where my brother's girlfriend comes from

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Since it's Valentine's Day.(Have the RFA+V+Searan) I would love to ask if you could do MC and her brother spending Valentines together. The others couldn't spend time cause they were busy. So once they have some time to spare them look for you and see you are your brother hanging out. Yet you are siblings so you sorta close to each other and some things seem romantic. The others don't know you have a brother. So how would they react? If you can't do it, it's okay. Happy Valentine's Day!

OOooh scandalous~ 
(It’s the day after Valentine’s Day here because I live in Australia and we live in the future but I’d be happy do do this!)


✮ he was busy with some huge LOLOL event that was happening for valentine’s 
✮ he felt bad but you assured him that it was fine and you would just go see family or a friend or whatever 
✮ so when he leaves the house to get food and sees you with some guy??
✮ your brother was teasing you by pulling and twisting your hair 
✮ but to yoosung it looked like he was hella flirting 
✮ basically stomps up and flicks your brother’s hand away 
✮ ‘excuse me, why are you touching my girlfriend? huh?’ 
where did this confidence come from hmmmm
✮ your brother is confused because ‘omg is this the innocent yoosung MC was talking about???’
✮ you’re trying not to fall over from laughing 
✮ your brother looks absolutely horrified 
✮ “MC is mY siStEr! who are you, huh punk?’ 
✮ yoosung.exe has stopped working
✮ almost cries
✮ apologises 38918475 times he feels so bad 
✮ is pouting for the rest of the day and puts the LOLOL event on the back burner 


✎ she told you beforehand that valentine’s was going to be probably the busiest day for the cafe 
✎ but W O W 
✎ the cafe was packed and you hardly got to see jaehee 
✎ and your brother visited during your lunch break 
✎ so you two were just standing in a corner, trying to leave as much room for the actual customers that you could 
✎ things died down for a total of maybe five minutes 
✎ and jaehee looked around to find you and saw your brother squishing your cheeks together while you both laughed 
✎ she really wanted to go over there and judo kick someone’s ass but she still had customers 
✎ she was kinda angry for the rest of the day 
✎ until afterwards you walk up with your brother and introduce them 
✎ her face is redder than saeyoung’s hair 
✎ she refuses to admit anything 
✎ except when you’re back home she’s super affectionate 
✎ and at first you think it’s just valentine’s day love 
✎ but she’s super clingy and kind sheepish 
✎ so you ask what the deal is 
✎ and she begrudgingly admits that she saw you and your brother when you were messing around and didn’t realise it was your brother
✎ you have to try and maintain the giggles because she’s obviously embarrassed
✎ cute baehee 


✿ he was really busy rehearsing an upcoming musical 
✿ and the director was super strict and wasn’t letting anyone out for the day 
✿ during one of the breaks he picked up his phone and noticed that his fans were all tagging him in the same thing
✿ and he went to it and it’s a picture of you with some guy?!?!?!?!
✿ and he’s so scandalised 
✿ he immediately goes to the group chat and sees that you and saeyoung are online
✿ he basically spams the picture with multiple exclamations akin to ‘WTF MC’ 
✿ you’re freaking out because he’s just sending mindless messages now and won’t stop to listen 
✿ and saeyoung is just off his chair laughing because he obviously knows who it is (background check) 
✿ you send a selfie of you and your brother both with a ‘wtf’ face and the ‘boi’ hand at the camera 
✿ and zen finally stops 
✿ you send another picture but this one’s of you and your brother when you were babies 
✿ ‘hyun, this is my brother’ 
✿ ‘nice to meet THE zen’
✿ he’s so flustered 
✿ he sends sorry to the chat so many times that the original problem can’t even be found 
✿ when he comes home that night he brings a big bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks 
✿ is super clingy 


₩ this nugget just doesn’t believe in valentine’s day 
₩ you’d told him how annoyed this makes you but he didn’t seem to care too much 
₩ so he was at work 
₩ you went to lunch at the cafe thing across from the C&R building because your brother was curious 
₩ y’all were just chilling, eating pastries and drinking milkshakes 
₩ and then jaehee came for her lunch break 
plot twist
₩ you say hi and your brother introduces himself (but not as your brother) 
₩ and she’s shook 
₩ she goes back and asks jumin if he knew you were at the cafe with some guy
₩ he glides down and stands at your table 
₩ you really nonchalantly say hello 
₩ he’s so confused 
₩ ‘would you like to explain yourself MC?’ 
₩ ???? ‘jumin what are you talking about? i’m just having lunch with my brother, we’re waiting for his girlfriend to come’ 
₩ it’s like you can see him deflate in embarrassment 
₩ he like flops down in the seat next to you 
₩ meets your brother 
₩ when you’re back at home you ask him why he was so salty at the start and he admitted that he thought you were on a date with some random guy because he wouldn’t celebrate valentine’s 
₩ you laugh and say you wouldn’t do that and shower him in affection
he made up for it ;)


⌨  he probably knows what your brother looks like from the background check but for the sake of story let’s just pretend he didn’t go that deep into your history 
⌨  he was super busy with work-related stuff and didn’t even realise it was valentine’s
⌨  he asked you to grab some groceries because he couldn’t
⌨  he’d noticed you’d been gone for a while so he hacked into the security cameras of and around the grocery store
⌨  saw you talking to some guy
⌨  he’s so confused because you haven’t just stopped for a little ‘oh hi I know you’ obligatory hello but you’re walking down the sidewalk with the store bags and talking
⌨  he sees him nudge you with his shoulder and he’s kinda pissed
⌨  he just waits until you’re back home. you’re alone 
⌨  he tries to act nonchalant about it, and like he doesn’t know anything– waiting until you bring it up 
⌨  it’s the end of the day and he crawls into the bed where you already are 
⌨  you bring up how it’s valentine’s day and that you missed him 
⌨  he feels guilty but he’s kinda frustrated from before and goes ‘it didn’t look like you missed me too much while walking down the street with some other guy’ 
⌨  he did not get the reaction he expected 
⌨  he expected you to be kinda shocked like ‘:o caught’ 
⌨  but you’re giggling and snorting 
⌨  ‘saeyoung… that was my brother; we ran into each other outside a store so he walked with me for a little while’ 
⌨  like jumin, he deflates 
⌨  he feels S O  B A D 
⌨  he gives you so many cuddles and just fully wraps himself around you 
⌨  swears he’ll make it up to you 
⌨  he definitely does 

I hope you all had a happy valentine’s day! CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND MYSTIC MESSENGER DLC’S WOOO ♡♡♡♡

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.9

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                                                 Part N I N E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: hi hi!!! gabs is back with another part. im so, so happy that everybody is enjoying this series. i made this part a bit more intimate, so i hope that makes everybody’s day (lol). tysm for all the support n love. 100 notes is the goal, but ik yall know this ! x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                      I M A G I N E 

Arrival to Ireland, 13:02 P.M.

“We’re actually going to a party today,” Calum told you as the two of you started unbuckling your belts. People were already rising from their seats to scoop up their carry-ons and exit the plane. “We’re to head out in a few hours, but we’re leaving from the hotel.”

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Andre Burakovsky - Language Barrier

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Finally got this up! I hope you like it! Shout out to @hockeyobsessedloser for giving me this idea!

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: None?

Recently, Andre had convinced you to move out to Malmö with him during off season. You were resistant at first, not knowing if you wanted to leave all your friends, family, and job, by moving to another country. But, he convinced you by stating the fact it’s only a couple months out of the year that you would be there.

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I have a Malec prompt for you: Alec returns to the Institute after spending the night at Magnus's. His neck (and deflect rune) is covered in hickies and he can't be bothered to heal them with a rune/is feeling defiant and doesn't want to.

i live for alec not giving any fucks

Alec pretty much figures out what’s wrong the second he steps into the Institute’s front hall. Raj looks over at him from his desk and arches a slow eyebrow, to which Alec scowls as furiously as he knows how. He can feel the heat suffusing through his cheeks as peoples’ eyes track his movements, their gaze falling to his neck where he is pretty sure Magnus has staked his claim. 

“Bro.” Jace says as Alec approaches him and Izzy, regarding him with bemusement. “Are you serious?” 

“No, I’m Alec.” He responds dryly. Izzy snorts and covers her mouth as she looks down at the table, flipping through something on her tablet. 

“You’re not going to maybe…I dunno, cover up your goddamn hickeys?” Jace exclaims. 

“Mm.” Alec hums noncommittally, peering over at Izzy’s tablet and assessing the incoming reports. He’s trying desperately to focus on that, instead of dwelling on how exactly he got those hickeys - 

How he’d been straddling Magnus on the couch, pressing heated kisses along the underside of Magnus’ jaw, open-mouthed and slick, and so very, very filthy in a way he’s only recently figured out how to do; how Magnus had been groaning under him, his hips rolling relentlessly in graceful little circles, teasing Alec with just the right amount of friction, so endlessly good; how Alec had pulled back for just a second to drag his thumb over Magnus’ lower lip, ducking his head and smiling, and Magnus had flipped their positions, his biceps flexing under Alec’s grip as he’d pushed Alec back and bracketed him in with those long legs; how he’d scraped his teeth slowly, torturously down the line of Alec’s throat, and then closed his mouth in an imperfect seal over the angry red marks and sucked, his lips like a brand against Alec’s skin - 

Alec shudders. Yeah, he can’t bring himself to even skim his fingertips over the marks without immediately melting and calling Magnus to just take him home and ravish him; there’s no way he’s pressing over them to draw a healing rune or something. Not happening. 

