where she says tom has to work at it


Tom x Tara for finchmackee

Dear Tom,

I’ll tell you what I remember, seeing as you asked. That after we made love that night in my parents’ house, you asked me to get out of bed, naked. Remember how I felt? I mean we had just had sex, so that’s as intimate as I thought it got, but it’s funny that I don’t remember that part as much as you making me stand in front of you with nothing on and we were freezing cold and I felt so exposed, like I felt you could see inside the guts of me. And remember, I cried? And you were like, Shh, shh, don’t. You’re beautiful, and I can’t believe I’m writing this now, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget your voice when you said that. I think I loved you at that moment. 

But then Joe happened, and you didn’t ring or anything. You didn’t let me see you exposed from all your pain. You hid and you left me there, starkers, and for so long, for so, so long, I felt raw. Don’t ever ask anyone to do that again, Tom. Don’t ever ask them to bare their soul and then leave it. It’s fucking cruel and no matter how much pain you were in, you had no right. Because sometimes it makes me want to shudder, because sometimes I still think I’m there in my bedroom standing naked, except it’s like the whole world can see me, and they’re laughing like sometimes I remember people laughing at me behind my back in high school. And it makes me just want to cry with shame.


Dear Tara,

If you think I’ve forgotten anything about that night, you, most gorgeous girl, are laboring under great misapprehension. I remember everything. I remember your petticoat.. slip… whatever the hell it’s called, and how you let me take it off. You made me close my eyes and that was even more of a turn on.

You’ve always seen through me and that’s freaked me out. You saw the stuff I didn’t show other people. The part of me that sometimes can be a bully, because I come from a family of it. Learned behavior because I think my dad was taught by Bill and Bill was taught by his father and sometimes I feel it inside me as well, except we’re not actually comfortable with it, but it’s there and it frightens all of us. And that night you saw the fear. You made it go away for just one minute and then Joe happened and I couldn’t speak anymore and the numbness-please, God don’t ever let me feel that numbness again. I think I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to make the numbness go away and if my mum and dad and Anabel couldn’t, and then you couldn’t, I didn’t know whether I could handle that.

I know I stuffed up and I know your peacekeeper probably treated you like gold and I’ve treated you like crap but I want you to know that I remember the conversations we had in Year Twelve, when you told me you wanted to do a cultural studies degree because you believed in trade, not aid, and you believe that the only way was to ask the questions and listen to the needs of the people and I remember thinking that exact moment, I want to change the world with her. And I remember feeling that again in Georgie’s attic. That’s a powerful gift you have there Ms. Finke. To make the laziest guy around want to change the world with you. So next time you remember standing in your bedroom naked, know that it is the most amazing view from any angle, especially the one where we get to see inside.

Love always,


  • Tom Mison: calls Nicole Treasure and says he would be happy to work with her for the rest of his life.
  • Nicole Beharie: on a scale of 1-10 working with Tom is a twenty.
  • Ichabod: redraws map, leaves Abbie in purgatory
  • Abbie: looks sad
  • me: realizes she has stumbled into a corner of the Twilight Zone where RP shipping is actually better.

anonymous asked:

Hey Z, maybe you have some italian follower who can translate this tweet: twitter,com/dani66_daniela/status/923900526298791936 This woman met Tom today, (he signed her daughter's book) and I think she says he had a puppy on his arms? he was at his usual coffee shop with a lady friend. At least that's what I understood.. 🤔🤔 The full convo is interesting.🕵

Well I did google translate and she does say he said he has a puppy, but nothing about a lady friend- where are you getting that? One says they wonder if a puppy means he won’t work for a while and the other says maybe he’s not alone? It’s just speculation.

Also this woman also took a picture of his gate earlier in the week and tweeted it- where is the outrage, nannies??? Instead they post her tweets because she claims he has a puppy and aawwwwwwww. What if she said that without his permission!? What if she posted a picture of the HiddlesPuppy! Invasion of privacy! Whora and FBF should be up her ass!!


Odd Jobs

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Epilogue)

Walking out of the coffee shop, large Peppermint Mocha coffee in hand, you see a man leaning up against the light pole, a sign that says “Will work for food” written in very legible handwriting on a piece of cardboard

Approaching the stranger, you bend down and ask, “Hello, my name is Y/N. What is your name?”

