where jack was like ''omg did u just say my name''

Drunk in Love (1/?)

BEFORE YOU READ: This first part sets up the meet and the environment a lot of the interaction takes place in, don’t expect sexy time yet. If you know my fics you’ll know I scene set a lot, and I enjoy giving you a good story. Thanks, love you.

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Warnings: Alcohol, Drinking

Word Count: 2284 (so far)

Prompt: Omg I loooooove your writing! Please please can you do one where the reader and dan go to a google party or a convention party or something and they both drink too much and they kiss and they realise how much they like each other and they go back to his room? Omg I’ll die cos drunken kisses and the idea of drunken dan are everything lol thank u sweetheart x Prompt: Could you like do a dan x reader fan fic where you and dan met at a youtube party and you cant keep you eyes off each other, then that kinda stuff u know. Something around that would be nice thanks 😝 _________________________

“Oh my god, you look beautiful!” You hear an excited voice say from behind you. Glancing further up the mirror you’re sat in front of, you see Dodie staring down at your reflection, her mouth open in a cute smile.

“Thank you!” You grin at her. You look back at your reflection, and take in what you see. Having never really been that good at your own party style make up, and seeing as this was your first ever SITC party, you’d let Louise loose on your face and you had to admit, she’d done an amazing job. Your eyes were outlined in a soft black, smoking out at your lids. Your eyelashes were long and fluttery, your cheeks highlighted and your lips a natural pink. You looked.. Hot. And you were proud of what you saw.

“Looks stunning doesn’t she!” Exclaimed Louise as she emerged from the bathroom of the hotel room you were sharing with Dodie. “I take all the credit for the make up, but the beautiful features are all Y/N’s”, she blows a kiss at you in the mirror. You lift your hand up and pretend to catch it, giggling up at your sweet friends.

“I love it Lou” you reply honestly. Your fingers running through the ends of your lightly curled hair (also done by Louise)  which halo’d your face and fell softly around your shoulders and back.

“It’ll definitely be all eyes on you tonight, I want some of that male attention too!” Teased Louise.

“No way, you always look incredible plus you’re way more confident than me. Does my dress look okay?” You ask them both as you stand up to check your outfit one last time. You’d chosen a short black dress, made of a shimmering material that glittered when it caught the light, and it had a low neckline that still accentuated your figure. In truth it wasn’t something you usually went for, but you really did look good in it. However, of course you still needed your friends approval.

“Duh obviously,” promised Dodie, “you look smoking Y/N. The party starts in about 10 minutes but there’s pre drinks in Jack and Tom’s room. We don’t want to be those guys that show up to a party as soon as it starts. We need to make an entrance, maybe a slightly tipsy entrance!” She giggled as she reached for your fingers, lifting them above your head and twisting your arm to make you spin under your entwined hands.

“Let’s go!” Louise grins, clapping her hands together. “Dodie do you have your phone?”

“Got it got it got it!” Called Dodie as she tiptoed over to the side table between your beds and scooped up her phone. You smooth your dress down for one last time, grab your clutch bag from your bed and slip on your black heels, flicking your hair over one shoulder as you do so. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous. It was probably the uncertainty of the evening. Maybe it was because you’d never been at a party like this before. How much should you drink? What if you dance like an idiot? Will people judge you? Or maybe it was because a certain tall dark handsome youtuber would be there, and you couldn’t work out why, but there was just something about Dan Howell that made you all fluttery inside. You’d been introduced to each other by Carrie Fletcher just a few days ago before the convention began but of course you already knew who he was, and yes, he was 100% more gorgeous in real life. An introduction is as far as it had gone. You doubted he even remembered your name…

A short walk down the hall later, arms linked with Dodie and Louise who were giggling endlessly with excitement, you were outside the room of Jack and Tom. Louise releases you from her hold and raps her knuckles against the wooden door, but before she’d even had time to complete the third knock, the door swings open.

“AAAAAAAAY THERE’S MY GIRLS!” Yells what looks like a very tipsy Jack Howard, his arms up in the air, a green straw hanging from his mouth. A flurry of welcomes and hello’s and incomprehensible greetings follow from the room full of your favourite people.