And it’s - entirely possible - just a little bit - that Alec likes the reminder that Magnus loves him and doesn’t care who knows and that’s - there’s something so infinitely precious about that. He’s helpless in the face of anything Magnus does, reminded all over again that he’s found a love more extraordinary than he thought possible. 

“I used to think it was cute that you’re so gone on him, but now it’s just tacky.” Jace complains, breaking Alec out of his reverie. Alec and Izzy glance at their brother to see him pouting impressively in a way he developed at age ten and never quite let go of. “I don’t walk in with hickies from my boyfriend, and I’ve arguably got more of an incentive to do so.” 

“What?” Izzy asks, amused. “What incentive could you possibly have?” 

“Simon’s a vampire.” Jace announces loudly as Simon and Clary walk out of the hallway and approach the table where the three of them are gathered, engrossed in some conversation. Alec arches an eyebrow as Jace continues, unaware of his boyfriend and Izzy’s girlfriend coming up from behind him, “He has a neck kink.” 

Simon stops and flushes red, his mouth falling open as the surrounding Shadowhunters all look away, blushing, or - in the case of Raj - leer impressively for all of a second before he falls off his chair laughing. 

Lightwoods.” Raj wheezes as Alec rolls his eyes. 

Jace.” Simon hisses, and Jace looks back at Simon cheerfully. 

“Hi babe.” He says, reaching out and snagging a hand in Simon’s shirt, pulling him closer. “Look, Alec’s got hickeys from Magnus. You refuse to let me leave without putting an iratze on my neck.” 

“That is so much more about your sex life than I wanted to know, but good on you, Simon.” Izzy snickers. “Apparently you’re a lot more adventurous in bed than I realized.” Alec shudders. 

“I’m so glad Magnus has his own apartment.” He mutters to himself. Clary laughs at that, and they exchange an exasperated glance over Jace and Izzy. 

“Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn.” Simon says, scowling up at Jace. “He could probably appear right now and whisk Alec away and no one could say anything. You’re just dating a simple vampire.” 

“So what, Alec is allowed to have his hickeys?” Jace whines. Alec groans and tips his head back. 

“When did we turn into a gossip circle?” He sighs. “I’m allowed to have whatever the hell I want on my body because I am an actual adult. Leave off and take your weird jealousy somewhere else private.”  

“Good idea.” Jace says, smiling winningly at Simon, who throws his hands up and mutters something that sounds suspiciously like ‘insatiable’ before he stalks off with Jace in tow. 

“I guess we’ll go on patrol in a few hours?” Izzy asks, laughing as she draws Clary closer. “And you, big brother, can go back to Magnus and ask him to finish what he started on your neck.” 

“I hate all of you.” Alec says, even as he takes his phone out to text Magnus to come and do exactly that. 

(When they go on patrol, Alec has a matching line of hickeys extending from just below his collar to just above the waistband of his jeans. This time, his meddling siblings do not see them.)

Hey, You. - Chris x MC Fanfic

[A little note: Why didn’t we get more time to bond with Chris’ siblings and why did we only meet one? These are the questions I ask myself when PB doesn’t give me enough to splurge my ideas. I’m indulging into a little fantasy where we get to see a little more of AJ’s perspective after meeting MC. Unfortunately we don’t really know much about her. But I think AJ’s adorable, especially how protective she is over her brother.]

[Summary: AJ isn’t quite sure what to make of Chris’ new girlfriend. The girl he’s spoken about all summer, the girl that’s taking her big brother away from her. And now she’s come face to face with the infamous girl that’s stolen her brother’s heart.]

Cherryfield Maine has always been known for it’s heat. Our summers are long and humid; with temperatures going up to as far as eighty, and winters that never feel long enough. By the time summer rolls around again, most of us don’t even remember what winter feels like.

My sweaty palms seem to echo that sentiment as I wipe them on my overalls. The heat is really bad today. More so than yesterday. There hasn’t been one day this entire week when it’s not. But today I don’t mind; I don’t mind because I know it’s the last day I’ll see Chris.

I drop another lobster by the net under my feet. They snap at me but otherwise are harmless in their tied up state. I drag my feet a little, taking unnecessary stops where possible. I don’t want him to go. 

He knows the game I’m playing but doesn’t complain that I’m too slow. He just grins at me, and wipes the sweat off his brow. 

Today’s Chris’ last day on the job. We’re at the docks, and like most of how we spend the summer – we’ve been taking care of boats and making sure the dock is always ready to go no matter the hour, and stocking up on seafood for local places.

I won’t ever admit it to him, but I like it when it’s just the two of us. Not when Kyle’s here, or even when mom comes by – just us, talking about the open ocean and dumb seafood stuff during our breaks.

That’s all about to change though. I can feel the tide coming even before it happens. The waves crashing to break all the happiness we’ve shared since he’s been back.

They arrive at the docks sometime in the afternoon. There’s three of them - dressed like they’re ready to go camping. None of them really catch my attention except for her. She’s the one that he keeps talking about. 

She’s his girlfriend. 

She’s got dark hair; hair that’s longer than mine and purple streaks - (the streaks are kind of cool). She wears them like she doesn’t care what other people’ll think. She’s all legs, really tall. Well, not as tall as my brother – no one’s taller than him. Still she’s tall enough that I’ve got to crane my neck upwards to get a good look of her face in this heat.

They’re all smiling when they spot us. They’re probably really happy to see Chris, so their eyes don’t linger on me. And hers linger on him for far too long before they start walking toward us.

Chris doesn’t see them. Not yet. He’s too busy catching the last lobster; so he misses the sound of their footsteps. I don’t want to say anything. In fact, I kind of wish they’d leave. I’m not ready to meet them, knowing that if I do that’ll be the last time I’ll see him for the rest of the summer. I’m not ready for stupid summer goodbyes.

Then he adjusts and I watch uneasily how much they seem to stare at each other. You’d think they haven’t seen each other  in forever the way they’re looking at each other. Long stares that’s starting to make me feel like a third wheel. I shift uncomfortably on my feet as he gets up to greet them.

“Look who’s hard at work.” She’s grinning from ear to ear before they hug each other. And they hug…. And they hug for a really long time. I fold my arms and tap my feet impatiently until they let go.

Once they do, Chris exchanges nods with the other two people right behind her. They’re both sort of tall too, and one of them’s wearing this weird ice cream shirt that suddenly makes me remember I haven’t eaten lunch. “You guys made it! That was faster than I thought.” He checks his watch absently, “I guess time really flew by huh?”

“Not soon enough.” She says, her eyes flitting back to him. “I’ve missed you.” She says the words softly like she doesn’t want the rest of us to hear, but I hear it. Then she’s looks back at her other friends, “I guess we could’ve coordinated better. We didn’t mean to interrupt.” She smiles sheepishly. And then her eyes look at me.

She’s pretty. Really pretty. The kind of pretty that I didn’t think my brother liked. Not girl-next-door-pretty. But tv-show pretty. Except without the make-up. Hey, you. Don’t take my brother away. I say silently. I hope the dismissive glance I give her finishes the words I won’t say out loud.

“No worries, we were just finishing up anyway.” Chris prompts me, “Right?” When I don’t respond he pokes my sides.

I scowl before slapping his hands away then turn my gaze back to the rest of his friends. Suddenly I feel like the outsider looking in; they’re all talking about how their summers have been and all I’ve got are boring stories about being home. I take a couple steps back, until I’m almost behind Chris.

“Anyway, it’s great to see you guys.” Chris adds. Suddenly he seems to remember I’m here again. “Guys, this is my little sister Jo-”

Chris,” My scowl deepens. “I already told you – it’s AJ now.” I insist glaring up at him. Ever since he’s been back, I’ve told him more than a hundred times that I don’t go by Jo anymore. Jo isn’t cool, AJ is. AJ gets people to notice. AJ gets people to treat me like everyone else, and not just some little girl.

Chris laughs and pats the top of my head. Its what mom does whenever she thinks she knows best and I move away from his hand by the third time he pats me. “My little sister everyone.” He winks at them, “Who’s recently decided to go by AJ. She’s been helping me with my summer job.”

Zack snorts, “Looks like an arm workout to me.” He’s eyeing the amount of seafood we’ve caught with a wry expression.

I nod and feel a growing sense of accomplishment. It’s an important job, one that I take seriously, maybe even more than Chris does. I feel proud of myself for being able to keep up with him.  And I like using my hands to do something. Books that aren’t comics bore me, and I’m not interested in the same things Kyle is.  Chris is way more fun than he is anyway. Kyle gets annoying after awhile because he thinks he’s a-know-it-all.

The girl in front of us extends a hand. “Hey, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Micah -”

“I know who you are.” I interrupt quickly. She’s all he’s been talking about since he’s been home. Of course I know who she is. I fold my arms again, “You’re her.” I say the last bit with as much venom as I can muster.