“Tom,” the homeless man answers, his icy blue eyes catching you off guard.

“Hello, Tom, it’s very nice to meet you,” you say as you reach out your hand for him to shake, noting his particularly strong grip on your hand.

“Do you have any spare change?” Tom asks.

“I have something better.  Is your sign true to its word?”

Watching his eyes light up, he says, “Yes, it is! I can do yard work, fix-it work, car work, and I even have a creative side.”

You chuckle as a smile breaks out across your cheeks. “Wonderful.  Come to this address tomorrow at 9 am and ask for Sherry.  She will clean you up and tell you where to find me.”

Tom’s gaze follows you as you walk away, and as he furrows his brow, he looks down at the piece of paper in his hands, wondering what he has gotten himself in to.


“Hello, I was told to ask for Sherry,” a disheveled Tom asks the lady at the front desk.

“Well, you’ve come to the right place, hun!” Sherry says delightfully.  “Lemme guess, you met Y/N?”

“Yes, yes I did.”

“Oh yeah, she’s a big do-gooder around here.  More money than God Himself.  Takes in a homeless person every couple of months.  Cleans ‘em up, employs ‘em around her estate, gives ‘em a good job reference.  I’m surprised you haven’t heard of her.  People ‘round here talk a lot.”

Smiling at her peppy attitude, Tom sits down and feels the hair fall off of his head and away from his face. Sherry’s voice quickly falls into the background as he walks thru yesterday’s events in his head.

“All right, hun, lets have a peek.”  Sherry turns Tom towards the mirror, and as Tom squints at his chiseled cheeks and set jaw, Sherry slips your address into his hand.

“Be good to her, and she’ll treat ya right.  Do her wrong, and she’ll kick ya out.”

Tom thanked Sherry and promised to come back with a tip once he got paid, and as he walked out of the parlor he was so excited to get to your house that he didn’t even hear Sherry’s objections.


Tom stood at the bottom of a rising set of stairs up to a beautiful home.  As he double-checks the house number, you come out onto the porch.

“Well, hello, To-” you say cheerfully before your greeting drops off.  You remembered his striking eyes, but you didn’t know he had such…striking features as well.

Tom bounds up the stairs and holds out his hand.  “Hello, Y/N.  You have a beautiful home.”

“Th-thank you,” you manage to get out.  After the world comes back into focus, you ask, “You said you could do yard work?”

“Yes, I most certainly can,” Tom responds.

“Wonderful.  I have a garden and various flowers planted out back, and weeds are starting to overtake the beautiful things.  I was wondering if you could dig them up and then spray some weed repellent on the affected areas?”

Tom nods his head and meanders his way out back while you head into the kitchen to make up some snacks and lemonade for a little later.  Finishing up the last of your preparation, Tom comes in shirtless and asks where you’ve stored your weed repellent.

And stopping you in your tracks, his torso takes you by surprise as you realize that Tom’s grip is not the only thing strong on his body.

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Top "Hardy protecting Miller moments" ? (I'm so ready for s3 I need them together again)

1. All of S01E08, which is basically just Hardy doing everything he can to protect her and make things easier for her. He lets his emotions get in the way of fulfilling his responsibilities as a detective and trusts her innocence unconditionally - things that he warned her all season not to do - because he cares for and loves her so much.

2. The toilet scene ft. Alec “bursts into the ladies toilet to yell at you and awkwardly offer you a hug and emotional support” Hardy.

3. That bit where Jocelyn is chewing out Ellie for breaking Joe’s rib and Hardy tries to take the blame. This is extra Good b/c we get the Sneaky Arm along the back of the chair

*choir singing Hallelujah in the distance*

4. “What have you eaten today?” This one is excellent because here we have Hardy, who is literally dying of a heart condition and the utter worst at looking after himself, being a mother hen and nagging her about her eating habits, then taking her back to his house and feeding her. That’s the way to treat a woman. Who needs abs when you can make a salad? Except she hates salads, but hey, he tried. Also this is super cute b/c Ellie always used to be the one bringing him food and coffee in S1 to be nice and he hated/couldn’t eat what she gave him, and now he’s doing the exact same thing. *clenches fist* role reversal.

