but as a little kid with very little patience and a fear of birds, who was mostly following her mother and aunt’s actions, I didn’t understand. I got pretty detached from them because of where I was mentally, and I remember when they both died (separately- Blueberry held on for a while, so she was sadly alone for a while), I like, forced all emotion about it away and just didn’t focus on it. Do you know what I mean? I was pretending like I wasn’t effected, like it was a non-issue, and like tbh I didn’t even let myself focus on how effed up that is until a couple years ago. But that was just the headspace I was in.

Okay, so anyway, birds: I always hear them outside my window during the day, chirping up a storm, but at night? It’s usually dead silent, with the occasional hoot from an owl who’s literally only there to make me think about the movie “The Fourth Kind” in the middle of the night. Fuck that owl, I don’t want to think about that movie.

Sometimes, though, when I’m having an Insomniac Episode ™ , I’ll be in the computer room (there’s no wifi in my house, we’re still in the 90′s) late at night, messing around, and for a short amount of time I’ll hear birds, like, screeching. And I never really thought much about it, because like, nature can do whatever it wants, but it started getting a little odd. Like, I’d leave the computer room to go downstairs for a bit, and I’d hear absolutely nothing. Dead silence, even though the kitchen is directly below it and thus has the same trees, or even if I leave the door open, it’s just quiet. But the second I step off the step and into the room, it starts back up. Weird, right? I started feeling really eerie about it, and started purposefully leaving the computer room whenever it started up.

And then, that lead me to noticing when it started up…It was always at 3:00am to 4:00 am. Which is, you know, The Witching Hour. The Ghost Hour. The Demon Hour. Plenty of names, but all the same concept. Any self-respecting paranormal fucker knows that things get weird at 3:00 am. The veil’s a little thinner then.

And that in itself freaked me out, but I always feel pretty freaked out at that time anyway, because as mentioned, I’m That Asshole Kid who hears disembodied voices and sees things out of the corner of my eye and always feels like something is right behind me. That’s only gotten better and worse with age in different ways- but anyway, while the bird stuff was freaking me out, I had yet to put together what it was, because frankly I’m just a wimp and I thought it was overall anxiety making me hear things.

So then, a little under a year ago, I’m watching some show about the paranormal and animals, and some dude is recounting a story about a ghost cat or something, and I remember being like…what the fuck, animals can be ghosts? What? Because that’s not something that ever occurred to me before, and not something I had heard of. And the guy went on to say something like if the animals were mistreated in life, they have as much chance to come back as a person-ghost who died tragically or something. And I just like, had a flash, of realizing how we had definitely mistreated the birds, and how I only hear screaming birds in their room, at 3:00 am, and it was just sort of an “everything clicked together moment”, and I was like, shit. I’m being haunted by my old pet parakeets.

I still hear them all the time, but I mean, I’m not turning out lights or telling them to shut up anymore, because honestly? They definitely have a reason to complain and make their voices heard over that. Like, if they need to let out frustration from beyond the grave, they definitely have my attention.

Okay, on to Amish Satan.

So in…Fifth grade, my class took a field trip to Lancaster, to tour some old coal mines and see some donkeys and stuff. It was nothing special, honestly, but it was a fun trip. So anyway, they had a little gift shop the let us go into because what’s a field trip without souvenirs? And they were mostly selling coal related stuff- I’ve got a little statue of a mouse made out of coal on my nightstand that I got there. But they were also selling these little Amish dolls, right? So as a young girl with a great love for dolls (I used to have a huge collection of all kinds), obviously I had to get one.

So I picked out a guy doll because I loved the shade of blue they used for his shirt, he had little black suspenders and a black hat, it was cute. Paid the store owner, got on the bus with my new little friend to head home.

(Completely unrelated to the story, but back then I was anime trash and decided to name this poor thing Kiyo after the main character from Zatch Bell lmao)

So anyway, on the bus home, I started getting slightly…unsettled by the fact he didn’t have a face. Like, it didn’t bother me when I bought him, but now it was starting to really freak me out. I kept asking the teachers why Amish dolls didn’t have faces, but no one had answers for me, which was frustrating, because I thought if I could understand the reasoning, it wouldn’t freak me out as much.

I was starting to regret buying it, but when we got back to school, my friend Rachel whipped out a sharpie and said “It’s yours anyway, just give him a face yourself!” which sounded like a relatively good idea. I drew the least intimidating face I could- two simple big eyes, point for a nose, big goofy smile with his tongue sticking out. It’s cute and dumb. Seriously, I still have the doll, you don’t look at this thing and think “Satan” at all.

So, me and my friends played with this doll all the time. We’d use to make him do tricks and flip him around and stuff- I remember one year we accidentally got him stuck on the Christmas tree and left him up there with all the decorations because we thought it was the funniest thing ever. This was like our go-to doll. We loved the thing. And sure, I’d have a weird experience every now and then, but I had absolutely no reason to think it was connected to the doll, because the things weren’t that out-of-ordinary for me.

So, in sixth grade, I had to start going to this free children’s hospital in the city called Shriners, and there were always a lot of Amish people there, because it was free and they have higher risks for birth defects and problems. And I was a super shy child, but at the same time I didn’t want to sit quietly in a waiting room for a millions years, so I’d usually quietly bond with a kid over some of the toys the waiting room had out, or if I was just reading I’d still make a point to smile politely at everyone I made eye contact with. The adults always seemed suspicious of me, but I figured it was just a whole ‘Amish vs The English’ thing, or because my health problems were a lot less physically obvious than their children’s and they were upset about that. It made me feel uncomfortable, but it was nothing serious.

Except one day, I was making small talk with one family and the little girl had a doll out, and I just said something like “Oh I have one of those dolls! It has a face on it though.” And her mother got all wide eyed and dragged her kids to the other side of the room while talking in their language (I don’t know the name of it) and I was just like???? Oh shit what did I do??? Like it was strange omg.

So anyway, time goes on. I get older, I stop playing with dolls, and actually end up selling or trashing most of them. I kept the Amish doll around though, but it wasn’t like me and my friends were playing with him every day anymore. He was just there. Something inside of me couldn’t bear to get rid of him, but I wasn’t doing anything with him either.

And after a while, it started to feel weird. Like…uncomfortable. Sort of a ‘why don’t you play with me anymore’ vibe, which sounded so stupid, because I was in high school at this point, I could not justify thinking an old toy was sad. This isn’t fucking Toy Story, you know? (Incidentally, while I love the Toy Story films, they’re also lowkey my worst nightmares).

I remember edging around him. Like, he still has the same dumb, cutesy face drawn on, but something was making me uncomfortable to be around him. I felt watched and guilty and nervous. At some point he ended up on the staircase leading to my computer room, just laying there for a couple years. Neither me or my mom ever bothered to touch him.

Okay, so then I go away for my only semester of college, and one day I was in the group chat with my friends and we were talking about creepy things that have happened to us. And I brought up this doll, and they were kinda interested and I remember saying “Watch me come home for break and he’s not gonna be wear I left him” as a joke.

I get home from break…Guess who’s not fucking on the steps like he’d been for the past 3 years?

I was cracking up, I remember texting my friend Zoe who started freaking out, but I was like “Okay, creepy coincidence, but obviously my mom must’ve just moved him or thrown him out”.

…Except my mom had no idea what I was talking about. She had no memory of this doll, let alone walking past it all the time for three years while it sat on the steps. She swore she didn’t move it.

