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I’m gonna write a fanfiction where all the characters are reincarnated into modern Paris… except for Javert.

In a sense, all of the characters died in a way that was satisfying to their lives (Ex: Fantine died sort of knowing her daughter would be taken care of, The Amis fought and died for a cause they deeply and truly believed in, Valjean passed after making sure Marius and Cosette were together and that his daughter was happy). They left this world with a sense of fulfillment and closure, thus able to come back into the world no regrets or unfinished business.

Javert did not.

Javert died on his own terms, confused and upset and the complete opposite of fulfilled; the man he had been hunting for literal years not only saves his life but also reveals that he is a good man and that Javert’s entire world view has been wrong. He cannot deal with this reality, and so takes his own life.

So instead of being reincarnated, Javert becomes a ghost.

One of the strongest attributes to ghosts and hauntings is that the apparition is unable to move on; usually something is keeping them tied to this world even when everything else has changed and whatever is keeping them there is no longer part of this living world. They need to resolve whatever is keeping them on earth and then descend in peace.

SO long story short I want an AU where the Amis/Valjean, by cosmic serendipity, come together and discover Javert’s ghost haunting the Seine and must figure out how to help bring him peace, while in the process discovering who they were in a past life