I don’t shake her hand until Chris nudges me. “AJ, we talked about this.”

“I mean hi, I guess.” I mumble, adjusting the top of my cap nervously. Why am I so nervous? I don’t care if she doesn’t like me. This time, I’m scowling at myself. I’m nervous in a way that has nothing to do with the heat. I don’t want to talk to her anymore. I hug myself and don’t meet her gaze.

Except she just keeps talking.

I’m irritated that she isn’t taking the hint. She just keeps smiling at me, even though I’m only responding with one-word answers as Chris shows the rest of their friends around.

“So how well do you know my brother, anyway?” I interrupt finally. I jut my chin out and eye her suspiciously. “Do you know the important stuff?” I demand, shifting my feet. “Like what his secret talent is?” No one knows that outside of our family. I smirk triumphantly at her, hoping that my question will her crack her confidence.

Her eyes widen in surprise and I feel a surge of satisfaction that I’ve caught her off-guard. “Uh, am I taking a test?”

I roll my eyes, “Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know.” What kinda girlfriend is she anyway? 

She looks lost in thought for a moment while I shift on my feet again. I’m starting to get this funny feeling that she’s toying with me until she bends down to where we’re nearly eye level. “Piece of cake! Chris’ secret talent is floral arrangements.” She winks, “I’m hoping he’ll make me a bouquet one of these days. Maybe for a surprise gift on my birthday.”

“Oh, you do know!” I blink at her in surprise as she grins. “Wow, I guess you and Chris share everything.” I lower my gaze and bite my bottom lip. I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I’m used to Chris sharing everything with me. I guess he doesn’t need to anymore now that he’s got her.

“Oh, not everything. We didn’t get to talk a lot about you, AJ. And I know how much you, Kyle and your mom means to him.” She touches my shoulder and the little gesture startles me.

I glance up to see her doing that smiling thing again. It’s hard to hate someone when they’re being so nice. “Well there’s not much to tell,” I mutter, suddenly feeling shy again. “It’s not like we’d have anything in common anyway.” I make a face at her.

“Oh you’d be surprised.”



I think for a moment, trying to come up with something I can’t see her enjoying. She doesn’t look like the type to like superheroes. “I bet you’ve never even read a comic.”

“I used to read a lot of x-men as a kid. Although I don’t know if that really counts since I don’t have the time anymore.”

I stare at her - mouth nearly agape, until she laughs. Nicole never liked comics.“Do you like Storm? She’s so cool. One of my favorite X-mens of all time.” I don’t notice that we’re starting to lag behind the rest of them. Because unlike Nicole, she doesn’t brush me aside to get to my brother.

She keeps in step with me as we start chatting about our different fan favorites. She laughs at something funny I say, and I find myself smiling up at her in return. Maybe she isn’t so bad after all.

Hey you, take care of my brother okay? I say silently.

I think there’s this unspoken promise between us that she will.

Ivan Martinez - Confused

Ivan’s POV

Ivan had been watching y/n and Emilio all day.  Not in a creepy way, but in a making sure his brother didn’t try to steal his girlfriend way.  They’d been attached by the hip practically all day, and she’d even given him a kiss on the cheek.  He got so insanely jealous, it wasn’t even funny.

Anthony walked up to Ivan and noticed that he was staring at the two.  “You okay?” he asked.

Ivan sighed.  “Yes, I am just…  A little jealous.”

Anthony chuckled.  “Aww.  Go talk to her, she is your girlfriend.”

He shook his head.  “Then she will think I do not want her hanging out with anyone.”  He looked at you and Emilio swimming in the pool and sighed.  He turned to go inside, when something you said caught his attention.

“Emilio!” y/n yelled.  “Come control your brother!”

And then it hit him.  She thought that Emilio was him.  It was so funny, he almost wanted to laugh.  He turned and walked over to the pool.  “y/n,” he said, pointing to his brother.  “That is Emilio.”

His girlfriend looked at him, confusion in her eyes.  “No, that’s Ivan.  I’ve been with Ivan all day.”

Emilio looked at y/n.  “You thought I was Ivan?”

Anthony started laughing from where Ivan had been standing just a moment earlier.  “This is great,” he said between laughs.

y/n looked at Ivan.  “Oh my god, babe, I’m so sorry.”  She quickly swam over to the edge of the pool and got out, wrapping her towel around herself before hugging him.  “I’m so, so sorry.”

“It is okay,” Ivan said as he hugged her tightly.  He looked over her shoulder, at his brother, to see that he was just as confused and amused as he was.

“I am sorry too,” Emilio said.  “I did not know, I swear.”

Ivan nodded, keeping one of his arms around you.  “I believe you.”  He pulled you closer to him.  “We will have to say who we are next time,” he said with a laugh.

y/n looked down at her feet.  Ivan noticed and brought her across the yard, so they could talk alone.  

“y/n what is wrong?” he asked her quietly.  “I am not mad at you.”

She looked at him.  Her eyes were red with tears, which felt like e had been punched.  He hated seeing her cry.  It always felt like he did everything wrong.  “I-I’ve been flirting with your brother all day and I feel terrible about it.  I swear, I honestly thought it was you.”

He gently placed his hand beneath her chin, to make her look at him.  “y/n, it is okay.  Everyone makes mistakes.”

You hugged him tightly.  “I’m so sorry.”

He hugged you back just as tight.  “It is okay, y/n.  We’ll just have to teach you to tell the difference between us.”

You smiled.  “Okay.”

He's Not Mine (G.D) PT 4

I held my phone tightly in my hand. What was I thinking? What was I supposed to say when Ethan answered. “Hey it’s Y/N, just wondering if you could be my backup and help me make Grayson jealous? It’ll work even better since you’re his twin brother!” Ha ha, No.
I was kind of relieved when he didn’t answer but he was certainly going to find me at school the next morning to ask what was up. I groaned and mentally slapped myself. I guess I’ll make something up tomorrow.

I dragged myself through the crowded campus and sighed. I stared down at my phone when I suddenly bumped into someone. “Sorry- Oh! Ethan, I was looking for you.” I smiled as he bent down to pick up my books. “Really? I was looking for you, sorry I couldn’t answer your call. I was up editing all night, so what’s up?” He smiled warmly. “Will you..um go out with me?” I asked. “Wait. Y/N Y/L/N is asking me out?” Ethan scoffed. “I knew it was stupid.” I sighed and turned on my heels to walk away before a muscular arm grabbed me and spun me around. “No it wasn’t. Sure I’ll go out with you.” Ethan said and I smiled. I watched as Grayson walked by, he halted his movements for a second once he heard what was going on and shook his head, walking away like nothing happened. So much for that plan. I felt a little bad for using Ethan like that, he was pretty cute but I didn’t find him as attractive as Grayson was. Even if they were twins. But maybe this date could change things.

Grayson’s POV

I grabbed my bag and tossed it up over my shoulder. I walked along campus in hopes of meeting up with Ethan. We were supposed to be discussing topics for our next video. I spotted him for a second before he bumped into Y/N. She flashed him that beautiful smile of hers and continued talking. I walked by them and as I did I heard something I regretted hearing. “Sure I’ll go out with you.” My twin brother smiled. I felt a jab at my heart. Was this how Y/N felt?


I stood up from the lunch table after saying bye to Aaron, Cameron and Jack and bumped into a blonde haired girl. “Melanie, hey!” I smiled kindly. Melanie Kingsly. She was Cameron Dalla’s current girlfriend, she was extremely sweet. Probably the sweetest person you’d ever meet. “Oh, hey Y/N.” she laughed softly. “Where are you headed now that schools over?” She asked me as we walked along campus. “I don’t know actually-”
“How about you come with me and Cameron!” She squealed and jumped up excitedly. Tugging on my arm like a 5 year old. “And be the third-wheel? I think not.” I said and rolled my eyes. As you can see I wasn’t as sweet as Melanie was. “Aww c'mon. Aaron and Jack are going, Grayson and Eth too! Even Y/BFF/N! Come on-”
“Fine! I’ll go!” I sighed and threw my arms up dramatically. “Yay! We’re going bowling so bring your A game!” I had to admit as kind and sweet as Melanie was. She could be a real pain in the ass at times. “Right..” I nodded and smiled fakely. “I’ll see you later then.” I gave her a quick hug and sped off to my car. What did I get myself into now?

I looked over at the car next to me and of course it had to be Grayson’s car. There he was in the back seat in an intense makeout session with Y/BFF/N. What I would give to he in that position.

I rolled my eyes and angrily jabbed my key into the ignition. I was about to start driving when I heard a tap on my window. I rolled it down to see Aaron and Jack. Mind if we catch a ride? Grayson’s car is full.“ Jack grinned and I rolled my eyes. I sighed and waved a limp hand as if to say “go ahead.” They got in and I heard another knock on my window. “Who the fuck is it now-”
I turned my head and saw Grayson. He smirked at me before leaning in and whispering in my ear. “What happened to being friends?” He asked and nibbled at my ear lobe gently. I inhaled a shaky breath and shoved him away gently considering that Aaron and Jack were right next to us. “We are..friends.” I hissed. “Friends don’t avoid eachother.” He replied and raised an eyebrow. “I’m onot avoiding you Gray-”
“Come on!” Cameron’s voice could be heard from Grayson’s car, he rolled his eyes and left. But not before quickly pecking my lips when I turned to face him. I held back a gasp and turned my head to face forward. Aaron raised an eyebrow from besides me and opened his mouth to speak. “You didn’t see anything.” I growled and started up my car. This was gonna be a looong day..