So I was like…okay,

So then I’m back home officially and I still can’t find it. I searched everywhere- not even because I wanted the doll, just because not knowing where it was was making me feel even more nervous and anxious than having to tip-toe around it. I had random scary thoughts pop up in my head of it appearing in my room suddenly, or moving on it’s own. I was really freaking myself out- being paranoid is what I’m best at.

Okay, at some point down the line, one day I’m on my couch just flicking through channels, and I come across a marathon of a show called “Amish Haunting” (Honestly, check it out if you like ghost shows, it’s pretty cool). The episode that happens to be playing is feature a segment called “The Faceless Doll” and the paranormal experience that family had when an English neighbor gave their young daughter a doll with a face. Shit got fucked up for this family. Real shit guys.

They explained within the episode that the reason for faceless dolls is because the Amish believe that fake faces- like on dolls, in photographs, what have you- are an invitation for the Devil into your home. They believe he can use the fake eyes to see into your life and watch you and grow stronger and mess you up, basically. So, when 10 year old Molly drew that face on, not only was she accidentally disrespecting the Amish’s beliefs, she was basically unwittingly inviting Satan into her house, and then using him as a best play mate with her two other Catholic School Girl friends. Iconic.

I have since found the doll- mind you, in a place where he literally never should have been- but things seem…Calmer? I do occasionally feel a little watched, but honestly I feel like now that I’m aware my doll is potentially housing Satan, we’re on better terms? Allegedly a couple of my friends have had weird experiences after insulting him, but I wasn’t around so I can’t confirm or deny. Like, I definitely still get creeped out by him, but not as much, and I don’t feel a weird sad aura around the doll anymore.

So, now I’m just kinda hoping we stay on these chill mutual grounds and I don’t, like, get possessed or anything. But yeah, that’s the story of Amish Satan, you just gotta be a little respectful with him.

Never Have I Ever

(my first klance fic~ thanks to @kageyama-tobiyo for the encouragement!!)


The last time the castle malfunctioned, its system had been poisoned by a Galra virus.

This time, it’s Pidge’s and Hunk’s fault. 

Keith stares at the crack between the floor and door, watching the frantic shadows run across the marble floor. There’s a vein throbbing in his forehead.

“Seriously, who thinks it’s a good idea to play with the castle’s systems while we’re trying to clean?!” Lance yells, smacking the door lightly. Keith can really only see his shoes; his eyes are still adjusting to the darkness. 

Outside, Hunk whines. “We’re sorry, man! We’re trying to fix it!” 

“Well,” Keith sighs, leaning against the wall, “At least there’s enough room for fresh air to get in.” 

Lance hums and moves away from the door. “Good excuse to stop cleaning, too.” 

Keith chuckles quietly. Lance smiles a bit as he looks around the room, searching the darkness. Boredom is already kicking in. Soon enough Coran will come back to check on their progress; he’s kind of looking forward to all the yelling that’ll happen. At least it’ll be entertaining to listen to.

“Hey.” Keith doesn’t respond, so Lance says, “Let’s play a game. Let’s plaaaaaay… Never Have I Ever!” 

“What’s that?”

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Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

Request: Charlie flirts with the sister reader and the boys get overprotective of the reader?

Pairing: Charlie x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: language

A/N: So much big brother Winchesters going on…

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anonymous asked:

Remember the self harm ask? Could you do something where MC catches seven relapsing and something kinda fluffy kinda angsty ensues? If you're okay with it of course. If you're not comfortable writing it that's okay

i personally feel like i suck at angst but hey, i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(if you want to read what i guess inspired this, check it out here)

trigger warning: self harm

  • Despite living with both Saeyoung and Saeran, you hadn’t seen neither of them in days
  • Saeran had gotten slighty better mentally since he came home from the hospital a few weeks back, but because he felt bad about his random outbursts of anger, he had locked himself into his room to not yell at you
  • Seven was feeling guilty because he couldn’t help his brother more, and with his agency work in addition, he also locked himself into his room
  • He didn’t even respond to your texts and calls
  • Feeling worried and pretty fed up with his shit, you decided to try to comfort your boyfriend
  • You walked to his door, hoping he would let you in so you could talk 
  • Just as you were about to knock, you heard muffled crying from his room
  • You tried to open his door but it wouldn’t budge, so you found the cat robot to help you
  • With its help you got the door open, but part of you wished you hadn’t managed
  • On the bed, looking like a deer in the headlights, was your boyfriend desperately trying to wipe the fresh blood away from his arms
  • “S-Saeyoung..?”
  • Feeling defeated, he dropped the blade from his hand and hung his head.
  • “I’m sorry… I know I promised you not to, but…”
  • You hugged him carefully to not touch his arms, and he started sobbing on your shoulder
  • “Shh… I know it’s hard, okay? No one blames you for what has happened. I know it doesn’t seem like that, but even Saeran knows deep down that this isn’t your fault. The only one who doesn’t know is you, so please stop blaming yourself. You’re not a bad person, okay?”
  • “I don’t deserve you, MC… You could’ve been happy with someone else, why would you choose me? I’m… I’m sad, I make you sad, I make Saeran sad, I don’t know what to do!”
  • You noticked his breath hitching and saw that he was on the werge of panicking, so you cupped his faced and made him look into your eyes
  • “Listen here, Saeyoung. I know that you are in a lot of pain, we all are, but nothing will get solved by suffering alone. We need each other, okay? I need you so much, and I hate seeing you like this. I love you, and I want to help you. Do you understand that?”
  • He looked down, too ashamed to meet your eyes, and nodded
  • You kissed his cheek and took his hand, leading him to the bathroom where the first aid kit was
  • “Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah? Then all three of us can take a walk to the park to get some ice cream, I think we all need some fresh air”
  • When he saw your sad face as you cleaned his deeper wounds, he wondered how he got so lucky as to have you
  • “I know I’m not particularly good at saying this, but… Thank you. For taking care of me, for helping me, for loving me. I really do love you back, I’m sorry that I’m so distant sometimes”
  • He wrapped you into his arms as soon as they were bandaged up, and promised to always take care of you
lovely; part ii


PROMPT; in which archie andrews finds himself smitten with a dear friend, and after a not-so-fun encounter during lunch, it dawns on him that its about time he comes clean.

PARING/CHARACTERS; archie andrews x reader, jughead jones, betty cooper, and veronica lodge.

WARNINGS; god you’re gonna hate me but angst, feels and possibly fluff at the end.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; aaaaaaaand its back from high demand! i usually don’t do part twos to a lot of my imagines (i’ve had previous blogs) so this is a bit odd for me. either way, i hope you all enjoy!


It had been weeks since the dance, and for Archie, nothing had really been the same.

The world was duller and sadder. The bright red neon lights outside of Pop’s never seemed welcoming anymore. The playground behind one of the elementary schools always seemed depressing when the swing would move with the wind.

His music and grades fell slowly, chipping away like his heart did. Everyone noticed the ginger’s change in heart, the change in his personality.

You noticed it, and it made your heart shatter.

You had tried talking to him, but he would just look at you and walk away. Hell, you cornered him in the locker room once when all the boys had left.

You had never seen him so mad or upset when you did that. He looked ready to hit you, but, of course, he didn’t. He had just gripped your hand tightly and basically told you to never talk to him again.

So you didn’t.

And you had lost one of your closest friends.

