where is your towel

Fame, Flashlight

BTS Yoongi / Model AU / Words: 6232
Anonymous requested:  If you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could do one between a model and photographer yoongi? Where he’s usually famous for slightly racy pictures but he starts falling for her and tries to cover her up more lol.
A/N: i hope u like it omg i apoligize if there are mistakes im v tired rn

You pulled your car into your temporary spot, significantly earlier than your actual call time. Your own paranoia had put you on edge and made you cut your workout ten minutes short to allow sufficient time for you to get home, shower, then make it to the studio. Your hair was still damp, and it clung to the back of your neck. You reached over to the passenger seat, where you had carelessly flung your towel when you had rushed from the door of your condo, swallowing the remainder of your supplements. You roughly shook it over your head in an attempt to dry it more, and you smoothed out the end result with your fingers. You didn’t quite care what it looked like when you walked in the doors. You knew that anything you did to your hair or face would be wiped clean by the stylists the second they got their hands on you. You were so used to being dressed and made up in ridiculous ways, and you took advantage of the times you could leave your face bare, hair down and lounge in comfy sweats with faded logos.

Out of boredom and sheer habit, you checked your phone, scrolling through Instagram and mindlessly liking everyone’s pictures. You only paused when you came across a familiar username. You stared at the picture of wispy clouds etched into the sky, bathed in the pale yellow and pink light of the rising sun. Telephone lines and skyscrapers littered the horizon, but didn’t take away from the beauty of the morning sunrise. The caption simply read “My view this morning”, and yet there were hundreds of thousands of likes. You let your thumb linger just above your screen before you double tapped it, and a quick heart appeared on the picture. You took that as your cue to get out of your car and head towards the glass double doors of the tall building, still ten minutes ahead of schedule.

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Bendy, where's your towel?! You're going to get ink all over the bed!!

This quilt is already stained from when I first got here, so Mun doesn’t really care too much anymore. They can still sleep with it, I guess.

DIY Spell Sachets for the Witch on a Budget

So this morning I made a spell sachet to keep in my purse for witchy reasons.  I am no good at crafts, suck at sewing, and have no money.  Here’s how I pulled it off:

You will need:

A piece of fabric big enough to cut two small squares from. Pick up from your local craft store (You may even be able to just ask for a sample and that should be enough), find something laying around the house from a previous abandoned project (like I did), or even just sacrifice a t-shirt that doesn’t fit anymore.

Needle and thread or your color preference (I chose white because I like the generality of it). If you live with your parents, you will definitely find this in your home, probably close to where the towels are kept.

Stuff to fill it with (In my case, fragrant herbs from teabags with some salt and a couple sigils)

Optional: Candle to cleanse and charge your materials.  I chose a blue candle that I found in the guest room.

Step 1: Cut out your squares, keeping in mind that when you’re done sewing them together they will be a bit smaller.  But you can eyeball it. 

Step 2: Thread your needle (I pulled my thread over the candle a couple times to charge it) and start sewing the squares together.  NOW, I have no sewing experience, so please don’t be horrified at my technique.  I sew in a continuous loop, in one side, out the other, over and over, until the side of the squares is closed.  You may need to tie it off at times to get more thread or if it knots, but just make a good solid knot, rethread the needle, and start again.  If it looks totally jenky, that’s fine.  Sew THREE of the sides, leave the fourth open.  It will look like this:

Step 3: Turn that sucking inside out.  I swear, it looks totally legit no matter how many times you had to rethread.


Step 4: Get your filling ready.  I used spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and linden flowers, all from tea bags with only those things in them.  They’re super easy to find at the grocery store (especially mint tea).  I also used sea salt, which is a bit more expensive to obtain but any salt works, I just used this because I was in my kitchen already and I like coarse salt for this kind of thing.

I also took a bit more of the fabric and wrote a couple sigils with a blue pen.  The first is my special sigil that I’ve been using for positive energy since I was about eight years old and the other is a newer one I use for mindfulness and being present.  I singed the edges slightly before putting them in to charge them (not pictured)

Pop it all in the bag, give it your intention (I actually whispered mine into the bag), and then fold over the remaining fabric and sew it closed, going over your first stitched a few times for good measure and tying off nice and tight.  And voila!