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Hi! It’s me again. This update is ridiculously long because a lot has happened but I’ll try to skip the small things. So my friends and family started posting pictures from my brothers birthday party right. And there’s one picture of my brother and his best friend, and me and Nate come out in the background, so obviously they tagged us in it. I guess his ex-girlfriend saw it (this is where the drama starts) and she didn’t like it one bit. So she messages me on facebook calling me a home wrecker and that I’m stealing him away and I should be ashamed of myself. I was scared because all this time I thought he was single?? I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. So I tell her that and she’s talking about how they’re currently broken up but they’re gonna get back together because they “always do”.

Anyway, my break is over so I put my phone away and go back to work. And then the shift is over so I’m waiting for my brother to text me that he’s here. And I look at my phone and sure enough there are more messages from her. Calling me all these names, telling me horrible things. She went all out. Like, if her mission was to make me feel like absolute shit about myself then mission accomplished. By the time I’m walking out to my brothers car I’m crying like a little bitch. Of fucking course, Nate happens to see me and he’s like “woah what’s wrong?” and I’m like “it’s nothing I just have a headache” and he’s like “oh ok feel better soon”. I’m 99% sure that he knew I was lying but didn’t want to push me to talk, which I’m thankful for. So I just left.

After that I was like “I’m sorry but no I don’t have the time or energy for this shit” So I asked my supervisor to switch my schedule around. She’s like a second mom to me, so I told her straight up what happened and how I wanted to avoid Nate at all costs and although she was mad that his ex-girlfriend had ruined her favorite ship before it had “set sail” she was really understanding. Everyone was like “omg why did they switch your shift??” and I was like “finals are coming up I need to start studying now” lies lmao. But then Nate was asking if he could switch (because he always want to work with me) and Leslie (the supervisor) was like “No Im sorry. I need you to work this schedule” So I think he knew something was up, but wasn’t sure what exactly.

Anyway, I’m assuming his ex-girlfriend commented to him about how she had scared me away because he showed up at my house to talk to me and starts apologizing for whatever it is that she did to me. And he’s ranting about how she was a toxic person who manipulated him the whole time they were together and made him feel fragile and question everything. And like, I wanna be mad at him for showing up to my house unannounced but I can’t. Not when he’s putting his feelings out there. So I listen to him and he ends up saying how she was his first serious relationship and how after they broke up he was scared that every other girl would use him and try to break him and that’s why he was so awkward with me. Because he knew he was attracted to me but he didn’t want to be because he didn’t want to put himself in a position to get hurt again. And then he said that the more he talked to me, the more he saw that I was being real and that there was nothing to be afraid of and how he always questions everyone’s intentions towards him but he doesn’t have to do that with me because he just knows in his heart that I’m being genuine. And my heart is breaking for this poor guy because damn your first serious girlfriend and she fucked you up emotionally but the whole time he’s venting to me I’m thinking “please don’t say you’re in love with me. please don’t say you’re in love with me. please don’t say you’re in love with me” because it really sounded like he was gonna confess his undying love and I was scared shitless!

Anyway, I know what it’s like to be scared of being in relationships. My ex-boyfriend was the worst guy ever and it ended with me getting a restraining order against him. So I can see where he’s coming from. So I was like “It’s okay to be scared Nate” and he was like “that’s the thing. I don’t wanna be scared anymore” and long story short we’re going on a date on saturday??


“So,” my uncle said at a family dinner last summer, in the tone first graders use to diagnose you with cooties. “I hear you’re dating someone.”

“Where did you hear that?” My traitorous mother, most likely.

“What’s his name? Tell us his name. I’m going to look him up on Facebook.”

This was not an idle threat. Only the week before, I got a phone call from the gentleman in question. “I think your dad found me on Facebook. He accidentally tagged himself in one of my photos. As my ex-girlfriend.”

So I was on my guard when my uncle insisted: “Come on, what’s his name?”

“Ethan!” my brother supplied from the other end of the table. “The guy’s name is Ethan.”

The guy’s name was not Ethan. It did not share a single phoneme with Ethan. My brother knew his actual name perfectly well. I don’t know what possessed him to call my boyfriend Ethan.

For the duration of the relationship.

In the guy’s presence, my brother politely called him by the correct name. But with family - “So how’s Ethan?”

“I don’t get it,” I kept saying in mounting frustration. “I don’t get the joke. God, it’s not even a joke, it’s just weird!”

There was no malice in it and certainly no particular logic. He just thought it was funny.

When my mom finally slipped - “and if you want to bring Ethan - I mean, um… oops” - my brother cackled like a madman.

“Victory! Now I’ve just got to get Dad to do it.”

Long after the end of that relationship, my brother still calls him Ethan whenever he comes up in conversation. Only now, my mother does too.

“Did you forget his real name?” my brother asked her, prepared to be delighted with the completeness of his victory.

“Of course not. But we’re calling him Ethan.”

It’s her petty revenge for breaking my heart.

“I’m going to do this with everyone you date,” my brother told me on the phone today.

Forbidding this would only encourage him. He gets a kick out of being recreationally annoying. So all I said was, “I still don’t understand why you think it’s so funny.”

“I’m calling the next one Rupert.”


Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been totally inactive this past like week and a half we’ve just finished school with finals and all so we should also be getting back into the swing of things soon! Another note being that now it;s probably only going to be one admin for a while now because the other says they’ll post but doesn’t actually post so yeah :/ sorry for the bitch session. Also i feel like the request is a bit odd, so I’m gonna change it to how Ethan decides he want to experiment with girls instead. Also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted this is kinda my first time writing something like this. 

Request: A dirty imagine with Aiden and Ethan where Ethan realizes he isn’t a gay anymore and likes Aiden’s girlfriend and Aiden teaches his twin brother how to pleasure a girl?

It seemed like a normal day in Beacon Hills, the bad guys were getting ready to come back from the dead, and I was visiting my boyfriend Aiden as usual at his house.  When I got over to his house Ethan opened up the door for me and I smiled at him and he gave me a weak smile back and told me that Aiden would be down in a sec.  It was easy to tell that he was troubled and even though he has been out for a while he still seemed a little confused.  I always caught him staring at me and sometimes I could swear I saw a hint of lust in his eyes. I wasn’t sure if Aiden had noticed that his brother was having a difficult time so I had told him about what I have been noticing a few nights ago, but he just said that it was all in my head and he would notice if his own twin was having problems so I let it go.  I sat down on the couch next to Ethan while I I waited for Aiden and I attempted at making casual conversation with him but he seemed extremely fidget-y. I leaned in a little closer to him and whispered, “Is everything you okay Ethan?”  If he was to embarrassed to tell Aiden if something was bothering him, I could hope he felt comfortable enough to talk to me because I really did like to believe that we were friends. Suddenly, without warning he leaned into me to and pressed his lips to mine.  

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Okay so I saw your post about the "creepy almost incest" thing with George and Fred and Fred's ex now George's wife. And my question is, what creepy almost incest thing? Not trying to sound rude, i legitimately feel like I'm missing something here? I'm pretty confused and was hoping you could eleborate. :)

[This one? I think I explained pretty thoroughly what it was and why I found it creepy in that post, so I’m not sure what there is to elaborate on, but heyo I’ll give it a shot. EDIT: I understand the confusion now oops my bad

I’m emphatically not close to my brother, and we’re not twins. Even so, when I met each one of his girlfriends, I filed her away as a ‘sister’ relationship. I couldn’t get into the headspace to date one myself if I wanted to. That’s where my feeling of it as semi-incestuous comes from.

Of course, not everyone is me, and I do know that sometimes siblings end up dating the same person.

But on top of that, Fred and George are very close. It’s part of the Best Friend Code to not date your friend’s exes, no? I mean, that happened in one of my friend groups in high school, and six years later I’m pretty sure the parties involved are still not speaking to each other.

On top of that, they’re twins. In general this fandom treats them too much like twins and not enough like brothers (if that makes sense), but in this case, it’s a relevant consideration that as they get older, identical twins tend to develop a complex about establishing their individuality. I think they’re even less likely to be okay with swopping romantic/sexual partners than singleton siblings, because they don’t want to be seen as interchangeable.

On top of that, Fred dies in this stupid AU. If I were George, I’d feel like I was taking advantage of my brother’s death if I hooked up with his ex-girlfriend in his absence—not to mention replacing him and disrespecting him (and getting his sloppy seconds tbh). Naming their kid “Fred II” as if to honour him when their whole relationship is spitting on his grave is just…

Like I said in that other post, even JKR acknowledges it’s unhealthy and she’s an idiot, so.]

Dinner || Rafinha Imagine

There were moments like this that had you nervous and feeling butterflies all over your stomach. Moments like the one where your boyfriend Rafael Alcantara, known as Rafinha, wanted to introduce you to all the Barça players. None of them knew of your existence except for Marc, and that was because apparently Rafinha let it slip in a conversation between the two.