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sweet tooth | park jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: tooth rotting fluff (get it? cause the title’s sweet tooth and sweets can ruin your- no? ok imma stop now) ; college!au

Word count: 1,914 words

Prompt: Jimin exceeds the amount of his sugar intake just because of you.

A/N: requested by @brittnelson24 (thank you for requesting ^-^)

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shortiemcbealle  asked:

Not an ask but just a bit of kudos, I am really diggin "Tales from the Past". I'm very curious to see if Claire thinks it all a big coincidence and how Uncle Lamb will react to all of the info they find? Thank you for the lovely writing.

Tales From the Past | Part I, Part II

Scotland was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  The land was an unbelievable shade of green and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The image I had of my witch and whisky maker family fit perfectly within this landscape. The rolling hills leading to towering mountains, and the glistening lakes reflecting the scenery around them gave the air of magic and endless possibilities. The deeper into the Highlands we travelled, the easier it was to see how the Scots, and my Scots in particular, transitioned and settled in the mountains of North Carolina. There was a familiarity between the two, but whereas Scotland felt old and full of legends, the North Carolinian mountains had an air of youthful mystery in comparison.

“Are we there yet, Uncle?” I asked as yet another town flashed beyond the car windows.

“Not yet my dear. We’ll be there in no time at all, just enjoy the scenery. Maybe you could come up with your own legend by the time we get to our destination!” He cheered then went back to humming a nameless tune.

I sighed and looked longingly out the window. I just wanted to be there, I wanted to see their home and find out more. “Are we going to Broch Morda and Lallybroch?” I asked not five seconds later.

“No, Claire.” Uncle Lamb said with authority. “We’re headed to a town called Inverness. My correspondent who can trace their lineage back to Lallybroch itself lives there. She’s more than willing to tell her family stories and that of her husband’s as well.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, “I still wish we were going straight to Lallybroch. Something is pulling me in that direction, we need to go there.”

“Patience my dear, we will get there, just after we’ve heard what these Murray’s have to say.” Lamb winked.

Inverness was beautiful, tucked away at the top of Loch Ness I could see the appeal and history all around, but I was restless.

“How long do we have to be here?”

“Long enough,” He laughed guiding me towards the door. “I thought you wanted to hear the legends?”

I groaned, “I do but I want to go see Lallybroch more!”

“Let’s see what they have to say first. We’ll need their story to help further our investigation, despite your curious insistence!” Uncle Lamb cut me off before I could speak further.

“Fine,” I murmured into my arm that rested on the door. My excitement crushed for a moment.

The countryside blurred by until the faintest idea of a town sprung up in spires and stone.

“Inverness?” I asked looking to at Uncle Lamb. He grinned and nodded, weaving our way through the streets to the tea room where the mysterious Murray’s awaited our arrival.

“Here we are, m’dear!” Lamb exclaimed throwing the car door open. “Would you get my satchel from the boot? We may need to take photographs and extra pens and paper! You never know what all they’ll have or have to say!”

His excitement was contagious and I felt my own lift to a nervous bubble. I still longed to see the fabled home, but deep down I knew I needed to hear what the Murray’s had to say.

“Are you Quentin Lambert?” A tall and lanky man with jet black hair and gray eyes asked as he approached our car.

“That I am! You must be Alexander Murray,” Lamb greeted, clasping the man’s hand.

Mr. Murray chuckled and nodded. “Aye, and this is my sister Jennifer.” He gestured to short girl with the same black hair and gray eyes.

“We’ve already got a kettle on, please join us inside.” Her smile was kind, but wary.

“Claire! Don’t forget the books!” Uncle Lamb called from over his shoulder absentmindedly as he entered the quaint stone building.

I took a moment to breathe in my surroundings. The bustle of people and their cars contrasting against the ancient stone buildings. If I closed my eyes and blocked out the modern sounds I could believe I was there when it all began. I could feel the clean Scottish air as it wrapped itself around me and those on the streets, smell the the roasting meats from taverns and hearth fires as well as fresh bannocks and bread, and I could imagine the sounds of wagon wheels and horse’s hooves on cobble and splattering mud. My imagination took me to a world where I could imagine my whisky making Scot walking down the street, and with a swish of a kilt he was gone.

“Miss Beauchamp?” I jumped, startled, my eyes flying open as the pack fell to the street. “Och, sorry. I dinna mean to give ye such a fright. Yer uncle was asking for ye. I came to fetch ye inside.”

My cheeks reddened from getting caught in my fantasy. The real world felt foreign and distant compared to where my mind had just held me. I slowly retrieved Uncle Lamb’s bag and followed Jennifer Murray inside.

“Claire! Claire! There you are, what kept you? No matter, you really must hear what young Mr. Murray has told me about his family! There was a tale that originated from a great uncle of sorts, and that very uncle could be the James Fraser we are striving to find! But I’m very much more fascinated in this enthralling tale of a cave, espionage and freedom! Please, come sit. Sit and listen!” Lamb managed to get all of this out in a single breath, his face red, but eyes alight with excitement. I noticed his hands were already ink-stained and smudged, his left worst of all.  

“Breathe Uncle.” I said, laying a hand to his shoulder. “I’m sure Mr. Murray doesn’t wish to recount the tale again.”

“I dinna mind at all! Would ye like some tea before I start?” Alexander Murray gestured to the barely touched tray of tea and shortbread.

“Yes, thankyou.” I replied, pouring my own cup and grabbing a biscuit.

“As I was telling your very enthusiastic Uncle, my family has many tales and legends as does most here in the highlands. But one, we can go so far to say, is one of the more famous ones.” he said lowering his voice with a wink. “This one legend was said to be the Laird of Broch Tuarach during the uprising of Prince Tearlach in 1745. It’s said that the Laird was spared at the battle of Culloden or most likely escaped the clutches of the British and fled back to his homeland. His hair was a fiery red, easily spotted and gave him little chances to hide. My–” he paused and then gestured to his sister, “–our great-great-great grandmother was this Laird’s sister. She hid him in a priest hole that her recently dead sister-in-law had told her to build. You see the Laird’s wife was a Sassenach and a faerie.

“The folk in the highlands were wary of her and her healing abilities, even though the laird loved her more than life. She was among those caught in the crossfire of Culloden. The Laird being so distraught had nearly given up the will to live and when he was well enough to stand, decided to hide in the hillside to better protect his family.”

“Och! You’re tellin it wrong Sawny!” Jennifer interrupted.

“Och aye? Am I? Weel why dinna you tell it then and let me save my voice!” he said and smugly crossed his arms and legs into a relaxed position.

“I will then!” She settled herself deep into her chair.

“As my brother said, our great-great-great grandmother was the sister to the Laird who became legend, and it is from her that we get our story. Before the days of Culloden and the blackened soul of Prince Tearlach set this bonnie nation into strife, the Murray’s and Fraser’s lived peacefully on the estate. The young Laird had taken a faerie to wife, but all that knew her well enough said she was kinder than of any fae, and that she loved the Laird and his family to the ends of time. It was when she caught a vision of great strife and suffering for her beloved’s people, she told her good sister to plant crops that would yield a great amount, and prepare hidden storages including a priest’s hole under the kitchen cellar. The fae and her husband rushed out to protect the people and try to stop the horror she had seen from coming to fruition.