“It’s not a party without my girls!” He swings his hands towards himself in a beckoning motion and gives you a cheeky wink as you grin at him, and you walk through the door for a hug. Louise and Dodie follow after you and go to greet your fellow youtubers as you give Jack a friendly squeeze and breathe in what already smells like too much tequila.

“How much have you had Mr Howard?” You giggle. “It’s only half 9!”
Jack leans back from the hug and taps you on the nose with the straw that’s still between his lips before letting it fall between you. 

“Hey you I’m sober enough to know you look amazing! Anyway we ssstarted our party at 8, I wanna get to the proper party now!” He slurs a few words as he grins at you.

“Woah not yet!” You protest. “I haven’t had a single drink!”

“I CAN FIX THAT!” Shouts a jolly Louise from beside a table covered in glasses and bottles. She is holding an overly full glass of rosé in one hand, and in the other she is clutching two shots of something clear.

“Hey where’s my shot?!” Asks Dodie, coming up from behind you and leading you by the arm to Louise.

“And mine!” Tom exclaims, appearing next to you and giving your arm a gentle squeeze hello. You smile up at him, and make a suggestion.

“Shots for everyone?”

“SHOTS FOR EVERYONE!” Repeats Hazel who had also joined the circle, a laughing Jack leaning by her side. 

Tom takes the bottle of tequila from the table and fills up several more shot glasses before passing them round the group. Louise outstretches her arms and hands you one of the shots as well as the glass of rosé. You take them from her and look around at your friends before raising your arm as you all ‘cheers’ to each other and then you close your lips around the rim of the tiny shot glass and throw your head back, not particularly enjoying the sharp taste falling down the back of your throat, but feeling a buzz from excitement of the evening ahead. Drinks in everyone’s hands, and smiles on everyone’s faces.

10:50, it was finally party time. After several more shots, and several more glasses of rosé it was safe to say you felt good. Happy. Your head was fuzzy, it was the good kind of tipsy, all nice feeling swirling inside you. You were linked arms with Hazel on your left, and your fingers were woven into Dodie’s on your right. Somehow you’d forgotten the journey from the hotel room to the doors of the Summer in the City 2015 party but you were here now and you could hear the thumping music and see lights shining under the double doors in front of you. All the dutch courage you’d had before began to falter. He’d been in there. Looking gorgeous no doubt.

“Dodie?” you whisper, without turning your head to her so as not to draw any attention to the conversation.

“Yes babe?” You feel her lean closer to you, aware you needed to ask her something.

“Are you sure I look okay? I mean… all of this… it’s not too much?  Will… do I…” you let go of Hazel’s arm and run your fingers through your hair once more. Hazel turns away from you so Dodie quickly moves to stand in front of you. Her hands hold your elbows.

“Listen lady, you look beauuutiful. It’s definitely not too much don’t be sssilly. I’d totally snog you!” She jokes, laughing cheekily. Wobbling a little and holding tighter to your elbows. You sway with her slightly, realising any more drinks tonight were probably a bad idea… or a good one… depending on how dead the party actually is.

“Let’s go eskimo!” Louise sings, pushing past everyone, shaking her hair over her shoulders and grabbing Hazel’s elbow. They stride towards the doors, singing along to Bruno Mars as he played loudly from within the party. Dodie holds your hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze as you follow behind them, singing in a high pitched voice. You grin at her and can’t help but giggle, it wasn’t funny, but several shots of tequila will make anything laughable. With a strong force, Louise and Hazel push open the doors to the party.

It was safe to say the party was far from ‘dead’. The music was loud, and you could feel the bass in your chest. It was the sort that could make anyone dance. The lights were soft, with random colours bursting through the air in time to the beat. Hot bodies of youtubers, new and old, occupied the dance floor and were squashed around the bar tables, laughing and sharing drinks. Everyone looked really good, it was the sort of party where everyone made an effort. Vlogging was banned here, because the party had plenty of dark corners and things could happen tonight that people may not exactly want on the internet… You found yourself smiling again. Definitely the sort of party where anything could happen.
The open bar across to the left of the room had your attention, a lot of people you recognised were crowded round it and you could see multiple cocktail shakers flying through the air.