  Rafinha and you met when you almost crashed against his car in a parking lot. You fangirled, he laughed, he made sure you were okay since you were nervous over the whole situation going on and he made sure to ask for your number in a subtle yet authentic way. Wanting to make sure you made it to your house safe because you were so nervous and shaky that he was concerned you might crash for real because of it. One message led to two daily messages and eventually led to speaking to each other in a daily basis and you visiting a few games at Camp Nou. Of course, you two were just friends when all of that happened. It wasn’t until a few days ago where he decided to ask you the big question and you couldn’t say no to him.

Rafa was funny, caring, sweet, a gentleman, and an extraordinary human being. He was there for you from the beginning and he has not changed his way of treating you, except of course, that he added the flirting and teasing about things more evident until it led to this.

Tonight was the celebration for Suarez’ Golden Boot award and most of the FC Barcelona players would be there. Rafinha had asked you to go with him so he could introduce you, but unfortunately you were stuck in traffic and wouldn’t make it in time to Rafa’s house, change and go there, so you told him to head to the restaurant and that you’d catch up there later.

“I could wait for you. I don’t mind” he said over the phone and you shake your head even when he can’t see you.

  “I don’t know how long I’ll be here. I don’t want you to miss anything because of me…”

  “I’ll miss arriving with you and seeing their faces when they see me with you” he says and you smirk.  

“Show off” you tease. “Haven’t you considered that getting there alone and them seeing me when I get there after would shock them a bit more? Make them believe you are still single?” You tease. You hear him hum at the other side of the phone and then he chuckles.  

“Alright. If you think that plan will work, I’m in. I hope I don’t get stood up in this” he jokes and you mock him.  

“I’ll be there as soon as possible, I’ll let you know, okay?”  

“Esta bien, princesa. (Alright, princess) I love you” he says, throwing you a kiss over the phone before you two hang up.  

It wasn’t until an hour and a half later that you get home. Rafa had left not long ago to the party so you started to get ready with a good shower before staring at the small part of Rafa’s closet where your clothe was hung on.  

You decide to go with a small, black suit. It had shorts and on both sides the material continued down to your legs, leaving your legs exposed on the back and front but not on the sides. You place your golden choker around your neck, step into your high boots and you are ready to go to meet up with your boyfriend and his teammates.

  Its not long until you arrive at the Casanova Beach Club. You don’t have much problems with the security since your boyfriend seemed to have mentioned you’d be arriving later, and you are thankful for that idea of his. You step into the place and look around, spotting the football players. Not like it was hard to spot them, they were being loud and laughing and one of those was your boyfriend which you grin at. As you make your way there, you notice Neymar hit Rafinha on his arm while looking at you and you need to hide the smirk that wanted to come up your lips.  

“Dude, what-”  

“Look at that one over there. She was grinning as soon as she spotted you” Neymar says to Rafa and he arches an eye brow. “Hopefully she is not meeting up with anyone…” he says eyeing you.  

Rafa decides to turn to look at the direction you were coming from and he smiles, eyes getting small as he chuckles somewhat nervously. “Actually, she is meeting up with someone…” Rafinha says and he pushes his seat back before standing up and turning towards you. Neymar and Samuel look at each other questionably before looking at Rafinha.

  “Hey” you say softly as you approach your boyfriend. He was grinning like a little kid during Christmas Day and it warmed your heart.  

“You look absolutely stunning…” he says eyeing you from head to toe and even making you spin for him after he took your hand in his. “Come on, let’s finish shutting Ney up” he says with a smirk before turning to the table where everyone was surprised, at least the players. Except Marc, he knew this was going to happen probably. Their wives and girlfriends were just smiling at both of you.  

“Hermanos (Brothers), this is Y/N, my girlfriend…Huge fan of us, but obviously more fan of me than you guys” he says, adding his cocky behavior to joke around.  

“Nice to meet you, guys. Don’t listen to him, he is being himself” you say with a roll of your eyes playfully. You were blushing already a lot, but after you spoke, Rafa chuckled and placed a kiss on your cheek.  

“Oooh, someone that won’t go with your ego plans. I like her already” Neymar jokes.  

“I’m sorry, but when did we missed that important detail?” Suarez asked and Rafael chuckled and shrugged.  

“Didn’t want to say anything until it was official and things were settled” Rafa answers and gives your hand a soft squeeze.  

“Congratulations on your award, Suarez. You deserve it” you say smiling at him.  

“Gracias (thank you), Y/N” he replies smiling.  

“Anyone else noticed that Marc is not even slightly shocked that the kid got a girlfriend?” Samuel questions playfully and all eyes turn to Marc while your boyfriend is looking for a chair for you to sit besides him.  

Marc shrugged before he spoke, “I knew it because he let it slip in a talk we were having. He tried to take it back and I just knew there was something going on so he eventually told me after five good minutes of trying to lie” he says and Rafa comes back chuckling.  

“Can’t blame me for trying.”  

“Blaming you for not telling us” Sergi teased and Rafinha chuckled.  

“Sorry. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t got rejected before mentioning her” he says as you sit down, and he sits besides you, placing an arm around your shoulder.  

After a while from everyone paying attention to the two of you, everyone went back to talking to their small groups and eventually would speak to you and Rafinha. Except for Neymar and Samuel who were the closest to the two of you.  

“I will never forgive you for not telling me you had your princesa already” Neymar teased and Rafinha rolled his eyes playfully while you giggled.  

“You would’ve scared her away.”  

“If you didn’t with that ego of yours-”  

“My ego had her falling for me” Rafinha jokes.

  “Is that even true, Y/N?” Samuel asks and you smirk.

  “Well…Besides that, it was just his way of being in general. And his smile of course” you say and you look up at Rafinha just to find him looking at you lovingly, making you blush.  

“You sure? I mean, his abs beat his smile and his face” Neymar jokes and he and Rafa laugh.  

“Have you been checking me out?”  

“Bro, we change clothe in front of the other. I’m not blind. You have nice abs and a sexy V line” Neymar says and Samuel and you start laughing.  

“Looks like you have some competition, Y/N” Samuel says and you nod your head as you giggle.  

“Apparently, but I’m ready for it. I still get to sleep with him” you tease and Samuel drew out an oh as he looks between Neymar and Rafinha.  

“I also sleep with him…On the plane, on our way to games. I got him first. Minha Princesa” Neymar says, winking at Rafinha, who rolls his eyes and scoff.

  “You are terrible making my girlfriend jealous of you” Rafa says and slaps the back of Neymar’s neck.  

“Niños (Kids), can you behave or do I have to ground you both?” Suarez questions and you laugh. “I’m sure, Y/N doesn’t want to end up babysitting the two of you.”  

“Already on my way there with this one” you say to Luis with your thumbs pointing at Rafa and you all laugh.  

“Wow, are you even my girlfriend?” Rafa asks and you grin before he leans in to kiss you softly which you return happily. You can hear Neymar teasing and making kissing noises along with Samuel while you heard a few aww’s from the player’s girlfriend.  

The night went by pretty well, the food was fantastic and so was the dessert. Messi spoke to you for a while, asking you about your life and general things to keep a conversation. You had a few talks with Anto and Carol through the night about simple things, as well as with Sofi. They were all so nice that you were already getting fond of everyone. Rafinha would every now and then kiss your cheek and place his hand on your bare thigh, feeling your smooth skin as he talked with the players making you blush.  

It was time to go then, and you waved goodbye at your boyfriend’s teammates as they left.  

“We hope to see you during training sessions, Y/N. Don’t let Rafa keep you away from us” Marc said which you smiled at.  

“I will be there for the next one. I promise.”

  “You are all terrible, you will scare her away” Rafa groaned playfully.  

“We are the best people to talk to her about you. You are just afraid we say bad things about you or see your other side” Messi teased and you laugh.  

“So there is another side of him?”  

“Come to training session and you’ll see” Messi says and you laugh as you look at Rafa who was chuckling.  

“I’ll get my payback, Leo.”  

The player chuckled before you all leave. You and your boyfriend go back home in your respective cars because you came in separate ones. He would be driving close to you to make sure you made it to his house safely since it was late in the night and he didn’t like it when you drove around so late. You both park your cars in his garage and step out.  

“Did I mentioned you look gorgeous tonight?” He asks, arms going around your waist and pulling you close after you got inside the house.  

“Not even once” you tease and he arches an eye brow.  

“I can change that” he says before leaning into your ear, “Te ves hermosa (You look beautiful)” he whispers, causing goosebumps along your skin and a shiver to go down your spine.  

“You need rest for tomorrow…” you say, hands being placed on his hips as you look up at him.  

“I can rest afterwards…” he whispers before leaning to kiss along your neck, his lips moving against that sweet spot that he didn’t had trouble finding.  

It was taking everything in your body to not give in into his arms and let him take over you. “Can we watch a movie before? Soon you are leaving and I won’t be with you until you are back” he was going to leave to Mestalla for the Valencia game after tomorrow. Even though you knew it would be just for a day and a half, you’d still miss him as always.  