Spell sachet done!  It took me about a half hour to make, and cleanup was extremely easy.  It now sits happily in my purse, making it smell nice and giving my possessions a calm energy and a constant cleansing force.  Also the salt acts as a mild ward.

Other things you can put in spell sachets:

  • Any herbs you like!
  • Crystals!
  • Bones! 
  • Effigies or teeny statues!
  • Written spells or prayers!
  • Dried fruit! (as long as it’s really dry and won’t get moldy)
  • Essential oils!
  • Charcoal!

And feel free to change up the fabric/thread color to suit your needs!  You could even double seal it with wax if you like.  It’s super easy and very inconspicuous (if anyone asks, you can just say it’s potpourri), and a great way to get your witch on and make something all by yourself.

Have fun!

Not One, But Two (Part III)

Summary: It all started on that night when you and Jay were both too drunk to remember anything. You resigned from your job and left Seoul with a secret. Now you’re back and ready to tell Jay about them, but doing so means sharing their lives and putting his career and love life on the line.

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Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

You trudged back to the little cottage where you left your things. You reached for a towel inside your bag and wiped the sweat that formed on your forehead while you were chasing Jaeyoung a while ago as he ran around and hid behind trees. Once you sat down to take a rest, your phone rang. K’s name and photo registered on the screen.

“Hi K,” you greeted your brother as you put your phone against the shell of your ear.

How’s it going?” K asked.

Just over the low bushes of flower, Jay and the twins were walking on the stone steps. They held each of his hands. Whatever Jay was telling them, he was scoring bag as their laughter reached your ears.

“Fine, so far. The twins are having fun and they like him, but I’m not sure if it’s sunk in them that he’s their dad. Do you get what I’m trying to say?”

Yeah,” he chuckled. “It’s good that he’s doing this for them.”

“Please tell me I did the right thing.”

The part where you told him about them or the part where you agreed on bringing them to this trip? Which part?

“Both,” you grumbled under your breath. K was your biggest supporter, but he also found entertainment on your worries.

You did the right thing, so stop worrying so much.


And now you just have to wait. It all depends on whatever Jay is planning.

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Yesterday night i read this fic of yours where SebStan is the human disaster who steals towels from hotels and yes now it's a headcanon of mine. Also this fic was a+ and I'm throwing all my virtual money at you.

that headcanon came out of in-depth Towel Ownership As Characterisation discussion with BFF @amidnightvoyage and it is something I am so gleeful about. such a lovable fucking trashfire of a person. thank you, I’m glad you were into it!!

“Is this on sale?”... “Is this on sale?” ... “Is this on sale?“...

Wild eyed woman pops a question as I’m walking past her, “Where are your sale bamboo towels?”
“Our bamboo towels are not on sale right now. If we have any discounted towels with fabrics flaws, they will be mixed in with there respective colors.”
“So… where are your sale towels?”
“They’re mixed in with the full priced towel right here,” I motion towards the three sides of our four sided towel shelving unit, “These three sides are all bamboo towels. That fourth side is all cotton towels, some of which are on sale.”
“I want the bamboo towels. Where are the ones on sale?”
“Okay… like right here,” I put my hand on one of the dark teal bath sheets, “I know that these two teal bath sheets have fabric flaws, so we marked them to 30% off the original price.”
“But I don’t want the bath sheet. I want the towel.”
“I understand. I’m just showing you what I know is on sale. Like these two bath sheets, any other sale towels are going to be mixed in with their respective colors.”
“So, where can I find the sale towels?”
I take a deep breath and try not to raise my voice out of frustration, “Ma'am, I honestly don’t know if we have any other sale bamboo towels other than the ones I just pointed out. The best suggestion I can make is that you look through the colors, find ones you prefer and see if any are on sale.”
“So, the price that’s printed on here? Is that the sale price?”
“The printed price is the original price. If an item is on sale, it will have either a written or printed discount percentage on the price tag.” The woman remains quiet long enough for me to scoot around to the other side of the unit. Another woman begins asking me questions about towels and what sets she might be able to put together in neutral colors as a gift. While I’m still talking with this particular lady, the first woman pops out from around the corner with a bright orange towel and bellows, “SO… THIS towel here. Is THIS a sale towel?”
I look at the tag which reads *30% Off $32.00* “Yes, that is a sale towel.
"SO, what price does that come down to?”
Inner thought facepalm, “30% off $32… so, about nine dollars off. It’ll be around $22.”
“Is that the best you can do with the price?”
“This towel has a fabric flaw. 30% is our standard mark down for normally full priced items with fabric flaws.”
“So, that’s the best you can do?”