“Come on!” Yells Dodie, also spotting the action at the bar. She pulls you in its direction, weaving in and out of some people who were having a mini dance battle. You turn your head back and see everyone else you’d arrived with merge into the dance floor, Louise’s beautifully bright hair would be your indicator as to where your friends were for the rest of the night. You turn back to Dodie and grip your bag to your body as she continues to pull you to the bar, her other arm up in the air with her hand waving around to the music.

Carrie and her boyfriend Pete spot you first, she was wearing a beautiful 50’s halter dress and both of them were wearing matching Mickey Mouse ears. You were good friends with both of them and felt totally comfortable around them.

“GUUUUUUYS!!!” She yells, gathering you both into a slightly sweaty hug. Carrie was always the first on the dance floor. “You. Look. Amazing.” She says into your ear, and you squeeze her waist in thanks.

“Damn girl!” Who are you? I don’t believe we’ve met!“ Teases Pete, planting a kiss on the side of your head as Carrie releases you from her grip.

“Yeah, bit different isn’t it?” You smile, looking down at your dress once more.
“She’s a heartbreaker tonight!” Pete says, winking at Dodie and Carrie. Carrie claps her hands lightly together and holds her hands out to you. You take them and look between all three of your friends.

“So are…. um…. who else is here?” You ask. You see Dodie smile at you knowingly.

“Everyone!” Replies Carrie. “Drink first, then dance?” Not as aware as Dodie as to why you were asking.

“MORE SHOTS.” Yells Dodie, pointing at the bar and squeezing herself in a gap. You giggle and follow her. Your head was still fuzzy but more drinks were needed before you could join all the dancers in the middle of the room. As you reach the bar, a jägerbomb train had just been set up, and everyone at the bar looked excited. “Are you ready?” She grins, tapping her fingers against the dark wood. Her face changes slightly as she looks past you to the other end of the bar. “You best be ready.”

“What? I’ve had jägerbombs before Dodes.” You tap her on the hand dismissively.

“I’m not talking about the drink Y/N.” She leans towards you and kisses your cheek, just as the bartender taps the very first shot on the start of the train. A roar erupts from around the bar as the shots fall into the redbull and people begin to reach forward to grab the glasses. You frown at Dodie, a little confused, but not sober enough to really work out what she was getting at.

“Well. I’m ready for these anyway.” You reach forward and wrap your fingers around the cold glass, sliding it back towards Dodie who was still smiling and swishing her hips next to you. As you reach forward for another, you feel the lightest touch of fingers against your waist, and a warm body leans gently against your side as their own hand reaches for a glass. You don’t recognise this hand, or the shirt on their arm, or the exhilarating cologne that filled your senses. 

“So…what are we drinking to?” A soft, flirtatious voice asks. A voice that you did recognise. You quickly grab at Dodie’s fingers and squeeze them tight by your side, before you finally turn your head to look at the guy you’d hoped you’d find tonight. He was in a plain black, well fitted button up, and his dark hair was curled gently and his even darker eyes were focused on yours, shimmering as he smiled.

“Y/N right? We met a few days ago.” His hand was still against your waist, and his other hand passed you a jägerbomb.
“Yeah we did. Hello Dan.” You can’t help but smile as he leans in a little closer.

“Hello beautiful.”

novetteus  asked:

I have a desperate need for a deviation to the Soulmates!AU, because Reaper's shattered every piece of my being (along with every angsty imagine on this blog; I read through every. single. one., pulled an all-nighter for it with null regrets :'D ) Could you please write one where he meets his soulmate while he's still Reyes, before the explosion? Whether it continues past that point is completely up to you! Having read your Reaper version, I'd love to see your take on pre-edgelord, too. .u.

Making people lose sleep over my writing is my highest aspiration tbh :D

I was deliberating making this angsty (because there’s just so much potential for that omg) but I felt like writing fluff instead, so here you go :)

Requests are closed!

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omg omg omg can u write a blurb based one where Y/N is in a band and has a lip ring like luke does and its black and it makes her look badass chick and she wears like black skinny jeans and stuff but once lukes band and her band meet luke basically falls in love with her the moment he saw her and thought she was way too cool for him but ended up learning she giggles at her own jokes and is so adorable and the sweetest person ever???? pretty please☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️

(Just wanted to say-That in this fic, 5sos are not as popular as they are now. Think of it like this, they’re not that well known in pop. In this universe their fan base is smaller. They’re on the same level as y/n’s band where the venues aren’t that huge. Enjoy!)