Your boyfriend sighs at your requests, eyes opening to show those amazing brown eyes that would get you lost in them. “Anything for my princesa, but you owe me” he voices with a smirk, nudging his nose against yours.

  “I’ll be happy to repay if you are still awake” you tease and he pulls you flush against him making you bite your lip before he chuckles and picks you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as you laugh.  

“Rafa get me down! My suit-” it was tight against your body and you didn’t want it to be torn just like that.

  He doesn’t do anything though, except tossing you on his bed but he stays on the edge. “I’ll be right back. Don’t move” he says as he points at you. You roll your eyes before he disappears into the bathroom.  

The two of you shower and soon you are both in bed with your backs against the headboard. Rafa brought a bowl full of popcorn and you had the drinks. He was setting up everything to watch Civil War, a movie you both went to watch in your first date.  

“I remember when you got there that day. You were all nervous and quiet” he says, eating his popcorn.  

“Shut up” you say giggling slightly. “Its not a common thing to go on a date with a football player and someone like you” you admit and he eyes you.  

“By ‘like me’ you mean all the things you told Ney about me?”  

“Yeah. I mean, its that. and the fact that I got to date one of my favorite players. I was still processing everything and just scared…”

  “Why scared?”  

“Because, you know, I thought it would be something that wouldn’t last. That it was just a temporary feeling from you…”  

“You thought that?”  

You nod your head lightly and he frowns before setting the bowl to a side and pulling you into his arms, your back resting on half of his chest.  

“You are my fan, right? I know you all find a way to count how many girlfriends we have and imagine things” he says and you both chuckle. “You do know I have not been with many girls. Along the relationship, things got complicated for some reason. That’s why I held back from asking you to be my girlfriend after a few dates. I wanted to make sure that you understood and accepted things. Knowing that you liked me as a footballer was a big plus, because you knew of the things I can get through in my career and even then you still accepted everything and agreed to be my girlfriend” he says and kisses your temple. “I knew I finally found someone that I could be with for a long while without worrying about anything.”  

“You never have to worry about me doing something that would hurt you” you admit, the movie now just some background noise that eventually it faded from your sense of hearing because of Rafael. “I could never do that to you…” You admit before you smirk and he eyes you, “You only have to worry about me not crashing against anyone” you joke and he chuckles.  

“Wouldn’t want that to happen. That’s how we met and I don’t want anyone else to fall for you and get your attention.”  

Its your time to move and face him and you shake your head, “I could never fall for anyone else if I got you. It would be a really, really, stupid move” you admit with a small chuckle. “Besides, where else can I find a pretty smile, pretty face, pretty body, amazing abs and a sexy v line?” You joke and he laughs, eyes squinting as he does.  

“I guess Neymar is right on that.”  

“And your personality is a big plus” you say, making gestures with your hands.   “You are crazy.” He teases before leaning forward and placing a kiss against your lips which you hum into before you both pull away.  

You cuddle closer to him, his arms going around you as you take the popcorn bowl and place it on your lap. You two watch the movie and eat the popcorn through it. You were so comfortable in his arms and under the sheets that you were the first one to fall asleep and not long enough, you feel some movement in the bed and hear the movie sounds stop. Rafinha moves you carefully to not wake you up and gets you yo lay down comfortably on the bed before he follows with one arm resting around your waist and his body close to yours and you both fall asleep just like that. You had one more day to spend with him before he had to go to training in Mestalla, so you will have to make the most out of tomorrow to enjoy his company.  

Note: Woohooo! First Rafinha Imagine is finally here! I still owe another one which I’m working on but here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated and if you have a request or anything just let me know!

My brother and his girlfriend said they had a bird head in their backyard. They didn’t know where it came from, but they hid it under some bricks in the mud until I could come get it.

It’s a chicken head. I have a chicken head of mysterious origin now.

~The Past is Coming Back~ Luke  Hemmings Imagine (Part 1)

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Part 3

Part 4!

Pairing: Reader x Luke

Summary: Y/N Hood is the younger half sister of Calum Hood. She was sent away to a boarding school for always getting into fights and sneaking out. Finally after three years and missing out on family gatherings Y/N is invited back too be around family. How will everyone feel when she shows up out of the blue? How will Calum react? Especially since he knows that his sister and Luke had a thing before she left.

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 2,500

‘Why must I only be the half-sister in this household? Why can’t I just be full blooded siblings with Mali and Calum? It would make it much easier being in this house. But no, my mother had to sleep with my half siblings father and than proceed to drop me off on the doorstep when I was only six months old. Now sure I have a good relationship with them but Mali and Calum had this bond that I think I never will have with them. There mom Joy is so nice, maybe that’s why her name is Joy she brings Joy everywhere she goes.’ I wrote in the journal, sitting on my bed chewing on the end of the pen that I was writing with. A knock was heard on my door, “Come in.” It took a second for the person to walk in even though I knew who it was already; David walked in a plate of cookies in his hand. A sad smile came to my face, he sat down on the end of my bed holding out a cookie. “Thanks,” I said taking it and started to nibble around the edges, nodding his head in a ‘You’re Welcome’ gesture.

“I was wondering if you would like to come downstairs and see everyone? We are starting to eat right about now.” He spoke with a gentle tone, raising his eyebrow a little at the end. Sitting there for a little before shaking my head ‘no’, “It’s fine I was thinking about going to sleep anyways.” With a sigh he stood up, walking out of the room without another word spoken. After 20 minutes another knock was heard on the door, this time I was standing by it fully clothed no pajamas on just jeans and a t-shirt. I was getting ready for a party that I heard was a block away from where I lived; grabbing the robe that was hanging on the back of the door before mumbling through a yawn, “Come in.”
I was shocked for who came through the door, Calum and his friends. Usually it was just Ashton or Michael over never the other guy. It was kind of amusing that he never really brought over the blonde guy. “What brings you to the other sibling room?” I questioned raising an eyebrow when the blonde guy took a seat on my desk, before jumping down from it when he saw the look I gave him. “We were wondering why you didn’t come downstairs and socialize.” Ashton spoke in his high pitch happy voice, sure it was kind of a cute voice but in other ways it was kind of annoying.  

“I wasn’t hungry.”

“Bullshit. This is about how if you sneak out again or get into another fight you’ll get sent away to that boarding school for girls,” Calum confirmed the full reason why I didn’t want to go down there and see family along with Joy who had suggested the school for if I get in trouble again. Honestly I was kind of nervous even scared that this time they were serious, but then again here I am about to sneak out too another party. “You need to stop doing this. They are serious about it this time.”

“I don’t care just leave Calum.”

With an annoying grunt he left my room, along with Ashton who had a sad expression on his face and Michael with the same look. “Luke.. Are you going to be there tonight?” I whispered catching him by the hand. I may have lied, I knew who exactly who the blonde guy was; we were the same age (15), in the same grade level and had some of the same classes. With a look over his shoulder, “Maybe I don’t know yet honestly.” Before walking out of my room, closing the door behind him before throwing off the robe and tying on my shoes. Grabbing my phone, walking over to the window; slowly opening it making sure that it didn’t make that annoying sound it makes when you open it too fast. My light was off and the sign on my door was up since I knew that David wouldn’t walk in if he actually knew that I was asleep. Joy on the other hand might just want to check in on me.
Stretching out my hand to grab the thick round branch, wrapping my legs around it before slowly shimming down the trunk. Than I was off and jumping over the wall that separates our yard from the ally that was a clear shot to the party I was going to.

I made it in less than five minutes the music was loud and there were older even younger people everywhere. You could smell the alcohol from the fence, the older people being in their late teens early twenties jugging beer after beer. “Y/N! You made it. Wait of course you made it!” The host of the party shouted over the music, bringing me in for a hug and a pat on the back. “Where is your lover boy?” He wiggled his eyebrows, everyone besides my brother and his friends knew that there was something between Luke and I. Even if he did have an on and off again girlfriend though right now they are on.

“He may be showing up. Not sure yet.” With saying that we parted ways. That’s when I found the drinks and Luke standing awkwardly around others. “Luke.. You made it.” His face went from puzzled and confused, too a smirk and relax look on his face. “Come on.” Taking his hand in mine downing a shot or two on the way up the stairs. “Why can’t we just stay down here?”

“Because I like privacy LuLu. Don’t you when we make-out and other things.”

“Yeah.” We were almost to the guest room when something hit the back of my head. It felt smooth and hard hurt like hell. Turning around quickly I saw two people throwing punches and cursing at one another at the top of the stairs. Anger took over and I reached for the nearest thing, it being a vase and throwing it at one of there heads. The both of them still didn’t stop but one of their boyfriends came out of nowhere punching me in the face saying something about how no one hits there boy. “Than why you letting him fight?!”

The next thing I knew it was a fight between me and one of their boyfriends. I kind of blacked out from being in the fight, I didn’t hear anybody shouting about how the cops showed up or how my parents were at the party looking for me. Luke did try to get me out of there but in the midst of the fighting with everyone running around trying not to get caught he left. “Y/N! Get off of him now!” A voice screamed right in my ear, jumping back off of the guy noticing that it was David who had yelled at me. His face was twisted in anger and disappointment, it was something that hurt me on the inside. He has never looked at me like that before, reaching out his hand he took my arm roughly and practically dragging me out of the house.
“I can’t even register why you did this! You know that this is the last straw you are going to that school in England. God you’re such a burden from the start!” David kept ranting on and on, telling me how much of a disappointment I was. Not even realizing that it hurt me down to the core, the more he talked the more I didn’t care one ounce about going overseas.