“They had earned the trust of Prince Tearlach, and made their way into his inner council. Night after night, day after day, the Laird tried to convince the Prince of his doomed cause, but to no avail. The horror still approached and overcame the people of this good nation. Killing thousands, destroying homes and the highland culture at it’s roots. The faerie wife, so distraught at the destruction of her adopted home, begged for her people to save the Scots, to turn back time and not let it happen, but they didna answer. Instead, it’s said she curled up on a faerie hill just outside Inverness and died of a broken heart. Unable to save her beloved nor her new people, and the old ones wouldnae have her back.

“However, the Laird did survive! He made his way home to Broch Tuarach where his sister tended to his physical wounds, but nothing could take away the pain he felt at the death of his wife. He hid for months in the priest’s hole, listening to raid after raid from the British soldiers and he could have it no more. He was too much of a danger to his family, and he couldna bear to lose another part of his heart. One night, he hid himself deep into the caves of the hills that surrounded his property with naught but a dun bonnet to his name. Just far enough that he would pose no danger, but close enough that if he was needed, he could be called upon. For seven years he hid by himself in the caves, coming out at night, clad in brown from head to toe, hiding the flames of his hair under bonnet and cloak of night to deliver fresh meat of his kills to his people and family.

“The Laird’s most faithful servant would risk his life week after week to bring the Laird fresh ale, clothes, and news of the town and of his family when the laird could not make his way down the mountain. On a day, not unlike today, where the sun shone high and the temperature mild, the servant raced up the hill bringing his lairdship fresh supplies, only to be stopped by a wicked cluster of British soldiers. They accused the lad of stealing and chopped his hand off for his crimes, then stole the Laird’s supplies for their own gain. Outraged the Laird tended the lad as best he could in the cave before taking him to the estate for proper healing. It was then the Laird decided that his time in the caves were at an end. He had to stand, he needed to fight the cruelty and oppression being imposed on his people.

“Seven years since the uprising, and there was still a traitor’s reward for the Laird. The laird asked his brother-in-law to turn himself in, grab the stirling reward and feed the family and people he could no longer protect.”

Jennifer stood up and went to the window. I blinked trying to come back to the world around me. The tale she had spun so vivid in my mind, like that was the true reality and not this tea parlour.

“What happened to him? The Laird?” I asked, desperate to hear more.

She turned, the light a halo around her silhouette, “The Dun Bonnet Laird went to prison to save his family. If you go back to our family’s ancestral home and speak to the locals they may tell you of him in a different way, the story altering from family to family. But one thing is for sure, they say on the old fire feasts, ye can see the Dun Bonnet standing at the mouth of his cave, keeping his vigil for all who are under his protection.”


- mingyu as a neighbour

- let that sink in 

- so you’re moving in and you’re new but you know your way around the neighbourhood

- let’s start the story my friends 

- so yeah you’re moving in and mingyu is already outside, playing basketball

- and goddamn it’s such a glorious ass view gODDAMN

- he’s panting and his tan skin is glistening 

- frick 

- he’s the type to always run his hands through his hair continuously and always licking his lips 

- so yeah you start unpacking your boxes, always taking glances at him

- but he’s not even looking at you :((

- but you just shrug and finish unpacking in a short time bc you unpacked most of your furniture and stuff since u unpack in a span of a few days so you dont have to do it all in one day

- you know what im saying

- you know

- okay so when you’re done, you look at where mingyu would be playing his basketball on his drive way

- he’s not there lol 

- and you’re just a bit down bc like you didn’t get to say hi to the cute boy

- but it’s okay because you see him again in a few mins

- so you go up to your new room and open the windows for fresh air and slight sunlight and you just stop because

- in front of you

- was mingyu in his room

- shirtless

- f U CL K 

- and he’s just blinking lazily and his hair is a bit damp, but the clean damp 

- you know

- and he has a new shirt in his hands and he’s raising his brow at you, tilting his head slightly

- you widen your eyes and blush hard before closing your windows and blinds

- and you dont notice but mingyu’s just chuckling in his room, shaking his head lightly and sighing 

- you’re panicking like 


- BYE  E 

- okay time lapse to a few days later when you finally have the guts to see mingyu again because whenever you walked to school, you actually never really got to see him anyways because most likely he had basketball practice

- so like when you’re walking home from school, you see mingyu stretching on his drive way

-  and you just stop 

- and mingyu looks at you

- and damn he looks good again

- and you’re just nervously smiling, awkwardly waving

- “um… hi, i’m new– uh, my name is Y/N” 

- mingyu stares at you and blinks slowly before straightening up, making you even more nervous

- he just smirks slightly, and you see his canine peeking out 

- “the pervert next door?” 

- you reDDEN THE FUC c  U P 

- you stutter the fu  C  C  u  P

- he just raises his brow before chuckling breathily, 

- “mingyu.” 

- you just look at him and bite your lip, nodding with pink cheeks

- and you hurriedly run to your porch like trying to get in your house

- but then you hear mingyu 

- “it was finally nice to talk to you.” 

- you blush and blink, looking at him 

- and he has a cute smile

- “u-uh, y-yeah, you too…?” you would say

- mingyu smiles still, shaking his head before grabbing his basketball

- you just stare at him before slowly walking back inside

- and when you close the door behind you,

- you exhale the longest and loudest fu  c k ing exhale bc

- you got to finally talk to cute boy next door

- congrats reader

- the next morning you would just walk out of your house again, like walking out and eating something like usual

- but what you didn’t expect was, 

- “good morning, Y/N!” 

- you shoot your head up and look with wide eyes bc wtf like when did someone–

- and then you see mingyu wearing a sleeveless shirt, stretching

- you blush but greet him 

- he just smiles, “heading to school?” 

- you nod and he nods as well 

- “cool, then we’re walking with each other from now on.” 

- you almost choke

- and mingyu just chuckles at your wide eyes

- so yeah, from now on, you and mingyu would always walk to school together


- he wouldn’t forget to tell you “see you later” though :’’))

- and it really hits you

- and whenever you pass each other in the hallway, he always looks at you and catches your eyes

- and he flashes a grin

- and you’d just blink ????? like ??? what??? 

- and mingyu would always have his friends around him so even if you wanted to, you don’t really see him during lunch

- maybe bc hes playing basketball or taking a nap on his friend’s lap aka wonwoo

- and one more thing

- one morning, you opened the windows and you found mingyu without a shirt again and zipping his zipper on his jeans

- and you were just frozen

- and he looks up 

- aND FUCKI   NG  SM Irks 

- “good morning, pervert!” 

- “I’M NoT A peRVERT!”

- mingyu would always laugh but never forgets to say good morning and smile

- and every night, when you go to close your window, mingyu’s there to say good night

- never forgetting to flash a smile :’’’((((((((((((((((((

- and the longer you live there, the closer yall get

- like you would be close enough to bump shoulders and scowl at him 

- and he’d just have this goofy smile on his face

- and he’d make deeper conversations with you :’’((( what a good kid

- and the closer you get, mingyu actually doesn’t leave you when he sees his friends when yall arrive at school anymore

- he stays with you instead and talks to you still :’’((((((((

- and he would be the type to swing his arm around your shoulders and ruffle your hair

- and you scowling

- again

- so one night, after a few months of knowing mingyu and living next to him, you heard slow dribbling of a basketball and you just frown and roll around in bed 

- and immediately, you know where and who its from

- kim fck in g m in gyu 

- and you’d just sigh, put a hoodie on, and walk out with slippers

- and you were about to yell at him but then you see his gloomy expression

- and mingyu looks at you when he hears your door close behind you

- and he stops the dribbling

- “oh, hey, Y/N.” 