Way Too Cool For Me



“Hey y/n! Y/n, hey!” “Yeessss Jack?” I turned around to see where the guitarist’s voice was coming from, currently trying to put my black combat boots back on. “You, us, we-” “Jack you’re not speaking English” I laughed as Ethan threw me a water bottle. We just finished a show so everyone was trying to change into less sweaty clothes. Jack took a breath in before continuing, “So, right okay, I checked our email and Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer emailed us asking us if we wanted to play a show with them, that’s, open for them” “Oh my god, really? Did you hear that Eth?” I looked to Ethan and so did Jack with an excited face while nodding, “Hear what?” The drummer said as he just put a clean shirt on. “Jack can check emails!” I laughed out loud with at my own joke to which Jack slapped my shoulder. “Okay, okay” I toned it down to a chuckle now and whist tucking my Green Day tshirt into my black jeans said, “That’s pretty cool, though for real. Did he say when?” Jack now jumping up with excitement said, “Yes! Um, he said this Friday. And uh..” He looked down at his feet and twisted the toe of his shoe on the ground in circles, “I may have emailed him back already…And said yes”. “Wow, thanks for the heads up bud.” I laughed again, but didn’t really mind since I actually quite liked 5sos’s music. “Okay so Calum said that they’d wanna meet up on tomorrow if that’s cool with us, to talk it all out.” “That’s chill” said Ethan from beside me now, all decent, “We’re not really doing much tomorrow, are we.” He said as a fact. “No, we’re not. Also, remember to tell Ellie.” I said as I pushed my blue hair to one side to put my leather jacket on. “I hope they’re cool.”

Luke’s P.O.V.

After exchanging phone numbers, we agreed that it’d be best if we met in y/n’s house since that’s got the most room to fit all of us in. We walked to the front door and Calum knocked on the door, we waited patiently as the sounds of a guitar could be heard from inside the house. Finally a brown haired boy opened the door. “Hey guys! I’m Ethan. Come in.” He opened the door wide so that we could come in. “Let’s go to the basement, there’s more room there.” He waved his hand for us to follow and me and Michael exchanged glanced and smirked to each other, because that’s where every band’s set up is, including our own. The basement, is where the magic happens. I ran my hand through my hair as we walked down the stairs. The basement had a make shift stage with all the instruments and amps. Ethan sat down on one of the bean bags and motioned for us to sit on the sofa or any other available seat. My eyes went straight to the blue haired girl. I guessed that was y/n. She sat on one of the amps on the stage and was scribbling away on her notebook. When she looked up and said “just a sec”, I thought I fell in love. She wore black skinny jeans with combat books and a Drop Dead tank top. She even had the same black lip ring as mine. Fuck. Okay she’s way too cool for me. Then I felt a nudge to my rib cage and saw Cal smirking at me. “You’re staring, mate.” He laughed and sat down on a sofa chair next to Ethan. I sat down on the sofa as everyone introduced themselves properly and waited for y/n. I was talking to Ellie who sat across from me when I felt a thump next to me on the sofa. My heart sped up as y/n introduced herself and smiled widely at me when I told her my name. Then everyone started to discuss how the show would go on. “Hey d’you know what would be cool? If y/n joined us in on one of the songs” Chimed in Ashton. “Sure, if that’s okay with you guys.” y/n looked at  Cal, Michael and then rested her eyes on me. I choked out a “yes definitely”, to which Calum laughed. We had to go soon after that, so we didn’t have much time to talk which sucked. But we’d have more time to chat after the show tomorrow. We said our goodbyes and headed out. “Dude, you’ve totally got a crush on y/n.” Said Michael as we got in the car. I turned around to look at him. “Hey! No I-” “Oh my god, you’ve noticed too?!” Squealed Cal from the driver’s seat, buckling his seat belt in. I huffed and put my hand over my eyes. “ohhh our little Lukey has a crush.” Ashton joined in from the back as the boys laughed. “Does it matter? She’s too cool for me anyway. Have you seen how badass she looks?” I said quietly. “She is kinda badass, really hot too.” Said Mikey from the back. That shut me up, she’d probably rather go for Mikey anyway.