5. The part where Sharon’s questioning Hardy about the assault on Joe and he gets super emotional and tries to take all the blame for it IN COURT

6. The bit in court where Sharon is casting aspersions on Ellie and Hardy is getting steadily more annoyed and distressed like “how DARE you suggest that Ellie Miller is anything but flawless.” Then he comes out in a great big huff, talking about how “decent people get treated like shit” and throwing a fit about the whole legal system, but Ellie has no idea that all his distress is over her, so she just says “shut up, you’re making me nervous.”

7. When Ellie starts getting into the Sandbrook case, and even though she’s his best chance for solving it he gets worried and has to warn her, “don’t get pulled into this.” He wonders if he made a mistake inviting her on; he’s scared it might hurt her like it hurt him. “This case has done enough damage to people.” But she just smiles and says, “I’m gonna solve it” so he’s like ‘Miller you beautiful and powerful musk ox.’ Then he has a heart attack on the step while she works.


9. The bit in S02E08 where he marches up to Ellie after the verdict and he says “I need someone as angry as me… let’s walk that verdict off on two very deserving people” because he knows that Ellie is a tiny blistering ball of fury and the best way to help her right now is not to hug her or coddle her but to give her a constructive outlet for her rage and let her fix something. He basically says “LET’S BE ANGRY TOGETHER AND TAKE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS OUT” (and then within like 2 hours Ellie is actually smiling at his compliments and so confident and full of energy as she rips the suspects apart you wouldn’t even know that that verdict had happened, and Hardy sits back like ‘this is my WOMAN she is FURIOUS and SMART and she is gonna DESTROY you’ he is so proud it’s ridiculous

10. hthe LOOK

“What about Joe?” “It’s been dealt with” and he gives her THIS LOOK because she’s leaving and he loves her and he’s worried about her and he doesn’t believe she’ll be safe and he wants to protect her but he can’t do anything so he just gives THE LOOK



Sunday Smut Spotlight: Under the Influence

Welcome to tonight’s edition of SSS, wherein our authors were challenged to write a sexy story about Tom (or his character) while inebriated.  

Below you’ll find eight wonderful smutty fics, including several actor!Toms, an AU Mage!Tom, a Loki, and a Magnus.

Please leave likes, comments and reblogs for the writers, and remember to drink (and sex it up) responsibly!


Fairy Dust

by neither-blue-nor-green

Summary: Thora’s new neighbor comes to her cottage needing her help with an injury… an injury from a very unusual source.

She offered him a glass of whiskey and he accepted thankfully. As she dabbed at the wound with disinfectant he hissed.

“What happened to you?” she asked calmly, mostly to distract him.

“One of the little buggers got me, I think it was poisoned,” he murmured and she looked at him confused.
His eyes were glassy and he stared at something behind her.

“Little buggers?” she echoed, more to herself.

“Pixies,” he sighed and she snorted.


Happy to Share

by angryschnauzer

Summary: Princess Anna is visiting Asgard in an attempt to choose a suitor between the two princes. A couple of bottles of mead later and they’re having a grand old time!

“Anna, we have a plan to make this evening a little more fun and like old times when we were teenagers” he nodded to Loki and you watched as he revealed two bottles of Mead hidden within his green cloak before hiding them away from prying eyes before anyone saw.

“Come on brother, let’s get out of here”

Loki led the way as Thor took your arm and led you out of the grand hall and into the deserted corridor, breaking into a run until you tugged on his hand.

“Wait! I need to take my heels off to keep up with you!”

Reaching down you pulled the delicate shoes off your feet before breaking into a run as you followed the pair of princes; wondering what mischief they had planned.


Drunk Tom - Episode II

by kathrynbjordahl

Summary:  Tom gets more than a bit tipsy during a dinner party hosted by him and his wife Jazara.

An hour later Chris and Elsa had left Jaz alone with a fully sloshed Tom. He hugs her at her side.

“Jazzy, guess what?”


“I love you, I LOVE, LOOOOVE YOU!” he said while blowing air in her ear.

“I know that you dork.” She said trying to not get turned on. She had to show some control in this situation.

“Can we do it? Can we make love?”

