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On Memories

Memory is a strange thing! It so bizarre sometimes the things it chooses to keep while discarding others. I find it amazing that I can remember all 12 digits of your phone number but I can’t seem to memorize the 8 of my own! Significance is at the heart of memory. I guess we don’t forget what we love. I wonder if memories feed our hearts or if it is the other way around? What do you think?

     Memories are also such a contradiction of things. Some are very fragile while some are so strong. Some fill us with joy, and we wish to savor them like the warm hug of a friend on a cold night. Others much darker, we wish we could forget yet they wrap their arms around us like chains!  Some build us and some destroy us yet at the end of our life what we have left is our memories! Such an integral part of us that I don’t think even death can part us from them. I am my memories or my memories are me?  A philosophical question I don’t know the answer to.

    Sometimes I think we have so many I wonder where they all fit, crowded in my mind like a stack of domino chips.  Sometimes my mind is so empty I don’t know where they’ve gone; like an imprint you see on the couch, knowing something was there but now it’s gone! So many things can trigger them and at the most ludicrous times: a smell, a sound, a picture, a touch! And sometimes one leads to another like an endless stream of pearls on a necklace.

     Sometimes I wonder what your memories are of me and what picture you hold in your mind. I wonder if it is happy or sad. I wonder what colors tinge your memories of me and if they warm your heart. I wonder if they will stand the test of time or they are a fleeting figment in your mind. Sometimes I wish I could know but other times I do not wish it at all. I guess I am too afraid to find out. And then I think does it really matter at all? As long as I know what memories of you my heart holds.


Quintis Mid-Season Hiatus Meme

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Hello, my merry kinfolk! We have been running this blog less than a week, and I am pleased to announce that we are at almost 100 followers! It’s not a lot, but it’s certainly progress! So Mod Indy and I wanted to do something for you guys as a “thanks for starting out with us”! What are we offering?

Pizza! And some art too! Here are the terms:

  • First off, this giveaway will end on 03/18/15 at 8pm EST.
  • You have to be following us! We will check! Yes, it’s fine if you followed us for this. Please don’t unfollow us after, though, that’s kind of rude. We have lots of cool stuff to hang around for.
  • To ward off any chances of people following just to get pizza, also: you have to be otherkin to win this. Sorry, non-otherkin followers! We really appreciate you guys and I know people have said they’re following us for mood-setting, supporting your otherkin friends, and general love of animals, and we’re really glad to have you guys along for the ride! However, we decided since we are a blog for otherkin support, this would be best.
  • Likes and reblogs count! You can reblog all you like, but you’ll only get one entry.
  • You have to be willing to provide your address or at least your local pizza place so we can place the order. This might sound like a silly rule, but I don’t feel comfortable giving people money if you aren’t going to use it for the intended prize. 

Speaking of which, your fabulous prizes:

  • $20 worth of pizza, with that total including any delivery charges - preferably from Dominos because that’s where I do my primary ordering (it’s this wolfkin’s fav) and I know they have vegan options available, but I’m willing to order it from wherever your local delivery place is. Please tip your driver at least a little, so I guess this isn’t totally free, but remember they work for tips and I can’t tip them on my end!
  • IF DURING THE TIME OF THE GIVEAWAY WE EXCEED 150+ FOLLOWERS, you will also win an icon of your kintype made by Mod Indy! 

I think that sums everything up! So reblog, keep sending us lovely asks, keep being your awesome selves, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!