- you would just frown and be like, “why are you playing basketball? it’s like 12 am mingyu” 

- mingyu would just shrug and start dribbling again 

- you would just look at him with a disapproving look 

- “mingyu, what’s wrong?” 

- mingyu would sigh and mumble, “it’s just… I have a tournament tomorrow.” 

- you would squint, “but you’re really good–” 

- mingyu would frown, “but not good enough.” 

- and you’d walk over to him, “but you’re one of the best players, mingyu.” 

- mingyu would just have this really sad ass face like a dejected puppy– like one that makes you put your hand over your chest and be like nO

- “but what if my best isn’t good enough?” 

- and you’d just stare at mingyu, who stops dribbling and looks at you

- “Y/N, go back to sleep– I just needa take some things outta my head.” 

- “no, you need sleep too mingyu– like you said, you have a tournament tomorrow so you need to sleep too.” 

- mingyu would just try to shoo you away and he’s so sad :((

- and you’d just be like, “mingyu, come on, let’s take a walk then.” 

- after like an hour of him trying to persuade you

- he’d just be like “….. fine” 

- and suddenly you just grab his hand, in which

- he’s shOOK BI c  TCH 




- and he’s lowkEY BLUSHING

- by lowkey i mean

- his ears are burning

- and he’s just staring at his hands and yours

- that are laced so warmly and awwwww

- and the hand size


- and you’d drag him to a local convenience store and like he’s like ???

- “pick your favourite snack– i’m paying. no complaints.” 

- mingyu just nods and blinks with shocked eyes

- and he picks chocolate aww

- and you pay even though he’s like

- “come on…. lemme pay..” 

- “mingyu i told you– no complaints.” 

- and so you walk to the park, holding his hand again

- and sit on the bench with him, watching him open the bar of chocolate 

-  he slowly takes a bite

- and literally it looks like all stress has evaporated from his body lMAO

- and you’re just smiling at him, yawning

- which makes mingyu snap out of it

- “oh… um…” 

- you’d look at him and he’s just sighing

- “sorry about everything– I’m just… so stressed, you know?” 

- you just listen to him rant about basketball 

- “you’ll do so good, mingyu… trust me… i watched you play many times– especially when you dragged me to your practices” 

- and your eyes slowly get heavy because it’s almost 2 am lmao

- and mingyu notices like holy shit 

- “we should… get back,” 

- you nod to mingyu’s words and he’s just like… 

- “let me carry you.” 

- you’d just look at him like ??????????????????????????

- and mingyu suddenly crouches down and looks over at you

 - ”get on, i know you wanted to ever since you met me.” 

- cue you lightly slapping his back before hesitantly getting on his back

- and his warm ass hands grabbing your thighs and you just blushing and hugging his neck

- but you just smile and close your eyes, lying your cheek on his shoulder

- and mingyu just smiles 

- when you get back home, mingyu helps you down and helps you get in your house and awww wait for it

- he tuckS YOU IN 


- and you’re just looking at him with soft eyes

- and mingyus smiling slowly 

- “thanks, y/n…” he’d mumble, looking at you and staring

- you just look at him, “i did nothing.” 

- he smiles, “you gave me warmth.” 

- “warmth?” 

- mingyu blushes and chuckles, shaking his head, watching as you looked at him with sleepy eyes

- “thanks for your words and lending me a…. i dont know, shoulder? what do they call it?” 

- mingyu would then just look confused and cute

- and you’d just chuckle, suddenly sitting up and putting your hand on his shoulder

- he looks at you and blinks when you leaned over and pecked his cheek softly, immediately making his skin burn 

- he looks at you with wide eyes 

- “good night and good luck.” 

- mingyu nods with a red ass face

- “and make sure to… lock my door for me? you know where the spare key is… i lent it to you before when you had to take care of me when i was si–” 

- and mingyu suddenly leans over and kisses your forehead

- “okay. thanks. good night.” 

- he smiles and pats your head softly as you just blushed but smiled

- “good night.” 

Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Characters: Hinted CastielXReader, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 3248

A/N: One-shot written for @writingthingsisdifficult / Syn’s Monster Challenge / monster #12, the Utbard (ghost of a child who died a violent death in the forest – forces you to carry it on your back, demanding to be taken to the nearest graveyard – it gets heavier with each step you take, driving you into the ground until you die of exhaustion). Story is set during the end of season 6, after Castiel’s betrayal of the Winchesters, but before he breaks Sam’s Lucifer wall down and goes all Godstiel.

(not my GIF)

The Beginning of the End

Bobby Singer considered himself a proud man. Wringing a well-worn navy trucker’s hat between gnarled fingers, eyes rimmed red and wet, he studied the pallid body laid out on the couch in his study – barely recognizable as the vivacious and lively hunter he’d mentored in recent months.

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The Escape Part 1 X Daryl Dixon X Reader

A starter story for one I think I’m going to make quite long. First imagine in a long ass time. Not been in a good place so I apologies if it isn’t up to usual standards.


Your body slammed onto the cold hard floor as you were thrown back into your cell. One of the prisoners had escaped and everyone was running riot. The large metal door slammed shut muffling the voices coming from outside. You heard footsteps running up and down the corridor. After a few minutes the noises stopped.

You realised after a short amount of time that you hadn’t heard the lock click on the door and they hadn’t started the awful torture music. You stood slowly and pressed your ear against the door. There was no noise, surely they couldn’t have forgotten to lock you in. They couldn’t be that dumb could they?

You placed your hand on the metal handle and pulled it down slowly and quietly. You could feel your body shaking, you weren’t sure if you were scared or excited. You pushed on the door and it opened making a loud creaking sound. You stopped dead to hear if anyone was coming. If you were found there’s no doubt you’ll be beaten and starved for a long time. You couldn’t hear anything.

You started to run down the corridor as quietly as you could. Usually there was people everywhere but for some reason there was no one. There was a room where they sit and play cards but it was empty. ‘Where the fuck it everyone’ you thought to yourself.

You got to a closed door. You placed your ear to it to hear if there was anyone there. You opened it slowly and saw some clothes. This had to be your lucky day. You looked through a box of clothes till you found your own jeans and a pair of boots your size. They must have thrown your clothes in here when they made you strip and wear that filthy disgusting jumper.

You pulled your jeans on, found out a baggy vest and pulled on the boots. It was so good to be in clothes that weren’t filthy. They weren’t perfect but you were happy. You sat down in a chair for a second and looked to your left. There was an open jar of peanut butter on the table with a spoon in it. You frowned but snatched it up anyway. It was so delicious. You had been trying to eat bread with dog food scraped off it for so long, you forgot how nice real food is. After wolfing down the peanut butter you stood up and walked to the door. You pressed your ear against it again to see if anyone was out there but still nothing.

You stepped out and walked ahead to find a away out. After walking down some corridors you saw a room with the door open. Hopefully there would be a window you could look out of. As you got to the door there was still no people around but your heart stopped.

In the most beautiful room you had ever seen since the world went to shit. There was a dark wooden table with two sofas on opposite sides facing each other. Propped up against the table was Lucille. Seeing her made pictures flash in your head. Pictures of blood, screams and horror. When Negan bashed in the skulls of all your friends and family. He left you to be his wife, which you obviously refused. You tried to shake the images out your head and without thinking you picked it up. You swung it round once. “Cant believe he would leave this but this is mine now” You said to yourself.

