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I hate getting random bursts of really intense inspiration because?? I don’t know what to do about it but I know I need to do something

Intact (Dean Winchester)

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Pairing: Dean/Fem!Mermaid!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Drowning, slight nudity, self doubt
A/N: I hope you enjoy. sorrry the ending seems a bit rushed, I finished this at like 1 am on monday when I have s c h o o l. rip me but i love writing at unreasonable times.
Request: can you write one where you are a mermaid living with the boys (cas knows but keeps it a secret) and has to save Dean on a case by transforming? the reader is scared dean will hate her but confesses to loving her?

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An AU my friend and I had where the shimada bros are mermaids. And like genji finds D.va and Hanzo finds Mccree, and like hanzo and mccree fall in love (I was going by the little mermaid book where the mermaids live like 500 years) but hanzo totally chooses mccree over living a long life. Then later on in the years, D.va finds genji and they totally become best bros.

Lost Treasure

Pairing: Merman!Dean x Mermaid!Reader AU

Summary: The secrets of the readers identity are revealed and yet more questions arise. 

Warnings: None. 

Word Count: 1,641

A/N: Ok I know I promised more interesting stuff and we’ll let’s be real this ones pretty boring. I promise I’m setting it up for some awesome action we just gotta get there. Well either way I hope you like it and feedback is always welcome. 

Catch Up Here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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“She’s the lost princess.” Those words kept repeating in your mind over and over again. How could any of this be possible? Maybe you were really having a psychotic breakdown. Both Sam and Dean were arguing but you didn’t hear a word, it was like the room was closing in on you and everything was beginning to spin. “I…I can’t!” You spun around and swam as fast as you could for the door. You had to get out of there before you had a complete meltdown.
“(Y/n), wait!” Dean shouted behind you but you were already out the door. Even out in the open, you felt like you were being smothered. It was just all too much to handle. ”(Y/n) please wait.“ Something in Dean’s voice made you stop swimming. 

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advicefromabastard  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could help me write a little. I am looking for some writing prompts involving mermaids. Horror, romance, thriller, science fiction, crazy mythology. Involving pirates, angels, humans, or even other mermaids. it would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

Sure! (also i should be sleeping instead of answering asks from AGES ago but whatever)

  • rival mermaid clans
  • regional mermaids where one is deeply confused as to why the mermaid they just met looks so different


  • Mermaids are not beautiful creatures, they are things that look like demons of the deep. They have been forced deep underwater and as such have had to adopt and look like deep water sea creatures (look them up that shit is freaky)

  • Someone gets a house on the ocean like they’ve always wanted but the beach nearby has been abandoned for some unknown reason. They then use the beach because hey, free beach, amirite?


  • Cyborg mermaids. Just think about it.

  • people needing prosthetics legs and such but instead getting prosthetic mermaid tails bc they almost never leave the water anyways

  • Deep sea exploration that leads to an almost alternate realm where the mermaids have been living far away from humans, complete with different nations and ruling governments


  • legends of fish people, and I can’t help but wonder if them eating sushi would be cannibalism. my friend tells me to shut up and just study for our mythology course

  • If your soul doesn’t go to Heaven or Hell, then you get turned into a mermaid to roam the seas forever

Hope these gave you some good prompts!

~Mod Karissa


It’s been a while since I opened up my Isla Paradiso save and today I found a few lots I made that should come in handy. I forgot all about this mermaid lagoon…
I remember, I tried to make It look like crumbling ruins, and used lights in the water to make It look magical at night. It’s on secluded island far away from the main island. There’s a hidden set of stairs leading underground where my mermaid household live. I made all of these mermaids myself, except for Maya Ocean who moved in. Although It only has two bedrooms. 
Some of you may recognise this lot because I used this lot for season 4 of witches of moonlight falls when Bianca turned into a mermaid but I might use It again for my new story. I’ll transfer this lot and a few of the mermaids.

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I would give anything to be a mermaid for even one day. It's my own dream, really, that I'd give up my legs in a heartbeat for a tail. ^^ Do you have any advice for a up and coming young woman who wishes to have a fin for the first time?

Hmm… I would say get a monofin first, just so you get used to having your legs mostly together and having to kick your legs at the same time. Once you feel comfortable with a monofin you should then get a fabric tail. A fabric tail weighs the lightest and you’ll get used to having your legs together and you’ll get more comfortable to being in a tail. Once you feel comfortable being in a fabric tail you can move up to neoprene or silicone. Don’t go legs to neoprene or silicone first, they weigh a lot under the water, they do float but not like a life vest would float. It’s a huge shock to yourself going legs to silicone because of the weight, so definitely fabric first.

As far as getting a tail goes, that’s my best advice, monofin then fabric tail.

Join mernetwork!!! There’s TONS of forums from making your own fabric tail, making your own neoprene, sequin or silicone tail, to reviews on tailmakers, to how to become professional, how to deal with sexuality and weight issues around others, there’s just a LOT on there, I highly suggest it! There’s tons of professional mermen and mermaids on there. (:

Try to find out where other mermaids and mermen live and if they live in your area/province/state/etc, like their facebook pages! They might be doing an appearance at a faire that you can go see and watch what they do and talk to them about how you have a tail and if they have any advice to give you. A lot of mermaids and mermen like to have “meet ups” and meet ups are where the mermaids and mermen of your area/state/province/etc come together at a public beach or a public pool and hang out with each other in their tails and just talk about stuff. Mernetwork is a great place to find out about meet ups! Under Forums of mernetwork there’s a section called Pods, and you click on the pod you’d be under and there will be conversations of people talking when to meet up and where and you can talk to them about how you want just got your tail and want to see other and hang out with them!

Watch videos of other mermaids and mermen on youtube and see what they do, how they act, and such like that.

Also, if you’re nervous about being in a tail at a public place you can always try to convince a friend to do it too! Fabric tails are the cheapest of mermaid tails, you can always make your own - I like Sasha the Fire Gypsy’s video, I know quite a few people who have used her method HERE is a video.

HERE <— is a link to mernetwork.

Raina Mermaid also has 2 books about mermaiding if you want to check those out, “Fishy” Business: How To Be A Mermaid & Fishy Business: My Life As A Mermaid. HERE is a link to those books that you can buy. She also has youtube videos on professional mermaiding, such as what to bring to a gig, what to do at parties, etc. I like to watch those videos before I go to gigs but you can watch them for whatever, fun or learning or whatever.

Definitely a monofin then fabric tail first. Join mernetwork. Don’t ever swim alone.

You can check out my FAQ. It has a link to where you can buy tails, I have every tailmaker on there and sectioned to what tails they do, fabric, silicone, etc and a list of those who sell monofins. Before you buy a tail definitely go to mernetwork, go to Forum, and click on Tailmaker Reviews, feel comfortable with who you’re buying from, email any questions or concerns you may have to whoever you are considering buying from. My FAQ also has DIY videos on how to make your own mermaid jewelry or how to do mermaid makeup.

I think… that… is… it? I think I covered mostly everything I could think of, I just woke up lol. I’m not sure if you meant the simple “what tail should I get first” or all the stuff you could potentially do so I just threw everything in there haha!

I hope this helped you! Good luck!