Over the next hour I watch her putz around the store asking both another associate, my supervisor and my manager about the prices of items in our store. She looks at an eye glass beaded chain (one of those things people wear to catch their glasses in case they fall off/just don’t want to wear them at that moment) and asks my manager, “So? Is this a good quality product?”
“We’ve never had any returned. We generally take that as a good sign,” my manager replies.
“Well, I’m just not sure about the grips on these. Do you think they’ll hold? Have you ever bought one of these? I mean… has anyone who works here bought one of these?”
“Uh, I think Anne might have one of those.”
“Oh? Is she a friend? What does your friend think of these?”
“No, she works here. I’ve never heard her complain about hers, so I suppose they work just fine.”
“Are these on sale?”
“No, those are full priced.”
Woman squints at the price tag, “What’s the retail price on these?”
“That is the retail price. They’re not on sale.”

The woman comes over to the register with her one bright orange towel, her eye glass chain thing, an American flag coin purse and a little telephone wire woven basket. I scan in the latter item, after which the woman asks, “What did that basket ring up as?”
“It’s $24 - full price.”
“Oh, really?!” she frowns, “I didn’t know. I thought those were on sale.”
I show her the tag, “No, it’s full price.” I wait a second as she looks as if she’s debating within herself, “Do you still want it?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty.” She kind of jitters, “I just have to spend forever in this store. It’s my favorite store,” (I swear to God I’ve never seen her in there before in the time I’ve been working at the store) “Do you have a list of all the outlets?”
“Pardon? Do you mean the Freeport outlets?”
“Yeah. Do you have a list? This is only my first stop.”
“Uh… yeah. We have a pamphlet with a map of all the stores downtown.”

Those poor… poor people working at those other stores. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Imagine...Getting caught wearing Cas’ trenchcoat

Pairing: Cas x reader

The boys were out on a supply run and you hadn’t expected them home for a few more hours. You didn’t often find yourself home alone without them and took the opportunity to get some time for yourself. Namely, in the form of a nice long, hot shower.

You stayed in there until the water had run out and you felt like a new person. You wrung out your hair and looked around for your towels but didn’t see them in your usual spot.

Must have forgotten to get them out.

But when you opened the small closet door in the bathroom where you kept your things, not a single towel could be found. 

“Shit,” you said aloud, realizing you hadn’t done laundry at all for the past two weeks. Glancing at the hamper, you opened it and found it full, your sweaty clothes from the morning on top.

You really didn’t want to put on something dirty. You wanted to feel clean for once. Walking over to the door, you hesitated for a moment and opened it, just a crack.

“Sam? Dean? You guys home?” you yelled as loudly as possible. When you got no response back, you opened it all the way. You started to walk down the hallway, cutting through the kitchen and walking through the library when you stopped. 

Thrown over the back of one of the chairs was Cas’ trenchcoat. Glancing around, you saw him no where in sight. Quickly you ran over and threw it on. He must have teleported in after you’d called out.

Trying to conceal yourself as best you could, you kept moving towards your room, hoping to avoid the angel. You already liked him, the last thing you needed was for him to see you like this.