You placed the bat over your shoulder and smiled to yourself. You crept out looking around to check but still nothing.

You didn’t understand why not one single person was around. It started to feel creepy. You made your way around cold empty corridors until you finally reached a door to outside. You looked through the window and saw some bikes and a gate. Still no people. You walked out side and took a deep breath in. You never thought you would enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin and a breeze in your hair without being dragged around by that asshole Dwight.

“Ermm excuse me miss? What are you doing?” a man’s voice from behind you made you jump.

You turned quickly to see a man looking at you confused. Your grip on the bat tightened. “Where is everyone?” You asked him, trying to avoid his question.

“Did you not hear? A prisoner has escaped. Everyone’s looking for him.” His eyebrows furrowed a little as he finished “Hey aren’t you that pretty priso—“ before he could finish you slammed the bat into his head as hard as you could. You kind of felt bad but then you remembered he was a saviour. His body slumped to the floor and you hit him a couple more times just to make sure.

“I’m sorry.” Your voice shook, you hadn’t killed anyone in a long long time. I felt awful but also slightly freeing to do it again.

You could hear voices coming from around the corner. You ran to the fence which was padlocked. You threw the bat over the top and climbed up, jumping over onto the floor. Your legs gave in on impact and you fell. You quickly jumped up and ran for the trees ahead of you.

You ran for a good 5 minutes. You hadn’t heard any voices follow you at all so you stopped. You looked up between the trees where the sun shone through, warming your dirty pale cheeks up. A huge smile spread across your face. You were free, finally free. You had no idea how long you had been locked up but you were now free. A warm feeling of happiness filled your whole body. A feeling you never thought you would have ever again. You took a deep breath in filling your lugs with fresh air.

A moaning noise interrupted you. You looked to your right to see a walker shuffling it’s way towards you. The smile didn’t leave your face as you walked to it. You may have even skipped a little. You swung the bat around and took it clean out in one swoop. It was quite a nifty little walker killer.

You started to walk forward. You had no idea where you were going but you knew you would never look back.

A week had past now. You had found a cute little hut that had a few cans of food but supplies were low. You had also built up your strength so you should be strong enough to last quite a few days out there. You found an old shoulder bag which belonged to the poor dead family you had to kill in one of the bedrooms. You even found an old leather jacket which used to be one of your favourite things to wear. It was time to move on. Maybe find some more supplies, maybe even some people. You filled your bag with as much things as you could, picked up Trevor (your newly named bat) and left.

It was a nice day. The sun shone brightly and there was a nice cool breeze. “Ahhh what a beautiful day for an apocalypse” You sighed to yourself. You weren’t in anyway clean but you needed something rotten if you wanted to keep walkers away.

After a few minutes of walking you saw a couple of walkers ahead. Nothing difficult and you needed some limbs. You walked up to them and took them down as easy and stomping on a flower. You put your hands on your hips assessing the situation. You weren’t sure how to get the limbs off without making a complete mess. You also didn’t know how you would attach them to yourself.

You decided to just hit one at the elbows and pull the lower arms off. The stench was overpowering. You couldn’t help but heave a few times. You took the laces from the walkers boots and tied them around the wrists, hanging the harms around your neck. The smell really was horrific. Hopefully it would work.

You had walked for days now. Your right knee was all fucked up from you falling over. It was at the point now where you couldn’t put any weight on your leg. You were using the bat as a stick to walk with. The arms had severed served you well though. The sun had basically cooked them. Even though you had gotten used to the smell you knew you smelt awful.

You had made it to an area with some broken down cars and some old buildings. A loud bang made you jump and without thinking you put pressure on your leg. The pain shot through your body and you fell to the ground. “Son of a bitch!” you shouted as your body collided with the hard concrete.

“We got a dead one over here!” you heard a man’s voice near you.

“No. Don’t waste ammo. I’ll get it” another voice said.

A man walked over to you lying on the floor. He raised a wooden stick above his head “I ain’t dead!” You shouted.

The man jumped a little “What? You’re alive? Why are you carrying dead arms?”

“Damn straight I’m alive! The smell keeps walkers away” to say you hadn’t seen people in such a long time you were in no mood to be beaten to death. You took the arms from around your neck and threw them to the side.

“Morgan step back!” another voice shouted.

The man turned to the other men he was with “Why?”

“That bat she’s holding. It belongs to Negan. She’s one of them”

You pulled your self up to a sitting position “I stole this from him when I escaped.” You saw 5 men looking at you. Morgan, 2 men with guns pointed at your head, a rough looking man with a crossbow and one man with grey dreadlocks.

The man with dreadlocks stepped forward “And we are supposed to just believe you?”
You shrugged “Honestly if I was a saviour would I look this shit? And smell this bad?” the man with the crossbow smirked.

The man looked you up and down. “We’ll keep her in the cage next to Shiva. Weather she’s one of them or not they will be looking for her. Get up”

You frowned at how rude he was “If I could stand do you really think I would be sitting on the floor?” All your sarcastic comments seemed to make the archer smile.

Morgan walked closer to you and held out his hand. He pulled you up and gave you his arm to hold on to. The archer came to the other side of you.

“King Ezekiel. I think you should take the bat, just in case she tries to use you.” One of his men said.

He simply nodded to him. You pulled you bat away from him “This is my walking stick. And king? Really? The whole world’s gone to shit so instead of removing your head out your ass you call yourself a king?”

“People need someone to look up to. Also I don’t need to explain myself to a rude little girl with an attitude problem.” He turned his back to you like a stroppy child and walked ahead.

“Mardy prick. Just cause I’m right” You said quietly.

You heard the archer laugh under his breath “Damn right” he said so only you could hear him.

They walked you to a place filled with people. They were walking around, working, talking, having a good time. It was like they had no idea how the world really was. “What the fuck is this place?”

“Its called the kingdom”

You laughed “Of course it fucking is.” People were looking you up and down like you were a piece of shit. You forgot how that felt. Before the apocalypse people would judge you for your tattoos and your appearance but you never though in a world like this people would still judge you. “What? Want a picture bitch?” You shouted at a woman you was pointing her nose at you.

You were taken to a room. In the middle were 3 cages all joined together. One larger one then two smaller ones. In the larger one there was a tiger pacing up and down. You stopped in your tracks. “A tiger?” You shook your head.

“Yeah I know” Morgan said.

“Nope! I ain’t staying with that! It’s a fucking tiger!” you tried to pull back put you stepped on your bad leg nearly making you fall again.

Morgan sighed “Look I’m sorry. I believe you aren’t one of them but if he says you stay here, you have to stay here. You need to rest and heal anyway.”

“Son of a bitch” You sighed. They opened the cage gate and placed you down on the ground. You moved to the furthest corner as far away from the tiger as possible. Morgan left but the archer stayed for a minute.

“Don’t I know you?” his voice was quiet but gruff.

You looked up at him through the bars “You look familiar too” You brushed your hair back out your face to try and get a better look.

All of a sudden he smiled “I didn’t recognise you without those nasty clothes on and Dwight dragging your ass around.”

Your face dropped “Holy shit! You were a prisoner too! You’re the one that escaped which caused them to accidentally leave my door unlocked and I escaped. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. It’s Daryl by the way”


He nodded to you then walked out.

You rolled your empty bag up and took your jacket off. You put your head on your bag and put the jacket over you like a blanket.