“Not until you sober up a bit.“


How Did We Get on the Floor?

by tinaferraldo (tinacita - AO3 link)

Summary: Mother Nature throws a wrench into Tom’s plans, so he and Marie stay in…

We were about halfway through the movie when she paused it. She got up, went into the kitchen, and returned with 2 bottles – my Jameson and her brandy.

“Thirsty angel?” I joked.

She gestured toward my empty glass. “No more than you!”

By the time the movie was finished, we had each finished our respective bottles. I had also downed half of another bottle.

I had never seen Marie drunk, and I hadn’t been this inebriated in … I couldn’t remember how long.

Marie stood up, fell over the arm of the sofa, and then righted herself.

She sighed. “Meet me upstairs in 7 minutes.”

“Sleven?” I slurred.

She nodded, wobbling a bit. “Yup. I got a … suhprize for yooo!”


Just Good Friends

by gutterfortunecookie

Summary: Sherry accompanies Tom to an event, then finds herself in charge of him after he has a bit too much to drink.

The evening was over and we all had one too many drinks as we headed for the cabs to take us home. I helped Tom outside as Luke took Tom’s wallet.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you a fair chance to talk to him.”

“I don’t know where he lives.”

“Which is why he’s spending the night with you. Ta!”

Luke waved Tom’s wallet out the window as Tom wrapped his arms around me.

“Slumber party!”

“Tom, where do you live?”

“Ystad,” he slurred to perfection. “I don’t have to be at work in the morning. Wallander says it’s okay.”



by ancientfinnishgoddess

Summary: The reader is invited to a party by her friend to meet the perfect guy.

“I don’t do this kind of stuff, ever” I said to myself when I closed the door behind me and stepped into the morning breeze. Yet I had just done that. Spent the night with a stranger I met at a party and had sex with him drunk.

I was never really good in parties. I hated crowds and usually didn’t know anyone but the host and the whole concept of small talking with strangers was utterly boring. I craved real conversations which I usually had only with my online friends apart from few exceptions of which the host of this party was one. So just to do her a favor for that I decided that I’ll just pop in, say hi to the guy and leave.


Lady in Shining Armour

by storiesitellmyself

Summary: Tom and Rose (Luke Windsor’s sister) have been ‘dating’ for a couple of weeks in secret after an event lead to a night together. Tom invites Rose to another event with him but she has to work.

“Hello my beautiful Rose,” he said, slurring just a little.

“Oh god you’re drunk.”

“No! Just happy.”

“You’re a happy drunk. Please tell me you’re at home in bed.”

“Mmm nope.”

Rose rubbed a hand over her face. “Tom, where are you?”

“You should have come with me, Rose. And then I wouldn’t have needed alcohol to make it interesting. There was a photo booth that would have been the perfect size for a quick-”

“Yep. Got it. Where are you?”

“You know that club with the cocktails you like?”

“I’m not even going to ask how you remembered that, but yes. I’m calling Luke, don’t go anywhere.”

“No! No no no. I’m just fine. No Luke. Luke will yell.”


Mutual Gifting

by a-bit-fairytale (elinorofealdor - AO3 link)

Summary: After a night out to celebrate Magnus’ birthday, he and Emilia stumble back to his apartment and are fueled to continue the party by more than just alcohol…

Too much, Emilia thought as she tried not to stumble down the sidewalk, keeping an eye on Magnus. Too much vodka.

“It’s a celebration.” Magnus slurred as he sidestepped the curb. “So much to be happy about.”

Emilia giggled, wrapping an arm around his waist. He followed suit, then hoisted her up a few inches.

“Magnus,” she laughed. “Let me go.”

“Never,” he called out.

She shushed him, afraid he would wake his neighbors as they approached his flat. “I mean put me down.”

Instead, he hoisted her up further, bending her over his shoulder. She kept laughing as he strode with her into the complex and upstairs into his flat. He set her down. Kicking off his shoes, he had to put an arm against the wall to steady himself.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful evening!

(shameless plug for my previous SSS story, which also involves a drunken Tom)


Halt and Catch Fire / Ep. 207: “Working for the Clampdown” / Moments

I want to talk about this moment even though I don’t really have any hard answers for the question I’m about to pose.

Why did Bosworth say that?