But just as you rounded the corner to your room, you saw Cas exit yours and catch your eye. He smiled at you before glancing down to see you wearing his jacket. You couldn’t read his expression at all.

“I didn’t think anyone was home. No towels,” you stuttered out, quickly trying to make your way past him. He held out a hand to stop you.

“You’re wearing my coat,” he said, voice even, blue eyes piercing yours. You blushed.

“I didn’t want you to see me, you know…” you trailed off. He titled his head to the side.

“Oh. I thought you liked me romantically. That’s what Dean told me,” he said, confusion written across his features.

I’ll kill him.

“Well, uh, you’re an angel and everything…” you said, attempting to walk past him when he held up his arm, blocking your path.

“I enjoy being with you, Y/N. Would you like to try dating?” Cas said bluntly. You blinked at his forwardness. “I would if you have feelings for me,” he said, shifting on his feet.

“I’d like to, I’d really like to,” you said. Cas smiled.

“I will come back later and take you on a date,” he said. “May I have my coat?” he said, reaching his hand out, waiting for you to give it to him.

“Um, well let me change first, Cas,” you said, blushing once more. He looked confused again.

“I thought people who dated saw each other naked? That’s what-” said Cas.

“Dean said?” you interrupted.

“Actually Sam,” Cas answered.

I’m really going to kill them.

“They do Cas but let’s go on a date first and work up to that, okay?” you said, walking into your room, your cheeks burning now.

“Okay, I will retrieve my coat when I return later. You can have it until then. I like how you look in it anyways,” he said before popping away, leaving you there in his coat.

Turning around you saw a large pile of towels on your bed with a note on top.

Have fun you two kids and be safe! You can thank us later. -Sam & Dean

“Thanks, dorks,” you said, plopping down onto your bed, gladly willing to stay wrapped up in the angel’s warm coat just a little while longer before giving it back.

BTS - Attempting to turn them on.

“Can you do a reaction when you try and turn them on but it fails to work so you try harder and it ends up working but in front of the other members. I hope this makes sense” -Anonymous

Thanks for the request anonymous!

Kim Namjoon

You would get home and Namjoon would be sitting with Suga running over some song lyrics. He had been doing this every night of the week.  Walking over to him you tried to give him a kiss but he turned away. 

“I need to work Y/N” he’d say causing you to groan and walk off to the bedroom. 

You thought for a moment before deciding to go for a shower. After showering you walked back out to where Namjoon and Suga were sitting, your towel just barely covering your naked body. 

“Baby, have you seen my bra?” you’d ask biting your bottom lip

Suga’s eyes would already be fixed on you 
“Y/N, I’m worki-” he wouldn’t finish his sentence as he looked up at you.

He’d quickly turn to Suga “I think we should call it a night and continue tomorrow”. Suga would just nod in agreement, eyes still not taken off you.

Namjoon would stand up and drag you back into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him “Are you crazy?” he’d ask.

“I just might be” you’d reply letting your towel drop to the floor.

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Kim Seokjin

Yourself, Jin and the other members will be all sat down at the table eating together, you sat closely to Jin on one side. 

When the members were talking amongst themselves, you would lean into his ear whispering “Jin..can we go to the bedroom”

He would just look at you, a little shocked. Jin would want to but he had food to finish, so he would simply shake his head and spray some more whipped cream on his pancakes. 

You would sigh and carry on eating, but your hand would wander to his inner thigh gently beginning to caress him. He would look at you wide eyed but you would continue looking at the other boys, smiling and participating in the conversation.  Your hand would slowly move over his crotch to rub his growing bulge which would cause him to bite his lip to hold in a groan. Before it got too far he would stand up abruptly causing the members to look at him.

“I’m going to finish this in my room with Y/N” he said grabbing the whip cream and leading you to the bedroom.

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would be working in the studio and Hobi would be in there with him. You would walk in and sit on the couch beside Yoongi. 

Hobi would leave the room at one point to go and get you all some snacks and drinks. 