After about 5 minutes you heard the door behind you. You sat up to see Daryl stood there with some stuff in his hands. He opened the cage door and walked to wards you. He placed a bowl of water down and a rag. He pulled out a bottle of water from under his arm and passed it to you.

“Thank you” You gulped half the water down.

He sat down in front of you and dipped the rag in the bowl. He leaned towards you and started to wipe some of the dirt off your face. You winced slightly when he brushed over a cut one of the saviours had given you. “I’m sorry” he whispered.

You looked up into his eyes and smiled “Its ok”

He continued to wipe the dirt from your face. When he had done he looked back and smiled a little. “That’s better. I’m gona convince Ezekiel to let you had a shower. You’ll feel better”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

He looked down at his hands “I know exactly how you feel.”

You placed your dirty hands on his “Well thank you. For everything” he nodded at you “Gotta ask one more thing…”

He looked up into your eyes for you continue. “I’m gona need you to hold onto my leg because my knee needs to be put back.”

He frowned at you “You sure?”

You grabbed hold of your jacket and put the sleeve in your mouth. “What you doing?”

You spat the sleeve out “I’m putting my knee back in place in a cage next to a sleeping tiger. I do not want to piss it off”

He laughed at you “Fair enough. You sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah had to do it before. Family didn’t really have any money and you know how expensive it used to be to go to the hospital.”

“That I do”

You put the sleeve back in your mouth and pulled the knife out of the strap on your ankle and held it backwards. You pointed below your knee and above your knee for Daryl to hold. He squeezed it tight. You brought the handle end out and then slammed it hard against the side of your knee. It partially clicked back you wanted to scream but waking a sleeping tiger was not something you wanted to do. You spat the sleeve out and breathed heavily. “Now for the worst part. I need you to help me bend my knee.”

He nodded at you. You took a deep breath in “Right, 1… 2…3.” You both pulled your knee up harshly and it made the loudest cracking sound you’ve ever heard. You bit into your lip drawing blood slightly. A whimper left your closed mouth.

He let go of your leg and wiped away the stream of tears falling down your face. He looked up directly into your eyes and then slowly wiped the blood of your lip. The feeling of his rough finger sent a shiver down your whole body.

He coughed and leaned back looking down at the floor. “I’m sorry. When was the last time you ate?”

You tried to shake away your flustered cheeks “I had a cabin a few days back. Some nasty old tins kept me alive. But I did find a odd jar of peanut butter just on the side when I escaped my cell. Strange huh, no food but that”

A smirk appeared on his face “That was mine”

Your face dropped “I’m sorry what?”

“I left that there when I escaped”

“So we shared a spoon? I think that’s the closest I’ve been to a man since this all happened.” You joked pushing his arm playfully.

He shook his head “You need sleep. Get some rest. When you’re awake I’ll find you some food and something to sleep on. I ain’t gona see you get treated like a dog.”

“You really are my Knight in shining armour” You gave him a cheesy grin.

blackxthexbeast  asked:

Hi! Could I request a fic where Gaston is still a captain and is sent to protect the reader (for whatever reason) and maybe they don't get along at first?

Ilovethisilovethisilovethisilovethis (what I don’t love is the ending oh my god it’s awful)

Word Count: 2648 (dear god this is longer than I expected)

Tagged: @animeacetheheart @gawston @withouthannah @ciaprincess@the-fic-files @molethemollie @hobbithorse19 @supernaturalimagines666 @hellonheels-x0-blog @blackxthexbeast@with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli@amazingangelaaa @frozenhuntress67 @totallyjoshlertrash @theoncergames @bucky-with-the-metal-arm @sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt @lunarinne @veronicawells @definitely-nota-fangirl @mochiiswan @epicfallenismine

Notes: I was going to practice my French and have them communicate a little in French- this takes place in America, so the difference in speech would make sense- but I thought it would be easier to read if I just italicize anything meant to be spoken in French. So basically “if the dialogue reads like this” it’s in French. Also, the reader is the daughter of a Virginian Plantation owner, so there will be mentions of slaves in this.

Mademoiselle,” Captain Desrochers greeted, bowing low and accepting the hand you offered, gently kissing your knuckles.

Capitaine,” you responded unenthusiastically. Your father was a general in the American army, a few ranks above Gaston, so obviously you were used to men trying to earn your affections through flattery. This handsome foreigner wasn’t worth your time.

“Now, Captain Desrochers,” your father began in English, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder. “This girl is my pride and joy, so I’m trusting you to look after her in my absence.”

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Help From A Stranger // Jackson Wang

Originally posted by fuckyeah-gotseven

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; After falling whilst running, a perfect stranger - Jackson, comes to your rescue.

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my paper for my lighting design class about my favorite play/musical
  • Teacher: I love drama. Make it dramatic.
  • Me: "My very favorite moment with the lighting design in Newsies was at the very beginning of the Musical. Jack and Crutchie are on the rooftop of the lodging house, just standing on Jack’s “penthouse” admiring the view, looking at the stars, breathing fresh air, high above the stinking streets of New York City. Jack put his arm around his friend, his best friend, his brother, Crutchie, with a wide grin, talking about how much better the new town of Santa Fe is than New York. He told him that if he wanted, he could see it too, Jack’s dream place, Santa Fe. The minute he began to sing, “Close your eyes, come with me, where it’s clean and green and pretty-” the background lighting went from a dull, boring blue grey, to a bright vibrant orange, yellow, and red. It was like the scene was so powerful and wonderful, it shook my soul to my very core when the colors changed like that, because I too, like Crutchie, could see it too, and my eye’s weren’t even closed."

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Hey, I like your writings a lot, I don't know if you take prompts but I always wanted to now what would be Luna's reaction seeing Matteo shritless for the first time, I am an awful writer, so I would love if you can do something with this, thank you very much.

Okay, first of all thank you very much anon, secondly, sorry for taking this so long but I’ve been quite busy, so there you have what I think would happen the first time Luna sees him shirtless, hope you like it, and sorry because is a mess and because maybe is too much hahahah (actually I’m not sorry for being too much at all)

The team was good, but not good enough for the international, this year the level was higher than last year’s and they needed to do something that outstand them for the rest of the teams.

-We need to do something like last year’s, but we need to do it all, not only Luna and Me -Matteo said looking at all of his team partners

-I agree with you, we are the current winners and I don’t want to lose that tittle -Ambar said looking at Matteo who nooded at her for her support

-I don’t know, what you and Luna did last year was great, but requieres a lot of training and I don’t think I can get to that level in this little time -Jim said with an apologetic look on her face

-Well, I am way up that level, so I know we can do it, at least I can, and that is what we need -Ramiro stated cocky as always, but it was true that he could make it

-Sorry but I need to be with Jim in this -Simon said and Matteo rolled his eyes, he knew the guitarist will always find something to be against Matteo’s ideas- Don’t take it personal Matteo, I just think I am not on that level, and I don’t think we should take such a risk and fuck it up at the presentation

-Don’t take it personal? How the fuck I’m not going to do that when you always find the way to be against every fucking thing I say -Matteo said now exasperated

-Hey Matteo, calm down -Ambar said worried, she didn’t like when Matteo was in one of his ranting

-I’ll do it when your little boyfriend put as much effort in this team as the rest of us

-I am putting as much effort as everyone, but I have other things to concentrate too, I have the band and I have a job, and I can’t just leave them, that’s why I don’t want to compromise myself on something and then let you guys down -Simon said now raising his voice a little bit, but talking slowly to not look so defensive on Matteo

-But babe, you are with me, I am going to help you, and you won’t need to worry about failing -Ambar said to Simon calmly -And same goes to you, you are with Ramiro I bet he would help you to get on the level we need -She was talking to Jim this time, who still doesn’t look sure about it

-Well, Ambar and Ramiro says yes to improve our rutine, and Simon and Jim says no, desicion is on you Luna, improve it or leave it like this -Matteo asked at Luna who was shy the whole argument

-I know Luna wouldn’t chose something that could affect the team at the moment of the competition -Simon said with a smirk on his face looking at Matteo

-Can you let her talk at least -Matteo said getting frustrated again, Luna has already said to Matteo that she wanted to improve it, but she was afraid that the team would be against her so that’s why Matteo decided to say it, because he knew Luna didn’t want to make the others feel obliged to do things.