Here, we’ve got Boz who, if “Team Cameron” is a company, would be its founder and CEO, at a meeting with Joe where he (Boz) is relentless in his insistance that his loyalty is to Cameron, and only to Cameron: “Everything you say in this room goes right back to Cameron” … “Man, you’re not pitching shit unless she miraculously changes her mind, and I work out of her kitchen until the day she says otherwise” … “But I won’t be bought, Joe. And if that’s what Cameron wants, none of us will.”

But when Joe starts feeling around for weak spots in the walls Cameron has built to keep him out, Bosworth is surprisingly helpful, giving Joe the ultimate answer: the weak spot is Tom.

He didn’t have to do that. He could have shrugged and let Joe try to get to Cameron through Donna instead (as Joe was apparently ready to do).

Instead, he sent Joe straight to Tom’s doorstep, and it worked – Cameron was ready to sign after Tom spoke with her.

So, can Bosworth giving Joe the lead on Tom be considered a betrayal of Cameron? Is it just another sign that he, like Joe at that point, believed Westgroup would help Mutiny and, more importantly, Cameron?

Or was it just that Bosworth still holds enough animosity towards Joe that he couldn’t resist the impulse to be the one to tell him that Cameron has moved on…just so he could see the look on Joe’s face in the second gif?

Brightest Day

A/N: The third and last in a series of Jily college AUs for the November Fanfiction Challenge. Also found on ao3 or ff.net. This is a direct continuation of part 1.

Lily’s favorite coffee shop is a painful cliché, but one she can’t help but indulge in. It’s a tiny brick establishment, so small that you can barely move between the tables without sending someone’s coffee mug flying. There are delicious, freshly made pastries and a small little second floor that is really just an indoor balcony found at the top of a narrow metal staircase. The seats are cushioned and the tables are solid wood and the coffee—the coffee is divine. The doors close between two and three in the morning for cleaning, but Lily knows that if you help sweep the floors they won’t send you outside.

Like she said, it’s a tiny place, warm and welcoming with soft light and softer croissants. A place so small that if you happened to, say, run into the bloke you had been hell-bent on avoiding—well, there would be no avoiding about it.

Keep reading

35 Reasons Why Scandal Season 3 Left Me Shaking My Head in Confusion

(Note: This list is not meant to apply to any one in the fandom other than myself. It is very possible that I missed some story points and therefore some of these reasons may in fact be clear to other viewers. I do invite anyone to comment with an explanation to any of these points; clarity is always a good thing.) 

