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Intact (Dean Winchester)

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Pairing: Dean/Fem!Mermaid!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Drowning, slight nudity, self doubt
A/N: I hope you enjoy. sorrry the ending seems a bit rushed, I finished this at like 1 am on monday when I have s c h o o l. rip me but i love writing at unreasonable times.
Request: can you write one where you are a mermaid living with the boys (cas knows but keeps it a secret) and has to save Dean on a case by transforming? the reader is scared dean will hate her but confesses to loving her?

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It’s been a while since I opened up my Isla Paradiso save and today I found a few lots I made that should come in handy. I forgot all about this mermaid lagoon…
I remember, I tried to make It look like crumbling ruins, and used lights in the water to make It look magical at night. It’s on secluded island far away from the main island. There’s a hidden set of stairs leading underground where my mermaid household live. I made all of these mermaids myself, except for Maya Ocean who moved in. Although It only has two bedrooms. 
Some of you may recognise this lot because I used this lot for season 4 of witches of moonlight falls when Bianca turned into a mermaid but I might use It again for my new story. I’ll transfer this lot and a few of the mermaids.