The next three days were the worst. I had to pack up all my things, or at least some of the clothing in my closet and drawers. Calum and Mali weren’t allowed to talk to me at all since if they did start to talk to me everyone knew that I would get them on my side, turn this all around. “Hey are you almost ready?” David walked in without knocking since there was no door on the hinges. A grunt was the only response he got, zipping up the suitcase setting it down by the door. “Let’s go then,” With that he picked up one of the larger suitcases, leaving me to get the two backpacks and another suitcase.
Everyone was waiting downstairs. Luke and his family minus Celeste since she had work, Ashton and his mom, Michael with his mom and then my family. One by one they all gave me hugs telling me how I should write to them and to keep them updated. “Don’t stop with those covers boys.. I can’t believe I am saying this but you’ll be big one day.”

With that I hugged Luke last, which is really awkward since everyone was watching us. Shrugging my shoulders I grabbed Luke by his face and yanked his face down to mine, our lips meeting and it felt like fireworks when it happened. But we were cut short when David made that ‘clearing the throat’ sound, “Let’s go.” He ordered pushing me towards the car, waving a goodbye to everyone though I didn’t get many waves back since they were still in a state of shock. “In three years or even two you’ll be able to come back from England and come back home. Or you can stay out there, I have some friends out there that will be housing you for the schooling. If you mess up with one of them you will be going to the all girl school.”

“Wait I thought I was going to the all girl school now?”

“No, I am giving you one more chance. If you mess this one up you’ll be going to that school.” After he said that it was a silent and kind of peaceful car ride to the airport. Finally after two hours we got to the airport, though David kept saying it was only a good 30 minutes it took. “Just be good and don’t fuck this up.” Was his last words to me before turning and leaving.

~1 year later~

I was still living with the family friend, mostly David friend. No parties, or sneaking out well there was some sneaking out but not enough for them to notice. David and Joy would call once in awhile, Calum and Mali really wouldn’t it was kind of mostly Luke or even Liz. Sure I would get the nice little text from my half-siblings but it never really bugged me since I knew that we were never really close. “Luke, Hey how are you?” I answered the phone, still trying to figure out this one math problem. “Nothing much, I’m actually in England well London right now.” He laughed when he heard a squeal come from me, “Really? Why?!” Than he went into explaining to me how him and the guys were up here recording something called an EP. How even Liz had came with them along with Joy, to make sure that they were on a somewhat good behavior.

“This is so cool! I could show you around, even the others.”
We set up a time and day to meet up just him and I. It was the next day when we met, right after school for me, Eric already knowing that there was someone I was meeting up with after school. Him telling me just to be back before dark; I saw Luke before he saw me. It took me a while to make sure that it was really him. He was taller wearing more black more than usual, his hair was still kind of fringe but you could tell that he was trying to start to style it.  When he turned around I saw the lip ring, “Oh my fucking god you have your lip pierced! You got taller, wearing more black. Look at those shoulders boy.” I rambled on touching his lip ring and poking before grabbing his shoulders. He laughed, pulling me into a hug with no fair warning, “ Thanks. Look at you though. Short, I would say barely any black or dark clothing but you literally wearing all black.”

After much talking and wondering around London, showing him different places. I started to slowly realize that he was kind of slowly being me. Hoping deep down that he wouldn’t really become me, since look what happened with me. Plus he would be in the media more, everyone judging his every move, “Just promise me that you won’t change you little shit. Same goes for the others; when I go back to Aussie I still want to hear about how you’re still humble and annoying telling horrible yet corny jokes.” He laughed at the end of my little speech, holding out my pinky towards him, growing serious between him and I, “I mean it Luke. I have always liked you more than anyone, and hope that you still are the same in two plus years. Pinky promise.. Or just maybe just be kind of the same.” He stood there for a moment before opening his mouth, “I promise I will still tell those badass jokes, and whenever you come back. When you are around me only you.. I will be fully the same no matter what.” He wrapped his pinky around mine, pulling me in for a quick kiss on the lips.

Luke and I still hung out just about everyday, till a couple months later he had to leave. And then I never really heard from Luke every again. Maybe four times every year, his mom would tell me that he was always busy and never even had time to call her. But I knew that was a lie, Calum and I had started talking more after he left England that year. Telling me that Luke really wasn’t the same, how there were days the fame and spotlight would go to his head. “Well I’ll be there too visit in a month!” I giggled telling Calum, “For my birthday?”

“Of course you only turn 20 once you dweeb.”

“Sweet, I’ll let the boys know. Have you ever seen us play live?”

Chewing on my bottom lip, “No I have never even listened to any of the songs too be honest.”


“Yes really. But I need to go, I have a ton of homework and packing to do.” A yawn slipping through the phone from his end, “You need to get to bed.”

“Luke is already excited and scared to see you.. Just wanted to let you know.”  

“I bet he is.. Bet he is.” I whispered before saying goodbye and hanging up after he said bye as well. Luke and I were the same age nineteen, we haven’t spoken to one another in almost two years. Sure there were those fun little conversations but nothing major that use to last for five hours. I have heard from little birds that he was talking to some girl that was a fan but none of the boys liked her. “This is going to be so much fun.” I mumbled under my breath when googling Luke name and articles came up of him and this other girl. “Tumblr time.”

Lucky Number Fourteen

“Will you come with me? Please?” Y/N asked, looking up at Joe.



“Because it’s terrifying.”

“But you won’t be the one getting it!”

“I’m still not going, Y/N.” Joe shook his head, arms crossed as he stood there.

“But I want you to help me pick the design….”

“Not a chance.”

“You suck.”

“Sorry, love.” He laughed, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead before walking out of the room.

Sighing, Y/N went back to her research. She had been trying to find a place to get a tattoo, something she had wanted to do for a while, but had never found the right artist or design. What she had been hoping was that Joe would come with her to choose the design, but he was adamant about never stepping foot into a tattoo shop.

Today was the third time she had asked him.

“Oh, let’s go in here!” Y/N tugged on Joe’s hand, gesturing towards the tattoo shop. It happened to be one of the top three she was willing to go too, and maybe since they were out, she could convince him to go in.

“Did you do this on purpose?” Joe narrowed his eyes at her, looking from the shop to her, his feet firmly planted on the ground.

“No, actually. Completely coincidental.” And Y/N was being honest, but it was slightly funny that they happened to walk past it.

“I have a meeting to get to. We don’t have time to go in.” He told her, turning away from the shop and beginning to walk again, tugging her with him since their hands were still linked together.

“One day, Joe Sugg. One day I will get you to go in. I’m determined to get this tattoo.”

“Good luck, love.”

The fifth time had failed.

“I really want to get one. Does it hurt?” Y/N asked, her finger tracing Jack’s roman numerals on his arm.

“I mean, kind of, yeah. But it’s really not that bad.” He shrugged, glancing up at her. “What were you thinking of getting?”

“Not sure. I wanted Joe to help me choose the design, but he refuses to step foot into the shop.”

“I’m not going!” Joe called out from the kitchen, where he and Conor were gathering drinks.

“I didn’t ask you too!”

“Not today, no.” He scoffed, walking into the room, handing her and Jack both a drink. “Stop influencing my girlfriend to get a tattoo.”

“I’ve done no such thing!” Jack exclaimed, “She was the one who asked me to see my tattoos!”

“Therefore, you were influencing her.” Joe continued, an arm moving around Y/N as she leaned against him.

“Yeah, Jack, stop influencing Y/N.” Conor snickered as his brother pouted.

“You sure you won’t come with me?” Y/N asked, tilting her head back to look at Joe.

“Pretty sure.”

The eighth time asking failed as well.

“What if you just choose the design? But don’t come in?” Y/N stood in the doorway of Joe’s office, watching his shoulders rise and fall with a sigh before he turned his chair to look at her.

“You aren’t going to let this go, are you?”

“I really want a tattoo.” She admitted sheepishly.



“I’ll go.” Joe told her, sitting back in his chair. “If you really want to get one, I’ll go with you.”

Y/N felt a smile grow on her lips as she took a step into the room. “And you’ll help me choose a design?”

“If that’s what you really want.” He shrugged.

“Yes! Thank you!” She laughed, half throwing herself into his lap, kissing him. “Thank you so much.”

“I haven’t done anything.” He chuckled, his arms around her to keep her from falling backwards. “But you’re welcome.”

Apparently it was lucky number fourteen that got him into the tattoo shop.

And Y/N was pretty sure that Joe flinched more than she did while the artist permanently marked her skin with the design that Joe helped to design.

Once it was done though, he had looked down at it, studying the new mark before meeting Y/N’s questioning gaze.

“It looks perfect.”

“Does that mean you’ll get one?” She asked, their fingers slipping together.

“Not a chance.”

