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No one else championed me at Paisley Park, except Prince – nobody. In fact, I don’t think half of the people liked me to be honest with you, because I was his friend and I guessed I never minced my words. I always tell him what I thought and I wasn’t trying to be everybody’s friend. I’d never met anyone like him before – not at all. It was just his confidence. And he was really shy, too, so there was this childlike thing that went with it. He totally threw me off, because he didn’t do what every other guy did – like, come to your house at the right time and pick you up, meet your mom and dad. Prince would throw rocks at your window while you were sleeping. He did things that were almost like something from a fairy tale.
When you got an album completed, you were done as a romantic interest. Like, you were still there but he was putting you in a place where you weren’t going to just be a happy power couple. You were given your wings to go do your thing. … Some guys send you flowers, Prince would just give you an album.
She says Prince pushed her toward her most independent self. “I don’t meet people and say something provocative.“ He stirred my being; he unnerved me – he rattled me. I had not met anyone like him, and I was really defiant with him out of the reactionary response.
I really, truly believe that Prince was married to his music. There was no woman who could ever, ever rival that – or compete. No way. You could try to fit in next to it – but, nah, it was his music.
—  Jill Jones, Diffuser, Prince pays tribute to Jill Jones on She’s Always In My Hair
GoT Re-Watch: Fine-Toothed Comb Edition

Bonus post to go with the numbers. It’s time to review this review. In my defense, thirty hours is a lot of TV show. I know I could use some reflection.

So now that we’re at the end of season three, we’re at the awkward point of the adaptation where we’re not actually at the end of Act One of A Song of Ice and Fire. And yet we’re at a turning point in the show all the same - the point where most critics of the show start identifying various and ever more serious warning bells about the show’s quality.

The thing about A Song of Ice and Fire is that, though it’s known for deconstructing a whole lot of fantasy fiction tropes, it also reconstructs a lot of them. The thing about Game of Thrones is that it only does that first bit.

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walkingwithkieren  asked:

Jeff/Annie for the domesticity meme


who cooks normally?: once they move in together annie is grateful for having a pantry stocked with food other than instant noodles and she buys cook books to experiment with, buying specific ingredients for specifc recipes which are usually never used again. jeff has no idea how much money they waste on spices alone but at least it keeps his diet varied.

how often do they fight?: in the beginning, often; they’re still settling into each other and no matter how much annie influences him, at their cores they’re still different people. jeff will always choose to believe the worst of people, and paired with his insecurity and paranoia, it leads to many arguments. after a while he actually gets used to the idea that annie actually wants to be with him, and they only argue about dumb things like take-out after that.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: they’re surprinsingly functional when they’re apart, or at least annie is; she’s never depended on anyone else, and she loves jeff with every fibre of her being but that doesn’t stop her from being almost completely self-competent. when their days off don’t coincide jeff spends the day sulking and pining in the apartment, aimlessly wandering from the couch to the fridge, to the couch again until she comes home, where he greets her as eagerly as a love-sick puppy. which he is, really. he’s come to accept it (in his own mind), but just don’t tell britta.

nicknames for each other?: milady and milord, are standard of course. ‘princess’ when jeff is mad at her. annie doesn’t really have one for him but jeff’s catalogued the differents ways she says his name and it feels like that’s close enough.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: jeff, but it’s okay, but annie usually pays for the movies.

who steals the covers at night?: annie. she sleeps like she lives and moves the entire night. EDIT: she’s also a light sleeper, so jeff willingly gives up the duvet so she doesn’t wake up as often. it doesn’t matter if he gets cold; annie’s a cuddler.

what would they get each other for gifts?: annie is great at buying gifts, finding the perfect mix between practical and fun, and she’s the most important girlfriend he’s had so he panics and ends up getting something dumb like a picture frame with a photo of them in it; which proves to be not so dumb because annie cries and tells him it’s the best present she’s ever got. when they make love that night annie holds him tightly and she comes and whispers “I love you, I love you, I love you” over and over. he gets her a new one every year. she cries each time.

who remembers things?: annie remembers everything, which proves insanely aggravating during fights, but incredibly helpful when he’s lost something.

who cusses more?: jeff, but annie’s been known to let out a “fuck me” when she stubs her toe, which amuses jeff to no end. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: annie worries, but it’s nothing like when annie even gets a papercut. when she got in a car crash jeff didn’t sleep for three days, refusing to let himself take his eyes off her even if it was just a case of mild whiplash. when she was allowed to come home, they spent hours on the couch with him just holding her, stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. 

who kissed who first?: annie, because she was the one brave enough, and because there was no way she was going to lose that debate (jeff likes to reminder her that the group would have castrated him if he had willingly kissed an eighteen year old).

who made the first move?: again, annie. even when they’re going out, jeff treats and touches her like she’s made of crystal. she never really got that far with vaughn, and add that to the sex with closeted homosexual in an actual closet, jeff feels the pressure. their first few times are awkward and fumbling even though they’re impossibly tender, but more importantly they’re communicative, with annie telling jeff what feels good and doesn’t and jeff letting annie know the same for him. 

who started the relationship?: jeff asks her out first. after impossibly awesome five dates, jeff has come to terms that they’re officially dating now, strangely not-panicky about it but it takes the fourth time she stays over for her to ask what she is to him. 

“you’re my girlfriend,” jeff says simply, then pauses worriedly. “I mean, you are, right?”

annie bites her lip to hide her grin - which she fails at - and nods coyly, burying her face in his shoulder. they tell the group the next day. troy cries.