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Headcanon that Anakin often throws his prosthetic at anyone who asks “Can you please give me a hand?”

Obiwan should be wise to this trick, but he falls for it almost every time. Anakin thinks its hilarious. Obiwan does not. 


As you’ve probably noticed, the children’s animation studios of today just love filling their movies with references to things that a large percentage of their audience couldn’t possibly get. For DreamWorks, that means blatant dick jokes … and in the case of Pixar, it means slipping in connections to a movie about an alcoholic who’s driven insane by ghosts and tries to murder his entire family. For example, remember the scene in Toy Story where Buzz and Woody are trying to escape Sid’s house?

Did you feel an inexplicable sense of dread while watching that scene? Well, that’s probably because the carpet in Sid’s house has the exact same pattern as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, the same one where junior psychic Danny Torrance used to play with his toys.

Buzz and Woody eventually escape that place without killing each other, but the horror continues in Toy Story 3.

6 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Movies

Okay so I really love magic okay
And Now You See Me
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I got a big ass poster of them but

Anyone who wants to give their money to a Manhattan narcissist whose interests begin and end with the plight of white people, keep in mind that Woody Allen’s ‘Café Society’ is getting decent reviews right now. Not great, but decent. It’s one of the ‘fine’ ones.

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, August 14th, 2016

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As an RPG NPC, what special item(s) would Woodie give to the Protagonist?

Woodie will give you boards and lumber every day, telling you;

    “You can either keep this to make things, or sell it. I don’t mind. Have a good day, eh?”

Near the end of your quest, if you go to find Woodie in his forest outside of town, a cutscene will play where you’ll hear Woodie and Lucy muttering to each other, before Woodie turns around to give your character his axe, instructing you to;

   “Be careful with her. She wanted to go on an adventure, eh? Find me once you’re done.”

When Lucy, in turn, will reply with,

   “Alright, bud, it’s you and me against the world!”



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Certain people will only ever claim to be feminist until the INSTANT it stops being convenient or financially useful for them.

Like, where is Taylor “I am a feminist!” Swift complaining about Keisha’s treatment? Where is Scarlett when Woody Allen’s abuse victims complain or Palestinian women need her help?  

The likely explanation: They just don’t care that much. Feminism is just a brand name to use for popularity for them.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Toy Story

1. Pizza Planet was almost called Pizza Putt.

Pizza Planet was originally going to be a pizza parlor/mini-golf course hybrid called Pizza Putt (a play on Pizza Hut). But, late in the film’s production, Pixar changed the name. They opted for a space-themed restaurant so Buzz would think that he was finally going home.

2. Animators strapped boards to their feet to figure out how to animate the toy soldiers.

To nail the special way that the soldiers  walk around, the animators took wooden boards, strapped them to their feet, and tried to move. It was a lot harder than they expected.

3. Tom Hanks ad-libbed the scene where he’s holding Buzz’s arm.

To create the scene where Woody uses Buzz’s arm to convince the other toys that he’s okay, Toy Story Director John Lasseter brought a fake arm into Tom Hanks’ recording session, and told him to ad-lib with it. After the scene was explained to him, Hanks took off and did a hilarious puppet show-like routine. It was so good that they ended up using most of it in the film. One bit that didn’t make it in had Woody reading Buzz’s palm.

4. Rex’s personality was designed as a slant on Jurassic Park’s T-Rex.

When artists were designing Rex, Jurassic Park had just hit theaters. Because of the resulting popularity of dinosaurs, they put one in the film, but opted for making the character insecure instead of ferocious. They also decided to make him neurotic because T-Rexes have abnormally short arms, and as a result, aren’t able to reach their own noses.

5. Early scripts featured Barbie in a prominent role.

While we all know that Barbie factored in to the film’s sequel, she was originally supposed to make her debut in the first film. In one of the earlier scripts, the scene where Buzz and Woody chased the moving truck originally featured Barbie driving her pink Corvette off of it, to save the duo from Sid’s dog.

6. Sid is based on two prominent Pixar employees. 

Toy Story’s villain, Sid Phillips, is actually based on the childhood experiences of two of the films co-story writers, Andrew Stanton (A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, WALL•E) and Joe Ranft (Cars, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King). Lasseter recalled how Joe used to take apart all of his toys. As for the scene with Combat Carl out in the backyard, Stanton says it is identical to something he did with his friend when he was 8 years old.

7. Buzz was named after the famous astronaut, Buzz Aldrin.

The writers named Buzz after the second man who walked on the moon. He truly went to infinity, and beyond.

8. Don Rickles was the first and only actor considered for the role of Mr. Potato Head.

When filmmakers were casting the toys, they looked at the sort of personalities they wanted each to have. With Mr. Potato Head, they decided that he’d have a chip on his shoulder because he was constantly losing his parts. With that in mind, they set their sights on casting the famed comedian, Don Rickles. Mr. Potato Head’s line “What are you looking at, ya hockey puck?” is one of the actor’s catchphrases.

9. The writers took inspiration from real toys.

During production, the film’s director and writers spent a lot of time at toy stores, studying and picking up toys to bring back to the office. The idea behind this was to mix toys that they’d made up with existing ones. All of the real toys they picked were still in production at that time, aside from Slinky Dog.

10. Andy’s character model was reused several times in the film.

The animators used Andy’s character model—albeit with different hairstyles, outfits, skin color and accessories—to create the kids at Andy’s party, and some of the ones at Pizza Planet.