Using this as your advantage you would begin to kiss at his neck. “I want you~” you’d mumble. He’d just pull away from you and sigh. “Y/N, I want you too, but I need to work”

You would sigh and cross your arms “Sure you do…you just can’t get it up” you’d tease. In that moment Yoongi would grab you and pull you onto his lap so that you were straddling him. Making you clearly feel the bulge through his jeans. 

“Are you sure about that?” he’d ask with a smirk before you both began a heated kiss grinding on one another. 

Hobi would open the door “I got you something to eat” he say as he looked up to find you both making out. “Never mind, you already have something to eat” he’d say leaving the room.

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Jung Hoseok 

Hoseok would be teaching the boys some new dance moves when he asked you to get up and dance with him. When the boys were preoccupied, you would place his hands on your hips and move them in time with the music, making sure to grind against him which caused him to grin. 

Before even asking he’d stop the music and lift you up, throwing you over his shoulder causing the members to look at both of you.

“I have a little problem that needs Y/N’s full attention, I will be back” he’d say to the others before leaving the room. 

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Park Jimin

You and Jimin would be sat beside one another on the couch, the other boys on the other seats in room, the room in darkness as you all sat and watched a movie. 

Due to the darkness of the room you used this as your chance to move closer to Jimin, snuggling closer to him, covering both of you with your blanket. Your lips would meet his neck kissing softly at first before nibbling.

He would tilt his head away from you, eyes still focused on the screen. You would sigh and look at the screen, letting your hand wander under the blanket and under his sweats to his length. You teasingly began to rub your hand against his growing bulge. 

When you looked up you saw his eyes fixed on you, lust-filled. He would pull your hand out and take your hand in his “Me and Y/N are having an early night” he’d announce before leading you to the bedroom.

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Kim Taehyung 

Taehyung would be really into the anime he was watching, the other boys watching it with him to, like they said they would.  He hadn’t  paid attention to you all week because of this anime and you were becoming needy.

Already wearing a low v cut top which was showing off your cleavage (but wasn’t getting his attention). You grabbed your glass of water and ‘accidentally’ spilled it down yourself, turning your white shirt transparent, showing off your black lace bra beneath. “Ahh, so cold” you’d complain placing your glass down as you tried to soak up the  water that was on your cleavage.

The other members began to eye up the view before Tae noticed “I need to go get Y/N changed, pause it until i’m back” he’d say taking you into his room, instantly removing your wet shirt. “I think the rest of your clothes are wet Y/N, let’s take them off too”

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Jeon Jungkook 

Jungkook would be distracted playing video games with the other members. So distracted he didn’t even notice you walk in and sit beside him. You decided on going to your room to change. 

An idea came to mind, you decided to slip on the night wear that Jungkook had ordered you only to wear in the bedroom.  It was black and red, the top half covering your chest like a bra as lace flowed  down to just below your thighs, in the middle was a slit lined with frillys that lead up to a small black ribbon which held your night dress together. To cover the lower half visible through the lace you slipped on a matching thong. 

Walking out the bedroom all the members eyes met yours as you walked over to a shelf purposely reaching up pretending like you wanted one of your books. 

Jimin nudged Jungkook who turned to look at you wide eyed. He threw pillows at the members who were looking at you before walking over to you and wrapping his jacket around you leading you to his room, he closed the door behind him before pressing you against in, your legs and arms wrapping around him in response. 

“You’re mine …. mine only” he groaned crashing his lips to yours.

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This ended up being so long, I apologise!

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Okay so this was originally a request but honestly I can’t find it soooo… Enjoy some Castiel fun :3

- Gabriel


Author: Gabriel

Character: Castiel

Warnings: None come to mind c:


The water hit your head and you took a huge breath inwards, calming yourself down due to the freezing sensation running through your body before looking back at the camera that Sam was holding, trying to keep in his laughter, Dean looking smug as ever, him being the one to have thrown the ice water over you.

“Fuckkkk,” you looked up at the camera calming yourself down before speaking up again, “I nominate Cas, um Charlie as well and I guess that’s it.” You waved and smiled as Sam turned the camera off, all three of you making your way back  inside where a nice hot towel was waiting for you, Cas holding it out to you.