-I don’t know, I do think we need to get better on our level, but if you guys think that it could be worst, then maybe… -Luna said lower her voice with every word

-Are you serious? -Matteo said with an increadulous smile -You really don’t think we should improve our choreography?

-You heard her, she only wants the best for the team -Simon said smiling

-Yes, trust me I heard her, loud and clear when she told me before she thinks that we need to improve, bad luck her best friend doesn’t know how to read between lines -Matteo said with a cold smile and then stood up and walked towards the lockers

He was frustrated indeed, Luna was always afraid of people banning her ideas, even when they were great, and Matteo thought this time that it was a need for them and if Luna wasn’t sure aboout saying it to the team he would do it for her, but he never  thought that she would be against her own idea, and only because she was too worried about pleasing everyone else.

-Matteo wait a second -He heard her reaching him at the lockers

-What happen Luna? Do you have another idea that I can tell to the guys so you can reject it? -Matteo said sarcasticaly while sitting on the bench to take of his skates

-Don’t be like that with me, you know that I want the best for the team and I don’t want them to feel bad if they can’t actually do it -Luna said trying to explain herself

-I know, but that’s the thing Luna, they can, I’ve seen Jim doing great tricks in the rink, she is insecure when comes to competitions, we just need to find the way to take the pressure off her, and Simon just want to piss me and uses the best friend label to get you to do what he wants, because I know he can do the improvements too, actually Ambar is going to do the hard work, he just needs to hold her right, and if Ambar is saying she can, I don’t get why he can’t agree with her -Matteo said walking to his locker and taking out a clean shirt

-He is not like that and you know… -Luna was saying to defend her best friend when Matteo decided to take off his shirt, Luna has never seen him shirtless before and it was better than she imaginated, not that she imaginated him shirtless a lot, just casually about 60 times per day, but that is normal right -Wha…what are you doing?

-Changing my shirt, the other one is sweaty, is that okay or do I need to ask permission to Simon too? -Matteo said looking for something in his locker

-Cut up the Simon shit Matteo, ca…can you dress u..up so we can talk like a normal couple -Luna said stuttering and that made Matteo turn to look at her and realize how of a blush mess she was, and like the tease he was he needed to have fun out of that

-Why? Can’t we talk while I get a little of fresh air before putting my clean shirt? -He said walking to get closer to her

-Matteo because you know, we are having a talk and… -She put one hand on his chest to push him a little but that was a bigger mistake, the kill bill alarms went on in her head and couldn’t look away from his chest, it was a little shiny from the sweat from the practice, she couldn’t even say a thing and Matteo knew he had her where he wanted her

-Yes I know we are talking, but you know how I hate to argue with you babe -He said now talking to her slowly and putting a string of her hair behind her ear -But I want you to stand up for what you think is the best, and for all your ideas, you know I will always have your back, right? -He said getting close to her and she nodded as answer without taking her gaze out of his torso, she was wondering when the fuck he got those perfect abs -Great, I always want you to do and say what you think is the best to do okay? So what do you want to do right now, Luna? -He asked with his face just milimeters apart of hers, she could felt his breat in her mouth and instinctively closed her eyes and lifted her face searching for his lips and Matteo smiled victorious and joined their lips together in a kiss, but a different kind of kiss that they were used to share. This one was messy, heated and full of need, like they were dying of thirst and they were each others water, Luna couldn’t help but roam her hands through his whole torso and arms, and Matteo took her by her waist a little under her top, tracing circles with his tombs on her bare skin, they were sunken in their kiss for minutes, with no desire of stoping but then a noise made them pull apart.

-Hey guys, we were asking if is everything okay? -Simon said a little embarassed -Did I interrupt something?

-No, no, we were just… hmmm. talking -Luna said rambling while fixing her top and trying to put her hair the way it was before

-Oh, okay, but the guys want to know if this is done for today or we will practice more? -Simon asked trying to not look at the shirtless Matteo right by Luna’s side who was looking at him like he was about to murder him

-Yes, I think this is all for today, but we’ll have to train tomorrow earlier if we want to improve the chroreography -She said putting her hand on her waist avoiding Simon gaze, that whole situation was way too unconfortable for her and that was making her a blush mess

-So are we going to improve it? -Matteo asked her enthusiastic

-Yes, you are right, we need to stand out and get better than last year if we want to win, and we will only going to do  it if we work together -She said smiling widely to Matteo who smiled her back and wrapped her in a tight hug

-I know you would take the best desicion for the team babe -He said smiling and placing a little kiss on her forehead

-Okay, if you think that is the best, Luna, I would agree with you, I’m going to tell the others and leave you alone to let you get back at your “talking” -Simon said remarking the talking part

-Hey, I’m going with you, I should tell them what I think -She said to Simon -I’ll wait for you there, get dressed for fuck sakes -Luna said to Matteo

-Don’t act like you don’t like it babe -He said teasingly and she just rolled her eyes laughing of how much of a dork her boyfriend was, and walked to the rink following Simon.

anonymous asked:

Keaton, you are such a light in so many people's lives even though things aren't always easy for you. My heart is heavy and I am finding it hard to hold on to hope. What do you do when you're feeling rough to make yourself feel better? x

write poetry, finger paint, play an instrument, fold origami, get your hands busy with some nice meditative act of creation. put on a playlist of upbeat songs, go for a long walk out in the fresh air where you admire the sky, then come in from the cold and brew yourself a big mug of tea. clean a little if you’re up for it and celebrate that small productive victory. take a hot shower, brush your teeth, change into your comfiest clean clothes.

movement is the key here. do you feel how you just interacted with the world? you’re making changes and doing good for yourself just by getting out of bed, taking deep breaths, and going forward in whatever ways you’re capable.

don’t be afraid to talk to someone who loves you if you think you need to do so. there are people in your life who are always ready to tell you how much you mean to them, how important you are, and how you have the strength to make it through this rough patch (myself included).

but if you just need something to reassure yourself, i want you to hold on to the thought that, no matter how heavy the world might feel, there are always going to be good moments in your future. there are going to be happy moments, even, and great moments where you laugh so hard you chest hurts, where you feel the tenderness and gentleness and light of the world filling you to the brim. those aren’t impossibilities. those are realities. you are without a doubt going to experience wonderful things in your future.

your life has worth. those dreams and goals you’ve made, whether they’re the ones you tell everyone you meet or the ones you tell yourself in secret late at night when you can’t sleep? if you stay here and stick with ‘em, slowly but surely those dreams and goals are going to become tangible. and that’s going to be beautiful. that’s going to be so immensely, fantastically beautiful.

i love you and i know you can make it through anything  xx