After y/n and her band got on the stage, it was like I was in a trance, watching them from back stage. The way she head banged letting her blue hair fall on her face and sang her lyrics through the microphone, almost made my knees go weak. The way she stomped her combat boot on the stage in the beat to the music. It was almost painful to look away. Before I realised, they were walking off the stage. Ethan had his sweaty tshirt in his hand and wiped it on Calum who screamed, before I saw y/n running towards me all sweaty with her arms wide open to hug me. “Oh my god, no!” I tried to hide behind Ash, but she got a hold of my arm and gave me a sweaty hug. It may have been gross, but I felt like the chosen one. We set up all of our instruments on the stage and gave them all a sound check. We started playing, the crowd’s energy flowing right into ours making us jump around and sing. y/n came in on our last song and brought her own microphone on the stage. She still came up to me to sing into my microphone and put her arm around my shoulder as we sang the chorus to the song. I smiled widely and kept focusing on her as she sang and flipped her electric blue hair around. It was like everything was happening at slow motion. Every time she smiled as the crowd sang along, every time she looked at me so happy that she was doing what she loved. Y/n walked up to Calum at one point and danced around him, but most of the song she spent next to me. She gave me a side hug before walking off stage and thanking the fans. I couldn’t help the bitter thoughts that keep crossing my mind that she was something else, something too good for me. I was out of her league, or at least, that’s what my mind kept telling me.

When we got off the stage, we joked around with y/n’s band and went outside the venue to talk to some fans while Calum and Ethan smoked. After some time I realised y/n disappeared, so I went back in the venue’s back entrance. I scanned the room for a bit before my gaze caught Calum’s who smirked at me and said “the changing room, mate.” I smiled knowingly at him and patted his shoulder. Thank the Heavens for Calum Hood. I stood by the changing room for about a minute trying to keep my cool and then gathered up the courage to knock on the door. I heard a soft “come in” and opened the door. There she sat, with her hair in a messy bun, her shoes off as she sat on the sofa with her colourful mismatched socks on. She was scribbling away in her notebook again and I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight. “Very punk rock.” I chuckled and pointed at her socks. “Oh hi Luke, yeah I” she laughed softly, “not as punk rock as I seem eh?”. “Nah, still punk rock if you ask me.” I laughed and sat down next to her, our knees touching. “Whatcha writin?” I nodded at the notebook. “Oh just um, I have a hobby of writing down as many puns as I hear or come up with.” She looked at me, completely serious. “Oh..uh.. that’s’s um. Are you serious?” She laughed out loud and put her fist in the air. “Yes! You actually believed it. Success!” She snorted after that and immediately covered her mouth with her hand. I tried to keep my laugh in, I really did. I put my hand over hers and uncovered her mouth. Still chuckling, I said “No, don’t. It’s cute.” She smiled at me shyly and went to put her notebook away. I realised that maybe she wasn’t how I thought she was. I thought she wouldn’t even look twice at me. And yet here she was, trying to cover her snorts up just a second ago. We sat there talking for a while and she ended up telling me that she was actually writing ideas for a song. I asked her what it’s about, but she blushed and said that it’s kind of embarrassing. I told her not to worry about it, but she said “As soon as I see something interesting, that catches my eye, I want to write about it as soon as I can. You know, to not forget.” I nodded silently but I couldn’t stop but wonder what she could possibly be writing about. We kept talking until I took a deep breath in and said, “Do you wanna, come over to my hotel room? To hang out? We could watch some films or like listen to music or sing?” She smiled warmly at me and said, “Sure”. I couldn’t help my excitement in and jumped up to my feet, “okay, great. Let’s go.” y/n chuckled at my actions before standing up and putting her shoes on. I sat down in the back of Cal’s car next to y/n when something clicked in my head. “Y/n?” She laughed quietly at me whispering and whispered back, “Luke?” dramatically. “The song you were writing. Was that about me?” I whispered. She looked away and faced forward. My heart pounded and for the second time I thought I was in love with her. I swore I could feel my hands shaking as I thought I made a fool of myself for even thinking that she’d find me interesting enough to write a song about me. And then she nodded.