“Y/N,” Cas looked at you as you took the towel, smiling at him you nodded telling him silently to continue talking which he did, “I do not understand, why do you pour the ice water over your head when the outcome has such an unpleasant feeling to it?” The angel looked confused at you making you smile fondly at him.

“Well its for charity Cas, to make people known of this disease and now I’ve nominated you so you gotta do it.” You smiled at him, the angel managing to look confused but gradually nod at you.

“Y/N, will you help me with this… Challenge then?” You laughed a little at his unsure words before nodding.

“Of course I will Cas, but right now I think I need a nice warm shower before I freeze to death yeah?” Castiel nodded with a small smile etched onto his face, you walked away, the shower you had promised yourself awaiting for you.


After  the shower you made sure to put on some of your pyjamas even though the day was still young you knew that there was nothing more you were going to do today, making your way out of your room you found the boys watching the video that was uploaded to facebook now, managing to laugh as the water was poured onto your head by Dean who was smirking as per usual.

“You’re a dickhead Dean.” The man mirrored the smirk that was shown on the screen just moments ago mumbling something as you walked away and over to Cas sitting beside him with a smile on your face.

“Cassssyyy I think we should get your ice bucket challenge done, then at least we won’t forget about it!” You chipped at him happily, the angel nodding and standing up.

“And I do it just like yours correct?” You nodded, smiling at Cas leading him outside.

Dean stood behind the camera again, shouting “ACTION” as he pressed the record button, while Cas stood centre stage, looking confused as ever.

“Hello, my name is Castiel and I am going to pour this bucket of ice over my head” He spoke with a monotonous voice, proceeding to get the bucket and pour it over himself, looking completely unfazed by everything he then turned to you who couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation.

“Y/N am I done?” You’re laughter grew, Dean and Sammy quick to join in as they clicked the button to stop recording the video, you placed a hand on the angels back, nodding.

“Yep Cassie, you’re done doll.” You smiled to yourself and went inside, uploading the video to your facebook.

There’s always reminders to keep your dog cool but I never see any for cats

Cats get heatstroke too and because cats don’t pant as much (or at all) no one notices a poor heated kitty! 

  • Make sure your cat always has access to clean cool water
  • You can put ice cubes in the water too! (tho cats might just play with them)
  • Fans pointed at the floor that your cat can sit in front of
  • A slightly damp towel placed on the floor where your cat can lie on it (works well combined with the fan) 
  • Make sure there’s dark shady places your cats can hide and sleep in at the hottest part of the day
  • Use a damp cold cloth to wipe your cats pads 

Feel free to add anymore! 

How to Avenge 101 [Part 6]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] … [Part 7][Part 8] [Part 9]

Word Count: 1,319

Warnings: Kinda nakedness again? Also totally flustered agents.

Steve looked down at you. Then further down before his eyes quickly shot up to look at the ceiling. You glanced down at yourself to see what was wrong, but didn’t notice anything really. Then you noticed his cheeks becoming slightly pink, and you realised he was a little flustered because of what you were apparently wearing. You adjusted your towel slightly, but remained where you were.

“Is there a problem Captain America?”

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I introduce you to = Bijou Undertale!

You know those little house spirits stuff? Yeh! That’s what this is! Papyrus is a kitchen spirit monster. invisible to the eye, if you’re lucky you’ll see this kitchen spirit early in the morning making noises by rearranging the utensils and food in an attempt to make some pasta. He’ll try to keep your kitchen clean, but in a hurry he can sometimes make more of a mess.

Sans is the bathroom spirit! He’ll be up to mischief, running water, putting soap in different locations and playing with your toothbrushes. Most of the time He’d be sleeping where all the towels are. He’ll make your bathroom dirty as much as he can. If you’re lucky, you’ll see this bathroom spirit late at night making his way into the kitchen.

They’re in your kitchen and bathroom right now :3

Cleaning an enclosure with a leopard gecko in it is like making the bed with help from cats.