Well, this was only the first time she had asked…

Ashley's Top 25 Most Read

These are my top 25 favorite/most read fanfics. They are the one’s that were so good I couldn’t just read once. (In no particular order)

The Company I Keep by secondstar

Stiles has a favorite table at the library. Then some asshole comes along and steals it from him.

Ever Step You Take by Nokomis

Stiles accidentally ends up magically bound to Derek. It’s super.

Integral to Survival by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato)

Derek is in the cell for about ten minutes before the lone door opens and a new body is tossed in. The person hits the floor with a grunt, rolls, and stands as the door is clanging shut.

“That’s really not the way to treat a guest!”

DILF by twentysomething

“Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”

Baking My Way Into Your Heart by theSilence

Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

Air Mail. by Handsofred

‘’Oh my god’’ Stiles breathed out as heavy booted footsteps faded away down the hall. ‘’oh my god’’

‘’Stiles?’’ Allison asked as he scrambled around the desk searching for the last letter before he was thrusting it at their faces.

‘’It’s him…my soldier…it’s him, it’s Mattie’s dad’’ He told them, his eyes wide as Allison took the letter from him, ‘’oh my god, oh my god and I fainted in front of him…oh Jesus Christ’’

No Refunds or Exchanges by badwolfbadwolf

Stiles is the newest deputy in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, and has maybe just been a little in love with Derek Hale since Stiles had made a fool of himself in front of him at the SD summer picnic a few years ago. Being married to him—only for the sake of not getting deported—is going to suck in new and unusual ways.

Keep reading

Anonymous asked: Omg, here comes a real life prompt: I’m a photographer and was booked for a wedding last week. And while I look through the hundreds of photos now, I just found one in which the bride’s brother (who was flirting with me) held a piece of paper with “call me + phone number” in the background, and my first thought was not to call him but to write you how wonderful that story would be as a Destiel AU with Cas as a photographer at Sam’s wedding! :D

Author’s note: One of my favorite prompts ever, I loved this so much! Enjoy. ;)  

Castiel smiled, prompted by the many happy faces in the room. It was contagious, seeing all of these people filled with pure joy. Weddings were Castiel’s favorite part of the job, no doubt about it.

The young couple swaying in the middle of the dancefloor looked stunning, and Castiel snapped countless pictures of them. Sam Winchester and Jessica Moore; from today on Mr. and Mrs. Winchester. They were both practically glowing, lighting up the entire room and everyone surrounding them, even though they only seemed to have eyes for each other.

Aside from sweet, it was also bittersweet. As much as Castiel loved seeing others happy, deep down he would sometimes feel a tiny sting of jealousy when working at these kinds of events. Weddings made him somehow long for something that he’d never had, and feared might never have. He quickly banished that thought, taking his chance to get a few more decent pictures before the first dance of the evening ended.

From there on, Castiel discreetly moved around the room, making sure to get some proper pictures of all the most important family members and closest friends. The bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, Jessica’s best friend Tessa, and Sam’s friends Andy and Kevin.

Castiel paused and chuckled when he spotted the middle aged woman who was sitting in a dark corner, dejectedly staring at the dancefloor. She was sipping wine and looking like she’d already consumed way too much alcohol, even though the night had only just started. The sad single aunt; one could be found at almost every wedding. Castiel didn’t allow himself to think about how this could be him, ten years from now. That thought alone made him decide to spare her, to save her from a picture that she probably wouldn’t want taken of her.

Moving to the other side of the room, Castiel skipped a breath when his eyes suddenly landed on the ridiculously attractive brother of the groom, who was standing not too far away. Dean Winchester. That’s how the man had introduced himself to Castiel earlier that day, and Castiel had committed the name to memory. Dean was beautiful, dangerously beautiful. Because even though apparently by some miracle he was single, Castiel highly doubted that Dean played for his team. He sighed as he watched how Dean joked around with a red haired girl, laughing a laugh that Castiel was certain could end wars. Dean’s eyes were sparkling, his cheeks flushed. When they’d been introduced this morning, Castiel had taken note of the freckles on Dean’s nose, and even though he couldn’t see them from here, he was all but daydreaming about them. And those eyes, wow, those eyes…

“Why don’t you take a picture? It’ll last longer.”

Like taking a cold shower, Castiel abruptly came down from his Dean-induced high, gasping and lowering his camera when he saw that it was the man himself standing right in front of him. Dean was mockingly raising an eyebrow at Castiel, and oh god, he must’ve been really out of it if he hadn’t even noticed Dean coming his way.

“I- I apologize.” Castiel uttered as he tried not to drown in the depths of those amused green eyes. “That was very unprofessional of me.”

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Survival Scenario

In the spirit of summer and most of you college attending followers surviving finals (hopefully), these are a series of questions that can bring about varied responses. From serious debates to amusing sarcastic rants; do you often wonder or ask people what they would do in a doomsday scenario?

I had this conversation with my brother and his girlfriend once while we were out for lunch. She said probably wouldn’t handle a “zombie apocalypse” and would just wait in a car to die (literally her words). My brother got so mad at her cause he knew he’d have to risk his ass trying to save her. I guess that’s where survival stereotypes come into play, which leads to the next question.

More specifically, what kind of person would you become? This is difficult to answer because for the most part a vast majority of people have not been placed into a chaotic day-to-day survival situation. Of course there are modern day examples where anarchy and violence are current norms (Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.) due to political reasons. But most of us at home or in our dorm rooms blogging from laptops, eating pizza, watching porn…haven’t had to deal with making it on our own without basic essentials.

Some of you are probably thinking “zombie apocalypse” as your doomsday scenario, but realistically speaking, if society were to collapse from any number of causes (financial market crash, solar storms, rogue asteroid, global pandemic), can you maintain a sort of moral compass?

There will be some who disagree with this but I’ve always thought that any gun owner; whether they have just one or an arsenal, are preppers in some form. If you have one gun for home defense, you’re at the very least preparing or are prepared for the possibility of a home invasion or if major shit hits the fan.

Will you be looting, raping, killing other survivors by yourself or with a group…

Or will you be a bastion of humanity and oppose those taking advantage of the chaos by whatever means necessary…

Or will you give up the moment society crumbles and shows no signs of ever coming back?

Ironically all of the gifs are from a game with a zombie apocalypse scenario but its interesting that its the other human players who are more of a threat than the actual cause of the doomsday.

Creepypasta Request: Ikidomari (Part 1)

Part 2 will be posted next. 

Story length: Super long

I hear voices, they’re all around me. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to never play that damn game. They say I’m crazy and maybe I am. Maybe whatever it is that haunts me, took my sanity and hid it away. Somewhere where it’s impossible to find it, somewhere dark and sinister. Maybe they buried it deep down into the core of the earth and it’s just sitting down there, waiting to be found. 

I sound crazy don’t I? You think I’m crazy and it’s okay because I think I am as well. I’m gonna share this story and I’m gonna share it as much as possible. I don’t care if you believe me, all I ask from you is to read this story and don’t make the same mistake I made. I’m sure you’ve heard of true hauntings such as The Haunting of Connecticut and Amityville and maybe you’ve seen the movie “The Conjuring” that was based on true events. You never heard of this one. Those hauntings cannot compare to what I’ve witnessed. Nothing can.

It was in 2005 when I came across some old abandoned apartment building. I had just finished the first semester of my senior year of college and was walking alone to my dorm from the bar. I was always alone, I didn’t have many friends other than Jake and his brother Joel, my roommates. But they were always busy doing something else with their girlfriends and I was always alone, hoping that a bottle of whiskey would solve my problems.

When I came across the old building, I heard this creepy and demonic melody playing from inside. It sounded like a music box and it was echoing somehow. I had this strange urge to go inside and find out where it was coming from. I threw my bottle of whiskey and it broke against the curb. I walked inside the abandoned building, something I would never do if I was sober. My footsteps echoed throughout the building as I walked the halls. Most of the windows were boarded and dust filled the air, clinging onto every object that existed. I could actually taste the dust as it broke into my mouth and into my throat, causing me to cough.

I moved at a leisurely pace, dust spiraled up into clouds as I wandered the halls, searching for wherever the music was coming from. I know it sounds stupid but I was being drawn to the sound. It had some weird effect on me. I walked into a room and the music had stopped. The room was just like the rest of the building. Old, dusty and dark. 

I used the light from my cellphone to examine the old paintings that hung on the walls. I noticed how weird it was that most of the rooms had furniture left in it. It looked as if whoever were living there just got up and left, leaving behind everything.

Keep reading

Snowed In

Where is Jeremy? He was supposed to be back by now. The kids are a little restless waiting for their dad because he promised to watch a movie with them before bed. He went to visit a friend in the city and he’s been gone for hours.

It’s getting later and later and has now started to snow unexpectedly and the weather is getting worse by the minute. He hasn’t called and you can’t get through to him on his cell phone either. What’s going on? “Nanny Boo, where’s my daddy?” What do you tell Jaxon when you don’t know anything yourself?

There’s someone at the front door. Oh, thank goodness Jeremy’s finally back. You still have to drive home in this snow and it’s starting to get dark already. Jazmyn and Jaxon almost run you off your feet racing for the door. “Justin, Justin!” What? It’s not Jeremy!

Keep reading