(Hope that was okay. Thanks for the request :D -Joanna x)

Catch Fire (Luke fanfiction)

When a one-night-stand turns two-night-stands turns sex buddies turns…well, good question OR when Lou met and somehow ended up having sex with her celebrity crush, she never expected things to turn out the way they did

Warnings: smut, language, 5SOS and especially Luke are kinda assholes


Greenlight – 5 Seconds of Summer

“It’s taking me over, I don’t wanna play this game no more

All you gotta do is tell me right now, you want me right now, come on

Give me the greenlight, we could have all night

If you just say the word, tell me it’s alright, give me the greenlight”

I open my eyes and squint in the harsh sunlight coming from the window of my bedroom. Yawning, I reach for my phone and check the time. It’s 2pm and I just woke up. Oh well. That’s what holidays are for. Sitting up, I stretch and wonder what I’m going to do today. I’ve spent the last week in LA making the apartment ready for when I’m moving in (in a few months), and this is my last day before flying back to France, where I still live with my parents.

I don’t feel like getting up just yet, so I go on YouTube to check the number of views on my last video (yes, I’m a dork that way). I smile goofily at the screen. I posted it two days ago and there are already 1k views! Okay, it might not be enormous, but I started my channel a little over a year ago and it’s not like I’m that great at singing, so I’d consider it an achievement to even have two views. I quickly scroll through the comments, which go from ‘Omg your voice is amazingg and ur sooo pretty <3’ to ‘Do u call that playing guitar?! ur voice is a fuckin disaster’.

Oh well, haters gonna hate. Comments like that are actually pretty ironic since the name of my youtube channel is GoAwayPeasant. Okay I’m not funny.

Anyway, I finally decide to get up and pick out my clothes as I check my Twitter, which I basically only use to stalk bandmembers. No one’s posted anything special, except Jack from All Time Low who’s just being his usual hilarious and stupid self. I shrug on a pair of skinny jeans and the DropDead ‘Join Us’ tank top, pulling my dark red curls in a ponytail. My phone lets out a small sound as a new tweet comes in. I look at it and freeze. Oh my god. It’s a picture of all of 5SOS in LA. I had no idea they were here. The tweet simply says that they’re stopping here for the day, and then leaving for the European leg of their tour tomorrow (yes of course I have tickets for the show in Paris). I breathe and try to channel my inner fangirl, but it’s no use. I’m in the fucking same city as them! Of course they probably won’t leave their hotel and I’m not enough of a creep to stay outside of it and stare at the windows, but still.

Just then, New Americana by Halsey starts playing as my phone rings. I pick it up, recognizing my dad’s number.

 “Hello? Louisiana?”

I sigh. Don’t get me started on my name. Normally I make everyone else call me Louise or Lou, but he insists on using my full name. I hate it. It’s not my fault my dad has family in Louisiana and has thus insisted I be called that, or that my mom thought it was a very awesome idea. But still I’m the one stuck with that horrible name.


“Hi honey, how are you?”

“Hey dad, I’m great! How are you guys?”

“We’re good. How’s the apartment?”

“It’s amazing,” I gush. “I love it so much! And it’s really close to this awesome music store! Well, I haven’t really checked it out yet, but it looks awesome. I’m probably gonna go today,” I add as an afterthought.

“I see, glad you’re having fun.”

We talk a bit more about what I did during the holidays and discuss the details of how I’m gonna get home before saying goodbye. I settle back down on my bed and contemplate what I wanna do before visiting that music store. After a few minutes of hesitating between movies, fanfics and YouTube videos, I go for the last and decide to do a re-run of all of danisnotonfire’s videos, because let’s face it: he’s amazing.

Five hours later, I’m at the music shop. And I was right: it’s paradise on earth. I trail my fingertips over the rack of CDs, looking for…there. Taking the CD out, I inspect the cover. The extended version of 5 Second of Summer’s new album finally came out, and I’m holding a precious copy. The four boys’ faces smile up at me, and I notice that for once, they’re all actually looking at the camera. I focus on Luke’s face, tracing the edges of his light smirk. So damn hot. Gripping the CD as well as the other few albums I’ve selected, I head towards the counter.

And stop in my tracks.

Entering the shop is a tall young guy around 20, with golden-blonde hair, sky-blue eyes and a pierced lip. It’s him. Lukey. Aka Luke Hemmings, 5 Seconds of Summer’s lead singer and guitarist and the boy who has been my celebrity crush for three years. Here. In this shop. Walking in my direction.

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