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Why don't the Ns ever wear the Otonikizaka uniforms? Seriously they wear uniforms in a lot of their cards does this school even have a dress code

The N girls actually don’t go to Otonokizaka! Aside from that, Uranohoshi (Aqours’ school), and UTX (A-Rise’s school), there are 6 other schools!

Seiran High School, where Ayumi Torii, Sachiko Tanaka, Seira Kujo, Aya Sugisaki, Yumi Fujishiro, Shizuku Osaka, Akiru Shinomiya, Marika Ichinose, Minami Nagayama attend.
Their uniforms (cardigan colors vary but there doesn’t seem to be a summer version?):

Chitose Bridge High School. where Fumie Nishimura, Ru Tatara, Nanaka Morishima, Iruka Suda, Reine Saeki, Yuu Aizawa, Akemi Kikuchi, Saki Shimozono, and Nagi Shiraki attend!
Their uniforms:

Touou Academy, where Misaki Shido, Ryo Aikawa, Koyuki Shirase, Shun Kurosaki, Tsurugi Kadota, Fuu Saiki, Fumi Shitara, Himeno Ayanokoji, and Yuuka Kirihara attend!
Their uniforms:

Shinonome Academy, where Christina, Mizuki Kikkawa, Yuri Mido, Coco Miyashita, Sana Yuki, Rika Kamiya, Kasane Hasakura, Kanata Konoe, and Haruka Konoe attend!
Their uniforms:

Shion Girls Academy, where Sayuri Hyodo, Sakura Kurobane, Sakuya Kurobane, Yuka Tsukishima, Mutsuki Takamagahara, Mikoto Fukuhara, Akira Kizaki, Hitomi Shiga, and Chiduko Sakamaki attend!
Their uniforms:

Y.G International Academy, where Isabella, Rebecca, Emma, Ranpha, Maria, Yukari Saotome, Rakshata, Jennifer, and Leo attend.
They either don’t have uniforms or the uniforms aren’t shown in cards…? Only Rebecca and Yukari seem to wear uniforms, but Rebecca’s is different each time and don’t match up with Yukari’s… 

Notice how there’s 9 girls at each school. They each have their own idol groups!

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An AU I’ve always wanted to explore and even somewhat fleshed out is one where Shido begrudgingly takes in Akechi.

Something along the lines of Akechi’s mother killing herself however, certain events such as a few people having the knowledge that Shido had a son forcing him to take Akechi in.

Shido is of course, the parent who gives Akechi everything monetary wise. Emotionally he is neglectful and very rarely does he give Akechi any praise for any of his accomplishments.

Of course the events of P5 are similar as well, as is Shido’s reasoning for killing Akechi. Not only does he want to get rid of Akechi for tying lose ends, but also to gain even more support from the masses (specifically out of pity from the potential death of his son).

anyways tl:dr i just want to be a shitty parent

talking about an au w loki-mun where Akechi lives and Shido’s heart is changed and just 

Shido seeing how much Akechi is suffering from being injured so badly in his palace just hUGGING HIS SON AND APOLOGIZING FOR MAKING HIM DO SO MANY AWFUL THINGS

bc Akechi would just bawl like a literal child and I need this

they both still go to prison but

            One verse that I would LOVE to use at some point is a verse where Shido is backed into a corner thus having to do a fairly quick set up engagement to Akechi’s mother, forge things to make it appear as if the engagement had been long term, and basically be wed before his mother starts showing signs of the baby.

          Akechi would be born to both his parents and not end up in the foster system yes but holy frick growing up under Shido’s rule would be a nightmare. His fake polished personality would still come into play given Shido would have extremely and unrealistically high expectations of him as his son and how he acts with the public.

           Pretty much everything from his grades, his appearance, his personality would all be scrutinized by Shido and he would be constantly given instructions on how he should act as ‘Shido’s son’. His entire identity would be wrapped around that and he would DESPISE Shido all the same.


His luck was always a strange thing. Sometimes, it would lead him to situations like the one with Shido, where everything that could go wrong would do so. Other times…well, they were times like when he and Ryuji had accidentally stumbled into Kamoshida’s Palace, and the result had been the closest and dearest friendships he’d ever had.

So it was by that same luck that he’d spotted her out of the corner of his eye. Even in this place, she stood out…in a good way, of course. He definitely wouldn’t have mistaken that hair color and style for anyone else’s. Well, nothing for it now. He wasn’t about to let this kind of opportunity go to waste. Slipping his hands into his pockets, he quickly crossed the street and moved to walk up behind his friend. Clearing his throat, he reached out to tap her on the shoulder and adopted a cheeky smirk.

“Excuse me miss, but I’m looking for someone I know. She’s about your height, build, age, and has blond hair just like yours. Have you seen anyone like that?”