  1. There was a one month time jump between the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere. What happened to make Fitz desperate enough to out Olivia’s name as his mistress?
  2. Fitz outted Olivia’s name without a back-up plan? Did he not know that her apartment would be swarmed with reporters? Did he not know that she would lose her clientele; jeopardize her reputation and the livelihood of her employees? Did he not have a contingency plan for all of this fallout?
  3. When Olivia shows up at the bunker, brings Mellie in and they discuss how to handle the situation, did he not already have a plan of action ready to implement?
  4. Fitz said he outted Olivia to free her from Mellie’s clutches. So Mellie could not use her against him. Were there other parts of his plan underway at the same time? Was he already working on the divorce? If not, doing that one act falls flat and seems illogical. What was his next step?
  5. The Grant War – Did that really happen? When did it end? Who was the victor? Who lost? What were the casualties?
  6. Cyrus tells Fitz that B6-13 doesn’t work for the President. It is an agency out of his control. Yet, episodes later, Fitz suddenly has the ability to overthrow Command and replace him with whom he chooses?
  7. Huck strangling Olivia – no response; no fall out from that violent act?
  8. Pete Foster running in to talk to Fitz about Operation Remington, why the urgency to speak to Fitz after all this time? Didn’t this Operation happen 20+ years ago?
  9. Episode 6 – Rowan sends someone to kill Jake for looking into Operation Remington but Fitz sends his own man to save him. After that failed attempt, Rowan no longer is concerned about Huck and Jake looking into it? He doesn’t need to kill Jake anymore?
  10. Episode 10 – Quinn goes AWOL and Olivia gives little to no effort to find her and bring her back.
  11. Fitz detaining Rowan while Maya gets away safe is all that is needed to overthrow him as Command? For real?
  12. Adnan Salif has Harrison make a sizeable donation to the Grant campaign, why?
  13. Tom working for B6-13???
  14. Adnan meets with Cyrus at the donor dinner to say that she is in to help with the Grant campaign and has unlimited resources, why does she do this?
  15. There is a full length monologue of Jake talking to no one where we find out about his mother, father and sister, yet after 2.5 seasons I had no idea where Harrison came from and why he is so attached to Olivia? (this point is irrelevant now but at the time it was pertinent)
  16. When Rowan is head of B6-13 he is considered evil and a monster; when Jake is head of B6-13 he is “just doing his job” “he’s not the problem, B6-13 is” and “he’s a good guy”?
  17. Although Fitz put Jake in power, he can’t control him? Jake doesn’t have to listen to Fitz? So now B6-13 is back to being out of Fitz’s control?
  18. Tom is in the rafters, ready to kill Sally if she tells the truth about her husband’s death during the debate. The President and Vice President are on site and this area is NOT patrolled by Secret Service agents. No one sees or would see Tom carrying out this mission?
  19. Everything everyone has done – Mellie, Cyrus, Jake – has all been in service at the pleasure of the President of the United States. So although Fitz has no knowledge of their actions, did not sanction them, did not weigh in on the decisions they made, the burden lies with him and he now considers himself the Devil. SMH!
  20. No explanation is provided on why Adnan needed to hire Maya? Maya has been locked up for 20 years, wouldn’t Adnan have better/ more up to date connections than Maya? Why they want to kill Fitz. Is it just because they are terrorists?
  21. Jake’s primary goal when he was put as Command was to find Maya Pope. He couldn’t find her before the terrorist plot got underway?
  22. B6-13 didn’t see Maya go in and have dinner with the Pope family in a public restaurant?
  23. Jeanine Locke comes back to reveal that she has written a book regarding her supposed affair with the President and then what? She goes away again?
  24. In earlier episodes, Huck was able to hack into cell phones, etc. from his computer. (In season 2 there was the dilemma of whether Olivia would allow him to hack into Cyrus’ phone.) Does Jake have some super special phone that you can only get into by being right next to it? Is that why Olivia had to sleep with him?
  25. Olivia moves hastily to shut down B6-13 without talking to Fitz; although they promised not to keep anymore secrets?
  26. And why does Olivia feel the need to take down B6-13? To save whom? Why does she feel this equates to wearing the white hat again?
  27. Jake confides in Olivia about his horrible job as Command of B6-13; later he loves it; later he wants to be saved. When she shuts it down and tells him he’s free of B6-13, he still begs to be saved?
  28. Jake chokes Olivia against a wall; pulls a gun on her employees and no one has anything to say about this? Especially Abby, who is a victim of domestic abuse herself? And while she wasn’t there during the altercation, she later has no problem lashing out at Rowan for being a horrible person.
  29. Jake begs Fitz to reinstate him as Command to B6-13. Now Fitz has control over B6-13 again?
  30. Rowan goes to Fitz with a pretense that he can get Maya Pope for him and kill her. When has Rowan needed Fitz’ permission to do anything?
  31. Harrison is the one who figures out that Rowan killed the President’s son? The person who had the least involvement; the least information; the least insight into the entire situation?
  32. Jake has time to box up the B6-13 files send them to David with a note but Olivia doesn’t have time to go to Fitz’ son funeral or leave him a note to say that she’s gone and why?
  33. Is Tom working full-time with Rowan and B6-13, killing Adnan, pulling a gun on Harrison or is it just part time when he has time off from being the Secret Service protecting the President?
  34. Jake is a trained killer who has threatened Olivia’s life when she wanted to dig further into James’ death, choked her, pulled a gun on her employees, outted their sex life in front of her employees, Fitz and Cyrus, released a sex tape on her, killed her friend James as well as two other women, struggled with her and put her in the hospital and this is the man who she wants to run away with?
  35. At the end of Season 2, Olivia left Fitz because she “pushed her Gladiators too far…they need me…I’m their Gladiator”. But now at the end of Season 3 she leaves her Gladiators in the care of Rowan. She no longer cares about whether Harrison is alive or dead, where Quinn is or Huck’s problem with his ‘family’. On her marching orders, these people have conducted illegal, treasonous acts that could have them all rotting in prison but now all of that no longer matters?